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Geoengineering is the artificial modification of Earths climate systems through two primary ideologies, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and seqeustration. This is artificial trees, ocean fertilization etc. These projects are declassified for the most part. This method of geoengineering IS NOT the focus of this website.

Solar Radiation Management (SRM)

Solar Radiation Management (SRM), controlling sunlight before it reaches the planet.

Stratospheric Sulfate Aerosols Geoengineering (SAG-SRM)

The ability of stratospheric sulfate aerosols to create a global dimming effect has made them a possible candidate for use in geoengineering projects to limit the effect and impact ofclimate change due to rising levels of greenhouse gases. Delivery of precursor sulfide gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or sulfur dioxide (SO2) by artillery, aircraft and balloons has been proposed. (click image for more...)


Chemtrailing is the publics term for the CLASSIFIED ONGOING artificial modification of Earths climate systems using reflective nano-materials (aerosols) to reflect sunlight. The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds.


Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones

There are several live presentations on the subject of climate engineering available on the windows below. If you are new to this subject, the red window, "Climate Engineering, A Clear And Present Danger" is a recommended starting point for an overall summary presentation.

Geoengineering, Biosphere Destruction, and the Last Chance for Life on Earth

Want proof of the spraying of our skies?Watch the 90 second video below.


Planet Earth is under an all out weather warfare assault. In this video, Dane Wigington gives another presentation in Northern California on the harmful effects of Geoengineering, declaring that there is virtually NO NATURAL WEATHER due to the massive global climate engineering. The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being recklessly destroyed by these programs. This is not a topic that will begin to affect us in several years, but is now already causing massive animal and plant die off around the world, as well as human illness. read more


Please take a moment to watch this presentation and familiarize yourself with this ongoing crime against all life on earth.

Dimming The Sun

The BBC documentary linked below is an extremely important watch for any that wish to better understand the truth, and the dynamics of the all out assault on planet Earth by the climate engineers.



Engineered Drought Catastrophe Continues, Target California


View the trailer for the film LOOK UP! by SKYDER ALERT, narrated by William Baldwin. Get the full movie at SkyderAlert.com

Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb


Climate Engineering, Media Deception, And Hard Facts


UPDATED!! Engineered Snow Storms


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        Dane Wigington geoengineeringwatch.org As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The photo images shown below were captured from NASA satellite sources, they are truly alarming. These images provide shocking and undeniable proof of the ongoing global climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management assault on our planet and its life support systems. Highly toxic heavy metals Read More »
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        Geoengineering Watch Legal Team Moves Forward With Washington D.C. Public Relations Firm

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        Government Implements Illegal “Gag Order” On National Weather Service And NOAA Employees

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        Another GeoengineeringWatch Billboard Goes Up On A Major Highway

        With the continuing help of friends and allies in the battle to expose and stop climate engineering, another geoengineeringwatch.org billboard has been put up on a major US highway. This latest billboard is in New Mexico, on I-25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Billboards have a visual impact that helps to breakdown the well programmed denial of Read More »

The map below is the most recent GISS surface analysis from NASA. This map is the absolute bottom line of reality regarding the true state of our warming planet. The extremely radical range of temperature variances is tell tale of the immense and ongoing geoengineering assault on planet earth.GISS-Map-December-2015GLOBAL TEMPERATURE MAP DEVIATION FROM NORMAL TEMPERATURES. Note where the geoengineering focus is most centered, which are the cool regions in Canada and the eastern USA, and a region of Antarctica where the research vessel is stuck in the ice. Was this incident truly just accidental? Or perhaps a well orchestrated media maneuver? Impossible to say, but the press sure made the most of it and many took the bait. The well orchestrated media machine and loads of manipulated data have convinced a great many that our planet is cooling overall, this could not be further from the truth.





View the Government Documents


What The Council on Foreign Relations has publicly posted on the topic of Geoengineering:


106 Responses to Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones

  1. Martie says:

    We are covered in Chemtrails here in Central Ca last two days. Family feels sick, coughing, stuffy nose , feels like flu. Rain diverted this last week.

  2. Martie says:

    Dane, thank you for all your hard work. I have followed you for a long time and my family is grateful to you. I was wondering if you have seen this short video from 1959 on you tube.
    Disney Chemtrail Predictive Programming 1959 – 'Future of Weather Control

  3. patrick daniels says:

    Thanks Dane for all you do!!

  4. Spraying is OFF THE CHARTS today in So Cal. started off blue skies with the aerosol air assault also at sunrise – milked out all day so far with more spraying as I write. %$#@@^#!$^#!!!!

  5. June Hawkins says:

    You are doing an excellent job exposing the reality of geoengineering.  Your method of legitimizing the facts is highly effective in persuading "asleep" individuals that have been poisoned by a lifetime of propaganda.  The power structure had a huge financial and temporal head start.  However, I believe if people follow your lead and method, momentum will continue to increase.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. William Osborne says:

    I am a resident of St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada. This time of year we anticipate the  change in the colour of the leaves from green to an almost translucent red, yellow, or orange. But what we are experiencing is frightening. The leaves just shrivel up and die. Everywhere you look there are dead or dying trees and people seem to be oblivious to it. Row upon row turning brown but the leaves refuse to fall. Many people are hypnotized by their cell phones looking for Pokemon or taking selfies. Calling attention to this is like trying to wake the dead. I'm very worried.



    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      The same thing happened in our area of Alberta. At the beginning of Sept. On most Deciduous, the leaves turned Black and shrivelled up. Strong Winds have blown them off. Only the Birch leaves have changed to Yellow. All others have no leaves. And Autumn has just started. How much more Shock can these Trees take? Already manufacturing Snow in the North. 

  7. Raine says:

    Major chemtrail spraying in Boston area. South shore getting hit really strong. It is being sprayed now at dusk/night and very early in morning so we won't see them? Strange downpours and sky coloration black/gray with strange "string layered rows of trails. Evening red trails maybe reflecting sunset. Cannot believe people around here are soooooo asleep about this…lots of people getting unusual upper respiratory problems running to Doctors and getting jammed with all kinds of pharma goods and antibiotics but nothing is helping. Trying to inform people when I can…some don't believe…some are listening….thank you for all your work.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Major Spraying at night now in the Eastern Pennsylvania area, were we used to see many stars at night because I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, now we don't see stars at all, just this milky white film in the skies. I wonder if Dr. David Keith can sleep at night knowing what he's doing to all mankind ans to this Country called America. These scratches in the sky are more obvious everyday. It's said because the people of my age recognize the differences, it's so,so obvious now.

      We are killing the Earth, Fracking – Drilling – Spraying these nano=particles, Nano aluminum, Nano Barium and these companies are killing us slowly.  It's very sad, these are narcissists that have no good will towards mankind. They can't say now that they don't know the results, because the results are in… and there not good. Mainstream media won't touch this subject? The weather people give weather reports that cover every type of weather for the day, Clouds , with some sun, with a chance of rain, hot during the day and clold in the evening, that pretty much covers all weather. Do they really think we are that stupid? There just wating for there pensions so they can get out. It's a shame that no one in the mainstream media will call it the way they see it, because we all see it. How can we get these neocons out of our great nation called America, their destroying the planet. Periord!

    • Craig says:

      They really went to town on Boston last week.Yeah I live on the South Shore and we really get pelted there (except on Sundays,must be there day off) and yes everyone has a cough that won't go away.How do people not look up and see what's going on.Sad,very sad.

  8. tony searles says:

    Re recent dissovery by University of Lancaster Prof, that magnetite is the cause of increased allsimers 

    Is this a smoke screen to put us off the track from aerosol spraying of nano particles of aluminium barium and strontium?

  9. Julie Jones says:

    Dane, are you aware of the Climate Stabilization Council, now being organized in Emeryville?   They do not have a list of board membes yet or a way to donate.  Newsletter is not ready…. but it sounds fishy to me – idea of spraying the oceans with salt to create a protective shield or something.  CSC might be a subsidiary of World Climate Service or something that helps corporations analyze their emissions… They have a link to Crop Prophet; you might want to check it out.  A concerned citizen, tyring to stop chemtrails since 2004. Live in Sonoma – no sprayng for 2 months (probably to let the grapes ripen) and spraying started last week again.

  10. Denise R Stewart says:

    Hi Dane,  Still spraying in Albany, NY, and surrounding regions.  Often the heavy spraying occurs from 10pm-6am.  Thousands of drones are in this area, I'm right in the flight path to Albany Int'l Airport that is also shared with the US Army.  I have a least 15 drones over my 3 acre property every night in the same location.  They just sit there ALL night long.  I see at least 100 per night, when I'm outside, flying to and from the airport/Army base.  The heat in this region continues.  People are coming down with various health issues; sinus infections, stomach bugs, ear infections, muscle pains, and tiredness.  I have seen drones spraying chemtrails – but they are shorter and less thick.  I have also seen drones spraying where I can only see the spraying with my binoculars, but not with the naked eye.  All the drones have a red light flashing on one side and blue light flashing on the other side, and they are silver with wings. Bark is peeling off, dead branches breaking off, they are deformed, split in the middle, the bare bark is REDDISH orange on several pines, fungus/mold and black stuff is on them.  Many have fallen down or been cut down.  I cut 25 down myself and have 30 more to go – 120' pines, various kinds and 2 oak tree's.  The good thing, I can see the drones much more clearly now.  SIGNIFICANT DRAINS still continue to be dug on sides of streets, highways, parking lots, and tons and tons of stone has been put everywhere, in prep for a major flood obviously.  Two sink holes occurred in Downtown Albany in July 2016.  I have 3 acres of land and my mother owns the 3 acres adjoining.  We've had this land in our family since 1940.  The rear side is a woods and and has been a habitat for deer, turkey, and all kinds of animals.  This year, we are only seeing some bunnies, wood chucks, a few birds, and garden snakes.  The deer seemed to have vanished.  The fox I saw for years, I have not seen even once. I see a squirrel occasionally,,,, and usually we have tons of squirrels and deer and birds, not this year.  I have not seen a single bumble bee since the end of May.  Had 2 hornets nests in the ground.  I have 12 different gardens, so bumble bee's were normally everywhere in these gardens,,,, but NOT this year.  They are gone.  My flowering plants have struggled all summer, some never bloomed at all, some died.  It's very very sad.  

  11. frank says:

    It would certainly help the cause if we could find some kind of evidence of geoengineering in the government satellite photos of the Louisiana Flooding. I'm just throwing this out there because we see trails on these satellite photos all the time. They are even crudely filtered out of my local weather broadcasts. Maybe with a little good old detective work we can build a whole new form of evidence against them. And talk about evidence – that they caused the destruction of over 60,000 homes. Now that's a crime.

  12. Robert Russ says:

    Dear friends  09/12/16


    It has come to my attention that a major environmental conference is being put on by the U.S. State Department that has it’s focus on ocean sustainability?


    See website http://ourocean2016.org/#event

    Our Ocean, One Future: Leadership Summit will take place at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. on Sept. 15th. & Sept. 16th.


    Fukushima radiation and weather modification or geoengineering are not going to be a topic for this conference or for any of their speakers in attendance. I believe that there needs to be a call put forth for activist to come together and visit this event to both educate the student body and to challenge the U.S. State Dept. for it’s silence on the death of the Pacific Ocean and the intentional contamination of our air threw weather modification programs. This conference is the gravest hypocrisy when the North American shore line is dying as well as the north Pacific Ocean without a word of concern by those in attendance. I will be onsite Sept. 15th. however I have no signs, no information to share with the student body at this time.


    I believe this conference host a perfect opportunity given the setting as well as the student body to make a real impact and bring awareness to these misguided efforts that are being funded by the U.S. government and state funded universities. Please consider using your media efforts to let others know about this conference and the need to educate the student body on Fukushima radiation of our Pacific Ocean and the geoengineering that is killing our planet.


    Thank You Robert

  13. Eric K says:

    Here is an interesting read about the effects of aluminum, nano particulates, on the human body and brain. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2771674/ . Right along side of you Dane.


  14. Loran Conley says:

    The sky here in SE Ohio had been noticeably free of trails for almost a week, until yesterday, August 6. I had naively hoped they had stopped…until yesterday…

    I also see numerous scorched-to-near-death plants in my gardens, some which had been thriving for years. There is also a HUGE decrease in insects this year among normally attracting native flora. The obvious helplessness makes me just want to give up trying to save anything… Thank you, Dane, for not giving up….


  15. Beckie says:

    I live in El Dorado County, CA  and I've been watching the skies for many years and they have ceased spraying chem trails for the past two months.  "They" sprayed maybe twice and that was prior to the possibility for rain (of course, we didn't get any).  While I am absolutely loving the blue skies, I can't help but wonder what those sinister forces are up to.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Becky, spraying is still going on at some level in almost all locations, but in many cases it can be much more covert depending on atmospheric conditions and the level of the operation. Any bright trail you see behind a jet is in all likelyhood a sprayed dispersion, the short bright trails are especially prevelant  with the heat of summer and varied applications of spraying. We have film footage of the shorter trails being turned on and off, this is not condensation. If your skies appear silvery white, especially looking toward sunrise or sunset, then the air is full of particulates. The horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the climate engineering insanity

    • durable says:

      I believe that there are at least two types: cloud seeding and cloud dissipating.

      For the past two months they have been dissipating clouds in the s e u.s.  common approaches include spraying something (dessicants?) at elevation to cut the top of towering cumulous formations. And whatever they are spraying to dissipate it doesnt leave grid patterns. It creates a clear blue dome with no clouds. How they do it is different too. Sounds loud. Really loud. And its nonstop until the sky is blue.

      It has a negative impact emotionally because it is a two dimensional (sight and sound) degradation, domination, conditioning exercise. And you cant turn away from a sound. So you go inside. No sun. No fresh air. No quiet. Its hard.

      This new approach is effectively spreading drought north from ga into tn.

      Keep up the good work dane. 

    • Newbutold says:

      Hello Beckie, Dane,


      The same thing happened here in British Columbia Canada.  Couple months no spraying then BANG! intense spraying. I too thought naively that they had stopped.

      For the last 3 weeks were in Sacramento CA. Last time I was there they had sprayed every day. This time the skies were clear as of 3 days ago.  Temperatures in Roseville CA wre 120 degrees for several days and I believe will continue to average at least 100 for the rest of August and possibly September.

      I get so angry at the helplessness I too feel. Is no one listening to us?



  16. John Leslie says:

    Has anyone else noticed that here in the UK the chemtrails have changed recently or am I seeing changes when they aren't there?

    They used to be sprayed high up (but not as high as the normal flight paths), would blanket large areas, the chemtrails would spread quite quickly and leave a mid-level uniform silvery haze blanket that was unchanging and were normally sprayed a day after a nice sunny day when the sun was forecast to be out for 2 or 3 more days. It would then rain on the 2nd or 3rd day (against all the weather forecasts predictions) and the sky would turn blue again until the next lot of spraying. You could also track the flights on flightradar24.

    Now it seems the spraying is a lot lower, the chemtrails don't spread that much or cover the sky in an uniform blanket, they seem to target specific areas rather than blanket spraying, the sky stays blue as the chemtrails don't spread that much but tend to linger and dissipate very very slowly, the cloud cover looks like natural clouds and not one large, homogenous, flat all-covering silver blanket, the planes do not appear on flightradar24 (I know as I tried to find a flight spraying over my house a few days ago and it wasn't shown on the website) and that they affect the breathing a lot more. My wife has asthma and has never used her inhalers as much as she has this year, she's gone from once a week to 10 times a day and can tell when she wakes up if the spraying has taken place during teh night, a friend has had asthma all his life and for 40 years never used an inhaler and this year he's using it lots plus the mainstream media are reporting record deaths due to asthma and respiratory problems but avoiding the link to any chemtrail spraying.

    Anyone in the world noticed any changes in their area?

    • Teresa Hobday says:

      I live on north wales england border. Have noticed lots of trails and very odd cloud formations. what is in them, chemical wise,have been having health problems from them. tested self for heavy metals expecting aluminium but barium came up. is this possible ingredient and if so what is effect on health likely to be?

    • John Leslie says:


      I'm in North Shropshire so in the same area. The clouds are strange formations plus there seems to be lots of mare's tails (used to preceed a storm) but no storm ever happens.

      For the past month or 6 weeks it has been feeling very humid all the time, even on the cooler days and it is "close" (as my granny called it) – the pent up felling as a thunderstrom builds and breaks – and it is muggy continuously but again no storm ever happens to clear the air.

      It's like whatever is being sprayed is not trapping the moisture in the air when by rights as the air cools it should condense out, we've had early morning mist twice in the past few weeks and that is very strange for August, it's normally an autumn thing as the leaves start to turn brown and drop and a sign winter is coming.

    • Hello says:

      Reply to Theresa: Barium: heart and digestion can be affected. Diarrhea, sometimes with blood.

  17. Richard Bertrand says:

    Current weather in SE MI 830 pm local eastern. A bunch of thunderstorms spontaneously appeared over the area with very suspicious patterns. Looks like a HAARP test…not to mention my ears/equilibrium have been off as well. Btw they have been spraying three days straight, shocker.

  18. Steve M. says:

    "Clear blue skies here, unusual"

    Hello Dane, would like to make the following observation/report.:

    I live in the interior of BC, where they have sprayed the sky really heavy over the years to the point of silky white skies and blocking out the sun. However, we have not experienced the same this year, in fact the complete opposite so far, and seems to have stopped fully. It has been probably 5+ weeks since we've seen any activity above, and have had nothing but clear blue skies for days, consecutively. To notice it is like a breath of fresh air, even like going back in time. I have taken the opportunity to point this out to those I have made aware of in years past. To say, for those that were on the fence, and debated that they were simply contrails, they are now taking notice because flight are ongoing, yet, the skies remain clear blue here. So how could it be ;) In fact, this has shattered the illusion for many and helps set the record straight for anyone who's been in doubt. So am wondering 1) why they are not spraying here, and 2) if anyone else has been experiencing a 100% drop off from the sky vandals.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, something to keep in mind, the geoengineers do not have unlimited resources and aircraft, different regions are priorities for them at different times. Also, the lack of very visible trails is not necessarily an indecation of a lack of spraying. The short bright trails are also dispersions, and our oceans are being hit hard with spraying, as are the poles. The microwave transmissions are also always a factor. If you are having a break in spraying, enjoy it, it won’t last. They will not stop untill we fully expose them and stop them by reaching a critical mass of awareness, lets make every day count. FYI http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/how-do-we-stop-climate-engineering-only-way-forward/

    • Steve M. says:

      Dane, you were right. And as of Aug 12th, they have returned, in FULL force. We've experienced those clear blue skies for weeks, and now we are back to complete white outs. So FRUSTRATING!!

  19. Nancy Rogers says:

    Dane, my husband and I went to the beach yesterday, July 24, and all the planes did from east to west is turn on their chemtrails, there must have been a dozen planes, I 've never seen that before, and it's been awhile seen we've had rain.

    • Nancy Rogers says:

      Dane, there is something that bothers me, these people funding the chemical spraying of our atmosphere, don't they realize that their own  familiy's are gonna get sick or hurt or do they just don't care they just see dollar signs?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nancy, the attached presentation link can give you more details. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLwfFtDFZDpwutYOt4Ds-626kTMX3gDcuD&v=zt_RQ7o7U_s

    • Ben says:

      Hi Nancy,

      I, too, have been watching the planes in MD and where ever I travel. The spraying is daily and just about everyone around me is oblivious to what's going on. I almost never see our deep blue skies. How can this be stopped. Check out an article in today's NY Times on the net?

  20. Joseph Flint says:


    Anyway to get some of your videos in Spanish for my family in Colombia? Thanks and God Bless You and Yours!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joseph, sent you an email with an access connection to spanish translations, thank you for helping to get the word out to your family in Columbia.

  21. tangledweb says:


    Let's say a plane is flying over and you see a nice wide chem trail coming off it. You wonder who is doing it. So, you go to the above website, Flight Radar 24, which shows in real time what planes are flying where at any given time and you can track their flight path. 

    By clicking on the specific plane you come up with their flight path, origination, destination, plane registration number and who owns it. You also can determine air speed, elevation and other information. It even has an actual photo of the plane.

    Maybe someone could chart these flights, see what kind of grid pattern they fly, the dates and times of flight, what companies are allowing their planes to be used, etc. and from which airports they originate from and their destination.

    From there, you can boycott that company or use any number of exposure tactics like posting their complicity on social media, etc. 


    • tangledweb says:

      One more thing, if, per chance, you can't find ANY record of that specific flight, then you KNOW that they are doing it in secret and that tells you right there they are up to no good.

  22. Known longtime says:

    Spraying all over Long Beach, NY today. Very sad since my first day at the beach and I have to see chemicals being sprayed everywhere. Funny people don't know and don't seem to care.  I sent photos in but now I see my email was hacked and no photos went… It looks like we're all reverted back to my own email.  I'm sure I'm being watched.   Prayers.

  23. Known longtime says:

    Yes they are spraying today for sure by JFK airport vicinity and Long Island.  I'm afraid to stay outdoors too long but it's air right? Will get in your home too!  Very scary world we live in today.  Need brave to try and stop this killing and who is behind it! Keep looking up and spreading the news! Prayers. 

    • Terri says:

      Here in central Italy. They have been spraying more and more.  Last week we had very hot days of 95F plus then hail and snow fell which had like a consistency of soap flakes.  Snow fell on the Gran Sasso mountains in July! Dane, the TV on Saturday night showed the weather forecast for the Mistral wind (Maestrale in Italian) on the map shown as blowing down the Adriatic coast of Italy from the north around Venice area. Are they also playing around with the Mistral as I was taught at school that it was a North westerly wind which blew up into France and along the Rhone Valley – NOT the Adriatic coast of Italy!

      Also, watching the BBC news on the internet last week they showed a video clip of "strange light over London". It was a pulsing light across the night sky.  Looked like HAARP to us but of course the Meteorologists "have no idea what it was!"

      We keep praying for all this to be stopped.  The trees are dying at a fast rate and I have given up growing anything in the garden as it becomes like it has been "torched".  

      God help us all!

  24. Nancy Rogers says:

    Dane, I live in Fla and wed nite my husband saw a jet fly by with a chemtrail behind it, everytime I hear the the weather channel and they are telling us how hot it is, who is getting flooded, how humid it is with no rain, they have to know why it is that way, my daughter has known for along time since we've moved here in 1995 that the big wigs have been spraying, she's pretty smart. I'd like to do something but I don't know what,

  25. Jeff K says:

    Thanks Dane for your dedication in exposing this evil that is trying to destroy this beautiful planet. I live in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and have noticed these chem trails almost daily now for the past several months. It is sickening to know what this evil bunch of sub humans are doing. Through the dedicated work of you and others lets get this shut down. 

  26. Anonymous says:


    CORRECTION: Instead of typing in All Programs in your search box on home screen type in Programs and Features. When it comes up you can click on any feature that looks suspicious and remove it. Also you can do  the Refresh your computer. Type that into your search box on home screen to the bottom left of the screen and follow instructions. It takes a while to wait for it to complete the task. So wait for it to complete. It will tell you when it is finished. Also you can Type in the same search box on your home screen "Defragment"

    This will take some time to complete also, but you have to wait till it is finished before using it. It may take 3-4 hours depending.

    Good Luck on your Journey Horse Girl 


  27. Dan Quixoté says:

    For your breaking news

    # (29 June 2016) CIA Director and Muslim Convert John O. Brennan Speaks at the Council on Foreign Relations — "Another example is the array of technologies—often referred to collectively as geoengineering—that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change. One that has gained my personal attention is stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun’s heat, in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do. An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels. The process is also relatively inexpensive—the National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly. As promising as it may be, moving forward on SAI would raise a number of challenges for our government and for the international community. On the technical side, greenhouse gas emission reductions would still have to accompany SAI to address other climate change effects, such as ocean acidification, because SAI alone would not remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. On the geopolitical side, the technology’s potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions at the expense of others could trigger sharp opposition by some nations. Others might seize on SAI’s benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions. And, as with other breakthrough technologies, global norms and standards are lacking to guide the deployment and implementation of SAI."

    Other items on C1A and weather modification

    # (17 January 2015) On 19 January 2011, "The CIA asked me about controlling the climate – this is why we should worry" – Professor Alan Robock of Rutgers University

    # (15 February 2015) CIA was major funder of two-volume,  $600,000 report on geoengineering methods, says professor Alan Robock of Rutgers University

    # (25 September 2009) CIA Publicly Announces Their "Center on Climate Change and National Security"

    (September 2000) "WEATHER, communications, navigation and reconnaissance satellites are increasingly essential elements in American military power." Page 54 (PDF page 66) of "Rebuilding America's Defenses", published by The Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

    # (5 October 1978) The use of the weather as a weapon was banned in 1978 under the Environmental Modification Convention (Enmod)
    … which the USA signed in 1977 and ratified in 1980.

  28. horsegirl says:

    Whether the following was learned from a waitperson, a talking horse on a vintage sitcom TV show or told to me by a little birdie, I can neither confirm nor deny.  But we have a sighting of one of the Gates of Hell, Mr. Gates himself, even, at Montana's Yellowstone Club – stomping grounds for billionaires who congratulate themselves for being "masters of the universe" and their political sucklings. The source believes there is a vast underground city beneath, something which I have long held as certain.  Remember, when the current oval office occupant returned from Mexico in 2009 after meeting with the heads of state of the other two North American countries, he flew right to Bozeman, MT to allegedly have a buffalo burger with his boss Ted Turner – next door neighbor to the Yellowstone Club.  My source says during 2010 even Hillary was a frequent visitor to the club, as well as all the cast of Team Genocide (nearby Montana residents include Henry Kissinger at a Greycliff, MT ranch owned by Bilderburger James Johnson, Donald Rumsfeld in Ennis, MT, whose son resides in Livingston, and many others).  In other words the financiers of geoscatology.  My source says some were decent, but Mr. Gates, we were so pleased to hear, is reported to have been a fretful, nattering recluse withdrawn nervously to sit alone at a corner table while his inner demons evidently battered him into a psychosomatic frenzy.  No one else was allowed to approach – waitstaff responded to four digit ID cards, not names.  Finally his butchy, overbearing handler/wife Melinda retrieved him ("come on, Bill.  Stand up.  Come with me now.  We've got to go…") and whooshed him down a chute to his subterranean Montana bunker (a common Armageddon ranch feature).  So pleased to hear he never has nice days. So worthy of his paranoia.

    All this to underscore my point that it is a waste of time to seek leadership in Washington, D.C.  Go instead to Jackson, WY where the Fed, Goldman Sachs, Dick Cheney and their henchmen have not only all their meetings but also their residences.  You'll find all the Saudi Oil whores there too.  Cheney, Turner, Brokaw, so many media whores and Wall Street puppeteers all have  fishing retreats in the Yellowstone region in general and south central Montana in particular where I grew up.  The Yellowstone supervolcanic caldera's periphery throngs with all the fiends who have long since privatized everything adjacent to public land. Summoned by the forces of darkness to gather like the lowest levels of Dante's Inferno on steroids.  Bozeman, I shout at you:  get active.  They have trenched out the deep beneath you with their bunkers  You are the paisley wallpaper on the abattoir walls, you, your miracle economy and all your wealth are a cover while they arrange your demise.   Greater Yellowstone region, wake up.

  29. horsegirl says:

    To anonymous, hi, and thanks for asking how I am.  If you or anyone can assist me, some bug on my el cheapo laptop prevents me from posting on this site and I'd like suggestions how to get rid of it.  I type away, refresh the page, and it comes out clean.  So we have to visit libraries (when they're open) to interact.  Mexico still just a near/.distant twinkle in the eye.  More on other posts. 

    @Marc – I'm leaving a rejoinder to you on a previous post at the appropriate spot.  Cheers to you.

  30. Dee Stew says:

    2.6 Million Dead Bee's delivered to the EPA last week.    https://www.minds.com/blog/view/593864773548908544

  31. Max says:

    Hi there, I've lived my entire life in Calgary, AB. I've been to 8 different countries, most of them, arid climates. Never have I ever, had a sunburn. This past weekend, I spent 4 hours outdoors with my shirt off, I was accompanied by my wife, and our friends. During our activities outdoors I noticed there were 3 passes done by plane leaving ridiculously long chem trails right above our heads, in the SW/ SE sector of the city. My friend being a man from Chile, and his gf a woman from Calgary as well. After our return from our venture, I noticed I was quite red ( I don't use sunscreen either, as Im a firm believer in a good dose of healing sun rayes). When I woke up the next day I was in so much pain, I looked like a snake leaving a full layer of dead skin on my bed sheets. I called my Chilean friend and the same happened to him, ( people from CHile rarely get burned as well) as well as his girlfriend. So I'm writting to you convinced, that the constant spraying of petro chemicals in the air, is magnifying the rays of the sun. Hoping this will add to the repetoir of stories, to educate the public.

    Thank you 

    • Deborah says:

      When the bees die, we too will due shortly afterwards. We are witnessing the mass die off of our food chain, and trees burning, and warming ocean's. Climate engineering is killing everyone and everything. The quality of life is so low, that is inconceivable to think of wanting to extend human life in such appalling conditions of horrible suffering and starvation.

  32. Barbara says:

    From today's BeforeItsNews.com website — a great video on how rain occurs naturally and how it is created by man.  Focuses on Texas and Germany/France flooding currently, definitively manmade.  Very little rain in the world today is naturally occurring.





  33. John Anderson says:

    Pilots For 9/11 Truth are currently organizing flights into persistent chemtrails in order to obtain samples.


  34. Dan says:

    Hi Dane. I was able to tap into a new resource of folks working for the State of California or with it. Their conversation was one that the global elites would feel they got them chasing their tails. It was a pleasure to tie your web site into their threads and maybe get some deserved attention from a new group of people. Salute Dane. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dan, thank you for your objective and very constructive efforts to help sound the alarm. Your actions are an example to follow.

  35. Michael Enright says:

    We saw what looked like a typical satellite (we see them all the time). Then it flashed like a giant strobe or heat flash. My fiance and I both saw it and as it proceeded further in a straight line going north for about 10 seconds… it flashed again. But this time I could swear I saw a contrail/chemtrail trailing behind it briefly lit by the massive flash. This implies an aircraft/jet setting off pulsed electrical charges at an extreme altitude. Didn't I watch Dane Wigington talking about charging the particulates they are constantly spraying and has he heard anything about what we saw? Thanks, Michael and Bobbie

  36. William H. Osborne says:

    I have been a witness to geoengineering for years now and have tried to decipher the method to the madness. But now there is a twist that, perhaps you Dane, can unravel.

    The whole point of Solar Radiation Management is to reflect the sun's radiant heat back out into space-if one is to accept this to be the function of their task. And if I were in charge of this activity and wanted to get the biggest bang for the buck, I would instruct the pilots to discharge their poisonous cargo high in the atmosphere when the sun's radiation would have to traverse the path of least resistance and the atmosphere is thinnest——- at high noon, as the star is able to deposit the greatest amount of heat at that time. Lately though the opposite has been true. And if I were asked to explain why I would by necessity have to confess it was, for some unknown reason, to obscure the setting sun. This is all they are accomplishing.

    Day after day there is either no spraying going on or, it begins exactly where the sun will be setting- about an hour and a half before it sets. This behavior is consistent in time and amount.

    I would appreciate any and all feed back.


    Thanks so much,

    Bill Osborne

    19 Huntley Crescent, St.Catharines Ontario Canada


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello WIlliam, about your question, I will state the rationalizatioin of those on the inside (from my direct conversation with an Oak Ridge Lab insider). There are scenarios when the lower level heat begins to rise into the atmosphere in the evenings, their stated objective is to have this rising air help to loft the particulets further up into the atmosphere so that they will continue to have the SRM “shield” for the following day. Of course this blanket traps radiant heat at night, so we are right back were we started, insanity.

  37. martin herrick says:

    I travelled to a European airport 2 weeks ago from London with a cheap airline & was surprised to see  the entrance to the pilots cabin on my flight which looked to be reinforced & constructed like a Bank Safe Door , I travel quite a few times every year & this is a real change on a passenger airliner .It looks like they are getting ready for possible passenger actions or retaliation .  having seen so many extended vapour trails over London & the U.K in the last 3 months  I'm guessing that now more & more aircraft, passenger & other types are being fitted with this spraying equipment . this would mean ( if I'm correct) that each time I fly with 1 of these carriers, I'm contributing to the problem directly . At present I'm in a small village in middle Europe , they are trailing here , now , as I write this . If it's here ………then it must be all over Europe . I'm also now wondering whether the pilot on the German Wings flight that locked his cabin door & deliberately crashed his plane a couple of years ago was on a chem trailing aircraft & decided to take action himself . Regardless of what the media said in the aftermath about his mental state . also the plane that circled & circled over a Russian airport……..& then ran out of fuel ….& then crashed a few months ago , maybe that flight & the passanger jet shot down over Ukraine recently were also chem trailing  & a few people on the inside are trying to do something about it  .I'm sure that the media has been told to shut up about this so I'm not surprised to see an immediate story regarding some kind of mental defect or a foreign powers involvement with "Terrorism" being mentioned as the obvious cause after each & every "tragic plane disaster"  .

    As Noam Chomsky says in the documentry "the corporation" the people who are within a monstrous institution may be the nicest people you could hope to meet , it is only in their occupational capacity that they are monsters as the institution itself is monstrous . sometimes , i hope , their conciences lead them along the right path while there is still a chance , to be frank , I fail to see how anyone could press the button . 

    • Jay says:

      American Eagle/Skywest and others have dumped on us this morning.  Businesses that harm people should be dealt with sternly.

  38. Dane, Is there any way to get a full and complete version of this Shasta County Hearing? 

  39. Eric provz says:

    Everyday I wake up and walk outside and see those f&#¥×¥ trails in the sky(9 days put of ten) I get more and more pissed! I can't believe this is actually happening all around the world it just blows my mind..I'm on board for taking action against this.thank you dane for everything you do and thank you to everyone on here for being aware

    • Norway says:

      Yes  this  spraying  must  be  done  by  people  connected  to  this  new world order (nwo) agenda ?!   Like  terror  and  weather  warfare  they  do  this  to  change   everything   ..  This  demonic  bilderberger friends  people  behind  all evil  we  see  this  days..  Like  false  terror   to  change  weather  ate  done  to  manipulate  us  to  acept  there  goal   to  get  rid  of  many  people  in  the  world.   Bilderberger  elite  has  also  store  seeds  in  big     in  svalbard..  Ww3  is  comming  soon  its  wanted  and  planned  by  the  world  elite  of  evil  bastards..

  40. Michelle says:

    What can we do here in the UK to make a difference?  Or at least what can we do to try protect our self and our children? 

    • Rose says:

      10 days ago on the 101 in Northern California I saw the weirdest phenomenon in the sky – grey clouds that looked sculpted in unusual shapes.  Nothing natural about that, and scary.  People have forgotten what real clouds look like, and accept the meddling in our climate and weather.

  41. Teri says:



    insane that they can report this with a straight face. may they burn in their own toxic soup. incredible the level of lies being told and the people who eat it like candy. 

  42. Alan says:

    AccuWeather, Inc. has a new product that they are marketing to local TV stations.  Coupled with the reported fact that one of AccuWeather's sources of meteorological information is the United States military, I found the name of this new product to be more than a little ironic.

    Apr 19 16

    AccuWeather announced the launch of StormDirector+™, the all-new weather system that provides the most interactive, customizable, and complete local weather presentations with Superior Accuracy™ to television stations. AccuWeather demonstrates StormDirector+ live at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show through April 21, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV – AccuWeather booth #SL6010. StormDirector+ provides a network-quality solution that uniquely transforms weather presentations to take stations above the competition and dominate in their market. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface and time-saving workflow tools make it fast and easy to customize each broadcast presentation, complimenting a station's branded look and feel, for complete local weather coverage first and fast. StormDirector+ harnesses the power of AccuWeather's Superior Accuracy and superior technology.

  43. D Morgan says:

    – As much as 1 million times the normal level of methane gas has been found in some regions near the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, enough to potentially deplete oxygen and create a dead zone, U.S. scientists said on Tuesday.


    see http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE65L6IA20100622

  44. Barbara Wirebaugh says:

    What has happened to the Skyderalert app? I used it a lot, and then it disappeared and I cannot find the download to get it back. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Barbara, about the Skyderalert app, we are also unsure of what has happened and are trying to reach the owner/producer of the app for details. 

  45. Matt says:

    I'm in Salem, first lots of prolonged illnesses, coughing especially. And for the last week, maybe a bit more, no CTs as far as I can tell, baby blue skies. Are they going to let it heat up a bit and then tell us we HAVE to do something and start again, openly? Crazy. 

  46. John G. says:

    Hello Mr. Wigington, I discovered your videos via youtube, which I find quite informative. I live in Phoenix AZ and I see evidence of Chemtrails nearly everyday. 

    I too have noticed how the sunlight feels warmer on my skin than before, I thought it was because I moved to Phoenix. Then you mentioned how you too noticed how the sunlight also feels warmer, and how it was an effect of geoengineering increased UV levels, then it made sense.

    I have one question, I sometimes see aircraft emitting trails, in very low humidity atmosphere, that disappear and then in a couple of minutes begin to take shape as a clouds. Is this another type of chemtrail? Possibly engineered to "disappear" like a regular contrail yet have the same effect as a regular chemtrail? In this manner whoever is trying to modify the weather can say, "oh you see those trails behave just like typical contrails, so they are contrails"?

    I also have a low powered FM radio station from which I broadcast a variety of alternative news shows. I downloaded all your videos on geoengineering converted them to audio and I sometimes broadcast 8 straight hours of geoengineering. 

  47. Joe Standard says:

    I noticed you can look up sky's of yesteryears. I just looked up the skys of Arizona 1989 and what a Beautiful real sky it was. That not what you see now and the young kids today think these skys are normal until I show them what it used to look like and to their and my amazement they're now interested in geoengineering and it's effects on our world. I think we can aeaken more young folks just by showing them what they have and are missing out on…picture's are worth a thousand aguement on what's true… God bless America. We're going to need it 

  48. Sue says:

    I MISS the DEEP BLUE skies of 30+ years ago!  The air was sweet – you could smell lots of things….enjoy the sunshine and watch the clouds by day and actually see millions upon millions of stars at night.  Now the air is thick and without smells, the skies are white/gray with occasional washed out white/blue – and stars === well seeing a dozen on any night is about the most!  I did not give permission or support to this genocidal practice.  I am glad someone is doing something.  Much love and prayers to all involved!!

    • Joe Standard says:

      I'm mr. Blue Skies 2 the white puffy clouds I live in Philadelphia and we haven't seen a blue sky and more than 7 days what the forecast of at least 5 more cloudy rainy days and all you hear are the jets flying over top spring away now I know conspiracy theory is code for the truth Chemtrails are real it's just called geoengineering

  49. Justin Phillips says:

    the people i talk to just want to ignore it in the hope it will go away. all the stuff going on would confuse just about anyone. i see more an more every day in the hope i could come up with the answer people will act on. but i myself am physically lazy. just gotta keep saying one conversation can change the world.

    • justin phillips says:

      just like to add that i say a plane releasing chemtrails in spurts trying too hide that stuff behind the clouds. 

  50. Richard Bertrand says:

    Nice work. I have been watching this mess go on for years, amazing that so few notice anything amiss. Thank you for providing the details of this assault, so now I can send a link instead of ranting and trying to remember all the information while worked up. 

  51. Abiel (able) says:

    What can I do to help?

  52. Jeffrey Westbrook says:

    I would like to help arrange a public awareness music concert here in Northern California the Santa Rosa area to include numerous bands and active speakers discussing the effects of chemtrails and chemical geoengineering in our communities

    • Jeanie White says:

      I live in Santa Rosa, most of my somewhat aware friends still deny the existence of chemtrails, or just say, we can't do anything,  so don't think about it. I know many musicians, but think they are just not believin it, or just don't care.  Sad.

  53. jay says:

    Thanks for all the info Dane..I was already aware of this stuff but I've been trying to get a friend informed and you have covered all the bases.

  54. I want to tear my eyes out today, it was horrible!  The planes arrived early in the skies.  I counted 5 of them at once, spraying those Poisons all over the place!  On Saturday, or was it Sunday….they made an actual X over my house, and made the whole North Valley look like a checkerboard! I can't handle it anymore "What to do?"  just tell me who to call or where to go!  Jumping up and down on my deck and cursing isn't doing any good.  They have to be stopped!  There is so much wickedness in this World, how come?  Has it always been this way?  Apparently so.  

    Since Our History has been altered and probably Our future too, "Oh Dear What To Do?"  Are we just in shock or have they succeeded?

    Did the Floride work? 


    Sorry, I had to vent, since I can barely breath. 

    Dane,Thank you for all that you do and say for all of us.   Kathlene

    • Michael Enright says:

      One thing you can do Kathlene is take a supplement called EDTA. It cleanses the blood of the very toxins they are spraying. It produces "Heavy metal detoxification". I know… sounds like something you might use to recover from the eighties… but we have migrated far beyond those days now. So sad…

    • enright says:

      It is what we take… just a suggestion… I am not a doctor, please consult your doctor before taking anything to make you healthy

  55. I have been aware of and photo-documenting chemtrail spraying in my area for years, as it occurs very heavily in my hometown (Rockford, IL.).  In recent years the tree die-off has also tragically accelerated, especially among the ever-green species.  This winter, they are browner than ever all over. 
    Please also note this anecdotal evidence, fresh from this morning (2/10), that fully supports that our ozone layer is depleted at best, or almost gone at worst.  The back of my home faces roughly south, and due to its position, the sun's course through the day traces right across the back of my yard.  Last night, the temps dipped to single digits.  This morning, as of 10am cst, with the sun having been up only a few hours, the temps have only reached 12 degrees fahrenheit.  Today is relatively clear, without any fresh chemtrails having been sprayed, but the white haze still hanging in the background (what few clouds there are, are giving off red/yellow glows from the sunshine hitting them).  Yet, despite the frigid temps, the sun is making the fresh snow on my roof melt and is making my roof give off steam.  Likewise, the fresh snow in my eaves-troughs is melting to water and coursing out my downspouts.  All this in 12 degree weather!  I have also noticed that in sitting at a stoplight for as little as a few minutes, one can feel the sun on one's cheek beginning to cause sunburn, again in single digit and teen temps. 
    All that you report is true, Dane.  I have been witness to it for years even before I began following your vital website.  Bless you and your work.  Please keep up your efforts and stay safe! 
    -Mike Benjamin (Rockford, IL.)

  56. Bob in Michigan says:

    Live in a small nowhere town in Michigan and the Chem-Spraying is just non-stop. Energy companies in the region have reported the warmest December in history and we have had 2 different unknown contamination in our swimming pool 1. Blue Powder Residue 2. An orange Powder Residue: Area Pool Business Owners informed me that others in my area have the same problems and the contamination is unknown to professionals. I don't know if this is related but as of the past 18 months our skies have been filled with low flying drones both directly over our house and near our house.  I have been experiencing some health issue as of recent and can only wonder if there is a connection to the contaminates that were in the pool.

  57. liz loves nature says:

    just woken up to the truth . had no idea .  since fraccing started here couldn't help noticing some massive changes .  our flood map here in yorkshire replicates their fraccing map? I have also noticed lots of activity and have loads of photo evidence.  still all my friends tell me to keep taking the tablets .  considering I was subjected to forced psychiatry doesn't amuse me .  I have also been prosecuted by my local council 3 times for walking dogs .  it was my living too scared to go to work and have now a condition which requires an 8 weekly infusion of a biological drug  I have been receiving for 5 years despite my healthy diet and exercise addiction.  I can see my beautiful county suffering and it's poorer people .  our skys are red or stripey and temperature gone wonky the recent flooding has damaged infrastructure .  yet still the powers that be all want to frac ?  I am sure the recent flood was an accident with the waste water but everyone thinks I'm mad .  ???  I was relieved to find this site and have been reading scholarly articles related to this subject .  there is no doubt left in my mind and I fear for the future .

  58. Sue says:

    When all the trees have been cut down. When all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breath, only then will they know………..you can not eat money. -Cree Prophecy

  59. Stive Rosen says:

    Dane you are a treasure of truth and knowledge.were you aware that Israel and part of lebanon as small as this area is had two weeks of severe dust at hazarous leval from a storm in isis controlled syrian dessert. It has never occured in september or for so long. Meteorologists baffled here. Seems geoengineered to me. Stivr

  60. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Jordan, the spraying is still going on, but lighter and much more covertly (for the moment). Look very closely at the tint of the sky, especially toward the horizons. If you look very closely you will likely see a very faint trail here and there. When the climate engineers establish the heat dome of high pressure over the state, this is more typically what we see. Other regions are reporting heavy and blatant spraying.

  61. gloria says:

    Thank you for the excellent SKYPE session with us in Tucson, Az today. I will do all I possibly can to be involved, share & help in whatever way possible. It's truly mind boggling to know this is real & not a dream. Thank you so much for ALL your efforts… I just have a very heavy heart tonight. I love our planet & all that is on it.

  62. Chris Eastwood says:

      Is anyone else losing they're mind on a daily basis?

      I went to the seminar in Redding last week and it was cool to see everybody on the same page. It was comforting in my now solitaire world. Why won't they wake up I keep askin my lord. These are not dumb people. If we do make it through this, tv programming and fractional banking must be abolished. Theyre hand and hand. Anyway, I want to tell Dane, keep fightin the good game brother. I stand shoulder to shoulder with you Dane. I've made peace with my lord and we all know how it ends. No fear good freinds. We were awakened for a reason. Not because we're smarter by any means. I'm not a bible thumper by any means. Beleive me or not, I prayed day in and day out for help. Sure enough, a wave of relief went through my whole body and all I could hear in my head was. I got it, I got it. True story. That was it. Big mans got it. Maybe some one can relate and it helps them out. In this twighlight zone we live in. We all need some faith.

  63. Noreen says:

    Dear Dane,
    Thank you so much for your efforts in educating and informing the public regarding the science, or lack thereof, of Geoengineering.  I have observed these criminal acts against humanity for over a decade in states all over the US.  It wasn’t until I watched your presentations a few months ago that I fully understood how insane this really is.  Inhabitants of California are literally being sprayed like cockroaches.  Our food, what little water we have left, air and the State we all love and cherish is being trashed with chemical weapons of mass destruction.  Where the hell are the people we have elected to be our representatives?  Is there any issue more pressing for Boxer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Brown, Newsom or any other low life traitor we voted to represent the great State of California.
    We have a collection of amazing companies in the Bay Area with talented, wealthy CEO’s and other  very highly paid team members.  Where are Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Tim Cook, Larry Ellison, Cheryl Sandberg just to name a few?  These are a couple of the “smartest guys in the room”.  Are they just standing back watching this daily chemical assault on their families, employees and customers?  Where is the help in identifying the locations of take-off, landing, finding the suppliers and identifying the operators of these planes of death and putting a stop to this insanity.  Meeting quarterly sales and earnings estimates is going to be absolutely irrelevant in the very near future. 
    Wells Fargo has a budget of approximately fifty million dollars for community service in California; I am certain Bank of America and the other major financial institutions have similar budgets.  Where are these banks which are awash in taxpayer cash they received 2008-09 and the billions they make quarterly due to the near zero cost of funds.  This is the time and project to put money into to stop this train of death.
    I can see you and your associates are wearing many hats and must be working on this day and night.  It is also apparent that the steps you are taking are going to be very time consuming whether it is in the form a series of city council meetings where you meeting with the local board of “milk toast” who put you off at best or engaging in a lawsuit against a government in denial.  Time is not on our side.  Each hour is a dozen or more planes dumping their toxic payload on an already dumbed down populace with the entire process being fully funded by our tax dollars or implicit assumption of federal debt.
    I am not entirely sure what could be done to speed up the process to immediately stop this extinction process but I would like to personally explore some options with you if the opportunity ever presents itself.

    • Dan G. says:

      Ya where are all those Yellow bellied slithering rock dwellers

      It's time we pick up are forked sticks and go snake huntin


  64. mehdi says:

    Dear Dane,

    I am  listener to all your video.

    i dont think most people realize how big this is. 

    i wanted to say that i make sure to tell atleast 2 people daily. sometimes more. and i send out emails.

    i think its a good idea to ask in your interviews if the people watching can tell atleast 3 people a day. also leave a link to the testimonials on the top of your site. if someone see's a big name agreeing the geoengineering is destroying the planet then its much more believable to the average person.

    i wish you the best ( and us) in this fight.

    Mehdi J

  65. Chris says:

    What I learned today has destroyed me.  It's hard to even want to live in this terrible world.  I have more feelings for the earth than I do for most people. I've seen the trees dying and the loss of wildlife.  I've always felt something was wrong and I see today for the first time, what is going on. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chris, rise to the occation, we need caring people like you in this all important battle. Turn your angst to anger and use that for fuel in the fight to expose and stop the insanity. We are here for a reason, we care for a reason, it is up to each and every one of us to play our part at this most critical time. Glad to march with you in this battle Amigo.

  66. William Sego says:

    Where can I get a copy or multiple copies of your flyer to distribute in my area? What information do you find to help people to see the truth?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello William, you can download our flyer from geoengineeringwatch.org for free and print it locally. The cost is much lower from a print shop if you get a large quantity.

  67. Paul Roberts says:

    You are doing an excellent job exposing the reality of geoengineering.  Your method of legitimizing the facts is highly effective in persuading "asleep" individuals that have been poisoned by a lifetime of propaganda.  The power structure had a huge financial and temporal head start.  However, I believe if people follow your lead and method, momentum will continue to increase.
    Keep up the good work.
    Paul Roberts

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