12/20/2014 – Geoengineering Watch Radio


Constant cloud cover everywhere. Mainstream media preparing for a false flag event. Very small elite control everything. Wolf Blitzer former APAC member conflict of interest? Weather channel has no weather reporting anymore. Small directed storms in California put public back to sleep. 1,000 jet tankers per day necessary to accomplish David Keith’s geoengineering goal. Denial as a defense mechanism and responsibility avoidance. Arctic Methane Emergency Group claims spraying is not happening now. Using EMF to open cell walls and break the blood-brain barrier. How to get involved.

2 Responses to 12/20/2014 – Geoengineering Watch Radio

  1. Michel Pelletier says:

    Great show Dane,
    The people closest to me are in denial.The matrix has a great hold on them.What under pins this matrix is the dollar.WE are in complete slavery to it.There is a tribe that has a great control on the monetary system.They feel themselves chosen.That shows great disrespect for all life.The rulling elite are not all of this tribe but they have great influence.The crime of 911 demands that they do not lose control.There cannot be honesty in the media and acedemia .If there is no honesty and transparency the planet will crash and burn.Gilad Atzmon was on the Jeff Rense show with brother Nathanael .This tribe must be brought to their senses before all is lost .I wish that you could contact him .He has thoughtfull and powerful voice.Maybe he could shake them up to the fact only honest and open discussion will save the planet.They and all of us will have to choose between this planets life or tribe.Our most intelligent must be humble and love all life.

  2. Terri says:

    brilliant show Dane. Thank you. we have not seen the sun in almost a month. complete cloud cover and daily darkness. freezing cold when we should be warm. difficult to breath. like have pneumonia and coughing all the time. blinding headaches every day.

    if they install more RF towers to light up the aluminum that we are all saturated with it has the potential to cook us from the inside out. Ramping up the power and radiation that goes with it will burn us out like candles being snuffed out. our minds, our blood will boil. the metal in our bodies will cook us. god help us. where do i find the exit door? i want off this wild ride.

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