Anti-Geoengineering Legal Team Sues The US Department Of Commerce


Dane Wigington

The “Government” of the United States long ago decided they were above the law, the completely illegal covert climate engineering operations are a glaring case in point. Exposing and halting the ongoing climate engineering / geoengineering assault continues to be the primary focus of and the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering (LASG). 66121

Geoengineered skies in Bangor, Maine. Photo credit: Penny Oliphant

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is completely stonewalling the “Freedom Of Information Requests” (FOIA’s) from LASG attorneys. Governmental agencies are legally required to respond to such requests. The US Department of Commerce is the government agency that oversees NOAA.

Commerce Department building in Washington, D.C.

The US Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C. (Photo: APK, CC BY-SA 3.0)

In response to the government's illegal withholding of information, legal action has been initiated by LASG against the US Department of Commerce. The statement below is from LASG attorney, Petra Brokken.

Stop Geoengineering Minnesota has brought suit in United States District Court for the District of Columbia against the Department of Commerce, as well as against NOAA, for the failure to respond to requests for information regarding weather modification under a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request.  SGM is a project of the non-profit, Minnesota Natural Health Coalition, which works in collaboration with Geoengineering Watch (, in an effort to bring attention to weather modification and to litigate issues related to geoengineering and illegal weather modification. SGM has requested records concerning weather modification in the possession of the Weather Service, and the reason for the agency imposing illegal gag orders on their employees.  SGM is requesting an order to have the Dept. of Commerce promptly provide the records; declare that the failure to disclose is unlawful; that the failure to make a timely determination is unlawful; that the failure to provide SGM with an estimated completion date for their FOIA request and appeal, is unlawful.

The attached PDF below contains the full LASG legal suit filing against the US Department of Commerce and NOAA, the freedom of information act submissions (FOIAs) from LASG attorneys, and the NOAA responses to those requests.

Click the PDF image to view the full legal filing and related communications


The legal efforts ot LASG, Stop Geoengineering Minnesota and are an essential part of the overall effort to fully expose and halt the ongoing global climate engineering assault. Reaching a critical mass of public awareness is the great imperative in this battle, sharing credible data is essential. All of us are needed to help sound the alarm, every day counts.

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88 Responses to Anti-Geoengineering Legal Team Sues The US Department Of Commerce

  1. Hilary says:

    This also happened with FOIA requests made by Robert F Kennedy Jr and Del Bigtree of The Highwire when they asked for safety studies done by HHS required under the 1986 act absolving Pharma from litigation from vaccine injuries. They had to take out a class action lawsuit which resulted in Pharma not being able to turn up a single safety study having been done in all the 32 years. This will leave Pharma and HHS open to litigation. Also Monsanto got called out in court for their product glyphosate causing non-hodgkins lymphoma and paying out millions in compensation to the single plaintiff which has opened the door for the thousands standing in the wings with the same complaint after using this product. There is hope in bringing these BIG BAD boy corporations to task but it takes time and money. We all have to take our "hats off "to all those who take the fight to the enemy.


  2. Edward salway says:

    Add My Name Edward  Salway  for Class Action 

    Medical Conditions, headaches and Intestinal Conditions 

    • Sindee says:

      I've been suffering with headaches, forgetfulness, digestive/intestinal issues and body pains for 4 years with no definite diagnosis so quit going to doctor for help and began taking homeopathic and natural therapy to maintain some semblance of health. Also don't spend time outside more than necessary and began taking other precautions. This is the first year in my life (61) I got sun-burn being out on the beach for 1.5 hours in the morning fully clothed except my neck and face. I have photos of spraying over our area from 2014 on. Last year I would see tiny droplets on my vehicle windshield after spraying and even feel it on my skin when I was walking each day. After many of us began qustioning and making noises the aircrafts moved higher up. Our valley produces food for the world so they are contaminating the water supply, food supply, air we breathe, beaches/lakes we swim in…most days I see three aircrafts, this year they spraying even at nighttime. 

  3. anne kelley says:

    So any questions as to who the evil empire is and what the evil of the day is…I try to tell everyone I meet to look up and see how we are undergoing chemical poisoning just like those countries that do that to their own people and we scream about inhumane- maybe our populace here needs to realize that we are part of that same coin….Oh, but dept of commerce being decides they are god whoa what a deception we've been fed!

  4. Loyd Bayas says:

    Levensita, Indian astronomer working at State Observatory, translated two extra texts, one of which described angle measurement
    (360 degrees) and a desk of sines for angles from 0 to ninety degrees in 24 steps (three three/4 diploma) increments .
    Oh I wouldn’t go that far,’ replied Newton.

  5. Mary Hollowell says:

    Good luck, Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering!  On a personal note, I've never gotten the FBI / CIA to release records in response to my FOIA Requests or Appeals that are posted at theforgottenroom .org – Trying 2 help from Georgia

  6. DelVita Ahmed says:

    So proud of what this organization is doing and how they're stepping up to the plate to try to stop these crimes against humanity. God bless you all, in Jesus' name. 

  7. Parishsouth says:

    maybe it was on purpose, but did anyone notice the second picture of this article, which shows a pic of the dept of commerce has a funky trail in the sky!!!!  how coincidental.

  8. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The Department Of Commerce now knows that LASG is on to them, but still is being stubborn, by not providing the requested documentation to the legal team. The Department feels as if they are in compliance, by only responding to the initial request and not disclosing the documents. They are in violation of FOIA. This action should place them in even deeper violations!!!

    • Dennie says:

      WHO are The Deciders at Dept. of Commerce?  They should be NAMED, and prosecuted personally.  Ruin them the way "they" ruin truth-tellers and whistleblowers.  Bullies only respond to bullying.

    • gina olondriz says:

      Tell their wives or partners that their husbands are being uncooperative and keeping files hidden away from the public.  Get their families to join the bandwagon.

    • brenda bonini says:

      I live in Michigan and I pray every day they are stopped!

  9. Jeff Naish says:

    Thank you sir! Press on!! I pray this stops one day. I inform all i can in Alabama



    • Adriana says:

      Thank u Jeff too…

      I inform all i can with my friend in London…

    • JanetHong says:

      I'm sitting in my kitchen right now seeing the sky being covered with chemtrails.   I live in southern Virginia and this is nearly an everyday occurrence.   I cannot convince my grown children that this is real. The only thing  I can do is to keep posting these videos of professional people who work tirelessly to bring this to public attention.  God help this planet.  We ARE in grave danger 

  10. barbzi says:

    Found on Yahoo this morning…..check link for further engineering details

    SEVEN WAYS TO ENGINEER THE CLIMATE……..           (how about todays engineering)???? 

    Berlin (AFP) – Dismissed a decade ago as far-fetched and dangerous, schemes to tame global warming by engineering the climate have migrated from the margins of policy debate towards centre stage.

    "Plan A" remains tackling the problem at its source. But efforts to sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions have fallen woefully short and cannot, most scientists agree, avert catastrophic climate change on their own.
    Here is a "Plan B" menu of geoengineering solutions that can be broken down into two categories: dimming the sun, which remains highly controversial, and capturing carbon dioxide (CO2).

    DRAWBACKS: Even if it works as intended, solar radiation management would do nothing to reduce atmospheric CO2, which is making oceans too acidic. There is also the danger of knock-on consequences, including changes in rainfall patterns, and what scientists call "termination shock" — a sudden warming if the system were to fail.

    – Ocean fertilisation -………DRAWBACKS: Again, scientists worry about unintended impacts. Die-offs of plankton, for example, use up oxygen, which could create massive "dead zones" in the oceans, something already on the rise.
    Enhanced weathering -……….. DRAWBACKS: Enhanced weathering could probably be rapidly scaled up, but it would be expensive to mine and mill enough olivine to make a difference.
    – Biochar – ……… DRAWBACK: The scientific jury is still out on how quickly this method could be scaled up, and on the stability of biochar used as a fertiliser.
    – Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage……….DRAWBACK: Studies calculate that upward of 40 percent of arable land would need to be given over to biofuel crops, putting the scheme in conflict with food crops.
    – Direct CO2 capture – ………DRAWBACK: As of now, the technology is prohibitively expensive.
    – Massive afforestation -………DRAWBACK: Even if deforestation could be reversed — millions of hectares of tropical forests still disappear each year — the number of trees needed to put a dent in CO2 emissions would clash with food and biofuel drops.

  11. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    First off, Dane, I often write that it will take all of us, each in our own way, to over come what has been inflicted upon us. I have no sense of law in our modern times. It fills me with confidence to know there are those that are awake and have such capacities. Added side note here if I may. The more I learn about common law, natural law, the more things start to click with my own convictions and beliefs.

    Penny Waters wrote a moving contribution here yesterday. And on that note and given the current circumstances in northern California, "Where's BaneB?!". I hope he's not stuck in a "bolt hole". BaneB, check in man. Of anyone on here, you live the closest to how I do. Pardon me if I worry for you.

    Tomorrow is Farmers Market #23. I'm rolling off of a good week doing what I do for work. My challenge is to keep the flow of creativity and imagination of this past week moving in a positive direction while interacting with folks teaching them about Geo engineering. How can one oppose what they do not know about? It's supposed to be pretty cool at the market tomorrow. I might just be the first to tend a Geoengineeringwatch booth in insulated coveralls. I'm "stoked".

    Soon I will write the next "Ponderosa Report". I will include reports from all over my state. Things aren't looking good kids. That guardrail we crashed through decades ago keeps getting further away. It's only a fuzzy piece of the back ground now and it's not looking like we will be like a cat and land on our feet. A brave new world is just around the corner. Are you brave?…..

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horserman

    • Dale K says:

      YouTube video shows what remained of Journey's End Mobile Home Park, a faciltiy for low-income seniors 55 and over that was located in the north Santa Rosa, next to the intersection of Fountaingrove Parkway and Highway 101. Overseas reporters asked if Santa Rosa had been bombed. They said they've never seen anything like this.

      The Great Santa Rosa Fire… A Firestorm Claims an ENTIRE Community
      Rosie O'Kelly | Published on Oct 10, 2017

    • penny waters says:

      dear horseman

      thank you for your good feelings. good to know that you are ok  and good that you calling in others

      think we need all each other in these times 

       have only two real friends here that i can trust – have known them over 40 yrs – but only one gets geoengineering and the other has two children so i don't like to keep reminding her and she's not well – as disturbed as me by modern world

      many people give the smiles but does it light the eyes – is it sustainable in times of stress – people these days seem very weak both in attitude and behaviour

       no understanding of gender – no physical work for men and women – is that why people are weak in every way?

      became a gardener in my 20's – made me physically strong and aware of creatures – remember squatting down and bouncing up as i realised i had caught summit between thigh and lower leg…. and watched a bumble bee fly away hahaha

      had another today – love being so gentle – taken all my life not to react with fear – felt summit on my neck – picked it off and realised it was a spider – and off it wandered – no i hadn't squashed it – and i have always been petrified of 'em. which is crazy really cos the name penelope means a weaver – like them!

      you get on with horses – they would know if you were a wrong 'un – creatures do 

      apart from human creatures – they are dazzled by bright shiny things that mean nothing – and promises of being famous – glitzy glossy stuff that means nought

      wish i lived close – have so many apples – tons and tons – branches breaking with the weight – but no-one eats apples here in britain – cos they don't know what a good apple tastes like

      can you take off on a horse if disaster gets too close – love the image – californian robin hood riding away from danger, man and horse together

      keep safe my friend

      much love to you and yours


    • Dennie says:

      KQED's doing a great job reporting on the fires.  They did carry pictures of the devastation at Journey's End and other areas: and (radio talk show podcast or tune in live, M-F, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., 88.5 fm in the S.F. Bay Area or kqed,org)

  12. EndtheFed says:

    Thanks so much to all the attorneys assisting with this effort.  This is such a vital and necessary component to the fight, and it adds a lot of credibility to the movement as a whole.

    Everyone needs to download this PDF document.  Save it and make a back-up.  Put it on your phone so you can show people if it comes up.  That way they can't say "that's a crazy internet conspiracy" or whatever else programmed denialists say.   

  13. Nora says:

    I live in Rocklin (no. Ca) and work outside.   Yesterday and today they were out in full force blanketing the sky.. I guess they need that extra dose of aluminum and such to keep the fires fueled .  Tax dollars hard at work…

    • Dennie says:

      Hear, hear!  You could indeed see the streaks peeking through above the smoke when we were treated to partial clearing yesterday afternoon around 3:00 in Mill Valley.  Last night I could still sense the salty metallic chem sprays drifting down right along with the ash from the fires 40 miles north of San Rafael, CA– NOTHING is going to stop the Mad Scientists and their minions, the order-following Military Monstrous Madmen, who'll do ANYTHING for a paycheck and a pension.  THEY DON'T CARE what their goddamned spraying is doing to this planet.  Their "answer" to any problem is to kill the people affected by their actions– no complainers, no problem, right–??

  14. Maryann says:

    I would like to know when all this started?  I have seen the spraying done overhead for years now in Oregon

    • EndtheFed says:

      Hi Maryann,

      Initial weather modification experiments began as far back as 1947.

      Geoengineering in the manner we're familiar with today, and on a coordinated global scale, has been going on for at least twenty years if not longer.  In the mid-nineties the terms "global warming" and "climate change" were coined in response to the ramping up of these programs, to provide the public with a pacifying explanation for the weather whiplash scenarios that have now become commonplace.  The crony capitalism efforts to profit from the insanity have been going on since at least the 1970s when globalists such as Maurice Strong began pushing efforts forward with regard to United Nations and world governments control of carbon.  

        There's much more to the story.  Everyone who is awake must make the effort to spend some time investigating and educating themselves.  The more of an authority we make ourselves, we better we can speak about and raise awareness of this issue.  It's critical to not back down in the face of hysterical criticism stemming programmed denial – education helps with this.  The more you learn about this, the more motivated you will be to take action, also.  Hope this helps.  

    • Bija says:

      Truthstream Media just did a piece on YouTube titled: The Real Reason Weather IS Manipulated. Very informative!

    • Wes says:


      If you watch the documentary "Aerosol Crimes" by Clifford Carnicom. He noticed and started documenting the sky crimes in 1999. His visibility went from 40 miles to 10 miles. The aerosol crimes have not stopped since then. Mid to late 90's is probably the last time any of us have seen a real blue sky.

      Robert Cather has a quote in the documentary. "The only thing I wish before I die…… to once again see a deep blue sky."

    • Dennie says:

      They ramped up the spraying in 1999.  You can listen to the podcast titled "Has The Primary Geoengineering Materials Provider Been Identified?" (Yes, and his name is Michael Silver) and hear all about it.  

    • Susan says:

      Many people believe that they know when the spraying started. I noticed it in 1970. However in 1980 it's impact terrified me. Jets spraying from coast to coast. Terrified for the children in the future. No one or group has the right to contaminate the air – food and water. Now is probably too late to change the outcome. Whoever did this to the earth has more than chemical ties. Truely prison planet.

  15. Ron Marr says:

    Thank you, Dane Wigington, Brian Gaffney, Julio Gomez, Petra Brokken and the, Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering and Stop Geoengineering Minnesota. Your efforts are always with me. You are an inspiration and breathe of fresh air in this toxic world…. Even when our friends and family make us feel isolated and alone, it is only symptoms of a fake reality, in which we shield ourselves in consciousness. We must continue to reach out to the order followers that are in denial of themselves and their power to help save our planet and their own families….It's hard to stomach old friends who continue to say things like, "It's not possible for them to do it." or "They wouldn't do it to themselves."…but yet, they do no research… or look up… and keep listening to MS news and talking heads. It reminds me of the 1960's version of the movie, "Time Machine",…the man lands in the future where the people are uneducated and docile and at a certain time a siren goes off and the people are mind controlled to walk to a cave to be eaten….In desperation, the man runs among the people trying to tell them and stop them from going to the cave…but they keep walking.

    This is where we are…this is the future. It will take desperation from all of us…as the prototypes led us to the table of, THEY, that hide behind the Vatican. THEY, need our energy to make their fake reality real to us. EVERYTHING… is fake. Stop participating. THEY, cannot survive in consciousness… their fake reality cannot compete with our illusions of life. WE are the genius with imagination and immortality. WE have nothing to lose.

    Very touching, penny waters. 

  16. terry turner says:

    Work , work, work…….Dane ; you are doing somuch more than one should expect from a single individual.  I hope the readers….particularly the ones who post their thoughts in your commentary section;  Also scroll up to the Donate section and use the fruits of their work " Money " to help you continue your work.  Many people think others have the deep pockets…and only spend "words"…..not money ; which is what your cause really needs.

  17. marc says:

    Climate and extreme weather news….shocking. So many places in our world being ripped to pieces, by fire, by water, by wind, by phony gods who seem to take great pleasure in playing with their monstrous weather-mod toys, as if the whole earth is nothing more than a game-board. Meanwhile President Tripe and his whore, Scott Pruitt for some bizarre reason remain fixated on coal. The ass-backwardsness of this defies not only logic but is an intentional AFFRONT (like almost everything this administration does) to the vast majority of the American population. All seems hopelessly lost. If only……if only self-serving psychopaths hadn't managed to rise to positions of power…If only free-energy technologies had been further developed (90 years ago) and woven into the fabric of modern societies….if only…….

    • sea says:

      Marc- as always I appreciate your writings, they are always so right on.I was planning to reply to your earlier post re the wine country /cannabis farms devastation with the "wildfires" in CA. I have lived in N Ca all my life and know this has to be a very calculated series of events.I knew last year with all the dry and dead trees/growth Ca was a tinderbox waiting for the next match and that things would be timed, gut feeling.

      Here we are…if one was to look closely at what was affected and the trickle down – like dropping a stone in a pond, it will affect thousands of workers that already work 3 jobs just to make ends meet – they are the behind the scenes at the  exclusive hotels, resorts and restaurants that dot the map of Napa /Sonoma county, will they leave and there will be no "cheap" labor for all the resorts?

      And as much as some of the very exclusive wineries have stepped up saying "all is good- come stay!" this is a huge game changer for Ca.

      Anyone that does not realize the impact of these fires has the wool pulled over their eyes regarding the Ca economy. This does not even touch upon the enormous elephant in the room that cooled us down GE to a 50 degree temp while fires blazed today.

    • Dennie says:

      @marc:  Pruitt is simply throwing a bone to Trump's coal industry buddies who helped pay to put him in office.  In reality, we have people like Jamie Diamon and other energy industry people complaining that coal is NOT the way of the future and it's better for business AND the planet to invest in renewable energy.  You can look it up, this was not long ago.

      @sea:  I was born, raised and continue to live in a city 40 miles south of the huge Wine Country fires and have worked in the Santa Rosa/Kenwood/Sonoma/Kellog/Calistoga/Healdsburg area playing weddings for decades.  I have students whose close relatives, as well as colleagues who play in the Santa Rosa Symphony, who lost their homes.  No one is saying that some kind of planned destruction of the cannabis industry is The Reason for these devastating fires, which also were not "calculated," and I wish this kind of baseless, paranoid disinformation would stop.  

      Reality is, we had hurricane-force high winds here last Sunday night late.  Electrical wires were whipped around with attendant arcing and transformer blow-outs.  Of COURSE we know the area is a tinder box.  We had the Valley Fire that burned down Middle Town, Harbin Springs and Cobb just a few years ago.  I had colleagues who got burned out of that one, too.

      Spraying the entire planet with an incendiary desiccant is certainly a recipe for disaster and in light of Agenda 21 the droughting, fires and flooding would appear to be "their" way of flushing everyone out of the country and into stack 'n' pack housing of The Future, where no one will own property because the Powers That Shouldn't Be believe they will continue to suck every last resource and you won't get anything.  Including pot, when you "need" to smoke it so as to check out from all of this insanity– UGH!!!

  18. Joseph L says:

    Thank you Dane and the Geoengineering Legal Team for what you day in  and day out to help stop this crime against humanity.  I wonder with all the  wildfires burning in CAlifornia how much Geoengineering added to this problem.  Lightning storms and very dry ground can also create these fires.  

    • Dennie says:

      Joseph L:  The sprays contain nanoparticulate aluminum, a known incendiary.  The fires were NOT started by lighting; they were started by arcing power lines and blown transformers due to hurricane-force winds, blown in, undoubtedly, by the geoengineered high pressure zone the Monstrous Military Mad Men see fit to park over the state of California.

  19. Frances says:

    Spraying over Maryborough, Qld., Australia yesterday and today.  Why, why here in Australia? 

  20. marc says:

    Just exactly what is happening to our police forces? Have our police always had abusive, psycho "bad apples" among them but we just never had access to so much cell-video like we do now? Or… what we are seeing an actual expression of a sea-change in the protocols for police training? Again, the regular posting to FB of cops losing it is beyond disturbing. Beating up women? Beating up defenseless homeless men? Slamming children to the ground? Punching out hobbling old men? Tazing and/or beating up innocent unarmed Blacks who have complied with every police order given? People who comply perfectly with orders to get out of their cars with hands up are then assaulted violently and in many cases, actually shot to death? What the fuck is happening here in America? Have our police forces been covertly infiltrated by deep state, heartless, soulless 3-letter agency thugs who have been bred and trained to behave like monsters outside the law? Has the "militarization" of available metro police force HARDWARE translated also into radical changes in what cops are not only allowed to do but encouraged to do, as an integral part of their field training? I recently read a shocking statistic on the number of SWAT team screw-ups on house raids, as in wrong house, wrongful deaths, etc. Incomprehensible. The excessive deployment of SWAT teams has also skyrocketed exponentially as a general observation. This all seems by design. We are only inches away from a full-blown police state in this country. Meanwhile, the jack-offs in charge are doing everything they can possibly think of to aid and abet this development, by virtue of screamingly obvious false-flags like Charlottesville and Las Vegas. What's the end-game here? Totalitarianism? Marshall law under some puppet dictator? Total prohibition on guns? Sounds like a New World Order that's trying to be assembled by a clique of complete phonies and incompetent messianic (Satanic) babies who are too stupid and terminally removed from how to live a REAL and LOVING life to understand how deep their failure as human beings goes?

    • penny waters says:

      dear marc

      i think that many many people unconsciously know that we are in big trouble (deep poo) but are too frightened to look – having spent their lives turning away

      i think people have become so scared as soon as anything upsets them they react and usually in an aggressive way – no thought

      i was brought up by kind but strict parents – my dad could lose it sometimes, so i always did what he wanted – why would i do anything else? – and when i got older he told me things that made me realise why he reacted so – and i understood

      my mum always explained to me why she was restricting me or telling me to do stuff

      and i have always loved them both – and think of them often and am so glad they are not here now cos what is going on would be too painful for them to stand

      i have observed other families where people are brought up with aggression – and so when they go into the world they meet the world with aggression – or if someone is aggressive to them that is how they come back at them – sad

      i feel blessed in being a backfooter – a watcher – always on the back foot – sometimes i have risen to the occasion – when a young woman with whom i had a disagreement punched me in the face 8 times (yes i was counting – hahaha couldn't beleive it) – and i just got hold of her clothes under her throat and twisted them and told her to let me go – which she did – hahahaha madness

      there's more out than in – and the ones that are in are only the unlucky ones – hahahaha!! – old london saying

      and i appreciate the buddhist idea that life is about suffering – once that was in my head it was a no brainer – and so i appreciate the brief moments of joy with my few friends, including the creatures that share this tiny piece of land with me, and reading all your comments on this website – especially about me 

      hahahahaha that sounded terrible hahahaha – but i do love it that many of you understand me – cos i feel your pain and know that it is same as mine

      and i just wish that i could change everything to become a good and safe world

      and i wished we all lived together away from the drunks, the drug heads, the eaters, the shoppers and all the filthy people who steal from others

      love you all


    • Dennie says:

      Listen up, everyone:  If we don't choose to move to change the underlying psycho-spiritual dynamics of the human experience, NOTHING WILL CHANGE– GUARANTEED– PERIOD!!!  Children who are abused verbally, emotionally and otherwise, will grow up to be either victims or victimizers, and in many cases, BOTH, at different times.  If you have kids, and even if you don't, kindly start looking at your own shit and TAKE CONTROL of it, if you don't want to see the "top down" social crap and bad "family" (and other) dynamics passed on from generation to generation to generation.

  21. KEN.SD says:

    Super news that lawsuits are finally being filed against US  Govt. agencies involved with weather engineering –aka "Chemtrails",Harp microwave technology, and Freedom of Information .

    All of the lawsuit information will help in educating everyone to what has been going on by US Government agencies for many years-  affecting many people with health problems and destroying our land, plants, trees and all living things.

    Congrats  Dane,  your persistence and hard work will put the burden on the Government to answer all of our concerns and STOP the WEATHER WARFARE ASSAULT on the U.S. and other countries. 


  22. Carol says:

    Penny thank you for that !! I am glad somebody is awake in England we need to get something together in England .. Dane has done fantastic job ..  Desperate times we are in with the vaccination ramping up as well .. So frustrated I would love to connect  with someone in UK I feel alone trying to wake people up ….

  23. Adam says:

    Thanks you and love you guys!!!!!!!

  24. david says:

    You know Dane, you're not the only one to be denied FOIA requests from a government agency.  David Paulides, a former police detective with the CanAm Missing Project has also been denied FOIA requests from the national park service in his investigations into missing persons cases in the parks and they even went as far as trying to charge him for the lists of missing people!  Such lawlessness and corruption in every area of government and agency it seems.  Where does it end?  Check out his interviews with George Knapp on Coast to Coast sometime if interested.  Its far out stuff. 

  25. JillR says:

    Currently traveling in Eastern Oregon and the geoengineering assault has been non-stop over the skies here. Planes flying in all directions resulting in a complete covering of the entire sky. Normal, mountain storms never seem to materialize like they would if left alone. We're supposed to get some rain, but now I'm wondering. I doubt it will happen. I'm beyond disgusted.

  26. SD says:

    Big uptick in seismic activity noted in central and northern CA past two days, including EQs in fire areas. Arrival of cooler air mass forecast for Wed? Correlation between unusual and SHALLOW EQs and weather COOLDOWN. (only temporary)

    Spraying activity also widespread over SoCal today, Tues.  As usual, arrival of clouds, cooler temps expected next 24 hrs. Meteorologists here still falsely reporting SRM trails as "high cirrus clouds" Lots of MORONS around these days and not just in White House.

    • Dennie says:

      Not here, where the Northern CA fires are.  We're in for drier hotter weather with more wind the next few days….

  27. Greg Price says:

    Thank You!! Keep up the great work!

  28. Dane I commend you on your tenacious and untiring effort, but  it is not likely to yield positive results as criminals are not intimidated by the law which they get to create in their image.  Good luck and wishing you all the best.

  29. Rosalie says:

    Great job, Dane and the legal team. Wishing you and your Family to remain safe as these horrific fires wreak havoc in Northern California.  Just terrible.  The weather criminals must be caught and prosecuted!

  30. marc says:

    Incredible PDF of the exchanges back and forth between LASG, SGM and NOAA and Commerce dept. But in the end, as Dane says, nothing but simple stonewalling, phony delays, weak explanations, "documents not found" etc etc. In street lingo: BULLSHIT. The legal process is sooo convoluted and protracted, everything moving at a snail's pace. Worse than any two of the best chess players on earth in an Olympian match, winner takes planet. Standing ovations, nonetheless, for our legal teams and everything they are doing to further the cause. And the irony here is that "THE CAUSE", by definition, holds under it's outspread wings not only we anti-geoengineering activists but the very individuals whose errant behavior and activities threatens to kill THEIR world, too. The cessation of geoengineering ultimately benefits the health and happiness of every living form on the planet, assholes included.

  31. marc says:

    Was quite floored a few minutes ago when I read that in Sonoma County alone there may be up to 3000 commercial cannabis growers, mostly "residential", and many, many more than that in the larger region.There has been a bruhaha brewing for over a year or two regarding "regulation" of the industry in this region. Regulation translates as "taxation" of "gross receipts" primarily, but also the concerns associated with so much weed growing in a relatively small area and the problems that that fact brings along with it. While most such growers are functioning within California and/or municipal laws, there are still the federal statutes to contend with, re: Jeff Sessions famously having shined a spotlight on "marijuana" recently, with possible threats of amplified federal involvement and enforcement nationwide, both recreational and medical. Could it possibly be that some conscious "entity" is responsible for what is looking more and more like arson in Sonoma and Napa counties? Cannabis is estimated to be a 7 BILLION industry in California. What percentage of that industry is grown in Sonoma/Napa area is pure speculation but I'd wager it's quite substantial. I personally have, in days of yore, sought high grade cannabis in Humboldt and Mendocino counties with great success, I might add. I don't have a clue how much "legal" production for the medical marijuana industry might be produced further north in Humboldt and Mendocino, but I'd wager there still exists a robust farming economy up there. Is it beyond "stoned" to speculate that the utter devastation in Sonoma, which appears highly suspicious, might, and I stress "might", be the work of the deep state, like maybe on behalf of Big Pharma? If there is even a molecule of truth to this speculation, why would any of us be surprised? An actual, but also "symbolic" sucker-punch to the California cannabis industry, human lives be damned. Is this really so wild a speculation? Has the deep state not been hard at work for almost ten years obliterating California's weather and food crops by geoengineering the holy hell out of the state and the eastern Pacific e.g. the dumbass "ridiculously resilient ridge"? I previously have railed against what appears to me to be highly suspicious eruptions of forest fires ALL OVER the West. (see post under previous heading) This Sonoma/Napa fire not only has decimated human lives, homes and infrastructure, but it has dealt a horrible blow to the massively profitable wine and cannabis industries. Apocalyptic damage. Entire neighborhoods burned to the ground. Lone wolf arsonist? Maybe, can't rule it out. Spontaneous combustion in multiple locations simultaneously? Really? Deep state/military/freemasonic disaster capitalist psychopathy running wild out of desperation and/or the sheer unbridled diseased exhilaration associated with their depop, agenda 21, weather warfare, false-flag rampage across the country AND the world? What do YOU think is going on?

    • James says:


      You are zoned in on the target . 

      The fires in Santa Rosa , Napa, and the State of Ca  are a direct result of the on going Assault from Operation Indigo Sky Fold . All this destruction and loss of life is a direct result of the CIA deep state

      Thank You  Marc for having the Brains to figure this all  out .

      Great News on the Legal teams on going efforts .

    • Bill F. (west coast of BC) says:

      Hey Marc,

      Very interesting speculation?

      After 13+ years of "FREEDOM from Fibromyalgia" recipient, (the result of introducing onle a single 'cannabis-based' natural oil food supplement) – I can TRULY appreciate just how valuable the cannabis plant can be for "Restoration of Health"

      Noting the "Potential" of 'deliberate destruction' of what "MAY" be a significant area that may or may not be "Large-Scale" cannabis crop growth acreage, your speculative thoughts certainly "Makes Sense" of any speculation about crop destruction by Big Pharma & their Industrial/Military Alliance. (paid enforcer/hitman criminal organizations)

      Thanks for "Exposing" that 'potentially' terrorist activity by our own government – on our mutual coastline.

      BC typically has a significant "Wildfire Season" and the recent summer has been 'No Exception' with the only difference being a much-more widespread number of 'virtually non-contained' Wildfires this year.

      Last year the "Great Canadian Wildfire Newsmaker" was Fort McMurray area of Alberta, dangerously bordering on the edge of the 'Very-Depressed' Oil & Gas Industry's tar-sands region.

      No Doubt, countless areas of various "Agricultural" crops, (including cannabis crops) were destroyed by last year's, (and this year's) "So-Called" Wildfires and ALL Wildfires have been 'Exponentially Accelerated' by various forms of criminal "GeoEngineering Activities"

      These activities 'can or very well could affect' the "fully LEGAL access" to the cannabis crops specifically grown by the developer/manufacturer of the strain of cannabis that is necessary to provide the oils that have given me over 13 years of "Freedom" from Fibromyalgia.

      Given the sheer "Volume" of expository information by Dane and many other knowledgeable researchers – there is "ONLY" one solution?

      Those of us who clearly understand the 'Enormous Risk' of "Remaining Silent" about these 'Crimes Against ALL of Humanity' must do everything legally possible to assist Dane & his alliances to reach "Critical Mass of Awareness" by SHARING this VITAL KNOWLEDGE with anyone & everyone who even appears to have eyes to see & ears to hear!!! (and who also seems to have the capacity to process rational thought patterns)

    • Dale K says:

      ‘Catastrophic event’: Deadly North Bay fires explode again
      Marin Independent Journal, Oct 11, 2017

      Nearly three days after the flames ignited, firefighters were still unable to gain control of the blazes. California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman Daniel Berlant said 22 wildfires were burning, up from 17 on Tuesday.

      “Make no mistake, this is a serious, critical, catastrophic event,” said Ken Pimlott, chief of the department. He said the fires have burned through a staggering 265 square miles (686 square kilometers) of urban and rural areas. The return of high winds and low humidity ignited ground that was parched from years of drought.

    • Dennie says:

      The entire "meaning" of the Northern CA wildfires is  NOT "just" a War on Cannabis– Goodness–!!!! There are many reasons why these fires are happening.  YES, The Powers That Shouldn't Be looked around to see what else besides oil, now that "they" have gobbled it all in their mad quest for Total Spectrum Dominance, would make "them" money.  Finally "they" admitted it will just hafta be marijuana sales because we already know that just TOO MANY of The Kiddies out there in Everyday Land just cannot face reality each and every day without getting blasted and checking out one way or another.  

    • marc says:

      Dennie, I never suggested the fires in Sonoma/Napa were ONLY a "war" on cannabis. I did suggest that the fires might represent not only an actual assault, but also a "symbolic" one, a sucker-punch to the California cannabis industry. Many in and outside the area are talking about the extreme suspiciousness of the fires and arson is a word being bandied about. The "beauty" of the government's position is that multiple agendas can very easily all be functioning simultaneously and none of us would be the wiser for it. I do honestly think that the cannabis issue, which has undergone visible local and regional scrutiny politically and legally speaking, does, in fact, tie in with this highly anomalous event. Will we, CAN we ever really know the truth of what's going on here? The term "disaster capitalism" keeps ringing in my ears. Psychopaths will literally stop at nothing to achieve self-enrichment.

  32. JCS says:

    Just like "War is a Racket"


    Just ask the question…"Cui Bono" and follow the money!!!

    These "geoengineers" are nothing more than mercenaries!!!….they need to be charged to the fullest extent of the law in regards to the RICO Act!!!

  33. penny waters says:

    dear carol in england

    tis good to know am not on my own in this strange unrecognisable country that i was born in – a stranger in a strange land – i feel so often

    i do try to talk to people all the time about the destruction of our environment but ………

    many so asleep with their brains and consciousness switched off – but have always found that – all my life people are so unengaged with being alive

    don't know why – thought when i was young people would wake up but now it seems worse than ever

    in the 70's it felt there was hope and then the whole intellectual movement got taken over by moneyed university politicians and people began to be divided into groups – the left – the right – rascists – anti-rascists

    i lived in hackney when some people were discriminated for and some discriminated against – especially the cultural english – the natives on the ground.

    equality is the only thing humans rightly respond to

    i lived in hackney when tony blair was on hackney council – when the university trained so-called socialists (without dirt under their finger nails – never done a decent days work in their damn lives, or had to do without) took over the labour party and made it the stinking corrupt lying party it is today

    anyone noticed how corbyns manifesto has nothing in it about opening up private schools, health care etc – where he came from – he never came from the poor – working class – my ar.e

    he lived up my street – bah – nonsense  – dangerous – words are cheap – or his side kick – diane abbott – who went to harrow private school

    our native culture has gone – 1000yrs old – to control the norman oppressors – people are lost and stupid – and beleive the s..t that is fed to them – lost control of their own minds whilst the wealthy from around the world make themselves comfortable in our mostly law abiding country – small enough to control the population.

    and we all gasp together in our declining atmosphere – whilst the doctors drone out their revoltingly sickened inane gabble – today we are told that dementia is 'a life style' choice – as is diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer – by the 'care quality commision' mr david behan ceo. (have never felt so close to hatred in a very long time)

    our culture and way of life, in the last hundred years has been slowly sucked away as individuals have made themselves so bloated with work/money taken from ordinary folk

    like the tithes in the middle ages when ordinary folk had to support religious and norman conquerers by the sweat of their work in the fields

    where is robin hood when we need him the most – maybe just an idea but a damn good one!!!

    am so pleased that this is all going through the law over the atlantic – maybe it will come here too – maybe people will wake up

    saw the first sign of empty shelves – no salmon – pacific fisheries suffered a calamity

    how long will it take? people so drunk here most of the time – or so full of food – or shopping – replaces what life should be

    being alive is a joy to be given a chance to view the wonder of nature – conscious of small things that touch the heart and fill it till it seems it can take no more

    and to share that joy with other humans – to feel that connection with other creatures like oneself

    how i miss my parents who knew that joy too – even when mum was deep in dementia she still had the capacity of joy

    damn all the evil doers

    and thank you dane, and others, for all your determination and hard work

    but am worried about many of the people who have appeared on this site and their actual environment – are you still alright? need to hear from your regulars that they are surviving

    isn't redding where the horsman lives – and others round and about – don't know about you and have come to love you one and all

    seems many people that i have come to recognise have stopped making comments – is that the nature of this site – are they all okay?

    to know you all – you sensitives – is to love you all

    keep safe

    much love



    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Penny, Thank you for this post and for "putting it out there". Thank you my fiend that lives half way around the world from me. Myself, I can only imagine what it's like to live in these times in a thousand year old culture. It is good to know that sensitivity to nature can survive in your "culture". I appreciate your sensitivity to attendance here in this column. I too have noticed the eb and flow of the comments here. I too have come to appreciate the personal thoughts and experiences 'and' perspectives of others, world wide.

      You're right, we do need a "Robin Hood". I look at him once a day in the mirror. It's more than just a nice thought, it "can be". I steal sleeping sheep from the rich… and then I set them free. "Same stuff, different day", get it?

      The "horseman" lives 700 miles north of Redding, 3100 ft ele on the north Okanogan, north central Washington, east of Tonasket. Same ecological problems as Redding though.

      Thank you for offering your words Penny, I always enjoy what you write. You make people think from their heart. I enjoy that…..

    • Earth Angel says:

      Your sentiments are beautiful penny waters. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you to all here who are making a positive difference by doing something to awaken the sleeping sheeple- and a HUGE thank you to Dane and our LASG for their monumental efforts to stop the criminals and to help alleviate suffering all over this planet from climate engineering. Bravo!

    • Nina says:

      Hello Penny, thankyou for your comments. I am just exhausted with fighting what feels like the "armies of Satan " alone. So sad that so few of us care or even want to discover the Truth about this world. Cannot do it without help from others.

  34. Melony Rae Lawrence-Vasho says:

    I do not have a website but I do have a petition that needs signatures. Every name counts.

    Thanks for raising your voice.

  35. david from ks. says:

    ,,,This is the civil way to make right what is WRONG! This will show a real "democracy"or further show an even clearer image of corporate  fascism We have here in this country. From the first trail I saw in 1988 to the disturbing sights in the skies We have now many  thanks to Mr. D.W. and all My concerned fellow inhabitants of the Mother Earth We all belong to.   Thank You for the space and time.              dna 

  36. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Awesome work by LASG and Dane/Minnesota group….prayers and thanks always to you brave fighters…..

    I know the fires in CA are orchestrated too, probably as much as Harvey, Irma etc were…..they are unbelievably ferocious, and once again good citizens are losing everything, not to mention the bombardment with particles, heavy toxic smoke, etc.  I try not to give in to sad hopelessness, and will not!  I send email w/ info every day… hopes of increasing breakthroughs in knowingness….

    God bless all aware protectors of Earth and of skies above; you are such heroes of this age.  May more people wake up….May the awareness travel swiftly & strongly….PLEASE!  Thank you God & Angels…and Dane & all angels on this site

  37. Brice says:

    Yay my home state! Maybe my district representative will contact me after I emailed her about this. Plus I was in the process of meeting her, but if she gets on board there will be a lot more publicity of this effort. Trying to remain hopeful…

  38. Phyllis J Brockman says:

    I don't have a website but I do use social media to reach the people who are interested (or not) in these important issues.  The majority of people out there have no idea what's happening behind the yellow journalism bombarding us via the TV and newspapers every day.  Every little bit of truth published is important.  It's the best we can do for now.

  39. Carol says:

    GREAT NEWS DANE  thank u for all your hard work !,, I wished people would wake up in the UK everyday the skies are full of spraying my eyes stream all the time sting and my nose runs you can smell the air is toxic wake  up UK …. Bless you your family and Legal team …. 

  40. L says:

    Thankyou Dane for all your brave, dedicated and heroic work. You are a true inspiration.

  41. Joe,Sullivan says:

    Glad to hear Dane,

  42. Christopher L. Calkins says:

    Dane, Many Thanks for your and your legal teams efforts. Dane last week I wrote to you requesting to have you or one of your attorney's look into Cal Washigton's presentation on "Statements of Liability" sponsored  by The In Power Movement?  I hope you and all those who post on your blog will take the time to listen to Cal. These people are doing some innovative legal work and achieving great results by thinking outside of the box.

    Dane, I hope you all are doing OK with all of those fires going on in Northern CA. Take Care, and may luck be on your side.

    True Regards

  43. Chris says:

    Glad to see the LASG legal initiative. Go Minnesota! Meanwhile, very strange skies over Denver CO today.

  44. beatriz says:

    Bravo!!!!! Dane and your family, all members of the Legal Team, all contributors to this Site, my profound thanks for all your valuable, immeasurable efforts in behalf of the sacred life of Earth. may goodness prevail. 

  45. Rachel Robson says:

    Yay Dane!  Yay Legal!  Even if drip by drip, it does inspire hope and we need hope so much.

    I know we have people in Santa Rosa area, and maps show fire all over California including what looks like Redding area.  I hope all here at this site are safe and well.  But, the sheer intensity of these fires, houses literally incinerated, not a scrap to save, is startling all.  And we have the answer to those questions!  Not to ride on their grief, but it is an opportunity to explain!  And people are asking.  Also, there seem to be far fewer fire fighters, some fires are not being responded to as before.

    Heck, I'm not above using the selling of Port Arthur to Saudi Arabia to 9/11 believers of lies.  It does seem to throw them!  Even still, on MSNBC, in some discussion, an aside to 9/11 conspiracy theorists made, derogatory of course.  People, some, most? terminally blind.  Isn't there a quote like: "None so blind as those who Will Not See!"?

    On a brighter note, Gov. Brown did sign the Disclose Act.  The clean money act.  That may help!

  46. Lynne Terhune says:

    Thank you so very much for working on this! I am trying to inform people but they are very closed minded, including my own husband! This is terrible and I feel that this effort is also responsible for these bad fires.

  47. Christine says:

    THANKS SO MUCH and PLEASE HURRY, since there is NOT MUCH TIME LEFT, maybe for everyone, due to the FIRES, in which microparticles, metal FIBERS, etc covering everything and EVERYONE CONSTANTLY are being released and FUEL the destruction with unprecedented speed!!!!.

  48. Rob says:

    From the land of lakes and loons, anguished by the global ruins,

    Dane, I've been following you and taking action since last April, after a Coast to Coast radio session.  I've written a long referenced poem about climate engineering, just to cope, but also to act.  Can't wait to share this lawsuit.  Have contacted coworkers, legislators, and activist groups.  Would like to form a "Lies in the Skies" Coalition.  MN 350 has some effective grassroots strategies.  I will continue to challenge them on climate engineering, however frustrating.

    One quick question.  Can ice nucleated rain effect soil pH to become more base rather than acid?  My greenhouse friend says gardens are down this year in part because soil lacks acidity?

    Count on me.  I am on your team, to wake up Minnesota!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Rob, thank you for your help with sounding the alarm. In regard to your soils pH question, the simple answer is yes. In regions of Northern California I have been in the forest measuring soils pH values with USDA soils scientists and found escalations in pH values of as much as 10 times toward neutral (from 5.4 to 6.4 or higher). The highly toxic geoengineering fallout is decimating the entire web of life.

    • francis Mangels says:

      I'm one of the scientists taking data since 1981.  yes it went sky-high in the G. Bush years.  other peculiarities in that all acid soils went to near neutral, but neutrals stayed about the same.  No other source so widespread, lots of lab data of aluminum rainfall, likely Al hydroxide, about 4x what soil below it was in some cases.  If you would like to see some rainfall chem ananlysis, I'll send it to you.  Very scary stuff, not to mention what its doing to gardens with acid-loving fruits and veggies, etc.

  49. Dina says:

    Hi Dane and all.
    This is really great news, I wish we could do such a thing in Greece where I am living. Anyway do you Dane or anyone else know why Ruthenium 106 is found in the air over Greece and other European countries, is it sprayed? or is it something else? it is very carcinogenic. I would appreciate if someone knows and replies this, thank you.  

  50. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane and  This is a FANTASTIC NEWS REPORT!       Blessings be upon you and your wonderful ministry in helping SAVE PLANET EARTH!  Sharing with Russ Tanner and Global Skywatch. Two thumbs up! TEAMWORK!  PRESS ONWARD!

    Your labor of love and work for all of us WILL BE REWARDED! Sincerely, PRESS ON! 

  51. lee says:

    On a recent trip thru your area, I traveled on hwy 299, 139, and 395. I counted 11 sherman/williams trucks. They have as their logo, "Cover the earth" showing a paint can pouring over the earth. Maybe it is legit, that is alot of paint moving down the road all at once. Just maybe they are transporting unknown materials, Keep up the good work brother Dane..

  52. Ron says:

    Great thank you. When I post geowatch info on blogs, facebook, comments, etc. I try to include a link to the geoengineering patents – it results in a lot less people calling it conspiracy or debunked, etc.

  53. Carol says:

    Thanks for the information Dane. Of course we know what is going on because we always see this kind of issue on Faux news, Right? Stonewalling huh? Wonder how long this will go on while I am looking out the window everyday at a blotted out sunrise. EVERYDAY. Was going to run an ad in the local rag offering $1000 dollar reward for anyone who could document a sunrise that wasn't smeared out with their aerosols.

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