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Liberty Beacon Radio Covers Geoengineering

The Liberty Beacon

The walls are closing in around us all. The ongoing climate engineering is the most direct assault we face. In this episode of Liberty Beacon radio, host Roger Landry and guest Dane Wigington discuss the full ramifications of the lethal climate engineering on the wider global picture.

The Adjustors : Chemtrail Bong Hits

The Adjusters - Chemtrail Bong Hits

Battling Disinformation Trolls on National Radio


Dane Wigington

Debating a “doubleteam” of disinformation trolls on a major national radio station can make for some interesting conversation. After I stumped the ideologue “head in the sand” disinfo host on an earlier show, he invited me back for another go, this time with his hand picked “expert” who teamed up with the host against me. The two of them did their best to “debunk” hard geoengineering data, you can decide who had their facts straight. The interview is only the first 40 minutes of the linked recording below. Though it was scheduled for a full hour, it seemed the disinformation “tag team” decided to throw in the towel. The host even cuts off one of his own listeners who calls in at the end of the debate to agree with the facts I had presented. It is my hope that this debate might be of assistance to activists that inevitably find themselves in such exchanges.

Dane Wigington On The Moment Of Truth Show


Subjects covered: Chemtrails, Geo Engineering, Humanity Survival!

JJ McCartney Show Interview with Dane Wigington


Chemtrails: Spraying From the Tails


ChemTrails 100% NOT DEBUNKABLE TAIL SPRAYERS! Geo-Engineering PROOF! I challenge all Debunkers to debunk THIS video!! Tail ends Nozzles or sprayers PROOF!

Germany – Strange chemtrail twin spraying maneuver 9th January 2013


Source La Traviata

Russel Blaylock on Population Reduction


REAL Chemtrail’s Exposing the TRUTH… Cheshunt, Herts UK

Chemtrails, Cheshunt, Herts, UK

This Video is showing you our sky’s on the 21st, 23rd & 24th February 2014

Anyone who Lives in Hertfordshire UK should watch this and ALL those who still don’t believe Chemtrails are real then watch this short video… Here is your PROOF

Dane Wigington – Hour 1 – Geoengineering & Collapse of Civilization


March 14, 2014

Dane Wigington has an extensive background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. His personal residence was featured in a cover article on the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. He owns a 1,600-acre “wildlife preserve” next to Lake Shasta in northern California.

Dane Wigington on Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park


Chemtrails and evidence of geo-engineering are a phenomena that apparently only makes itself known to the more perceptive of humans. Deniers seem wilfully ignorant of them as sufficient evidence of geo-engineering can be easily obtained by the layman by- looking up. Dane Wigington has some alarming news on why that is.

Dane Wigington – Geoengineering: The End of All Life



Our investigation of geoengineering continues with a stunning segment featuring Dane Wigington, the founder and lead researcher at GeoEngineering Watch. A solar energy expert and a former Bechtel Power Corporation employee, Dane Wigington assisted Michael Murphy in the production of the award-winning 2010 documentary What in the World are They Spraying? His off-grid solar home in Mt. Shasta, California was featured in a cover article for Home Power, the world’s largest renewable energy magazine.

Daniel Ott Interviews Dane Wigington: March 1, 2014


Here is a recent video interview about climate engineering, weather warfare and the collapse of civilization.

The Real 800 Pound Gorilla That Controls The Realm


The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

Originally posted at:

No one can deny the effects that the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) has had on the United States of America. President Dwight D. Eisenhower aptly warned the world what would inevitably develop when any nation commits itself to a perpetual war economy. Or, maintains such a large military during peacetime.

LOPvox Live! With Guest Dane Wigington

LOPvox-Live copy

TheGhostScientist talks with Dane Wigington about chemtrails, the history of climate control, and the ramifications of these manipulations.

German Television does first Edward Snowden Interview


Media Increases Mass Distraction While The Walls Close In On Us All


We Are All Lab Rats In A Grand And Lethal Experiment

Dane Wigington

Unimaginable global climate experiments have been going on in many forms for more years than most would believe. One can not even begin to touch the full depth of the rabbit hole without writing a series of books on the activities of the “collective insanity” that runs the world. How can small numbers of clinically insane psychopaths gain such control over the world’s populations? Because until now most could stay in denial, repeat the “official narrative” dictated to them by those in power, and stay in their comfort zone bubbles. The days of “head in the sand” denial are rapidly coming to an end as there is no longer any hiding from what is unfolding around us all. What we collectively do with the time we have will determine whether or not there is anything to salvage for life on planet earth.

GeoengineeringWatch Weather Update Feb 2, 2014


Finally the public at large is beginning to realize there is something very wrong with the snow. Chemically nucleated artificial snow storms have been the norm for a very long time.

Chemically Nucleated Snow, What Is It?

mad scientist melting earth

What’s up with the snow?

The Secret Teachings


On this edition of The Secret Teachings, Host Ryan Gable and Mike D. talk to Dane Wigington of about the manipulation of earth’s environment, the adverse affects on the planet and our health, haarp, who is behind weather warfare, and what we can do to stop the shift from natural climate cycles to manmade disasters. Ryan and Mike also covered a stack of alternative news the mainstream media typically refuses to comment on, or choose to do so with extreme bias.

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Weekly Geoengineering Watch Update 1-26-2014


WHITE LINES – the Syllable Villain feat. Mere – ChemTrail Awareness


Whistleblower: Pentagon is Starting WWIII. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek


EUCAH Director Arrested for Submitting Law Banning HAARP and Chemtrails to EU Committee [video]


The ones who are a threat to the global elite get arrested, committed to psychiatric hospitals… or worse. I think this illustrates that geoengineering, HAARP, et al are not figments of the imaginations of ‘conspiracy theorists’.  ~ BP

When You Have Had Enough


Video: Chemtrail Exploded Over San Diego


What exploded over San Diego on Friday and landed on over one million people?

Weekly Geoengineering Update January 19, 2014


The weather over the lower 48 yet again is still in the same engineered track. Catastrophic drought producing high pressure dome over the entire Eastern Pacific with the ongoing parade of engineered snow events over parts of the Great lakes and the east.

Weatherwars 101 – Geoengineering: Analytika Chemtrail Lab Results


The Most Intense Geoengineering Interview Ever!


A deep conversation about the end of the northern hemisphere, we’re not sure if geoengineering can be stopped, but we are certain that even if it is, the earths natural feedback has already begun and it is too late. Weather update January 12 2014

Share Weather update January 12 2014.


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