Arctic Methane

Silence before the Storm

Here’s an analogy to describe the precarious situation we’re in. When heat is added to water at boiling point (100°C or 212°F), vapor will appear at the surface, while bubbles of gas are formed throughout the water, but the water’s temperature will not rise. All added energy is absorbed in the water, transforming it from a liquid to a gas. This is illustrated by the image below, adapted from

TABU.All Lives in the Balance Pt. II.The Great Climate Chaos;One Minute to Midnight

Water droplet with the earth in it.

TABU.All Lives in the Balance Pt. II.The Great Climate Chaos;One Minute to Midnight.

Geoengineering, Falsified Data, And Global Warming


Finally some acknowledgment of the data falsification which has helped to hide the true state of the climate. Many have been convinced that data is being cheated to the upside, however, an objective examination of this notion clearly shows the opposite is true.

Mass Methane Release Accelerating


Mass methane release appears to be picking up speed by the day in the Arctic as well as countless other locations around the globe.

A Theory of Fukushima – English Subtitles (HAARP & Methane Clutter)


Arctic Ice Imploding, Methane Releasing


The geoengineers threw everything they had at the Arctic in late July. The ridiculous cooling anomaly they created (which all the media hyped up) has now totally imploded.

Methane and the risk of runaway global warming


Research was published this week showing the financial cost of methane being released from Earth’s permafrosts. But the risks go beyond financial – Earth’s history shows that releasing these stores could set off a series of events with calamitous consequences.

Methane Release And The Geoengineering “Cure” That Is Fueling The Fire


The baby must be taken from the bathwater in the recent article posted below. The data in this article relating to the methane release and the danger it poses is in my view accurate enough.The details outlined in this same article that reference the jet stream alterations, with no mention whatsoever of the HAARP ionosphere heaters around the globe, is pure spin. Then there is the call for immediate geoengineering to be done as if it has not already been going on for decades, this is the final blatant lie.

Coast To Coast AM Daily March 13th 2013 – Geoengineering Threats


Dane Wigington and George Noory discuss the geoengineering assault against all life on the planet.

Dane Wigington Discusses Geoengineering Assault with Jeff Rense


Online Radio – Intervew – Dane Wigington and Jeff Rense discuss the devastating effects that ongoing Geoengineering is having on our planet.

Global Geoengineering Fueling Venus Syndrome


What Is “Venus Syndrome”?

Venus syndrome” is not a metaphor, it is a scientific scenario. The term should be self explanatory, but just to be clear, Venus syndrome is a scenario in which climate and atmospheric feedback loops are triggered that can’t be switched off. Under this scenario, as greenhouse gasses build up, and cause planetary warming, yet more greenhouse gasses are released which causes still more warming. This trajectory does not end in a balmy tropical resort Earth, but rather a planet that is closer to hell. Like Venus, Earth would become a pressure cooking inferno with virtually no life.

Dane Wigington – The Most Important Topic For 2013


Geoengineering, And Our Warming Planet, (No, It’s Not Getting Colder)


The Earth was cooling until the start of the industrial revolution. This would be expected as the planet is in the elliptical phase of its orbit. The graphs below speak for themselves.

Chemtrails & Massive Methane Release with guest Dane Wigington – End the Lie Radio Episode 42


Lethally Hot Temperatures During the Early Triassic Greenhouse


This appears to be our “best case” scenario based on all available data do date.

Mass methane release is already underway and will rapidly snowball from here on out. There is likely a very short time horizon for temps to increase dramatically. (5 years or less for radical temperature increases.) If the spraying is not stopped, it seems probable the northern latitudes (which we are on the boundary of) and southern latitudes, will also eventually become “dead zones”. This is already occurring at a very rapid rate.

Radio and Laser Frequency and Harmonic Test Ranges for the Lucy and HAARP Experiments and their Application to Atmospheric Methane Destruction


(this is a hard science article with a long list of reference sources)  This data is confirmed from other sources as well as conditions on the ground. It does not get more sobering than this. The planet we have known is ending by the day. A completely new and very inhospitable biosphere is unfolding. Geoengineers and the military/industrial/corporate complex have perhaps pounded the final nails into our collective coffins.

Lethal methane gas released by ice meltdown


Below is some of the most recent data on the methane hydrate release that has been unleashed in the Arctic.  A point to consider is the articles mention of methane being 20 times more potent than Co2 as a greenhouse gas.

A New Climate State: Arctic Sea Ice 2012 – YouTube


What was, is quite literally imploding by the day. This video should have brought up the methane mass expulsion issue, but didn’t. Soon enough, there will be no more hiding the truth on many fronts, including geoengineering.


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