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Chemtrails; When You Read This, You Will Become a Believer Too!


Dr. Gwen Scott, who I refer to later on as well, mentions (in a 2005 documentary) that mortality from respiratory diseases went from being the 8th most leading cause of death in the USA to being the 3rd in a span of 5 years. What else do we know?  Aluminum is in the mix and has bad effects on your health.  It is associated with Alzheimer’s disease.  Is this why now some people as young as 26 years old are getting Alzheimer’s disease?

Barium is also a hallmark of this spraying, and tests mentioned in the documentary, What In The World Are They Spraying?”, reveal very high levels of barium, strontium, and aluminum.

Fungus that is sprayed on us also eats the nutrients our body needs to regenerate our immune system. Often when I would run out to take pictures I would get instant diarrhea.  Sometimes, it would hit me like a wave as soon as I opened the door to my backyard.  Nowadays I seem to have developed somewhat of an immunity to it, but when I was first documenting this the diarrhea would be so bad I would sometimes go to the washroom 6 times a day. Another noteworthy symptom is that I find it harder to breath these days.  Others I know are having more difficulty breathing these days as well.  I don’t think this is a placebo effect for me and it’s probably less likely to be a placebo effect for those who weren’t even aware the spraying was going on. Barium’s devastating effects happen to include breathing difficulties, increased blood pressure, heart rhythm changes, stomach irritation, muscle weakness, alterations in nerve reflexes, damage to your brain, liver, kidney and heart. Around this time I would notice that I would often get too hot, take my shirt off, and then I would be almost instantly too cold and would put it back on again.  This happened repeatedly and it seemed as though my body was often confused about whether or not it was too hot or cold.  As the winter set in this annoying symptom went away.  I had heard that the chemtrails are sprayed less in the winter.  I don’t know if that’s true but as the winter ended, those strange hot/cold symptoms re-appeared. Many farmers are also noting the decline in their yields.  A farmer I know said that last month was the first time she had ever had greenbeans growing in her own garden in October in her entire life.  A woman in landscaping even told me she was seeing certain plants flowering in times of the year that they normally wouldn’t.  Something is definitely throwing the balance of nature off.  The video below features many farmers talking about their experiences with this. It’s not a coincidence that genetically modified seeds are made to resist the aluminum they’re spraying our skies with.  The social engineers seek to cut off all alternatives.  They want us to buy all our food from them.  They want to manage every aspect of our lives. Accurately studying the harmful effects of these metals on us is made more troublesome by the fact that they can have synergistic effects.  There are many things being sprayed and it’s hard to know how they all mix.  Sometimes I see a plane spraying a trail immediately behind another plane’s trail, almost like they’re trying to cook something up.

Healing Tips

Now that’s a lot of doom and gloom and there’s more to come, but let’s pause for a moment to examine ways to heal yourself from the toxic effects of this cocktail.  Of course, do not take this advice if you are already on a pharmaceutical.  Consult your doctor first if you are. Anyway, Gwen Scott, N.D., seems to have a lot of knowledge on this subject and is featured in a fantastic documentary, Aerosol Crimes, which I highly recommend.  If you want, fast forward to 0:56:24 and you will see her say what I’m paraphrasing afterwords: Some of what she says:

  • Essential fatty acids help to push aluminum out through your hair, believe it or not.  Omega 3-6-9 oils are essential for brain function.  Fatty acids also lower blood pressure.  Apparently, good sources of essential fatty acids are flax seed oil, evening primrose oil, and krill oil.
  • Fluoride causes you to absorb more aluminum that you come into contact with and that aluminum can cross the blood-brain barrier, causing Alzheimer’s and short-term memory loss as mentioned earlier.  Studies show a 5-15 point reduction in IQ associated with fluoridation.  That might be one of the many reasons to stop drinking fluoride.
  • When aluminum ions and magnesium ions combine they clot the blood.  A good blood thinner is ginger root (capsules) and ginko biloba, although do not take this if you are already taking a blood thinning medication/pharmaceutical.  That would make your blood too thin.
  • For heavy metal removal you can use diatomaceous clay (make sure it is food grade).  This all natural and binds itself to heavy metals to allow release through bowels.
  • Things that kill the fungus that is being sprayed on us: garlic, chinese mushrooms (particularly in extract form) like reishi, shiitake, and maitakeCaprylic acid and colloidal silver are also effective.  Scott recommends colloidal silver nasal spray for sinus infections.
  • Barium is carcinogenic and knocks out all the potassium from your body, causing muscle weakness and heart palpitations (potassium supplements could be considered).
  • Gwen Scott wears a mask when she goes outside to block out the toxic soup we’re all walking in.  She finds it dramatically reduces her symptoms.

I tried to confirm if barium was actually “carcinogenic”, as many trolls at online message boards were quick to refute that, and I came across this:

The Department of Health and Human Services, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have not classified barium as to its human carcinogenicity. Barium has not been classified because there are no studies in people and the two available animal studies were inadequate to determine whether or not barium causes cancer.

What I outlined here only scratches the surface.  Here is a very informative article that Gwen Scott wrote which expands on ways you can defend yourself from this crap. Dr. Scott has tried NutraSilver to heal her own Morgellons disease. Before It's News<—source

9 Responses to Chemtrails; When You Read This, You Will Become a Believer Too!

  1. Doc420 says:

    There is only one way we can wake up the United States now before we are all to sick to stop them.  WHEN YOU SEE CHEMTRAILS,  STOP WHERE YOU SEE THEM IN VIEW OF OTHER PEOPLE, (on the side of the road, in a parking lot, in front of your house, etc.)  AND STAND THERE AND POINT INTO THE SKY, FOLLOWING THE CHEMTRAILS. PEOPLE WILL NATURALLY LOOK UP TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE POINTING AT. When peoples natural curiosity forces them to ask you what you are doing. Tell them what they are seeing and challenge them to go online and discover for themselves.  Find you tube videos and chemtrail sites like this one,, PRINT THE INFORMATION ON CARDS TO HAND TO PEOPLE WHO ASK WHAT IT IS YOU ARE POINTING AT.. OR PRINT ARTICLES LIKE THIS ONE.  ORGANIZE GROUPS TO STAND IN FRONT OF TV STATIONS AND RADIO STATIONS AND NEWSPAPERS UNTIL WE CANNOT BE DENIED. WE MUST FORCE THE PRESS AND THEIR ELITIST  CORPORATIONS WHO CONTROL THEM, THAT WE WILL NOT STOP!!

  2. Actually no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of after that its up to other visitors that they
    will assist, so here it happens.

  3. Scott Ellis says:

    I live in Orange County California and every day they spray chemicaltrails all over the sky and I get very sick every time they do it lets all stop them have petitions signed or something.

  4. geo says:

    The only thing we know is that they are making a huge effort to filter/block our sunlight. I would think along the lines of radiation management before I would start talking about military weapon systems, especially, this HAARP,that is often mentioned. Russia and China aren’t going to sit back, silently, while we go around the world spraying everybody. Wake up. This seems like an international effort to save planet Earth. Possibly, from a diminished or even vanishing atmosphere. Happy solar flares ya’ all.

    • ed says:

      Geo:  You know the globalists around the world are trying to reduce the global population.  Maybe, all the leaders in the countries around the world are working together to kill us.  They are not trying to help us.  Everything they are putting on us is harming us… our GMO food, our polluted air, our fluoridated water, our mercury vacinations, our eternal wars, which are destroying our economy… all caused by globalists… its their plan to destroy God's creation. ed

  5. Kenny J says:

    Hi C.J. I feel for you. I live in Mount Shasta too. I really started to become aware of all the chemical spraying up here around 2006. Elderberry syrup is very good at relieving the weird flu/cold that’s been going around for the last few years. I used to buy the different ones at our natural foods store but now I make it myself from dried organic elderberries. There are several recipes For it that you can find with an internet search. Zeolite is also very good at removing the heavy metals which will affect the immune system negatively. After the Chernobyl nuclear accident the Ukrainian government gave the children there cookies with zeolite baked into them. There is one company that I buy mine from that produces a good product. A 400 gram container is around $50.
    There are other things I take to help; chlorella, turmeric and ginger 50/50, coconut oil, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 from natto and a few others.
    The spraying is happening and it is making people sick and weak, but there are things that we can do to strengthen our bodies and minds despite it.

  6. C. J. says:

    In the past four years I have had extreme shortness of breath..
    I am in northern California and the chem trails seem to be directed toward Mt. Shasta. That would indicate to me….the water supply is a huge target for this assault on our atmosphere. After flu shots the past two years I got whooping cough and shingles. My

  7. […] cough.” My wife is coughing, I am coughing and now even our dogs are coughing. In just four years death by respiratory disease has skyrocketed from 8th in the world to 3rd and possibly even […]

  8. sickandtiredoffakeweather says:

    When is all this going to come to a big screeching halt?

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