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Conscious Life Expo: Panel Discussion with SkyderALERT

Geoengineering Panel Conscious Life Expo

Awareness of global climate engineering is now reaching an ever increasing variety of communities and interest groups. The discussion in the link below was recorded at the annual Conscious Life Expo Conference at the LAX Hilton. The panel was comprised of film maker George Barnes (producer of award winning documentary “Look Up” and the skyderalert app), Dr. Doug Levine (author of “Answer to Cancer”) and myself, Dane Wigington (geoengineeringwatch.org). The panel was moderated by Go Green radio show host Jill Buck. Our thanks to all those who attended the conference in order to better understand the subject of global climate engineering and the importance of waking others up to this critical issue.


8 Responses to Conscious Life Expo: Panel Discussion with SkyderALERT

  1. W. says:

    THANK YOU! for this extremely important and dangerous information.

    Please consider the history of Truth seekers who share the truth! (Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Kelley, Dr. Martin Luther King, etc)

  2. Lori Delfosse says:

    snowed in RI ~ 40 degrees. . . never seen snow at that warm of temp. . .

  3. Nori says:

    Thank you for doing this. I am sick and tired of seeing this world!!! The human should coexist with nature.

  4. C Everything says:

    They are changing the ground so that it will only grow GMO crops. They have always experimented with us. We are the Lab Rats.

  5. Susan Boye says:

    If you take a black light and put me in a dark room and put the light to my hair and then take a cow magnet ,IT WILL GO TO THE MAGNET AND YOU CAN SEE IT..looks like very small blue lights

  6. Tim says:

    Earth has maybe 15 years left. These sprayers are psychotic.

  7. Pat Gabel says:

    Government has to stop playing God. They are only making everything worse. Thanks for the great discussion on geo-engineering. It should not exist.

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