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Declassified Docs Reveal Chemtrail Testing On American Citizens


14 Responses to Declassified Docs Reveal Chemtrail Testing On American Citizens

  1. Icareaboutmyearth says:

    Thanks for writing back everyone..Thanks Liz for the Rife link..I don’t know about the rest of you, But I am being bothered with frequencies. So I am wondering about the rife, being that I am already experiencing the frequencies. I know they are the wrong frequencies.It is driving me nuts..no matter how hard I try to heal grandson & Myself, Who is 4 1/2 years old, We hit a brick wall. And yes Lee, They are evil M Fer’s..I get really frustrated everyday every-time I see them spraying. Which is twice a day..I noticed when they cause it to rain via weather control, That the bugs are really abundant. I am talking about the Morgellons bugs & nanos. I personally think that is how they get them to really come down!Your Right Lee, This is like a Stephen King Movie.Whats crazy, Is I used to watch Sci Fi all the time & have you noticed all those science fiction movies are really true..Scary..

    I have spent years researching this & the things that do work for me I will share with you. Dr Willards water. Dry Oxy (Oxygen) Your body needs this, Because we are being deprived more & more Each day of enough Oxygen. Not only that, But Nanos, Can not thrive in Oxygen. I also am on a organic diest now. And yes, That has ran through my mind many times Lee. Even if we are eating organic, You are right. The stuff coming down is contaminating the soil. Sometimes when I go shopping for food, I can see the nanos in the food. Like celery. etc & I have noticed that when I slice open a vegi or some fruit, That they have a kind of mold on them. Take vitamin C & Vitamin E & make sure you get magnesium & the other minerals that our bodies need. Now I noticed Carnicom new report. So I am now trying Glutathione. he had stated that it slows down the growth. So I am giving it a try. Just started it, It’s been about a week. From what I have gathered from reading on different sites. That it is bacterial & fungal. So I am trying to keep a alkaline ph. It is really hard for me. I Also have Pulmonary fibrosis, So keeping that ph, Is really hard for me. Right now I am experiencing acidosis.I went to a toxicologist & had my blood & urine work done. I have Cadmium & arsenic poisoning.Also I am not making 6 different amino acids. Which have a major play on my Immune System. I am fighting like hell trying to make it..I am also using Far Infrared Sauna.Be careful which one you get. There is a lot of Information On Integrative Health Systems Site. Dr Staninger. I do not work for any sauna business or any health site. My advice is only what is working for me. I think that if I had a Immune system, That perhaps I could kick this. Please don’t give up anyone. I do pray to God & I pray for all of you that have to suffer. And I hope that God throws these jerks that have done this to us, In the burning lake of fire!!I hope I am there to watch..

    • admin says:

      Hi, have you checked out Earth Calm? I haven’t tried them personally, but a friend of mine has a couple of these products and swears they relieved the frequency issues she was having. The owner of this company, an electronics engineer, is very frequency sensitive, and initially developed these devices for herself. Very nice people over the phone. Here’s a link. http://www.earthcalm.com/ Best of luck!

  2. ronda says:

    Hey everyone! The Lord said that in the end times the skies would become active. Can’t be ANY more active than they are now! Sadly I believe that man will be unable to fix the mess he has created with our earth and mankind. All of this because of corporate greed. I lost my husband in 2005 at the age of 50 from what I now know to be the effects of the chemtrails.I’d like to know what the big oil refineries have to do with it all. He retired from a major refinery and died 7 mos later. Searching for his cause of death…the cover ups began. 7 years later I have my answer. God help our country! The Lord is in control,turn to Him everyone! Take care.

  3. Emmett G. says:

    This is so heartbreaking and my heart goes out to all who are sick from chemtrails. We live on 11 acres in the Southern Appalachians, which was beautiful when we moved here 8 yrs ago. Now, our woods are dying and I’m seeing signs of fungus even on the wild plants. Our trees aren’t healthy and my husband has 24/7 sinus trouble. We have found that using a netipot 1 or 2 times/day helps alot. Also colloidal silver. I think Cliff Carnicom has remedy for Morgellon’s on his website. WE MUST MAKE THIS INFO GO VIRAL ANY WAY WE CAN!

  4. Liz says:

    Have a look at http://www.rifedigital.com. Go to the frequency list (see home page on the overhead bar, it comes up as a PDF file) there are rates given there for Morgellons. Rife was persecuted by tptb for his work for humanity with bio-electric medicine so from that I conclude he must have been on the right track.

  5. Icareaboutmyearth says:

    Also I wanted to make people aware, That not only do Humans have it, But our Wildlife is affected also. Here I have seen a large decline in birds & wildlife. The tree’s are beginning to die. My Dog & cat have this also. this is in the soil, Plants, Tree’s, Animals & the sewers. I have noticed that the bugs are starting to look deformed.I think it is from the nanos. They have nanos in them when they die. I have bought a microscope & I have observed first hand. What is really disappointing to me, Is that there are some places that can help. But they charge so much money, That the average person cannot afford the treatment.Also what is so disappointing is how cowardly our professional Scientists are! Or Bio Chemist? Why has no one stepped forward to help these people? Even if they are threatened, let’s take a look at the big Picture..The ground is contaminated!!This is global!! Millions of people are suffering, Along with their pet’s!!
    What has happened to Humanity? Is there such a thing now? Even if they have been guaranteed, A underground pass to a bunker, What kind of life is that, To live like a Underground rat..Do they really think they can resurface in a couple of months? I really have my doubts. But setting all things aside, How could the ones that are going along with program, Live with themselves? Betraying Mankind? Their own brothers & Sister, We are all brothers & sisters!! And the little innocent children that are affected..I call out to you!!Humanity where are you? Is it gone?

    • Lee says:

      I see the spraying and yesterday it was outrageously obvious and the ones doing it are EVIL – you live a life following the 10 Commandments and Do Unto Others and one day you wake up and realize EVIL is calling the shots in your life and it doesn’t matter if you are a good person, eat organic, help others, live a good honest life – evil motherfuckers will in the end cause you to potentially suffer with whatever diseases you come down with because they are doing what they are doing for profit and control – you realize you’re a rat in their cage – how sad to WAKE UP realizing this kind of knowledge – I wish I were still asleep because what can we do? How can you fight against this kind of EVIL?

    • Kat says:

      what are the places that can help? You need to mention it just in case some people might need it. I ahve been trying to look up nano particle decontamination but not much comes up. As far as the ‘humanity’ is concerned that you’ve mentioned, it might sound very banal but we ARE approaching some sort of the END of the world as we know it. Great majority of humans are behaving as if they were true aboniation of a human. I won’t go on… Let us know about nano decontamination if you can. Regards

    • admin says:

      There really aren’t any that we know of, Kat. http://geoengineeringwatch.org/health/health.html and http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/health/health-links.html This is the information that we have been able to gather.

  6. Icareaboutmyearth says:

    I also have been suffering, With The nanos & Morgellons..I contacted Carnicom. They told me they could not help me. They only do research..

    • Lee says:

      Recently I found out that the singer/songwriter/painter Joni Mitchell has Morgellons – I read this on the internet and if in fact she does have Morgellons and this is true, the articles I read have said she is speaking out against Chemtrails and wants to educate people about Morgellons because MOST doctors treat patients who have Morgellons as if they are completely nuts and their symptoms are in their minds! Apparently Joni Mitchell spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to go from doctor to doctor – they took her money but did not cure her. I think she is taking some kind of silver spray concoction now – but research this for yourself – and make sure to fact check sources – but at least someone famous if this is true finally will have some spotlight to be heard hopefully. Everyone, stay as well as you can and when you see them spraying, summer, winter, fall and spring – put a scarf over your mouth and nose when you are outdoors – yesterday I had no scarf and they were spraying over Whole Foods in Wayland, Ma like crazy and today I have gone through an entire box of kleenex and have a constant runny nose and congestion and feel like crap. I was going to Whole Foods to buy my organic foods – but really, if this stuff is falling to the ground and penetrating the soil with chemicals and polymers – WHAT CAN WE EAT? WHAT IS SAFE? I’m 62 and feel completely at a loss as to how to deal with this new reality over our heads falling down on us! This kind of EVIL you find in a Stephen King novel – but you never expect it to be part of your daily life!

    • admin says:

      Lee, you are right, of course. It is evil. What you read is true.
      In answer to your questions about the food; I think it is very likely that everything is affected, and our only recourse, is diligently building up our immune systems, and daily detoxifying.
      A few of us have found that using a Neti pot daily, helps prevent and relieve sinus problems. If you have a Neti pot, you can add your saline solution, (purified water with a little bit of himalayan salt) add one drop of eucalyptus, and one drop (no more!) of tea tree oil, and cleanse your sinuses with that. Personally, I add colloidal silver too. Also, when I have been outside on a heavy spray day, I put colloidal silver with some purified water and himalayan salt (to make it the water saline again) in a small pot or tea kettle on the stove, then warm it until it steams and inhale the steam for a few minutes several times daily. (The Vitamin Store carries colloidal silver) It’s simple, and a lot more economical to make your own, though.
      If you are not doing it already, diatomaceous earth is an excellent daily detox from heavy metals. It has other numerous health benefits. See: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/health/how-de-works.pdf and http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/health/de-human-use.pdf
      We have no medical training, so this is not intended to be medical advice. These are just a couple of things that I, and a few others, have personally found to be helpful.
      Also, we have several excellent health-related articles available here: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/health/health-links.html
      Beyond that, remember that love is the greatest power of all and we are on the side of good in this battle. As for myself, I keep my focus by starting each day in prayer. Take heart. You are not alone!

  7. Donald Goodin says:

    I & my mom have been very sick for about6-8 yrs now.I
    knew something was in my skin & got a microscope & now
    I know it’s “Mogellon’s Condition” I spent more than
    2 yrs. shooting pics of this matter from my body & went to EVERY Web-Site looking for a “Parasite”. Never
    found one but happened to check morgellons and was
    looking at “MY” pictures!! Taken from other peoples bodies…..then I knew but I don’t know how or what to
    do now as I’m sick most the time. I wish I could hide
    in some hole in the ground…lol…what’s next, DEATH?? Help!

    • admin says:

      Donald, have you tried contacting the Carnicom Institute yet? http://www.carnicominstitute.org/ Cliff Carnicom has been studying Morgellons since 1997. I’m sure they would be the best ones to help you. My heart goes out to you and your mom! Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing!

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