Even US Soldiers are Waking up to the New World Order


This is a speech from a former US Marine that served in the Iraq war. He has become awakened and his Heart is opening to see the Truth. There is something BIG happening in the World. Everywhere, the TRUTH is being Exposed. The World is changing and there is a major Revolution happening on all fronts. If you are watching this video, then you are part of that change. Just by your interest in this matter, you are contributing a great deal of GOOD to Humanity.

8 Responses to Even US Soldiers are Waking up to the New World Order

  1. freedom says:

    My heart is with you. Keep fighting for ur land. The people of Ireland are with you.

  2. RAY CENICEROS says:

    I worked for the VA and treated vets. Send the elected officials to war…let them see what it’s all about, the suffering, the pain, the anguish. I spent 22 years with the military in the medical field.
    People need to speak-up and not be afraid or intimidated.

  3. Rachel Smart says:


  4. Kathleen Gabel says:

    Thanks for posting this Dane.

  5. Rebecca Matthews says:

    I’ve seen this video before, it makes me cry every time, especially the photo of the woman lying on the grave in all her despair. Says everything about war.

  6. What must soldiers feel that have lost friends, been mutilated for life? Obama exchanges terrorist for one soldier. Was the war for nothing as the Vietnam war? Is there something behind this prisoner release we don’t know about? I hope there is more to it than meets my eyes.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This video is about 3 years old Dane. Not much has really changed since then

  8. Jörgen Westin says:

    I guess that the US Soldiers start to realise that they are just consumable material for the government. The best way the gov want their soldiers back from the war is in body bags. Less problem with the soldiers is to dig a grave and put them away. Otherwise can the soldiers have a lot of demands for healthcare and pensions.

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