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Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer | Kristen Meghan | Blows Whistle On Air Force | Chemtrails

kristen meghan

At the 2013 Atlanta Music Liberty Fest, Kristen Meghan, former Air Force Bio-Environmental Engineer gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about Chemtrails while serving her Country. This BRAVE young lady has put her livelihood / life on the line for U.S. Please take a minute to thank her and help U.S. by redistributing this Video and any other VALID information about Chemtrails to as many people as you can! This is a GLOBAL issue, other countries must get this information as well. “they” are spraying the majority of the population… Why?  Zen Gardner

24 Responses to Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer | Kristen Meghan | Blows Whistle On Air Force | Chemtrails

  1. Bobbi Timnerlake says:

    You dear, brave soul…Truly pray more rally behind ya for the matter and your life!  These people are showing no mercy with the agenda but the majority aren't getting it soon enough either. I'm trying but thank you!


  2. Please, sign the petition against project Haarp and Chemtrails. Share it with your friends,thank you!


    Por favor, firma mi petición contra la trazos químicos y el proyecto HAARP – Control del clima!- Comparte con tus amigos! ¡Gracias!

    Per favore, firma la mia petizione contro le scie chimiche e il progetto HAARP – controllo climatico – Chiedi a tuoi amici di firmare, grazie!


  3. CSS says:

    I spent years testing soil at an environmental lab. aluminum, barium and strontium are all naturally occurring elements and abundant in soil all over the world. We would detect significant amounts of each in pretty much all soil samples, including those collected from up to 30m below the surface.

    I’m trying to discount the whole movement here or anything, but I don’t understand the cause for alarm at detecting these elements.

  4. Lorri Cockrell says:

    Thank you for putting your life on the line for the People of America….I recently experienced what the fallout of these Chemtrails can do to you in such a short time…..After getting sick so quickly for being outside for only 1/2 in December, I educated myself about those jets trails in the sky which didn’t look normal….My research has paid off as now I do what I could to stay well while many people around me are getting sick….Morgellons is one of the worse illnesses from the chemtrails….and I do have this illness but will prevail and not let whom ever is doing this evil crime to the public get to me…It is amazing how many people only think of this crime as a conspiracy and not even wish to educate themselves, what do they have to loose But their lives or their families lives….to me, that only makes educating yourself that much more important…Again, thank you Megan for speaking out, your daughter should be very proud….Stand up people and start educating yourselves and speak out, that is the only way we will get through this.

  5. […] Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer | Kristen Meghan | Blows Whistle On Air Force | ChemtrailsApril 11, 2013 […]

  6. Sel says:

    I am curious about whether Kristen Meghan ever tried to contact a mainstream media news reporter to expose her story and if not why not?

    Thanks much.

    • frances says:

      as a scientist well into the movement, Sel, I have presented data and photos and testimony and lab reports in the hundreds. Thousands of reports. generally they say thats niceand we’ll get back to you. My impression is they don’t understand science, distrust the EPA labs, deny science in favor of faith, or get orders from supervisors to shut up. Maybe they get orders from corporations that own the government. Many times folks in the news say its true, that chemtrails are real, so is global warming, but they are warned not to go there. So much for a free country. I’m patriotic, but only to America, not to corporations that own the government.

  7. Sel says:

    Hi there,

    In the article segment from your website – “This is where it becomes apparent who is engineering all of this. We’re dealing with a force not natural to our environment, something we often call other worldly that exists in another dimension and seeks to transform and take over the world we inhabit. It is not only from another plane of existence, it is parasitic in nature and seeks the complete subjugation of our planet and our species.” Are you suggesting that you don’t believe that our own government, military, and billionaires like Bill Gates, and corporations such as Monsanto & others are the ones behind all of this harm against our planet?

    I would really appreciate further clarification on the idea that you seem to propose regarding this idea.

    Thanks much.

  8. Nicole Stemwedel says:

    You are so brave to speak your mind. I also follow anti-Geo-Engineering and anti Chemtrail groups. One great one is Chemtrails Global Skywatch with Russ Tanner as host. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are making a difference!
    Nicole Stemwedel

  9. Mary Beth Fishpaw says:

    To Dane Wigington….

    What is it that you MOST recommend to feel better?????

  10. vampares says:

    Aluminum oxide is not the worst thing to ever enter the atmosphere. It might persist in the atmosphere and be visible. Fall out may or may not have detrimental effects, depending on the perspective. Quantity is relevant.

    You would have to be particularly sensitive to really take issue with aluminum oxide.

    Barium is the least friendly to the health. It is inert as an oxide. It is used in fireworks and tracer bullets, if I am not mistaken. It is rather large atomically.

    Strontium is an element that in is the same series as magnesium and calcium. Calcium is probably more harmful to the environment.

    The later two, barium and strontium have radioactive isotopes that can be harmful.

    As the saying goes, the solution to pollution is dilution. Radioactive pollution is nothing to be proud of. Nothing to be concerned with. Cobalt is the biggest problem in my opinion.

    While usage of these inorganic nonradioactive compounds is “chemtrailing” — it does not meet the definition of “geoengineering”.

    Use of these substances may have effects on health, weather, environment, ect. Those who use them are responsible for the effects to themselves and to others.

  11. denialisnotonlyariverinegypt says:

    On the US Congressional website, H.R.2977 specifically mentions chemtrails: http://beta.congress.gov/bill/107th-congress/house-bill/2977

    US Code ,Chapter 32, Biological and Chemical Warfare Program: http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/uscode/50/32

    Conspiracy theory? Denial does not help us, it only enables things to continue all the more.

  12. j mcnair says:

    she is the shies!! is she single?? i will back her to the ends of the earth!! keep on trucking kristen!!

  13. Tony vera says:

    Wake up America! We are being fumigated and exterminated!
    Tony Vera

  14. Debra Kay Levi says:

    We are here for 1 important reason -SURVIVAL!
    LET US GET this info out & spread the word & get right to the TRUTH & JUSTICE!!!

  15. Inspiring! We all need to keep spreading the word without fear, and to keep praying for God to open everyone’s eyes.

  16. neil scott says:

    confirming what we have known for years :-(

  17. JR says:

    A true Patriot! Thank you. I inform people every chance i get.

    • Mary Beth Fishpaw says:

      I agree with you completely! I keep spreading the word, no matter what people call me, and it isn’t good…what most call me, either! It’s nice to know that I’m not insane & people are aware of what is happening! I’m sick most of the time & I’ve lost my great singing voice, yet nobody seems to notice or care!

  18. tappedops says:

    Watch your 6 girlfriend…brave woman to expose the most expensive,expansive,all-incompasing top-secret government program ever launched in human history…

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