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Geoengineering Is Causing Lethal UV Radiation Exposure

GeoengineeringWatch.org 3343

Dane Wigington

Does the sun feel scorchingly hot? Does it feel much more intense than in decades now past? It is not your imagination. Not only are UV-B radiation levels escalating exponentially, so is the even more dangerous UV-C spectrum. All official UV monitoring sources tell us that lethal UV-C radiation from the sun is stopped 100,000 feet up by our atmosphere. Official agencies tell us that no UV-C radiation penetrates the atmosphere below 100,000 feet of elevation. These are blatant, glaring, and very dangerous lies. GeoengineeringWatch.org continues to work directly with a former NASA aeronautics engineer (a veteran of 40 years in the field of atmospheric study and ozone depletion) who is doing his best to sound the alarm on the critical UV radiation danger. Ongoing covert global climate engineering programs are destroying Earth’s protective ozone layer. Many mainstream sources confirm ozone damage "will" occur from geoegineering (along with countless other consequences), though such sources still will not admit geoengineering has long since been fully deployed.

GeoengineeringWatch.org 22c

Tree die-off is rapidly increasing all over the world. Shasta County, California. Photo credit: Jovyde Wigington

How dire is the situation? Far worse than almost any yet imagine. The chart below was assembled for GeoengineeringWatch.org by our NASA engineer colleague. To make the severity of the UV-C radiation exposure crystal clear, the chart was kept as basic as possible. Note that the baseline for the chart UV-C level is 0.00, this is the stated level of UV-C radiation from ALL official UV metering sources (many of the same agencies that officially deny the ongoing climate engineering reality). The chart's skyrocketing red line of actual UV-C measurement speaks for itself.

Click on chart to enlarge

GeoengineeringWatch.org 22d

The UV-C radiation reading shown in the chart above was taken on 1-1-17. Ongoing measurments are in a similar range. The danger UV-C radiation exposure poses to the entire web of life cannot be overstated.

The August 5th, 2017, UV metering graph below reveals the increasing spikes of ever more lethal UV radiation spectrums.

GeoengineeringWatch.org chart 332

The ozone destruction / UV radiation increase equation is extremely non-linear, this fact must be remembered and considered.

Below is a direct quote from a World Health Organization (WHO) publication on UV radiation, the total denial of UV-C radiation reaching the surface of Earth is nothing less than a lethal lie.

Short-wavelength UV-C is the most damaging type of UV radiation. However, it is completely filtered by the atmosphere and does not reach the earth's surface.

What does a Stanford University Study tell us about dangerous UV-C radiation? Yet another lie.

The UV-C region of the UV spectrum includes wavelengths below 280 NM; these highly energetic wavelengths are effectively absorbed by ozone in the stratosphere.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) gives us still another pacifying lie in regard to UV-C radiation.

UVC radiation is extremely hazardous to skin, but it is completely absorbed by the stratospheric ozone layer and does not reach the surface of the Earth.

From the University of Vermont:

The shortwave UV radiation (UV-C) poses the maximum risk. The sun emits UV-C, but it is absorbed in the ozone layer of the atmosphere before reaching Earth.

From Sciencedirect.com:

UV-C is completely absorbed in the upper atmosphere.

The global power structure (and the many institutions it now completely controls) cannot afford to have populations awakened to the now existential threats we face as a direct result of the ongoing illegal climate engineering / solar radiation management programs. 

GeoengineeringWatch.org 3342

Geoengineering is also fueling record forest fires around the globe. Šiauliai, Lithuania. Photo credit: Zenonas Mockus

Below is a statement that has just been made by the retired NASA engineer that must remain anonymous at this time for many obvious reasons.

Looking to the near future:
Events in the upper Ozone Layer have changed again – for the worse.
My research on the Ozone layer and UV-C solar radiation has been extremely difficult due to the lack of public information and cooperation from the science community – this has changed recently.
With the current administration completely denying Climate Change, they cut funds to several agencies, resulting in a massive layoff in the science sector – some of those scientists and engineers are now coming forward with information on our atmosphere and upper ozone layer. 
Collecting this data is tenuous, as most researchers and scientists have signed "non-disclosure" agreements and could suffer massive fines and/or jail time if their research data were ever to come into public view.  Anonymity and Caution are key words here.
However, there is an answer to our atmospheric issues, once the basics are understood – for example:  our Upper Ozone Layer is collapsing – why?
The answer is simple:  due to increased geoengineering efforts, and the previously existing fossil fuel pollutants in our atmosphere, there is less oxygen reaching the Top of Atmosphere (TOA). 
The oxygen molecules created from our oceans, are being destroyed by massive particulate matter being disbursed by aircraft, and other pollutants, before it can reach the Tropopause.  An estimate of oxygen reaching Tropopause is between 20 to 26% of what is normal.
Why is Oxygen important?
Oxygen, when irradiated by Solar UV-C – creates ozone.  Then it performs another critical function – it forms a barrier to harmful UV-C. It forms a shield for all life on Earth to the very worst wavelength of UV-C at 270 nanometers.
So what do we do?
It is imperative that we put the oxygen back at the Top of Atmosphere, and stop geoengineering – all of it, the SAI programs of the Military and the SRM programs from scientists.
Time is critical.  Many hundreds of thousands of plants and animals are gone forever – do we only “get the picture” when it’s our turn?

GeoengineeringWatch.org 22b

Increasingly high levels of UV radiation (thru the entire UV spectrum) is causing leaf and canopy die-off in countless varieties of flora. Shasta County, California. Photo credit: Jovyde Wigington

GeoengineeringWatch.org 22a

The die-off of forests around the globe is accelerating exponentially. The ongoing climate engineering assault (and the resulting ozone layer damage resulting from it) is a primary causal factor. Shasta County, California. Photo credit: Jovyde Wigington

The short video below documents the rapid die-off of formerly thriving forests in Northern California.

This next video (90 seconds) highlights the impact of scorching UV radiation levels on tree bark.
Many previous warnings about the UV radiation threat have been sent out by Geoengineering Watch and our NASA associate. With each passing day that the human race remains on the current course, the odds of averting total planetary omnicide (in the near term horizon) are diminished. All those who are awake and aware of what is unfolding are needed to help sound the alarm. All of us sharing credible data with groups, organizations, and individuals is critically important. Please, join us in the all important battle, every day counts.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to GeoengineeringWatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

156 Responses to Geoengineering Is Causing Lethal UV Radiation Exposure

  1. RThomas says:

    Have a look at the stats from the alliance for aging research. You will be completely blown away by the numbers of people with vision loss! http://www.silverbook.org/fact/an-estimated-1288275-americans-age-40-and-older-are-blind-2/

    Continue to connect the dots, protect your eyesight.

  2. Christopher A. Weaver says:

    Richard, 65, is a contractor, who for a time worked outside here in the southern California sunshine. He was diagnosed with Metastatic Malignant Melanoma, Stage 4, May 3, 2017, just 5 months ago. He is now in a nearby hospital enduring his last hours heavily medicated with morphine, tumors in brain, chest, elsewhere. I discussed the UV issue briefly with his wife who is educating herself on the issue. I'll be sure to share this page with her. As baby boomers age, we can expect more outcomes like this in the days to come. Thank you, Dane.

  3. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    I see trees suffering here in Northeast Florida as well. The toxic soup fall out, from the atmosphere is only making matters worse. Fertilizers are struggling to correct the PH in the soils. The intense UV radiation, particulate fallout and Weather Whiplash is harming everything.

  4. BaneB says:

    Smokey, smokey here in central Mendocino County, California.  I assume this is from the fire in southern Oregon.  I went to bed with heavy smoke outside.  But due to high temperatures yesterday I had to open windows to cool down the house.  But, woke up at 4:30 a.m. feeling dizzy and out of sorts.  Took the dog out and was shocked at how thick is the smoke and other things in the air.  The weather forecast is for 100 today.  The current forecast has the wind at 2 mph.  However I can hear it howling off and on sitting here in my "Archie Bunker" chair.  Have shut up the house as tight as can be and hope the smoke abates inside. And that these fires are diminished.  The weather terrorists continue to maintain their high pressure zone over California and Oregon, so there will be no rain to mitigate what they have helped to cause.  It is definitely apocalyptic outside this morning.  

    • Joy says:

      BaneB  i don't know how you keep your sanity!!  I wonder are "they" trying to make us all feel "apocolyptic" ?  


  5. ron hall says:

    Whatever your views are regarding the recent hate clash in Virginia, this short video may enhance your perspective. The narrator claims there were 4 million members of the KKK in America in the 1920s! 99% of Americans today do not understand the various strains, varieties and depths of Racism–I found out in the early 1960s– the painful reality still stalks us all.



  6. marc says:

    Sometimes I can barely handle the inanity of it all. We were watching the western sky a while ago and my sister says what a beautiful sky it was. I, however, thought otherwise in light of the fact that a fresh SRM trail was hanging up there, and a very weird and suspicious looking "cloud" was moving in from the north that actually had the color and appearance of white smoke but it wasn't, and the general incoherence of the smears and wisps and so forth lent the whole sky the look of a really third-rate amateurish "impressionistic" watercolor, if such a thing were possible. Made me queasy and pissed off. Sorry, sis, no, I don't think it's "beautiful." I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, eh?

    • Frank - PHL says:

      Yeah, and what's also pissing you off is how these spray guys are getting so shrewd now. No more long lines across the skies or tic-tac-toe grids. Now they put up splatches(?) of cloud that try to blend in or even look cute. It is artistry straight from hell, and only you know it.

  7. Rob Jones says:

    A new study published 10 August 2017 from the Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India indicates high altitude black carbon emissions from jet aircraft show possible climate implications including damaging the ozone layer.

    Go to: https://www.atmos-chem-phys.net/17/9623/2017/  

  8. marc says:

    The worthless, spineless, conscience-free, low intelligence kool-aid drinkers who eagerly suit up every day to go out and spray their own world and their own comrades with some of the most deadly and environmentally destructive aerosols the world has ever known, can all kiss my f**king ass. I've been in St. Louis, Mo. for the last week visiting family. But hey, the surveillance monkeys who whore themselves for the NSA/CIA or whomever, already know of my whereabouts, count on it! Ask me if I even f**king care. Anywho, I've been watching the skies here everyday for a week and I can vouch for the fact that these sniveling losers have been conducting air raids every day, leaving long trails, usually ABOVE the "cumulus" clouds. Yesterday was particularly weird in that there were long, wispy, mare's-tail clouds from horizon to horizon above the layer of cumulus. These weird-ass wisps would twist and mutate, almost disappear, reform, elongate, shorten, elongate again, kind of bunch up, etc. The whole sky yesterday was a palette of disconnected, schizophrenic activity that made little meteorological sense. And of course, we've had some downpours that were absolutely nothing like those we used to have decades ago: they would start as if someone had turned on a spigot, and stop just as fast. Incredible downpours, incomprehensible volumes of water falling from the sky. 

       On a different note, many here know there exist attempts to pigeonhole us, marginalize us, align us with the right, with the left, align us with tin-foil-hat wearing environmentalists, you name it, they are doing it. At this stage of the game, there is nothing to be gained by allegiance to any of these polarizing and pointless prevarications. It is well-nigh impossible, though, to maintain a stance above politics, above ideology, above the viral infections of disinformation, misinformation, total lies, corrupted data, and vitriolic, low-information opinion. We exist in a morass of "information", be it right, wrong, real, or fictitious whether we f**king like it or not. There have been times when I just threw up my hands and said: "I'm out, I'm done," when it came to my commitment to the anti-geoengineering cause. I've lost several friends over this and alienated a bunch more because I'm the guy who wants to rant about geoengineering going on in our skies, and destroying our biosphere. No matter, I'm gonna keep on with it, even knowing how late the hour. I understand the primary difficulty. I mean, for someone who never gave it much thought, weather modification presents a most repulsive and implausible cache of information that is difficult to assimilate, even in small increments. But all hell is breaking loose on many fronts. For anyone with even one quarter of a brain, they've got to be wondering already just what the f**k is with the intensity of the sun, or the relentless, atypical cloud cover and dubious rains in some regions, defying historical, seasonal patterns, or the impossible droughts facilitating horrible forest fires in others. Global warming, we are told. Climate change? Toss in a few false-flags and voila! you have the public mind in a perpetual back-eddy of confusion deep inside someone's Truman Show.

    • Frank - PHL says:

      Remember when the news was mostly normal with the exception of when a terrorist attack or something like it would block out the news for a day or two – so that any news about 120 degree cities, million-acre wildfires, or defrosted polar caps could be skipped over.

      Well, I think ever since CNN went all OCD over Trump and Russia, we have been on a steady stream of calamities that leave no time to notice that whole countries are starting to crap out or …what happened to all that methane bubbling out of Siberia last … March? Maybe that's why it only goes down to 75 at night. Anyhow, while we're all sure if we all hate hate there won't be any hate, nobody is asking where all those Pacific Salmon went this year. I hope someone saved some eggs or they are gone for good.

      Stick with Dane.

    • Andy Scotland says:

      Replying to Frank = PHL,

      Pacific salmon are turning up in North Scotlands freshwater rivers



    • Joy says:

      marc, you pretty much said it all here. I feel the same way.  What is making it difficult is the "boiling the frog" thing, people are used to seeing the sky this way and don't want to hear anything.  I have always been a sky watcher, I know absolutely it is not normal any more.  And the sun burns my skin like never before!!  

    • Karen says:

      well said! 

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      I have abandoned most of my peers who I used to speak with about these issues. It is so strange to have knowledge about geoengineering and it's mechanisms like chemtrails, that seem so obvious, and then  be labeled a nut job by my blind peers. They don't even see or care about the filthy lines in the sky and I have heard more than one person say "huh…how bout that..oh well, what can you do?", la dee da. It is the ignorance of the masses that will keep this going until the end.

  9. C.J. says:

    What is being dumped on us is way to Alkaline. PH is disrupted, making things die. The PH can be adjusted to make a better surrounding environment where you reside. Doing a hard core investigation will lead to this, only if one does the research.

    Only then will one realize this after doing so. You get cancer if your body does not have the Proper PH.

    Most people just kick it aside and rely on Big Pharma for the Fix.

    Then it might be too late.

    Do your research well. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Having alkaline ph from an organic and mineral source is not the same thing exactly as having alkaline ph resulting from chemical or metallic contamination. The same for acids. I'm not an expert on this, but there's big differences.




    • Joy says:

      C.J.  I notice smells too, not my hubby tho, so pays little attention.  He is typical of the ostrich thing, you know, head buried, but I understand, people don't want their world interrupted.  They want to keep doing what they are doing, with no worries like this.  I swear, even if they are not happy with their life they still just keep going.  It was they way we were raised, I think, told to just keep at it, get into a rhythm of get up, go to work or school,  shop, dinner, watch tv, go to bed.    Many will never see it, but enough of us have to, to force a change.   There are reports about raising and connecting consciousness with those who are awake, and this having an effect because the evil ones cannot function if we do that.  If this is valid, there is power in it.  Like the old saying about rising above a bad situation.  What do you think?

  10. Frank - PHL says:

    maybe a reality check is in order. Weren't we just in a sticky little nuclear stand-off with North Korea? And just when it seemed to evaporate we were thrust into a never-before-seen direct confrontation between "extreme" white people and "extreme" other people. And now a dose of one-sided war with speeding vehicles as a weapon leaving us dead – and, of course, dumbfounded.

    I just want to assess this in the light of Dane's unique warning that we would be led into WWIII=chaos as the climate descended into death. I am not trying to talk panic. I am just saying look at where we are – right now.

    • BaneB says:

      Frank -PHL:  No panic here.  I went through the four stages years ago.  Currently it's registering on resignation founded upon hope.  You remember?  "Hope and change."  Not that political slogan from yet another in a long line of political pied pipers, but the hope upon enough people waking up and taking action.  However, the proverbial catch 22 cliche says the faster we see the fraud and demand change and accountability in the courts, the faster the spooks and agent provocateurs seek smoldering societal embers upon where to pour their gasoline of divisiveness and chaos.  The "race card" is the made to order vehicle for the MSM propaganda machinators to focus national attention.  This is not THE ace in the hole.  Attacking NK will likely be that.

    • Meody Meachum says:

      Hi Frank, you are absolutely spot on.The Zionist and New Order gang are inseparable. Not only did they transpire & dictate events, but also predicted them some 100 years in advance. The 1900's would be "golden years". Yeah right!! Golden years like seizing Christian Russia by the root of her hair so all she could do was keep bending over for more. Led by none other than the bloody Bolshevik (Red Army) for decades of terror. Hear this… the Bolsheviks were IMPORTED to Russia. They were financed by Wall Street & the Zionists Those at the top were Zionists themselves. 100 years of peace, prosperity and mechanization….along with WWI & II…all strategically planned.

      Like a pregnant woman in the throes of labor and delivery, we are well past even the early birth pains. Just as the woman draws closer to delivery, things become quite chaotic for those in attendance. So this is what we are witnessing. The holy scripture says "the world will wax worse and worse".

      For their devilish plans mean "out of CHAOS COMES ORDER" (the new World Order kind).

      Peace & blessings and God be with us all!



  11. C.J. says:

    I forgot to mention this in my post. NO SUN means more Fungus and Mold.

    Not a wonder is it why there is a problem now is there?

    • marc says:

      Fungi, molds, and the like, are unquestionably part of this agenda. Floods and torrential rains cause unquantifiable problems with mold toxicity across the inhabited landscape. All part of their plan to cause as much human illness and suffering as possible. Maybe not the primary agenda, of course, but from their perspective, a wonderfully evil by-product of their weather modifications. Not to mention the weaponized cross-domain critters they're dropping on us all the time. Biowarfare by any other name.

  12. C.J. says:

    EWWWW, EWWWW, that SMELL. Can't you smell that smell? The smell that surrounds you!

    I see that Smog Fog everywhere this morning. Just another foggy day. Then I take a breath. There is that smell again. "Unmistakable".

    The same smell that is in Roundup is what I smell. I think it is called Glysophate or Ethylene Dibomate. I'm not quite sure on the correct spelling, but one thing for sure is I know that smell because I used it before in previous years. It kills off everything. I stopped using it it years ago.

    Today will be interesting to see how many are at the walk in clinic.

    After it rains or a heavy chem day it always seems worse.

    Back to the TREES. It looks like fall has arrived early. I see many trees turning color already. On closer inspection of the leaves. I see the tips all brown and shriveled up. My eyes and smell do not deceive me. The only deception is from above. Jet's flying overhead on a constant basis. Back and forth they go. Little airplanes and big airplanes doing the same thing every single day. Same ones, each and every day. Always when the sun starts rising in the east, there they are trying to block the sun. So easy to see if one takes the time to notice this. Same thing at night time when the sun proceeds to set. There they are again in full force. Jets and airplanes trying to block the sun.

    More people sick, more dead and dying foliage and trees. This is all Normal now. Sometimes I think that I might be over reacting to this. Other times I try to wipe my mind clear of it all. I can't though because I'm in too Deep. Once people figure out what I have learned from my observations, they will understand what I feel.

    There is so much that is going on in this Very Corrupt Society.

    It is really hard to Stomach it all.

    I see certain species of trees dying off more rapidly then others. A slow but certain Death.

    Dying is a Natural part of life.

    Dying from intentional poisoning from the NWO is the New Norm.

    We all are being Conditioned. 5-G's will make it that much simpler.

    The New World for us.


  13. penny waters says:

    dear dane and all the conscious people out there

    had 'rain' overnight – was a downpour – more extreme weather – seems to be polarized now  – heat, then as they desperately try to make it rain – have to build up the particulates – or is it the nucleation stuff – is that the right word – where the clouds are in a square pattern – and then threaten that bad weather on the way and it all dissipates and they keep doing it until it reaches such a peak that we get monsoon. 

    why the f**k don't they tell the truth and get everyone on their side to save this little place where we live. instead everyone seems to be taking a 'side' and saying it is the 'others' fault. the divisions between people are not as big as the problems we face in our environment – why is this the only place i hear that understanding!!!????

    just watched a programme about fukishimo and the effects on the surrounding close district and peoples

    the scientific technicians were out in the field dressed up in their protection suits with face masks et al. were sweeping up black soot and measuring it too.

    radiation levels were too high for human life and yet walking past were locals!! they interacted with the technicians – it was a bizarre sight!!

    it reminded me of when i was working for the local council and i was sent on a training course about -icides, herbicides and pesticides. i was given a similar suit and given instruction on how to spray safely!!

    in the suit i was given chemicals that i had already used in the park – with no protection or proper instruction – and no-one mentioned the passing public in the parks or along the streets where we all worked!!!

    that is what made me go 'organic' – a term used by chemists and environmentalists alike, but meaning totally the opposite to both groups!!!

    question: the soot i keep finding on the plants? i remember reading on this site about radioactive materials in the chemical mix that is sprayed into the atmosphere that we breathe.

    is it not coal ash? are there radioactive elements in the ash? 

    the original coal was made from plants and other creatures, although there are people who think differently. is it just squashed environment from a long time ago? and in the environment where it came from all plants and animals lived together – if you are getting my drift? so coal isn't just plants but squashed everything?

    so if you burn coal, and coal energy is lessened by releasing gases and other chemical elements but also energy as heat, is what is left devoid of 'living' energy – 'living' as we understand it – in our world? is that what radiation is??

    i have just been trying to understand energy after contact with an acupuncturist who lent me a book by donna eden (what a name – isn't that where we came out from?) 

    the book says there are three types of energy, electric, electromagnetic and subtle energy!

    and subtle energy is difficult to measure

    think that is so but have lost my notes so will have to read beginning again!

    but the soot – is dead stuff then? does that make sense to anyone of you chemists out there

    i do know a little science – did a science access course in my thirties and was astonished and horrified at the level of flat understanding of chemistry and physics and ended up doing geography – everything is geography – location – where is it happening?

    was even more horrified by the understanding of the geography teachers – all their time spent teaching and none in the 'field' – literally.

    teachers should be old folk who have worked in their particular field all their lives!!

    wow dane you are a fine teacher of geoengineering!!

    like in medicine – the patients are the teachers – find a doctor who knows that hmmmmm…….

    so the soot – if it is combined with life (energy) again, like in my garden – is allowed to combine with life (energy) again – i despair when i hear of all of the trees so ill in other parts of the world – could it become part of the ecological system again.

    i think that when i put too much carbon in the garden that it is too much for the soil to cope with, so i try to take all the carbon lumps out of the ash and re-ignite them as charcoal 

    can you tell me, all the people who see this death – is there anything that survives – in terms of green plants – cos i know whenever there is extreme weather the native plants survive – but i also know that over millennia the native trees and understory changed in my area of the world, as the world heated and froze in succession.

    sorry its in ordinary words – have to use ordinary words cos i haven't talked in scientific jargon for a long time and really prefer not to cos i get lost.

    especially as i feel the idea that words are noises that we express to explain the feelings in our bodies – language.

    when i go down and feel despair at the negative in the world i think it gives me time to re-organise the stuff that i feel and 'know' inside me

    and i have to say that, you maybe friends that i have not yet met (good ol' horseman) but you feel like friends anyway.

    thank you dane for linking us all up, for your never ending supply of information and for giving us the heart to carry on – not in isolation.

    little saying i heard:-

    real friends know the song in your heart – and when you forget it – they sing it back to you.

    so thank you all for singing it back to me – can get so lost in this mad human world

    much love to you all, you very fine people


  14. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was Farmers Market #15, 7 more to go. It feels good being 2/3's of the way through my journey I promised myself I would complete. If ya can't be loyal to number one, who can you be loyal to?(grin).

    There was a strange energy at the market today. There were plenty of folks milling about. But none of them seemed to have much on their mind. Quite unusual I'd say. The jet tanker aerosols over my region have been numerous over the last 4 days. I believe that the accumulative effect of the aerosols are setting in in the local populous.

    As per usual, there were several visitors of note this afternoon. The first person is a neighbor that was directed to me by another person that has a booth at the market."Lindy Lane"(pen name) had several questions regarding geoengineering. She stated she had been on this site before. And all it had to say is chemtrails are a conspiracy and what we see in the sky is "con" trails. Turns out, she had gone to the dot com version of this site(I haven't looked that up yet). I'm happy to report that using this as an example of the mass volume of "misinformation" that is out there worked well and hit home solidly. "Lindy Lane" got a DVD, a 20 page booklet, a flyer and several printed out articles from this site, dot org. My next interesting visitor was a 40 year "arborist"(a tree guy that gets paid to much for taking down old growth urban and suburban timber). He's beat cancer 3 times now. He was shocked at the 5 minute teaching I offered him about what he has been exposed to in his line of work. Lucky for him, he understood what a nano particle is. It's sad what is in the dust he breaths when he is running the chipper. Gotta love us carpenters. One stopped by today just to share a few of his own observations. He would not accept a flyer. He didn't need one anyway. It was good to cross paths with him. I'm not alone. Two sets of neighbors came back by today. We got to discuss all the horizon to horizon aerosols we all saw this early morning through mid day. One neighbor said he watched a documentary about HAARP. He said that he thinks the aerosols and HAARP work together. I looked him right square in the eye and said, good job and thank you for connecting those two huge dots. I also pointed out a few details of how aerosols and HAARP can work independently. On that note, Just so folks here know, with the messed up east west weather charts we have these days, it's easy to point out how F-ed up things are these days.

    Lastly, today I sewed up a booth at the "Barter Faire". 10,000 people show up from far and wide. I've been given a great spot with lots of main stream faire foot traffic. It's going to be 3 continuous days of "get the word out". Boy am I ever going to need a rest after that run.

    Love to you ALL, "make it happen"…..

    'a' simple horseman

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Thanks for the report 'a' simple horseman. Cheering you on from the Southeast and sending good thoughts & prayers your way.  My local efforts continue.

    • sea says:

      Mike;  A simple horseman you continue to make ground…planting the seed.What a small investment in your physical display but huge investment in the mental , emotional and  educational efforts you put forth every week that are invaluable and have had a trickle down effect on those that have spoken with you and even those that have not (those are the ones that surprise us!).

      You are an excellent example of how 'simple' we can make this task of spreading the word to those that aren't c;ear or don't have any clue to help them" see the forest for the trees".

      Keep it going!

    • marc says:

      Bravo, horseman……awesome. 

  15. LS says:

    Hello to Dane and all who advocate for our very survival.  Our Geoengineering watch.org bumper sticker worked perfectly today as it lead me and my husband to a great meeting with another Dane follower. It was rewarding and comforting to be right up to speed with someone who is also facing the truth. Nothing is more important than our air. Thanks to the NASA engineer for his continued hard work and willingness to state the grizzly facts. Up high in the mountains the destruction of our atmosphere is screaming in our faces and burning us and all living things. Dane, thank you and everyone here for the Great Heartwrenching reports and especially the hard work that is ours to do.The Great Awakening must accelerate. Never give up. Ever. Peace to All.

  16. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Here is a new interview with Dane on Caravan To Midnight with host John B. Wells. As always Dane is relentless with hard-hitting credible data. Wells is totally supportive of Dane — and calls him “friend to the world”!  Thank you, Mr. Wigington.
    Episode 793 – Dane Wigington
    Wednesday August 16th 2017
    In this edition we welcome back Dane Wigington to discuss the latest about jet aircraft spraying in furtherance of climate engineering, strange weather conditions, Siberian Methane craters and much more.   Link here:

  17. Nina says:

    Wildfires have trapped 2000 people in a village in central Portugal (report in Guardian online). There are warnings of worse to come in the next few days. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Yes, and the "warnings" are coming from the GOVERNMENT, the big "guys" are announcing the disaster and telling the way things will happen, and People are still asleep without understanding that the climate is being manipulated for many years, until now. And criminal media has being lying about everything, and in the last days, about the temperatures values ( as usual ), we are having days with temperatures between 35 and 40ºC, or more than 40ºC for some districts, and they are giving values 6 to 10ºC below reality. The UV radiation is incredibly strong, it burns the skin through the shirt. In the weekend they will give 40, and temperatures probably will break all records for this "country" ( region of the EU ). Let's see about the fires.

    • Dennie says:

      I'm in San Rafael, California.  We have stagnant hot air settling in with purple-violet skies today, dimmed light but hot and unpleasant.  You can feel the sun burning your skin through your shirt.  I try to stay indoors during the hottest hours on days that have high UV index– I can feel what kind of UV we'll be having when I drive south on Lincoln Avenue heading to my house out further east, closer to the San Rafael canal.  It's usually full-on morning sun there and it can be quite hot early in the morning now.  

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Today, 18 of August, we had here in Southern Europe an incredible hot day, with incredibly strong UV radiation, despite of the heavy spraying that happened all over the skies. The planes left the aerosols with the more granular appearance during all day, and the result was an increasing of heat in one day that was transformed in one HOT OVEN. These specific aerosols have the capacity of drying up everything, starting by the air, after the Plants and Trees and finally the Soil. Let's see about how many and how big will be the fires they are announcing for the weekend, with the Forest coated with these flammable nano particles of aluminum.

      Yesterday, in Iberian Peninsula ( this time ) as you all may know, "terrorist attacks" orchestrated by the occult powers have struck again. It seems that the gangsters of isis are claiming responsibility.. but the "group of cowards" of isis is not supported by the cia???

  18. Adam Coleman says:

    Okay. Here goes. We all know the eclipse is coming on Monday. How many of you know that FEMA (Fkg Every Minority/Mammal/pick your M word in America is going to begin a nationwide "drill" on 8.23 to activate their systems for how to proceed after a major natural or unnatural disaster like an earthquake or grid down EMP scenario. THE PROBLEM IS FEMA " DRILLS" all too often, go LIE-VE and the ProPaganDUH machine gatekeepers have this far been able to keep a lid on it unlike their 2013 Jade Helm "exercise" the alt media torpedoed. Not one iota of a word about this but be assured that as HillarEVIL quotes Rahm Emanuel saying, "Never let a good crisis go to waste" and you can get these whale manure globalist and zionNEOCONnazis are rubbing their collective hands together in anticipation for what's to come. They of course, will be safely tucked away in their bunkers. I stumbled across the article that led me to this which won't paste in here is from Economic Collapse Blog about the 12 Critical Events to follow the eclipse that will occur in the 40 daze from 8.21-9.30. Find THAT but THIS is the FEMA BS site which I hope all will share…it's called EarthEX and http://www.eiscouncil.com/EarthEX. Dark times cometh soon to those of is who sleep and never thought to take the time to break from their herds of sheep. Blonde leading the blind and don't be too surprised when trying to see the eclipse if they don't have a toxic aerosol mixed in to blind us cause then the FEMA herding crews will have a much easier job UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE FINALLY WAKE TF UP TO THE FACTS THAT WE ARE UNDER ATTACK AND NOW IT'S ON! At what point do we do what ..IF WE DONT TAKE A STAND, WE will collectively have our heads in one of the 30,000 guillotines they have in store for us to harvest our organs and then one of the 300,000,000 FEMA multiperson plastic coffins for our remains. Everything DW has talked about for the past umpteen years is coming around full circle NOW! NOW is the time he has been saying to all these deniers "wait and see" and 2018 will have a very different landscape in America to be sure. The question is….how many of US will still be here physically? GET YOUR SPIRITUAL DUCKS IN A ROW PEOPLE (meditation) with whatever God appeases you if you intend to be assured a "good seat" 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Adam.

      Thank you for the information!!

    • MAP says:

      Thank you, Adam. The Power Players are about to ratchet up the level of madness a few notches.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Guillotines & Bayonetts Yes indeed. Ran Paul was Crazy Mad about the purchase & distribution of them accross the Country. Why would the Police forces need Bayonetts?  What a way to die. I saw undercover photo's of the Guillotines set up in a large warehouse that were shipped from China.  What a Messed Up World.

    • marc says:

      Everyone who visits this site needs to quickly review the website Adam Coleman has provided a link to. The FEMA site. This can't be happening, can it?? Hello?? They actually are using the term "Black Sky" IN REFERENCE TO A POSSIBLE CATACLYSMIC INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSE OR ELECTRIC GRID FAILURE TWO F**KING DAYS BEFORE A MAJOR SOLAR ECLIPSE??? Are these guys f**king kidding me???!!!?? They're planning a "DRILL" to gauge the efficacy of preparedness protocols in the event of a "BLACK SKY" event?????????????????????? TWO DAYS BEFORE A MAJOR CONTINENTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This does not look good. Thanks again to Adam Coleman. I had not heard this at all. Jesus Christ…..May God help us all……

    • marc says:

      Sorry. My bad…..two days AFTER……..but still, something really doesn't look right here.

  19. Steve says:

    So perhaps we can use the same company that the Charlotte protestors used to get National/International attention,to bring attention to the destructive GeoEngineering being undertaken covertly by the United States, et al

    But then again, we have truth censorship here in the Land of the Free


    The above was mentioned in Zero Hedge, the Charlotte protestors were perhaps paid up to $25.00 per hour, plus expenses,

    See http://www.zerohedge.com "Why was this company advertising for protestors @ $25/hr by Tyler Durden



    • Dale K says:

      The Craigslist ad is actually seeking actors and photographers to play protest rally roles in Charlotte, NC not Charlottesville, VA.

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      – creepy but not surprising – Who is a real fellow protester amongst potential contractors & federal agents attending an event? I guess we just treat everyone with courtesy and hope for the best.

    • Dennie says:

      @Dale K:  Yeah that "Charlotte NC" v. "Charlottesville, VA" discrepancy is a little weird; we heard the protests were in VA but the ad is looking for people who are "okay with participating in peaceful protests" to show up in Charlotte, NC?  Big Diff.  Maybe when people answer, they get told to report to another city, actually?  Bait and switch tactic, designed to confuse?  Why not?–!!

  20. C.J. says:

    I have two words for people that don't acknowledge the fact our trees are dying from the chemtrail activity above. When I tell people why and how about the Chemical Dumping. They usually look and sound…

    Ignorant and Stupid.

    There is no excuse for Ignorance, only if one is Stupid when they have been warned.

  21. marc says:

    Most who visit here are aware of the "false-flag" concept. The danger we face is interpreting too much of what we see in this context, when sometimes our suspicions prove to be in error. However, I am of the opinion that this Charlottesville event falls right in lockstep with other very similar events that seem to occur at semi-regular intervals. There is way too much that does not have anywhere near enough of the appearance of legitimacy. The only reason I mention this event is because it reeks of the same phoniness as so many others, albeit skillfully done by a small cohort of crisis actors, covert agents, and an array of government operatives, including of course, the MSM. And I personally feel it is of vital importance that we understand, at the very least, that our government/deep-state not only IS perpetrating such events to foment societal repercussions that advance their nefarious agendas, but that these shitheads have gotten pretty damn good at pulling these snow-jobs off, with a lot of help from those complicit within the media. We are being played like fiddles. What the hell was 9/11 if not a massive event exhibiting many of the same anomalies as Charlottesville? Relentless repetition and tight control of media imagery and narrative after event, crisis actors (obvious), instantaneous solving of the car-crime suspect, complete with back stories, interviews, an alleged mother being paraded all over MSM, etc, highly suspicious alleged cell or camera video at critical moments of the days events, wherein camera angles and shots are panning absurdly in all directions and video resolution is always laughably grainy or blurry.  Just at precisely critical moments, such as the car crash scene, camera shots rarely remain steady long enough to see wtf is actually going on. This same tactic has been used over and over again for these events. And even though there must have been hundreds of cellphone cameras there that day, the same two or three clips are shown on MSM over and over, never providing more than just a rudimentary glimpse of what the hell actually happened. Just "enough" is fed to a slack-jawed public to psy-op them with the certainty that something terrible happened.

       I am f**king sick and tired of this phony-ass bullshit being waterboarded down our throats from these deep-state monkeys. They must be back-slapping eachother all over again for a job well done. And make no mistake. This IS their job. Their jobs are to fulfill their duty in the service of intricate psy-ops designed to achieve all manner of even greater power, control, loss of fundamental rights, and suppression of any and all possible threats to their supremacy. Do I know with absolute certainty that Charlottesville was a false-flag? I guess I have to say no. However, after much review of available footage, and reflection on the behavior of the media, including the drama associated with Trump's behavior, I can come to no other conclusion but that the whole event was staged, like 9/11. Somewhere, somehow, these staged events intersect with this monstrous geoengineering agenda. The intelligence necessary to design, finance and execute these events most inarguably dovetails into the intelligence sitting at the helm of the geoengineering debacle. This cannot and will not go on indefinitely. This same intelligence is acutely aware that we are, environmentally speaking, on our last leg here. What comes next?

    • Mark says:

      I have noticed that the only time the sun is burning my skin is when HAARP has been turned on in my area(signaled by an earthquake nearby) and within days the temperature and suns intensity increases. Iran had temperatures in the 130 degree range a few weeks ago right in the area that a 4+ magnitude earthquake had happened just a week or two before that. There was a quake in Agustaa Georgia a fess weeks back and within days it started getting very hot in the southeast and has stayed hot since then. If global warming was real then the whole earth would be feeling the effects but many countries and cities have very normal weather and temperature conditions. 

      What I am trying to say is that certain people are running the show and they pick and choose who and where gets the good weather and who and where gets the bad.

      HAARP is the secret that nobody wants to talk about but much proof exist to prove its continual use in today's weather weapon arsenal.

      thank you for all that you do Dane and staff, hope we can discuss this further on this site.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mark, thank you for the report from your region. We do cover the global ionosphere heater threats as much as possible, there are simply too many converging threats to report on given the time in a day. I have attached a link with some of our HARRP / ionosphere heater articles, FYI http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/category/haarp-2/

    • Frank - PHL says:

      I agree 100% and they are so good, and we are sooooo dumb it is working perfectly with no end in sight.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Once again Marc, I think You are, spot on. A High Impact Hits video showed a dude getting hit with a backpack on, then that same dude later is standing up in perfect health talking to the "media". Backpack, not even ruffled!  They are Dirty Dogs.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  Healthy suspicion caused by the obvious.  Time and again we see these operators seeking to inflame political passions.  What could be more inflammatory than that nighttime torch lit crowd of agent provocateurs invoking the lynch mob image or a Hitler book burning…..the Pied Piper being one Richard Spencer.  His education, his fraternizing, his bio/history belies him being a white supremacist.  One could easily suspect he works for an Intel operation. Richard Kessler is another operative I suspect.  The MSM dutifully plays the inciteful loop over again ad nauseum.  Divide, diversion, inflame, but never empower. I was born and raised in the former Capitol of the Confederacy.  Naturally, my view is an inculcation of Southern history, the good, the bad, the ugly.  I too had a big dose of US history.  The pot calls the kettle black and as said before, hypocrisy is the history of politics.  How do we humans erase the past?  There is no end to the historical injustices.  Certainly not by toppling over the Washington monument because George Washington was a slave owner (he freed his slaves upon his death.  So did his wife, Martha Custis upon her death. Ironically Lee was married to Martha Washington's great granddaughter, a Custis.  They owned the mansion and land that is now Arlington Cemetery.)  I hope emotions and "feelings" don't override THINKING.  Wars of aggression abroad are bleeding the nation.  And diversion of the populations discontent might have found its calling.

    • MAP says:

      Great analysis Marc. Of course you are correct. The masses of people in USA and really around the world are being played like a fiddle. The unending false flag events (whether large or small) are carried out to manipulate the minds of the masses. There are many goals with these fake events but an overarching goal is to convince public that we need a totalitarian police state. The Power Structure has an odd rule for their play book. That rule is that the Power Players want the masses of people to give their consent to the totalitarian and fascist model that Power Structure is bringing to everyone. Endless false flags  (from 9/11 to Charlottesville) work their magic by manipulating minds so that the masses will eventually request the desires of Power Structure.

      After 9/11, phony wars were justified. And the development of a Tattle-Tale Society would begin. Every one became trained to constantly look around at others and be suspicious of every move they made and every breath they take. I know all about this as it has been used against me since I became a "cripple" 10 years ago. Due to physical impairment, I can not walk around in an easy manner and look funny and suspicious to others.So in the few years, neighbors and people on the street have reported me to authorities for my funny-looking way of walking around. I look suspicious. This madness goes back to 9/11 and it make me ill to deal with this.

      Anyway, we are living in a very fake and phony world in many respects . The deep state operatives bring us their false flags for many nefarious purposes. Since our schools and universities do no teach students "critical-thinking", we are very susceptible to easy manipulation. 

      How about that supposed quote from CIA: We will know that our disinformation campaign is complete when everything that American public believes is false. It does not matter whether  Bill Casey ever stated those words in a meeting or not. Actions speak louder than words and this statement mentioned looks like a likely "unspoken rule" and goal for them.

    • EndtheFed says:

      I agree it reeks of false flag.  One way you can tell is that MSM articles say "in response to this attack, we're taking down statues, censoring people, doing this and that, etc."  Same thing happened with Sandy Hook.  

      And the timing is another thing – just when the whole Trump/russia narrative was falling apart this happens.  And today, I saw a news segment about coral reef die-off in Hawaii.  They say it's because of SUNSCREEN.  Sunscreen is toxic to coral, but it's somehow safe for humans?  They did mention the warming ocean, too.  MSM is being forced to cover these things now – how much longer can they spin it like it's no big deal and not related to climate engineering?

    • Frank - PHL says:


      looks like you really nailed a commonly-held observation. And as far as the purpose of the whole thing, hey, why think small – it looked to me like the first step toward race chaos – which we need like a hole in the head – but someone sure wants it!

  22. Dennie says:

    How are Truth Tellers rewarded?  With massive fines and jail time.  

    At some point, this IS ALL going to backfire, BIG TIME.  Hiding reality by just saying "Everything's fine" just can't be possible, in the long run.

  23. Randy says:

    Hey Dane,

    I was working in ABQ 2 weeks back and was able to make a road trip to the back side of the Sandia Mtn and drove to the top of the Mtn east of ABQ. I stopped and spoke to a forest ranger and asked him if he knew why a large amount for trees are dead or almost dead? He said them darn Bark Beetles are killing the trees. I stepped back and laughed and pointed to the sky as 3 planes sprayed lines from east to west. I asked him did he know what were the planes spraying and he responded with the usual, condensation. I started to give him the truth and almost immediately he said I was wrong and the trees have been dying for years and the beetles was the cause. I tried brother to awaken him but he felt I was wrong and he was right. That does not STOP me though, I will continue to spread the word to all I interact with to LOOK UP! Thanks Dane for all you Do Sir! Randy

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Randy, yes, so many agencies are filled with bought and paid for “experts” that have no trouble lying for a paycheck and a pension. When I encounter such “official government experts”, I make it a point to inform them that the public is rapidly awakening to the fact that public officials (that the public has been trained to trust) have in fact been covering up the critical climate engineering issue. I suggest to them that once the population is fully awakened, they will likely hold legally and morally accountable all such officials who have made themselves accomplices to the criminal climate engineering coverup. This final statement generally has an immediately evident impact on the conversation. Thanks again for your efforts, Randy, and thanks to all activists who are steadfastly refusing to yield to the insanity. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Randy, As Dane has mentioned and I have proven to myself with my own trees across my region. "The Beatles are a 'symptom". Healthy trees can ward off those pesky Beatles. I've yet to have anyone in the forest "industry" come back with anything when that 'fact' is pointed out. Further more, it is an excellent intro to how those aerosols that were in the sky that day you confronted a forest industry person, affect the soil and nutrient uptake. Get informed as to the grass roots that is killing our trees globally. Water or no water, they're all on a slow death march. Add in a little dose of UV info and you have presented a full plate.  Don't over do it. No trees, No "us". Just sayin…..

    • Brice Bias says:


      I found this informational website on UV-C impacts and uses for something. Thought it was interesting because they mention a safe exposure to this wavelength as if it is a threat to us… Which it very well could be. Not to mention how it breaks down DNA.

    • Dennie says:

      Randy, there are sooooo many stooopid people who NEVER so much as THINK to look up all day long, most of their lives, just living like scared little rabbits, running up and down their well-traveled little tunnels into their various hidey-holes– the world is filled with just such warrens, dense with stupidity, which, unlike talent, knows no limits.  These people couldn't tell if a tree was alive or dead– hell, they never look at a tree, those pesky dirty things, dropping their leaves and their needles everywhere, who needs 'em, after all–??? There are people out there who can't for the life of them put two and two together to figure out why the U.S. is in Afghanistan (OPIUM– they vaguely remember Pat Tillman) and they've totally forgotten, unable to think why this country has "boots on the ground" (occupying) in Iraq (OIL– Duh).  

      You have to point out to these idiots that America's "greatness" was bought with free labor performed by generations of slaves, and the world wars we've won were won because of the large amounts of oil under Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas and Bakersfield, CA, used to fuel the war machines, and NOT because Americans have such "superior" moral character–  After all, what does the military need most to fight, and win?  MACHINES.  And what do the machines need to perform their work? Petrochemicals, fuels based on OIL.  Why did Germany lose WWII (hint: It wasn't due to moral inferiority..)?  BECAUSE THEY HAD TO EXTRACT OIL FROM COAL, as it got harder to purchase oil from countries opposed to Hitler's plans for the world.  And that was too expensive.  But hey, remember, we're living in The United States of Amnesia– who the hell knows? Who the hell cares?  

    • penny waters says:

      dear randy 

      the ranger seems like the medical people i meet and the populace who believe them, with their lack of awareness, and the idea that bodies 'wear out'

      humans are meant  to repair themselves until they die – chronic disease (dis-ease) is a lack of knowledge of the body and the use of traditional medicine.

      even the chinese are losing their way with medicine because they are following the idea that we are a machine – not a bundle of energy that is meant to repair itself.

      and also growing plant medicines instead of wild craftiing with biodynamic knowledge

      the last 7yrs of my life have made me realise that we are not mind-body-spirit, but energy-physical-emotional- intellectual in that order – the head has a beat that comes before respiration and the heart beat. see charles swansons animation on the internet – might have to go backwards through internet history cos many people have attached it to their own website.

      the medical symbol of the staff is really the spine with the two lots of energy that we are supposed to get during our lifetime from the resting place in the coccyx swirling up it to the brain

      we have inside our lungs the pneumonia bacteria – it only becomes dangerous when we become weak enough for it to take over – hence the amount of old people who die from pneumonia

      like those beetles – they are around all the time and are taking advantage of a sick tree.

      even though that ranger couldn't listen to you i have a suspicion that 'he doth protest too much' – in other words he unconsciuosly knew what you were saying was true but was too frightened to really comprehend it

      will he think about it in the dark still hours of the morning – we can only hope

      well done for trying to open someone up to the danger we are all facing

      sincerely penny

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @'a' simple horseman,  You said it right.  The trees have to be very stressed, dying even, before the beetles come.  People have similar health issues if very sick or dying, called opportunistic diseases.  These show up as people die.

  24. Ron Marr says:

    Wow, very impactful and powerful, Dane. Very touched by Penny Waters. I wish it were just the stinky people living in a fake world of seduction…seduced by production ,capital, libido and sports…while their so called leaders hide fearfully behind their little secret…power is illusion….We must stop participating…we must understand together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth, period!….Met briefly today with the mayor of Warwick, Rhode Island…Warwick is the second largest city next to Providence and really the soul and back bone of Rhode Island. The mayor is popular and has been mayor since 2000. He knew nothing of geo engineering…and for the first time I revealed myself as an activist and proceeded to fill in the blanks about geo engineering… told him I would like to see a bill board about geo engineering in Warwick…that the times are already dire and the people must awaken. He said he would like to receive Dane's Materials. I was surprised and delighted the other night leaving a pub late…as I approached my car there were two young men standing near by. I'd say not much more or less than twenty years old. When I arrived at my car they both agreed as one said, "I like your sign.", I said, "You know?", and moving their heads up and down, one said," We know." Most importantly they understood it will take all of us to stop it. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "We must stop participating" Good job Ron Marr, truer words can not be written in the quest to stop the evils that we all are faced with each and every day. This topic is something that I speak about often. I am fortunate to live around a small populous of folks that think that way "and" live that way. Each week I reach more and more of them. I help them connect dots. Myself, I live comfortably and proud that I have stopped participating in the "system". The banksters make no profit from me. I wish you all could be so "free". You can't imagine it until you achieve it. A quest worth striving for……

    • penny waters says:

      dear ron 

      more connections – more opening – wow

      will have to 'gird my loins' and get out there

      sincerely penny

    • Ron Marr says:

      LOL, Penny!  I have been in Rhode Island 25 years. In this time I have pulled back the drapes and looked under the carpet of Rhode Island. The evil eye of a secret society lurked back at me with threatening  me not to reveal them. I look back in disgust because we both know they cannot survive in consciousness. This mayor guy is suspect. He was wearing his mayor shirt a dark blue pull over with the warwick city emblem on his left breast and the word MAYOR IN BIG WHITE LETTERS on his right breast. When I introduced myself, he came forward  his eyes widened, in my face he said, " How are you, Ron." My bells and whistles went off. I mean, he was born, raised, educated in Warwick… and Washington D C.  Home of the snake. So, when I follow up, he will either be a human with concern for his planet and fellow man or he will recoil and hisss at me…will see. Great job yourself, A Simple Horseman, Sir.

  25. Seeing Clearly says:

     At this point, it is best to wear sunscreen just about every day.

    More money we would not have to spend have we not damaged the atmosphere like the ozone with chemicals and global warming and climate engineering and killing of life on earth that helps the ozone recover.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "Sun screen", bad idea! If you won't eat it, don't put it on your skin! Seriously, would you put sun screen on your salad? There are many links between sunscreen and skin cancer. Check it out and learn.

    • Hello 'a' simple horseman, thank you for your input in this important conversation.

      I will look into the link between s̲u̲n̲s̲c̲r̲e̲e̲n̲ and c̲a̲n̲c̲e̲r̲ as soon as I have a chance.

      I personally never had an issue with s̲u̲n̲s̲c̲r̲e̲e̲n̲, it's felt much better than having the sun fry my skin with all the UV and potentially x-ray radiation that b̲o̲m̲b̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ the surface of the planet.

      Wearing long sleeves when you  are outside is an a̲l̲t̲e̲r̲n̲a̲t̲i̲v̲e̲ however I think it just depends what kind of sunscreen what it's made out of and what it does to you and whether or not you are allergic to it.

      If you feel it is unsafe I advise you not to use it however we have to do something to protect ourselves from the l̲e̲t̲h̲a̲l̲_r̲a̲d̲i̲a̲t̲i̲o̲n̲ that is now coming from the Sun.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I agree with The Horseman. Sun screen is Bad News. I have never heard a Good word about it in anything I've read. I am a Landscaper & Painter, I never wear it. You now have two Health issues.  UV & chemicals being absorbed through your skin. Your Health issues may be down the road. And we need to do all we can to stay healthy enough fighting the health results from the fallout of SRM Programs. Please for your health Seeing Clearly, Check into the ingredients. We Care About You.  No Snideness intended.

    • BaneB says:

      Seeing Clearly:  Fortunately my abode is isolated. I am outdoors avoid part of the day.  Chores.  So I can look like a freak safe from the gasps of the look a likes.  My UV protection is simple.  Cheap long sleeve baggy white shirts with collars.  And white Jean or muslin painters" trousers, or baggy tie pants. The "ensemble" is topped off with a white flour sack cloth wrapped about my pate ( keeps UV and bugs off my back neck).  And most importantly a very large brimmed farmers' straw hat that provides shade too, and the bugs hate it because they seem to know I can spot them when they look for a free meal at my expense.  While conformity is comfortable for most of us in group situations, just changing clothing to reflect a changing environment is a healthy alternative.  One might surmise that before long there will be a stampede for white clothing and straw hats.  Oh yeah, definitely a run on good UV sunshades:-)).  What is that architects' maxim?  Oh…."form follows function."  Works for clothing, too.

    • marc says:

      Sunscreen?? Never, NEVER use that shit. I challenge anyone to grab any random bottle of any sunscreen brand off a shelf at the store and read through the ingredients carefully. If you still feel like you'll be better off absorbing all that vile chemical bullcrap right through your skin into your bloodstream and organs and brain and heart etc…….then be my guest, use all you want. A safer strategy is to minimize sun exposure, wear large (but fashionable, ha!!) hats, cover arms and legs with loose shirts and yoga pants (or whatever) and smoke reefer. Just kidding, that last part. 

        Oh but hold on just a goddang second. We're worried about sunscreen when the a-hole geoengineers have already been systematically applying a layer of sunscreen to the whole f**king planet???? I mean, isn't that exactly what they allege to be doing??? Trying to prevent the whole planet from getting a sunburn? Sunscreen=solar radiation management=sunscreen=solar radiation management……….etc.

  26. Susan Ferguson says:

    Starting the Dialogue on Climate Engineering Governance: A World Commission
    Fixing Climate Governance Series Policy Brief No. 8
    Series: Fixing Climate Governance Series
    Published: August 15, 2017
    Author: Edward A. Parson
    Climate engineering can, if appropriately governed within a coherent overall climate change strategy, reduce risks beyond what mitigation and adaptation can achieve alone, and is probably essential to achieve the Paris Agreement temperature targets. Climate engineering also poses significant new risks, and needs expanded research and scrutiny in climate assessments.
    Both types of climate engineering — carbon removal and solar geoengineering — also pose significant challenges to governance. The governance challenges of solar methods are particularly novel and severe, and urgently need international examination and consultation, both to learn how (and whether) climate engineering can deliver societal and ecosystem benefits, and to prepare for the likelihood that some states, facing mounting climate change impacts, will pursue climate engineering, and the international system will have to respond.
    The needed international dialogue on geoengineering governance will have broad international participation; engage high-level expertise in international policy and institutions; draw closely on parallel advances in scientific knowledge and technical capability, while keeping governance the central focus; and facilitate open, exploratory investigations of governance needs and potential responses, rather than pursue specific decisions, at least in initial stages. Present institutions are not well equipped to support these needs.
    A promising first step would be to establish a world commission on climate engineering or similar consultative body, with high-level political authorization, an appropriately broad mandate, adequate resources and wide participation.

    • Dennie says:

      Who's Edward Parson?  Where does he get his paycheck??  We NEED TO FIND OUT.  Find EVERY LAST ONE of these vermin and SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT.

  27. marc says:

    It's interesting (but aggravating) to see the extent to which people will remain blase about the truths I know we are all discussing vis-a-vis geoengineering/ozone destruction/HAARP/Canfield ocean/extinction…….Many (not all) I talk to have that "deer in the headlights" look about them, but the "look" is not one of surprise it's often one of incomprehension. An inability to process the vast implications of what these truths are screaming at us. Another part of that "look" just might be a fear that if what Marc is saying is real and true, then "gee, I might have to shake myself awake out of my normalcy, and risk being ridiculed." We are far past ridicule at this point. Nonetheless, we have all encountered it in various forms. As we have also encountered some receptive minds. I adore this website because I can talk freely and openly about all this shit without the slightest fear of ridicule. Yes, some commentary does go through a process of editing to keep everyone focused on the core issue but I have no problem with that. Dane and his crew are fierce, unapologetically committed to the cause, and of the highest imaginable integrity. It's when we are "in the field" that our preparedness (with knowledge and data and instructional materials) comes into critical play. But again, given the relentless bombardment from every side with disinfo, distracting news and sports cycles of bullshit, frequency weaponry, crappy food, flouride, you name it, it actually does not surprise me that many millions appear unable or unwilling to grasp the severity of the tragic environmental decay on full display right before our eyes. And we can add (manufactured) weather anomalies to that list as well, for we all know what a great distraction that can be to a population. Hmmm, interesting, using manufactured weather to distract and psy-op people away from the fact that they are manufacturing our weather…….

      But there is another agenda now fully deployed which I am convinced is doing it's part to divide, distract, destroy and quite frankly, scramble the brains of the masses. It is the "cell/gwen/relay" towers which some as yet unidentified deep-state entity has been frantically erecting BY THE THOUSANDS ACROSS OUR LANDSCAPE, ALONG ALL INTERSTATES, THROUGHOUT ALL MAJOR (AND MINOR) CITIES. These towers are built with power feeds so far in excess of what would be required if they were just "cell" towers, that we should all be terrified of the implications here. I know I am.That weather modification is involved is without question. But, like SRM itself, multiple agendas are subsumed inside the appearance of these towers everywhere. We are living in a society that is so far off the rails of sanity, decency and sustainability that I cannot envision any way that a healing of our Mother, our Earth might occur, with the possible exception of a cosmic apocalypse and a few million years of time.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      "they" have installed ( as you know ) and are installing the EM towers on the side of little kids schools. There are studies in Brazil that proves correlation between the exposition to the radiation and high levels of cancer cases in the schools population. And the kids that will escape from a early death caused by brain tumors, or other types of cancer, will have to deal with the sterilization caused by the radiation, in the case of the girls.

      An ATTACK more OBVIOUS than this to MANKIND, we can NOT get!

      And this is happening also in working populations of public services that have the towers next to the buildings where they work.

      I don't know if you notice yet, that in some mega stores of clothes ( of very well known brands ), the girls that work in these stores communicate with each other with portable radios similar of the equipment that is used by the police. These girls carry with them the radiation during all day.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  Great post as always.  Regarding the 'death towers' laced with multiple cables capable of carrying 300,000 watts each cable, few even notice the mushrooming.  And of those who do notice within the general population, again, most assume these monstrosities loaded up with all manner of incomprehensible high tech sorceries are merely cell towers.  Is there a high school or college course being taught anywhere ON THE NATURE OF PURE EVIL? The silence of the lambs is due to abject ignorance through ignoring our very own personal nature, avoiding a honest assessment of the deepest darkest pit into which Luciferian subhuman minds are quite willing to plumb.  

  28. SilentSister says:

    Hello! Found this article- a likely story. Interesting how they come out to introduce the layman to aerosol particles, but then say it's from natural weather and smoke from wildfires. Now, I can't say for sure- but it makes me think that many BC fires we're intentionally set- to be studied? I'm grasping at straws there- but it sadly, wouldn't shock me in the least. There is a very interesting graphic in this article , that pretty well admits geoengineering- under the guise of scientific research to " better understand our home planet." Just digging for any "official" word I can find- and all I find is hypnotic lies by those possessed by power and blood money.  With everything going on in the political climate, it is painfully obvious that this is not only biological warfare, but at a deeper level- psychological warfare designed to confuse the controlled masses so we give up and stop paying attention. Hype is completely destructive to liberation and freedom. This is why I say this is humanoid behavior – haven't deserved the right to be called a human "being". This project is called "Oracle" – fitting. If words and symbols have no meaning- how come the tricky corporations keep using them- rather stealing them – for their own corruption? 


    Keep doing the good work – for all life. Thank you! https://espo.nasa.gov/oracles

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello SilentSister.

      "Hypnotic lies", is a very good term.

      "they" are very worried with the awakening of the People.

  29. dr. steven amato says:

    The ozone has been shredded. All those space shuttle missions were about just that – destroying the delicate fabric that protects the planet from the danger's Dane mentioned. Then there are the atmospheric heaters located around the globe, further heating the ionosphere for our supposed benefit. All lies and deception.

    We live in a militarized world ruled by occultists practicing high tech black magic.  The three "C"s rule – command, control and communications. The world's governments are controlled by a central entity – one completely out of touch with reality – the reality is money and power. It's a game for them. Most concerning are the deep underground miliary bases most of the planet are clueless to. If money is so tight, where'd the the money come from to spray the skies and build these bases?  The global financial meltdown of 2008 – 2009 is where. All those trillions did not just disappear, they were shifted into the hands of the people behind the bizarre shift into a virtual world. Nothing's real except the illusion of those pieces of paper with US president's pictures on them. The stock market exists for the pubic's material consumption – it's but a virtual market controlled by computers – solely to project the illusion that everything is normal – it's not.

    It's a matter of time before the next engineered event occurs that strips the last thread of freedom and self determination away from humanity. Praying won't help at this point. The Boy Scouts learned decades ago before until they were politicized by the socially engineered press –  "Be Prepared". 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      They are practitioners of black magic, the MFs. Yes.

      So, perhaps this magic can be countered, contradicted and nullified.


    • BaneB says:

      dr. amato:  Years ago when the space shuttle was being conceived by NASA, I recall a National Geographic Magazine article that was about the wonders of the machine.  Very descriptive with lots of graphics, images of the Shuttle, the engineering details and technical achievements.  One particular aspect of this informative Geographic piece was the information therein that the Shuttle would destroy copious amounts of ozone.  So, yes, and these high priests of science knew this.  But destroying ozone was not going to be allowed to interfere with the gods of science, nor their great enterprise, discoveries, paycheck, or the Soviets getting there first.  Further, I have read of late that all the rockets sent into space to maintain our ephemeral civilization are destroying the ozone due to the type of fuels utilized.  Does the term high tech entrapment describe the dilemma.

      Pedro:  These sorcerers have much joo joo.  Very complex and hidden black magic. But as is often the reality of small victories over the Goliaths, simple steps taken can mitigate some of the lesser aspects of the information thievery.  Carrying a RF (microwave) blocking wallet is a excellent first step.  And given the array of info collection devices being embedded into public billboards  and lamp posts (smart cities), audio and visual biometrics (TIA), if one values a modicum of person privacy in public spaces away from the prying technology of these pervs, a aluminum, etc. woven wallet is very effective.  Even our paper money of certain denominations are embedded with a type of activated RF signal.  If you have cash for a vacation, it could be identified/discovered via this small insertion and their scanning device, and the confiscatory police state thieves might want you to produce proof on the spot as to how you obtained your cash. If you cannot, vacation and cash gone bye bye.  If it's more than your wallet will hold, wrap it in tin foil.  Hide it!  We are living in a high tech surveillance/control police state.  The law enforcement industry and the legal industry are self-dealers.  All nice and legal.  But utterly UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello BaneB.

      Thank you for the reply.

      I knew about the aluminum paper, about the possibility of the "guys" tracking us down because the money bills, that for me is new,  thank you.

      Other thing, I'll try to share my thoughts with you with my simple words;

      If the US works with two "constitutions," one, the real Constitution, which is not respected by the MFs, and another, a kind of internal directive that makes the US to work as a corporation, it is not possible for a group of Citizens, to go forward with a lawsuit against these evildoers, trying to suing and convict them for treason and other crimes against the Constitution, the Americans and other nations?

      Of course, talking is very easy. We are talking about prosecuting and convicting the MFs.

      Thank you BaneB.

  30. EcoD53 says:

    Hello All.  It's very hard to witness what is happening.  I come here often to read others' comments and gather strength to do my part.  I enjoy learning what others are doing to raise awareness. It's good to hear others' stories when things feel overwhelming.  I will share what I'm doing in the hopes that it will encourage others (especially other artists) to engage.  For several years I've been working on a play about the unfolding global catastrophe we've created: it's had 2 readings and I'm beginning the process of producing it…when it is, I intend to have Dane's information and large posters etc. in the lobby. I am also working on a traveling art show which will incorporate information and advocacy in the installation.  I am also planning to have a slow food geoengineering dinner party.  My point is, there are many things we can do with the information Dane makes available here.     

  31. penny waters says:

    dear all

    believe the oxygen was bound with hydrogen as water, which of course evaporated upwards – do you remember the anvil shaped dense clouds – above the flat top is where, in the sunlight of the atmosphere, the two elements were disassociating and where oxygen o (i atom) formed into ozone o3 (3 atoms) – our protector

    takes special kind of sunlight that i now know is uv-c – thanks ex nasa aeronautics engineer.

    hydrogen flies off the planet into the ether – scientists have just found that space is full of hydrogen – which is why, although space is full of starlight, we can only see so few.

    hydrogen is the smallest element of matter (tight as a particle – expansive as a wave – my answer to quantum mechanics!) so everything is constantly degrading and coming apart  and of course being reformed.

    it is inherent in nature that creation and destruction are the two ends of the spectrum and we have degraded our environment to the point that these cleverly stupid people are accelerating our decline.

    statement i found, i come from poor intelligent politically sophisticated people, so have always been aware of the arrogance of the upper classes but this says it all to me.

    upper class view of itself:-

    'as members of families that have long been distinguished not merely by wealth or fame which are ostensibly available to all in a democratic society but rather by generations of leadership in public service, education, charity, the military, medicine and the arts.

    bah humbug – public service, charity, military and especially the damn arts – i put art into my living – nature is art – of a special kind that we can only copy not reproduce – the height of arrogance.

    how is it that some people feel the need to lead? do they think they know better – wow – that arrogance again.

    i like co-operating with other humans and all creatures

    and by the way 'ostensible' means – professed, for show, put forward to conceal the real ( well there's a surprise!!).

    i love the fact that my family have always been poor – no using others and always sharing what they had, so never had 'assets'

    back to our poor old world – suddenly thought that the coal ash that they litter us with ( littering is against the law in this country!!!) apart from being particles of stuff that we shouldn't be damn well breathing it is so damn DRY that it sucks any water that is left out there, right out of the air

    my god they are so damn stupid!

    and our water is disappearing and the heat is up all around the world – and people still cut all the plants down whenever they can get a petrol driven toy in their hands.

    when it is done with hand tools – it is a slower more judged control – an interaction – sorry i have to cut some down cos i have to go out sometimes (although wish i didn't) and i do need to get about the garden but most times i am pushing my way through stuff – and i love it

    why 'weed' if you are not going to plant the naked space – let the weeds come through and see what traditional medicine you have growing right under your nose or other green bits of joy you never knew existed.

    nature abhors bare soil

    and the magic of plants – cos every time that water goes into a plants roots it gets disassociated – the hydrogen gets used by the plant for energy – but it is not used up – and then the hydrogen, when it has done its 'work' – moving through a system without losing energy – it re-associates with an oxygen atom and comes out of the leaves as newly made water – that is magic to me.

    we need to look after our plants – if not we are gonna's – we need to keep planting

    and it was pollen that initiated rain – tiny enough to fly above – bracken would be burned to initiate rain – has tiny pollen – when there was water in the atmosphere.

    so we must keep planting and recycle where you are – do not move it – do not buy what you can't recycle

    knew a man once who would unwrap anything he bought that was wrapped and would leave it in the shop hahahaha made me laugh but he was right – if we all did that what would the shops do, maybe stop wrapping stuff!! – we could take our baskets and jugs like we used to.

    keep feeding the animals – insect animals too – i have a garden full of – to most people – weeds – i see them as native plants providing me with food and medicine – and all the other creatures too

    have seen a mouse stretching up to feed on stinging nettle seeds, and a bullfinch that settled on the curl of the wisteria outside the window – showing me a large black cleavers seed in his beak – as if to say – thank you – this is what i eat

    so weeds feed us all with good food – i have started to wash now my morning intake of weeds that go in my omelette, because otherwise i lose it very quickly – presumably from the little black pollution sooty spots that i find on it all now – thank you, you foolish people in charge for filling up my lungs and body with black stuff!!!

    anyone read chief sealth's attributed reply to president pierce's offer to buy 2 million acres of their land (1854).

    it says it all to me and shows that this old wise man knew of the magic in nature and that we are a part of it – that our ancestors are in the trees and the birds – matter just changes into something else

    just a taster – 'if we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?……… all things are connected. whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons (and daughters) of the earth. man did not weave the web of life: he is merely a strand in it……continue to contaminate your bed, and you will one night suffocate in your own waste……..hold in your mind the memory of the land as it is when you take it…….and preserve it…..this earth is precious……..we shall see……

    if these people in charge were not so arrogant i am sure that the people who aren't awake could be jolted out of their complacency by the real information abut the state of the planet. people arenot stupid just isolated from what is really going on.

    know that we see things from our own perspective but there are facts that are incontrovertable (there's a long word for a wednesday morning)

    but trade runs it all – ego, power and money

    seems like people are playing like crickets whilst winter is a coming

    and thank you, all of you, that go out there and talk to people about the problems we are encountering – i do not have enough of what it takes any more – feel like just getting up in the morning takes most of what i have got – so tired of the hordes who nod their heads at me and look at each other behind my back – who promise to help me but don't and who live by sticking their heads in the sand.

    i am very isolated

    so thank you all for, posting my musings, reading what i write and especially, for feeling it too.

    much love to you all

    • Steve Thomson says:

      Dear Penny, thank you for your heartfelt and wise little letter! It helps me immeasurably to know that you, and others like you, are out there on the surface of this poor, oppressed planet. That you remember how to live as one with what is left of our miraculous homeworld. I am getting old as well, and it is so sad to realize that we who are alive now may very well be the last generation to even have a small understanding of how beautiful nature is. And that we are about to lose that beauty down the black hole of greedy evil and wilful blindness causes me great sadness. I try to tell people about the great sky-crime happening right over their heads. A few seem to listen, God bless them. May they pass the knowledge on! God bless Dane, and all here on this beacon of sanity and awareness. Finally, I pray that it won't all boil down to Revelation chapter 11, verse 18 coming to pass. That's the prophecy that God will "destroy those who destroy the earth". Truly The Last Resort, that! God help us all to be worthy of it NOT happening to our earthly Home. Strength and fortitude to you Penny!

    • gordon worthington says:

      Hello penny, Namaste,  "Forgive them for they know not what they do"  this is the quote from Luke 23:34.  Can ignorance know that it is ignorant ?  Does an alcoholic know they have succumb ?  No, not without a shift in consciousness. Your peace lies within. The "world" can not give this to you.  If you are familiar with inter being then you  know, [can feel] on the deepest level, that you are never isolated or alone. Love is endless, limitless, and has no boundary. Know you are loved.  Be peace, gordon

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Penny, Many thank you's for your contribution. Always, I enjoy a comment that makes me think, that has worthy content. One that is down to earth, real and honest. It matters to me that you are out there and are on the same page in this crazy misinformed world. Keep teaching Penny. It's the only way away from this madness…..

      Much love to you also Penny Waters. Chin up you know(grin)….

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, but there's a PRICE WE ARE ALL PAYING for the as-by-now inexcusable lack of consciousness.  "They know not what they do–"  Heh.  They know EXACTLY what they're doing, the mtoherfcukers.  But they have a GAPING HOLE where there should be a functioning heart.

    • BaneB says:

      Penny:  Pure poetry.  I felt it!

      Dennie:  How right you are!  

  32. Jennifer Symonds says:

    I've just typed in to Google search geo-engineering: while there's no denial that it's taking place the reasons are flimsy to say the list; do please have a look: you won't know if you should be crying or laughing. I'd be interested in what other people think about this new  look for the Google search

  33. Dennie says:

    Here's a good video describing the effects of cell phone use and microwave radiation and it's observed effects by military research:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLDdS4_Qneg  Heating of the organs, skin, bones, brain, sinuses, genitalia, degeneration of the testicles; alterations in biocurrencies of the cerebral cortex; Central nervous system:  Headaches, insomnia, restlessness; Autonomic nervous system effects: Fatigue, structural alterations in the vagus nerve; Psychological disorders including neurasthenia, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, insomnia, increased fatigueability, tremors of the hands; Changes in blood and bone marrow, lipids and cholesterol, enzyme and protein changes and virus activations; alterations in the rate of cell division; gastrointestinal alterations,more.  We have 4.7 billion cell phone users on the planet. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both have limited the use of technology by their own children.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, thanks for the straight up info. Geez, I think I'll just go down and git me one of those cell phones. Don't want to be left out, right?

      I have a pay by the minute phone in my truck. In it's origional zip lock bag. When it is not in use, the battery in pulled. I've used 20 minutes of cell time in three months. Mostly when I traveled to Redding. There's not a lot of cell towers around here yet, but there's more every year, for sure.

      When in the Army, my sister worked in a "micro wave shack". She died 7 years ago of a nasty brain tumor. And my family thinks "I'm" the one that's nuts! The "Rife generator" would have saved hers and countless other lives… and she'd still be here to tease and have sibling fun with. I have many rock solid foundations for drive in this battle we all face. May we all make it to "the other side".

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Uganda is closing all their schools backed by the US, World Bank, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg? (am I spelling that right?), saying that kids were endangered.  So, Uganda is hipper than we are?!

      I spent a lot of energy, rather what little I have, getting flyers out about SB.649 and the cell tower grab for utility poles-get this!-for Verizon and AT&T!!!!  Not just the CDC, but California Health suppressed the medical warnings themselves for 7 years.  I put a note about time frame as well as begging with both local and Sacramento phone numbers, on each flyer and had my daughter deliver them, against her will to every household on both sides of this street.  That is all I could do besides tell everyone I could, make calls and send emails.  My one fear in this effort is that my daughter, who guess what, cannot hear anymore!-took them down to the park and dumped them.  I mean I did try to explain this situation and our role in it, as in Over My Dead Body!  As well as what passive gains one-nothing ever.  But this has already passed nearly unanimously by CA Senate, the assembly stalled, reconvenes the 21st of this month.  5 times they failed to agree.  So a slim chance at success in stopping but to hear tell they are already going up.  Yet another corporate public property grab that once done cannot be undone. Obviously these idiots did not read the info, too dazzled by dollars.  I made it clear that I will note who voted which way and will never vote for that person again who voted for this and I will remember and tell all.  That is where 'think globally, vote locally' really does count.  They like their high paying jobs with health care and vacations.  I did a lot of research:1) 2011-International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radio frequency as 2B Carcinogen and "possibly" carcinogenic to humans–the same category as DDT, lead, and other pesticides. 2) 2016 National Institutes of Health, National Toxicology Program, called the NTP Toxicology and Carcinogenicity Cell Phone Radiation Study-the 10 year, 25 million$ research revealed conclusively, harmful effects from cell phone microwave radiation.  RFR-radio frequency radiation caused a statistically significant increase in two types of brain tumors: gliomas and schwamnomas from long term use-brain- think McCain.  Also consistent pattern of increased incidence of ipsilateral (one side) acoustic neuromas (vestibular schwamnomas) and gliomas with each 100 hours of cell phone use!  And, the NIEHS: National Institutes of Environmental Health Services says the  the studies have been done and proved.  And they include things like infertility and more!  And some European countries have banned these extreme towers.  They increase, 2G, 3G, 4G and now comes 5G which does make me think of UVC!  So much like.  It penetrates the skin.  Not deeply but deep is not needed to cause a whole cascade of events in body.  Heart rhythms, and hello Dennie!  Heart attacks, skin cancer, all sorts of cancer–extremely high frequencies: 30-300GHz.  Surface effects cause whole body reaction.  But wait, there is more!  Affects immune system, and even affects bacteria such that it becomes antibiotic resistant!!!  It kills trees!  It has a thermal aspect that heats tissues containing water, like us and critters and plants.  But specifically mentioned trees!  Which makes it more than ironic, in fact a sick joke, to 'hide' these things in fake trees!!!  But uber point is they don't even want to hide them now.  They want them on our utility poles, as in public property raining down their radiation constantly on all who pass by or live by and these will be everywhere.  Why?  Not for cell phones.  Think home delivery drones!  Or other drones, driverless cars too.  They are trying to say we need this and want this.  Uh?  No!  Verizon does, AT&T does.  They even say it will be hard to tell what illnesses go with what given the vast amount of poisons of all sorts we are now living with!  Too many to parse.  And don't think you will escape the harm if you don't use a cell phone.  We are all being radiated by this crap, this electrosmog radiation.  And, that is not even including geoengineering!  Good God!  Is this country in love with radiation or what?!  Just can't get enough?  All for the love of money.

      I think, not unlike geoengineering, they purposely waited until our whole world here in US depended upon digital everything.  So convenient for some, like say the government and military.  Can track us better.  Cut us off or out.  Once everyone begins to get comfy with all this, even addicted, THEN they tell us the harms.  And few will pay attention or change their ways and in many ways cannot go back to how it was.  And meanwhile, the effects of all this render us passive.  Too weak to fight back.  This is all so very insane.  Unlike most here, I don't think the back story is some evil cult.  Just wild west old fashioned greed and fortunes made.  Talk about disaster trading!  Nothing quite like creating a market for disaster.  Reap the benefits for medical everything, but if people die, that works too.  Our food is now being automated.  Robots putting together your organic washed salad.  They are not slated for 15 dollars an hour and they work long hours, no sick days, no rights, no 'issues'.  Guess they need massive RFs to move all the robots and AIs.  Supposedly cleaner but even more than a decade ago I knew a guy who sold this new-then equipment.  Not as super clean as promised!  He also sold those big machines that literally shake the heck outta trees for nuts and fruits.  How far removed from nature can we get?  Far enough yet?  This is a war against nature.  All of it.  All of it anti nature.  Nothing nature does is good enough for them.  To them, a mountain of dead trees is just easier to strip mine.  Bonus!

      I look forward to Earth's wrath.  But I cannot stand Nature's anguish, Earth's pain, screaming everywhere.  No one seems to really care, even if it is something like SB.649.  Can't be bothered.  MUST travel hundreds of miles to be able to say you saw the whole eclipse!  I actually know one person who took a cruise this year to Alaska, you know, to watch it die.  And another who did the same with Antarctica.  Gotta say You saw it dying!  A friend brought me two trout from a camping/fishing trip.  They look like bait.  They look like babies.  It's freaking me out.  It is way past late.  I'm moving my doomsday clock up 30 seconds and that is generous!

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Your post has a kind of humor, intended or not, that 'hit the spot.'  Thank you!  I needed that encapsulation of your descriptive prose to ground me into thinking about the whole of the mess made up of the parts.  I too know a couple who are flying up to Oregon to witness a full eclipse.  It won't be much longer given the SRM that we will be able to see anything.  An old Indian lady in my area told me 35 years ago that she recalled the creeks and rivers here in Central Mendocino County, California were thick with salmon. There are no salmon here anymore.  Lots of cattle.  And lots of cell phones.  Really, your are so right on about this technology being pushed on us.  We do not say we want this.  They say we need this.  And sure enough, after the fact, we do because they made it so.  Self-dealers.

  34. Christina says:

    If you get a chance to listen to some of these discussions they are very interesting



  35. Tim says:


    Accuweather has the high temp reported as 84 when both my cars registered 94 Monday. Also, 2 banks we passed, one had 95 and the other 94. Talk about under-reporting of temps.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hello Dane,

    I have been a truck driver for over twenty years. The past two years I have noticed my eyesight deteriorating. How does the UVB and UVC affect eyesight? I will lose my DOT certification if this continues. What do you think will happen if twenty something million truck drivers start to go blind?

    • Michael says:

      While UV-C is bad for eyesight, I suspect that it is the microwaves from your cell phone that are doing most of the damage. When you text, you are looking right at the transmitter. Microwaves are reflected and focused by the interior of your eyes just like visible light is. I adhere to 1960s standards of microwave safety which have never been disproven. My cell phone is a Motorola M-900 with a 20 foot cable leading to a small magnetic antenna that goes on the roof of my car. The grounded body of the car shields me from the emissions. An M-900 has 17 times the output power (When required.) of a standard "smart" phone, so there are no dropped calls. This phone can be had on E-bay for less than a "smart" (dumb) phone and it accepts a lap top as well.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Anonymous, Not to worry!  Soon trucks will be driverless!

      @Michael,  What a brilliant idea and info.  Thank you.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      But there are always sunglasses with good UV protection.

  37. Tim says:


    My aspen trees are dying with bark torched. 150,000 acres of aspens are dying in the mountains here and arborists cannot figure out why.


  38. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Our Trees have the same types of Injuries to them here in Alberta. Split up the trunks or bark burned black. The young trees with there new leaves are black & drying up on them. Growth seems to be accelerated on so many plants. Some plants started to seed before they grew to anything close to maturity. So odd.  No matter how many times they say the Ozone is, Just Fine, I doubt many do, or will, believe them. Atleast not for very long. The Sun burning their hides will be more obvious to the masses then a Sky full of pink & black clouds, clouds in lines, streaks, smears, waves, or Xs.  They know the Suns heat will draw the publics attention, that is why they are working so feverishly to cool the planet down. (Well at least one of the reasons )  When they allow us some Sunshine although temporary, The heat increases by 5-10 degrees in minutes. They call it a Heatwave. They really think we are Fools. I wonder how much Hotter it would be if we were allowed a day of Sun to Shine without the nucleated particulates blocking its rays. Very Scary.        – The Fact that an opinion has been widely held, is no evidence whatsoever that it is not utterly absurd!                         -Utterly Russell –

  39. Pharmerdave says:

    Degrading our atmosphere is their most lethal weapon, and is already killing vast swaths of the planet – plant and animal.  The elite know better, shield themselves from it, and filter their air.  The most elite live underground, where they control the surface from space.  We let them control our money, so now they control everything, and keep launching obscenely expensive secret sattelites to control us with.  The control grid is in place, and soon all cities will be "smart", with audio/video surveillance everywhere. 

  40. Joseph L says:




    Great work –which should be seen by everyone on this whole planet.

  41. Paul Barbara says:

    Are there commercially available instruments that can measure UVC, so that ordinary people can monitor them?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, yes, UVC meters are available, but meters capable of accurately metering solar UVC (and not lab sterilizing UVC emitters) are of considerable expense.

  42. Mark in OZ -MN native says:

    Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease in Australia. It also kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer. Yet very little is known about brain cancer, its causes or how to treat it.

    The reasons for brain cancer are poorly understood but a clear link exists with genetic damage by X and gamma rays. These 'rays' are also shorter wavelength and are just below the ultraviolent spectrum on the wavelength spectrum.

    As with any area that receives 'high' or 'extreme' UV readings (much of the planet now) it's wise to ensure that these short waves do NOT reach exposed skin. Damage occurs rapidly and the effects are cumulative. Suitable clothing and headgear protection is now a requirement. The last five people I knew whose funeral I attended were under 45. Four were phys -ed instructors at schools who spent their days outdoors. They were unaware ( like most)  of the rapid changes that have arrived and the threats that are multiplying.


    • stephen langley says:

      Hi Mark in Oz.  Look into sunscreen toxicity… lots' of nano-particulates in that junk that by pass the blood brain barrier so brain cancer would be no surprise.  As for the high incidence of brain cancer in children that would naturally follow owing to parents constantly lathering up their children.

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      @ Stephen Spot on re the sunscreens–most are organic ( carbon based) compounds that convert solar radiation into heat at the skin level. The C-C bonds accept the some radiation as the energy has to go somewhere.

      This occurs in the 290-400 nanometre (nm) range (UV a & B) but the danger area is the lower (shorter wave) end (290 -320nm) of UV-B.

      Skin cells recycle fast-~every 28 days and damaged ones CAN easily mutate and pass on to cause trouble down the line.

      Thanks VV!

      Good stuff those links!

      In OP, I was trying to connect the proximity of the visible spectrum, UV A; B;&C and the lethal Gamma and X rays adjacent. There's a good reason lead aprons and shields are used in medical and dental X-rays.

      The O3 (ozone) layer and Nitrogen and diatomic oxygen is 'our' principal shield from short-wave interstellar solar radiation. These are the 'ionizing' types of radiation that liberate electrons from atoms or molecules.

      Without this 'shield' we would perish.

      These are very dangerous and warrant using the yellow triangle(radioactive) warning in commercial. industrial or healing processes.


      This chart show the wavelength relationship of all know forms of electromagnetic radiation.




  43. wyatt earp says:

    I remember Dec. 1987, in Navarro Ca. feeling like the sun was way too intense on my face. That was the 80s, so they told everyone to not use hairspray, as a convenient scapegoat. As a child in the 70s I asked my dad, "why is that plane leaving those two long lines?"  I found Dane's work in 2008 and it is like having a nagging confusion removed from the back of my mind. 

    • Dennie says:

      @wyatt earp: I'm in San Rafael, CA and remember hearing in the 70's that the freon coolant used in automobile car and other air conditioning units, as well as the aerosol spray-can hairspray and underarm deodorants were the main culprits causing ozone layer depletion– never mind the massive spray campaigns going on overhead, and the interference caused by space launches and aircraft flying +50k ft. (military's "layer" of the sky).  I didn't really see massive amounts of blatant activity in the sky until around 2010, then it was all day,every day.  Now they seem to be spraying off the coast so you can't see the trails but the last few days have been very obvious and really rather heavy.  Ramping up for the fall/winter season, I guess.

  44. Susan Ferguson says:

    Biological annihilation via the ongoing sixth mass extinction signaled by vertebrate population losses and declines
    Gerardo Ceballos, Paul R. Ehrlich, and Rodolfo Dirzo
    Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City 04510, Mexico; and Department of Biology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305
    Contributed by Paul R. Ehrlich, May 23, 2017 (sent for review March 28, 2017; reviewed by Thomas E. Lovejoy and Peter H. Raven).
    The population extinction pulse we describe here shows, from a quantitative viewpoint, that Earth’s sixth mass extinction is more severe than perceived when looking exclusively at species extinctions. Therefore, humanity needs to address anthropogenic population extirpation and decimation immediately. That conclusion is based on analyses of the numbers and degrees of range contraction
    (indicative of population shrinkage and/or population extinctions according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature) using a sample of 27,600 vertebrate species, and on a more detailed
    analysis documenting the population extinctions between 1900 and 2015 in 177 mammal species. We find that the rate of population loss in terrestrial vertebrates is extremely high — even in “species of low concern.”
    In our sample, comprising nearly half of known vertebrate species, 32% (8,851/27,600) are decreasing; that is, they have decreased in population size and range. In the 177 mammals for which
    we have detailed data, all have lost 30% or more of their geographic ranges and more than 40% of the species have experienced severe population declines (>80% range shrinkage). Our data indicate that beyond global species extinctions Earth is experiencing a huge episode of population declines and extirpations, which will have negative cascading consequences on ecosystem functioning and services vital to sustaining civilization.  We describe this as a “biological annihilation” to highlight the current magnitude of Earth’s ongoing sixth major extinction event.


    • Bryan says:

      anthropogenic population extirpation

      That psychobabble is precisely why I left academia. I prefer Marc's honest profanity. It may lack footnotes but it's miles closer to the truth.

      To quote the good professor – and yes, I'm paraphrasing – there's a great likelihood that we the people are all «fucked» (non-scientific term, citation needed) if nobody does anything to alter the biosphere's current omnicidal trajectory [see: Wiggington, Dane].

      The 6th Mass Extinction is happening and you're all cordially invited. R.S.V.P.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      I had no idea Paul Ehrlich, who wrote The Population Bomb, was still alive. He was born in 1932! You do the math…   

    • Dennie says:

      Ehrlich is 85.  My understanding is that he has been described as a eugenecist, meaning that he has some kind of philosophical ties to beliefs that fewer and better people should be left here on Earth, and all the "rest" can conveniently be "decimated," via "negative cascading consequences on ecosystem functioning and services vital to sustaining civilization."  The Elites have been drumming to a "population extinction pulse" beat, including "extirpation and decimation," and "biological annihilation," Translated:  "They" want YOU and ME DEAD!!!!  LESS of You and Me means MORE for THEM, according to "their" sick and twisted thought processes.  Using B  –  I  –  G  words to describe unpleasant truths such as DEATH, actually, is really avoidance, in other words, just another form of denial.

    • Dennie says:

      I hear a song in here somewhere:

      (Sung to a Population Extinction Pulse beat):

      "It's the Sixth Mass Extinction and you're all invited cord-ialleee!

      Extirpation, Decimation, Biological Anni-hilation– No need to R.S.V.P.—–

      Ultraviolet's off the charts, burns the trees of all their bark, brain cancers, and more, we all will see-ee-eeeee!

      "THEY want you and me DEAD, oh yeah!!! THEY want you and me DEAD!!!"

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, I think this is the beat you were referring to:


      "I should have done 'something'……

  45. Christopher L. Calkins says:

    Dane, Many Thanks for this sobering education on UVA, UVB, and UVC as well as UVC turning O2 into O3/Ozone. I appreciate your explanation on how Geoengineering particulates are blocking O2 from reaching the upper atmosphere and how that prevents or reduces O3 production. I really appreciated seeing what our Alaskian brother is doing at his pizzeria. Wow. Great Job to both of you. I appreciate this community of fine brothers and sisters in our endeavor save our planet.

  46. drew says:

    Received my geoengineering awareness package the other day. I slapped the bumper sticker on the back of the work van, then drove up and down I-5 all day throughout Oregon. I handed out about half of the flyers and booklets already with plans for the other half. I watched the DVD then gave it to a friend who I have told about this issue, he is going to watch it with his family.  Thanks Dane!

  47. Loran Conley says:

    Absolutely, plain as day, correct. The trees are almost ALL frying right before our eyes. I have state certified forest land and keep a close eye on the trees. They are screaming and it gets louder every day.

    • MAP says:

      I simply find it difficult to understand that people around me do not show concern regarding the tree die-off right in front of their eyes. My parents removed 10 dead trees from their 4 acres of land last week. There are 30 – 35 more dead trees that need to be removed from this 4 acres. And they just don't "get it" and refuse to see what the broader implications are around all of these trees that are dead or dying.The evidence is right in front of our eyes.

    • BaneB says:

      MAP:  Same here in Mendocino County, California.  Trees are dead and dying all over.  Yet, it's never a topic of conversation unless I bring it up at some function.  I might be planting a seed, though it's not a tree.

    • Dennie says:

      Last Sunday during coffee hour I had occasion to go upstairs and inspect the newly-remodeled bathroom and the newly refurbished group meeting room with corner play area for small ones– very nice new paint, carpeting on the floor like new, comfortable chairs around round tables for educational and study meetings– I'm visualizing that environmental awareness and education group having our first meetings in this room to put a program in place and start educating the children of St. Paul's and beyond.  One of our vestry members was up on the landing outside the northwest exit door, examining the roof over the kitchen that will be replaced, with foam (urethane foam will break down very fast in this high-ultraviolet environment!).  I remarked about how the tar on the tar and gravel roofs is being degraded by our ongoing off-the-charts high ultraviolet index, and he agreed!  I also went on to say that the highly visible jet spraying campaigns of metal nanoparticulates, in a misguided attempt at cooling the planet via solar radiation management is actually shredding the protective ozone layer and letting the ultraviolet onto the planet.  He seemed interested.  I didn't pursue it.  That will be for another coffee hour.  I want to get the former rector's son in on that conversation when it happens, because I KNOW that Paul knows about this.  He is also talking to his mother, who is the "grand dame" at St. Paul's….

  48. Michel B says:

    The 'World Health Organisation'!!! Whose 'world' and where's the health???!!! The word 'World' is ambiguous. It can refer to a set of ideas not necessarily manifest in everyone's experience. Indeed the WHO is living in its own little world. A better choice might be 'Earth Health Organisation' or 'Planetary Health Organisation'. Then we know what we should be talking about.

    We need these so-called authorities to demonstrate their claims with a UV metering device how there is not dangerous UV reaching the ground. As it is, the weather report on the Bureau of Meteorology site gives a general UV rating for the day. There is no discernment for the different UV wave lengths. Of course that would be letting the cat out of the bag.

    But their ratings are alarming as it is. Australia is frying. For decades it has been people's experience that the sun is very hot and dangerous here. We had/have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, possibly due to having a large Northern European derived population living in the sub tropics and tropical climes of this large continent.

    But not just due to racial type and light skin. The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is old news but was conveniently blamed on refrigerant gases and canned hair spray accelarent. The ozone layer everywhere seems to be like an old piece of cheese cloth: it's full of holes.

    Given the scale of SRM that we can actually observe with our own eyes in our own particular regions, I think we can safely hazard a guess that it was and is the major cause of ozone depletion.

  49. Rodster says:

    Here in SW Florida I can sun bleach a dark colored shirt within two weeks. In that short period of time a brand new navy blue shirt will turn to a light purple color.

  50. Pedro says:

    . Better information about the extremely serious situation we are experiencing now, regarding the LACK of HEALTH of ALL ECOSYSTEMS, is NOT possible to offer to the public. Thank you for your Work and Perseverance!

    Today, I had the possibility of observing black trails, certainly containing the coal-fly-ash ( in the beginning of the evening ), that were sprayed, on the side of other white and shining trails, of the damn aerosols. It was a surreal scenario of black and white trails, expanding rapidly due to the electromagnetic radiation. I had the opportunity of observing this before, but never with the intensity and quantity of the "material" that was released today into the skies. This is an objective attack to Life on Earth.


  51. jean ballard says:

    dane thank you , this is  just what i asked you for  a month or so ago … a report that a laymen or asleep person can understand.  i shared with everyone i could even twitter. ,   i do not go outside except to feed  the birds year round. and short trips to  do errands. i have  messaged and asked every weather forecaster in oklahoma why are uv index reports not being given in there weather reports this summer?  and the uv index  reported for this area  has been 10 and above for many months. and that is just u.v. index , which i,m sure is not accurate. i have a lung disease and on oxygen all the time.  but even with o2 on i can not breath when i go outside. on hot humid days like today. again thank you for this report.  jean . in oklahoma.

  52. s. says:

    I've been greatly anticipating this report, great job in visually illustrating the data. I have been wrestling with the cognitive dissonance that the sun's rays are so deeply uncomfortable to feel on my skin yet also still essential for good health like vitamin d production and regulation of the circadian rhythms.  

    I've noticed that some cloth that is advertised at having a sunscreen effect may not do what it's advertised to do.  I don't wear sunscreen because of all the harmful and irritating ingredients.  I wear socially acceptable hats to shield eyes from glare but still leave much of the face exposed and if you wear a total coverage hat people perceive you as an irritating tourist or weirdo.   Unfortunately,  so much of our interactions with people are controlled by how others perceive us at first glance. 

     I cannot tell by examining the weave of fabric whether it will do a good job blocking the rays.  Are there any experts out there who have studied textile science that can help us figure out what cloth is best for personal protection and also shade canopies, greenhouse coverings etc?  Are there types of glass that could inadvertently increase any of these rays?  Can we identify a good cheap shade cloth that we can use to help shelter plants, especially when they are young?

    For awhile I was thinking even cheap sunglasses were better than nothing to protect vision, but my friend mentioned that a lot of cheap sunglasses might not actually block uv radiation, and since the eyes are shaded then the pupils dilate, taking in even more uv rays!  Does anyone know of a good source of (cheaper) sunglasses that will actually block uv for sure?

    Thanks to everyone paying attention and working hard to share the truth. It is a blessing to wake up, even though it is the most painful thing to go through at the same time. Today is a blessed day, it could be our last so make ever moment count with kindness, compassion and tolerance for the faults in other and especially ourselves.

  53. Art Radtke says:

    I can immediately feel the suns intense heat on my skin when I go outside. I go to the city outdoor pool a lot to swim and get exercise. I try to get into the shaded areas to protect myself, but the reflection of the sun from the water probably gets me too. We have been in the cool down mix here in West Central Wisconsin. I have a cough that just won't go away. I find myself constantly clearing my throat because of the flem and goo in find in my lungs and throat. It's worse at night. I have been putting the informational flyers on peoples windshields, about 300 so far. I'm off to the pool now and will put at least 30 fliers on the cars in the lot. Doing a part to awake the masses.

    Thanks Dane for what you are doing. Fight the good fight my friend.

  54. Dane:


    I live in the northern panhandle of Idaho, having moved here from the Yosemite National Park area of California.  I saw what happened to the Yosemite/Bass Lake area, and never dreamed that the chemtrailing would be done up here.  It is every day now, and I can see the effect on the vegetation!

    Out of which budget are the funds coming from for this insane project?  Which air base are they flying out of for our area?  What is the best way to engage our President?  I would like to help.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bob, thank you for joining us in this most critical battle. The home page of geoengineeringwatch.org contains multiple power point presentations that should help fill in the blanks on the climate engineering global assault. About how to help sound the alarm, the following link is a start. Thanks again for your willingness to face this most dire issue. FYI http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/introducing-geoengineering-climate-engineering-to-the-uninformed/

  55. marc says:

    This is nothing less than a terrifying report. We all see the trees and plants wasting away from the top down. We all know from personal experience that the "sun" doesn't feel right on our skin anymore. The intensity of UV is so great times it is unbearable and finds me running for shade, a hat, a long-sleeved shirt….I have been noticing this for at least 8-10 years. I remember a couple of incidents back then (and recently, too) when the UV felt insane, and I felt like I was literally being cooked from the inside out. Nowadays, knowing the truth about this, it seems nothing short of a miracle that we are not yet seeing complete and total frying to death of any and all fully exposed greenery, be it conifer, deciduous, shrub, bush, fruits, nuts, grains, whatever. I find it especially disturbing that this article makes it clear that OXYGEN, when irradiated by UV-C, creates ozone….which then shields the surface from UV-C. The take-away? Many scenarios are right now in full bloom that are destroying our planet's oxygen generation. This is a classic positive feedback loop with apocalyptic implications. Doesn't take a genius to see where this is heading. Given the non-linearity of this scenario, our time left must surely be shorter than anyone will dare admit.

    • Tim says:


      Been to guy mcpherson's site? He is admitting it.

    • Laura says:

      Marc – felt as if I was reading my own comments.  All plant life in our area seems anemic….most of my evergreens are losing leaves and have dead, yellowing leaves on them at all times.  Trying to grow vegetables this year was strange – they just aren't getting enough of the right sun and the rain is strange, coming in deluges with high winds out of nowhere.  Further, simply step outside into the sun and you can see and feel the difference.  Nope, it sure doesn't take a genius, but like others here, I try diligently to educate those around me on a daily basis.  Some are receptive, others scoff.  But, it is definitely accelerating and can't be ignored.

    • Dennie says:

      marc:  People are soooooooooo "checked out."  They wouldn't register the sun as H-O-T, much hotter than normal, if someone pointed it out to them by making them STAND in the hot sun for a full ten minutes to get them to feel it, actually. And that's the problem– NO feelings.  They are in the NUMB STAGE on the way to their total spiritual demise.

  56. penny waters says:

    dear dane 

    don't know if i wrote before but i saw a documentary about a bishop whose parish is on the slopes of kilimanjaro in africa.

    all the streams that used to flow from the mountain down the sides into the human villages had stopped

    he got all the people in his parish to plant trees intensively – i saw him in his robes with the local people planting them.

    some of the streams had started flowing again.

    we need to all plant trees, as well as try to wake others to the dangers that we face with the idiotic geoengineering – which is such a crude way to deal with problems in the atmosphere.

    like throwing raw sewage onto plants and expecting them to grow well from it

    over the back where i used to work a firm started to produce what it calls 'compost'.

    much of the plant waste in essex is 'recycled' – there are brown bins for it supplied by the council who come and take it to the aforementioned site. 

    it is dumped in great piles – continually turned by large machinery and when it goes brown they call it compost – bag it up and sell it!!!!

    composted plant material does not smell like this stuff smells – proper compost smells sweet – it is degraded by a number of bacteria and has to go through its natural process of degradation.

    now people buy this c..p and then say – 'i'm no good with plants – i can't grow anything'.

    it makes me want to sob.

    like most things in nature now, people who know nothing about the environment are involved in crude assessments – they go to uni do 3 yrs travelling about the world thinking they know stuff – instead of staying at home and learning about their own environment – then everyone calls them an 'ecologist'. and then they get authority to do stuff aaaaaaaahhhhhh

    it takes more than a lifetime to understand nature – cultures would pass it down the generations of living in it – not controlling it and destroying it.

    i despair – the little i know makes me realise that most people are totally disconnected from nature – i find few people who have any inkling of what i am writing or talking about.

    if one does not have the sensibility, the awareness, the openness that allows one to enter into the other world that is not controlled by humans – then we are lost.

    i found this in a book – cannot remember what book and i cannot reproduce the diagram which is like a stacked pyramid, but here goes:-

    number of organisms that live in one square metre of productive soil:-

    vertebrates – eg 1 bird                                                                           slugs and snails – 100                                                                            pot worms and earth worms – 3,000                                                      insects, myriapods, spiders, dipluranus – 5,000                                    rotifers and tardigrades – 10,000                                                          springtails – 50.000                                                                               mites – 100.00                                                                                        nematodes – 5,000,000                                                                         protozoa – 10,000,000,000                                                                    bacteria and actinomycetes – 10,000,000,000,000

    all of those creatures are involved in breaking down plants in the wild.

    when an animals defecates it drops to the surface or maybe under the surface and gradually is broken – other creatures live on it. 

    i don't even know what many of those creatures are!!!

    but i have found pictures of tardigrades and they are wonderful – full of wonder – aweful – full of awe for me.

    how in god's name can we stop the mighty and stupid from destroying it all.                       

    i have been reading the weather reports from you all on this site and have been horrified by your descriptions.

    it is becoming like that here.

    when i go out – from underneath the trees in the tangled garden i live in – my lungs start to not work properly – can feel the resistance in them to the air

    i can smell it and taste it and even see it in front of me

    but others don't – like i see the birds and their characters – and i meet insects and they have a way with them – all of their own

    but they are disappearing

    i met a stoat that came up to the window and peered inside, i have met a rabbit that looked at me through the window after s/he thought that s/he had outwitted the stoat behind him/her and kinda gave a cocky look – but it hadn't outwitted it at all

    they are aware but humans are not. we are the deadliest animal on the planet!

    we have been given a deadly arrogance      

    am lost and can only go day by day and try to avoid the stink that comes from people – their cars, their food, their buildings, their clothes, their skin, everything about most people stinks to me

    i used to love the smell after a good rainfall – the clean smell of earth – the drizzle that would go on for days and days – that would wet everything – the smell of a forest, or a beach – the smell of the sea and seaweed

    i could go on but cannot let the feeling sweep over me any more – tis too much pain 

    keep safe and warm and dry and take plant medicine to ease the pain of the filth that showers down upon us day after day

    and keep planting               

    love to you all and thank you dane and all you others, many i know by your names, for making me feel not so alone in this craziness of the human world we live in                 


    • marc says:

      Penny Waters, superlative post. My eyes are wet with tears after reading it.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Exactly Penny.

      creating compost is a great opportunity of clean and benign business that should be promoted by all local politicians, but it's rare to find who thinks like that inside the political circles.  Instead of that we have the method of the co-incineration, which destroy the incredible valuable resource that is the vegetal matter of the sub products of agriculture and silviculture, and creates more CO2 and other pollutants that contribute more for the global warming devastating scenario. When I dig the dirt, when I need to work the soil, I stay alarmed with the almost non existence of small creatures I can find, even in humid days. It's possible to find only a very limited number of very resistant species that can thrive, among those, we find spiders. But the industry of the chemical fertilizers can't stop. This is another useless thing with which millions are spent.

      Other thing that could boost the economy of any country with debts to pay, is the recycling of our trash. Trash is money. If the state payed to the people for deliver the garbage they produce, separated, in recycling centers, more than 95% of all trash could be recycled and this would represent a capital injection of hundreds of millions in the economy of a country, every year. Even People without work could earn good money in this very valuable and nee, activity. In my "country", only 5 to 6 % of all trash is recycled. And big companies have the contracts with the state in order to control this issue, of the recycling. Instead of organized recycling, what is a factory of making money, we have islands of plastic in the Oceans. We find morons everywhere, but with money.

    • Goober says:

      Totally agree – – – also live way out in the forests and this brought me to tears also.  Thank you.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Nice Post. Thank You, Penny

    • Laura says:

      Profound…yes, most have lost touch with our planet and its amazing gifts, so that they have no idea how they damage it on a daily basis.  Thank  you for sharing….feeling grounded and reassured that others are feeling this, too.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Trees are the Key for the existence of Life on Earth. Also the Oceans and Plankton.

      Trees are the key for the increasing of the levels of O2 in the Atmosphere, and consequently for the increasing of the O3 levels. Trees are the Key for the decreasing of the CO2 levels in the Atmosphere, and other pollutants. Trees produce PURE RAIN and thunderstorms, Trees produce our Climate. Trees are the key for the increasing of freshWater in the World; in Creeks, Rivers, Lakes, Wetlands in the mouth of the Rivers, in Swamps, etc.. Trees are Water reservoirs, and Trees purify the Water. Trees and Plants are Medicine. Trees give Food and shelter to Animals and to People. Trees work in symbiosis with the soil and microorganisms.

      Trees are Beautiful and Magnificent.

      Trees are the BIGGEST organisms of the Earth, and possibly of the Universe. Trees are the most long lasting macro-organisms on Earth and probably of the Universe. In reality Trees are our Existential Mothers and Fathers, because we descend from arboreal Animals. After a war, in many African countries, soldiers who were involved in massacres, before reconciliation with the population, go to a big and old Tree to ask for forgiveness. Trees are Spiritual symbols. Trees are symbols of Love.

      But Trees are also oil, and the MFs have the oil.

      Nature is imperfect, because Nature has created animals with infinite ego,  and without souls.

      We must be the Guardians of that imperfection.

    • Adam Coleman says:

      Ditto what Marc said. Still selling up as I write

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @penny waters,  I know people here who buy that compost you speak of, and I did one time, just a bit, and it was awful!!  The real deal is the real deal.  I've been making my own compost but for this one experiment, for 57 years now.  I have a number of bins going, though open air is best, but I live in a city.

      If you can Penny, watch the movie: Salt of the Earth with Sebastian Saldgado? uh, I always seem to get his last name wrong, grrr.  His home from birth in Brazil had been rendered treeless by his father, selling the wood to put his many children through college.  There went the beauty and the little river and waterfall of his youth.  All looked hopeless.  His wife, to fight his depression, planted tons of trees, at first, most died.  Second effort, more lived, then more and more and voila, the Amazon forest came back to life as did the river!  I've been noting what trees seem to be doing way better than others.  I agree.  Plant trees!

      Amazes me you could remember that chart!  I can barely remember yesterday!  But then, we are sprayed so heavily.  At least I prefer to blame that.  Your musings are like stepping into an old English novel!  Thank you for being You!  Love to you and your little friends!

  57. Leslie Nye says:


    Thank you for sharing this important information. The UV-B and UV-C information needs to be shared with everyone to help raise awareness.  We are doing our part everyday through social media and in-person to sound the alarm and also provide links to Geoengineeringwatch.org to educate others. Together with our allies, we can affect the change needed to stop geoengineering! Thank you for your leadership and continued dedication!

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