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Geoengineering Is Destroying The Ozone Layer, A Former NASA Engineer Speaks Out


Dane Wigington

A former NASA aerospace avionics engineer has been working directly with GeoengineeringWatch (with state of the art UV metering equipment supplied by GeoengineeringWatch.org) to measure the dangerously high UV radiation that is now bombarding the surface of our planet. This NASA engineer's very dire report is below. Those who are most aware of their surroundings have long since taken note of the growing intensity of the sun. This change is not due to increased solar activity, rather, it is a dire symptom of Earth's rapidly disintegrating ozone layer. Though there are many anthropogenic factors negatively impacting our essential ozone layer, ongoing covert climate engineering programs are by far the most damaging.  Many mainstream and "official sources" falsely claim that the southern hemisphere ozone hole is "recovering" (in order to pacify populations), however,  front-line data does not support the "ozone recovery" official narrative. Since the start of this century UV levels comparable to the surface of Mars have been recorded. The same sources of false "ozone layer recovery" data don't even mention the massive and growing northern hemisphere ozone hole


As the 20th century drew to a close, the rapidly increasing scale of northern hemisphere ozone depletion was becoming very apparent.

More recent data has been increasingly difficult to gain from monitoring sources, the firing of scientists involved in ozone depletion research is one major reason why. GeoengineeringWatch.org has long since been measuring and monitoring the rising UV radiation levels.


The expanse of the ozone depleted regions continues to expand.

The impacts of the extreme UV radiation exposure is very evident on the sun exposed side of many tree species and specimens. All life forms that are exposed to the increasingly excessive UV radiation are being affected, including whales and plankton


Effects of solar UV radiation on biomolecules, cellular components and physiological responses. (Diagram credit: Royal Society of Chemistry)

If the ozone layer completely collapses, all exposed life forms will collapse with it. Climate engineering is decimating the ozone layer, all of Earth's life support systems are at risk. The very dire report below (addressing extreme UV radiation dangers) was assembled for GeoengineeringWatch.org by a retired NASA aerospace avionics engineer. Out of concern for his safety, we must keep this individual anonymous at this time. 

Critical Mass In Human Understanding 

Sound simple?  It's not.

Critical Mass in Human Understanding is defined by this author as:  

The percentage of World population required before a new direction is selected and used to correct a situation or program that has become a threat to Earth's biosphere and/or human habitation.

In further writing, the author will use "Critical Mass" for short.

When dealing with various Critical Mass issues, it is first necessary to separate them into two basic categories – those are:  Military and Civilian.  

The reason behind the two categories is simple, the Military will require extensive resources to affect Critical Mass, whereas Civilian – being less of a 'threat between countries' category, will not have as severe draconian governmental oversight.

Earth’s Climate is the most critical issue, and affects all populations throughout the planet.  While discussions concerning Weather Modification Programs are taking place to affect a 'controlled response' to adverse climate conditions, the subject is being discussed as though GeoEngineering has not yet been implemented.

Quite the opposite is true, and it is the adverse effects from this GeoEngineering that have exacerbated the climatology changes due to industrialized waste, fossil fuel consumption, and out of control consumerism.   

At present, it is estimated that a majority percentage of Earth's population remain unaware of current Global Weather Modification Programs and GeoEngineering.

In order that Humanity, and our biosphere to survive – this must change.

Scientists are unwilling to comment on current weather patterns and the severe increase in global temperatures for various reasons – the 2 biggest reasons:  money and fear.  When a scientist offers an opinion, he is often asked to "back up his opinion with facts" – which would require a 'course of study' – and no-one is likely to offer financial support to establish such a program study – the net result; the scientist keeps their opinion silent, and out of print.  The scientist is usually employed by a university or corporation with funding – in the case of universities it is grant money, for corporations it is considered research – and only research in the area designated by that corporation, if there are deviations in the course of study, grant money is withdrawn, and the corporation will discontinue the scientist's employment'.  

Remember the great NASA layoff in the mid 90’s?  Over 15,000 employees were laid off.  Some of those employees actually knew what they were doing – some were 'dead weight'.  The author was at NASA Ames/Dryden when this was announced by Sam Golden – it truly was a dark day for NASA.  Federal Grant money for several programs were discontinued.

Not knowing where money will come from to pay basic necessities like food, shelter, and clothing – this can change your attitude from good to bad – in a heartbeat.  Let’s add on a family to support – the world standard of 2 ½ children, and wife.  Tell me what you are likely to do when your hunger overcomes reason?  Not too hard to consider seeing that your children come first.

The author has personal experience with those engineers and scientists that were laid off, with IQ’s over 180 – their end resolve is that once again employed they will never offer any opinion that may show the slightest deviation from their program structure – period.  

Here is the end result from that position of Scientific Non-Involvement:

By the time Critical Mass of Human Understanding to the Negative Effects of Global Weather Modification Programs (GEOENGINEERING) is reached, the Earth's Upper Ozone Layer will be destroyed.  

With no Protective Ozone Radiation Shield, All Life on Earth will die.

Quite a conundrum.  At what point does the scientist and engineer become involved before total anthropogenic global climate destruction occurs?

The answer is simple – they won’t.  Those scientists and engineers will suffer with the rest of us until one day, they look up and finally see the truth – and then it’s all over.

I won’t say this is true of all our science partners, the author is but one of many, who understands the criticality of damage done by GeoEngineering and Global Weather Modification Programs – and for the last 4 years this author has studied the upper Ozone Layer and determined that the final destruction of this layer will be the ‘last straw’ before human extinction.

Given the current exponential rate of decay, 2025 is the year that plants and animals – including humans, will begin to die in massive numbers.  It will be a slow, painful death – for all life and humanity.

This is not to say that irreparable damage has not already occurred.  Destruction of our Biosphere did not occur overnight – it is the direct result of countless anthropogenic activities including 70 years of GeoEngineering and  Weather Modification Programs.

The author is an Aerospace Avionics Engineer who worked at NASA on High Altitude Research Aircraft in the mid 90's, specifically to study the Ozone Layer.

This aerospace engineer goes on to say:

"The scientists involved with the projects understood how critical the upper Ozone Layer is, especially when it is only about a quarter of an inch thick, and very fragile.  They knew then the Ozone Layer was being destroyed by industrial waste, especially the Chlorofluorocarbons, that was the great R12 refrigerant ordeal, and now by Global Weather Modification Programs.   The top scientists in the world do not understand the Earth's Atmospheric model, I don't care how many computer programs there are, it's too complex, and besides, someone must write the computer program to begin with that does understand the complex atmospheric interactions, and that person doesn't exist.   Sadly, most of the scientists that did have a clue are no longer alive – which leaves humanity in dire straits.  Personally, I don't think Humanity has a chance of surviving past 2025, and with what is coming, I'm not looking forward to starvation and disease."

Immediate attention to our Biosphere is required NOW.  GeoEngineering and Global Weather Modification Programs must STOP.

How about this statement for achieving Critical Mass:

What will you do today, given that tomorrow the Ozone Layer is no more?

Would you stand in front of a government building – demanding resolve?

Would you consume fewer fossil fuel products?

Would you try to bring awareness of this to others?

Would you quit your job in science or engineering and apply your knowledge to a methodology and action that will heal our dying planet?

With the Military – do you understand what an “Unlawful Order” really is?

Investigate, then do the right thing – protect our planet.  The author is a Veteran, “…against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” – this current situation qualifies as both – pay attention to your oath.

To the banking cartels:  Do you want a planet left after your raping of resources?

Think your underground bunkers will keep you safe?  

No, they won't.  

Who will maintain the Nuclear Reactors when you do go underground to avoid extreme UV radiation?  There are over 400 active reactors at present – the nuclear radiation from unattended reactor meltdown will prevent mankind from inhabiting the earth surface for more than 10,000 years – and that’s only the ‘half-life’ – so think again about all that money you’re making from already depleted resources, famine, drought, floods, insurance claims – it’s going to effect you, just like everyone else. 

The old statement: “a word to the wise is sufficient” – can you remove yourself from GREED long enough to see the truth?

This paper is your “Shot across the Bow”

The first step is easy:  Stop ALL Geoengineering and Global Weather Modification Programs.

If you get to the first step – the second step will be much easier:  work together to understand our planet BEFORE applying measures that will damage it further.

In the meantime, the author will continue with upper Ozone Layer research – and will continue to sound the alarm of human extinction.


The above chart shows UV “C” radiation from 250 to 300 Nanometers. The data in RED, in the center of the chart, is radiation that is highly damaging to Human DNA/RNA, and should not be detected on the Earth surface. With a healthy Ozone Layer this radiation would be stopped at 100,000 feet.

The destruction of our upper Ozone Layer has progressed for many years. When physicians and various publications advise in higher SPF ratings for sun-screen each year, you can be sure our atmosphere is changing in an extremely negative way. Damage to our trees from UV “B” radiation is being becoming rapidly worse all over the world. Now with UV “C” radiation levels reaching 4.5% (of something that should be ZERO percent) – plan on more birth defects, more cancers, more plant and animal extinctions. This level of radiation is extremely damaging, it kills life forms.

Earth’s upper Ozone Layer is under assault, and is being destroyed by GEOENGINEERING, industrial waste products, and emissions from the oil industry. If immediate cessation of these activities does not happen, total collapse of the Ozone Layer will occur by 2025. The UV levels are already exponentially higher than last year – 2017 will be another record.

If and when total collapse occurs, so will all life on planet Earth. STOP GEOENGINEERING!!!! STOP INDUSTRIAL WASTE!!!!
With no further damage to our Ozone Layer, it is estimated that the repair of our Ozone Layer will require a very extended time frame at best. Total ozone layer recovery may be impossible due to Strontium 90 in the upper atmosphere. There is no known method of removing this contamination which is a leftover from atomic bomb testing.

The data presented in this post was gathered on 02/12/2017 using an ILT950UV Spectral Radiometer, at an altitude of 191 feet, in the Central Valley of California. The calibration date of the Radiometer is 12/16/2016 and traceable to NIST. 


As data is gathered, and presented, UV readings can and are escalating to even higher levels.  Take note of the center portion of this graph, when it doubles from measurements of 1.2 uWatts/cm^2 – we will have great difficulty growing crops – food shortage will become the predominant global issue, and damage to our DNA/RNA will not be recoverable. All life forms will suffer.

Due to the increase of energy around the 270 nm region in only 1 week's time, I found it necessary to write the following paper “Critical Mass in Human Understanding” .

Our most sincere gratitude to this courageous former NASA avionics engineer for his efforts on revealing this extremely dire data. GeoengineeringWatch.org will continue to work directly with him and will continue to post updated information as rapidly as we can. All of us are needed on the critical battle to wake the masses, make your voice heard while it can still make a difference.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to GeoengineeringWatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

197 Responses to Geoengineering Is Destroying The Ozone Layer, A Former NASA Engineer Speaks Out

  1. Hunstiger@hotmail.com says:

    I always emailed this site article page to all of my connections, for the rreason that if like to see it then my friends will also.

  2. brian girard says:

    If the American people got together about ten thousand or more and filed a lawsuit against those who are behind Geoengineering/Climate Spraying and we put in 25$ each or more and took it all the way to the top. We have the evidence and the data to prove everything. The are making our planet sick and thats the point of the spraying is to stop the sunlight from making our crops and trees grow. When they spray during spring when the eco-system starts to grow and bloom the chem-trails stops everything and keep the earth from getting the sunlight and energy that we all need to live and stay healthy. I think we can at least get a lawsuit going and that may sound silly but its better than not doing it and it will open the publics eyes.

  3. Xenurus2 says:

    Currently in my high school, I'm doing a project on Geoengineering and Weather Modification for my World History class. This project is very, large, and accounts for most of one's first and second semester grades. So far, I've given out DVD's of Don't Talk About the Weather, yet my teacher (who has gone to college, if that makes any difference) refuses to believe that Geoengineering exist, even after two presentations and scores of written papers. School is slowly killing me, and it only gets worse once you get labeled 'conspiracy girl'. My point is, this NASA scientist (whoever they really are on the inside, whether they have morals, what religion they are, their favorite food, place to be) they've staked everything to talk about this, and I think that everyone else on this site knows how that feels. Being anonymous is something that few have the ability to do these days, what with social media ruling our every move. The world just seems to be getting worse and worse by the day, and all I can think is 'when I get to college, is this what it will feel like? Am I going to get criticized my professors until I finally give in and just drink the Kool-Aid?' The world is a scary place right now, truther or not. One day this will all be for something, though, I know it.

    Keep it up, Dane. There's one person out here (and I think I speak for everyone else on this site when I say this) who is really trying to take your message to heart. I want to inform people. Besides, as one CIA paid asset in Africa once said, "Education is one of the most powerful weapons to change the world."

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Xenurus2, Wow!! You have this old mans morning. I am very proud of you, Very proud of you. Stick to what you know is right and take an "F" if that is what your close minded teachers want to dish out to you. I know of many great Artists that failed art in school because they wouldn't color within the lines. I'll bet your friends can see what is happening right above their heads. Sadly, most "educated" folks can not. Stay strong young lady. Listen to that little voice in your head. It will never lead you astray.

    • TheWorld says:

      School is a huge waste of time. Don't let them brainwash you. Learn on your own with free thought and escape from the prison they want to lock your mind into.

    • Cheryl says:

      You are a 'ray of light' to me……..a Grandmother in my 60's! You remind me of my 11 year old grandson, another highly intelligent and awakened one. There are others from your generation, so don't ever despair. Be very, very careful about where you choose to go to College. Most of all, keep learning with' wide open eyes' AND STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF.

  4. Patti Minter says:

    Dear friends,

    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on WhiteHouse.gov, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:


    Here's some more information about this petition:

    Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

    We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.

    thank you.

  5. Patti Minter says:

    Dear friends,

    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on WhiteHouse.gov, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? It must get 150 signatures to show up on the site.  If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:


    Here's some more information about this petition:

    Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

    We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.

  6. Patti Minter says:

    Dear friends,

    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on WhiteHouse.gov, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:


    Here's some more information about this petition:

    Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

    We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.

  7. Anonymous, I'm not wheelchair bound, but I feel your pain nonetheless, and resonate with your righteous indignation.  Some of us do "get it" and, sadly, some never will.  Stay strong as long as you can my friend, it's what we truly have to draw upon… our inner strength and perserverence. 

    Sending care and kind thoughts your way…

    Much Love, Laura

  8. barbzi says:


    White House proposes steep budget cut to leading climate science agency

    The Trump administration is seeking to slash the budget of one of the government’s premier climate science agencies by 17 percent, delivering steep cuts to research funding and satellite programs, according to a four-page budget memo obtained by The Washington Post.

    Rick Spinrad, a former chief scientist for NOAA, said: "NOAA’s research and operations, including satellite data management, support critical safety needs. A reduced investment now would virtually guarantee jeopardizing the safety of the American public."

    • Hawkeye says:

      Barbzi, I just read that article by the wash post this morning too. No surprise since the first ten minutes this aholr was officially prez he deleted all climate change info off all gov websites, so why would he fund it? 

      What is up with this guy? Let's face it, he is prez. He hangs with the Russians, the Clinton's, and the whole 1% cabal, so of course he knows the issue at hand is actual and of course he knows of all "remedies" in place and ongoing, so why is he "acting" in this manner of denial now at such a critical mass moment of time??!!! What is this really about is what I am wondering…..???? 

      Could this be the beginning of them letting it all go ?  Its got to be extremely overwhelming for men to control the climate systems of Earth. Think they're getting tired of it yet? Lol….. Hey, maybe that is something to hope for to stop this sky poison?!!! Hmmmm…..one can hope! 

    • Patti Minter says:

      The left has promoted the Geoengineering projects for their global agenda.  They need to be stopped.  Trump is right to question their over reach and agenda.  We should be working together to stop the poisoning of our skies, water and soil.  Chemtrails are bad! Don't be sucked into the leftists disturbed reality.  The Washington Post is a propaganda tool for the left.  If you agree with me please go to the site below in this post and sign the petition to stop geoengineering Chemtrails now.


      Thank you,

      Patti Minter

      Sealy TX

  9. BaneB says:

    Anonymous:  White skies over Australia!  Could be anywhere USA, too. Just finished season 4 of A Place  to Call Home, which is filmed in Australia, an Aussie production.  The same grunge we suffer here in California is whiting out the Aussie atmosphere.  The sky and landscape to the horizons hazed over.  The blue is baby blue or white.

  10. sea says:

    Hello all this may not get posted as it is late and it may sound trivial but I feel it has value. In respect for what Dane continues to profess about where we are headed very rapidly. I felt I needed to share an experience I had tonight. I was watching a series of Twilight Zone DVDs that I purchased a few years back  (had not watched for a few years).This one was so heavy- The Shelter…reminded me of the neighborhood I raised my children ( and the one I was raised in).So how will we deal with each other in the eleventh hour, will we turn our "best friends" away- the ones we had BBQs and cocktail parties with? even if we are prepared and posses the water and the food?


    Rod Serling in his talented way aptly produced , "The Shelter"  the description- it is just what Dane talks about as the future we need to expect and accept as we watch things go down.In this episode The Shelter the  neighborhood has trouble accepting the coming doom….1961- water, food , shelter???? HUH? Kill for it???

    If you can watch this episode I highly recommend it, Rod Serling was a master at the psychology of humankind without ever being a "psychiatrist".What a brilliant man he was.

    This is  quote from wikipedia.com

     "Two weeks after the episode aired, the crisis escalated and construction of the Berlin Wall began"


    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I have also enjoyed this episode. I find it amusing that all of their "Friends" had made fun of them for seeing the future possibilities & preparing for it….Then when their "Reality" was compromised… Who did they run to?  Anyone thinking outside the box, Is First, Laughed at, in this Mad, Mad, World!

  11. Robert West says:

    Own the weather by 2025.
    Control communications (domestic & military).
    Control food.
    Control water.
    Control population.
    Control where people live.
    Control our emotions.
    Control what we can and cannot do.
    And in the process of doing all this:
    They kill all life on Earth:
    Change all electronic, magnetic and chemical influences governing Earth.
    Earth Dies……..Then What?

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      I've been at Danes site for years now, I read every single post, sometimes I comment, but mostly not. Sometimes I come back to certain post to read over and over. But your post nails it very simplistically – it's deafening. Yet, no one really hears!

      WTF is wrong with these scientists that they will sit by and let their own family's, if not this generation, the very next will be affected negatively for sure. We see it now happening.

      Robert, You said it all.. all there has to be said! I can't add one thing.

      I must have read your post several times, and I keep coming back to it. Then What ?   

  12. Lianam says:

    I have been 'watching' these guys for a few years now and seem to be trying to cover their backsides by explaining their way out if the mess they have created.


  13. Joseph L says:

    Dane I am sure you will have an eye opening show tommorow on Global

    Alert news.  I have printed out the 1st page of this Geoengineering destroying the ozone along w the firing of the Epa scientist.  I now will hand that out along w your other flyers,

    Here is a new link about bees going extinct.


    "The evidence is overwhelming that hundreds of the native bees we depend on for ecosystem stability, as well as pollination services worth billions of dollars, are spiraling toward extinction,"

  14. Randall says:

    Being a home builder in lake country Wisconsin, I am outdoors in nature

    every working day building lake homes for retired Illinois people. 

    Hunting, fishing, x- c skiing, I live in a dying woods. I have seen the uv burn on the exposed trees, especially near shorelines where they get extra dose off the water. 

    Its true, trees fried. 

    It seems there was a big event since I have seen some recovery. However I have now seen re-burn so it must come in flash events rather then an all over burn. This summer will be shocking I suspect as to how the trees come out of winter freeze  

    this ozone info will go with all the other assault of planet earth info.

    luke 22 verse 25-26

    Basically states when the truths all come out many will have heart failure  . Fear will envelop them  the perplexity of problems will overwhelm them 




    I will investigate a good meter since we are in the sun many days. 


    • Dan G. says:

      Good luck out there Randall the Great North West forests are in dire straits we keep cutting to hide the truth jus a little bit longer . So many across the nation wonder why there organic gardens don't grow . Keno finally got above 45 with sun I took my shirt off for some d3 was burnt in less than 15min not an hour later we were in silver haze . 

  15. joe strauss says:

    Dane and et al,

    I have since 1996 observed the Geoengineering  over Oakland, San Francisco, Ca.


    I have been with natural healing all my life to date 72.  I only came this far going to natural hot springs, Fiji and New Zealand.

    We  have Vichy hot springs, Ukiah, Ca.It will work for you.

    I suggest this:

    source Secrets of  an alkaline body.

    Annie P. Jubb, David Jubb, Pub 2004

    North Atlantic Books.  go to google for more results.

    We want to have a Ph 7.2 and above for living optimum.

    Of course the Geoengineering and Mycoplasms, Morgellons fibers will do the OPPOSITE.

    Money created thru the use of doctors who have no clue, except the

    ones, Dane  knows is reliable.

    Military is used to keep us all sick….

    Best to you all in  awarness of it all.

  16. joe strauss says:

    To Dane, et al,


    By this time you all reading and with awareness know the geoengineering and Mycoplasams, morgellon fibers are reallly

    sprayed up us all.


    I too dispise those ……. and this and that said.  I have know and

    seen since 1996, Oakland, Ca the effects of the Mid 90's geoengineering.


    IT IS NOT STOPPING, YOU ALL.  Dane has been the one with the awake spirit  for us all, except those in chemical warfare and



    I have practiced natural healing of my being for me total life to date …72.  I have gone this far going to New Zealand and Fiji islands where natural hot springs are. i rid myself of much in last 16 years.


    In California, USA we have Vichy Hot Springs, Ukiah, Ca for natural hot springs.  do not have to go to Fiji unless it is good for you.

    Also use the NONI  juice for extra build ups to my being.


    all the South Pacific peoples know of  NONI..NZ,Fijians, Maori,

    Cook Islanders.


    Well, tis most challenging now, as the Toxic chemicals are deliberate in the manufacture of the Corporations, not to kill us

    all off, just keep them sick enough to go to a doctor and  buy our  pharmacy products.


    After all the Drug Corps can not make money when people are well. is that self evident as  how the geoengineering and toxic chemical keep coming our way….


    I have as a source for those not realizing that our body requires a Ph of 7.2 and above to operate.

    source;  Secrets of an Alkaline body..Annie P. Jubb and David Jubb..Publish  2004 , North Atlantic Books.


    Go to google and type the above for info.


    All those doctor drugs and geoengineering do what  ?


    Keep us all in an ACIDIC  CONDITION.  We then will never get

    well.  Do you see the game plan of the Corps thru the free use of the Military  ( jets, Air tankers, Sonar damage to marine life, etc)

  17. Abigail says:

    Thank you, dearest Dane. You have truly come a long way. I was watching the video yesterday with Greg Hunter and posted it also on Russ Tanner's website. It was amazing. "Planet Facing Converging Cataclysms Because of Chemtrails." What an eye-opener!  I found it to be a true eye opener. 'In approximately 7-8 years we will see a real cataclysm on this planet of ours, Earth.  I noticed that Greg Hunter even looked concerned! We must PRESS ONWARD! "It ain't over till it's over."  Sincere blessings be upon you Dane, and your family. ~ We still have many skeptics, BUT it has always been that way. ONWARD!

  18. C.J. says:

    Take this comment into consideration if you will. I have a friend. He is very familiar about all of this. He has two doctor friends that are husband and wife. They practice nature medicine. They are vey familiar with this Subject of SRM. They always wear masks when they go outside on an overcast day or when it is snowing and blowing outside. With this information, I am pretty sure that you can reach your own conclusion why they do that.

  19. C.J. says:

    1000’s of smart meter fires: New whistleblower & court evidence (video)

    I read in the comments about Paul VonHarnish may be passed away. I looked in the Obituary's and didn't find anything. Interestingly enough I found this article when Googling Paul. If you look in the comment section he gives his Feedback on this. And yes he is the History Man. I like the part when you read down about a bunch of Prk's. This was back in 2015. He did a good job in his comment.

    • Blam says:

      He was commenting here a couple weeks ago, I was suprised, so I think he is still kicking

    • Tim says:

      CJ-my wife almost died today. She went into a coughing spell due to atleast 20 long lines of chemtrails 500 feet or so right over our head. She literally could not breathe. The effect it had on me has been severe burning eyes, headache, joint pain, especially in my rib cage and severe fatigue. If they keep doing what they have done the past 2 days here, my wife will surely die. My son said everyone in school was complaining of allergies (no allergies this time of year usually) and severe fatigue. Kids were falling asleep in classes. What is the endgame to this madness?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Well I'm glad to hear if he is ok. I hadn't seen any of his comments lately either and wondered what happened. People are getting so sick lately. My friend's 19 yr. daughter had a fever over 102 today and went to a local emergent medical center. She thought she had the flu- I wonder if it was the chem flu. It came on awfully suddenly. Then on the news tonight the CDC was blaming the zika virus on some birth defects recently. I wondered if they weren't being caused from some of the high dose of radiation we are all getting from Fukushima and the disappearing ozone layer. No telling- thats whats so devious about the mass poisonings we're all receiving. No traceability.

    • sea says:

      Tim- I am so sorry to hear this about your wife.I am hoping and praying she has been able to recover.I must say I am a nutritionist, health coach and schooled in herbs and the respiratory system is under constant attack from the aerosol spraying, it is drying the hell out of our bodies that are naturally made up of a lot of water!

      I will pray for you and your family.


    • Donna-AZ says:

      Tim,  What is the endgame to this madness? Premeditated Murder.

  20. MAP says:

    We were "ice-nuked" yesterday so that we could have a "coooool-down" overnight. The past 2 days there were extreme winds. Just saying…..

  21. C.J. says:

    I was looking at that fishy article that Marc posted on the Hawaii Airlines about collecting air samples. They mention who should you pick to fly. Brainwashing people to think they are doing something for the Climate Change issue. They mention Lufthansa is doing the same collecting air samples. Trying to pretend that they are being real Goody Goody's. Well I have watched many videos on youtube of the Toxic chemicals being sprayed over Ireland. The flight path radar clearly shows Lufthansa flying over Ireland, and the video shows that Passenger Jet leaving a long trail behind. Many others also. So many involved. So it really doesn't matter who you choose to Fly. The majority, if not all of them are involved. Check them out on Christopher Higgins you tube channel. I noticed that he hasn't posted any videos for awhile. Maybe youtube shut his account down for showing an orgon CB in the vid's. They shut Fred Wust down for speaking the Truth. They called it Cyber Bullying. Could be a lot of reasons. Who knows. I am looking at that black mass this morning looming directly in the east where the sun is supposed to rise.That is a nasty looking sight. Someone else mentioned about the clouds on weather channels are now black when they show rain. That's the new norm just like all the commercials deliberately showing all those nasty types of sprayed aerosol in the backgrounds. Sure are fooling a very high percentage of the Herd. I have only once had someone mention about this since I found out about it many years ago, So that tells me there are so many people that have their heads buried somewhere and so many that are afraid of facing the facts. If anyone should be frightened, then they should be frightened about not knowing the Truth or ignoring it if they do know. 

    • Donna-AZ says:

      C.J., you are correct about Lufthansa spraying. I have pictures of one of  their planes flying over my house in that fancy 4 engine double decker, spraying away. Couldn't have been more than 34,000 feet up.

      Also, I had my air conditioner looked at the other day by someone I had never met, and while I was up on the roof with him, I asked him if he knew about the climate engineering, and he said, "oh yes I know, and even my wife sees them spraying now." He also knew about some of the false flags, but not 'Building 7', and said he would investigate.  

      Words getting out.


  22. Michel B says:

    For the best part of the past week and the week to come, the predictions are reading "the chance of rain", "the chance of a storm". Nothing happened despite any stupid percentage chance predictions and I bet nothing will happen. They are just killing our rain here in Brisbane. When it does happen, you can plainly see it is directed over our dam network catchment for the 'Grid 12', a group of 12 dams that service our municipal supply. How obvious does it have to get?! We have ongoing drought, we had no cyclones over our summer just gone, we barely have storms and the ones we have are very different from what we used to get. And the SRM is easily observable to all each and every day framing all of the above. Sydney one thousand kms away is getting flooded and we are drying up.

    But even if we get rain according to their stupid percentage-driven 'predictions' ('prescriptions' more like it), it will only be because they allowed it. 

  23. Dana, Bucharest, Romania says:

    Dear Dan and friends,

    Thank you and Nasa engineer for information and acknowledgement – however, I didn’t believe that the situation is so disturbing and urgent…

    I’m from Bucharest, Romania and here also the weather get wild in the last 10-15 years, with extreme cold/hot and almost two seasons remains from the four ones – summer and winter;

    Also there are extreme winds, storms, many without rain, only with thunders and incredible lightning;

    We have tornadoes, which never happened in Europe before – here is a link to see an example;


    And of course we have chemtrails, more and more and more – I have observed them increasing in Bucharest in the last 4-5 years.

    Any clear sunny day is ruined by spraying all over the sky until everything become a haze, foggy atmosphere which yet is somehow too bright for the eyes – it isn’t natural at all, I’m wearing sun glasses continuously in those days.

    • BaneB says:

      Dana:  Thanks for the report from Romania.  Your observations comport with other reports from around our dying planet.  It is through these connections to people far and wide that help to define the reality of just how gargantuan is the Geoengineering and about how completely have the nations of earth been submerged by an epicenter of evil almost beyond human comprehension.  Good luck.

    • Dennie says:

      And to think, when I started being really affected by the chem spraying back in 2010 I was thinking of moving to Romania.. more of a fantasy of living somewhere more unspoiled than in the S.F. bay area in California.  The small villages in the Transylvanian alps, where people live closer to the earth and practice agriculture by hand, making their own music and dancing in the land of the violin and the werewolf and the vampire, where tradition still means something, looked like an appealing lifestyle, but it would also mean needing to learn a new language and adapt to a new cultural and economic system in a nation that's seen a lot of terrible things, and adjust to a new climate.  The winters, I hear, are much colder and summers much hotter in Romania, which I also hear is a "hot summer" area– I'd miss my San Francisco fog too much.  

  24. TOMBOLA says:

    Hello all,

    Dane and everybody engaged in this battle for the betterment of mankind – this effort seems to be growing a lot faster than ever before.

    Keep the truth coming, march strong. Not sure if this has been posted but if true – good to have him on board.

    Perth, Australia has been hammered with aerosols and microwaves.

    Very strange weather – once the cloud blanket disappears the temperature and humidity soars after dark.

    Throw in 3 days of non-stop rain and there goes my organic summer crops, whatever the rain did not damage the u.v. rays certainly did and god knows whatever else they threw in the mix.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tombola, thank you very much for the report from Australia. In regard to the “Your News Wire” article post, this site is unfortunately not considered factually reliable. Though I wish the story YNW reported was true, all available data indecates Russia is fully engaged in (and participating with) ongoing geoengineering operations.

    • BaneB says:

      TOMBOLA:  Search out otterwalks,wordpress.com.  Give it a gander.  This might assist you in garnering a greater 3 dimensional awareness about why Australia's weather is threatening all of you.

    • TOMBOLA says:


      Thank you for taking the time to respond. YNW not factual – that is why I said If true – but why would they print this – does it not help bring the issue to light anyway?

      Bane B – wow what a great find. – A bit baffling for me but the bit about allowing deadly uv into our habitat by creating temporary holes in ozone – this is insane.

      Then they refer to Yarrawonga, absolute coincidence.

      In April 2016 a group of us went to Yarrawonga to play a few games of golf. The spraying was relentless and I tried to point out to everybody what was going on and was ridiculed. We even took a number of photographs above us. 

      Thanks for replying and sharing.

  25. Dennie says:

    "Humans have changed the climate so drastically it almost certainly avoided another Ice Age– There would have been another Ice Age? Ain't gonna happen– cuz of you and me." — Bill Nye

    Tucker Carlson "debates" Bill Nye on Fox News, Feb. 27, 2017:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKMxmYcfw8Q

    Carlson actually blinks when Nye tells him there is not going to be another Ice Age. These idiots really are in a state of denial.  They believe their own world view.  Cognitive dissonance is not a disorder, it's a function of human behavior, as Nye points out.

    • Mario says:

      Did you see Bill Nye's last special?  His experts speculated that humans wouldn't be here in 2030.  At the end of the special Bill Nye was depressed, drinking, and smoking next to a fallout shelter.

    • Dennie… I just watched that "debate" and now my blood is boiling.  Carlson is beyond obnoxious. I think that is one of the most unprofessional displays I have ever seen… a prime example of why I seldom watch MSM news/opinion, it's so upsetting.  On second thought, his incessant interruptions and seeming inability to comprehend what Nye was trying to explain may actually be disinfo tactics, MSM style.  Kudos to Nye for holding his temper, a monumental task according to his facial expressions during this "debate"  (and I use that word loosely).  I loved it when he asked Carlson, regarding the state of the environment in the near future, "…don't you have four children?"… for the briefest moment Carlson was forced to consider the gravity of our situation and the look on his face said it all.  Of course he immediately went back into assault mode, but at least Nye had planted the seed.

      I don't know where Bill Nye stands on geoengineering but, due to his engineering background and pragmatic nature, I'm guessing he has done the research and is aware of what is happening.  Hopefully he will find a way to join us in this common goal to save our failing biosphere.

      Thank you, Dennie, for the link!

      Laura Marinangeli

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Fallout shelter?  Gee, where did he find one.  On occasion I just have to garner a bit of gallows humor, and pardon me, and not at your expense either, but I just had to chuckle.  The image was too funny in a sort of Mad Magazine way.  It's pathos of course at its most SNL stereotype.  I do not doubt his sincerity. My sentiments, too, and would smoke had I not given it up.  And drink is in hand as we speak:-). Depression is for the faint of heart.  We cannot afford to go there, our souls refuse the pull.

    • Dennie says:

      @Laura Marinangeli:  Look at it this way:  We get to watch the Denial Spirits "out" themselves.  Yes, it was particularly frustrating to watch Carlson self-destruct– the more he talked, the worse he looked.  The guy became completely unhinged, attacking Nye with nothing more than name-calling– what a weak-assed lame position, huh?  I really like the way Nye busted him with a stop watch showing how much time he wasted– Big Surprise there, eh, Tucker???  Of course Carlson's blustering bullshitting is an attempt at getting the public to go along with The System and attack Truth Tellers like Nye (well, at least more of the truth, any way)– problem is, as a tactic, it's pretty obvious, and it's also a tactic that is obviously no longer working– not only did I see Carlson blink once, he actually blinked TWICE, which means quite a bit from a neurological standpoint, when he got handed the information that the heating IS real, we do IN FACT have a different climate than the one we knew in 1750 and that has direct socio-economic effects, which Carlson merely tossed off as "populist" drivel coming from a scientist, who is clearly able to connect the dots.. speaking of which, I am sure that Bill Nye knows everything about SGI.  He's no dummy.  Will he talk about it?  Let's hope the fuck so.  Now can you imagine how that would change the game–?  First, he'd be laughed at, next he'd be attacked.  Then others would be emboldened to speak up, maybe as a group, just like the S.P.I.D.E.R.s (that's "Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research," hooray!) did regarding the situation with CDC and vaccines (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carey-gillam/spider-bites-cdc-ethics-c_b_12525012.html).

    • Great observations Dennie, I totally agree with all you said.  In regards to falsehoods and deceptions, my grandma used to say "Give a guy enough rope and he'll hang himself." a colloquialism that has been ringing in my ears a lot lately… every time I attempt to watch MSM mislead and distract the public, or torture myself responding to some MIC-shill who is trying in vain to deny the long time existence of geoengineering.

  26. marc says:

    Dane, standing ovation for the Coast show! Wow. So many great moments, but one thing Dane mentioned I have to respond to. When he mentioned the legal filing, and Marcia McNutt's immediate though nasty and condescending response, it reminded me of a simple fact: she KNOWS WHAT THE F**K is going on. She absolutely f**king knows. Her job is to frame it…… to make it appear to be still in the planning/proposal/governance stage, etc. If SHE knows, they all f**king know. (NAS) They know the full breadth of the programs. Marcia McNutt is nothing more than a front man, an intelligence agent, a dis-info agent, a jack-booted thug. The collusion between agencies on the issue of geoengineering is so vast as to be incomprehensible. So-called government running corrupted and completely amok. How did it come to this? Why this vast DEATH-WISH perpetrated by governments? Why?

    • Mario says:

      McNutt acknowledged the programs in a CBS news story from 2015.  When one lies so pathologically, it's hard to keep track of what you said to who.  

    • MAP says:

      Why? Why? Why?  The US Government brought over how many Nazis into US to assist them after WW2. Was not it called Operation Paperclip? The madness of Nazis was transplanted right here in USA. This madness has been building for a very long time…..

      Oh and by the way, what is that age old saying? Slowly at first; and suddenly then all at once. So the "programs" were slow and steady at the beginning; And now we have reached the end stage of "all at once." Hence the Geoengineering Madness id Full Steam Ahead by now, so to speak.

    • karen says:

      Would you please refrain from using vulgar language.

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  Great!  More statistics supposedly to understand why they seem to not understand a paradigm's inability to save itself from itself.  

  27. Jan says:

    Disgusting, isn't it?

    Incredible that others don't notice.

  28. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To all my friends I haven't met yet,

    My gracious, I can't recall a geoengineeringwatch comment column that has connected SOOO many dots for sooo many of us. Take a step back folks. Look what we've done! ALL of you have contributed "mega bytes of information!", this stuff adds up and even multiplies. I sit here tonight in complete awe of the company I am surrounded with here in this comment column. It would be unfair to mention any individual except for Dane. It's going to take me a while to come to terms with what has been laid out in this comment column. Thank you all for allowing such a task to be placed in my front yard.

    'a' simple horseman

  29. Joseph L says:

    Dane you were great yesterday on Coast to Coast.  I stayed up late east coast time and was very impressed the way you handled the interview w George Noory and answered telephone questions.  It was also great that you got in almost all the points.   I hope the main thing is it  brings more people here to spread the word in this fight.  –

        I had a question about the thickness of the ozone layer . In the article above it says this

    "The scientists involved with the projects understood how critical the upper Ozone Layer is, especially when it is only about a quarter of an inch thick, and very fragile.   

        Again thank you for everything that you do–  I hope that w time you put that show up on this site.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Joseph L and ALL, Hmm, kinda hard to wrap ones mind around eh? Before the industrial revolution, I'm sure the ozone layer had a way of equalizing itself. And now… it's almost extinct.

      I can easily understand how an ozone layer could exist in our past history. Now days, I'm amazed it hasn't given up trying to exist.

      A quarter of an inch thick on a global scale is quite slim and fragile for sure. Reality isn't always robust….

  30. Dennie says:

    Look, whatever the @ssholes are doing to the planet they are ALSO doing to themselves.  AND THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT.

    What in HELL makes everyone actually BELIEVE that somehow, "they" are magically, totally immune to all the destruction they're wreaking?? WTF!!!!!!!!!! 

    When there's not enough oxygen being produced on the planet because THEY killed everything that produces it while WE STOOD BY AND DID NOTHING EXCEPT SCREAM, what do you expect, hmmm??? 

    Do you REEEALLY believe that "They" will be immune to the ionizing radiation when the 400 nuclear reactors' infrastructure FAILS and meltdowns are The New "Normal?" Never mind all the underground blasts and how that's affected the water in the ground. .  THINK, PEOPLE, USE YOUR BRAINS!!!!

  31. Seeing Clearly says:

    Thank you for your article report. Many do not know all the harm the radiation from space has on our health and genetic stability , we have to remember cancer and almost everything else is on the rise and normalizing that can only have a damaging impact on the efforts to save the planet from climate engineering and all of the rest , the people who go out preaching health or human diversity like its there religion are harming the cause to stop the bad things we are doing because they call it normal and  then say there is no normal.


    We really need to ask ourselves if the war on normal is the answer to our problems because I don't think it is.


  32. Earth Angel says:

    Yes, I do too. I wonder if he passed, I think he wrote he was not well, didn't he?. I hope he is all right. Another good soul. I suppose if he has passed on he is likely better off than we are right now. I enjoyed his comments too. Wishing you peace Paul, wherever you are.

  33. Rachel Robson says:

    Anonymous, Yes!  I do, very much!  He is/was? one very interesting and astute human being, usually pissed off, admonishing us to get away from electric everything, and repeating that we do Not have to ask for permission to live!  But he could also be sweet.  He took me, virtually, not literally, into some woods nearish him, investigating ley lines.  I learned so much.  He hugged trees as I do.  I think he would be proud of how much geoengineeringwatch has grown, probably would have suggestions for the legal team!  I do not forget him.  Cannot.  I am glad you miss him too.

  34. Ed Bee says:

    Dane is right, there is no more natural weather. Yesterday morning, while eating breakfast, I watched the thermometer on the window go from 40 degrees to 34 in a matter of minutes. The heavy rain "changed over" to snow (nothing like the old snow) which blew horizontally all day. It is supposed to go down to 15 degrees tonight, then back up to the 60's by Sunday. I have coughing and congestion and a continuous metallic taste in my mouth. It is all just "crazy spring weather in Wisconsin" according to most people when I try to point out that this is not anything like it used to be. I'm beginning to think that all of the politics, all of the floods and storms, all of the drama, all we see is just theater, there to divert our attention away from the overall plan of mass depopulation which is not being slowed down in any way. I also believe President Trump is an unwitting puppet in the scheme.

    • MAP says:

      Ed: You are spot-on with your observation. The "distractions" you mentioned are coming at us fast and furious. It is becoming very very clear that the Power Structure is grasping at straws for any possible diversion of any type. All of those "politicians" in DC from both sides are nothing more than actors and actresses (really a bunch of whores). 

      And what are we being distracted  from? Pending Environmental, Economic and Social Collapse. As long as the Stock Market continues its hyper-inflationary rise, the masses are "soothed" that all is just fine. HA!

    • izzy says:

      Though the identity of the perps is a moving target and the actual agenda is unclear, it’s becoming obvious the whole thing amounts to a war on humanity and the stable planetary biosphere we need to survive. It’s a limit case in credulity to suggest the project is all some sort of innocent error or miscalculation at this late date. And I would change the descriptor for Trump from ‘unwitting’ to ‘witless’. He’s the perfect patsy, and dumb enough to want credit.

    • Blam says:

      Map, the irony is that only a fraction of the populace has any thing invested in the stock market, and  yet it still soothes

  35. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I have listened to thousands of Coast to Coast shows & have never heard a better show than yours Dane tonight with George Noory. You were amazing, backing up questions with  facts & documented proof for the listeners to research. you left no question unanswered. I was so Happy to hear Patty, Mario & Steve;s voices on the air. Thank You all for calling in to support Dane. I Pray that there is 30 Million views at Geo Watch by the end of next week, with so many Millions listening to this show.     We couldn't have a Better Spokesperson for our cause than You Dane. Thank You for doing such a Great job. You are so Professional while dealing with such a dire subject. You Garner Respect! I am Glad that Steve spoke on his denial to accept this Madness in the Sky for 6 years, I Hope the listeners know they do not have this luxury of time to deny the fact of these programs happening as he may have. No offense to you Steve. We have all gone through a period of denial. But these programs have kicked up what seems to be a thousand times more than they were 5 years ago. Far more obvious today, than in 1996.  I think yoou moved the Earth today Dane with a shot of Awareness. Thanks again, & I agree with George you deserve an Award of Merit. You are a Hero for your tireless efforts on this most dire topic. God Bless & keep You & Yours & All at Geo Engineering Watch Well.

    • Thank you Gail, I get a little nervous and short on breath when calling Coast to Coast. I can only hope that the sincerity and humility of my story resonates. Thank you for the confidence boost, I need it.

      Until my last breath! Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

  36. I miss Paul too. I also miss "The Freedom Ranger" from Boulder, Colorado. His comments and observations from the front range of the Rockies will never be forgotten.  

  37. Clearcreek says:

    I grew up on a Farm in Southwest Ohio and I remember as a boy the Dark Blue Sky's and the beautiful white Clouds in the Summer. I remember we had Snow on the ground from Thanksgiving to the Middle of March and Now our Seasons and Weather are Insane. I am a Private Pilot and I started noticing the lines in the Sky about 4 years ago. Am also a Diver and on trips to the Caribbean and the Keys that the reefs were dying, a little more every year. My wife and I own a small farm and raise grass fed cattle and we did grow organically grown produce for our local farmers markets. For the past 2 years we haven't been able to grow hardly anything. The fields are under 2 inches of water or its 100 degrees and the sun that looks like the end of a welding rod is cooking everything on the vine. I started doing a lot of Research and found Danes site to be Outstanding in providing the information that explains this assault on our Planet. I have talked with Dane over the last few Months and I believe he is a man that truly loves this beautiful Planet and wants to save what we have left of it! I applaud everyone who hands out flyers and try to wake the people out of their Normalcy Bias before it is to late. I donate to Dane as much as I can. I think everyone should try to help him out financially if it is a dollar or a thousand dollars, He has a lot of expense doing what he does. This last article on the Elevated UV levels is very sobering and anyone in tune at all with the natural world should know we are in serious trouble. Will be passing out more flyers and DVDs tomorrow, we are out of time!

    • marc says:

      Clearcreek, thank you for a fine posting. There are many of us here who are old enough to remember a day when the skies were a deep cobalt blue and the clouds were magnificent and actually "made sense". The sun looked completely different in the sky. You could almost look right at it and it was yellowish. So beautiful. Now it is unbelievably fierce, white, and an indistinct blob cooking the holy f**k out of all of us. Thanks again for your help with this effort.

    • Joseph L says:

      Wow great read — Clearcreek I agree w everything you said and I am doing the same thing .  We are running out of time and  we need everyone on board .

    • jdrew says:

      Welcome to the party, most have yet to arrive. What’s remarkable is that as a private pilot, one would conclude a more discerning eye would have taken notice of the sky anomalies much earlier. Consider all the commercial pilots who actually know exactly what is transpiring. They are engaged in a war of self. One that exists daily from a cockpit as they gaze outward upon the silver haze soup. They are torn between supporting a family with a career investment of time and money and their conscience. Same holds true for meteorologists…these vermin stand before a screen and lie on a daily basis. How do they look at their children? The ones with honor, leave the profession with a severly battered though somewhat intact soul. For years I’ve cursed the planes of culpability more times than I care to remember, The pervasiveness of this global onslaught is one that even TRUMP will not mention publicly.

    • Patti Minter says:

      I understand completely about how the skies used to be so blue and the clouds were real instead of created by chemicals.    I have noticed too how our vegetable garden doesn't grow right the way it used to as well.  We are being poisoned and being taken advantage of by the ones who are doing this.  They know that we would not approve of it or they would be telling us what they are doing.


      I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on WhiteHouse.gov, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? It must get 150 signatures to show up on the site.  If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

      We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

      You can view and sign the petition here:


      Here's some more information about this petition:

      Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

      We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.


      Please take time to click on the link and sign this petition.  Tell your friends about it too.  We can only do what we can do to try to stop this assault on us and the plants and animals as well.

      Thank you for helping.

      Patti Minter

      Sealy, Texas

  38. C.J. says:

    We need something better then Cambodia.It happened and is happening now. Silent War.

  39. horsegirl says:

    Hello Dane, friends, commentariat,

    We are four miles from the great wall being constructed to mark the Mexico/US border, where the death pall of the local economy has been interrupted by huge gravel trucks and ready-mix trucks passing at a rate of about one/minute.  Those 12' iron planks forming the previous version we saw informally heaped onto a long trailer and pulled over to Mexico, where evidently their punishment is to scrap iron planks the price of which each one could probably pay your mortgage.  Tough call… but the worst is the nano-wal – evidently for surveillance, some kind of border cloud, and easily visible if you drive some 10 miles north of the border.  This is as I've previously noted, a hotved of defense contractor pork barrel projects for which we, the people serve as guinea pigs.  And friends we've hit the wall, figuratively and literally speaking.  We are coughing like tuberculosis ward victims.  What's so vexing is that it comes with bracing brain fog, a true stupor.  You can't trust yourself to do the dishes.  The vexing thing is that this evil spell can be broken by driving some ten minutes to the north..  The coughing stops, the brain kicks in.  No kidding.  Except that 1) we don't live there and 2) we're too poor to do jack squat about it.  Yes, a lot of everything they spray is spot projects mostly for surveillance, it appears.  Does anyone have any suggestions.  You wouldn't believe how badly we're coughing on this nano filth.  Spitting up lungers at times almost every minute.  I guess we should drive north and live under a bridge?  God help us all…



    • Mario says:


      I have been going through the same thing.  One thing that has helped me strengthen my body to be able to expectorate the chemical onslaught was a major change in my diet.  NO MORE sugar, caffeine, alcohol, starchy breads, and processed food.  I drink only R/O water and herbal tea.  I buy fruits and veggies whole and then chop em up and store it in the fridge.  And I try to detoxify through sweating out my toxins and taking plenty of supplements — especially VitD.  The respiratory attack from these chemicals is vicious and I thought it was going to take me down for good.  But the body is an amazing organism of regeneration if we set it up for success through healthy choices.  Blessings to you and hope you feel better soon.  I also appreciate your comments here.  Thank you. 

    • MAP says:

      Suggestion: Obtain a 3M N100 Respirator Mask. It can not hurt.

  40. Mario says:

    Major HAARP Ring Pulse from Huntsville, AL KHTX 3-1-17 approx 6pm PST.  They are f*cking creating tornadoes.  They are purposely killing people.  I got screen caps and video even thought they are trying to wipe the radar.  God be with the entire east coast right now.  This is absolutely surreal.

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Dane's interview on Coast to Coast last night was great!  Good questions Elucidating replies that ought to rattle the marrow of any person comprehending the mortality of earth-life, disappearing at the hands of a small cabal of lunatics who were never publicly called out in an honest expo'se on a weather matter that sent me into "search" at the midnight hour.  A caller brought up the subject of Hurricane Erin.  I had not heard of this Atlantic storm that brushed Bermuda around the 4th of September, 2001.  The trajectory is most interesting; it slides up the east coast off shore, category 3,  and is aiming for the "tri-state" area which includes New York, and NYC.  It's was a no brainer this storm was going to bring rain and high winds to NYC.  This storm was so under reported that it was virtually non-existent to the populace of NYC, the forecasters ignoring it. I watched a 1 1/2 hour analysis about this storm and a comparison to others aimed for NY in past years.  Lots of weather forecasts and warnings of potentials for rain and high winds if landfall should occur.  Not so for Hurricane Erin.  Just silence as if it did not exist.  A couple of days prior to 9-11 the weather warriors brought from the west a wind and high pressure.  As if by magic and so very fortuitous, Erin does a 90 degree turn to the east and out into the Atlantic.  Problem solved.  It then proceeds to do another 90 and heads north off of Canada.  One can well imagine the amount of time in the planning and plotting of the 9-11 false flag operation.  A very intricate operation with all the scenarios for mass murder and mayhem locked in place, all systems are GO;  AND being jeopardized by a pesky potential to shut down airports and rain on their terrorist parade.  The storm's edge can be seen out to sea at the distant horizon on that day of infamous treason.  

    • MAP says:

      I am noticing an increase in weather whiplash here in Central Indiana. Warms up, Heavy spraying, Winds turn to powerful force and a brief cool-down ensues. As another here mentioned, endless repetition. Yes, we are being "slowly fried" here in these parts.

    • Dale K says:

      I attended a meeting last month where the science-trained speaker insisted that earthquakes couldn't be predicted in advance. I disagreed with his position and gave an example of an individual who openly predicts earthquakes and their expected locations with a fair degree of accuracy. Interestingly, a person behind me chimed in with a comment about HAARP technology and Tesla's earthquake machine. Below is an excerpt from a Rense article posted a few years ago by Yoichi Shimatsu that adds another dimension to this controversial subject:

      Another Kobe Quake Reverbs With Abe’s Role In The Aum Armageddon
      By Yoichi Shimatsu | 4-14-13


      An Earthquake Machine

      Aum chief scientist Hideo Murai’s most notorious statement was that the Kobe Quake was caused by an “earthquake machine.” At a press conference, foreign correspondents guffawed at yet another bizarre statement from the cult. Our team, instead of dismissing his claim, researched the possibility and came across the HAARP designs of ARCO chief scientists Bernard Eastlund from the archives of the US Patent Office.

      Interviews with leading seismologists at Tokai and Tsukuba universities disclosed that “unusual electromagnetic fields were detected over Kobe for six months prior to the earthquake.” Upon publication of our findings, the Senate Armed Services Committee under Senator Sam Nunn took sufficient notice to warn of seismic weapons in the hands of terrorists. When confronted with the unknown, the superstitious and ignorant laugh, while the science-minded do their homework.

    • Steve Brownsberger says:

      Ah HAARP, and as BaneB points out hurricaine Erin. The one hurricaine the power structure would like to scrub from the internet, because it like so many other angles associated with 911 point the finger back at a power structure. This was way more sophisticated than 19 arabs with box cutters.

  41. Trey Jackson says:

    First and foremost I would like to thank Dane and the former NASA Avionic genius for having the balls to come forward with this information. My question is, where do we go from here. As we all can see this is not only only talking this is providing facts, statistics and data to back this up. They can not do it all alone. Don't get me wrong, I personally don't know how to bring up this topic on a large scale, who am I? But the more we spread the word and move together there IS hope we can do it all together. I used to work in Central California. I spent many, many hrs on an airport with a very knowledgeable person whom new a lot about goengineering. I with my own eyes seen the trails and watched them be manipulated in various ways. I've seen them microwaved and seen storms created. Please world let's come together to stop this. If notbfor us, then for our future generations to come. Knowledge is power, let's use it!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Trey, Who are you?  You are one more and that counts big time.  To paraphrase Black Eyed Pea: "It only takes one, and then another one, pretty soon, a million."  This ups the anti, begins to tip the scales.  Perhaps you could remark to someone how hot the sun feels and you wonder what the UV readings are that day.  Just that could get someone to check that out.  If the person shows interest, agrees, then you could give a flyer, or say to check this info out NOW at Geoengineeringwatch.  And bingo, another one, with luck.  As you said, Use it! 

  42. renate says:

    What is happening now is premeditated industrialized murder.

    I’m kind of curious why they just added 50 thousand seeds to the Seed Vault.

    They have Billionaire Underground Bunkers, (do a search) with gardens, air, sun-light, where they can last hundreds of years. With all this tech, don’t you think these creeps have the tech to replace the o-zone layer, you bet they do. Do a search on rexresearch.com, type in 0zone. They can clean up radiation, water also. Image that.

    Next, the Silent Weapons for Quiet wars, pdf, you can find it on line. Maybe I’m in la la land, but those that can afford it should build ozone generators. We need our own silent weapons. Just my thoughts.

    • L says:

      My question regarding these plans of the super rich is how does this all help when scenarios occur with nuclear reactors, volcanoes and tectonic plates? How will their bunkers protect them then? How will they survive through the thousands of years needed for some radioactive isotopes to even decay by half? Further, being of the nature they are, they will just start waging war on each other and it will be the same again, but underground!!! 

    • Bija says:

      Renate, kind of solves the puzzle of why these psychos would do this to themselves and their families also. They're not…they're just doing it to us!!

    • sea says:

      Renate- it so seems that the elites will get away with their evil plan- but they won't! I am old enough to know that the spiritual side of the world, whether you believe in God or Mother Nature, the elites plan of perfection is flawed.Whether they have their stables for their horses or their expensive cars, or ozone treatments,or elaborate gardens for their food underground… on and on goes the list of what the Moles in the Holes will have to make their life complete "underground".They cannot live, just like we cannot live with chemicals in the body that are destroying us they are also destroying them.

      I truly believe that life cannot exist without the elements of what life is made of, so the elites in their mole holes underground cannot "live".Life is disappearing before our very eyes- they think they are going to outsmart God and Mother Nature- they won't! they can't!

      The ship is sinking and yes perhaps they are dancing the night away but they will sink too they just won't know it.

      I will fight this fight along side of Dane and all others here, if anyone survives it will be us!

    • Scott S says:

      This is at the end of the treaty, merely explaining what the second article means. Found this in Red Cross of all places… https://ihl-databases.icrc.org/applic/ihl/ihl.nsf/ART/460-920013?OpenDocument

  43. Mario says:

    Left for work it was in the low 30s.  Drove home from work it was upper 60s.  Driving home east bound on US 50 in Sacramento, looking directly at the Sierra Nevada Mountains, there were two giant Xs in the sky.  One looked like it was in the Tahoe region and the other slightly north.  Clear blue sky this morning.  When it is clear blue like that, the very bright and quickly dissipating trails start to be laid down.  Short and bright in the morning, getting longer as the day progresses.  By mid-afternoon you can begin to notice the white, opaque haze started to take form.  Then they start flying heavy.  They are layering the cake for more precipitation here.  They are absolutely saturating the sky.  This is chemical and biological warfare by a government against its own citizens.  Plain and simple. 

    On a brighter note, the local media today was trumpeting how much hydroelectric they are going to have from all the full reservoirs!!!  And PG&E is also seizing on the opportunity to jack their rates up some more.  This is lunacy.  Do you see how its all connected?  The Upper American River Snowpack Augmentation project was a smashing success.  As was The Kings River Project — 201% of normal.  The numbers today from the snowpack survey were absurd.  Especially after 5 years of government imposed drought. 


    Too bad its all laden with deadly chemicals.  And comes at the cost of a shredded ozone layer and the destruction of multiple inherently natural earth systems.  California is turning into a chemically nucleated, microwaved wasteland.  Along with the rest of the planet.

    May the force be with you tonight, Dane.  And thank you.    


    • Mario says:

      Sorry, that link didn't work.  Just watch the "news".  Or google California snowpack report 3-1-17.

  44. Kelly says:

    Dane, I hope you will talk about this on your radio show on Saturday. I for one need your help understanding the graphs and would better understand  the test results if they were explained in plain, layman's language.

    • Don't forget to tune-in to Coast to Coast AM tonight and turn the volume up so everyone around you will hear it.

    • Dennie says:

      I went to the Coast to Coast website and didn't see the hours of the show listed there.  Do they do a podcast or put it on YouTube after its over, and is there any way to hear the show free of charge on the internet?  Looks like you either have to subscribe to the Coast to Coast internet radio show or pay a fee in order to hear radio stations that carry the show.

    • Mario says:

      Steve the Pizza Man made it on to Coast to Coast!  If ya didn't hear it, look for it and listen.  It was a good one.  Steve, I really appreciated what you said. 

    • Thank you Mario, Every time I get on an international radio show I feel as though there is a Elephant sitting on my chest. Thank you for the confidence boost. You did a fine job yourself!

      Like you, I am in this fight until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity. Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

  45. barbzi says:


    Some interesting facts about hail from the National Weather Service



    The largest recorded hailstone in the U.S. was nearly as big as a volleyball and fell on July 23, 2010, in Vivian, South Dakota. It was 8 inches in diameter and weighed almost 2 pounds

    Hail causes about $1 billion damage to crops and property annually. A hailstorm that hit Kansas City on April 10, 2001, was the costliest ever in the U.S., causing about $2 billion damage.

  46. Jon says:

    I hope and pray more like you have the courage to come out like this. Strength in numbers, cover of public. It's the only way to keep them safe.

    I question what all the trillions of dollars being spent on this program could have done to study and implement ozone regeneration. I can do this in my home and spa on the cheap.  But they wouldn't get to play with the weather and entire economies now would they!

    Friggin asshats…

    It may have been brought up here before, but it is worth sharing again. The Economist Magazine had this in print late 2015. (no need to list the inbred trillionaire family that owns that pos magazine..) Covering their asses as usual..

    I have shared it and woke a few up with it, worth a try. Other methods I have been using is taping Geoengineering flyers to fueling sub-stations. I carry them everywhere I travel and have tagged stations in many states! I was SO VERY happy to fuel up a ta station KS last week only to find one already tapped up!


    Whatever it takes my fellow humans, Love ya all.

    God Bless


    • MAP says:

      Regarding your mention of trillions wasted on this madness: that was very much intentional. These nut-jobs in-charge do not care about "fixing" anything, it is all about breaking life-giving systems, collapsing everything (Earth and Environment, Economy and Societies around World).

      Much is mentioned about the horrific human activities over past 150 years or so. Ok fine. But there  is ONE thing and ONE thing only that "greased the skids", so to speak, for the national governments and therefore the masses to engage in rapacious consumption of anything and everything these past 100 years. That ONE thing was and still is Easy Money and Printed Fiat Currency and "printed" Digital Currency from your rapacious Central Banks. And that family of Inbred Trillionaires controls those Central Banks. The "temptation" of Easy Money was too great for the masses. And now, over 90% of the masses define their lives on the rapacious consumption that was enabled from the Central Banks. Their mindset is that the more I am able to consume, the more valuable I am as a person.

      Insanity Alert: check, check and check!

    • Bija says:

      The Economist – Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild appointed as non-executive director in 2002. Also a non executive director of the Ester Lauder companies and a trustee of the Eranda foundation, the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the McCain Institute for International Leadership. Deep connections to the Clinton's, David Brock and the Pedodestas. The rabbit holes are deep and seemingly endless!

  47. Todd Millions says:

    More specific data on antarctic changes would be useful.Over 5 years ago the british station reported a-"collapse of the thermo pause  layer" no details of what and what actual altitude.
    I think ozone depletion would also be linked to methane levels-which have doubled.From factory livestock opertation-yes.But also leaks from our speculation driven oil and gas extraction, Is the lowering of oxygen levels still accelerating,faster than CO2 levels rise?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Todd, yes, as you stated, atmospheric oxygen levels are plumeting. In addition to the other points you have made, investigate the rapidly thawing methane deposites around the globe, this is mathematically the largest source of methane buildup in the atmosphere.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Todd, According to Dr. Sr. Rosalie Bertell's graph, the thermopause is at 62 miles up, and above that is the Ionosphere.

      I've mentioned before that way way back when Shell was drilling infinite amounts of oil deep in a jungle in Africa, Nigeria?, next to it was a methane blow that towered and roared strong and high for 30 Years!!!!  Maybe Dane will answer, what happens to prior methane?  Does it all accumulate?  Or?  And of course the methane hydrates in the ocean, precariously perched against the land below ocean.  The rough and tumble of the ocean these days is wearing them away, releasing their methane.  And then there are all those blow holes in Siberia and all over the far north.  Ice holds it, as the ice goes, the methane is set free.  And the ice is going, both Arctic and Antarctica.  Methane hydrates or clathrates are brilliant, a brilliant way Earth sequesters excess methane until We had to come along and screw everything up.  Yet another really good reason to leave the poles alone for Pete's sake!  And of course, they want to drill baby drill.  Idiots all.

  48. C.J. says:

    I wanted to mention about this escalating problem that seems to be worsening each and everyday. There are a lot of people out there that are Orwellian Thinkers. Also Green People that believe in a sustainable society. The people that go onboard with this program may think this way and say: I don't care, we know the ship is sinking so why not join in and get paid while we can and get involved with the Geo program. Might as well, were going to die anyhow. Also there are rewards for doing this, whether it be a medal in order to boost our stigma, or get a huge amount of gratification while doing. It usually is money, although some I have read about get fancy cars or a trips and money to boot. Some probably don't even know that they are involved. They just do what they are told and not to mention anything for fear of losing a job or threatened in other ways. Either way this is for sure a real scenario we all are witnessing. The ones that are paying close attention anyhow. Life is way too short. So enjoy it while you can. It may be very different in the near future. That is the way it looks like to me. Everything has to run its course even though it may seem awful. It will go in the direction that has been planned and plotted to go. I tried praying many times and hoping that that would help. It didn't seem to make much of a difference though. Maybe I didn't pray hard enough. I don't know. What else can we do though? Seems like we are sitting ducks in a pond. I can say that I have not heard this much Air traffic overhead more then I have now. Non Stop. 

  49. marc says:

    Here again, I may be off-topic but here goes: just who do these motherf**kers think they are that they now must hold up yet another gigantic MIDDLE FINGER to the American people by threatening to impose enforcement of the federal statutes on cannabis even in states where recreational is already legal??? Jeff Sessions, go f**k yourself, you big white trash baby. Ok. Just what percentage of Donald Tripe supporters do y'all think smoke cannabis on a regular basis? I'll put a hundred bucks on the table right now that says it is a significant number. We perhaps cannot know the true value of that number, but it absolutely is not zero. I'll take a wild guess and say it's between 20 and 30%, conservatively.  Absurd? I think not.

      Yet ANOTHER perfect distraction to keep the minds of millions focused AWAY from the verifiable fact that we're being sprayed and irradiated to f**king death by a cabal of dickheads hell-bent on carrying out their mentally retarded agendas. And NO, I'm not f**king stoned right now, though that is not a half-bad idea. 

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  My area's economy depends on cannabis and the small farmer.  Legalization and the advent of large growers will put the small farmers out of business.  Sessions will be good for small growers.  The price of a pound of processed cannabis has been rapidly declining due to the glut. Heavy handed federal intrusion will just make the law of supply and demand back when it was 5 years ago.  I refer not to the scum who grow on public lands and cause environmental damage.  But more to the point of this post is US troops are protecting the Afghan poppy fields.  Lots of pics on the net.  Wonder if Sessions will go after the Pentagon drug dealers and money launderers?  Heroin is everywhere now, a major epidemic.


      Hope it links but if not these pics are all over the Internet.

    • Marc, Id like to give your 10 thumbs up on your post. YOUR  right on all your points, keith

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, You are not off topic as far as I'm concerned.  God I love Pineapple Express!!  'Weed' is the oldest known cultivated crop.  So old that we are born with a receptor for it!  A miracle of a plant it is with so many medical uses.  Even football players use the CBD form of in a cream for aches and pains and it works!  Have seen some stuff lately about the lack of oversight regarding pesticides and that is a scary thought.

      And Bane, yeah, it is a shame that the very principled, organic growers of old have been done in by the clubs.  Last I'd heard, the government was set to own it all.  But it does look like Sessions will be out.  Kinda cool that Obama left a trail of records to be found.

    • Dennie says:

      The Big Growers like R.J. Reynolds have been slathering at the mouth at the prospect of legalized pot.  Then comes Big Taxation.  The small growers in Northern California provide a better quality product, including specific varietals and organically grown, and the revenues keep the local economies going.  Now Big Brother wants a slice of The Action, roaring out of the shadows at a time when Big Oil is starving.  Don't think so?  Then please explain why the fvck they are drilling through thousands of feet of ocean water, under arctic ice which they most likely decided to get rid of in their insane thirst for MORE OIL, thereby destroying the planet, but who cares, we have more IMPORTANT things to do, like keeping up with the Kardashians, right?

  50. C.J. says:

    Tim from what I see and hear all the time and what I have watched on flight radar on you tube. A very big percentage of people that into Aviation are doing this and it's all about the money. There are local geoengineering contractors in just about every airport. Passenger Jet's, Military Air force fighter jets and tanker jets. Your Air Ambulance at your hospitals. Look up on Google: Toxic Chemtrails over Ireland Christopher Higgins You Tube. Watch his flight radar path he shows and records it on video and shows the Jet in the sky with the trail. We are being bombarded from every direction. I wish it was all for the greater good. I don't believe that though.

  51. marc says:

    Reminder, folks, that our beloved Dane Wigington will be appearing on Coast to Coast tonite. Truth be known, I personally never listen "live" to these shows for obvious reasons (they air very late at night). BUT, I am a Coast member and have immediate access the very next day to shows that aired on the previous night, such is the speed with which they archive and make their shows available to the public. I have every reason to believe Dane will be loaded for bear, so to speak, but with diplomacy and decency everywhere in evidence while not diluting the core message. Dane is a pro at these kinds of interviews and I look forward greatly to hearing it. What I will be especially interested in is how he will frame the message that TIME IS RUNNING OUT. George Noory, in my humble opinion, has not been 100% on board with the DATA. In his defense he has an immense number of subjects and information coming at him that pretty much run the gamut of every "alt" subject you can possibly think of. George has interviewed several fellers on his show "Beyond Belief" (and on Coast) that openly espouse viewpoints contradicting the available data with regard to warming, and geoengineering and so forth. That said, that C2C is again having Dane on the show is fantastic by virtue of it's immense listening audience. These are the venues we absolutely NEED to crack open the skulls of those who know something ain't right but are still on the fence about geoengineering, HAARP, and the entire climate intervention problem. Not to mention the absolute necessity to portray the extreme gravity of it all without freaking people so much that they turn completely away from any concern for a "solution". However, "normalcy bias" will continue to be an impenetrable factor for many. Why? Well, it's simple. Grocery shelves are still full for the majority here in this part of the world.

  52. Awesome article!  Huge appreciation to the author and Dane for getting this out!!!

    As Dane has pointed out, high UV is burning the bark off the trees… especially noticeable in parking lots where there is little shrubbery to shade the trunks.  This phenomena impacted the trees at my local shopping center so much that last year they had to cut down 50% that had died outright.  A couple of weeks ago I was driving through that same parking lot and was cut off by another driver who violated a YEILD sign, which yielded, from me, a dirty look and the mouthed words "what part of yield do you not get?".  Glancing in the rear view mirror, after I was through the intersection, I discovered that the south facing YIELD sign had faded to completely white… no bright yellow, no black writing, nothing, just completely white.  This is also happening to STOP signs around town… depending on their exposure.  From the deterioration of paint on cars, homes, outdoor furniture, etc, to the rapid fading of clothes hanging on a line, objects in sun facing windows, and our failing gardens, evidence of heightened UV is everywhere.  To be able to back up anecdotal observations with such sound scientific data, is truly a powerful arrow in the quiver of raising mass awareness.

    Due to issues with my hands, I haven't been writing much lately, but yesterday I was compelled to write a poem on the topic of our stewardship of Earth, where we now stand and what we need to do.  It was inspired by the song Yesterday, When I Was Young, performed by Roy Clark.  If you know that song, it will help set the cadence of the poem.  At any rate, it was great to come here today and find this article and comments so much on the same wavelength.

    Much Love To All,
    Laura Marinangeli


    Just Yesterday

    Just Yesterday, when life was good
    I thought I had it down… I thought I understood
    I didn't let the now, fall victim to the past
    Living every day as if it was my last
    Tomorrow was a thing that never would arrive
    We were busy having fun and being so alive
    We didn't take the time to think about our fate
    How many really did… now, is it too late?

    I trusted that The Man would someday get it right
    I guess I should have known that really was our plight
    The tendency to let others be in charge
    Until the ogres grow monstrously large
    We preferred to play, building castles in the sky
    Than look at all the things making our planet die
    We'd rather just believe that it can't happen here
    I don't know which is worse… apathy or fear?

    Just Yesterday, when life was good
    The sun still shined the way we knew it should
    The bees still buzzed, the birds still sang
    In sleepy little towns where church bells rang
    But we remained asleep, and wouldn't heed the call
    Given by alarms, sounding for us all
    Nudging at our hearts, being turned away
    We just put them off until another day

    So very many things have changed since I was young
    What I thought was sweet, falls bitter on my tongue
    The rain no longer pure, the sky no longer blue
    The dying of our Earth, our nightmares coming true
    We do not have the time, to fiddle as Rome burns
    We did not have the right to ignore the twists and turns
    That brought us to this place so desperate and harsh
    Discovering too late the demons in the marsh

    Just Yesterday, when life was good
    Makes me wonder now whether I did all I could
    To give my child a future that would survive our past
    Leaving her a planet that's not completely trashed
    We all made our choices, and drew lines in the sand
    Chose one side or another, decided where to stand
    Now the day is dawning, frightening and dark
    The dying of our Mother, withering and stark

    Nature in the balance, allowing life to thrive
    Without her hand beside us, we will not survive
    Stand against the liars, the murderers and thieves
    Preying on our future as our Mother grieves
    Grieving for her children, and lives that will not be
    Whales and birds and forests… kittens… you and me
    She is waiting for a Savior, the One that she can trust
    To stop the raging madness… she knows that One is Us

    Just Yesterday, when life was good
    I gave a solemn promise that trust in me She could
    I've tried to keep my vow, living lightly on the land
    Setting an example that some might understand
    The path that I have chosen has often been ignored
    Preference for convenience, or fear of being bored
    Dominoes are falling, our time is growing slim
    We're all in this together and we must to sink or swim

    We have had our time here, our moment in the sun
    We spent it so unwisely, now things have come undone
    We owe it to our children and all life dwelling here
    To leave a planet for them… full of hope instead of fear
    The night draws ever closer, the sun dims in the sky
    Time to wake the masses… time to do or die
    Time to get the truth out… time to find a way
    Before all our Tomorrows become Just Yesterday

    Laura Marinangeli

    • BaneB: says:

      Laura:  I have been reading about highway signs and the eroding of what is on them.  They turn completely white or bleached in appearance.  One utube vid is a driving tour through an urban area demonstrating the washed out signs.  Bizarre and in need of further information.

    • marc says:

      Laura, your poem has touched me deeply and I thank you for offering it here. Brought tears to my eyes, for I, too, have children, grandchildren, and one as yet unborn grandson, who may never even live to see his teenage years at the rate we are going. I am heartbroken everyday. But we must forge ahead and do what we can.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Laura, Thank you very,very much for your composition, Poem.

      I've now paused for 5 minutes trying to think of what to write next. I guess I'm like marc, your words make one well up inside. Again, thank you for sharing with ALL. Much love to you also Laura…..

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you Laura for sharing that most beautiful and touching poem with us all. Such a talent you have. We all feel such sadness and shock for the point we have reached, longing for the days of the normalcy of our youth. I find myself watching the old happy shows like Andy Griffith, Green Acres, I Dream of Jeannie, Leave it to Beaver, Flipper, The Adams Family, etc.. when the comedy was clean and the laughter heartfelt. The old movies and Westerns were so great too! Brings me back to a much happier and innocent time. Its nice to see how healthy the sky and trees were back then too, so pretty and deep green and no chemtrails for the most part. I keep talking and handing out the anti-geoengineering flyers whenever I can. People ARE waking up to the fact that so many things are REALLY wrong! Last week in a big box pet store I was speaking to a young lady working there about vaxxinations ( a recent news story on tv about a sweet 18 mo. baby boy who developed a high fever and seizures which resulted in brain damage to him brought up the topic; I wondered if he had recently been vaccinated prior to the attack and wished I could have asked his mother about that- of course there was no mention of it in the news story)  and also climate engineering we were takling about. 2 other people standing nearby joined in the conversation- one was even formerly in law enforcement! He was well aware of what is happening on many fronts- and both the store worker and the other customer wanted to know more about it all, so out to my car I went and brought color flyers directing them to GeoWatch.org to get informed!! I was really blown away to have 2 people overhearing just walk up and join the conversation! Loved it. Word is getting around. Our efforts ARE paying off. We each do what we can, when we can. God bless us all in this critical mission. Thank you ALL for your dedicated passion, especially you Dane. Love to everyone.  : )

    • Laura, just one more deeply felt thank you for you most beautiful polm, keith

    • Thank you Laura, I will be sharing widely.

    • Thank you Marc, horseman, Earth Angel, Keith and Steven for your kindness… knowing others understand the thoughts and feelings I share here comforts my soul and strengthens my resolve.  We can never give up on this pursuit, no matter what happens or how it turns out.  At least we'll have tried our best to do what was in our power.  

      BaneB, re the fading signs… I'm wondering if the reflective coating might be creating a magnifying lens effect that enhances the bleaching power of the UVs, as the common thread among the signs that fade to white is that they seem to be the reflective ones?

      Steven, I so appreciate that you share my poetry… kind of like my own private publisher :)  Thank you so much!!!
      I just caught a typo that you might want to fix before you share too far and wide though… I didn't notice that the word "to" had found it's way into a spot where it didn't belong in the line: We're all in this together and we must (to) sink or swim.
      It should read:
      Dominoes are falling, our time is growing slim
      We're all in this together and we must sink or swim

      Much Love and Respect to All,
      Laura Marinangeli

    • sea says:

      Thank you Laura once again for sharing your beautiful poetry with us.Sad but eloquent .I am printing a copy and mailing with GEW info and DVD to an MD that I am hoping will do an interview with Dane. (he is from Germany and speaks about SRM when he is introduced at any conference).

      I hope you get relief from the pain in your hands soon, take care.

  53. Dennis H says:

    Curious isn't it that today my cell phone had an Android update that changed my screen background to….. PURPLE skies!!!! Video's are popping up all over the world with pink and purple sunrises and sunsets. An ominous sign of an impending doom, that "they" are trying to normalize. This is yet ANOTHER con game being pulled on us. Folks know these skies are NOT right and question those who SHOULD know; and what is the explanation? Really none that I have heard. It is ignored as normal and "isn't it beautiful"? No it's the demise of humanity!!!!

    Yet more absolutely CONCRETE proof right in front of you that our environment is imploding and still no one DOES anything.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennis H and ALL, Dennis, thank you for your observations with your tracking devise, I mean cell phone. I pass on many comments from here. I have an added list for observations that are not about the weather. Not taking away from weather observations there. It's just that some folks are oblivious to any weather altercations. But they 'can' connect dots about strange changes in other "areas"

  54. Mario says:

    Here is an example of DISINFORMATION for you.  MIT scientists are trying their best to LIE THEIR ASSES OFF.  Please note that their "research" was funded by the National Science Foundation and the US Dept. of Energy.  Both entities we know are highly corrupt.  I wonder if the scientists of MIT have felt the heat of the sun lately. 


    The authors used “fingerprints” of the ozone changes with season and altitude to attribute the ozone’s recovery to the continuing decline of atmospheric chlorine originating from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These chemical compounds were once emitted by dry cleaning processes, old refrigerators, and aerosols such as hairspray. In 1987, virtually every country in the world signed on to the Montreal Protocol in a concerted effort to ban the use of CFCs and repair the ozone hole.

    “We can now be confident that the things we’ve done have put the planet on a path to heal,” says lead author Susan Solomon, the Ellen Swallow Richards Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Science at MIT. “Which is pretty good for us, isn’t it? Aren’t we amazing humans, that we did something that created a situation that we decided collectively, as a world, ‘Let’s get rid of these molecules’? We got rid of them, and now we’re seeing the planet respond.”


    Time is very short and this kind of DISINFORMATION from MIT is DISGUSTING.

    • marc says:

      Mario, thanks for this link. We're living in a waking nightmare now. Humanity's days are numbered. It's beginning to look like we will all die not as the result of biosphere collapse, but by asphyxiation from being buried alive in LIES. 

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Did I miss something?  There is no mention of the major cause of the deteriorating ozone…..burned rocket fuel, microwave holes in the ionosphere, and the general destruction from oil and gas and the derivatives produced.  Nor does this address the lingering destruction to the ozone layer by over two thousand nuke explosions, some which were even more insanely detonated right up there where the ozone is.  I have thought for years the aerosol can-based fluorocarbon removal, while a good thing, was actually a straw man relative to the gargantuan destruction caused by rockets and especially the space shuttle operations, the latter to which there was early on the admission by NASA that it would destroy massive amounts of ozone.  I just came into the cabin to take a break and sit.  It's a sunny day so far, the first in quite some time.  It's cold out.  My forest trees are in decline.  It's pathetic.  The pines are ghosts, and the firs are starting to atrophy from the tops down.  These are 150 footers.  Every bit of the natural flora shows stress.  I blame the microwaves, the ozone depletion, the radiation, the aerosol particulates, and the likes of Ms. Salomon and the scientists and the politicians who fund these nutcases.  These mentally deranged minds are like chimpanzees to which no one in there right mind would hand out to them a box of 'strike anywhere' matches.

    • Steve Brownsberger says:

      Fuck MIT; brilliant minds used and abused by the government. I can't help but remember the MIT scientists chiming in to lend 'credible' support for the 9/11 Commission Report. 


    • BaneB says:

      Steve Brownsberger:  My sentiments exactly!  That institution along with many other universities that are making their fortunes via DARPA and other sordid Pentagon monies used to discover ever greater efficiency by way of science to inflict mass murder and mayhem upon entire civilian populations.  These bright and curious students and their handlers are a threat to all life on earth.  And these stupid meddler's are responsible for our burgeoning police state surveillance systems technologies,   Two news items:  Passengers having already passed through a myriad of security pat downs, groping, and assorted xrays and assorted indignities,  upon finally getting into the covered boarding ramp l, were met with a new forced affront to civil liberties.  The flight to Mexico was blocked by a weird Orwellian machine (probably invented at MIT or in Israel) and two black-clad military types with guns who demanded all boarding passengers must place their eyeball onto a screen where a green eyeball was waiting to steal their scanned retina print.  If you refused you could not board.  This is a new police state tactic being tested.  Second, San Diego just installed thousand of devices on light poles/utility poles that include video AND audio, and probably pot sniffers with who knows what other privacy destroying crap.  Other cities are going gung-ho for total information awareness.  These are invented at schools like MIT, Cornell, Stanford, ad nauseum universities, sponsored by corporate Babylon and the Pentagram.  The profits are expected to reach a trillion dollars according to one enthusiastic purveyor of Prison, Inc.  To end my ramble, MIT mightily helped the 9-11 con to be buried by the Omissions Committee.  It sold its already soiled soul to the deep state and to the Devil.

  55. beatriz says:

    Dane and aerospace engineering, my profound admiration and gratitude for you intelligent, courageous and compassionate actions. I took a small step responding to a comment to Jonathan Cook's article about Climate Collapse published on Information Clearing House. I am so disappointed at what I thought was a "good honest" site. My comment was deleted by the administrator. I used no offensive language. I just cited that the article was missing the most damning element in the Climate Collapse equation: Geoengineering, and went on to mention the Ozone Layer Collapse linking to this site. Deeply hurt again, but this won't stop me in marching along with all of you to help reach critical mass awareness. Thanks to All.

  56. Philip F Stone says:

    I suggest everyone 'save' this page in their computer—so it can't be totally deleted.

    What I suggest everyone also do is copy and paste the graphs and the captions into their Facebook feed (copy and paste avoids any problems with 'Share' and lets you make sure the photo actually shows on your post (('copy image' with a right click and 'paste' in the text area of your post—it will appear as if you loaded a regular picture at the bottom of the post—and the graphs will show without anyone having to click 'read more')).

    This also allows you to introduce what you are trying to say including (which I put in caps) UV-C should not be detectable at ground level.  It also gets by the people who see the http source and just move on.  Graphs are graphs.  Facts are facts.

    Then get on your email and send this to anyone you can think of.  This is data.  I especially love (and noted at the top of my Fb post so people can see it without having to click 'read more') the gauge used and the dates.  Point out that this is facts.  These are the readings.  When people can see the facts and are educated that it should be zero, it will get through to at least some of people to reach enough to make a difference.

    Thank you sooo much Dane.  I'll bet that guage cost a mint.  

    • Bluv says:

      Good information Phillip

      We need more savvy people like you to spread the word. Thank you Dane and Company, onward we go.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Phillip, I've written here before, "if you don't like the way the game is played, learn to play it better than anyone else".

      Your posting is exactly that!

  57. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    This is an extremely important & serious issue, that needs to be addressed A.S.A.P.. I would not even want to go through another year of this Climate Engineering insanity. 2025, only 8 years out, is too short of time period, every human being on the planet needs to become aware to help heal & preserve our only planet immediately!!!! Thank you to the former NASA Engineer, for your information given to this website.

  58. kathleen says:

    Dear courageous and heroic former NASA engineer,

    Thank you for your bravery in speaking out. I understand why you must remain anonymous, and it's sad that speaking truth jeopardizes one's life. What sort of bizarre matrix are we in when, as kids, we're taught to always tell the truth, but when we grow up, we find it's a job-killer, or worse?

    Since we have a scant eight years or so, what can any of us do to wake up people if they've lived a life poisoned by the air, water, and "so-called" food, not to mention propaganda from media, parents, churches, schools, etc.? Some of these adults are actually proud that they never read…sigh.

    I'm selectively passing out Dane's business cards and flyers, but frankly, not brave enough to stand on a corner and do it that way. I'm more surreptitious (in tip jars, inside library or donated books, on bus seats, etc.), and I certainly don't want to litter and get jailed for that or give a bad name to geoengineeringwatch.org. I'm constantly trying to think of ways to share this imperative information without risking my life or trying to pretend to be a gregarious sort, which I am not. Ain't that a shame.

    Thanks again for all you and Dane do. Sometimes I just need to bitch among cyber friends of like intellectual awareness! But ALL suggestions are welcome, always. Namaste.

    P.S. Rachel, sweet soul, I know a few people with lupus, and none of them have tried a plant-based diet, even if temporarily, despite my encouragement. You might look into that, even though it can take months to reverse or at least alleviate your symptoms, depending on their length or severity. Our bodies can heal themselves, in most cases, if given the nutrients they need. Most MDs get from zero to 24 hours worth of nutrition education, so they are NOT who you need to ask if Vitamin xyz will help. They simply don't know. You might start with Dr. John McDougall (https://www.drmcdougall.com/) and search lupus. "Lupus is a disease that occurs in populations of people who eat the Western diet and is unknown among people who eat a plant-based diet." Wishing you a healing, soon!

  59. ian walker says:

    doppler radar are used to move the particulates around, in Australia the radar crew use stratospheric sulphur and acetone balloon bombs to capture moisture from the wet stream, NOAA calls them 'rivers in the sky' this hangs around as a mist until they heat it up etc, let off another, and another, finally it rains sulphuric acid!!! Doppler radars average power output is 450,000 watts, the band cones out and picks up scatter from you and me on the ground, the microwaves are changing your DNA

    • BaneB says:

      ian walker:  How many NEXRAD SITES are in Australia?  If they are "upgraded" as has been done here in Babylon to our 160+ installations, the power max is 748,000 watts, radius 250 miles, diameter 500 miles.  Check out website:  otterwalks.wordpress.com.  This site has many graphics and It seems Australia's coasts are littered with these weather altering operations.  You are being "lighted up" just like us here in the US.

  60. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia; We have been supposed to have had rain for the last 3 or 4 days, also possibly storms, with no outcome of any such kind. I can see why when I look up and see the huge sheets of SRM lying above and behind the trying-to-form rain clouds. Why are they producing results so opposite from their 'predictions', or why are their 'predictions' so wrong? Why don't they just 'predict' no rain? Is this a psy-op to make the populace think that weather is inherently unpredictable and the Bureau of Meteorology's job is just a lark?

    What they do in the sky is observable: they are stopping rain. What they do in their so called meteorological shenanigans is up for debate. Could the 'scientists' there not be communicating with the weather makers? We had not one cyclone in our just elapsed summer season. Of course this is entirely unnatural. No cyclones, no rain, no storms, no wet season. No wonder farmers' water rights was a huge race just a few years ago. Someone must have known something was up……

    • BaneB says:

      Michel B:  You have described California for the past six years.  Except this winter season, with rain beginning in October 2016.  Yes, I do mean rain, damned near non stop here in the north (think Oroville Dam).  And southern California has been allowed a heavy dose, too.  Search out:  otterwalks.wordpress.com.  Lots of info on how the weather machine operates its slow-cook genocide upon Australians, a laboratory the size of a continent. And your land mass is fully surrounded by major powerful microwave zappers, each capable of "heterodyning" those caught up in the overlaps.  Good luck.

  61. Tim says:

    How about all the insanity of FRACKING which adds tons of methane to destroy the ozone layer? Methane is also bubbling for miles at the arctic, thus Guy McPherson's end of the World scenario has been updated to 2026. I still would like to know who ultimately is behind the non-stop spraying of our skies? Trump doesn't even think there is climate change so it isn't from the top. Black budget? But really? And how have they convinced so many countries to go along with this? I am perplexed by these questions daily. Anyone have answers?

  62. Ty Hawaii says:

    The silence of the biochemists and biophysicists in all of this seems quite deafening.  Detached contempt for our technical scientific ignorance ?  Departmental political protocol and the risk of peer ridicule for speaking out in a commoners public forum ?  Easier to collect the paycheck, bury your head and pretend it ain't happening is the more likely explanation.                                                                                                                       Suppose optimistically, that in 10 years time human life expectancy has dropped from its current 77 years to only 50 (to that of a 20th century W Virginia Coal Miner). Will this shorter life span be long enough to support our current level of technology and comfort ?  Will the scientific elite then begin to more aggressively self select for their own survival ?  What will the Banking Mafia morph into ?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Ty Hawaii, there isn't time left to quander your hypothesis. Besides, the "scientific elite" couldn't self select anything that would promote sustainable life. Let alone recovery of earths life support systems. When the biosphere implodes, there will not be any banksters. They will have been hung or ran scared into their holes in the ground. Look up paradigm shift and dwell on that.

    • Dennie says:

      Answer:  NO ONE is going to care.  They'll all be watching Netflix.  As if their magical Tee Vees will run forever on a grid that will never fail ;-).

    • Patti Minter says:

      Dear friends,

      I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on WhiteHouse.gov, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

      We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

      You can view and sign the petition here:


      Here's some more information about this petition:

      Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

      We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.

      The Spraying is depleting the ozone layer and much radiation is coming through. Please go to the site and sign the petition to Stop this Geoengineering/Chemtrail Spraying.

      Thank you,

      Patti minter

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Patti Minter,  I "Signed it".

      I hope at least a few of these things make it to 100,000.

  63. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Let us not quit nor give in to these Psychopaths, we must spread the these words of truth, I know it's difficult at times…I have felt the hurt inside, when I'm told; it's all my imagination, or I'm nuts, OR "Who would do a thing as crazy as that"!  Well this article is just the thing that we can now bring to the table of doubt, our argument against these nonbelievers who doubt the truth! Even while their being sprayed, radiated and microwaved to death. Maybe now they will hear the call to duty. The duty of and for mankind if nothing else. May God Bless you and keep you always, and thank you, for standing with those of us that are awaken by the truth. Sincerely!

    I just hope we get this message out before it's too late.. Which I afraid it is. As a side note: Philadelphia weather is 70's tomorrow and SNOW on Friday, WTF do people think the cause of these weather swings really caused by, they know deep down, in their souls, THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!!

  64. Dennie says:

    I wonder if anyone's sent a copy of this to Guy McPherson… HAH!!

    Seriously, WTF?  These IDIOTS do NOT CARE that we're all going to be burned to a crisp in less than a decade, so, um, we should all "live lives of excellence" in the meantime… hmmmm.. let's seeeee.. I can be EXCELLENT when there's: 1. too much heat for photosynthesis, thereby 2. not enough water, 3. not enough food, 4. not enough trees, 5. No plankton, 6. NO oxygen… McPherson, are "we" getting "it," by nowww, hmmmm–???

    "Roll over, Beethoven, and tell Tchaikowsky the news." 

    — Chuck Berry

    • marc says:

      Dennie….Haaaaa!!! Great! Indeed, Mr. McPherson, how in the blue f**k are you gonna live a zenny life of excellence when you're starving to death, gasping for every breath, fried to a crisp, and/or murdered or mutilated by rampaging mobs of the "strongest" younger ones looking for any remaining morsels of food in abject desperation?

  65. carrie from oz says:

    Thank you for the latest data. I have been researching UV rays and could find very little useful data. We have had a record hot summer with temps regularly over 100 deg F, hottest was 116 deg F. Insane heat, still no rain west of Brisbane. Regular aerosol spraying to destroy the usual storm clouds. My neighbour had been sick but she died on that hot Sunday. The power bill for 3mths was $985! Using air con, it was the only way to stay cool.

    The sun was burning my skin and plants also got sunburnt. People were getting sunburnt using Sunscrean 50+. I was aware we were getting more UVB rays.

    Methane is also on the rise, the extinction date from Methane data I've been researching is around 2025…the same time frame. Here is a quote by a man called David Hill:  THE GREATER THE WRONG – THE FEIRCER THE CONTROL TO KEEP IT A SECRET AND KEEP IT COVERED UP.

    • BaneB says:

      carrie from oz:  Australia seems to be a favorite experimental laboratory that the weather/warfare warriors and their high priests of science-mayhem have placed into the crosshairs for you to be made as miserable as can be achieved.  Your entire "island" continent is surrounded on the coasts by microwave phased array facilities.  These are interconnected like a giant machine that flashes on and off, pulsing for hours in some kind of macabre phantom of an existential operation, unseen by the naked eye, but felt in ways for which the physician prescribes a pill; for what else can they do.  How does one measure the slow roast of a microwave oven in a lifetime?  It's a discomfort of the sacrifice few know is sanctioned by Moloch and The Beast.  Babies fidgit, old people die, and the masses sing in ignorance about a climate that is changing.  The included website might provide some solace as to why Australia is drying out.  Seriously, you are under attack.  There is much about Australia and other global locations.  Search it out:





  66. El says:

    Here's a couple of youtubes on the state of the Oroville Dam as of 2/28/17.  Does anyone think it is going to hold?  Under what conditions?



  67. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To all my friends I haven't met yet,

    Did any of you know that the ozone layer is only a quarter of an inch thick?! I did not. A protective layer only a quarter inch thick enables life to exist on this planet, our home. "Amazing!" A membrane that thin stretched over our entire biosphere. No wonder it is so "fragile".

    I enjoyed and was impressed with the format in which this article was written. Your(our) legal team is pretty damn sharp. Good Job to all of you that produced this article. This simple horseman is grateful.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      'a' simple horseman, No, I did Not know it was but 1/4th inch thick and I am still having trouble processing that!  What an amazing world we have!  So delicate.  So finely tuned.  So interconnected.

  68. Greg O. says:

    Thank-you both, Dane and our retired NASA comrade,  for your commitment to the truth, as dire as it is.   Greg O.

  69. marc says:

    Yes, the scientific elites (as distinct from the "common people") have been tracking the effects of their fossil fuel orgy for decades. I will assume also that the military has likewise regularly kept tabs on the effects achieved by many decades of weather modification. AND YET, even when the truth was writ plain for all to see they cared not for the future, for their children, or for their children's children. So unenlightened and rapacious were their motives and desires for self-enrichment they could not pull it together to do anything differently. Fast forward to today. Has anything changed? They (the elites, the power brokers, the corporate execs, the (dick)heads of state) are the same paramount dumb-asses they were two or three generations ago. It's no f**king wonder we're now staring down the barrel of the 2025 gun. Seems the more that the best and most reliable sources focus in on around 2025, give or take, the more it's looking like they're NOT just speculating anymore. This projection is solidly based upon available scientific data-gathering, which is ongoing. And as data continues to accumulate, this timeline may actually move closer to the present. Holy Mother of God! We are talking only eight some-odd years from now. Could be five. Could be ten. What the f**k does it matter? Reality is…….we are terrifyingly close to being royally f**ked. As in screwed, game over, toes up, that's it, seeyalaterbye. Absolutely astounding how there can possibly still be so many millions unaware of the profundity of this scenario. But that's changing everyday. My conversations reveal that many, many know and sense the danger, even if they never really investigate, much less actually talk about it with someone. Again, to reiterate what Dane wrote about recently, when grocery shelves start to empty the REALIZATION will spread at the speed of light.

    • sean slavin says:

      marc your writing is beautiful and brilliant. I hope that you do more of it. The world needs to hear what you have to say. Keep on keeping on.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marc, well written my friend. You're right, 5 to 10 years matters not which. Both numbers are NOT acceptable. I fear that "ran' away global warming" has crested the horizon and has left us in "the dust". Can "we" catch it before it does us in? We can if 'I' have any say in things.

      sean slavin wrote, "Whatever happens I will die knowing that I chose to surround myself with those who are willing to risk it all for those they will never know". Noble sentiments indeed, I share them. "But", what if "what ever happens" and you/we or some of us are still alive? Which personally I hope I will be so. What then?! I will not accept the loss of our home, our planet, our one and only source of sustaining life. God protect the power structure if I die and am reincarnated, because I will be coming for them. My spirit will not rest until our home is safe once again. Facts first, face second, in 'all' ways.

    • sea says:

      Marc- so very well said, that is why I love reading your posts, I feel as though it is just the words I would like to use but you do it so succinctly.

      A huge thank you to the former aerospace engineer – I appreciate that you will walk the plank to expose what will kill us all no matter what your scientific knowledge is of climate engineering.

      So that is where I honestly don't understand the exposure of the truth- please help me someone with this- so you know the inevitable of the life of the planet which sustains humankind and yet you are concerned about your "paycheck and your pension"? not sure that makes sense to me- it wont matter what your paycheck amounts to or what pension you expect and want to pass on in inheritance to your loved ones- we will ALL BE DEAD. Sorry to be so blunt…but it reminds me of my personal experience of selling my home to be able to afford alternative care for both my sons with lyme disease, where friends sit in their multi million dollar homes in N Calif that say they would never do that!

      Value- what do you value? nature, the planet, healthy beautiful lives, your families, they have ADD , ADHD, AUTISM, DEMENTIA, CANCER? its ok accept the diagnosis- this is what they tell us is wrong…

      These scientists I am sorry to say have bought into the program- it breaks my heart, sold out to the devil…who else would take your money and not return it.

  70. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Thank You NASA Engineer. for your Courage to Stand Up against the Power Structure. For doing what's Right.   For listening to tour Gut!   For showing Integrity & Moral Fibre, in a World that is Greatly Lacking in.     I Wish we could go back ten years, then start with this information then. This is so very close to a Horror Movie playing out. I Pray others of your stature will also find the Great need for them to come forward also.   God Bless & Keep you Well.

  71. Joseph L says:

    Great work by retired Nasa aerospace avionics engineer.  Thank you Dane for all that you do and your tremendous dedication to getting the truth out no matter how dire the situation.   I see you are on Coast to Coast tommorow March 1st— Good Luck w that show and I hope it brings on board alot of new people that could help us all in this fight.

  72. SueG says:

    I heard this on the news this evening and could not help but wonder if this is from microwaves, or even loss of ozone?  Lots of 'first ever' weather happening, tornados in February??  I have been on more than one flight in the past year where either turbulence was like no other flight I have had, or, we flew very low for the 3 hour flight, never went above the 'haze'.


  73. Dale Emde says:

    How about using twitter saying; "end of life on Earth starting 2025,read following article at (and give email address of this article.}
    or send to Brett Baer Send to anyone who might do it!!!!!
    Dale Emde 92 year old WW2 vet

    • sean slavin says:

      Great idea Dale. Do it!!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dale Emde, Sir, I am proud that you will grace all of us here with your comments. I wish there were more of them from you. Think of us like being a thousand grandkids that want to learn what you know.

      We must remember where we came from so we may achieve a heading on where we need to return to. In this case, a planet that has a chance of sustaining life. Dale, thank you in advance.

  74. Sean Slavin says:

    If this doesn't rock people to their core nothing will. We have eight years at best before it's game over. Longer than I expected but not long enough.

    I'd like to comment on the comment made by the NASA engineer in which he states "I don't care how many computer programs there are, it's too complex, and besides, someone must write the computer program to begin with that does understand the complex atmospheric interactions, and that person doesn't exist. Sadly, most of the scientists that did have a clue are no longer alive – which leaves humanity in dire straits"

    That statement is the embodiment of our predicament. I have been saying for awhile that their initial calculations are all wrong. They are basing everything on a flawed model. Dane gets this. Clifford Carnicom gets this. I get it. You all get it. Hell even my brilliant, beautiful, precious seven year old son gets this.

    I'm no credentialed "scientist" but does one need to be to see that what they're doing isn't working? I'd say no. Isn't the definition of the scientific method the process of systematic observation, measurement, experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses? Yes it is. These men are not scientist. They're scared sheep who think that they have a right to play God.

    To them I say the following: Look folks I know that you have convinced yourself that what you're doing is correct and just. I'm sure that for the most part your intentions are good.  But you see the thing is you don't get to make decisions like this for all of us. No one does.

    This epic failure is no different.

    I'm still hopeful that we will wake the masses and pull out of this nose dive right before impact. If not, shame on all of us.

    That said everyone must be clear. The ones calling the shots, the parasitic elite, would rather die than give up power. The power being the petro dollar.

    The aerosol operations are a multitude of things. Hide the damage done to the biosphere while soft killing the heat sink, you and me.

    Whatever happens I will die knowing that I chose to surround myself with those who are willing to risk it all for those they will never know.

    That's what this whole trip is about anyway.

    As always, thanks to those who have the courage to speak, and the eyes to see.

    • Sonja says:

      But how do we stop this? Too me governments land on deaf ears and don't want to get involved. Media also. It seems to be futile. we will be irradicated like flys for even trying. 

    • Dennie says:

      @Sean Slavin:  Crazy, eh, that even a "good" scientist is still somehow stuck in the mindset that only humans can fix this man-created problem, using the very thinking they got us into this mess with in the first place– waiting for a human who can write a program that deals with all the variables– in-DEEEED!!!!  That entity would be God Himself.  So, to all you arrogant, stoooopid bastards calling yourselves "scientists," I say:  SPEAK THE TRUTH, THEN SHUT UP OR GET OUT OF THE WAY AND LET THIS PLANET HEAL ITSELF.  OR JUST LEAVE.  Maybe then we'll begin to find the PEACE we've sought for so very long.

  75. Rachel Robson says:

    Oh so many thanks to the former NASA aerospace engineer who here speaks out!  Would that all could and would do the same.  But, this makes it clear, that as I expected, the scientists involved do not know the big picture.  And none to be found who have a clue, none to be able to write a computer program for our atmospheres conditions and interactions.  I don't know which is worse.  That they know and do this willingly, or they don't know at ALL!

    Dane, thank you so much also for being the conduit that brought out this info and shared it! And, Dane, I've wanted to thank you also for a couple of your postings back in which you spoke of and showed the big bus billboards of sorts and the digital highway? ones!  Fantastic to see!  Had the effect of energizing and fortifying me and I'm sure many others.  Very grateful to you for that and for the people who pulled it off.

    This brave avionics engineer gives us to 2025, which is longer than I thought, though given exponential effects it could be sooner.  I have Lupus so the UV rates, astounding, are terrifying to my sensitive self.  Said self loathes sunscreen.  Guess I must make friends with it.  As it is, for so long now I've had to be a shadow hopper.  With clothing and hats for protection.  And, staying inside, grrr.  However, the upside?!? is that I can now be grateful for the 'house that ate the sun' next door to me.  As well as other infringements on this property plunging us into perpetual shade.  Finally can drop that anger and be grateful.  Except that the ginormous Italian Stone Pine tree is 100% dead now.  What a huge expense for that property owner to have cut down and removed before it smashes houses.  But will finally give us Eastern light, a view to the East.  As if we could use that now at this late date!

    Last Friday Vice began its new season with a profile on Exxon Oil.  And Tillerson, now head of Energy!  Vice showed papers dug up from 30 years ago and studies they did that proved to them that oil and gas emissions were severely damaging our atmosphere.  They knew it.  Kept at it anyway.  They should deserve our full wrath, much more than some others.  They've known for 30 years the damage they were doing, buried it and kept on doing it.  And still, and now that person heading them is heading our Energy sector.  How can such a thing be explained? By which I mean the past 30 years of business as usual.  It is easy to get how Trump would place him where he did, to do more, to wreck our world.  How can we hurt Exxon?  There must be a way.

    In the Deep State there are rumblings of a coup.  Which would be music to my ears but for what would come next.  I mean how can one trust the Deep State if they are so deep we have no idea what they are up to?  But, they would be the ones with the computer power and brain power to translate this mess we are in into some sort of action. How to reach them?

    • Edward Palys says:

      Dear Rachel, getting rid of Trump will solve NOTHING. It is the deep state that is responsible for what we are faced with today. Tillerson is NOT head of the energy department, he is the head of the State Department. As for that 30 year old document, according to the fear of fossil fuel dependence, the earth should have been completely destroyed by now. Just take a look at air traffic on a daily basis, yes fossil fuel waste polluting the upper atmosphere with billions of tons of CO2. The only way to solve the problem we face is to get rid of the deep state altogether. Get rid of the evil that is destroying the earth.

    • Dennie says:

      We had a coup upon the untimely death of Abraham Lincoln.

      We had a coup upon the mysterious untimely death of F.D.R.

      We had a coup upon the not-so-mysterious untimely death of J.F.K.

      We had a coup upon the election of the Bush-N.A.Z.I. Crime Family

      We had a coup upon the election of "President" Donald Trump.

      I'd say we're right on time for "business as usual" in Uhmeruhkuh.  Heh.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Edward, Yes, but of course, the Deep state in all its 17 faces is intimidating and holds all the secrets including geoengineering.  And the military to boot.  But, if we wish for the military to join us, why not them? Snowden showed those secrets can be blown.  Surely there are others.  I don't like Trump but I don't loathe him.  I do loathe our real president, Steve Bannon.  And I do fear this nationalistic rise, the hate it has generated, the direction it is all seeming to go.  And its potential to destroy what remains of my life, literally.  Jesse Ventura seems to have coined the terms Democrips and Rebloodicans!  And too true.  I do not want a police state heading our country.  I'm just saying the Deep State has the resources and info we need to stop geoengineering.

      I regret my mistake of saying Tillerson was head of Energy.  I knew better, but was brain dead.  Major lack of sleep.  Many "issues".  Thank you for correcting me!  Hate it when I err, but it does happen, I like to think occasionally, but….!!

      And if the Guardian is reading this!-we know Snowden gave over much. How about sharing the weather as warfare, geoengineering stuff?  Pretty please?!!  You know, in order to save this world!

      @Dennie, there are coups and there are Coups!  The CIA is supposedly saying Trump will die in prison.  They also say they took out JFK because he had a p***y problem, and that we know is true.  As well as a similar to Trump like attraction to the mob.  So, with great effort and much help, the puppet is dialing back what he says.  Not what he means.  My God though, one Trillion $ to the military!!!!

    • Deep State scrambling & infighting is escalating.  See White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer talk about "homeland." Does anyone look comfortable in this video? https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4659008/white-house-press-secretary-new-composition-nsc

  76. James says:

    I have noticed the strange intensely hot sun rays for over 2 years now in Southern California. That's of course when they let the sun show, which is rare. I am greatly concerned for the plants, they are showing signs of weakening more each month, there will eventually be no plants growing food. Also as the trees die off the oxygen amounts will dwindle. Of course the great animal die off has been frightening as well, but at the time I thought it was due to the BP oil spill and treatment with the deadly corexit. I  want to thank Dane and the NASA engineer for speaking out. We all need to attend our local city council meetings, and also run for city council office.

    • Dennie says:

      There are even more who do NOT notice the unusually intense heat of the sun.  Even the people who are out in it every day.  Tennis pros and gardeners.  Sheeeesh! What are these people "on?"

  77. Joe Ceonnia says:

    There are some good and Great Americans working for the greater good of man! However there is a new but old tactic and fear against the good people in The Military Industrial Complex, called the New McCathyism, the is the old Method of their madness coming full circle, "the Russians are coming" Bullshit fake news, War is the nature of their game, and that game will never end unless the Generals of these United States of America stand up against the tyranny of these dual citizenship leaders Psychopaths, running this country into the ground. Remember your oaths. Don't quite on us form alliances with the public, come out to the alternative media and ask for help, we are waiting for one honest Military Leader to Come Forward and ask? We are here in the millions awaiting the call to duty. There is no other planet, no matter what you've heard, this Planet Earth Is IT! We don't have a back up plan for earth. We MUST PRESERVE THIS PLANET AT ALL COSTS! I willing to give my life in order to save every living thing on this wonderful and amazing earth! These inbred bastards must be destroyed before they destroy us all. Enough of playing God, we can't continue at the present course. Are there any true Americans out there in Congress that has the balls to say what needs to be said?? I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it!! Everyone should be feeling these huge errors in judgments by these so called scientist who believe were all lab rats!!! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joe, War is a money maker.  Back when "we" rode into Iraq and all had bumper stickers saying: It's the oil, stupid!!, I wanted one saying it's the money stupider!  Because it really was.  Recently, in some interview on TV there was a guy who was there, not in the military who accidently-by the reaction I saw-let slip that he did see piles of cash.  A huge money maker for Some.  Generals now refer to bombs, nukes and all as Industrial wars, saying the next war will be in space, and we won't see it.  China now has the upper hand in space.  This Russia stuff, all really is gamemanship. A ballet of distraction.  What is not so much, is the actual harm being to to this country and to the world.  Not unlike how Trump played that poor widow, in the midst of fresh grief, he managed to Use her grief to distract all from the shoot from the hip attempt of his to play war with the big boys.  Made me want to vomit.  That was some sick sht.  So many seemed to fall for it.  And of course our military needs/wants all the oil that can be had.  Old farts thinking old ways, despite all the proof against.  Which is why I brought up the Deep State.  Most of those people are young.  But, as with scientists, all segregated into separate groups, none with a unifying vision.  Working separately, separate computer issues.  None with the full picture.  Perhaps this brave NASA man would give a suggestion?  Our Intel has the end all be all of computer stuff.  They need to set up a program like this NASA man did suggest that seems impossible, but is it?  I don't think so.  It needs to be made a priority NOW!  Given Intel's scary power and resources, that just might work.

  78. Sandra says:

    Hmmmmm "I will utterly destroy those who seek to destroy the earth!" An old familiar and little understood quote, until now. Your evils are uncovered for all to see.    

    • Dan G. says:

      For all to see for how long before the plug is pulled and all of us are silenced . I hope it's just my enternet downgrade that causing dropped connection but mostly for this site .as I text the president is speaking of our brave warriors clapping for themselvs how bout all the other homeless on the street stumps no jobs addicts ready for the corporate owned prisons to profit from them hell is here

    • Dennie says:

      … yyyyeahhh, but like, um, WHEN?????

      Folks,we are now exactly, collectively, living the story of the man who was in a very heavy rainstorm, with swelling creeks, rivers and tides.  When the water came up to his driveway, someone stopped by and offered to drive him to higher ground, he refused the ride.  "God will save me," he said.  When the water came up to his front porch, lapping closer to his living room floor, someone came by in a row boat, offering to take him to safety on higher ground, and he refused.  "God will save me," he said.  When the water was in his living room and rising, he went up to the attic and onto the roof to get away from the rising, raging waters, now taking everything in it's path.  A search and rescue team came by offering him a spot on a helicopter to air lift him to safety.  "God will save me," was his reply as he refused, yet again, a chance to be saved.  So the waters raged, pouring around and battering his house, splintering it to pieces; it fell apart and the pieces were taken by the fast moving water, with the man desperately clinging to bits and pieces of shingles and broken boards or sticks as it swept him downstream in a raging torrent.  Finally, he could not take it and he was drowned. 

      When the man reached Heaven, he was let in and told he'd be interviewed by God.  "Why didn't you save me?" he asked when it was time for his interview.  And God replied, "You know, I sent you a ride, I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter and you refused my help, every single time."

  79. michael says:

    great timing forp osting this so i can use it to refute some absolute idiot im arguing with that's using nasa's homepage for contrails as the absolute evidence that geoengineering doesn't exist LOL THANKS A BUNCH DANE WE'LL BEAT SENSE BACK INTO THESE PEOPLE WITH FACTS….

  80. gene maynard says:


    I just tried to repost your latest article on my blog. It was stopped saying it had I believe it said, TPP items that would cause a problem. Do u know what that means or should I be concerned?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gene, we have been dealing with what appear to be attacks since the moment we tried to post this new UV data. On our first and second attempts to post, half the article was deleted, we had to rebuild it both times. We have had extremely quailfied internet techs working on this since the am, we hope all is OK now. In any case, there should be no risk with any reposting. Thanks for your help with sounding the alarm, Gene.

    • matt sarlo says:

      I am not surprised that the trolls would be attempting to prevent this information spreading  about how serious the damage to the ozone layer is. How money and what will be a meaningless pension can make people debase themselves for the few hundred super rich running the show is mind numbing. I post my full name on this site as I have nothing to hide and I want the NSA and every other agency tracking our every move that I firmly believe in the right to free speech. I would also like to say to the people working to stop the truth from coming out that you are cowards and I throw my hat in the ring. 

  81. Cori Gunnells says:

    My gratitude to this former NASA avionics engineer, for his research, sharing, priority, moral compass, and courage to share his findings and warnings with the general public via GeoengineeringWatch. It's a sobering and stark reality we find ourselves faced with, all by human doing and disrespect of the natural balance of Earth (anthropogenic).

    – Do what's right not because it's easy, but because it's the right thing to do. 

  82. Donna-AZ says:

    Wow, thank you former NASA avionics engineer. 
    This might make a good banner or billboard.
    Insert worst spray picture.

  83. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    What do you suggest that we do?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gladys, check the bottom of the article inquestion, as with all of our posts, this link is attached (hyperlinked) to one of the final phrases in the article. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/introducing-geoengineering-climate-engineering-to-the-uninformed/

      We must reach a critical mass of awarness on the climate engineering issue. When we do, there will be a paradigm shift as populations all over the globe realize what their governments have done without their knowledge or consent. Once fully exposed, we will then have a real chance to halt the geoengineering insanity.

    • Dennie says:

      Sr.:  The Dominicans pray for social justice– why wouldn't they, and other orders, pray specifically for an end to the reign of terror by corporate-banking-military "authority," the DEATH of that old domineering "God" whose abuse we all had to endure for eons, and for an end once and for all to the desecration of Creation and the defilement of our planet by radionuclide, chemical and geoengineering omnicidal techniques, this having been done for profit, so-called "power," and "might" (nothin' particularly mighty about this kind of "might–" HAH!)?

  84. C.J. says:

    This has been going on for such a long time and it will continue. Many different excuse's from so many people why the aerosol is being sprayed. I do no that there is hardly any sun and there are a lot of people ill. What else more does one need to know. The fact is that this spray is killing us. Any other suggestion can be said, but the fact is that we are running out of time. The numbers of sick and dying people will increase. Maybe the depopulation agenda might start to sink in a bit more. That is all it is. Not knowing that will be a downfall for most.

    • Randall says:

      i agree, it's been going on for a very long time. Many people I talk to know about all the spraying but do not care. For the love of all I don't know why. Christians all say it doesn't matter, God will fix it? All others don't care. I have gotten rough around my edges. I state to the young that they are dead soon if they don't get off there buts. I tell people not to have children unless they  plan to fight now or doom the poor child to an early death.
      Iv been down the bible rabbit hole and know a good verse for today wrote long ago
      ecclesiastes  chapter one – verse 18
      for in much wisdom is much grief , 
      and he that increases knowledge , 
      increases sorrow!!

    • BaneB says:

      Randall:  I was watching a utube vid yesterday.  It was about a filmed community meeting in Arizona whereby about 100 Citizens were grilling the state's agency head in charge of the agency mandated to protect the Citizens from toxic pollutions.  This town hall style meeting was all about aerosol spraying by jets.  Well versed speaker after speaker took to the floor asking why these jets are spraying them and blotting out the once blue skies of that state.  This agency head was like a deer in the headlights.  And clearly was seeking to abrogate agency responsibility to correct the problem by deferring to the federal government as the cause.  And that the state could do nothing.  Horse pucky of course.  What was most interesting to me is there was not one, NOT ONE, young person in attendance.  Not one under 40, and most were retired persons.There were a few lawyers in the mix.  

  85. matt sarlo says:

    Thank you for your courage and honor. 

  86. Susan Ferguson says:

    My sincere heartfelt gratitude to the courageous retired NASA aerospace avionics engineer. If only more like you would come forward, we would have a chance to save this planet from complete biosphere collapse. God Bless you, Susan

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