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HAARP Storms Slam Canada


Evidence is emerging that the bizarre superstorms that recently exploded across Canadian skies were ignited by HAARP.  According to researchers, including phycisist Dr. Fran De Aquino, HAARP has a public profile mission and a covert, hidden agenda. Some investigators also assert that HAARP technicians are testing the advanced Tesla technology’s ability to affect weather.  The latest outbreak of stunning storms thundering across the Great White North tend to lend credence that the atmosphere is being manipulated and weather may be in the process of being weaponized.

Terrifying storms follow on heels of mystery sounds

The skies were torn apart over Canada last month. With little warning, bizarre clouds rapidly materialized and then all hell broke loose. Long time residents testified that they’d never seen anything like it.

Video capture of HAARP storms over Ottawa, Canada

HAARP outbreak over Windsor, Ontario, Canada

HAARP outbreak over Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

The terror storms relentlessly slammed into the sleepy communities.

Odd cloud formations attributed to HAARP

Startled people raced for cover seeking safety from the sudden fury erupting all around them. Some people that observed the storms say they did not seem natural.

Were the storms artifically created? If they were generated, how, and by what?

HAARP and weather wars

Researchers have been claiming for some time that HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) technology is creating bizarre weather patterns and freak storms. Projecting high energy pulses into the ionosphere affects the troposphere and the layers of atmosphere beneath it.

HAARP facility in northern Alaska, USA

Certain investigators believe such storms are experiments that may lead up to future HAARP Weather Wars with Russia and China.

Weather warfare [Image via Elements of War]

During 2011 and well into 2012 the residents of Windsor, Ontario heard an incessant, maddening hum that rose and fell in intensity.

Neither geomagnetic nor subterranean harmonics can account for a pulsating noise that lasted the better part of a year. Any noise made by solar flares interacting with the geomagnetic field or earth core-mantel harmonics are transitory lasting only a few hours to a day or so at most.

Some investigators of the mysterious sound believe it may have been propagated by energy pulses transmitted from HAARP. [Are HAARP Frequency Pulse-Waves Driving People Mad?]

Now that the noise has abated monster storms are pounding Windsor as well as Ottawa and Sarnia, Ontario.

Anomalous storms

Researchers claim that HAARP generated storms are anomalous. They point to tell-tale cloud formations that—while rarely seen in nature—defy statistics and appear with regularity when created by energetic HAARP torsion vortex waves.

Strange, oblong, roiling clouds assuming bizarre tubular shapes are often associated with HAARP storms.

Other formations include clouds twisted into peculiar configurations by oscillating bands of intense energy disturbing the atmosphere, “cellular” formations, and rippling rainbow affects.

Eerie cellular clouds invade the sky

The storms over Canada exhibited many of these phenomena.

Astounding video record of HAARP storms

The following is an amateur video compiled by observers of the incredible storms that charged across Canadian skies from May 25th to 27th, 2012:


Signature of refracted pulse waves in cloud

HAARP capabilities

While most researchers think that HAARP is mainly for ionosphere research and weather manipulation, some claim that the powers incorporated into the high frequency technology goes far beyond weather control.

HAARP artificially induced ionic aurora

Brazilian phycisist Dr. Fran De Aquino makes the startling assertion in a scientific paper that HAARP can not only take control of the weather, but cause earthquakes, trigger volcanic eruptions, influence gravity and manipulate time itself. [Physicist: HAARP Manipulates Time]

Whether HAARP actually has such fantastic powers remains to be proven, but the people of Canada may have experienced a small taste of HAARP’s storm generating capability.

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2 Responses to HAARP Storms Slam Canada

  1. Margaret says:

    How can this be stopped???? What has Canada done that the U S has to manipulate our weather both summer and winter. I don’t care what they do to their own country but when they invade Canada with severe storms and destruction something has to be done to stop them. It is the U S government using the army and navy to carry out their experiments. Why don’t they turn their weather weapon on Isis. That is what is doing so much killing, murdering whole towns and be-heading and burning innocent people. Please HAARP, get your priorities straight, use you horrid weapon to get rid of these terrorists and dangerous Isis.

  2. Alan Cameron says:

    It only takes a person to use their instinct. If you smell Sht then most likely that is what it is. Unfortunately most people don’t have too many senses. Common sense will tell a person that when looking up instead of looking down they will notice that there is something happening in our skies.

    If one doesn’t then they might as well go to bed and sleep.

    Because there is so much information on this subject that it should be taken seriously.

    No air traffic and clear skies.

    Crappy overcast chemical sky and lots of air traffic.

    Not too hard to figure out.

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