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January 29, 2013: Climate News


3 Responses to January 29, 2013: Climate News

  1. Vicki McLean says:

    The HAARP weapon illegally stole and used my husband’s technolgy. It was illegally patented in US patent 6715341 just 2 months after my husband was killed with parasites but intentionally misdiagnose with frontal lobe glioblastoma. My husband’s death was on 3/11/2002 the same date as the Japan earthquake. My husband James McLean created computerized deep water drilling design technology that was stolen and for sure is used in HAARP to create earthquakes. Just this pass 3/11/2013 HAARP created another earthquake on the anniversary of my husband’s death in California. Texas A&M was illegally given my husband’s technology for a research project likely used by HAARP. I filed a false claim suit against this falsified patent with my husband name on 1/28/2011 but it was sealed and dismissed with the help of US Attorney General Eric Holder under commander in Chief OBAMA. This is well known across the US by attorneys and media and is the reason for the TEXAS A&M shooting on 8/13/2012 at Kyle Field, the murder of Texas A&M professor James AUNE on 1/9/2013 and all the Texas A&M bomb threats. This was also the reason for the Virgina Tech shooting since the US patent office in Arlington, Va illegally patented my husband’s work and many knew I was being attacked and had my first Attorney Constance Singleton stabbed 6 times in Harris county and I was arrested falsely for supposely threatening Montgomery county Judge Carol Wood which could easily be proven not possible but still kept in jail and denied bail for 10 months never allowing me to go before a judge to present my story of evidence and then just dismissed and released. Filed the false claim suit just 20 days after the Arizona shooting which is linked along with the Aurora and Sandy hook and Dunblane, Scotland shootings.

  2. Karen says:

    We have been watching The Space Weather report from NASA for a couple of years.

    I don’t really undertand what is happening with the Sun. It has looked like the Sun has been flat lined during this period which is suppose to be the highest period activity for 12 years right? Is it older than we thought?

    Are they tampering with data? I am pretty ignorant about this subject so please excuse stupid questions.

    Is the Geoengineering aerosol spraying directly connected to the Sun’s activity, as a preventive or reaction to something that is happening that they are not making very clear to the public?

    Been noticing the Sun is hotter on skin in Jan and Feb than it used to be. Figured it had more to do with ozone depletion or changes in the atmosphere. Now wondering what’s up with the Sun?

    I guess I better put my thinking cap on and learn more about this subject.

    This Climate News Report is very inspiring.


  3. Karen F. says:

    Very interesting climate news, thanks.

    I didn’t give them “implied consent” who do think they are? I want them to stop. They are trespassing on my property!

    The last couple of days looking at the satellite pictures you could see the trails off Baja that started the storm going across the USA. It was pretty obvious.

    Yes, I am pissed too. If you are not pissed, then you are not paying attention.

    Thanks again!

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