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Major Flooding In Alberta- Could it Be Linked to Geoengineering?


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Frankie Gotz – Posted on June 22, 2013


Before the storm hit there was a very clear Roll Cloud the rolled in:

Calgary is geographically called the flood plains and supposedly the moon was closer to the Earth than usual.
Reported by CTV News 75,000 Calgarians having already been ordered to evacuate since floodwaters began spreading across the city on Thursday evening.

Twenty-five communities throughout southern Alberta are under an evacuation order, displacing tens of thousands of residents. Animals at the Calgary zoo are being placed in other areas and it was reported that they might have to send the animals to Calgary jails. So far three confirmed deaths of civilians, RCMP reported that three bodies had been found floating in the water.

Reported by CBC News:

“Most significant is a large amount of rainfall — up to 200 millimetres in some places. Add in ground that is already saturated because of some more modest precipitation — about 40 millimetres — preceding the deluge. Combine that with areas that were still frozen not far below the surface and a local geography that encourages water to run down hill quickly, and there’s a recipe for this week’s devastation.

“In this particular case, it was a little bit of precipitation preceding the heaviest rainfall, and then a period of 16 hours of very heavy rainfall in the Elbow,” says Silins.

“In the Crowsnest Pass, it was about 12 hours of very heavy rainfall on top of already wet ground.

“And then in the case of the Elbow, that’s occurring in the headwaters of a very steep watershed, and so those flows then are routed down fairly quickly down valley. In the case of Calgary, they arrived fairly quickly.”

The deluges were the result of some unusual weather. Along with the torrents of rain, there were unexpected wind patterns and the convergence of two huge weather systems.

Some of the hardest-hit areas have experienced twice as much rain in 48 hours than the normal average for all of June.

On June 20, Calgary experienced record one-day rainfall with 45 millimetres coming down. The previous record was 35.1 millimetres, set in 1964.”

Click play below to see some of the devastation caused by this megastorm that hit Alberta (courtesy BizBOXTV):

Unusual Aspects of the Storm

This storm is indeed unusual and unexpected.  Meteorologist didn’t even see it coming!   There are some unusual aspects of how the occurrence of events happened. Here are a few quotes from CBC’s meteorologist, Stephanie Barsby:

“That high pressure system is preventing the storm from moving north, and the Rockies are preventing it from moving west, so it’s stuck right over the regions that are seeing the flooding”

“It’s unusual to see a system stuck in one place for such an extended period of time.”

Globalist puppet, Prime Minister- Stephen Harper even said that he would never picture a flood of this magnitude hit his home province and he felt it to be unusual.

Even some of my acquaintances on facebook feel it’s unusual.  Here is one quote from a friend, “.. this is scary. There have been .. deaths, and we’ve never had a death when Okotoks flooded. We’ve had to sandbag downtown.. but never has it reached downtown Calgary and we’ve never needed to helicopter someone out of high river. Ive been living in Calgary for 18 years and i’ve never been evacuated.”  She also commented on one of my posts saying, ” .. this is so tragic, and abnormal. And to me living in Calgary for 18 years and my mom for 40.. this is seeming unnatural.”

Could This Storm be Linked To Geoengineering?:

In case you don’t know, geoengineering are a bunch of scientists trying to engineer and manipulate the earths weather systems, stereotypically to combat ‘global warming’.  Even though it has been proven over and over again that global warming is a hoax to perpetuate a global carbon tax to fund agendas of the new world order, people are still falling for it.  Please refer to one of our past articles proving that Global Warming stopped sixteen years ago by clicking HERE.

Geoengineering has been happening for over 50 years. Please review our past article on Hurricane Sandy to review 8 strong points that prove weather modifications has been happening for over 50 years by clicking HERE

Joseph Cek from  weatherpeace.blogspot.ca wrote a very well written article that makes very strong points that the floodings in Alberta could have been caused by electromagnetic waves being put into the ionosphere by NEXRAD stations in the U.S.  NEXRAD stations is HAARP technology.  The article he wrote is below:

By Josephy Cek

Floods in Southern Alberta caused by NEXRAD Stations in the United States – SHOCKING EVIDENCE:

Regarding the video below, pay close attention to the storm originating in southern Montana which moves into southern Alberta. At about 11 seconds in, we see a tapering arm stretching south to the Wyoming-Idaho border, which later feeds the southern end of the storm for some time. This storm system moves east to join other storms that originated in North and South Dakota. Also pay attention around these areas of North and South Dakota, to see how storm systems mysteriously originate from central points. It is important to note how some of these storm systems are tapered , originating from a central point. These central points will later be shown to be NEXRAD (Doppler) sites, which can emit electromagnetic waves at different frequencies that affects weather patterns. Where the cursor is throughout the video are points of interest:

What is interesting about where some of these storm systems are developing is that they are either on, or near close proximity to NEXRAD stations. Here is a snapshot of where the south Montana storm originates, which is near the KBLX NEXRAD Station in Billings, MT:

Environment Canada Satellite Image: South Alberta storm originates from south Montana

NEXRAD Station KBLX near Billings, MT. Coincidence?

At about 6 seconds into the video, you will notice that the storm begins in southern Montana, and is actively being fed and driven by NEXRAD station KBLX in Billings, Montana. The storm is also being fed and driven by other NEXRAD stations throughout the neighbouring states, causing it to move east. We see this storm mysteriously originating from specific points of interest, initially starting in Billings, Montana. This is what brought majority of the rainfall in the past day, which caused severe flooding for Southern Alberta.

At about 10 seconds into the video, we see numerous other storms mysteriously appearing at central points, specifically in North Dakota and Nebraska. These storms later merge with the one that was created in south Montana. We have uploaded the different NEXRAD animations for these different stations to better depict what was occurring in those areas. You will see the storm systems being fed from some of these locations, and radar pulsing to influence nearby cloud patterns.

NEXRAD animation screenshot: Grand Forks, North Dakota – NEXRAD Station (KMVX) for June 20 – 21. Notice where this storm system is tapering from–precisely from where the Doppler station is located.

Map of NEXRAD Stations in the United States: White dots represent active NEXRAD stations, and red dots are those of interest to us, specifically in N/S Dakota and Nebraska. We believe that more NEXRAD stations were involved than those which are highlighted red, and stations nearby to them work in conjugation with each other.

Photograph of the KMVX NEXRAD station in North Dakota

With the amount of metal particles in aerosols that are being sprayed (Geoengineering) in the upper atmosphere daily, which actively collect moisture to form clouds, there should be no surprise at how some of these weather patterns are being driven. The clouds laced with metallic particles can be influenced by electromagnetic waves emitted by NEXRAD radar originating from these stations. The air acts like a fluid, in which these particles are distributed.

After watching the NEXRAD animations, one should be convinced that this is not how natural cloud systems are formed. We can clearly see the weather patterns and cloud formations being affected by the electromagnetic waves (ie. radar) emitted from these NEXRAD stations.

More research is needed in this field, and there needs to be a thorough investigation from officials around various States and Canadian cities for the amount of damage that has been caused in the name of weather modification.

Intellicast Image: June 21st. Active aerosol-spraying continues off the West Coast of U.S. and Canada, which clearly act to intensify active weather systems that are being formed and moving inland.



Possible Motives

Not saying 100% that this was caused by geoengineering but I honestly would not doubt for a second that it was most likely a by product of it, whether if it was intentional or unintentional no one knows as of this time.  As of right now the Canadian Armed Forces have been deployed for search and rescue, Calgary is under martial law but no reports of any unlawful activities such as searching homes and confiscating guns from law abiding citizens like they did with hurricane Katrina and Sandy in the U.S.

But if this was intentional someone made a good theoretic comment on the article above that makes a lot of sense:

“So you might be asking “why would this be done? Who could possibly benefit?” Look at the affected area – urban and rural sprawl that has headed in what the powers that be term as an “unsustainable” direction/future.
– stack em’ and pack em’ high rise developers and construction contracts for all of the displaced, homeless misfortunates who will be now relocated to a more compacted, restructured city – no longer property owners, rather, now they will be Agenda 21 tenant debt slaves living out of a shoe box.

This flood was the reset button. The beauty of it is that there will be no accountability other than to blame it on those pesky bad humans that are causing “climate change”. Never mind looking up at those taxpayer funded chemtrails.”
~ From Unknown 21 June 2013 22:23
Canadian Awareness Network will try to keep you updated on any more information.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Do you think the recent major storm and flood in Bolder, CO were also geoengineered?

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