Meteorologist Convinced HAARP-like Projects Are Responsible For Abnormal Weather Pattern Shift Over USA


A storm system is retrograding, according to Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin.  The storm has traveled from the Northeast United States westward to the Texas/New Mexico Border and is continuing it’s track.

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“While meteorologists are quick to try to say this is normal, the pattern is anything but that,” said Martin.  “I’ve been watching the system become nearly transcontinental and it will be once the weekend arrives as pieces of it hit Southern California and Baja, California by Thursday into the weekend.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is the work of weather modification, likely that of a HAARP-like project.”

HAARP is a project in Alaska, however there are many other facilities across the world that have this technology.  It focuses microwave beams into the upper atmosphere and Martin is one of very few meteorologists convinced it has anything to do with the abnormal weather we’ve been seeing for many years.

“You get record breaking systems like Hurricane Sandy,  Record Tornado Outbreaks, Record Nor’easters, Record Floods, Record Heat, and Record Cold all bunched up within the last five years and questions have to be asked,” said Martin.  “Is it weather modification?  The answer is yes, it is … and won’t end anytime soon.  Finding out who is responsible is a different and likely more dangerous story altogether.”

HaarpStatus Facebook Page is a status page with Network that monitors three continents and has it’s own induction magnetometer to see what is going on up there.

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