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NOAA Maps Reveal Totally Disrupted Climate


The geoengineers appear to have become quite desperate to keep hidden the true extent of climate disintegration. The irony is that the ongoing massive global spraying programs, (SAG and SRM) are likely by far the single largest causal factor in the deterioration of global weather patterns. The ongoing saturation of the troposphere and stratosphere with nano particle geoengineering particulates is certainly the major cause of the ever expanding global drought conditions. The effect of particulates in the atmosphere on precipitation is well documented and not disputed in any scientific study. These particulates, in addition to being highly toxic to all that lives, cause drought, period. The sprayed particles also shred ozone, also well documented in science study. “Forecasts” as unbalanced as the one below from NOAA were never seen until very recently.(NOAA is now little more than a branch of private defense contractor “Raytheon” who is neck deep in the geoengineering issue. This makes the “forecasts” little more than “scheduled” weather)

Climate and weather is now swinging radically from one extreme to another. Again, the hugely disruptive global geoengineering programs are a major part of this disruption. As we head further into winter, more and more storms are being sprayed with “ice nucleating” agents. This process turns what should have been a rain event into a snow event at temperatures far above freezing. (See “ice nucleation for weather modification OR Chinese create snow storms. This process also greatly reduces the overall precipitation.) As the ice nucleation process unfolds, large air masses are cooled temporarily. Radar images reveal the spraying of rain cells which cause a sudden “flash” of rain to frozen precipitation. This is occurring in regions with no orographic enhancement (mountains or high elevation zones) As these rain cells migrate, they fade back to rain and then suddenly “flash” back to snow” as additional nucleating agents are dispersed above the storm. The heavy wet snow produced by this procedure is also extremely damaging to trees that have often not dropped there leaves due to the lack of historical cooler temperatures. Again, this is very visible on the radar images.

It is imperative that these completely decimating programs are brought to light and to a halt. All who are aware are needed to help in this dire effort.




3 Responses to NOAA Maps Reveal Totally Disrupted Climate

  1. Harold Saive says:

    Climate disruption of aerosol spraying was confirmed at a 2010 American Meteorological Assoc. meeting where it was reported that aerosol manipulation of Hurricane Katrina was very effective in changing the intensity of the storm.


  2. Tod says:

    I have tried going on the radio stations, they just cut me off and hang up. what can I do to spread the word further, besides destroying the planes my self….

    • admin says:

      Get the DVD’s (what in the world are they spraying and why in the world are they spraying), make copies of them and hand them out wherever you can. Try to hold a public screening of the film. It is a very effective tool.

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