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  1. cao says:

    Hello, I can translate for you,free of corse, to Portuguese so the info reaches all african countries former portuguese colonies that speak portuguese, (Mozambique,Angola,Indonesia,etc,etc),Macau, some parts of  India, Brasil,and of corse Portugal as half the world speaks portuguese.( I also translate simultaneously as you see in UN, in english and french) I think in Europe this matter is being hidden, people are not even aware of Cern, do not relate Haiti,Katrina,the fires,nothing because everyone is held hostage of the debt problem and now the "refugees", so the tests are being done without notice. You should have a booth here could be in one of the major malls of the capital, even in the subway it would work as hundreds of  regular people and tourists pass and can see the info. A boot,some panflets would work.I did the same last 2 years for the community, for a project to have people doing testes for hepatitis as our state offers the cure, so I know this would work in the beach for example, is free all we need to do is get a licence to operate, and have people knowing about the subject to explain instead of just giving papers that cost too much to be sent to the trash bin without being read. If you want I can start with the translations if you point the articles and maybe next year we can have a small booth who knows? meanwhile I will report major events in our msn as the orange cloud in UK,Hope to hear from you.Take care Stay safe

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