Pushing Back Against Climate Engineering, Canadian Lawsuit Is Filed


Dane Wigington

Legal action has been filed and is now underway in Canada that will greatly assist with the global effort to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering assault against the planet and the entire web of life. For over a year GeoengineeringWatch.org has been communicating with and forwarding data to Canadian attorneys (in addition to the US team of attorneys we are working with) in the effort to get legal action in motion. This effort has now reached fruition, Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to the attorneys in Canada (and the US attorneys) for their diligent and ongoing work in this most critical battle. Excerpts from the Canadian legal filing are below.


Nature of the Proceeding:

1. This is a mass-tort and environmental Proposed Class Proceeding in respect of the spraying into the atmosphere of toxic substances and particulates by the Defendant that is dangerous to human health, destructive to the environment, and has caused meaningful economic damages.


  1. A Declaration that the aerial discharge of coal fly ash and/or other contaminants

    contravenes the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and appurtenant


  2. A Declaration that the aerial discharge of coal fly ash and/or other contaminants

    contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; 

 c. An interlocutory and a final mandatory order directing that the Defendant comply with the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and appurtenant Regulations;

  1. An interlocutory and a final mandatory order directing that the Defendant comply with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

  2. An interlocutory and a final mandatory Order that the Defendant immediately cease and desist the ongoing aerial discharge of coal fly ash and/or other contaminants or substances;


  1. On various dates, the Plaintiff observed that certain aircraft discharged trails comprising of white particulate like matter (“Aerial Discharge”), and which Aerial Discharge would persist and often span across the horizon and across the length of the sky.

  2. The Aerial Discharges slowly dissipated, formed a thin, hazy film across the sky, and would obfuscate the sun’s rays.

  3. The Aerial Discharges dissipate across ranges of altitudes, including lower altitudes. Thus, the Aerial Discharges dissipate in the lower altitudes which include the air that the Plaintiff, his family and the potential members of the Class breath.

  4. The Plaintiff pleads that the Aerial Discharges are comprised of minute particles that are toxic and/or are easily absorbed into the body and the environment, and are thus dangerous when absorbed into the body or the environment.

  5. The Plaintiff pleads that the Defendant, and/or her agent’s or instrumentalities perform the Aerial Discharges over Canadian air space.

  6. The Plaintiff further pleads that the Defendant knows or ought to know that the Aerial Discharges are dangerous.

geoengineering watch 12

Geoengineered skies in Riverside, Ohio (January, 2016). Photo credit: Kelli Shinn Sawyer


11. The Plaintiff relies on his pleadings above.
12. The Plaintiff pleads that the Defendant has a duty to not perform actions that are dangerous

to the Plaintiff and proposed Members of the Class. The Plaintiff reiterates his pleadings that the Defendant engaged in the performance of the Aerial Discharges, the Aerial Discharges

are dangerous, and that the Defendant knew or ought to have known that the Aerial

Discharges are dangerous.

  1. The Defendant has breached her duties to the Plaintiff and the proposed Class by engaging in

    the performance of the Aerial Discharges.

  2. The Plaintiff further pleads that the Defendant’s actions have caused meaningful damages to

the Plaintiff and the proposed Class Members. The damages include, inter alia,

  1. serious injury and, in some cases, death;

  2. emotional and psychological trauma;

  3. non-pecuniary damages;

  4. pecuniary damages; and

  5. loss of income.

Nuisance and Trespass

  1. The Plaintiff relies on his pleadings above.

  2. The Plaintiff reiterates his pleadings that the Aerial Discharges are performed by the

    Defendant in Canadian air space.

  3. The Plaintiff also reiterates his pleadings that the Aerial Discharges dissipate into the lower


  4. As a result, the Plaintiff pleads that the Aerial Discharges permeate and saturate the air

    breathed-in by the Plaintiff and potential Class Members, and thus, cause serious health

    problems and injuries.

  5. Further, the Plaintiff pleads that the Aerial Discharges also infect, saturate and damage the

    environment, public property and private property.

    1. Additionally, the Plaintiff pleads that the Aerial Discharges interfere and impede with the quiet use and enjoyment of the property of the Plaintiff and the potential Class Members.

    2. The Plaintiff pleads that as a result of the foregoing, the Plaintiff and potential Class Members are entitled to the relief sought in paragraph 4 herein.

    3. The Plaintiff proposes that this action be tried in the City of Toronto. 

The efforts toward legal action in the US are also pressing forward as rapidly as possible, we hope to have initiation of the US filing underway in the next few weeks. Support for the non profit "Stop Geoengineering Legal Defense Fund" is critical in order to keep the legal efforts moving forward. Our legal efforts are not affiliated with any other groups, organizations, or websites. Though the forward momentum of the legal efforts are extremely important and valuable to the cause of exposing and halting climate engineering, it is imperative for activists in the field to understand and remember that the front line grassroots awareness raising efforts are still critically important, now more than ever. Exposure of the legal effort needs to be circulated as widely as possible. This will assist with alerting activists and the public to the ongoing court proceedings which will hopefully help with producing mass public attendance at such proceedings. Reaching a critical mass of awareness on the geoengineering issue is the great imperative of our time, all are needed in this effort. Waking the still sleeping masses to the ongoing atmospheric aerosol assault MUST BE our TOP PRIORITY, please, help us in this all important battle to sound the alarm.

The first PDF file contains the full "Statement of Claim"

The second PDF file below contains the "Submission Confirmation"

The third PDF file below contains the "Claim – T-431-16"

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to geoengineeringwatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.​

264 Responses to Pushing Back Against Climate Engineering, Canadian Lawsuit Is Filed

  1. Shirleyw says:

    Thank you to those that are in this action against this evil.  We wake up to a beautiful sky, soon here come the trails, these chemtrails have done damage to the garden, the quantity has been affected, so many of the tomatoes had a strange  degenerative appearance which then had a rot?  We are taking our chances with our health while  working in our gardens, walking outside and just plain relaxing in the sun.  This spraying of these unknown substances must stop and justice applied, this has been rampant throughout Saskatchewan for a couple years, this year being a real turn off! Thank you again, may we have peace in our skies!

  2. Zak Nicholls says:

    The Canadian Federal Court case continues.  Here is the link that once again shows updates through July 10, 2019.


    It is disappointing to see that scientific research is not being admitted because it comes from another jurisdiction (California), even though it is the same thing that is occurring in Alberta, and here on Manitoulin.

    • Allyson Claus says:

      Geoengineering..For the last 3yrs Ive been sick. Drs aren't sure why, now I can barely walk. Im unable to work & Im not even close to retirement. 30 yrs Ive worked in health care and Im very concerned for all of us. Geoengineering, in my believe has taken yrs of my life. They use the air & water to poison us. Im still surprised and saddened by those who will not believe.I would like to be added to the tort.

      Thank you for bringing this forward. 

  3. Christina says:

    I am very concerned over the Chemtrails I have witnessed over Alberta. How can I get some answers and stop these trails from happening?



  4. Zak Nicholls says:

    Below is the link for the Canadian case with most recent entry Jan 9, 2018.


  5. Concerned Solar Owner says:

    My solar takes a 1/3 decrease in generation everyday they Geo-engineer. I suggest you speak with Solar owners and Solar companies about having their sun stolen, The potential energy not generated is greatly reduced causing a loss to investors.

  6. Barb Kelly says:

    How do we join this cause and have a march or a protest peaceful at Queens Park or something?  I eat healthy, am healthy, and feel the effects of this chemical everyday.

  7. don seaman says:

    I would like to become a member of this class action lawsuit. Where does one go to do this?

  8. Jim Varga says:

    Hi Dane,

    I have been following your sites about Geo Engineering and have witnessed this myself and it sure the heck isn't contrails.

    I have read a article about people in Kelowna having smart meters removed from their homes with a process called Notice of Liability. This notice targeted individual on their city council holding them responsible for undesirable effects caused by these meters.

    I am just thinking this Notice of Liability could be used to target individuals like the Environment or Transportation Ministers, Mayors of cities or Provincial leaders, maybe the PM too.

    • Marlene says:

      I have been aware of the engineering programmes for  10 plus years now.  I too think the In Power's Movement of Notice of Liability has teeth.  Like you Dane, Cal Washington (originator of the movement) spent 15 years perfecting the Notice of Liability, which has been successful both in the U.S. and Canada.  Health and Government officials can no longer hide behind their titles.

  9. Riesah Prock says:

    I write here, as have so many, to ask how I might become better informed about the proceedings in this action against chem trails. I wrote some months ago to the Minister of the Environment for Alberta. A bureaucrat from her office wrote these were just emissions from jets flying over!! 

    Well, I live in SW Alberta and no scheduled flights have paths over this area, yet there are planes flying overhead at both low and higher altitudes in this area covering the sky with first lines of white matter and this quickly expands out to cover the sky and obliterating the sun as well.

    Several residents in this area have perished from cancer in less than ten years here. Many are ranchers, gardeners, farmers. I can only imagine how these chemicals are affecting all life hereabouts. I'd like to know what, if anything, I can do and am open

  10. Mike McClintock says:

    I have been trying to alert my fellow citizens to this extreme and terrible crime for some years now, but they are mostly in a deep state of denial. we don't have time for everyone to wake up, it will be wat too late! Living in Canada used to be a heathy experience, well not any more! 

    I would love to join a class action suit to stop this madness…



    • Jenny White says:

      I would as well. I can't sit back and wait any longer. 


    • Grace says:

      Please call me someone. I am trying to CONTACT the attorneys who are suing the chemtrails in San Francisco. I had their phone number but I lost my cell phone and I have not had any luck in finding their number again. I had talk to them twice and we were calibrating about whatbdo do to stop these companys from killing us off. Im a cancer survivor and I beat cancer without chemotherapy or radiation. I went the natural route and managed to beat my LEUKEMIA. I lost my home and my business so I was pretty upset when I came across the chemtrail information.

      The gov is putting aluminum in our shampoo, toothpaste, lipsstick, make-up and even our food etc.

      I cant find the name and phone number of the attoney here in San Francisco so if anyone can help me contact them it would be appreciated. I want to contact them to let them know that they are now spring from the mountains of Fremont Milpitas, the Santa Cruz mountains and San Jose California… Its coming in mass clouds that look like a factory. I have pictures of this. In the next years plus years we will be witnessing more cases of cancer, heart disease, arthritis and mental disorders due to what they are spraying in the air. 

      The resent fire in California ( Santa Rosa, Sanoma and surrounding area's) and the main culprit are the CHEMTRAILS because they are sucking these trees dry. They nned to charge these company's who are spaying for monetary damages for killing these folks. If we dont charge these company's for the lives theynare costing us, we are not heading this lawsuit where we need to be.

      In addition to damages we need to sue for the right to be beathing clean air. Thesen companies are damaging all outlr oceans, lakes and streems and we all need to wake up and see the emergency we are currently in. These trees are drying up due to the chemicals being sprayed on them and if they are irradiated, we as humans will follow. 


      The U.S. and the world will light up like a match. Just take one LOOK at all the trees and bushes around us…they are all dying..why because of these GREEDY crooks and WE MUST FIGHT BACK NOW PEOPLE.. must is an understatement. 

      Have meetingn in you homes. Alert people. 

      I want to make a documentary of an airplane going up to these clouds and show us getting a sample of what is in the chemtrails for some of these skeptics who need to take their blinders OFF. 

      Im tried of these dumb heady so called intellectuals looking at me as if Im the dumb one when infact they are the dummies that can't see the forest is litterally burning right before our eyes. 

      It is costing us lives now and these people still have their heads in the sand. 

      Since 1981 they have sprayed us more intensely because not enough people are aware of whats going on. 


      Wake up world….the house is burning and you're in it!!!!!


      Six five zero- 4hundred- six six nine six

      Call me to see how we can spear this madnees off. 

    • Zak Nicholls says:

      I live on Manitoulin Island.  I was surprised to find out that the first political action in Canada against geoengineering occurred near here, so far as I know.  In 1999, residents of Massey and Sagamok petitioned the feds to stop the chemtrail (sorry Dane, I know this term hurts your feelings, but it's how many of us common folk talk) phenomena.  The feds denied any knowledge of such a program.  I would love to be part of something in this area to take action to stop the spraying.

      I am also curious if there is any sort of update on this lawsuit?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Zak, thank you for your report. In regard to the “chemtrails” term being used, it does not hurt my “feelings”, it harms the cause. The very report you gave is an example of this term hurting the cause, is it not? Perhaps, if the science terms had been used in this inquiry, it would not have been so easy for the government to deny having any knowledge of the programs. Something to think about.

    • Zak Nicholls says:

      Sept 21 – motion to strike by defendent

      plaintiff has until Nov 17 to respond.

      Court will schedule hearing for motion.

  11. Bruce says:

    I do not concent to geo engineering  ( Chem trails  )

    How can any organization do anything  that affects the entire population without concent  ??????????

    Is this how my tax money is being spent  (  I must have sleep through the vote )




  12. John D says:

    this is disgusting i agree. However i know that Trudeau and , Trump are puppets but they must have some kind of influence when so many people are upset over the destruction of our air and planet. Maybe it is time to put pressure on them publicly to do something. I mean a lot of public pressure so they have to dream about it at night. That might put a positive spin on what is happening. 

  13. John D says:

    I hope tis is not another event just to keep people busy and draw there attention away from a possible other event that is planned. The lawyers in this case need to have the assult cease and desist while the trial is going on. It could take years to win and in the mean time more devastation. A murderer is not allowed to continue his/her assult while a trial proceeds. The scum assulting all of us are in the same nurderous category so why should they be allowed to continue their asult ? Only reason i can see why is because of the rampid corruption everywhere. The legal beagals should be much more agressive in my opinion, as there are when they go after innocent people and drive them crazy with their attack on them. I can only hope more people begin joining this claim and the lawyers begin getting much more aggressive and start getting immediate results, after all they are the ones that know what this is all about, behind the scenses

  14. Mike says:

    This is insane i will not let my self or my kids suffer from this bullcrap . I am here to give full support against this . And shame on the pilots that will destroy the life of ppl for thier paycheques . Money isnt everything in life . Momey cant buy u a single second of life .  For the pilots who are brave please protest against as well . WE CANT ALLOW THIS !!!!!!

    • John D says:

      Mike you are 100% correct. However it is happening.My question to Geoengineering is why the lawyers have not been able to have this assult on us cease and desist while the trial is moving forward. Because this trial could take years and even if there is a win these scum have been allowed to destroy even more lives, vegetation and the earth. It must stop during the trial, there must be a way to accomplish at least that. I hope this is not just another set up, to keep people busy with something to draw attention away from maybe another kind of assult that may be in the works, way too much corruption in our world today and that must be dealt with as well.

    • Joe says:

      Can you let me know anymore info on this crap ….that been doing it so much I love to sue them

  15. David says:

    What airfields are they taking off from here in Canada? Is this strictly military planes ? If we know airbases , we could protest directly to the pilots and crews.

    • J says:


    • David says:

      Wing22 huh? It has u.s personnel included so that would make sense. If they have tanker planes then we have a winner

    • Alison Gaffney says:

      Good idea David. Anyone know where else other than Ontario? Anywhere in Alberta?

    • Emily says:

      Hello, thank you for everyone a support in the sounding the alarm you all mean the world to me. I have been silent for a while trying to act like my fear based thinking will bring more chemtrails . I do know the power of thought but in this case it makes no sense I can't think the chemtrails away there's no way . We need action !!!! How do you know they are coming from North Bay ???? I live pretty close by and that gives me so much more hope that I can make a huge impact in the fight against our insane government and military ! I know many people say we need to be peaceful etc etc but it's hard when the government wants you all dead . How can we not use such words of course I do not want to use any violence but I hope you all know what I mean a lot of spiritual people act as if we need to be the change which is true but that will not stop chemtrails . I feel as if I'm going insane when everyone else is crazy our skies are being stolen and we are being poisoned and no one seems to notice or clue in for a second . The sky's here in Sudbury Ontario are most days thickly coated with a white hazy bullshit mess of chemtrails . Anyone from around here want to meet up to make a group and protest and hand out banflets . Im so tired at looking at the hazy  I stupid looking toxic ski!!!!!!! Please contact me I am ready to hit the payment and wake the masses . God bless you all , may we save ourselves and our planet . – Emily 

  16. Everett Umphrey says:

    Great News Mr. Dane Wigington!  Sign me upon that lawsuit too. I don't have much not working (disablity) But where to send funds to aid proceedings. Also I will see if I can ask my Doctor to do an inspection on my lungs, throat too. I would be interested if these particles also show up.

  17. Ryan says:

    I have been recording all activity over reddeer alberta canada and storing the recordings of daily activities world wide. Also sharing patents publications cited referenced conducted study papers. Started a community called skymess almost 1000 dedicated active members. We want to know what we can do to help.  Several of us would like to contribute to the class action law suit in Canada.  We have rainwater/ soil test results to offer as well as many videos recordings and pictures several members willing to show our supports and give testimony in the courts. To anyone with interest in our support please contact myself at above email listed. 

  18. Lee Eyerman says:

    Sign me up for the lawsuit.My nose and my wife's nose have gushed blood over these stupid chemtrails many times.Someone needs to get the exact locations of where the chemical planes originate and ask to see who is paying for this crime.What is good is the jig is up.25 million of us are aware we no longer enjoy being outside or have developed health conditions.If this is a UN attempt at global warming,it isn't working and that organization should be as responsible for people's bad health as the actual sprayers.Come on people,lets find out who is pushing the sprayers and expose the criminals before it's too late.Thank you Dane for all your information.

    • Marilena B says:

      How can we join your lawsuit? I have been suffering from non stop headaches for the last 3 months and they have been spraying heavily here in Edmonton. I have been video taping these tic tac toe formations on our skies. They spray all throughout the day. Our beautiful blue prairie skies end up overcast by mid afternoon. It is a very sad state of affairs when they say to us that we are conspiracy theorists. I brought this up with our Health Minister to have her aide tell me she know nothing about it and that she needed to brush up on it. Snide smart a** remark. So I bombarded her email with videos of chem trails as well as a tonne of articals. I find it interesting as one Kelly Yak on here states that she is suing the Alberta Government and yet no one in the Ministers Dept had never heard of Chem trails? Telling me I was the first one to bring it to their attention….I am sure they are liars. I would think if Kelly is suing the Government in my province they should know. I would like to be in touch with Kelly as well. At any rate both my partner and I are willing to do what it takes to become involved with this lawsuit . You may contact me as this needs to stop ASAP and they indeed need to be held accountable for their filthy actions against all of ours health and well being. Thank you for you time .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marilena, thank you for your courage and willingness to make yourself heard in this all important battle. In regard to the US legal action, all our plaintiffs need to be from Central to Northern California. If this is the case, please let me know. Either way, thanks again for helping us to sound the alarm.

  19. CAROL TAYLOR says:

    Thank Goodness someone is doing something about the Air we breath and what is doing to the Health of its people….Hamilton Ontario

  20. John Kimber says:

    This is great news Dane. Can you get back on CTC AM and The Alex Jones Show, to publicize it and raise legal funds? Millions of people are keen to help stop the poisonous spraying.

  21. We are developing a business platform to open in Canada 90% Oxygenation Healthspot Centres. Chemtrail spraying substances will not  be able to exist in oxygen.. We are assembling the first location in Calgary, Albert.a. However, this lawsuit we will support.  As concerned Citizens, it is rime that those few in power are committing "treason" on the global community at large, and shoulf be held accountable.

    • Anthony Enright says:

      The Wildfires in Alberta Canada are fueled by Magnesium and Aluminum along with Drought conditions to make a hotter than normal wildfire this is all due to Chemtrail Spraying and weather modification.Try to gather proof of these metals in the ash and add to the lawsuit.

    • Dr. John Smallberries says:

      Be careful with the public dispensing of O2. If people overdo it, they can burn their lungs, and do more harm than good.


    • Laurie teering says:

      How do I support actions to stop this? They work day and night in small towns as well, Sicamous BC trails are very active as well as Calgary, I am in both areas and it is very evident. I'm so upset about this, when I point out the trails people don't seem to think much of it. I know a pilot and he thinks I'm being silly. 



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Laurie, stand your ground with the pilot friend, he won’t be laughing for long, wait and see. Thanks for marching with Us in this battle Laurie.

  22. Tim says:

    Hi I really appreciate what you are doing with the law suite in Canada. I would like to be more involved with your effort. What can I do? I'm in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tim, we are working on a special section on GeoengineeringWatch.org to give updates on the legal efforts, and to give activists direction on how to help, stay tuned. Thanks for your willingnes to help us sound the alarm Tim.

    • Jason says:

      I had left messages for Brad Wall as I am also from Saskatoon. A long time ago I had emailed the Conservative government about this issue. It appears that it has not fallen on deaf ears as there seems to already be an effective movement about this in Canada. Spread the word, we have a man with a good head on his shoulders in a great position in Canada and he listens. Take advantage of that as much as you can!

    • Charlotte says:

      Hello Dane. Thank you, thank you, for your work. Through a FB feed I have come upon a YouTube presentation…you, a radio commentator and a 'conservative American named Craig'. Oh boy! Anyone listening would or should be shaking their head in great concern with the argument pursued by Mr. Conservative. He is stuck in his padded and narrow box of politics and philosophy empty of information. A box so rigid and unyielding that without becoming more pliable will  become a cube of destruction. The narrow rigid box is an analogy for those on our planet who are refusing to take their head out of the sand to awaken to the truth of a reality that our beautiful planet is is peril. Earth has been manipulated for hundreds maybe thousands of years by a minority of powerful people (are they truly human?) who are greedy and cruel.

      The term Cognitive dissidence mentioned by Steven C is apt. Good for pizza man Steven. He is certainly awake. I too am now relieved to find your website. I have been on a 'wake up' journey since January 2016. I am excited, saddened, and bolstering myself up to speak and do more to make a difference. So many of my friends and family are veiled in complacency. Right now my sound is a tiny peep. I'm building my confidence to rise above my shyness and fear of judgment to join the troops of truth. Fear not, for behold….

      Having a special section with suggestions of what to do to fight against the nasty greedy giants who want us to believe they are untouchable is welcomed. 

      Keep up your dedication and good work. You and your colleagues are appreciated for all you do.    




    • Clare says:

      We are from Edmonton. This is absolutely  horrifying and awful. Who is allowing  this to happen? Who can we contact?

  23. MK says:

    I've been documenting this phenomenon for over last years here in downtown Toronto.  Please have a look at my site and follow to stay informed on heavy spray days.


    • Jean Warren says:

      Wow MK such great photos.  Now we know why Environment Canada confirmed that January this year had half the sunshine we did in January last year!  I also live in TO and see the chem-trails out over the lake almost on a daily basis, as well as frequently viewing hem last year while in France.   Anyone who continues to deny what is happening is blind and is lying.  This is also obviously a world – wide phenomena.  The U. S. National Weather Service is only a part of this and we need to communicate with Canadian scientists who are aware of this and don't approve.  Is Environment Canada part of this too?  

      I will certainly make a point of being present when the court case finally turns up here in Toronto!

  24. Joy Williams says:


    yesterday we saw a chemtrail being sprayed very quickly, and it was huge, wide, and spread extremey fast.  There were different components as well, I believe, by how it spreads.  

    Every day that they spray here in Phila., we get the one that spreads  in evenly spaced big globs that hang down by a thinner "thread" of spray.  That one makes me physically ill when I see it, it looks evil.

    Anyway, I have signs in my car windows, in front of my house too, that we made years ago for a march in Philly.


    In a tweet I asked Erin Brokavich if she has heard abut any lawsuits regarding chemtrails.  Have you ever talked with her?

    Thank you so much for what you do!!



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joy, about Erin Brokavich, yes, we have tried countless times to reach her, no response.

    • Ray Wakefield says:

      Erin is in Portland Oregon going after glass mfg plants for the same such chemicals found in chemtrails, they are still looking and talking about the ground while only looking three miles out from the site. The true cure for chem/geo poisoning that's been going on as far back as at least the 70's and ramped up with the Obama administration; is to stop them, period. It's great to hear about a lawsuit in action, just have to find a way to open the public minds to the deadly rain from above.

  25. Awesome news. We need to get more and more people involved at every level to spread the awareness.


  26. Andy Young says:

    I have been trying for years to get people to look up and see the tic-tac-toe of the clouds…which is totally un-natural… often I would comment how the chem-trails looked that day… slowly people are waking up, but how much damage is occuring to us, and to the earth… and our enviroment… God bless you for all your efforts…

  27. kelly Yak says:

    Dane I have been Suing the Alberta government for 3 + years now . I would like to chat with you on this as there are many new ways about suing the government that layers don't  look at . As well now that you have filled all employees will get hush orders and have a pre speech ready for the press . 9/11, vaccines,flit water on and on the Gov has a parallel that is followed in all cases . This will ensure the most amount of money is spent and the smallest result of truth is reached or published . I would suggest REBLE Media in Canada However I still am not convinced of there patronage .

    PS tired of the walking dead ! LOOK UP        

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kelly, thanks for your input, I will contact you.

    • teresa chomsky says:

      How do I join this class action lawsuit asap, I wish to engage action!!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Teresa, we will announce more details on the legal action in the US soon, 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Kelly, I wrote Sheila Gunn Reid and Holly Nicholas of the Rebel News thinking too they might speak out. Have`nt heard a word on being sprayed like a Bug by them. The voices we need seem to be SILENT!!! When will this matter enough to those that have a platform to speak, I wonder.

  28. Pete752 says:

    Today is April 15th, 2016, and I would just like to make note of the fact, since the particulars of this law suit had been posted. the frequency and the occurrence of high flying aircraft performing chemical dumps over our area in southern Ontario seems to have subsided to the point of almost not being seen at all. Earlier in the year, I wrote to the Ontario minister of the environment Glen Murray and tried to explain to him how any form of pollution dump whether done accidentally or purposely IMO would fall under his portfolio. O f course I was blown off with a typical canned government response. If and when this law suit becomes a class action, my wife and myself are eager to become a part of.

    with thanks to all who have made this all so far possible. 

    • Kim says:

      Pete, we've noticed here in GA, US that the chemicals have been changed for the season. Instead of the typical trails, we are now seeing two and three planes working at the same time with more of a comet style spraying that takes a dark blue sky to light blue, finally to white out. Some people believe the spraying has stopped but they just don't know what to look for with the new season.

    • Alien says:

      What southern Ontario skies are you looking at. Certainly not in my part of Ontario. I have filmed them today for crying out loud. It is not stop until we all stand together. Thank you and have a great day. 

    • No Bull says:

      They have moved to the skies above north wales in UK relentlessly spraying their toxins.  It makes me furious as the death rates in old vulnerable people are through the roof.  It amounts to a cull to save the DWP pension payments!

    • Rene Mongrain says:

      Hi Pete and Dane it is july 28 and due to the heavy spraying we are in the middle of a man made heat wave.i see people getting sick and they do not believe they are doing this my friend asked me not to speak about it, how sad the hard part has just begun. thank you Dane for hanging in there the university of toronto had students in my  town to catalogue the dying plant spcies what a sad day. good luck.

  29. Karin Carl says:

    I am praying for your safety, and for the team of lawyers also. I am very grateful to you Dane for your expertise and eloquent speaking THE Truth To Power. For your relentless push to expose this most horrendous criminal action against humanity. With such knowledge that you have, and yet able to help everyone of us understand at different educational levels. This "Is the Biggest Elephant in The Room". And though you are always giving the credit to all others, you are humble, I applaud and Thank You.

  30. Mary Altmann says:

    Thank you Dane! Peace and Blessings to You, your family, friends, and all of us supporters of geoengineeringwatch.org  Now and Always 🙂

  31. Dean Scott says:

    brilliant work guys!….

    was only saying to my partner yesterday that down here in Australia we need take action like this!….. It's given me hope that something can be done to stop the poisoning and make the government  accountable for this blatant crime!

    i will be following how it goes closely!

    thanks again and good luck!! 

  32. Erick says:

    Thank you.  A huge thank you.   Keep up the good fight folks.
    Much Love. and Hugs. 

  33. Hi Dane,
    I've relayed this important news to my French-speaking audience, along with the warnings you issued during your riveting interview with John B. Wells this week.
    God bless 🙂
    Ingénierie du climat : bonne nouvelle de Dane Wigington — suivie d’un avertissement urgent

  34. Jordan Ross says:

    It's time to stop the bullshit from our own government who thinks that thinks they can play God and get away with whatever they want. Like children they do these kind of things just because they can not because it's right. These measures must be met with severe consequence. The sun is vital for a healthy life between man and nature only a fool would think otherwise. Our Canadian military and airforce must defend these rights for quality of life and not for the pharmaceutical corporations. The time is NOW!   This message is for all you ski cowards who poison our earth and children F**k You! 

  35. Matt Hatfield says:

    Good news Dane I have been ringing the alarm for years now in the Nashville area .Recently calling out the local TV stations to come clean and stop covering up what is really happening on my blog.

    Please visit my blog to see the short video and photos I have taken to the streets right here in the Nashville area.Thank you Dane and God bless you for all you do I look forward to meeting you in person one day . http://nashvilleaerosolspraying.blogspot.com/2016/03/nashville-aerosol-spraying-and-david.html

    • BaneB says:

      Matt Hatfield — your photographs are off the chart!!  And your video is  an indictment of the sleeping sheeple and of the mainstream news media in the Whitehouse, Tennessee area.  After viewing your images a more apt name is Whiteout, TN. enduring a media blackout of the truth.  Every TV station I have written to and sent images immediately places a block on me doing any more messaging to them.  And I am solitiously polite.  We are all gagging because they gag us.  Thanks again for your house of horrors photo tour.  I left a comment, too.

    • Jenny says:

      Good for you, Mark!  I just tweeted your blog entry!

    • Rhonda says:

      Matt!  You are awesome! 

      Thank you for your amazing efforts and perseverance.  🙂

    • Mindy says:

      Your blog was deleted? 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Matt, It seems someone has removed your information from the blog! I just tried to look it up..Geez, I wonder why anybody would do that. Basta*&s!

    • Sophie says:

      Hi Matt,

      Your blog is not up……..I'm guessing you know that!  But it has me concerned.  I live in Tucson and was sick all spring.  Every time I go to Europe for work, (usually northern Germany and Turin — in Italy they're very strongly anti-GMO, etc I end up feeling much better.  I take the time there to do a diet cleanse, too.  Then I come back and it's always like I'm being hit with something.   I never got flus the whole time I lived abroad.  I'm not saying it's not going on there too, but not noticeably where I lived.  Anyway, I'd love to see your site………blog……..many thanks…..

  36. Beverley Evans says:

    I am wondering if anyone is having the same problem I am – I have posted this twice on facebook and it has disappeared twice.  

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      I am not on FaceBook, but your post disappearing twice, is very suspicious. I could see maybe once, but twice, seems like the post is being monitored! Round after round after round of SAG/SAI/SRM being sprayed above the LOW & MID Level cloud layers. I have noticed this activity being conducted very heavily, most noticeably ahead of an approaching Cold Front, or what The Weather Channel has labeled as named Winter Storms! The past two Cold Fronts in March, were originally forecasted to produce 0.50 to 2 inches of rainfall, but we received less than 0.25 inches from each occurrence. The aerosolized skies above these fronts, have caused the moisture/water vapor to either disperse and or evaporate, leaving only a minimum amount of water vapor in the clouds, which only produced a minimal amount of rainfall! Dry lightning strikes have caused multiple brush fires throughout the state of Florida! Denver International Airport closed this past week for the third time ever, due to the snow. Of course more Geoengineered storm systems, have produced multiple tornados in multiple regions in the South, every month during Winter! 

    • Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas says:

      My post has worked. Will let you know, should it disappear.

  37. Marilyn Avila says:

    Deepest gratitude and thanks to Dane,  plaintiffs,  attorneys and all others involved in this legal action.  My husband and I have donated again to the defense fund for this most important cause of our lifetime, for the work that these people do, spending their valuable time and energy.   Every little bit helps.   Thanks again and to all the enlightened people on this website.   It is my go-to place when frustration becomes unbearable.

  38. Marco says:

    I live in Ontario, and I have been noticing very bizarre 'contrails' in the sky. They arent high at all, they are just over my house and the town near me and they are low altitude. I thought contrails are supposed to be kilometers high in the sky, these are maybe 1-2 kilometers high. They linger a short while, then disperse into a haze. They are never straight and narrow like the contrails made by a high flying 747.

    Are these chemtrails? If they are, then how are they sprayed? The trails look like they come from the exhaust of the engine.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marco, the attached link should fill in some blanks for you, thank you for investigating. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/the-contrail-lie/

  39. bill mudd says:

    I noticed in the lawsuit, strong language about emotional damages, which should not be understated.

    How can you move forward with your life when you clearly see the trees dying, feel the UV's piercing your skin, sore throat and mucus, jet noise non stop, chem-trails everywhere, yellowing sunset, drought-ed out landscapes, temperatures elevated to dangerous levels, the lack of real clouds and skies, the threat of depopulation, your children and grandchildrens future, the inability to have a garden grow, GMOs, Fukushima, and the litany of other issues too many to list here.

    Its all too much for me, Ive had to turn to antidepressants and sleep sedatives. Tried going without them and Im a train wreck. I'm sure Im not alone here on this emotional piece. 

    • BaneB says:

      You are suffering a depression that most are feeling.  I look out at my forest and the assorted flora forming a vital part in the web of life and see the decline.  This depresses me.  And psychologically there is a sense in my attitude that is not conducive to a future tense.  Yes , it IS depressing.  But this madness has to be ended.  The emotion I use to override depression is to maintain an energizing level of anger about the state of affairs.  And there are many many many Citizens who also are depressed and angry.  And so we direct it into a positive.  Get active.  Hand out flyers.  Segue the topic into conversations.  Phone the local, state, and federal representatives.  Badger them with photos.  Demand they stop this NOW.  This is the only avenue that has kept me from crawling into a corner curled up and muttering to myself.  Good luck.

    • Kim says:

      Bill prayers of uplifting for you. I know exactly what you are going through. I'm so sorry. The things I go through to try to stay "up" during the week are ridiculous. I told my husband I'm tired of my government making me "Crazy."

  40. BaneB says:

    Yesterday, Friday, I spent the afternoon at a local farmers' market handing out fliers.  The weather situation was perfect for this because the atmosphere was streaked from northeast to southwest with long long lines of spraying.  Usually the trails when not helter skelter come from the northwest to the southeast.  So this was different for whatever reason these terrorists have to change direction.  One individual's first comment was how 'they' had put down a grid pattern over LA last week in order to "make it rain."  It seems that red herring is well absorbed by the general population.  But a lightbulb blinked on as we talked further and he eagerly took the flyer.  People were receptive, and the geoengineering evidence was so much in evidence that merely pointing skyward to LOOk UP made my case easier.

  41. Dave says:

    Horsegirl, I as a christian, completely agree with your frustration regarding the the lack interest, involvement and action that the scriptures require to take to be faithful stewards of the creation. Until about a year and half ago when I had no idea about SRM/SAG and happened to listen to Danes presentation about the destruction of the planet and have tried to alert as many of my congregation as I can including pastors, I believe the information, awareness, and 'planting seeds' is and will bear fruit as the truth becomes known. Thanks again to all who all who have taken up this clarion call.    

  42. mike says:

    Well going to take my kids to the park for the easter egg hunt under toxic skies. Yes, It's another spray day here in southern Ontario. I really hope this lawsuit sticks. This spraying has got to stop. Have a great spray day everyone. Happy easter and never forget the true meaning of this weekend. Jesus died for our sins on this holy weekend so don't forget to thank him.


    • BaneB says:

      The term sin and the term crime seem to go hand in glove.  Repent means to stop committing sinful criminal acts against God, nature, and one's fellow man.  This would also suggest that while the aforementioned is against a third party, the reality is the crime is profoundly performed upon oneself by oneself and will suffer the consequences accordingly.  Unfortunately, this impacts one and all.  Happy Easter.  I get that message even though of all the Christian holidays, this one seems, outside of the message, beautifully pagan.

  43. Dawnski says:

    Location, Location, Location. I think Easter Sunday would be a great opportunity to stand at the corner with my GeoEngineeringWatch.org neon sign as Life Fellowship and other large congregations made their way to and fro hopping from church, to brunch, to. .  grandmas house. They are spraying Lake Norman today. I celebrate the imminent Second Coming. Blessings to my diverse AWAKE family. Dane, you make LIFE worth living and fighting for!! xo

    • Dane Wigington says:

      We are all essential in this fight Dawnski, thank you for all you are doing to help sound the alarm.

  44. Ken Maltby says:

    Holy Fug Batman, it's "ice fog", again. Hey "stupid", do you think rural Canadians are senseless? You don't even try to hide the lies. These are your stats (as I write): -4C, 99% RH, 102.3 kpa, 1 km vis, 30,000' ceiling. In real life it's -5C with no snow cover to sublimate. The RH can't be that high unless it's been sprayed on. My barometer reads 101.8 kpa, its a star clear morning so a 30,000' ceiling seems reasonable. Three hours later and there is now a solid stinky blanket of gray overhead. At 30,000'? At 102.4 kpa? Fug off, we're not that stupid.

    I walk outside in the dark morning sky and I hear my dog sneeze after he inhales the fresh air. He never sneezes in my house. In this rural area we hear the sound of overhead aerosol cans. My nose alerts me to the not-so-fresh smelling air and begins to tingle,drip and burn. I often get that ash taste in my mouth, that others on this site have referred to. While cross country skiing on virgin snow, I feel the phony snow chemistry in my legs and body. I don't need to look up in daylight to see chemtrails and phony clouds in our skies to know what's going on, but I can't help but see it. Most of us have "6 senses" so don't waste much time arguing with someone who's research is limited to what they "saw or heard" on their favorite media.

    Congratulations to Dane and your legal team. I will certainly pass along the good news to my colleagues in Canada. I will forward you some lab results of snow melt and rain collected here in rural Ontario over the past 18 months. The lab results support what you and many other knowledgeable people have described. This website provides such critical information to answer the questions our 6 senses are begging. Thank you and Best Success!

  45. horsegirl says:

    Open Letter to Christian clergy:  So, you're our counselors about Heaven?

  46. horsegirl says:

    Dane, great work.  Consider what you do:  stepping ito the void of leadership.  Particularly absent on this evening of "good Friday" is the clergy. 

    Since a few days ago I can't get over their unfathomable collective act of treachery towards their own flock.  You supposed spokesmen for Heaven are too good to get involved with the very rape of the Heavens, huh?  Nothing to see, move along?   

    I'm directing particular ire towards so-called Christian clergy.  Who are the third generation dung, for the most part, of heavily CIA infiltrated "divinity school" bastions, raised on denial of the divine and abhorence of the topic of life after death, known to much of the world as reincarnation (don't start squirming yet – go to your dictionaries and realize that in many ways reincarnation is a synonym for the resurrection wyou supposedly advocate).  You don't like the subject of resurrection/karma, do you?  speaking of Easter… 

    I hope some of you are reading what I write here.  I mean it to sting.  For it would be one thing if you were merely worthless.  But you are destroying your own flock both body and soul.  Preaching a spiritual GMO starvation diet and neglecting our material welfare as well.  Here we are in a world in which professed atheists mourn for Hell having been demoted by the Holy See to a mere "literary device."   Because anyone with a shred of decency wants the banking cartle (G.uns, O.il, D.rugs) to burn in some inferno forever.  This is not exaggeration, nor hypothesis.  Even those with no stock in Heaven want to see the authors of geoengineering go to Hell.

    Steinbeck's The Winter of our Discontent kicks off with the protagonist arguing with his wife upon waking up on Good Friday, asking:  why call it good?  Is this not the epitome of treachery?  The date of perhaps the world's most infamous lynching?

    This, Christian clergymen – of whom next to none are willing to square off about the issue of geoengineering – makes you come right to mind.  And I spent decades walking among you in my sincere quest, being shunned for believing we come back in material form for repayment according to our deeds, both good and evil.  You, most of you clergy, have sucked the CIA Kool-aid dispenser dry.  You've taken away divine justice and replaced it with warm, fuzzy feel-good and pseudopsychiatry.  And I know any of you who are reading this are starting to squirm.  You who have any shred of sincerity.  Those of you – and you are so many – receiving your paycheck from the CIA vis a vis a certain middle eastern roague state that has borrowed the name of the proverbbial tribe like a beard to ravage the world – go back to your DUMBS and await hellfire, I have nothing else to say to you.

    For those of you who have the tiniest shred of integrity left as Christians – on this sorrowful anniversary – hey, I suggest you resign.  Because the CIA edifice blows hot and cold running denial into every pew.  This is why it bothers you not that the blood of your flock is on your gnarly, satan-scratched paws.  You think you're going to be raptured awy to survive eternity as an intelligent gas while the planet is destroyed, don't ;you?  You don't look at the innumerable parts depicting a planet regenerated after – as Revelation 11:18 states – those who destroy the earth are themselves destroyed. 

    What is it about you?  You foul brood, who love your holy terror wars, to whom the idea of a ruined planet as some perverse notion of holy judgment appeals?  It's your black shiny shoe mentors you want to please, isn't it?  That paycheck, your personal dalliance with the great war machine slush fund called Wall Street?  Your paycheck, your pension?  If you are sincere, get out on the streets and work the issue with Dane.  Give up on the organized effort.  It teems with cowards, compromised snake oil boys and bona fide satanists at the pulpit.  There's no occasion for a sincere leader among them any more than the wretches who put Jesus away were willing to repent.  Make a splash.   Die for your flock if it must be – you do have an example.  Your silence is taking your flock to the abattoire fast.  Stand up against this omnicide or relish the company of the evil elite forever…

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Congratulations Dane and All involved!!  It is a step in the Right direction!  Horsegirl, you have a wonderful way with words flowing from mind to page.  Brought on a big smile in Canada's Northern Saskatchewan.  You, a simple horseman, and Marc should all write books at some point… I would purchase them for my shelf!  Being Good Friday, thought I would take a moment to share these words for all who read them to consider:

      "Do the gods of different nations talk to each other?  Do the gods of Chinese cities speak to the ancestors of the Japanese?  To the lords of Xibalba?  To Allah?  Yahweh?  Vishnu?  Is there some annual get together where they compare each other's worshippers?  Mine will bow with their faces to the floor and trace wood grain lines for me, says one.  Mine will sacrifice animals, says another.  Mine will kill anyone who insults me, says a third.  Here is the question I think of most often:  Are there any that can honestly boast, my worshippers obey my good laws, and treat each other kindly, and lead simply generous lives?"

      from 'The God Whispers' of Han Qing-jao

      Happy Easter Holiday Everyone.

    • Dawnski says:

      Amen horsegirl! I will be at my post tomorrow with my sign. In particular so danburrell.com and the one minute apologist Bobby Conway and his imported leadership team can see what a bold witness for Christ does on a holy holiday that was added to our calendar and economy. I will be sounding the alarm knowing the blood is on their cowardly, caustic, paws as you put it. I hope more of my family here will consider using the heavy traffic on Easter Sunday to do the same. Just don't be standing on their property. Be on public sidewalks or corners as their flock comes and goes. Peace & Blessings.

    • mike says:

      I'm christian, and i don't believe we will be raptured out. We face tribulation like the rest of you. The ones who endure till the end shall be saved. That's the rapture i believe, so before you go saying all christians are in the same thought process you better think again.

    • horsegirl says:

      @ Mike – you misunderstood.  This is addressed tlo the clergy.  Not the laity.  I am one of the flock, and sick of being trickled upon if you get my drift.  Blessings to you.  Keep the faith and I will too.

  47. joe strauss says:

    A reply to Susan Ferguson info provided:   Those unconscious plasma scientists, along with GMO scientist do not accept a kind benevolent God/creator. All is done for a false science..difficult for us with caring of Mother Earth and each other. I advise non- GMO  foods.. The GMO foods have no nutrition values…The Photon energy coming into our Planet can not penetrate the crops( GMO) growing  in a natural way. Micoplasams are in the Chem  Trails too… Pharmacy Corp's want to sell  drugs for all kinds of illness. In San Francisco, A new city block Hospital is being built.   We had a wonderful tourist hotel there..now ,also Walgreens, CVS pharmacy's are popping up like mushrooms here,   Do you see the connection for the Chem Trails? Thanks for all your reporting    

    • Dennie says:

      The Photon energy coming into our Planet can not

      penetrate the crops( GMO) growing  in a natural way.

      "Photon energy coming here can't penetrate GMO crops growing in a natural way," I have no idea what you're trying to say that statement.  I don't know what that means.  It's unclear. 

      Micoplasams are in the Chem  Trails too…

      Clifford Carnicom has done some very good sleuth work with regard to what we're being sprayed with.  You can read all about it at http://carnicominstitute.org/wp/  I think I remember reading that the bacteria, viruses and fungi are agents used in "studies."  Someone out there has literature proving that e-coli is being sprayed on us because of it's "usefulness" in atmospheric studies.  We're being sprayed, actually, with a very nasty "toxic diarrhoea" of microbes, all in the name of "Science," the "god" that the new High Priests, the "scientists" want to foist on us.  Because this "god" is A-L-L about munneee!  "He" works FOR the "scientists" and their handlers, the corporate-banking-military cabal running Earth– BOOO YAHHH!!!!!

      1. Superstition– "magical" gods who can fix all our ails, never mind our own ability and our own responsibility to do just that… it's a lot more fun to imagine you have a Magical Parent who will come down here "some day" and clean up all your impossible messes FOR you!!!

      2. "Science," in the actual pursuit of PROFIT, NOT TRUTH…

      "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…"  Here I am.


  48. Gail says:

    Way to go Dan Pelletier from Didsbury Alberta. My sister & her family have lived there for 30 years. I Love the area. I am so PROUD of You!!! Thank You for standing up to those that need a reality check. Thank You for being yet another HERO in this take back of OUR Right's & Freedom's of OUR only Planet in OUR charge while we are occupants. I too want to go outside again without first hearing, then seeing, yet another one of these Deadly aircraft & wonder what thy are spraying today. You are a Man of Action. Thank You. Also to Mr. Henry Juroviesky (Barrister) I never thought I'd Love a Lawyer!!! I Hope you both feel OUR Love from around the World. When David looked at Goliath he thought, Oh my he's Big, I better run away. Or, He's Big how can I miss! Thank You for taking on Goliath, Dan. We will knock him down to size, together.  

  49. Gail says:

    I have been waiting for this news since you informed us of it in the works. I couldn't be Happier. I have tears of joy, Dane. Thank You & the Legal teams from Canada & the U.S. I am a PROUD CANADIAN today! I am sure that many of us here have Thousands of Pictures & Video's from the areas we live in of these planes spraying us. Will they be needed for the Court case? I Pray that more than 5 will show up at the Rally's this time in Alberta, now armed with the proof of Legal proceedings. Maybe that will help those with the blinders on to wake up.

  50. Silla says:

    Yes, thank you Dane for your steadfast work, plus all the supporters showing up here, it seems the curtain is being pulled back and people are noticing. Thanks to Canada also, sorry to hear Geoengineer DK is living in Calgary.

    I hope the skies gets bluer, but I feel even if GE is stopped tomorrow we won't see normal for a long time, if ever.

    This is a tremendous move forward and I feel less cynical, thank you again,





    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Silla, thank you for your support, it’s all of us working togethet that mattes. The plaintiffs in the case, and the Canadian attorneys, deserve the lions share of the credit, our highest regard to them.

  51. Maureen Jurovich says:

    If someone would get a class action started would be great, put it out globally. Thanks for the info, very encouraging.

  52. Frank says:

    This is further extent of our dying planet. A large extent of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia is dead. James Cook University professor Terry Hughes says he flew over 600km of reef and more than 60% was bleached. There are reports of massive die offs daily all around the world. The MSM reports nothing about this and further escalation of Climate engineering. The oceans are dying and so will we.


    • Michel B says:

      Frank, don't forget about every single environmental group out there that 'fights for the reef' by protesting mining and oil drilling efforts by Adani, etc. For sure mining and drilling should not happen in such an environment, but there is not one peep about the weather modification programs going on right now above everyone's heads, right over the reefs, the seas, the lands.

      Isn't it strange how effectively muzzled the environmental groups are? Normally they are almost militant when it comes to outrageous crimes against nature. Who has muzzled them so effectively? I'm talking about GetUp!, Avaaz, Change.org, Greenpeace, The Wilderness Society, The Australian Conservation Foundation just to name a few. Because they ask for donations and that is probably how they survive financially, who knows, maybe they will find themselves short of funding if they broke their silence?

      In Brisbane, Australia today (Easter Saturday), the sky was smashed with SRM. Yesterday was fairly bereft of obvious signs, except the colour of the sky was too pale a blue, but today very very obvious trails, thin, feathering out, lines with blobs falling off them, x's and great big messy patches. It didn't help the heat either. It was a stinker and I felt lethargic all day.

      I really think the reef is done for. It is too delicate to survive warming. Add to that the toxic fallout from SRM and increased UVB. I can imagine when the last polyp has died, the oil and mining companies will say, 'Oh well, we can drill and mine it now, because there is nothing for us to damage!"

    • BaneB says:

      Michel B……. You are so right about the environmental groups and their failure to address that which surely they have to know about.  The suspicion is they have been subverted by too much grant money largesse from foundations and assorted benefactors.  They have allowed their co-option to dictate the seen and unseen.  The EPA is a joke, too.  That stupid gun toting agency was subverted by corporate Babylon quite a few years ago.  It seems obvious that EPA knows in some divers corners that a covert spray program is being conducted.  How could they not.  Their silence is their exposure, along with the sell out by the environmental groups.

  53. Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF >> Four Winds 10 – Truth Winds


    Executive staff who need a train ride to prison… >






    It's like people can't find the addresses of these jerks…

    • jim stewart says:

      Hi Paul. The more I awaken, the more I quicken. The more I quicken, the more Lady Wisdom beckons. The more she beckons, the more I foresee. The more I foresee, the more I remember the gift she hides with the breeze for me to breathe.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Brilliant Paul!  Thank you.  As always.  I read through the top link and was impressed by the timeline.  The frog does indeed appear to be boiled already.  But this helped explain to me HAARP's "down time" that I could not figure out.  A few years ago when I looked up weather modification in US, I got only 3 companies: one in Texas and two in North Dakota.  Someone other than me will have to go after these you list–I'm too crippled and sick and poor.  But many here seem quite able.  So good to hear from you, and now with some pic, and your name spelled differently?!  Uh? 

      Good to see you still kicking up dust and chiding us!

  54. A partial list of companies who's executive staff belong in prison…

    A Long List of Weather Modification Companies – Global Skywatch


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, OMG this list is long.  I see the three I found before, but oh so many more and the names—like deep water chemicals, WTF? and Hydro-Tasmania?!  What a wicked web woven.  Again, thank you and I hope everyone takes a good long look, then move on it!

      How are you doing?  Are you excited about the legal proceedings so far?

  55. Michel B says:

    One thing I have wondered about is when the top brass in the military will stop taking orders from the money printers. Don't the military guys know they have the greatest power in their very hands? The money printers are just computer jockeys making ledger records and there are precious few of them at that.

    I know the military obey orders from above, but they must also know there is nothing really stopping them from disobeying. Where is the finance guys' power really located? It it not in any physical means. It is probably not in a physical location. It is a phantom in the guise of 'authority'.

    Remember in the movie, "A Clockwork Orange', when the nasty antihero, Alex, is arrested for killing a woman? He sneers and says that he knows the law. The policeman blithely replies, "Yes, we know the law too, but we also know that knowing the law isn't everything."

    My point is that top military brass must know who they really work for and what they do in their jobs isn't for freedom of anyone. How much has the American public been shown images and stories of foreign tyranny? What will the military do when they see it openly enough in their own country, when it touches their families and friends and loved ones? Will they start to realise that over 300 million (and that is just the US, not to mention the rest of the world) is being f****d over by only several thousand a******s who have wormed their way into the back corridors of power like the rats that they are?

    I know the a-holes exercise a powerful grip on the minds of the military, but the military will wake up with the rest of us and they will be seeing red, like communist red.

    • Phil says:

      Sadly, most of the current top brass of the military are just as insane the the elites and money printers.  Obama gutted what was left of the backbone of our military a few years back and replaced them with his cronies.  I have come to the conclusion that only psychopathic people are allowed to get into positions of power anymore. 


    • BaneB says:

      Phil…….one factor in many of purges of these top level military brass was instrumented by the neocon Zionist agenda.  Those who offered sound sane advice about the insanity of attacking Iran, or somehow were not compliant enough to be yes-men order followers for Zio-con nutcases and their PNAC agenda, were ousted/retired.  The replacements are damned near 100% ready to be complicit in pushing a WW 3 agenda.  It's all about oil and Israel.  And utter control of this earth .

  56. Nancy Baird says:

    May God go with you — all of you who are working on this problem.

    Blessings and love, and success to you all.

    Thank you for your efforts too!

  57. Elena says:

    I was so happy about the filing, excellent news, way to go Dane! Hey Dennie, I know that feeling of suffocation, I had it a lot this past summer and beyond, then one day I went outside and could get my breath again. I think it took time to adjust to the lower oxygen level in the air but I finally did, that is my theory, since now I don't feel that suffocation. I've read that often the human body can adjust to something provided it is a gradual change. Whereas a sudden dramatic change could kill a person, a slow one will allow the body to adjust, though I know there is a limit past which one cannot survive. I was telling an airline pilot about the lower level of oxygen in the air, saying it was about 15 percent now, and he was totally on top of it; he corrected me and said it was 14.7 or something. Yikes!! During this period I would just stare at other people walking and wondered how they could handle it; they seemed to not notice. Even before this though I found I just did not want to breathe, and I would catch myself trying to go without, or taking just tiny little breaths, I was doing this even before I found out about the geo engineering. Supposedly our lives are a certain number of breaths, so one should take fewer, deeper breathes, but who wants to, with all this going on?  And some people at my temple would comment and remind me to take deep breaths, but I didn't want to. After I found out about the spraying, I really didn't want to! But have you stocked up on plants for the indoors? One time I went into my bathroom and I just felt there was not enough oxygen in there so I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of those heart shaped philodendrons and put them in my bathroom. Fill your house with plants to make sure you are getting enough oxygen and you can take them out at night, that way you can get a higher concentration of oxygen.  My yard is full of bushes and trees, and when I felt that suffocating feeling I would hang out near my tree's leaves on the lower branches and just try to breathe. It was terrible, it sucks that we even have to talk about this but thank God for Dane sounding the alarm and explaining everything, we'd be really screwed without him.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Elena, it is a team effort, ALL of our voices matter in this most critical battle.

    • BaneB says:

      The airplane pilot to whom you refer, I am guessing he is commercial and flies big fuel guzzling planes to and fro.  We all know the emissions are toxic.  What is not discussed generally is the enormous destruction of oxygen by these machines.  If he knows the oxygen content is 14.7% then surely he must have considered his role in your suffocation.  The the airline matrix is a self made feedback loop disseminating enormous biospheric destruction in and if it own operations, from the large tracts of land buried under macadam, the carbon footprint, the geoengineering aerosols, the depletion of global oxygen; these are the ingredients of planetary suicide.

  58. Liz says:

    I am so frustrated at my computer- it won't let me send the flaming arrow package to over half of the organizations I want to send it to. Would anyone be interested in seeing if their computer can get the package sent to these groups? Most are in southeastern PA.

    -The Schuykill Center     – land conservancy of south Chester county

    -PSR     -Greener partners     -Morris arboretum   -Audubon society

    -Earthjustice     -PA horticultural society    -EQAT

    -Tacony Frankford Watershed     -Physicians for social responsibility

    -Clean air task force     -American lung council    -Pennenvironment

    -DVOC     -PASA     -PA associaton for sustainable agriculture

    -Delaware estuary

    If anyone has some time to do this, thank you in advance! I wish my email would work better.

  59. Sue Nelson says:

    Dear Dane

    So pleased to have found your very interesting site ''' 

    We in New Zealand are all getting very worried about all the chem trails in our sky ;s and the changing weather patterns and seasons ''

    This is of great concern to more of us every day ,We are such a small country and the changes are so upsetting there are at least 7 thousand of us now on face book  with the same concerns about this strange and nasty thing that is happening on our lovely planet 

    We are so waking up,,'' how could we not ,

    We will follow your site closely 

    Thank you and kind Regards Sue ,



    • Dolores says:

      With you Sue,I thank Dane and agree with your comments. We here in Ireland are bombarded with these killing chemtrails and with New Zealanders have no say in this crime.

  60. Bill says:

    While the "Front-Runners" have been working tirelessly to achieve this milestone decision, this is NOT a time for any us who genuinely "Give a Crap" about our planet to back away from this opportunity to "Reclaim Our Skies" for our future generations.


    It is now the time to take advantage of this new "Flaming Arrow" that has been handcrafted & presented to all of us as a Gift for the "Second Wave" of the growing Citizen's Army, fighting against more than 6 decades of deliberate destruction of the ONLY planet the rest of us have to live on.


    COPY & PASTE the above website link & Share it with the "Uninformed; Intimidated & Knowledgeable people in your Contact Databases.


    Amazing and World-Changing accomplishments have been created by small "Grassroots" movements & this is definitely a Cause that demands Global Concern.


    Planet Earth is the ONLY planet in our Solar System that will support human life & therefore is worthy of "GOOD STEWARDSHIP"


    Thank you for your support of the Legacy we will leave our Children & Grandchildren. There is no greater cause than assuring that we "Leave it as Good as we found it, or Even Better than we Found it . Share the LOVE & Share the "GOOD NEWS" link above.  


  61. The Real Likelihood of a Nuclear War / Paul Craig Roberts / March 24, 2016    

    … there is a real likelihood of a nuclear war breaking out. …When you destroy trust between nuclear powers you recreate the possibility of nuclear war, either by intent, or miscalculation. So this is a reckless and irresponsible act on the part of Washington. The information war that is going on now is to prepare the American population and NATO allies for military conflict with Russia. Some neocons say: what’s the good of nuclear weapons if you can’t use them? They have a theory that the US has sufficient superiority to win a strike against Russia. If the US cannot win against a few thousand Taliban, it will not be able to win a possible conventional war against the Red Army, Washington will go nuclear rather than lose a conflict with Russia (or China). A nuclear war cannot be won. The neoconservatives now have no competition. There is nobody out there apart from Washington wishing to take over the world. As long as the American vassal states that comprise NATO accept American hegemony, they magnify the chance of a new massive war. Republican candidates are competing with each other to see who can treat Russia the most aggressively. full article here: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/03/24/the-real-likelihood-of-a-nuclear-war-paul-craig-roberts/

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, and WE are their pawns, and bullseye, ground zero, and their lab rats..  This nation has been subverted by a foreign power with an agenda that is not operating for the interest of the people here in "Babylon."  There are two NWOs competing for global control.  One is secular.  The other is religious.  Both of these originate out of the Middle East (Mesopotamia). One force operates out of the barrel of the gun.  The other by way of dogmatic faith.  To some extent they are in cooperation.  This is because   the latter obtained its credentials from the former.  While Israel sees Persia as an immediate threat, she views Russia (GOG) as the major long term threat.  What we observe in the sphere of Babylon's (USA) foreign policy is a hijacking that serves not the interest of Babylon, but does operate in Israel's strategic interest.  Hence, there is this ominous sense of a national foreign policy gone schizophrenic, illogical, and bungled.  The point of departure from a common sense strategic national self-interest began with the 9-11 con.  PNAC and the Neocons, are pushing the envelope.  Both display suicidal tendencies.  We the people of the world are their hostage.  Unless saner leadership steps forward and forces out the subversives, IMO our great cause to end the destruction of our atmosphere and our biosphere will be for naught.  The push back is about LIFE and its continuation.  After all, what else is there in existence but that.

    • Dennie says:

      The information war that is going on now is to prepare the American population and NATO allies for military conflict with Russia.   Yup– And everyone is swallowing the bull crap hook line and sinker!!!! (except I don't believe that, actually)

      P.S.:  "We" can WIIIIIN a "limited" nuclear "conflict." 

      Another GREAT TRUTH. 

  62. Rosalie says:

    The roads is the GTA, Ontario region were treacherous, last night, today and into the evening.  Many accidents and death.  A sticky goo on the windshield. It angers me that this manufactured weather wreaks havoc with people's lives on such a mass scale.  You hear the meteorologists reporting all that is unfolding and they know full well it's a sham.  Everywhere it was a sheet of ice.  All lies.  Disgusting! I feel so bad for all who were injured in all of this.

  63. Ken B says:

    Congratulations Dane! This is good news and a positive step forward. I notice quite a few "alt sites" on the web starting to post substantial articles toward exposing geoengineering. This is the year many things will come to light and thanks to your hard work, geoengineering will be one of those (major) revelations.

  64. Ry Richards says:

    Hi Dane. I listen to your radio show every week when I get the chance. I did not know where else to ask on the website, but you mentioned how to stay healthy with the constant spraying. I eagerly await your advice and hope this information will come out as soon as possible. I am a university student in PA. Your message is reaching young people. We need more movement exposure on the east coast. I believe if this movement is successful, it would lead to the public exposure of 911 and other events that the public figure heads deny and disclose as conspiracy theories. I appreciate the work you do Dane. Your show is inspiration and really shows the circus that all Americans have a front row seat to. 

    • Ry Richards — Dane is going to do a chelation health advice article soon. In the meantime, here are a few ideas on detox. Large doses of Vitamin C, plus take Magnesium, Potassium, Copper & Zinc. Everyone is different, also depending on your age, so listen to your own body. Eat organic as much as possible. No sugar or alcohol (which is sugar) because sugar is a poison and destroys the immune system. I have been researching chelation techniques and they often come with side-effect warnings. The best I have found thus far is the Silica in horsetail for heavy metal chelation: http://www.whatissilica.com/    Silica has other good side effects too like anti-inflammatory, etc. Bamboo is also a source of Silica, but it is much stronger than the horsetail and it can over time cause irreparable kidney damage. I have learned to begin with small doses. I’m taking one a day of the NOW Silica Complex – and it really has improved my aluminum ‘fog’: http://www.nowfoods.com/Silica-Complex-90-Tablets.htm (amazon also sells this). And I am taking small doses of Chlorella. Make sure the product you buy does not come from Japan (god-forbid!). Kefir has really made a difference for me. Also hemp oil is excellent. You can research these suggestions online, try different products and see what works for you. Last but not least is colostrum twice times a day. I don’t think I would be alive today if I hadn’t started on colostrum two years ago. My favorite colostrum product is SYNERTEK, after trying many others, including ones from New Zealand (NZ is not 'pure', sorry to report). Powder or serum.  http://synertekcolostrum.com/
      short 7 minute on aluminum detox video here:

    • Audrey says:

       Hello Susan, all,

      Just want to add that most supplements in pill/capsule form use Silica as a filler.  I take quite a few.  Please take that into account when you're figuring out how much to take.

  65. Eric Prince must have made someone very angry…bizarre.
    Blackwater’s Founder is Under Investigation for Money Laundering, Ties to Chinese Intel, and Brokering Mercenary Services
    ERIK PRINCE, founder of the now-defunct mercenary firm Blackwater and current chairman of Frontier Services Group, is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal agencies for attempting to broker military services to foreign governments and possible money laundering, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the case.
    What began as an investigation into Prince’s attempts to sell defense services in Libya and other countries in Africa has widened to a probe of allegations that Prince received assistance from Chinese intelligence to set up an account for his Libya operations through the Bank of China. The Justice Department, which declined to comment for this article, is also seeking to uncover the precise nature of Prince’s relationship with Chinese intelligence.

    Eric Prince:  http://www.fsgroup.com/our-team/erik-prince/

    • BaneB says:

      Most likely he has inadvertently duplicated a parallel track and ticked off the competition:-)

    • Earth Angel says:

      It would be nice if the Justice Dept. would also uncover the money laundering that has been going on by our very own government for so  very many years. Those who have not heard Scott Bennett's story MUST look it up on you tube. His book is 'Shell Game', his story is jaw dropping. There is a good round table with Scott, Cynthia McKinney and Stew Webb on Veteran's Truth Radio, or something like that. Please hear what this man has to say and SHARE FAR and WIDE! Those good on the computer should have no problem finding him. He has done several interviews with various people. Another great interview done with Joyce Riley on the Power Hour as well. The treason and criminality in Washington DC is truly shocking and difficult to comprehend for most good and decent people.

  66. Marilyn Avila says:

    "Support for the non profit "Stop Geoengineering Legal Defense Fund" is critical in order to keep the legal efforts moving forward. Our legal efforts are not affiliated with any other groups, organizations, or websites."

    I will donate again – this is the most important cause to support in my lifetime, and I am 66 yrs old.  I don't have a lot, but will give as much as I can and hope many more will try to do the same – every little bit helps.   

    Thank you Dane, and to all the attorneys & others involved in this legal action.    

  67. Melanie says:

    Great news!!! Deepest gratitude to the Canadian legal team and to Dane. Let's all keep the momentum going. The cracks in the dam are starting to seep! 

  68. Martha says:

    Congratulations and infinite gratitude to all who are making this happen!

    Now, on to awaken the U.S. –  Are bumper stickers available? I've asked before. Someone replied and said they were. If true, where can I access them? I've searched this site and only found one mention from 2013 but no actual bumper stickers.  If not available is there a template that could be used? Thanks!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Martha,  so sorry that we don’t have any products for sale on Geoengineering Watch, hope you can get something from an online source where you can design your own.

    • donna ford says:

      melanie i got a great bumper sticker from cafe press. once there type in chemtrails and t shirts and stickers, coffee cups…all kinds of good stuff.
      so far i have 4 t shirts and an awesome bumper sticker that i proudly display on my truck, it gets lots of looks!

  69. MAJOR RADIATION LEAK/SOUTH FLORIDA/216 Times Higher than Normal
    Sitting adjacent to Biscayne National Park, the Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station has been leaking radioactive materials into protected waters, according to a new study. Performed by Dr. David Chin from the University of Miami, the results released Tuesday morning by Miami-Dade County found high levels of a radioactive isotope in Biscayne Bay. Those radioactive waters are coming from the power plant's cooling canals, raising radioactivity levels 215 times higher than normally found in seawater, the report added. "This is one of several things we were very worried about," South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard told the Miami New Times. "You would have to work hard to find a worse place to put a nuclear plant, right between two national parks and subject to hurricanes and storm surge." Two weeks ago, a Tallahassee judge ordered Florida Power and Light Co., owner of the plant, and the state to clean up the cooling canals, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Past studies found the leaking canals were forcing a large plume of underground saltwater to move west, which posed a huge threat to a well field that provides the Florida Keys with its drinking water, the report added. Issues at the cooling canals have escalated since 2013, when the plant expanded to increase power output by 15 percent, the Times report also said. Water temperatures inside the canals rose to dangerous levels several times, especially during a 2014 drought. Despite near-shutdowns of the plant due to water temperatures rising as high as 102 degrees, the report added, nuclear regulators gave officials permission to allow the canals to reach 104 degrees, the hottest temperature of any plant in the country. … FPL responded to the report, telling the Miami New Times it needs more time to review specific parts of the study, but reiterated the company is committed to the protection of Biscayne Bay. …

    Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Is Pumping Polluted Water Into Biscayne Bay
    … Adds State Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez: “For years our state regulators have failed to take seriously the threat to our public safety, to our drinking water and to our environment posed by FP&L’s actions at Turkey Point. Evidence revealed this week of radioactive material in Biscayne Bay is the last straw and I join those calling on the US EPA to step in and do what our state regulators have so far refused to do – protect the public.”
    At the heart of the troubling issue revealed in the new report is a system of canals surrounding the nuclear plant in southeast Miami-Dade. Nuclear cores must be constantly cooled to avoid meltdowns. The canals circulate water through the plant to leach heat off the reactors.
    As FPL prepared to expand the plant's reactors in 2013, critics such as Stoddard warned that relying on the canals was a mistake. For one thing, environmentalists argued, the hot, salty canal water would inevitably leak back into Biscayne Bay and the Everglades.
    "They argued the canals were a closed system, but that's not how water works in South Florida," Stoddard says.

  70. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, All these years, your relentless efforts inspiring so many, yet I and others feeling, well, beginning to feel dejected, alone.  Who knew that Canada would come to the rescue!  Well done Canada and well done you!  All the replies of happiness, relief, joy, validation.  What an amazing job you've done.  What an amazing family you must have.  And how great do you feel today?!!  We all know this is far from done.  But it is in the works and like a shot of vitamins and more, towards energy for the future regardless of what comes, we are all lifted up by this great news.  Finally it feels as if the ball is rolling though it has been rolling all this time.  But now comes the tipping point!  Yay!  Such satisfaction.  But not a time to rest.  A time to spread far and wide.  Thank you Dane.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, the results we are beginning to realize are the due to all of us working together. At this most critical time, we must all find the strength to keep up our pace in regard to raising awareness. Everyone matters in this equation, we must keep marching forward as quickly as we can.

    • joe Strauss says:

      Dane, Today, over San Francisco, CA, I feel the HAARP  is setting up something big using the EMF  , HARRP   generators.   I have observed since prior 6 weeks between heavy rain periods a new high altitude spraying pattern 35-40 thousand feet estimated. Constant spraying (time now 2:00PM, North                   Dane,   Advisement to all… Extra heavy chem trails @35-40 thousand  feet. The aircraft are constant ,all day clear blue skies going North~South, and South~North patterns.  Are those aircraft computer controlled, Dane ? I have never seen this much activity..Day?night patterns, when sun goes down, can see.   Not the usual over San Francisco, prior 6 weeks. I say HAARP   generators are to be involved in this event.  I always note, altitude and patterns over San Francisco since 1997. Keep observing every one.  The Chemicals/trails do vary..          

  71. Joe Strauss says:



    Yes, Canadians are very much aware of the Chem Trails,

    more than  US citizens.  Good for all those  exposing it.

    This is what I have been observing, since 1997, in Oakland/

    San Francisco, CA.  My late fireman friend and I noticed  when

    HAARP effects occurred the new storm clouds are dark, dark not natural shades of gray and going to black.  Then rain or an immediate changed occured.. All not natural weather. 


    Monday nite, 7 PM ,San Francisco those dark clouds appeared.

    I and friend check local weather websites for past two years.


    No rain for Monday nite,this week sighted.  Well those dark clouds, I knew were HAARP  created.  At 11:30 PM and

    12:45 AM two short down pours of rain came.  And I was informed not all areas of San Francisco had those two down pours.. I am sure the rain was  created locally.


    Friend at 11;30 PM showed me the NOAA  Radar scan(actual

    time had the change of weather.  Other local sites did not indicate rain at all. 

    That is how one will not the rain or dark cloud is not of natural

    origin..  Best to all.

    • Dennie says:

      Last Monday, March 21st,  the forecast was for showers and some rain in the north Bay, but we had high winds and heavy rains in Marin around noon.  It was storming when I left to go to work in the south bay. 

      We had absolutely heavy downpouring rain Monday afternoon/evening in Alameda and Santa Clara counties, last Monday, March 21st.  Very heavy rain showers encountered driving southbound through Fremont, then again on the way back up 880 heading to Hayward.  Very heavy rain for about 45 minutes; it rained like HELL here on Monday.  I was driving in it, along with a few tens of thousands of others on their way back up from Silly-Con Valley.  It was very wet and stormy out there.  The weather started to break around 6 p.m. with the sun poking through over the Golden Gate, but the heavy showers continued on up to Berkeley; I was driving north in all of that!

  72. Greg says:

    It's a great time to re-contact Congressmen/women and Senators with the Canadian lawsuit news.  I did so this morning and tried to include them  by asking for their help.  The momentum is gaining strength and the good fight amps up!  Thanks Dane for your magnificent leadership skills and your enthusiasm in this dire situation that inspires us all.

  73. jim stewart says:

    Best wishes! And yet, a cautionary tale. Legal justice [aka: positive law] can always be abrogated without abrogating its intended virtue, as has been the case with environmental crime under the provisions of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1970, as well as, the Clean Water Act of 1972 and the Endangered Species Act of 1973. We ought never forget that 'natural justice' always has the same force everywhere and doesn't depend on our accepting it or not [cf. Aristotle's Ethics, Bk. V, Ch. vii]

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jim, your point is well taken, but in this case it is the simple awareness of the issue at hand that will trump all else.

    • jim stewart says:

      Thanks for your reply, Dane. May the 'virtue' of justice in both our hearts prevail with the same virtue I witness here in the hearts of so many, as more become both conscious and indignant of the injustices at hand.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Jim,  Well that's a downer, but one we well know.  The law can take forever, be unjust, not upheld and on and on, we know this too well.  Especially we natives.  But as Dane says below, there is a larger? point which is awareness as well as being taken seriously.  Off with the tin foil hat!  Much of the world is looking at our efforts.  The ripple effect of this is enormous.  Cyprus, Rhode Island, now Canada and who next? This can no longer be seen as fringe.  The cat is out of the bag and off and running.  That feral cat of talk and torts.  Multiplying. 

    • jim stewart says:

      Hello Rachel. I love wildcats!

  74. Robert West says:

    THANK YOU DANE!!!  And thank all participants who are helping in this gigantic effort to Stop Climate Engineering. Now, maybe the politicians can start talking openly. I am very encouraged with the information that Congressional Reps. in California becoming more interested with this issue. Let there be light. God Bless you all.

  75. B says:

    Now the real fight begins.


  76. Marc says:

    I am a subscriber to Gaia TV and I've noticed that a film by filmmaker Robert Greene entitled "Owning the Weather" (2009) has recently been put up on the site. Though already out of date, the film is worth viewing for any and all interested in the array of socio-cultural angles to this mess we find ourselves in. Can also be found on YouTube.

  77. Greg says:

    Anyone see the news headline on MSN this morning?  Rockefeller family slams Exxon as 'morally reprehensible.'  Rockefeller family said it would divest from fossil fuels as quickly as possible and eliminate holdings of Exxon mobile, saying the oil company associated with the family fortune has misled the public about climate change risk.  Very interesting!  Is this not the 'pot calling the kettle black'?  I guess we will see how this unfolds.

  78. Phil says:

    I pray that this gets exposed and stopped very soon.  They are killing us in western Maryland here today.  Honestly, I have never seen it this bad.  I am having terrible respiratory issues due to this s**t.  How can any logical person not see that this is going on or think this is "normal"?

  79. Roger Gibbons says:

    Being a Canadian and most of all a human being that lives on this earth cant express how proud Iam of all who has supported this cause. I would like a shout out to Dane for his leadership and encouragement to all when it was needed to continue this battle. 

    We need to support this action in the courts by sending out those emails, face book, tweets …..that the time as come for Geo-enginerring to take a front sit in this issue of climate change. 

    Sending this message to all media that a law suit has been brought forth in Canada and they now cant hide behind those false statements and lies they have been telling the public. Let them show their faces for they are also to blamed for this cover-up along with anyone eles who lied to the public.

    Is their any one out their that has US government emails that us Canadians can send this info to? The reason is because they probably send your on going emails to junk. But new email names will get through to them with this news.

    Again much thanks to all and dont stop now ….this is the time to open has many eyes as possible ….so let them have it.



  80. Bella_Fantasia says:

    While I yearn to be hopeful about the legal course, there are concerns I can think of that might cause legal action to backfire, at least in the US.

    On appeal 1.6 million low paid women who either were employed or had been employed by Walmart (Walmart vs. Dukes) were deemed "not to have enough in common" to be considered a "class" by the US Supreme Court.  Dukes vs. Walmart was a sex discrimination case alleging men got paid more than women there and promotion policies favored men.

    Chris Hedges sued Obama over the Section 1021 of the NDAA as a journalist who communicated the "enemy" or "terrorists" in his professional  capacity.   This communication might be construed as material support of the enemy that could subject him to indefinite military detention at a black site.  Among other determinations Hedges was deemed to have "no standing" because he had not been "harmed" by the law.

    My admiration of these courageous lawyers is immense, and it's possible that these cases will stir up wide attention of our complaints.  That might be the best we can hope for.  As you've wisely observed Dane, we cannot where surprising, unexpected help might come from. 

    Thank you, everyone, fighting this epic battle.  Please don't forget that our weapons of Faith, Hope and Love are astoundingly powerful.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bella, the issue of climate engineering is not comparable to any other, once fully exposed, there will be a paradigm upheaval and shift. This does not mean in any sense that our problems are over, rather, they are just begining. Exposing (and halting) the climate engineering insanity would still be the greatest leap the human race could make in the right direction, we must press on.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you so much, Dane, for your encouragement.  I guess my point was over concern the courts would shut us down immediately before we can get our message out there for people to see it as a "real issue".

      Sometimes my faith ebbs, but I'm in full support of massive upheaval : )  May the litigation roll on and on. . . .

  81. This is a 63 page color ‘slide’ version PDF on EARTH’S RING CURRENT and Space Weather in general. Very informative, with many illustrations. I highly recommend for those who want to understand what they are doing these days and why – at least what they admit to. Date 2012. Earth’s Ring Current has become a new focus as an energy source .



  82. From my reading in various text books and online articles, all these plasma technologies are similar. CERN, HAARP, Tokamak/compact fusion, etc. They are generating power beams of electrons or protons and directing them at plasma to activate the plasma cells and generate energy which they use for various purposes. Proton beams are more powerful, they dissipate less. We know they have been shooting into the Ionosphere for many years now, actually creating holes. Considering that the US Department of Energy is partnered with the US Navy, it can be no secret that they want Tesla’s technology to replace oil. But it won’t be free.

    This from CERN gives a general idea of the technology:

    CERN AWAKE is the proof-of-principle experiment whose aim is to use protons to generate powerful wakefields to accelerate an electron beam. With accelerator gradients hundreds of times higher than those used in current systems, this technique could revolutionise the field of particle acceleration. Installed in the tunnel previously used by the CNGS facility, AWAKE is completing the service installation phase and will receive the plasma cell in the coming months.
    The AWAKE proton line with all the magnets installed. (Image: AWAKE collaboration.)
    AWAKE is the world’s first proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration experiment. In AWAKE, a beam of protons from the SPS will be traveling through a plasma cell and this will generate a wakefield that, in turn, will accelerate an electron beam. A laser will ionise the gas in the plasma cell and seed the self-modulation instability that will trigger the wakefield in the plasma.
    The project aims to prove that the plasma wakefield can be driven with protons and that acceleration will be extremely powerful, hundreds of times more powerful than that achieved today.
    Over about 18 months of hard work, the teams have cleared the old CNGS area – leaving only the infrastructure that will be reused by AWAKE – and have modified the services to meet AWAKE’s needs. “We dismantled 100 metres of the proton beam line, completed the civil-engineering needed to house the new electron and laser beam lines, removed several kilometres of old cables, and installed some 100 kilometres of new cables,” says Edda Gschwendtner, CERN AWAKE project leader. “We have installed the 16 magnets for the proton line for AWAKE, built the laser clean room, modified the access and cooling and ventilation… It has been a huge amount of work in a very short time.”

    It is well established that plasmas can be used to transform transverse fields into longitudinal fields [1]. Transverse fields in the plasma can be excited by short pulses of laser light (high transverse electrical fields, ponderomotive force) or by pulses of charged particles (space charge force). The principle of such a “plasma converter” is best understood by considering a short pulse of charged particles that is sent into a neutral plasma channel, a fully ionized gas with equal distribution of ions and free electrons. The plasma response to a short electron beam is described:
    1) The electron driver pulse enters the plasma and expels the free electrons that are transversely accelerated (transverse driving force). The plasma ions move a negligible amount due to their higher mass. [full pdf here]:

    Compact Fusion [Tokamak is the Russian term] tech from Lockheed martin Skunkworks:

  83. Francis Mangels says:

    Blessings on you and prayers of hope.  Let us all make this a voting issue too.  TRUTH is the only thing that ever changed anything for the better.  Let us choose life.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hello Francis. You too were one of the earlier credible voices speaking and awakening others to this issue. Thank you for all of your hard work. This must bring a great sense of satisfaction long awaited for. One can almost feel a great sigh of relief and spirits lift around the planet. I know we have a long way to go and as Dane often says, still face unimagianble challenges but achieving this milestone gives us a special reason for celebration and hearts lifted! Happy and Blessed Easter to all!

  84. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Curious on inclusion of workplace exposures for those in outdoor occupations especially. Wonder if OSHA in U.S. can be addressed in lawsuit since employers must provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to employees to minimize job hazards. Stiff fines are issued if employer fails to provide for those in dangerous tasks. So, with geo-engineering programs  intensely  contaminating outdoor  workers (ranch, farm, gardeners, cable/telephone co. etc. I wonder how many have made complaints to their  HR dept.,safety officers, and so on. Any repercussions for reporting lack of safety equipment when inhaling the heavy metals/ nano-chemicals  over past years ? Were any x-tra attempts made by companies to provide some barrier like gloves, hats, respirators, footwear, full body suits to maybe minimize what is already clearly spelled out ( harmful dust, radiation, chemicals in Hazard Assessment at http://www.osha.gov.publications. 

    Not sure if the legal team has this aspect already covered–and maybe others  posting here  can submit/ share their experience for requesting these  protection efforts. Has anyone maybe written up as a malcontent/ trouble -maker, laid off,  terminated, denied worker's compensation, or disability, and so on. Companies don't typically want to spend more money on employees  (safety) needs , especially,  if they believe these are only vapor contrails-so there is nothing to do differently. Denial as business profit.  Not that any co. can fully prevent nano -particulate -harm at this dire point-it is the intention to reduce the damage and risk. I cringe seeing outdoor workers with nothing more than sunglasses and maybe a visor. Today's legal announcement puts Her Majesty the Queen on notice & look forward to the American equivalent. Thanks to Dane and ALL the faithful attorneys !

  85. Hurray! Finally, we can print this positive event in our Toronto Street News tabloid of 17 years. We've been printing chemtrail pics since 2002.

    Finally, someone has followed up with an actual law suit.

    Captain Platt of the Canadian Armed Forces told us about 2005 that Canada does not have its own "tankers" as he referred to them explaining that the were coming from the United States.

    — Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street News

    • mike says:

      From my knowledge, they stationed on tiny islands all around the continent. Using the islands as take off points and each crew is assigned to a region. Our little weasel is just another puppet with a nice smile. Wait till they let the jihads loose on our disarmed community. I mean you do know the little weasel is housing these people on our canadian military bases passing them off as refugees. Not to mention the weasel went down to see the other puppet down there to finalize the plan for release and attack. Going to be a hell of a summer. Btw does anyone watch the weather maps on accu weather? You can see the weather manipulation on there radar feed quite clearly. You can see where harrp is hammering over toronto, clouds that don't move and haven't for months, green lines that are always there. Sickining really. Its been raining here in southern ontario for 2 days. 

    • Gail says:

      Victor, I have taken many photo's of Chem Planes. They were bold enough in Alberta to fly proudly & arrogantly with a Canadian flag on the Air craft. This has now stopped & they are mostly white now.

    • horsegirl says:

      @ Mike – a huge hooray for mentioning clouds that don't move.  We've been so vexed in this ionospheric manipulation alley right above the Sea of Cortez where 80mph + winds – formerly unheard of – bluster away while weaponized airborne material the uninitiated would call "clouds" remain in the air without moving an inch.  Ever.  From south of the US border one can see the international boundary defined by a huge wedge of cheesecake hovering in an otherwise blue sky over the "national security" citadel of Douglas, Arizona.  In Douglas' sister city of Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, the power and behavoir of the towers-controlled "clouds is manifest to such an extent the blackbirds have literally vacated the microwave aerial wasteland above Douglas in preference to the Mexican side.  I've chatted with numerous Mexicans about this.  The atmosphere where the aforementioned airborne filth hovers literally repels birds.  They sing by the millions in Agua Prieta while the graceful trees of Douglas, Arizona mostly are silent.  Down with the towers.

  86. SD says:

    On the subject of health effects of aerosol particulates via chemtrail dispersion,  I know that complaints of upper respiratory symptoms/ allergic response/ asthma are way up. 

    Many residents in Porter Ranch, site of the methane leak, are still complaining about sore throats, irritation, etc.  May be chemtrail induced rather than from the methane leak.  SoCal is heavily sprayed and San Fernando Valley may be a hotspot.  Sen Boxer's call for a multiple agency investigation needs to view WIDER picture.

    And since I am the HAARP/earthquake guy, I wonder what force actually caused the gas pipe to rupture anyway?  HAARP?

    Last year the valley saw a mysterious and massive landslide at Vazquez Canyon.  Also HAARP induced?

    • Dennie says:

      I feel like I'm SUFFOCATING. 
      Does anyone ELSE here quite understand the feeling…?????

  87. Rodster says:

    I was listening to a financial podcast today and the person being interviewed lives in Denver. He said it was 70 degrees yesterday and today it’s snowing. No way CO2 climate change would cause those weather extremes within 24 hours.

  88. Mark from OZ -MN native says:

    High 5 Dane! ( and all concerned)

    It's always been lonely out on the 'extra mile' and you must have thought at times that not enough folk could 'see' or understand what you were trying to accomplish..

    T'is proof that enough did notice and decide to give whatever support they could as it's the right thing to do for countless reasons. There's still a big battle  ahead, but now the opposition has to factor in that real 'blows' have and will continue to 'land'.

    And as my Pop used to say, "It's not the 'size' of the man in the fight; it's the size of the 'fight' in the man that matters." Behind you is a very long line of disciples who are ready, willing and able, Sir!

  89. Greg says:

    Deepest thanks Dane, this is such a remarkable moment in this fight, and I hope we can sit in, those of us close to Toronto if that is where this will take place…I have plastered this all over on social media, people are reacting very positively, best wishes for the U.S. filing!  We keep marching on, we will take back our skies

  90. Rosalie says:

    Thank you so much Dane. We will all band together and halt this insanity. Bring on the lawsuits.  Here we come!

  91. Phil says:

    It is time for all of us to start holding our governments accountable for allowing these insane and destructive programs to take place.  I see more and more people are starting to wake up and the power structure is getting scared.  That is why they are now going full force with climate engineering.  But common sense should tell them that they are only going to destroy themselves if they continue this insanity.

    • Anna says:

      I don't know how gullable they think we are but we must not  let them get away with this money extortion scheme they the government has going on. We need to band together and MAKE the government accountable for their hand in destroying our planet and our cost. I say enough is enough.. Take their climate change BS and peddle it elsewhere because our EYES are WIDE open not Shut.. The Sheeple are AWAKENING,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Look out.  We have the LORD JESUS CHRIST on our side,   who have you got?

    • Francis Mangels says:

      Hi Anna:  Jesus said. "Keep My Commandments if you love me"….and I see the big 1% corporations worshipping money, lying about the facts, stealing my health, killing people slowly, and coveting more power and more money.  WOW.  And Trump and Cruz agree with the top 1% corporations.  So who is on the LORD's Side?

    • Al C says:

                    That's great!……………Thanks Dane and all the hard work you do and to the lawyers getting the ball rolling.

      Let's all keep getting the word out and maybe soon when we say 'Look Up!", it will be at pristine blue skies!

    • Dennie says:

      W-e-e-e-ll, common sense, as they say, is pretty uncommon.  And rright now, "they" have all the power of the Federal Reserve and the Bank of London, etc.  But in the end Christianity did a number on Rome, which also rather expediently fell on its own sword, having, as we are about to do yet again right now, overshot it's resources.  CAN'T we IDIOTS learn even so much as One Damned Thing, like OWNING OUR OWN POWER, maybe– ???

    • mike says:

      To Anna,

      Your 100% correct and i cannot think of anyone better then God on our side, can you?

      To Francis,

      It is not money that is evil, but the love for money that is evil. I already consider myself rich, my kids are happy and healthy. What more could i ask for?


  92. The radiation tragedy continues it's deadly march… …  100% death rate of baby seals on California coast — “None have survived” — “Many are starving, suffering from shortage of food in Pacific Ocean” — “Extremely thin… all sorts of illnesses, infections” — “Milkless moms immediately abandoning pups” — TV: “The problem is getting worse” (VIDEOS)
    KION, Mar 17, 2016: Sea lion moms and pups struggling to survive…  Bay Net, a volunteer group of naturalists, are keeping a watchful eye on them at the Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove. They say the start of the season has been rough. “Some of them have been way too thin to have a healthy birth and have enough milk to feed it,” said Bay Net volunteer Thom Akeman. So far this season 13 pups have been born but none of them have survived. Many seals are underweight and starving, suffering from a shortage of food in the Pacific Ocean… “When they get extremely thin they’re open to all sorts of illnesses and infections,” said [volunteer Marg] Brigadier … The group Harbor Seals of Pacific Grove has been documenting the unusually high rate of dying pups on Facebook.

    * HANFORD WASHINGTON STATE: Cemetery full of dead babies missing brains next to US nuclear site — Funeral Director: Almost all infants we have died the same way… “that’s pretty much all I see on death certificates” — Few miles from “most contaminated place in hemisphere” — “One of largest documented anencephaly clusters in US history” (VIDEO)
    Published: March 23rd, 2016 at 10:04 am ET
    Seattle Times, updated Jan 28, 2016: How the state is missing chances to find deadly birth defect’s cause… at least 40 other mothers have lost babies to [anencephaly, which result in missing large parts of the brain] in Yakima, Benton and Franklin counties since 2010… one of the largest documented clusters of anencephaly in U.S. history… “Something’s going on and someone needs to tell us,” said [mother Sally] Garcia… Dr. Lisa Galbraith was one of the doctors… In Prosser, the obstetrician oversaw care of Garcia’s pregnancy and others affected by the disorder… “I had a total of four or five babies with anencephaly over the course of two years,” recalled Galbraith… the rate of anencephaly was much higher [than US averages]… Washington health officials… have collected no blood samples, performed no genetic tests and conducted no examination of water, soil… and have no plans to do so… In Texas, just three babies with anencephaly sparked enough outrage to overhaul the state’s birth-defects reporting system.
    Sara Barron, MS, BSN – American Journal of Nursing, Mar 2016: In the spring of 2012 two babies without brains were born within weeks of each other at the rural hospital in Washington State where I was working… I was stunned when the delivering physician said another patient was expecting the same outcome. After speaking with colleagues at neighboring hospitals, I learned that two other babies with anencephaly had recently been born in the area. In over 30 years of nursing, I had seen only two cases of anencephaly prior to these. I called the Washington State Department of Health and reported a birth defect cluster… RISK FACTORS… Radiation exposure. Popular media and blogs have often linked the Washington State NTD cluster to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Benton County, Washington. Although leaks from nuclear power plants have been associated with a higher rate of anencephaly and other NTDs, Washington State Department of Health investigators point out that the three counties with the highest prevalence of NTDs were both upwind and upriver of the Hanford site, making the nuclear plant an unlikely cause of the 2012 cluster.
    * Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: “The Hanford Site… is widely considered to be the most contaminated place in the Western Hemisphere”
    * KOIN: “The biggest, most toxic nuclear waste site in the Western hemisphere”
    * Time: “The largest nuclear clean-up site in the western hemisphere”
    * AFP: “The Western hemisphere’s most contaminated nuclear site“”


    • carol says:

      The Weekly Radiation Report written by Bob Nichols dried up as of March 5th 2016, week #46. Will not respond to my emails. Anyone have any information? About the time they drag the military into court to discuss the geoengineering may be too late for humanity. This will be interesting. TPTB will not be exposed to the public. Can you say false flag?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan, I, for one, have been screaming about Hanford for decades.  Many tribes have fishing rights along this area.  Which I guess we can kiss goodbye, but my daughter who loves salmon thinks it is safe higher up the river and I do not agree.  But more than salmon even is the enormity of this waste site, how very long it's been known to be unstable, how absolutely nothing has been done about it.  Even as it oozes more and more and more.

      It has been more than 40 years now since I've been in Yakima.  I was just passing through and walking the most of it.  I suspect also in this mix GMOs and their poisons.  In Nevada, before I got pregnant, I worked briefly at a potato packing plant with a bunch of Indian women, which I have to say was one heck of a lot of fun, kinda like a Lucille Ball episode.  We laughed all the time.  This was still winter.  Come the season, they would all be north planting potatoes.  I believe that is done near Yakima as well.  So it occurs to me that that is another factor besides Handford, and even including Hanford and Fukushima as your link here mentioned dust as, inhaled, most likely aspect of route to encephalopathy.  Can you imagine planting a zillion potatos-French fries anyone?  And then harvesting them?  One hell of a lot of dust in a landscape of dust and depression.  These are poverty communities.  And for the most part uneducated peoples.

      Also, cannot help but remember a show, perhaps on Vice, HBO's Vice, in Kyzackstan-I am spelling that wrong?- in Russia.  Back when, men were viewing nukes as landscaping tools, in the US, it was proposed to use a nuke to blast a hole through a mountain for a railroad.  Fortunately, that plan was scrapped.  But, Russia used one to make a dam.  Ever after, the water that flowed from that dam was highly radioactive leading to tons of babies born there with mass deformities including this brain, this diminished brain condition.  Rooms and rooms of suffering infants.  So extreme that the native doctor in charge there made it a goal of his to create a passport for the adults should they leave, that would identify them as from this area, so as to prevent them from having more babies as they thought if only they moved elsewhere, not realizing this travels with.  Poor doc was extremely distraught over the sheer magnitude of the problem.  It was easy to see why and heartbreaking to boot.

      We live in a highly nuclear and radioactive world.  And I don't mean the normal background radioactivity.  The dust has been blown everywhere. In a blog under this link, some knowledgeable? person explained that dust was the main way, main target way to affect a fetus's brain and spinal cord.

    • Hi Rachael Robson — Thank you for your insights. I haven't eaten any fish at all since 1994! Even in New Zealand I was not comfortable eating fish. A friend in Seattle almost died from 'pure' fresh Copper River Salmon around that time. So I agree with you that no Salmon is safe. The Pacific Ocean is contaminated from Fukushima.

      I received an email from a local here today:  "Being from Richland, I have followed this [Hanford] story for a couple of years now.  It could well have to do with agricultural chemicals as well because a lot of it is in the Yakima Valley which is not so much exposed to Hanford radiation." So again you are correct. We are poisoned from every direction, internally and externally. It is this massive 'electrification' of the atmosphere, the air which is beginning to concern me most and which I can feel, my hands begin to tremble…especially here with the Navy's electronic warfare zapping. The thrill of godlike power in plasma physics has driven these reckless totally unconscious plasma physicists mad. They have no reverence for the Nature's Earth — and I'm afraid nothing will stop them from destroying our planet's Magnetosphere.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan!  I so appreciated your reply, thank you.  I always ate but a little fish, told it was good for me but I'm from the midwest where fish meant crawdadies!  I did like salmon-some, trout more, and used to like catfish blackened with garlic and parsley.  But no more.  Last year, as daughter so loves crab, hubbie and youngest grandson went out on a crabbing boat–to the Faralones!!!!  That place can probably rival Hanford.  I asked hubbie when he called to tell her their catch, if they glowed.  He laughed and said: No, Rachel.  These people, family, are highly aware of geoengineering but not radiation??!!  Laugh it off.  As if.  Well, as if California was not monitoring nor reporting!

      Gotta tell you that when daughter was 17 she was traveling with a youngish medicine man full of promise and he took her to a small tribe in Canada which rolled out the "red carpet" for them.  The girl ate so much salmon that their stores of were utterly depleted!  Hence, they had to go, she and her medicine man boyfriend/man friend, out and replenish the tribe's salmon stock!  So, she got to fish the native way, off of big rocks with nets of sorts, kinda basket nets.  I'm glad she had that experience since it likely will never happen again.

      I don't want to eat any fish because I know good and well what is in the ocean and it is more than Fukushima.  I have friends in the coast guard and who move ships and boats for a living and so have first hand knowledge of what a toilet our ocean is.  I know how many nukes have been blown in, on and over the Pacific.  I won't eat seaweed either.  The chicken store here which is organic, the food I buy for them, suggested seaweed for stress when molting.  A couple or three years ago I tried that, seemed to make them worse and quit it and dumped it.  Pretty darn soon, if not already, what will be safe to eat?  They are growing food from scratch in labs now.

      I have a great deal of sympathy and empathy for your situation with the electro/magnetic war games.  Oh, and to add to the waters-our freakin navy.  I can't believe they are doing these war games anywhere, much less up close on our coasts, Puget too and elsewhere, but on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula?!!  Clearly you are strong, yet sensitive, very sensitive.  Must be driving you nuts.  For what it is worth, I did try for years to fight against this happening for all the good that did.  When I see the signs of electro/magnetic frequencies in the skies here as on the 23rd, I feel not myself.  I feel a kind of anger, a tension, just a feeling I can't describe well.  I applaud you for keeping your wits and sharing so much info at the same time.  You seem a wonder woman.  You are one year older than I.  But I'm not the lady you are.  You inspire me all the time to try harder.  I wish you'd read Herndon's book: Earth and the Dark Side of Science.  He makes a perfect case for a georeacter at Earth's core which maintains our magnetosphere.  Given the violence since 1945, we may have pushed things to a polar reversal.

    • Rachael Robson — Thank you. What a great story you shared about your daughter and the medicine man! I admit that I grew up in 1950s beef oriented Texas and giving up fish was not so difficult for me. Very interesting about your coast guard pals opinion of the ocean. Back in the late 1980s I saw a documentary that revealed the allowed level of Mercury in tuna was based on the highest level found each year. Ok…I got it. The tuna industry at work.   :o)

      We are almost the same age, same cookie batch. Thank you for your kind and generous words. I'm deeply touched. The rf/mircrowave energies do bother me more than anything. My hands tremble. But lately I've been, for lack of a better word "meditating" a great deal, meaning attempting to remember all day that I'm not my body, that I'm an eternal being. And either that, or the kefir (laughing) & hemp oil, is working for me. I'm strangely getting stronger. Plus Dane and everyone here provide a real inspiration and source of strength. I'm honored to be here with people like you and Commander Wigington! THANK YOU! Oh – and I bought Herndon's book today when I saw you recommend it. Awesome. I agree, they have pushed the planetary magnetic harmonic alignments too far and this new proton ray at CERN is frightening. The metaphysical 'substratum' is vulnerable.

    • Jenny says:

      Susan, just wanted to say that I worked in a NICU for 6 years during the 80s and I took care of a few babies (three or four) born with anencephaly while I was working there.  Also, I had a sister born in the early 70s who also had the same diagnosis (and died the next day).  So perhaps it is not quite as uncommon as the nurse writing in the AJN was implying.  Even so, I don't believe in nuclear power, period.  It's just too risky, IMO.

      Thank you very much. And thank you for all you do.  I just said a prayer for you, your family, and the lawyers working with you.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Susan Ferguson, Good morning Susan.  So glad you are reading Herndon!  Also, occurs to me that you first mentioned your hands shaking at that meeting with the Navy.  You said it had never happened before.  Do you think the electromagnetic stuff they are doing is causing it?  Kefir can't hurt but my money is on the hemp oil for you renewed strength!  And yes, of course Cern is a concern, a dangerous one, but gee I love it.  I love particle physics, love it all.  Would love to see Cern in action!  Really would.  The last effort amazed me and lead me to a major insight, along with an aspect of Herndon's theories.

      @Jenny, You are right of course, these things happen, and I am sorry your sister was one.  Must have devastated your mother.  How many new borns when you worked at a NICU?  And where was that?  The time periods you mention were all very nuclear.  What gave me the courage to be a midwife with virtually no training was the statistic back then of 2% things could go wrong.  Would the babies you cared for be 2%, or more or less?  Perhaps what the nurse was saying was in reference to cluster cases.  And % of.

    • Jenny says:

      Rachel, that experience really did a number on my mother, especially since she was never even allowed to see or hold the baby, and afterwards wasn't "allowed" to really talk about the experience, either.  (She'd also had a miscarriage prior to that pregnancy.)  But when I took care of those babies, the parents were able to hold them while they were dying (they lived up to a few weeks).  My mother had my sister in the northeast and the hospitals where I worked for a total of 7 years with newborns were in New England.  I saw babies with prematurity, of course, and all kinds of deformities, missing eye, phocomelia, rare diseases.  It always seemed weird to me that everyone I knew on the outside had relatively healthy babies (except for stuff like autism) whereas at work it was a constant parade of "what could go wrong".  I took care of thousands of babies over those years but only as I said 3 or 4 with anencephaly.  When I became pregnant, a geneticist I knew from work did some testing and a consultation w/ me and said I had a one in 50 chance of having a baby with a neural tube defect (having seen the hospital report from my sister).

  93. chad casarin says:

    absolutely fantastically awesome.

  94. James-in-Ont says:

    Strongly agree with Dane's comment; " Exposure of the legal effort needs to be circulated as widely as possible. "

    I also note the Claim cites " aerial discharge of coal fly ash and/or other contaminants "  Lately i have been studying J. Marvin Herndon's work on the subject of coal fly ash, and find it remarkable in many ways. For one, it surprises me just how late he woke up, given his field, and it's also remarkable that this correlation between the ready supply of the material and the application was in general terms quite late to be connected and/or considered by anyone. (better late, than never) I think its this month Herndon is in Hawaii attempting to get samples using glider pilots at some crazy elevation (30,000ft?) The results could be substantive. I wish him luck!

    Thanks Dane for bringing the filing of this Claim to our attention.


    PS: To Christina Parousis , I'll try to make it on the 29th, and will email you if I can help.

    • Jill Murphy says:

      Good luck and best wishes to the glider pilots. I'm from downunder and just starting to see this  stuff here!


    • Jill Murphy says:

      And I meant to say  – brilliant news Mr Wigington and we will watch and hope from here in New Zealand


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello James-In-Ont !  So happy to hear from someone else studying Herndon's work.  The dude is brilliant.  Have you read his book: Earth and the Dark Side of Science?  Very, very informative.  On oh so many levels including the hurdles Dane has been jumping and why.  I too thought it a tad odd about when he became aware of chemtrails, but then I do not know San Diego.  Do know his field is the ground, all the way down and he writes and studies a lot.  His main focus is his concept of a nuclear reactor at the core of our Earth and its relationship to our magnetic field as well as those of some other planets and moons of.  It is taking me so long to finish his book, that I did not know what he is up to right now.  Glider pilots at 30,000 feet up?  Chancy, but possible.  I so wish him luck on this.  I know he is pissed owing in part to how his article for us on Coal Fly Ash got dissed and deep sixed.  But, he is no stranger to that, and every bit as stubborn as Dane.  I suspect this new effort is about proving his own theory as much as anything else.

      I am so glad Dane is so stubborn.  Finally a legal case in motion!  Well done Dane!  And yes, to be spread far and wide, like chemtrails. I am sorry but I just cannot call them persistent contrails because that is a lie, it is false and leads to confusion.  We could say spray trails.  Here in the Bay Area, Berkeley, the skies yesterday were insane, no other way to put it.  It would seem obvious to anyone, just anyone.  Such right in your face, over the top insanity that they clearly don't care anymore that we know.  One very long high arching rope-with-knots line from east to west and huge, took a u turn so incredibly obvious, dipped down and around and headed back east!-I could barely make out the dot of the plane still leading that trail who knows where.  There were x ones, all sorts and all over, as well as tightly packed rippled clouds-huge ones.  This morning, no birds sang as they did yesterday.  None.  Help can't come soon enough!  I can barely stand the waiting on legal and now on this effort of Herndon's.  What a coup that would be!  What a coup this legal effort too!  But more proof of the coal fly ash would help that enormously.  Thank you James!!

  95. rodney says:

    Tis is why I've gotten so sick, that I can not work anymore upon all the other things they use to soft kill us from the planet.  

    • carol says:

      Detox NOW! Everyone and everything is being "affected" by this mass genocidal program. Even the spineless politicians are being poisoned.

  96. Dawnski says:

    Halle-freakin-lujah, eh!

  97. I guess this means that we all ought to start going to parliament so show our support! 

  98. slavica says:

    Thank you for everything you did. God Bless you


  99. Marc says:

    I agree with so many comments here that this filing and that soon to occur in the US turns our credibility into a "churnin' urn of burnin' funk", to borrow from one of my heroes, James Taylor. That there still exist intelligent human beings who blindly scoff at the notion that planet-wide spraying is occurring is nothing short of ludicrous, but that is about to change. But of course there are those for whom no amount of substantiation of a given reality will change their pickled minds, vis-a-vis the concept of man-caused climate change. And to think we actually have elected congressmen who subscribe to the notion that man is NOT the cause of whatever it is we are experiencing now. Fantastically unbelievable! But this legal filing WILL turn some heads, and perhaps with the help of Kaplan in D.C. press releases will amplify by orders of magnitude the gist of this case. Way to go, Dane and team!!! This filing proves that WE activists ain't goin' away anytime soon. Unless of course, they change the contents of the spray to something so lethal we all drop dead in our tracks. Would they ever do this? Will a cornered animal lash out with claws extended?

    • Dennie says:

      When "They" do that, they'll be dying too. 

      Remember, The Homicidal are ALSO The Suicidal.  It just doesn't matter. 

      When you can't feel anything at all you really don't care– you're already dead.

  100. Irene Parousis says:

    I got goose bumps and tears reading this, THANK YOU Dane!!!

    • Danny says:

      I felt the same way. Much love for doing this!!!!

    • Deb Buckler says:

      My response too! OMG!  This is wonderful news. I know law suits can take YEARS though. But STILL! At least a law suit is being pursued!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Deb, the final outcome is not the important aspect of the filing, it is the critical and credible exposure of the climate engineering insanity that is now already occuring from the filing. We must all keep sounding the alarm.

  101. Jill R says:


    • Dennie says:

      I'm not holding my breath.  We are just now at the beginning of this and everything up until now has just been the Prologue.  There is no telling what kind of nasty backlash and murderous tricks "they" will try to pull going forward, fighting us every step of the way.  The Monster is truly being backed into a corner and it would be my wish that any of the "brothers and sisters" who haven't spoken out yet in support of stopping geoengineering will LEAP on board the anti-geoengineering train and add more real momentum to become a juggernaut steaming toward the actual truth in a sane reality.

  102. Richard Bernier says:

    Congratulations! Thanks Dane for all the work you have done in the fight against aerial spraying!   I  am  sending this news to our New Democratic Party MP critic for climate change in Canada. I have already sent him some files and videos about geoengineering experiments being conducted over the Canadian provinces. I also asked him to question the Canadian government about this very important matter. Keep up the good work! Hope has a future now.

  103. Dave R says:

    Things have change too much… especially in the past several years.  Too much, too fast.  And not for the better.  It no longer appears that they can "control" what it appears they have been controlling.  You play a "God" and you're immortal, you lose.  It's been too hot and getting worse.  What kind of world will be left when it's no longer being manipulated by the so called elitist.  All I see are people oblivious to what's happening around them.  They dont want listten, care or are too lost in their own world to see what is going on.  All I see is it being over before everyone wakes up in time, if even at all.  It's too late.  Too much damage has been done. And not enough are waking up to reality.  I'm sorry Dane.  But it's what I see here in the East coast.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, yes, the horizon is dim indeed, but who can say what good we may yet do even at this late hour? Who can say what allies we my have that we are not yet aware of?  Those that are currently trying as hard as they can to keep their heads in the sand will very soon be forced to wake due to unfolding events. Solace can be found in dedicating oneself completely to the fight for the greater good, it’s not over till it’s over, never give up.

  104. Ted Krupp says:

    Thank you for your persistence, What do expect to be next in this battle?
    I am anxious to see the defendants reply.

  105. How can Canadians especially in the GTA, (Grater Toronto Area) get involved in this class action lawsuit?  Is there a contact person?  Perhaps some, or even many of us, can do lab analysis of our hair for aluminum poisoning, which we can present as evidence during the proceedings in order to prove with documentation that we have personally been harmed.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sotir, you can submit any documentation though the contact section on geoengineering watch.org and we will get back to you. Thank you for making your voice heard Sotir, it is all of us marching together that matters.

  106. Christine says:

    Deep respect for your work Dane, and for all who care. –Christine

  107. Cheryl Readman says:

    Dane, I am a Canadian living in Muskoka.  Can you please tell me if it is possible to join this class-action suit?
    Many thanks!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cheryl, we will put out a call for more plaintiffs if and when needed, thank you for your steadfast willingness to face this most critical fight head on.

  108. Cynthia Cox says:

    Dane, we are blessed to have you at this helm.  This will be most helpful in trying to further convince those who are wavering with disbelief.  Much light will be sent towards these brave warriors!

  109. Christina Parousis says:

    This is excellent news!  What a huge step forward in this critical fight for the survival of planet Earth, it gives me hope. Thank you Dane and attorneys!!!!  Please let us know if we may be of service in any way.  We must share this far and wide and with all other Canadian attorneys possible.  Just a reminder again to anyone from Toronto (Canada) or the gta, Naomi Klein will be in Toronto next Tuesday evening, March 29 doing a talk on climate change and joined by several MPP's, Greenpeace and 350.org (perhaps media).  A couple of us will be attending to distribute information on climate engineering and confront Ms. Klein on her omittance of this issue, details here  https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/thinking-big-in-a-time-of-climate-crisis-a-town-hall-on-the-leap-manifesto-tickets-22585039461

    Please if you can attend and help out, let me know, cparousis@outlook.com (fb:  Ontario GeoEngineering Action Group).   Thank you! 

    • Rosalie says:

      What time will this be happening, and where Christina?  I work til 6, but could try to make at least part of it.

    • Christina Parousis says:

      Hi Rosalie, it's at 7pm – 10pm.  From the event page:

      March 29, 2016, 7:00 pm

      Bishop Marrocco – Thomas Merton Auditorium

      1515 Bloor St. W. at Dundas West


      Avi Lewis, filmmaker, former host on Al Jazeera and the CBC

      Joanna Kerr, Executive Director, Greenpeace 

      Katie Krelove, Volunteer Co-ordinator, 350 Toronto

      Fred Hahn, President, CUPE Ontario

      Megan Whitfield, President of Toronto local, CUPW 

      Scott Vrooman, Comedian and Writer, Toronto Star, This Hour Has 22 Minutes

      Crystal Sinclair, Organizer, Toronto Idle No More

      Carolyn Egan, Co-Chair, Good Jobs For All

      Bianca Mugyenyi, Outreach Lead, Leap Manifesto

      …and many more!

      This event is free, open to the public and all are welcome!
      Venue is wheelchair accessible.

      We can no longer take small steps… now is the time to leap.

      HOSTED BY:  Peter Tabuns, MPP, Toronto—Danforth and Cheri DiNovo, MPP, Parkdale—High Park



      Tuesday, 29 March 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT) 


      Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School – 1515 Bloor Street West Auditorium, Toronto, ON M6P 1A3, Canada 

  110. Earth Angel says:

    Great News!! A long awaited day for so many of us. Much gratitude and love sent to all those working on the project. Hallaleujah! Hallaleujah!! O Happy Day! : )  God Bless You Dane and all who are working so hard in each and every way to bring this to a halt.

  111. Aussie lookn up says:

    Finally! This is fantastic news Dane. I hope we see it spread throughout the world now and that all involved stay safe as possible. This brings credibility to the cause which we desperately needed, so well done to everyone.

  112. Greg says:

    Thanks Dane and thanks to all of the lawyers!  Onward we move in the direction of disclosure.  I just shoveled 6 inches of geo-engineered snow in the San Juan mountains.  I hope people's resistance to the truth  melts as fast as this toxic snow.  

  113. Clare Goldsberry says:

    This is great news!! Glad to hear that a suit may be pending in the US as well. I post things every day on my Facebook page — a lot of people are starting to take notice. Many have noticed these strange trails and wondered what they are and are amazed to know what's going on! I take photos of the spraying over my house almost every day here in Phoenix. We must all keep up the fight!!

  114. TNgeoWatch says:

    So it begins. Light up these guys. Let's get the truth out!!!!

  115. Jonathan Leitch says:

    I would assume this action wil be tried in Ontario Superior Court as it would total $100,000. Am I right to assume that it's not necessarily the money but to get the Crown to acknowledge and defend said action which then would be a matter of public record which the media will have to cover?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, you are exactly correct, it is about pulling the curtain back and exposing the climate engineering crimes once and for all. 

  116. Let's only hope the people involved in this Canadian lawsuit don't get bought out like all the corrupted folks involved in the denials. Also, let's hope they don't die in "an accident" or an "apparent suicide". If so, we will all know it will be done from an inside job.

  117. Edward Carberry says:

    I can't subsist on 5 weeks wages in a year! I see them all the time here over Mid BC, it is disgusting. I see where the storms/ jet stream going north and see the trails going north little wonder why the north of Canada is warming up! Little wonder why the rest of Canada is warmer/ hotter/ drier they will have more in store for us this year. Has the US got a HAARP station in the north part of Greenland?In where they put the northern half of Greenland ??? under the  snow building in the 50's?  I have been watching what it has been doing to England and France. WOW! Some information is still available.

  118. russ says:

    Dane and all our friends up North—–thank you so much. You have given hope when it is needed. I have been down lately, feeling like I am loosing the battle and family and friends think me a fool. God Bless you Dane and all our friends North of the border.

  119. deva peters says:

    Synchronistically, THIS is the first thing i thought about this morning, wishing for some kind of confirmation that action is being taken toward the atrocity. This News represents TRUE ACTION, confirming that we've turned a corner toward clean, healthy skies. OH Happy Day!

  120. mike says:

    Thank you Dane, one step closer to a bluer sky.
    Godbless you and your family.

  121. Helene says:

    Dane, I'm sending this to MP and head of the Green Party Elizabeth May, and pro-environmental MPs Murray Rankin and Randall Garrison, and Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver.

  122. Rebecca Matthews says:

    I am so grateful.  I am regaining my strength after getting very sick from sleeping beside a smart meter in BC, Canada.  The assault here on the population with cell towers everywhere, wifi in every home, smart meters, everyone looks so unwell and no one knows why.  I moved from BC to Sask a week ago to get away from the non-stop spraying everyday since last Fall and as soon as I got here last Sunday, they started spraying over a perfect day and we've had wicked weather ever since….can't get away from it.



  123. ((((((((applause))))))))

    oh…. are there any sentient court judges to be found?

    to bee seen – I hereby dare one to volunteer for this case. 

    signed, concerned individual

  124. virginia says:

    This is such an important breakthrough – I can't believe that something in a legal sense is finally being attempted.  And we all send our hope and best wishes for its success.

    I'm making prints of this and sending them to my hard-headed family members and friends who think I'm off my rocker for even mentioning 'chemtrails' and geoengineering or solar radiation management and all the rest of the death rays with which we are bombarded.  Why cannot people out there who have their heads, not in the clouds, but in a gopher hole not see that this is an ultimate weapon – a weapon that very quickly can be turned into something even more deadly than it is.

    But, let optimism rule this day, thanks to the bevy of Canadian and American attorneys who are brave enough to put a stop to this madness.   Everyone stay safe – and Dane, you take the bows that you so strongly deserve.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, thanks you so much for your support. I want to give credit to, and direct my gratitude toward the Canadian attorneys that have shown the profound courage to forge forward in this all important battle, our deepest thanks to them.

  125. Lea says:

    This IS great news. I would suggest that this be posted in the chem FB groups, for the US and over seas. 

    We will win the battles and the war. Blessings, Dane and thank you. :). This is just very encouraging.

  126. Great news, Dane! I pray that at least SOME Canadians in the legal system, AND the population at large, will be awakened and motivated to learn the truth about the ongoing hidden-in-plane-sight geoengineering offense against humanity. I hope that many photographic examples of grossly geoengineered skies over Canada will be included in the evidence presented. I notice the submission proposes that the legal proceedings
    be in Toronto. Put a call out for as large a
    presentation of photographs from the Toronto area as can be included. Seeing the evidence framed by their own backdrop might strike a louder chord of recognition in their little programmed-denial minds. I personally saw the trails start bigtime over Toronto way back in the late 1990s….that was yet another reason to move out! Ha! Hopefully, there must be quite a few “GTO” mangled-sky pictures by now. I do have one of my fist, shaking in silhouette against a smeary filamented sky, centered on the ever-popular huge barium-brown sunring effect that was part of the show that day, back in the year 2000. Where do it I send it?
    God bless your legal team, I pray they will be a sheriff’s posse who will not let go of their quarry until this whole huge, ugly mess is totally EXPOSED!
    I can hear those celestial hoofbeats getting louder already….

  127. Julie Phelps says:

    Well done Dane and everyone involved and if needed I am willing to give evidence as a former Royal Air Force Mechanic Propulsion (aircraft engines). I live in Canada and have both witnessed daily Chem Trail activity filmed some thereof and also have the experience to know the difference between a vapour/con trail and a Chem Trail.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Julie, I have sent you a message with a contact, thank you for making your voice heard.

    • James-in-Ont says:

      It's both moving and motivating to hear of your background and learn that you are stepping forward with such expertise and knowledge. It could lead to a great push for this movement. I have on reserve about 100 questions for someone of your special awareness. I'll pose a couple if i may; a) does it seem likely that the geo-engineering we see (blatantly in our face) is entirely produced by a fleet controlled by military and/or sub-contracted out under their jurisdiction, say NATO and does not involve commercial carriers; and b) is this negotiated as a treaty agreement at the UN; and c) is it possible the vehicles flying are unmanned, piloted remotely; and d) how many aircraft do think (roughly) are in the fleet?  

      Those are just 4 that rolled off the top of my head, not necessarily the most burning of questions. BTW, was that RCAF?



  128. Carol says:

     I just hope the Canadian courts are more expeditious then the ones here in the US.  My husband was killed by a truck driver. After initiating  a lawsuit, it took six years to get anywhere near a trial.  Perhaps if the Canadian courts are not as slow, the US will go along with any positive outcome without a trial. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, whatever the speed of the courts, shining the light on the climate engineering issue is what matters most. We must reach a critical mass of awareness as fast as possible.

  129. Sean Slavin says:



  130. Brian Wright says:

    Magnificent progress! The head of the spear. Very likely will start a chain reaction. Individual provinces, and then with the American filing, states can proceed, individually, too. My question is how to define the defendant: Is it the American government, Canadian and American governments in concert, NATO, the US Air Force, all the corporations and think tanks who constructed the secret program?

    Anyone who knowingly participates or participated in (what most people would recognize as) this attempted manslaughter needs to be brought to justice and pay for his crimes with a forfeiture of his freedom on a harsh scale up to life for the instigators and executors. The death penalty seems appropriate in several instances, they need to be strung up on officially constructed lamp poles, made examples of. 

  131. joe Strauss says:

    Well done for all in the exposure of the harm done to Our Earth and

    all on it.  Canadians are much more into the reality of this sinister Government in USA. Obama does know what is going on with those

    military pilots causing harm to all in the name of

    Military weather / chem  trails used  against  a "False enemy."

    Of course the US Congress shall not tell us…

    Of note. new chem trail patterns are at times over San Francisco, CA

    4 parallel rows of chem  trails.  Not seen before by me…


    • Hillary Eloise Coombs-Connell says:

      Extremely good news. The people in Scarborough has been dosed almost daily some times four planes at any give time.

      Now there is hope in the near future for "Targeted Individuals

      I salute you!


  132. Caroline .'. says:

    Let us know about any devloppment …. 

    Good luck

  133. Sean Cairney says:

    good luck and well done to all involved

  134. Abigail says:

    Oh this is GREAT NEWS!  Canadian Lawsuits filed. The more people who step up and let our, (their) voices be heard against geoengineering and it's damaging effects to all life, planet earth, trees, animals, insects, such as bees are needed to pollinate the plants for food.  And now we see the whales washing ashore and dying. We all know this. Congratulations, Dane, for being a Head Trooper! Sharing with Russ Tanner's website.  Take care, you have gone through such a long difficult ordeal with the government, I pray for you as led. Take care and the best to you and your family for a wonderful Easter Sunday! Resurrection Day!  In Him, thanks so much, Abigail 

  135. CONGRATULATIONS! I have sent this to the groups here on the Olympic Peninsula. Hopefully this will encourage everyone to move forward in ways that prove most productive. Dane — We are all so very grateful to you for your adamantine will and relentless courage in the face of walls of evil in the Sea of Lies. You are our North Star. Thank you and God Bless you.

    • I am so HAPPY! The heavens are singing and it's raining flowers today! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!    :o)

    • BaneB says:

      I feel better already!  On a local level a staffer with my Congressional Rep. texted me about the three pic from the post a day or two ago.  I sent them to their office and said the issue is political and stopping geoengineering is a growing issue about which Huffman will have to face.  She wrote back and inquired about protest locales.  They are not in Huffman's district. But, she was very encouraging about this issue, and locale was not the issue with her.  I think there is a need to organize a protest here in Mendocino County.  Ukiah would be the more propitious venue.  Perhaps the timing should be in the time frame of the US court filing.

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