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Russia – Double Helix DNA Cloud Appears


An unusual “cloud” resembling a strand of DNA, appeared over Moscow on Christmas Eve. 

It was photographed by several people and posted on netall.ru.


One site suggested that the “clouds”;

“were caused by contrails, or thin artificial cloud formations caused by the water exhaust emitted from aircraft. You’ve more than likely seen them in the sky on a regular basis, but rarely in such a striking form.”

Astoundingly, most people will read this explanation and believe it.


2 Responses to Russia – Double Helix DNA Cloud Appears

  1. guy says:

    I have a photo from new york with this same thing three minutes before nothing in sky then three minutes later I have a similar picture in the sky. Does anyone want to contact me?

  2. Karen says:


    Thanks for posting these pics..

    Contrails, water exhaust? yeah right.

    It would be eaiser for me to believe that someone is trying to send us a message.

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