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Russia – Double Helix DNA Cloud Appears


An unusual “cloud” resembling a strand of DNA, appeared over Moscow on Christmas Eve. 

It was photographed by several people and posted on netall.ru.


One site suggested that the “clouds”;

“were caused by contrails, or thin artificial cloud formations caused by the water exhaust emitted from aircraft. You’ve more than likely seen them in the sky on a regular basis, but rarely in such a striking form.”

Astoundingly, most people will read this explanation and believe it.


4 Responses to Russia – Double Helix DNA Cloud Appears

  1. Jan Greenwood says:

    A week ago in the north of England we had total blue sky, whilst waiting for a bus I was looking at the sky and wondering why there were so many contrails going every which way, I'm sure there are not so many aircraft roots in the area I was in. While watching these a double helix cloud appeared, I was amazed as I had only seen them on the net. Whilst watching a place e flew under the helix cloud, at least I think it was a plan to high for noise or to see the outline of the plane, immediately on seeing the plane an enormous white  right light appeared at the end of the plane but did not seem to be attached to plane. This light was as bright as a fire work going off in a dark sky, only lasted a few seconds. Considering it was cloudless sunny day I couldn't figure out why such a bright light would show up so strong in bright sunshine. I then thought it maybe the plan was like an RAF jet with fire coming from its back engine, but I would have thought that the colour of a jet back firing g would have been red/yellow and not bright white silver. I'm perplexed. When I got in checked net which told me that done helix clouds are common,which I could except apart from the very. Bright flash of white ever light the plane/jet what ever it was. Any suggestions? As to what this could have been. I usually put these sightings down to back pops, but I don't really know.

  2. Deon Zeelie says:

    Today in Centurion, South Africa

  3. guy says:

    I have a photo from new york with this same thing three minutes before nothing in sky then three minutes later I have a similar picture in the sky. Does anyone want to contact me?

  4. Karen says:


    Thanks for posting these pics..

    Contrails, water exhaust? yeah right.

    It would be eaiser for me to believe that someone is trying to send us a message.

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