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“Silent Epidemic, The Untold Story Of Vaccinations”


"Silent Epidemic, The Untold Story Of Vaccinations" is a must see film for anyone that truly wants to know the true depth of the lethal vaccination assault being waged against our children and ourselves.

7 Responses to “Silent Epidemic, The Untold Story Of Vaccinations”

  1. u4riah says:

    I received polio and smallpox vaccinations in the 50s and have not had any since.  I have no chronic conditions and I never catch colds or flu.  Others in my age group who rush for every vaccination available are not healthy at all.  

  2. Carol says:

    Tell a lie !!! louder enough Long enough people believe it  — wake up people , vaccines  r dangerous toxic full stop : 

  3. Rhonda Haley says:

    my daughter is 4 months pregnant and doesn’t want her baby to have immunizations. Do they force you to do this when the baby is born ? I just wanted to know what to expect them to do to us.

    • Heidi Baruch says:

      no, you have a choice- my son and wife did not do the newborn and your dtr. needs to do her research so she will have the facts to make the choice and also present to drs. why she does not want it done

  4. Alexander S says:

    JUST NO TO VACCINES!!!, They Don't work!!!

    Vaccines are toxic and cause neurological problems

    Don't let them hurt your child!!!!

    This is biological Warfare!!!!

    Vaccines risk children's lives,

    Vaccines only benefit big pharma,

     more money in their pockets

    why put chemicals in your baby???!!!



  5. Patrick H says:

    Thank you for spreading the truth!

  6. Michel B says:

    That was incredible. The staggering amount of lies and deception is mind boggling. The refutation of proper science was most excellent to hear. I wonder if their is a larger agenda than just money: One cannot help but think so.

    Just like the situation where the politicians and the elite don't have their sons and daughters sent to war, I wonder if there are identifiable groups – 'insiders', etc – who do not allow their children or kin to be vaccinated? It must be, as the dangers are so great. It really is Russian Roulette. Who would do this once seeing this documentary? The chances are just too great to risk it. And why would you vaccinate yourself or anyone if the science doesn't stack up anyway?

    1) No supporting science and 2) risk of death or extremely debilitating physical and mental injuries means this a no brainer. "No" to vaccinations is the only answer.

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