So, How Do We Stop The Spraying?


All that know about the horrific crime that is “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG), more commonly known as “chemtrails”, want an answer to this question. Though there is not an easy answer, there is a way. Raise public awareness until it reaches critical mass. This sounds so very generic, but in fact it is the only path forward. If all pulled together, the globally decimating aerosol spraying programs could be exposed. There is no other way and I will explain why.

The Concerted, Coordinated Government Agency Cover-Up

Regarding the issue of geoengineering, the doors to all government representatives, and all government agencies, have been locked and shackled shut. Those behind the spraying operations have made vast preparations to protect these programs over the course of decades. They have left no stone unturned, no door unlocked, as I stated. Governmental agencies like “Water Quality” and “Air Quality” have been structured in a manor to mask the mountain of toxic fallout from the weather/climate modification programs.

In California for example, State Water Quality stopped testing for aluminum in 02′. CARB (California Air Resources Board) also does not even look for such contaminants. This author personally attended a high level CARB closed door meeting in Sacramento California which was arranged by a congressional representative. There were 5 high level CARB officials in attendance. I was told to my face that they are mandated to test for “combustion particulates only”. The rest of the air samples apparently go out the window. Certainly it would be hard to find what you are told not to look for.

The testing of regional air quality agencies is never going to show the fallout from the aerosol spraying as the geoengineering particles are far too small to be picked up by all but the most sophisticated and expensive and specialized air testing equipment. Politicians, Federal agencies, and government representatives are also a dead end brick wall. Most simply produce the public propaganda sheet from NASA which states “Chemtrails are a hoax” “Chemtrails”? Did I even mention this term to these people? No, I supplied data only on SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and SRM (solar radiation management). Does NASA’s disinformation sheet mention anything about geoengineering being a hoax? No chance. Their disinformation sheet does not even mention the “geoengineering” term.

They’ve Sold Us Down a Toxic River

For virtually all “bought and paid for” government officials, the NASA “chemtrails hoax” sheet is an easy out. This includes supposedly environmentally minded Congress woman Barbara Boxer. I have been in her office also, to absolutely no avail. Complete dead end.

I have spoken in front of the entire CARB board, supplying them with hard science data and videos. Nothing. I have done the same in front of the California Energy Commission (who admitted on the record the State of California was losing 20% or more of its rainfall from “particulates of unknown origin”) . No response whatsoever from them, such “dead ends” should be expected for a number of reasons.

Any and all government scientists have no first amendment rights. None seem to have the courage to risk their jobs in spite of the fact that the ongoing atmospheric geoengineering is putting all life on Earth in the balance..

Agencies answer to State officials whose existence is now dependent on backdoor funding from the Federal Reserve to the tune of tens of billions. In the case of California, about 30 billion a year from the FED appears to be the only thing keeping the party going. Spineless State officials are not about to risk their positions by allowing state agencies to raise a red flag on the horrific contamination from the spraying. If they did sound the alarm, the fiat money from the Federal Government, which keeps the state afloat, would certainly be shut down.

We Must Expose the Spraying

The bottom line is this:  its up to all of us and each of us to expose the spraying. For any that engage in objective hard research on the subject of geoengineering, and its already known consequences, it is inevitable to conclude that our lives quite literally depend on stopping these programs. The atmospheric spraying is poisoning every breath we take, shredding the ozone, decimating the earth’s hydrological cycle causing drought and deluge, sterilizing soils and waters with toxic metals and chemicals, blocking natural sunlight and causing massive fungal proliferation and contamination. There’s more, but the point should be clear.

How do we do this? By making it our mission, each and every one of us, to put credible and compelling data into the hands of people, groups, and organizations, that would care, if they only knew. Such a list of target recipients is almost endless. Alzheimer’s groups, autism, ADD, environmental, farm, organic foods, ranchers, forestry, journalists, etc etc. We need to be thorough. Information can be given in a number of ways. From one’s own home computer, appropriate people and groups can be located. Credible e-mails can be sent with a few solid articles on the subject attached. Postal addresses can be found to mail DVD’s on the subject of geoengineering such as Michael Murphy’s “Why In The World Are They Spraying”. Since Murphy has generously not copywrited this informative DVD, in order to help with the mission, one can make as many copies as needed. All that is necessary for such an effort is to purchase at least one original from “” Such a purchase also helps keep Murphy’s important filming efforts going. If you send a DVD, add a credible and thought out flyer with it. Some examples can be found at

Awareness Reaching Critical Mass

If critical mass of awareness can be reached, then people in the military, that are not currently aware of what they are participating in, would likely begin to refuse to participate. They would be aware of the dangers posed to themselves and their families from this lethal spraying. They would understand that by participating in these programs, they are literally killing themselves and their families slowly and surely along with the rest of us.

Every day the spraying continues, the nails are being pounded into our collective coffins. This is not alarmism or exaggeration, it is fact. There is again an ever growing mountain of data to back up this conclusion for any that bother to do honest investigation. One can search “negative effects of geoengineering” on any search engine. Numerous articles on the subject can also be found on “” or other geoengineering sites.

People Will Listen

If you connect with people in a manner they can relate to, they will listen. I recently connected with the head of the Northern California Cattleman’s Association. What was he most interested in knowing? How geoengineering programs are negatively affecting him and his fellow ranchers, reducing rainfall, stunting the growth of native grasses and feed crops do to the toxic contamination, and the shredding of the ozone layer (which also harms feed crops). These aspects of the global spraying  are very clearly causing very negative impacts to him, so he wanted to know more. If you learn enough about this issue to inform people how they personally are  being affected, given what you specifically know about their interests, they will listen.

Stopping the spraying is up to all of us. Don’t run around randomly ranting to people about this dire issue, this can do far more harm than good. Give them credible data to examine with sources for more information. Ask them to help spread the word after they have investigated themselves. If one person tells two on the first day, and those two tell two more each on the second day, and so on, at the end of thirty days, over 5 million would know.

Don’t sit on your backside, help those of us that are working on this issue 24/7. Our collective fate is in the balance. Its it’s up to all of us and it’s now or never.

Dane Wigington


“If you’re not free to follow life’s signs and live in synchronicity, you’re not free.” – Zen

26 Responses to So, How Do We Stop The Spraying?


    A great way that always has worked spread the word via music. Music can connect people in a way better than protest. And the music In turn will create the protest needed. Example Woodstock. I live under srm chemtrails everyday in colorado and can’t stand one more day. I’ve started spreading word at my shows Organizing a big music festival could do wonders for this issue. Keep spreading the word. Share my video freely

  2. I am doing all I can to educate myself, spread the word to friends, posting on facebook and my blog. How about you?

  3. sherry says:

    I have read all that I can about these chemtrails and all I want to knnow is what exactly do we need to do to stop this insane spraying. No one has the right to do this to the inhabitants of the world. Please let’s all connect and do something on a global level. A few billion people can make a big difference.

  4. LuAnn Patterson says:

    I have tried to enlighten everyone around me but most are deaf to my efforts. I’ve got quite a few videos of the spraying here in southeast MO on YouTube.

    That is a good one.

    I want to know how those that know what is going on are doing to protect themselves and their families. I think the damage is done for me at this point but the younger folks and those yet to be born need protection.
    It also really angers me when I post on my facebook about chemtrails and get snarky comments. One particular person always comments about how they are only contrails. I keep this person as a friend only to continue to annoy him. Maybe one day he’ll wake up.

    • admin says:

      LuAnn, There are people on Facebook who are there, deliberately to ‘debunk’ the truth. “Shills”, “Trolls”. Don’t bother keeping them as friends. They have no interest in the truth. (unless they are people you already know from before) On the Geoengineeringwatch facebook page, there is an article about how to recognize them. Thanks for writing!

  5. Joyce says:

    I wrote both to my Senator (Wyden of Oregon) and my Congressman about this. I ask how they will face their own families who are also being affected by this. I watched a video that some gentlemen had taken when they actually went to Washington and ask to have someone listen to them. It showed Wyden running up a staircase to get away from them. They did stop Feinstein and she said she would have some of her staff look into it (fat chance that will ever happen). The only consolation we can have out of this is that they have to breath the same air we do. From the looks of our congress they have breathed more of the toxins than we have. What a miserable bunch of loons we have sent to Washington. The Lord Jesus seems to be the only answer; he can’t be bought off.

  6. Robert says:

    Perform a citizen’s arrest of all Bank for International Settlements board members and management, and you will have cured most of the world’s evils, including chemtrails.

    That is the actual solution.

  7. Mickie says:

    I am a nobody and I know what they are doing. People in high places know they just don’t seem to care or want to get involved. I have a clear view of the sky everyday from my backyard and just watch and take pictures and video of them spraying all day long and sometimes into the night. If they are spraying for good then they would just say what they are doing but they don’t. This is happening all over the world so it is BIG but people don’t want to know. Thank you for the work you do and I will do what I can.

  8. [...] VN:F [1.9.21_1169]please wait…Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast) Posted by Rusty on Dec 5 2012. Filed under Chemtrail News, Featured. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry [...]

  9. Please consider signing the petition at addressing chem trails, geoengineering and H.A.A.R.P. Get a friend or love one to sign. Contact ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX
    Take information to your religious leader

  10. Jim says:

    Start shooting them down

    • Gordon says:

      Jim, that is exactly my sentiment. How many of these contractors would be willing to fly knowing the risk of being shot down, especially if one was made the example. This would put shock waves through this whole diabolical agenda.

  11. Pinky says:

    Sorry, I was interrupted in the middle of my last post and had to leave. I didn’t reread it before posting and realize it didn’t make sense in a few areas. I tried to recall it to correct and I was not able to. Perhaps, you can fix. BTW, when I come to the site it seems like there is a bug on it…my curser starts being pulled away from me…like it’s infected and I have to get off the site to stop it. Thanks!

  12. Pinky says:

    I have been studying the particles on the ground and in the air for the past 3 years. I observe strange things through my microscope and have found the tiny, shiny hexagons that fall to earth. Is this a joke…meant to place a hex on us? Many of these seem to have a biological agent, of some sort, growing off of them. If you look carefully, you can see these in hotel carpets and bathrooms/grout all over the US, grocery stores, rest stopps, on the ground outside, malls and so on…Someone suggested it’s “smart dust”. This would be at the very least something sticking to our shoes that would aid in tracking us and at the least, and at most, something to actually invading our bodies. I happen to feel it’s both. I also feel the biological element is influenced by frequency or sound…according to tests I’ve done. It’s atracted to metal and repelled or attracted to the human body. It occasionally moves under the microscope. I have video and pictures. I believe any biologist, who studies sincerely, looks for clues and goes into it with an open mind, will clearly see the evidence before them. Something is being sprayed on us in great volume and if the government won’t admit to it, the general population could be in great danger regarding the unknown contents. If it was something good they were doing…they would brag about it.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Pinky,

      Can you post the videos on YouTube? I’d really like to see them. I bought a microscope a while back but haven’t had time to use it. I’d like to be able to see this stuff as well. How strong is your microscope?


    • Cheryl Lynn Wallace says:

      I live in W TN. What can I do as one person to help? I have a few pics of the chemtrails over my area ALL SUMMER. I was unaware that was what they were. Since I am an avid outdoors person I have battled a chronic sinus infection since June, plus swollen eyes, etc. WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?

    • admin says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      We need all the help we can get. We have made a lot of progress but there is much more to do.
      Data mining is something we work hard on every day. More and more gov and military documents relating to geoengineering are surfacing. We need to keep turning those up. We need to organize campaigns everywhere for people to send credible geoengineering data and articles to groups that would care if they only knew. Thank you for offering to help! There is no issue today that is more important.

    • admin says:

      Put some tools in your tool box to help raise awareness. If you get a copy of Michael Murphy’s “Why in the world are they spraying’, then make duplicates from that, and hand them out with an information flyer. Some examples can be found at “”
      A flyer and a dvd goes a long way to waking people up. Tell them to wake others. Its up to all of us.
      Keep an eye on our site and we will try and continue to give direction.
      Dane Wigington

  13. Johnny B says:

    They’re spraying in SoCal right now, 12-1-12.

  14. This is an informative youtube video

    Irrefutable Truth. U.S. Military intentionally poisoning us! Morgellons Exposed

    Dr.Ilya Sandra Perlingiei
    Speaker at Massachusetts School of Law, Andover
    Speaking at the educational form
    Deborah Marlow

  15. Manuel Vargas says:

    Organize a global protest. Parents should not send their children to the schools. People should not go to work. Nobody has to go shopping. Do not buy anything until they stop the programs. When they start to loose billions of dollars everyday
    they will not have more chances to continue with this atrocity.

  16. Conrad says:

    I have translated this article into Spanish and I have published it on my small, non-profit blog, just to contribute to spread Mr Wigington’s message. I know I should have asked for permission, I hope there is no problem. I spent a whole weekend translating this article and another one by Sophia Smallstorm; this is my little contribution, I do this instead of getting depressed watching how these damned planes spray over my family, my friends and my people here in Spain.
    I wish you all the best.

    Conrad R.

  17. admin says:

    Thank you for helping to get the word our Conrad! We appreciate your heroic efforts!

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