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Sounding the Alarm on Global Geoengineering

Gov Mead Stop the Spraying

Yet another major US highway now has a huge commercial billboard to help sound the alarm on the catastrophic climate engineering programs. An ever increasing number of citizens have had enough of the toxic weather modification insanity that is contaminating every breath we take along with the entire planet. My gratitude to the individuals that have put this sign up at considerable effort and expense. The battle to stop climate engineering is a battle that we absolutely must win. This fight will take all of us, every day matters.
Dane Wigington

A Statement From The Men That Put Up This Billboard

“On highway 80 in Evanston Wyoming, a 14 X 48 foot billboard has been erected to alert eastbound traffic to the unauthorized , anonymous spraying of chemical toxins in the air over Wyoming and other states. It asks the present Governor to put an end to it. This activity has been going on for quite a few years, and is increasing in intensity.  Many elected officials ;our own Wyoming senators and congresswomen, as well as government agencies and corporate executives in the coal mining industry had been presented with irrefutable facts about these destructive activities.  They either ignore or deny that the activity is taking place.  The billboard is meant for the truckers who can see this airborne activity  and who are grounded enough in the real world to tell their fellow citizens about what is going on.  Truckers are the backbone of our nation.  Commerce would come to a halt without their participation.  They are patriotic…communicative, and wise enough to call things as they really are.  We believe that the bill board message will be disseminated wide and far by our fellow Americans in the trucking industry.  We are hoping other people will emulate this effort to inform and educate and  erect similar bill boards on other interstate highways.   If some like minded people get together and form a  small organization to fund and place billboards on our highways decrying this assault on the land by , criminal Geo Engineering activities , and calling elected politicians to account, some progress might be made.   

The bill board on hwy. # 80 provides the web site address of  the prime Geo Engineering Watch organization. The men , Mr. Wolfley, Mr. Becker, and Mr. Reps have used their own recourses for this project.”


3 Responses to Sounding the Alarm on Global Geoengineering

  1. Jer says:

    Blessings upon the wise and generous people placing these billboards. MORE!

  2. Tim says:

    I literally cannot breathe on days with this much crud in the air. Damn these morons.

  3. skywatchergrandma says:

    That makes 4 that I know of, this is great! We need some in every state. Hopefully the truckers will pass the word to every state. I talked to a woman one day in a store. She said her husband drives truck and the CB’s are full of talk of geoengineering and so are the ham operators. This must end! Keep spreading the word people! Thanks Dane for the update on the billboards. What would we do without you Dane? Thanks so much for all you do.

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