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Thanks Dutchsinse, for the excellent documentation and video explaining how this devastating storm was formed. Be sure to watch Dutches detailed video about halfway down the page.


11/9/2013 — TYPHOON HAIYAN (YOLANDA) CLOSE UP SATELITE VIEWS AT LANDFALL + all past animations linked


11/9/2013 by sincedutch

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the THOUSANDS of people killed by this Super Typhoon, Haiyan (also named Yolanda).

CATASTROPHIC damage being reported across the nation of the Philippines.


The SSEC / CIMSS team put together a comparison of size between Typhoon Haiyan, and Hurricane Katrina — to put things in perspective for people in the States.  Clearly, Haiyan is much larger than the well known Gulf of Mexico Hurricane, Katrina.


Also, another comparision, done by the same team, shows perspective for the East Coast US.. in comparison to last years “Superstorm Sandy / Frankenstorm” .. there is no comparison, Haiyan was about 3 times larger, and 3 times more damaging than the East Coast US “Sandy”.


Here are several close up satellite views of the storm as it came to the shores of the Philippines: (click to view full size animated .gif)





haiyan nov 7 a1

haiyan nov 7 a9s

haiyan nov 7 a5

haiyan hit a1


Here are all the past posts on this storm , “HAIYAN / YOLANDA” , including animations and screenshots:

As the storms rotation first formed via a microwave pulse:


-Then, as the storm developed rapidly into a Category 5 Typhoon

-As the storm progressed towards the Philippines

-Finally, as the storm made landfall in the Philippines



November 7, 2013 by

Landfall of Super Typhoon “HAIYAN” is underway, at a full Category FIVE status.  Literally being called “the strongest tropical storm ever on record”.

Sustained winds at 195mph, gusts up to 235mph !

The storm brought tremendously powerful winds roaring ashore as it made landfall in the province of Eastern Visayas, disrupting communications with a major city in its path.

With sustained winds of 315 kph (195 mph) and gusts as strong as 380 kph (235 mph), Haiyan was probably the strongest tropical cyclone to hit land anywhere in the world in recorded history. It will take further analysis after the storm passes to establish whether it is a record.


Here are two must have links for monitoring this very strong storm:

haiyan cat 5 landfall


Latest polar shot (northern hemisphere):  Haiyan showing extremely high / cold cloud tops (blue):

haiyan cat 5 landfalla


Latest .gif animations from NOAA and CIMSS/SSEC:

haiyan nov 7 a9s

haiyan nov 7 a1

haiyan nov 7 a9


haiyan nov 7 a8

haiyan nov 7 a7

haiyan nov 7 a6

haiyan nov 7 a5

haiyan nov 7 a4

haiyan nov 7 a3

haiyan nov 7 a2

haiyan nov 7 a



November 6, 2013 by

Super Typhoon “Haiyan” is still on a projected path for direct landfall in the Philippines as a Category 4  storm (borderline CAT5).

Current data showing the storm with maximum sustained winds have reached up to 180mph !


Here are two must have links for monitoring this very strong storm:


projected path from CIMSS / SSEC :

nov 6 2013 haiyan path typhoon

aaa haiyan

current .gif animations as of 200pm CT November 6, 2013:

haiyan 1m

haiyan 1l

haiyan 1k

haiyan 1j

haiyan 1i

haiyan 1h

haiyan 1g

haiyan 1f

haiyan 1e

haiyan 1d

haiyan 1c

haiyan 1b

haiyan 1a

haiyan 1



Yesterdays update here:

11/6/2013 — Super Typhoon “Haiyan” at Category 5 — heading towards Philippines main island

by sincedutch

Asia has been under a steady series of Typhoons.  In the past month.. Phailin, Francisco, Lekima, Wipha, Krosa… now Haiyan.

This current storm, “HAIYAN” ,  like the previous storms, is now at a Category Four (going into Category 5) status as it heads for landfall.  Category 5 is the strongest designation for a Typhoon / Cyclone / Hurricane, sustained winds topping 150mph+.

The storm is forecast to weaken, only slightly, before coming ashore near the center of the largest of the Philippines island chain. Currently this storm is being called a Super-Typhoon by the main stream media.


“Super Typhoon Haiyan Strengthens, Threatens Philippines”

“While the Atlantic hurricane season may have taken its last breath, that is certainly not the case in the western Pacific Ocean.

Forecast Path

Super Typhoon Haiyan, roughly 177 miles southeast of Yap, is gathering strength in a favorable environment of light winds aloft and warm sea-surface temperatures. A typhoon is considered a super typhoon when maximum wind speeds exceed 150 mph.”

image below from CIMSS / SSEC 130am CT , November 6 2013:

haiyan typhoon nov 6 2013

Here are two must have links for monitoring this very strong storm:

The animated images below are .gif files — if they do not load (moving) on your PC, tablet, or phone, click the picture to open in a new window.














taiwain typhoon



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  1. suki yaki says:

    its back now srry said b4 google account closed

  2. suki yaki says:

    u been shut down can i get copy of vid that got taken off

  3. Bella_Fantasia says:

    This was complicated for me to understand. Is Dutch saying HAARP was not used, but some new technique the Navy discovered? I read that the Gakona HAARP was shut down for the time being. Did the signal come from the Aleutians in Alaska? (I know, there’s so many questions.)

    Do you know anyone who can translate this explanation into plainer language? Much Thanks.

    Peace and love to all who venture here.

  4. Debra Johnson says:

    I have just moved to my beloved Naples Florida and I am in shock in the amount of spraying they are doing above. Tonight’s sky was hardly visible. I saw the exhaust trails earlier today but never in my life and I am 53 saw this much pollution. The whole sky was covered and the air felt really strange. How do we stop them and who is them? I would not be surprised if this is their? solution to the latest headlines about Florida disappearing in a very near future due to their pollution. This is madness!

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