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The Geoengineered Nightmare On Planet Earth Continues to Unfold

earth burning

Dane Wigington

The climate system is continuing to unravel and the ongoing geoengineering programs are fueling the fire. The signs are everywhere and visible to all that are willing to open their eyes. As alarming as the climate meltdown is, the total denial of global geoengineering by the whole of the science community is just as concerning.  We all find ourselves in a literal circus of insanity in which the patently obvious is categorically denied by the so called “experts”, climate engineering is the most important case in point. The article linked below accurately outlines a planetary life support system that is literally imploding. The same article does not say a word about the single greatest climate disrupting factor of all, geoengineering. To be clear, pumping 90 million tons of Co2 into the atmosphere every single day is a huge threat to planet Earth, those who don’t believe this are in denial every bit as much as those who don’t believe climate engineering is going on. This being said, the climate engineering and the decimation it is causing is an even greater threat than the Co2. Finally, the mass methane hydrate releases (already underway in the Arctic and being further fueled by geoengineering programs) will perhaps lead to total extinction on planet Earth if the releases continue. If we are to have any collective chance for survival, climate engineering must be exposed and brought to a halt. Even then, we will face unimaginable challenges. If we don’t stop the spraying, our horizon is beyond bleak.


Not a single word about climate engineering from the science community in the article below

Humanity’s Destruction of Earth’s Climate in Ninety Seconds

Data visualization that compresses thousands of years of historic atmospheric data presents frightening prospects for humanity’s future

– Jon Queally, staff writer

400 parts per million

The planet is burning up right before our eyes. (Image: CD / cc)

As carbon emissions concentrate in the atmosphere, the planet is burning up… and fast.

That is the well-known bottom line when it comes to human-caused global warming and climate change.

Over the course of April, according to the world’s premiere atmospheric monitoring station  Mauna Loa, Hawaii, which is run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the concentration of carbon averaged more than 400 parts per million for the entire month for the first time in human history.

For those looking for a short, visual expression of what that means and looks like, an animation from the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) provides a  ninety-second, jaw-dropping look at the history of these concentrations and the “unparalleled” rise that has occurred over the last several decades:

As Climate Central‘s Brian Kahn notes, the visualization “makes clear that though there have been variations over time, the current rise is unparalleled.”

“Over the course of the past 2,000 years,” Kahn continues, “CO2 has stayed roughly around 280 ppm until the Industrial Revolution kickstarted a carbon emissions bonanza, driving levels higher and higher.”

Humanity soared past the 350 ppm milestone in 1989 and the pace of increase has only gained momentum since.

According to NOAA’s latest Annual Greenhouse Gas Index (AGGI), released last Friday, the warming influence from human-emitted greenhouse gases continues to increase.

Driven in large part by rising levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), the AGGI showed worldwide increases of 1.5 percent between 2012 and 2013. This means the combined heating effect of human-emitted, long-lived greenhouse gases currently in the atmosphere has increased by 1.5 percent in one year, and 34 percent since 1990.

In other words, despite the consistent and increasingly dire warnings from the scientific community, humanity is making the problem worse not better.

“We continue to turn the dial up on this ‘electric blanket’ of ours without knowing what the resulting temperatures will be,” said James Butler, Ph.D., director of the Global Monitoring Division of NOAA’s Boulder-based Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL). “We know that the world is getting warmer on average because of our continued emissions of heat-trapping gases. Turning down the dial on this heating will become increasingly more difficult as concentrations of the long-lived greenhouse gases continue to rise each year.”

Source: Common Dreams

4 Responses to The Geoengineered Nightmare On Planet Earth Continues to Unfold

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  2. Constant Walker says:

    It is apparently important to the ‘official narrative,’ as represented in the article here, that ‘blame’ (for “Humanity’s Destruction of Earth’s Climate”) be parceled-out among mostly the “self”-infected muddled masses, who physically operate the various parts of the industrial machinery that is the material manifestation of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease process….and whose slap-happy consumption of some of the toxic, corrosive, and habit-forming by-products of the disease process provides the ‘incentive’ for their punch-drunk participation in it. This ‘elite’ conceit serves well to deflect both unwanted precious attention and possibly unpleasant socio-legal repercussions away from the geo-engineers….and, maybe more to the point, from their corporo-government ‘sponsors.’

    “Climate,” of course, as-such can be neither destroyed nor created. It is simply the aggregate of factors present and processes active in some “environment.” So there will be climatic conditions of some sort at all ‘times’ and in all ‘places.’ In the most basic sense, then, the geo-engineers and their sponsors and the muddled masses (who all-together make up the “self”-afflicted constituency of the virtual sub-species homo domesticus) are at-present all of them aspects of Earth’s Climate. The main “problem,” from their obsessively “self”-and-virtual ‘kind’-centered (thus quite tunnel-visioned) perspective, seems to be that all of their relentlessly “self”-referential behavior is now having some extremely unwanted and unpleasant effects on them….here in the terminal stages of the wasting disease process.

    What’s more, as Dane Wigington and others are saying, even if all the CO2 emissions, aerosol spraying, and other idiotic geo-engineering activities stopped right this minute, the ‘process’ has already gone too far to be reversed. The prospect of its having many more, and much more devastating consequences for homo domesticus and their ‘works,’ however terrifying that is, is already a dead-certainty. All of the ‘ingredients’ are not only already ‘in-the-pipeline,’ it is right now occurring, accelerating, and intensifying moment-to-moment.

    Humanity, as such, is a component of Earth’s immune system within Her Whole Living Arrangement. Much of it, having been “civilized” and “individual”-ized by the wasting disease’s immune suppression regime, has been rendered severely dysfunctional organically. A key feature of that suppression of Earth’s immune response has been the systematic destruction of the Natural Organic Form of Humanity, the Free Wild Natural Communities of Free Wild Natural Persons wherein alone resides the Organic Integrity essential to adequate fulfillment of the Human Function, and putting in their place variously-sized and configured random collections of the “self”-sickened, biologically crippled, and entirely artificial “individual.” Some perceptive observes call such a worse-than-merely-useless ‘substitute’ (for an actual Organic Form) a “toxic mimic.” The production of toxic mimics is a common feature of retro-viral and other infectious ‘agents,’ most often as part of their immune-suppression activities.

    Earth, and ALL who live-and-breathe with Her, have contracted a Planet-wasting disease. It’s ‘name,’ among its Human and Alien agents and worshipers, is “civilization.” It’s ‘hold’ on afflicted Humans is the contagious and communicable and alienating and organically paralyzing “self.” Here near THE END of Days, about all us surviving Free Wild Peoples can suggest to our tame Sisters and Brothers is that they do whatever they still can to get over the damned thing. Otherwise, whatever they attempt in The Way of remedial responses to the dire condition their own and ALL our Condition is in will be mere exercizes-in-futility….but (and here’s the “good news”) not for long.

  3. Robert Coleman says:

    I am in Mills, Wyoming this is happening here also The other day A large dark Gray plane flew over.Very low.Had on the bottom U.S.M.C. it was dumping looked like black water in areas. And the ski had over ten planes leaving chemtrials

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