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The Government-Coordinated CHEMTRAIL Conspiracy Continues Unabated


Vast Swaths Of America Now See Little Or No Sunlight;
Massive Areas Under Continuous Chemical Assault

Originally posted at: StateoftheNation2012.com

Never in the history of the USA has anyone seen — and experienced — such a pervasive and ongoing chemical assault on the citizenry in broad daylight. Especially an assault that goes unseen and, therefore, unreported by the great majority of people who live under chemtrailed skies. These folks are by and large completely unaware that their skies are literally being saturated, sometimes 24/7, with chemtrail chemicals.

How is it that these chemicals being spewed by airliners, which are equipped to lay down such aerosolized chemical cocktails, go undetected by so many?

That is truly the $64,000 question?

And, there can be only one answer. The Federal Government has willfully engaged in a premeditated conspiracy to deceive the public. This conspiracy to both deceive and spray chemicals anywhere the government wishes has been going on for decades. Yet they continue to assert that the chemtrails which many of us have witnessed and experienced are actually contrails.

CHEMTRAILS: Covert Crimes Against Humanity

What follows are a few photos, which clearly show how the equipment which produces these aerosols, can start and stop the spraying process. Upon seeing these many chemtrails being laid down in real time, it is obvious to anyone who can see that they are in fact chemtrails … and positively not contrails. Contrails are the normal vapor trails which are left in the wake of a sky borne jet airliner. They appear at the very rear being ejected as the exhaust from the jet airliners, and dissipate quite quickly depending on the ambient atmospheric temperature, pressure and humidity at the time.

Photos of Chemtrails which cannot be Contrails










Hopefully you get the picture by now. If not, here’s a much more ‘exhaustive’ photo-documentary for your viewing:
CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

These photos categorically portray the chemtrails being started and stopped at the will of the chemtrail aerosolization equipment operator. In other words, there is no room for debate here: Chemtrails are not contrails, and contrails are not chemtrails. The preceding photos ought to serve as irrefutable evidence for anyone who is confronted with the skepticism or disbelief from those who rarely look at the sky.

This Government-Run Chemtrail Conspiracy Has At Least Three Prongs

The first prong has been to knowingly disseminate false information about the multi-decade, government-coordinated, chemtrail program. Calling what are actually chemtrails contrails is a stratagem the government has used with great success for all of those decades. Except that now many are waking up to the truth and calling them on it whenever and wherever possible.

On those rare occasions where they trot out a willing dupe to purposefully misrepresent chemtrails as contrails, they often fall down on the job. Nevertheless, the government has so committed itself to this highly flawed strategy for so many years that they refuse to give it up. Their untenable approach is now beginning to work in the favor of those who are working to expose this relentless chemical assault against the populace.

The second prong of the government’s stratagem is to selectively spray uniquely formulated chemtrail aerosols in different areas, at different altitudes, during specific weather patterns, etc. For instance, we often see them heavily spray the skies one or two days before a predicted rainfall, thunderstorm, snowfall, hailstorm or any other type of precipitation event. This is without question the chemtrail program’s most predictable feature. When a major weather event is forecasted, the government’s chemtrail airliners are up there creating tic-tac-toe boards in the sky like at no other time.

This begs the following question:
What on earth are they putting in those chemtrail brews that they are so deliberate to rain upon the masses?
After all, the heavy precipitation events particularly ensures that the many aerosolized chemicals end up on lakes and rivers, farmland and forests, homes and offices, roads and sidewalks, malls and shopping centers, cars and trucks, etc. Just in case the reader has any health concerns or medical conditions which might be caused, or exacerbated, by the toxic chemicals present in chemtrails, here is a real eye-opener:

CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

The third prong of this ubiquitous and unrelenting government chemtrail conspiracy is weather modification.

All one has to do is closely watch the unpredictable and uncooperative weather of the great state of California to get an appreciation of how profoundly geo-engineering has altered the long-established climatological patterns there. The state has been besieged by what may be its worst drought in recorded history. The headlines that follow tell the story much better than we can:

Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

California’s Governor Declares Drought State Of Emergency : The Two-Way

Current California Drought Is Driest In State’s History; Scientists Fear ‘Megadroughts’ On Their Way

Record High Temperatures Broken in California as Drought Worsens

California’s drought, times three

Satellite Photos Of Mount Shasta Show How Badly California Needs Rain

Record Driest Year in California, Parts of Oregon

California governor declares drought emergency

California Drought Could Impact World Food Prices

California Drought Has Ranchers Selling Cattle

California drought threatens coho salmon with extinction

Satellite Photos Showing Pacific Storms Stopped Cold And Destroyed
“H” stand for High Pressure System; Notice the unnatural L angle




The US Federal Government has been deceiving the citizenry for many decades regarding the geo-engineering chemical assault known as chemtrails. Not only has the government continued down this road of deception, it has ramped up its many and varied initiatives to ensure that the chemtrail genie does not escape from the bottle. Once it does, they know that it cannot be put back into the bottle … and that there will be many unhappy people as a result.

For the untold millions who have been systematically sickened by the covert chemtrail program, they will have their day of revelation and justice. Those who directly participated in this chemical assault on the entire nation will likewise face the appropriate consequences. It is now only a matter of time that both this crime against humanity and the subsequent cover-up will be exposed.

May those who are responsible for this crime against humanity be forewarned! The people of the world don’t like having their sunny days taken from them. Neither do they like being sprayed from on high with toxic and dangerous chemicals.

State of the Nation
January 28, 2014

Author’s Note

There will be those among the scientific establishment who will even attempt to explain away the chemtrail photos above as contrails.  These folks are either intellectually challenged to the extreme.  Or, they are paid shills in the employ of the various organs of government propaganda.

Particularly for anyone who is confronted by skeptics, let them see for themselves a chemtrail in the making over their own home or business.  In every case they will witness firsthand the starting and the stopping of the chemtrails, depending on their vantage point.  If this realtime execution of the chemtrail crime does not convince them, nothing can or will.

Remember, we live in a time when common sense has become quite rare.  And, the human faculty of reason has fled the civilization … to a great degree.


CHEMTRAILS: Covert And Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity

Chemtrails: The BIGGEST Coverup of All Time

Excellent Website Reference:


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45 Responses to The Government-Coordinated CHEMTRAIL Conspiracy Continues Unabated

  1. Alan Cameron says:

    The Law that enables the Patented Continuous Spraying upon everyone and everything is called “Presumed Consent”. Look it up. Most are unaware of this. If everyone was to join in and Look how to get rid of Chemtrails or Geoengineering the Program would be shut down immediately.

    Look up Vinegar Geoengineering

  2. Bill says:

    I’m sick of the total disregard for health with all of these chem-trails and our GMO food also. How can these companies and corporations get away with this? I am sick of this and I want to put an end to it! We need to find out who is responsible for the chem-trails. At least we know Monsanto is responsible for our GMO food and I will protest and resist that garbage as long as it exists!!! It is not “cloud seeding” if there aren’t any clouds in the sky it is just poison we are breathing in that these bastards are spraying on us! I am sick of this crap!

  3. Jay says:

    I live in Rochester New York almost on Lake Ontario, and yesterday 11/11/14 I look outside and see about 10 aircraft spraying chem trails I took some photos, and wouldn’t you know it today a front moved in and its all dark rainy looking clouds. just like this piece mentioned. scary, and they’re messing with our weather as well with HAARP.” high altitude auroral research program”, you can find a video about it on youtube, me and my friend have also noticed something odd when storms come in . For one when that storm was about to hit Georgia it turned and hit NewYork City. the odd thing is a program on tv was airing “what if a storm hit NY city, and went on how it would be devastating then a month later it happened, and it was steared there we have noticed on the storm videos from local news stations in the background a bright pulsing blue light , we also saw it on another storm from a different news station, if you see live storm footage keep your eyes open for it, I believe this is haarp in action , there are many installations around the globe the technology is basically Nicoli Tesla’s invention. I believe they can take multiple Haarp stations and aim the beams together and create some kind of vortex or hot area that pulls the air some how. I am sure this is somehow being used. My thoughts are leave mother nature alone its not to be messed with.

  4. Addie says:

    Here in CA is a drought of incredible proportions, and our climate is on permanenr HOT. It’s November almost, and it’s 80 almost daily. But the worst are the relentless chemtrails. When you think abt it.. how can the whole earth be covered with this poison by planes? There aren’t enough planes in the world to cover every inch with this spraying.. bottomline question: who the heck is doing it ???

  5. JPV says:

    It is really bad in Florida and Pennsylvania where I lived formerly. Philadelphia especially. We need to trace the planes in some way and legally inspect the planes according to international environmental laws. This could be illegal in other countries where the air travels along currents. Florida for example is an environmentally sensitive state We do not need any sprays or bombing ranges in National Forest areas. We do not need our own country against the harmony of the planet our mother Earth and a clean environment.

  6. Ali Adams says:

    The Sheeple

    Falsehood’s become true … and chaos has spread
    Liars are upheld … and good mouths are well weld

    Wisdom deserted all … but a sleepless few
    Trance became the norm … and to reality blindness wed

    No free thinking was left … so long as they were fed
    Sleep sheep most became … buried in a borrowed bed

    Wake up and uphold … what God has always said:
    Don’t step over others … to reach a higher end
    Love each other so … to the Truth you’d be led

    Ali Adams

    God > infinity

  7. mike says:

    My sister Sheri died last summer of two types of cancer found in a 5 cm spot in her cervix. This cancer spread to her spine lungs and kidneys and intestine and killed her. Before she died she told me she had blood tests done that showed she had high levels of barium. I did a little research and one article said barium was used as a rodenticide another stated it was radioactive. I now believe after research that the govt is spraying barium, strontium and aluminum in the air. I believe the government had a hand in murdering my sister. Apparently the government has become destitute of morals. Their obviously not followers of the golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Hope we get some honest politicians who care for us. This government owes the people the truth and an apology and should stop this assault on people, animals and the environment immediately.

  8. inarimi says:

    i live in florida and for the past 4 days we have had a winter storm (you can tell by the way the clouds flow, blustery wind) anyhow.. i have lived here since i was 8. its allmost may and its COLD. never in my life have i seen this type of weather here. N E V E R. then last year we didnt even hardly have a winter. global warming my ass. polar vortex? weather baloon? el nino? come on.. people were that dumb years ago but the stuff on the local news is trying to blame this extra long winter on a “polar vortex”. whats next? we get the burning black hole? pfft.

  9. inarimi says:

    its obviously something causing drastic weather changes… i live in fl, have most of my life. the past 4 days we have had a winter storm over us.. and its allmost may. unheard of. unheard of. my entire life it has ALLWAYS. ALLWAYS. been warm by the end of march. its ridiculous. last year we hardly had a winter (really) … now this….? come on.. then on th

  10. Makayla says:

    For the last year my father and I with the account of my whole family have been noticing heavy spraying in kansas and missouri. I am not quite an adult yet but am very facinated with what these people are doing to us it should be our right as Americans to tell them what their doing is very wrong!We dont approve! I dont know about any of you but i am a teenage girl scared to have fun outside…scared to live…

  11. Diane says:

    So let’s assume they’re manipulating the weather. If they are causing droughts and cold weather, then they are attacking agriculture. Who stands to benefit? My instincts tell me that Monsanto is behind all this with the full support of the Amerikkkan government.

  12. Cassandra says:

    What you describe is the same as here in Nebraska. Except they completely block the rain. We have a lot of good farmland here. From my travels, experience and research I notice they spray heaviest over the densely-populated cities. In the lighter industrial areas they spray less and of course they spray heavy where they can push the weather fronts away from the good cropland. Their agendas of droughting out farmers and depopulation are quite brazen. Obviously they know no one is going to stop them so they just continue. There must be obscene amounts of money in this for those who are involved or it would not be happening.

  13. Cassandra says:

    They have kept it abnormally cold here in NE. There is not more than one day a week one feels safe going out of doors. We cannot even allow our pets out anymore. They spray day and night and they spray behind the chemical clouds so you cannot see them. It is the worst when a front is trying to come in. They stop it so we get no moisture whatsoever. Less than an inch in the past 9 months which is unheard of. I notice our street does not have the usual amount of people and cars on it anymore but there are always plenty of planes and helicopters going back and forth. Our yard is dust, the wildlife is struggling and their numbers are dwindling. We work closely with them and have observed many significant changes over the past 4-5 years and especially recently since the spraying is almost non-stop now. It is heartbreaking when you fully understand what it is they are trying to do to us and how much progress they have already made. But they are not impossible to stop as long as each person spreads the word even if someone doesn’t want to hear it and are suffering from cognitive dissonance. You will have planted the seed and eventually something else will get their attention and they will wake up. Some are just sleepier than others…:-0

    I might add that another reason for the weather modification is these culprits are now betting on the weather on the NY Stock Exchange. If you read up on the Banker “suicides” you would know many of them bet against themselves, made millions and ended up dead. This is sick stuff. We are truly being run by a bunch of psychopaths. Let’s get Jesse Ventura in so he can get it stopped before it’s too late.

  14. Cassandra says:

    Please start another petition. Many, many more people have woken up since your last one. Also, we need to get Jesse Ventura voted in. (that is if they don’t assassinate him first like they are doing to a lot of others trying to get this stopped.

  15. Cassandra says:

    If anyone doubts what the gov is planning, please watch:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvpB_LN-r2o (you can google earth this also)

    But before they kill us they want our heads for their transhumanism agenda. Also watch Sophia Smallstorm videos for information on this topic.

    They have already begun be-heading Christians in many other countries. If we make it long enough, Jesse Ventura is our best bet for Pres. He is fully aware of the chemtrail poisoning and will get it stopped in it’s tracks.

  16. Cassandra says:

    Not only that but these culprits are mass murderers. There is now evidence that shows they were behind the Indonesian Tsunami, Fukishima, Hurricane Sandy, the F-5 tornados, Katrina, and the many devastating earthquakes, brought on by HAARP and scaler technologies. Not to mention the recent mudslide in Washington. By droughting out CA and forcing the high pressure system Northwards Washington State is getting record amounts of rain while CA is suffering severe drought. These culprits should be sued and people need to find a way to do it. When they hide behind Corporations it makes it extremely difficult so laws need to be changed. There is much to be done. We need good lawyers and everyone needs to become an activist.

  17. Cassandra says:

    I have also received several of these “generic and sterile” replies. Some of the whistleblowers have revealed that Congress is all under mind control. From their unconcern of these most devastating issues that are also affecting them and their own families I would say that might be correct. Many people do not realize how sophisticated this technology has become and that it is already in use. If only people would spend their time watching media that speaks the cold, hard truth like http://www.infowars.com instead of CNN, FOX and CNBC they will quickly learn why and what we are in for if we don’t all ban together quickly with our ONE voice. Why do you think our Pres wants to give away our Internet????? Turkey has already censored.

  18. Cassandra says:

    Mainstream media is right in there with the culprits. The Weather Channel gets all kinds of bizarre weather tales to feature to get their ratings up, all the while knowing full well these anomolies are being caused by the so-called geoengineering schemes. I won’t dignify what they call it because they have so many other agendas besides cloud seeding. I notice the meterologists are even giving names to the chemical clouds to make it all seem natural. The younger generation will not even know what natural weather is as they will not have ever experienced it. From my research I’ve learned they are even writing this propoganda into textbooks and influencing what is being taught in the classrooms. They are not dumb and that is why every single person needs to bring themselves up to speed on what is going on before it is too late.

    I understand they have somewhat recently released a pathogen into the environment that specifically targets oak trees and a few others. On http://www.globalskywatch.com one woman who owns a farm reported seeing a large dark-colored military tanker spray over her entire farm at about 12,000 feet and shortly after all her trees began to die and horses became ill, listless and depressed. Manure tested over 65,000 ppm of aluminum. Her hay was contaminated. She reported almost all her plants began to die around the farm. Not to mention she, herself became ill.

    People must remember that sometimes whistleblowers are being threatened, targeted or killed. So one must be brave to speak out but it must be done or our entire planet will die. Ted Gunderson, former FBI chief, spoke out and he ended up dead from arsenic poisoning even though they tried to cover that up also. He put out many videos on this subject before his death.

  19. Cassandra says:

    Please refer to my comments above for more information. We went through all the testing to find we were saturated with heavy metals, both in our pond and soil. The problem we encountered; however, was when we sent the same water sample to different labs they came back with completely different numbers. We suspect Basic Labs in CA might have been cautioned by the government because of so many people being referred there. Their reading was half of what our reading was from our local tester. They showed only slight elevation over the acceptable which is extraordinarily high to begin with. Not only that but when you send your results to your representatives or notify the respective departments in charge of contamination they could care less. (another reason we suspect covert activity from the various entities.) We plan on sending in our tap water but saying it is from our pond so they won’t be afraid of revealing the actual results.

    Also, my husband who has been suffering terribly ever since the month they began spraying here in NE recently had a heavy metals blood test. We cannot even get them to send him the results after 4 months and when he called the doctors office they reported “everything was normal.” We knew right then and there how widespread this cover-up actually is. He is so sensitive to the spraying all his symptoms show up immediately. The spraying literally turns him into a zombie. I understand from my research that some of the sprayings are done with lithium. They have analyzed the spray at http://www.carnicominstitute.com and have found them to contain a vast array of heavy, toxic metals, including mercury, along with mutated viruses, bacteria, mold and other chemicals and pathogens. It is extremely toxic and people should be wearing protective masks much of the time. Our house literally fills up with the stink of the spray (it smells like sooty polluted cigarette smoke for lack of a better description) and it literally sticks in your nose. It also has a heavy metallic smell that will actually fill up a room of our house if the windows are not tightly closed. My husband has continual nosebleeds and raw nose when they are spraying- which is every day now. If you are having weird symptoms look up some of the symptom lists and you will soon realize where your problems are coming from. Our pets who are more frail are literally dying from the spraying and try desperately to hide from it. They get covered with bumps, their eyes start dripping black gunk, some actually have had their hair peel off their skin, and they get very listless and depressed. Many have uncontrollable sneezing and our dogs often will go into full-blown asthma attacks along with incessant itching. I understand many dogs are now demonstrating lesions all over their bodies the same as humans who are getting the morgellons syndrome. I’m sure many vets are perplexed and probably treating many of these animals incorrectly. We are now giving our animals an array of liquid vitamins and minerals along with potassium iodide, acetyl cisteine and mixing cilantro into their RAW and NATURAL food as a heavy metal cleanser. Glutathion is imperative found in leafy greens. We are also making and adding colloidal silver to the food of those affected the most severely. Hope this helps.

  20. Cassandra says:

    People need to understand the entire picture for everything to make sense. If you tune into alternate media news at http://www.infowars.com instead of watching the same mainstream media which are censored by the 5 corporations that own them, they will quickly understand why they are spraying us. Weather modification is only one objective and that is to cause drought in areas of good farmland such as CA and TX. Also, they are droughting out my state of NE. Eventually, the farmers will sell out for cheap and the corporations can move in and buy the land for pennies on the dollar. The globalists have also said they are going to deforest us so they are deliberately trying to destroy the planet in order to take it over.

    Another objective is to turn the air into plasma to create a conductive state in our bodies so they can eventually “program” us.

    Some of the entities behind this are David keith, the Military Industrial Complex, NATO, NASA, Monsanto, Bill Gates and other elitists. It is a well-funded operation which is ironic in a day when most countries are about to go into economic collapse. Economists have figured the actual debt of the U.S to be 221 Trillion, not the 17 Trillion the corporate-censored MM tells us.

    This is a good link also to help people understand. Be sure to listen to the interview with Dr. Bill Deagle. http://www.stopthecrime.net

  21. Cassandra says:

    The reason we cannot take the government to court is because it is legal for them to spray us with anything they want according to public law 105-85. (Study it closely as it is extremely deceptive the way it is written by the government).

    Apparently, the corporations involved are doing this under the guise of ‘cloud seeding’ to produce rain (ha ha anything but; they actually are droughting out areas with good farmland so the corporations can move in and buy the land for pennies on the dollar) They have to register with the various water districts of each municipality. They must put a legal notice in the various newspapers informing the public of the time frame they will be spaying and if no one puts a responding legal notice it is considered that the people are giving their consent. We must get people everywhere to put a legal notice in their newspapers informing that their consent is not given to be sprayed. Following is the link for this information:


  22. Wanda Black says:

    Same here in Eutawville, S.C.! I just found out about chemtrails 1 month ago! I have lots of pictures now and I am getting water and soil samples. The AMERICAN PEOPLE have got to WAKE-UP and LOOK-UP! I have already sent letters to the government about this horrible act! I do not understand how the government can not be taken to court over this????? I am not a lawyer but if someone out there is – tell me why We The PEOPLE can not legally take our government to court to STOP this Chemtrail spraying?????

  23. I hate what these liars are doing to us. I have waited for warm weather and sunshine and they are making it colder. It’s 26 degrees right now in Owensboro Ky. on March 24, 2014 at 8:00 Central time. It’s almost April!! It should be a lot warmer. They are blocking the sun with their chemtrails. When you block the sun it’s called light diffusion. It’s like putting a lamp shade on a light bulb. Worse their putting chemicals in the air. In the past few weeks the temperature has gone from 50 degrees to 23 and rained, snowed and sleeted in the middle of March!!!

  24. James says:

    Absolutely Amazing

  25. James says:

    Very Good Article on Chem Trails. The more people that can be alerted as to what the Government is doing to Man Kind the better off we will all be, at the moment people are so dumbed up by medication, some of them do not even know what planet they are on..

  26. WeroInNM says:

    Dear Troy:
    Sorry for the inconvinience-Please try the following link and if you get the “OOPS Page” on Tea Party Command Center just copy and paste the heading in the box provided:
    Response From and To Our NM U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich Regarding Climate Change!
    Semper Fi!

  27. WeroInNM says:

    How “climate change” is supposedly impacting New Mexico and other southwestern states because of ensuing drought and devastating wildfires!
    “Food For Thought”
    Hello: When Are Americans Going To Wake Up-God Bless America!
    Semper Fi!

  28. WeroInNM says:

    Response From and To Our NM U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich Regarding Climate Change!
    “Food For Thought”
    Hello: When Are Americans Going To Wake Up-God Bless America!
    Semper Fi!

  29. "R" Addison says:

    No slight oversight on your introspections… more than a plausibility, the 34 months since Daiichis 3-Reactors meltdowns and no perceptivity on any portion of “federal IMpunity governance” is one reason the cover-Ups of geo-engineering contaminations is usefully, a confluence of anarchy w.o. & need for reparations–not halting!

  30. LEE says:

    It is a fact that the secret societies test to see how far they can get away with; how much will Americans stand for before they rebel against what they are doing to us. So far they’ve been able to do whatever they please, because Americans do nothing to stop it! Even though more people are ‘waking up’ to the fact that we are being killed off slowly through the air we breath, food we eat (gmo), water we drink (fluoride, and other poisons. The black caskets are lined up by the millions ready to receive our bodies from the FEMA concentration camps. As long as we stay silent, they will continue to kill us.

  31. Mj Muse says:

    thanks for this I have been taking pictures of chemtrails and looking up for years. Even some good friends continue to say those are comtrails. Thsi site proves what I’ve been saying. My question is how does the government not think this is also affecting them?

  32. Lucille W says:

    Hi Ann,

    I just signed your petition, it was the 40th. All the best in reaching the 100,000! Thanks for your efforts with this. Let us know if you get a reply!

  33. skywatchergrandma says:

    I try to tell people a contrail is water vapor, vapor is a mist and disappears. Chemtrails always look like they are being pumped out of the back of jets, it’s a very distinct look. Normal jets do not have that look. You can tell in a second the difference. Their trails stay and spread out and turn a blue sky white. This is such a wonderful informative website. Thank you so much Dane and staff. I always tell people to come here.

  34. Drew Bright says:

    Trees bees and people are dying; it is not a conspiracy, it is genocide. Period.

  35. Richard Helmsman says:

    So true, Sara!
    The entire government conspiracy hinges upon this engineered debate between chemtrails and contrails. They hope that by telling the lie enough times, it will become cut in stone and then blindly accepted by the masses.

    When that wedge issue is exposed for the fabricated and fraudulent government conspiracy that it truly is, all heaven (or hell, depending on their culpability) will break loose.

    Please, get those chemtrail pics out on the net everywhere for people to see. Case closed ! ! !

  36. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Does anyone know if the right angle (L shape) on the weather radar is from HAARP manipulation?

  37. Ann J. Reier says:

    Great information, thank you. I am always up against the skeptics you mention.
    Again, I am asking readers, PLEASE log into the following website, and sign my petition to the President to stop CHEMTRAILS. I only have until Feb.22,2014 to get 100,000 signatures!
    Thank you!!!

  38. Just a point, accordiing to the timestamps on the weather charts, the top chart shows the weather almost a day after the bottom. To my innocent and unquestioning eyes, it appears that the area demarkated by the ‘L-shape’ persists as a more rounded high pressure zone. Are you suggesting that chemtrails make air more dense?

    Or, is it perhaps the more banal explanation that a warm, moist airflow coming over an ocean meets a colder, drier airmass, causing what we like to call “rain”? Ah, yes, warm fronts…

    Glory be! The Alaska Current seems to fit the bill quite nicely; cold, travelling northwards along the coast, established for hundreds of years.

    Unless, of course, the US government has been in this for the long haul, doctoring weather chart timestamps and making people believe in non existant “air currents”. That, and indoctrinating us in our schools to believe false god of meterology. I know what you’re thinking, and I’m inclined to agree.

    The government and their Weather Channel lackeys have gone to far this time.

  39. Angie Home says:

    I take heart in this article because it not only proves beyond doubt with the photos that the Governments participating in this mass chemical bombardment but it also suggests that one day hopefully soon, the mass population will wake up and see what is happening. I too have photos and an example of on off spraying, done deliberately I think just to prove to me that they can! It was, if you like, an example of spraying to show me that they don’t care and that they will continue to spray.

    We in the UK, especially in the South West are experiencing this mass blocking of the sun. I see on the news other parts of the UK and they have sun whereas we have complete whiteout. I believe in central areas they do experience more sunlight, but for some reason we have whiteouts for days on end. We usually have 5 or 6 days complete cloud whiteout, that is normal clouds moving across the sky and continuous intermittent rain, obviously, above which is completely white. I don’t think we have had a day without rain for 3 months. Then for one morning we will see the sun behind a blur and though the clouds part first thing in the morning the sky is not blue – its white. Later by noon it will be cloudy and start raining yet again. Since when has our sky been white! But it seems I and only a few others care about this in Cornwall. We also have terrible flooding on the Somerset Levels, a recurrence of last year but ten times worse. Landslips have occurred on coastlines and on hillsides in small fishing villages. We now also have almost daily/night-time thunderstorms which I have never experienced in Cornwall before. We would normally have a couple of days with a storm plus rain then nothing for months on end. But now its every night and more recently during the daytime. This is not normal!

    And all the time continuously, day and night, I listen to the jets making more white stuff!

  40. James says:

    Am i mistaken, or did the term ‘Chemtrail Syndrome’ just enter the lexicon?

  41. James says:

    Its inspiring to see other websites springing up like mushrooms with geoengineering content, plus covering such important material as this one does.
    The last bottom link above especially caught my eye because of my experience with salmon, both from raising them and studying them in the wild. http://www.sfgate.com/science/article/California-drought-threatens-coho-salmon-with-5175736.php
    First something hopeful, nature has provided for drought years in the salmon return, and so while (typically) some majority of salmon will return in the 4th year, some will return in 3rd and 5th years, say 15%/70%/15% as an example, like a bell curve. So there is over-lap. But the news is still critically bad. That the weather is wiping out salmon runs along the Calf coast is the message, and not to detract from it. This is a huge glaring example that should flash a big CRASH IMMINENT warning, accompanied by the sound pilots hear in the cockpit when an airliner is going down. California is losing its salmon habitat. The marine biologist crowd must be going crazy over this calamity.

  42. Sara Wilcox says:

    Those photos are priceless — they tell the story better than anything else.

    The fabricated “chemtrail versus contrail” debate really confuses a lot of smart people.
    Perhaps this article can be posted on FB to better circulate the pictures far and wide.

    Thanks for the great education you guys!

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