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The HAARP Storms


There is a live time event taking place this April 13th, which is an impossibility and yet it is being generated by unnatural manipulations to the weather system.

This evening at 11 PM eastern time, a massive LO pressure system is going to organize over the North and South Dakota border, producing near blizzard conditions, massive snow, and followed by a drop slot of no moisture and NO Canadian cold winds from the northwest as is normal in weather there blowing for several days after a front.

Traditionally normal weather on the American Great Plains involved two systems. The Oregon LO pressures would slam into the American Rockies, reorganize, and produce dry weather fronts with mild weather.

The California LO pressures would slam into the Sierra Nevadas and Rockies dropping most of their moisture and power, and then reform in Colorado to produce the infamous Trinidad Lo Pressures which would bring Cyclones and Blizzards across the American mid section.

In addition to this, Clippers, which are Arctic Lo Pressure ridges in the winter and early autumn would bring chilling winds of 50 mph and above, but little moisture.

That is normal weather patterns, but now in HAARP, the Northern Great Plains are experiencing massive LO pressure systems forming when they absolutely can not form.

First one needs a Lo Pressure energy ridge to for a storm system. There is none.

Second, weather is generated by uneven heating and cooling. That is why Trinidad Colorado produces those systems as it involves dry air over the plains, warm Texas air and cold North Plains air.

Third, none of that is available now as the heat is in Texas, and the entire Plains is cold air due to HAARP trying to keep early drought from taking place in America by keeping it all in the freeze box.

As another exclusive here, the Obama regime has really f*cked this up in the delay of spring using HAARP as spring wheat for your Mark Levin bread must be sown this week on the high plains and into next week into North Dakota. It is buried under these HAARP storms and every week it delays, means lower production per acre.
Mark Levin will probably blame it on corn planting again as his oil tycoons write his talking ponits hating bio fuel production.

So a climatic impossibility is taking place in America, a super LO is forming tonight, and it will dump huge amounts on Grand Forks into the buried Duluth Minnesota area. None of this should be possible, and yet it is taking place due to HAARP.
There have been a few other storms such as this, this season which leads one to conclude that HAARP is learning to “spin the atmosphere” and load it up with these freeze dried snows, which are absolutely worthless as they evaporate when melting and there is absolutely no moisture in this odd fuzz fiber snow that leaves CHERRY CLOTH in the underlayers named snow mold.

Amazing in this that the Great American Desert is known by that name as their are no oceans with moisture to produce rain or snow. Yet in Obama super snows flooding the American interior out and these HAARP storms, one finds “moisture” being spiked like an ocean wash basin being dumped into the upper atmosphere to produce these cyclones on land now.

HAARP is learning to push moisture into areas which none could possibly be generated. The only natural means for anything such as this were hurricanes slamming in from the Gulf of Mexico or Pacific hurricanes hitting Mexico and reorganizing to pull moisture from the Gulf to the interior……..and yet now there is by HAARP a moisture dump rolling in from the upper atmosphere, and in the heating of the upper levels, this LO Pressure is being created in the desert which is winter cold and covered with the last blast of HAARP winter that you probably missed it, but places like Sioux Falls South Dakota were destroyed by an ice storm and places like Duluth were buried under this HAARP storm.
Interesting in the reports though there was not any BROWN SNOW in this as this blog reported in the yellow snow evidence posted here. The current snow is blue and white again with no Peking toxic pollution.

Yes you can call this Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusives again as they are, and are according to meteorologists going to produce an event this evening which can not be, and yet it is due to HAARP.

Why is only this blog posting about Peking toxic storms dumping poisons on America? Odd is it not that none of the environmentalists have uttered a George Soros or Birther Obama word about it.
Why the cover up or was it only to destroy America that “acid rain” mattered in that farce, and when it is Peking poison dumping millions of tons of pollution on America that it a form of warfare by the global feudal Marxist state which must not be made known to alert the public.

There is a real danger now in this as wheat planting will not take place for at least one week in the Great Plains. This is deliberate now by HAARP. That will mean a 20% reduction in wheat crop production this season.

Only this blog told you last year already that something odd was taking place in Soros, Archers Daniel and Cargill were hording wheat and making huge shipments on Buffett BNSF trains……that grain never left America and these conglomerates have been hording all grains and not selling them, for reason.

HAARP is delaying another Obama drought. It now is reducing wheat crop planting and that is a huge problem in food prices and feeding people. This is all engineered, and by evidence HAARP is learning to roll the atmosphere to create cyclones where they can not appear.

nuff said

Lame Cherry

4 Responses to The HAARP Storms

  1. Laura says:

    Vicki- Thank you for standing up to the murderers instead of being scared silent!
    We must ALL take responsibility for ourselves & our moral and God-commanded
    Obligation to love one another & be good stewards of the Earth.
    As a mother of 3, (impoverished despite education because of the oppressive system)
    I feel so helpless sometimes! I take my children outside to breathe poison, I feed them poison, they drink poison, their doctor injects them with poison, the media feeds them poison. I try to protect them but especially when you are poor there’s only so much you can do! If I didn’t know God was in control, I’d go crazy!
    Please don’t give up, keep talking as long as there’s wind in your lungs!
    Thank you for your past & continued sacrifice and God bless you!,

  2. John says:

    I am trying to follow this as well as I can.
    Thank you

  3. Colt says:

    According to weather space, another cold blast is coming in early May. No doubt this is haarp induced.

    • Vicki McLean says:

      I am the widow of James McLean whose technology was stolen and put in the HAARP weapon which creates the earthquake potential. My husband was murdered with parasites and his technology was illegally patented with his name in US Patent 6715341 just 2 months after his death on 3/11/2002. I filled US lawsuit against the falsified patent on 1/28/2011 and is the reason why the HAARP weapon created the Japan earthaquake on the anniversary of my husband’s death. There will be a wrongful death suit and I will pursue for sure the HAARP link to the Rockefellar foundation not only the estate of Mr. Louis Kung. This will likely lead to the the estate of the Rockefellers to only begin to pay for the damages to cities all across the globe. I am patient. I am waiting on the Lord’s timing to pursue this. Just like there is a solid papertrail of evidence from HAARP to James McLean’s work and his invention there is a solid money trail to the Rockefeller estate and Louis Kung estate.
      Best regards,

      Vicki McLean
      Women Helping Men Glorify God

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