The Push For Legal Action To Expose Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

A battle cannot be successfully fought without an army of committed and qualified individuals that are working together. Such a movement is only possible when a critical mass of awareness is achieved. After many years of struggling to raise this awareness, the anti-geoengineering movement has now reached a level of awakening that has brought legal experts and other essential professionals into the fight on our side. Climate engineering is rapidly tearing apart the planet's life support systems and contaminating the entire biosphere. It is imperative that we expose and halt the climate engineering programs as fast as possible or we will soon have nothing left to salvage of our health or our once thriving planet. The conference call recorded below had nearly 300 participants and listeners at peak. Among the participants and listeners were attorneys and judges from multiple states, former government biologists, and the CEO of a major global environmental consulting firm. The primary purpose of the call was to answer questions relating to climate engineering for some of these professionals (who are the main participants in the conversation) and to arrange the connection of attorneys from different states which will take place in our follow-up private conference calls to begin in the following days. I have also recently had a 3 hour face to face meeting with an internationally recognized celebrity who has contributed his attorney to our fight. I will publish updates on our ongoing efforts as soon as it is appropriate and I am allowed to do so. It is important to remember that a primary goal of legal proceedings is to force media coverage of the geoengineering issue. My most sincere gratitude to each and every activist that has tirelessly helped raise awareness of the global climate engineering issue to the level that we have now achieved. The effort to sound the alarm needs to continue each and every day and in every possible arena. If we all march together in this battle, we may yet accomplish profound changes for the better even at this late hour.  DW

P.S. My apologies for the initial rough audio, it improves as the conference proceeds. There were so many people on the call that the server overloaded and the mediator had a difficult time properly muting when needed.


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  1. Fernando Agudelo says:

    "GOD WILL BRING TO RUIN THOSE RUINING THE EARTH 🌎"  Apocalypse 11:18.   Daniel 2:44

    USA 🇺🇸 & UK 🇬🇧 are in the "TOP" of the list. They both created this cespool of diseases. FIXED!

  2. Milt Farrow says:

    DW, I am soon going for my annual medical. If I request a blood test for specific heavy metals , and it comes back positive , why can I not sue Both the State as well as the DOD -? 

  3. Paul Faso says:

    I have reviewed your legal team and am confident that a directed Class Action Lawsuit only awaits proper filing on behalf of the American People against those parties you have identified throughout your campaign. There is a course of action which can remove Corporate Charters as well as various additional criminal charges to be made against offending individuals.

    My recommendation would be to have your legal team study the class action victory won by Willie Gary's law firm in Florida against the Tobacco industry which I believe still ranks as the highest award in this type of legal action. However, I do not place the merit of the case only upon the settlement, but the precedent and benchmark the legal class action victory became in history.

    Your well documented evidence could be posted on an additional crowd funding site to gain further national attention to the geo engineering issue, while providing a massive P.R. angle to support the legal funding of such an important and critical case.

    Additionally, a well directed docudrama either by internet distribution or an independent film production could be launched during the same time of the legal filing to maximize awareness by all of the American People.

    In any of those areas presented above, as well as those others you have waged, I can only wish for you, continued success in all of your efforts in the future.

    Paul Leo Faso


    • Milt Farrow says:

      The mere fact that our attorneys have not received an answer, may possibly be that  We are not dealing with a Lawfully constituted Government, but rather "Government By Stealth" We have a Foreign Mercantile Corporation that went Bankrupt and turned it's affairs over to the UN Commission on that matter ( Both Wells Fargo and Rothschilds attempted to buy  the assets and were " turned away"

      The date was April 15, 2015 , there was no attempt to " rescue the Corp " in a Reorganization- as well there may be reason to believe that the format that the learned counselors may be incorrect as to the Type of law required to mitigate this situation Maritime/, Civil, Common law,? UCC Code ?, Roman ?   As well it appears they may be playing for time awaiting the first shots of the Next WW3 to be fired- Trumpf already declared a national emergency — Why We have been under the 1933 Emergency Powers act which has been

       revisited by all members of congress annually in a secret session-

      we really need someone with some "insider knowledge to possibly shed some light on this darkness we have been frought with.


  4. susan higgins says:

    A battle cannot be fought without an army of informed participants….paraphrased…..Why is everyone so upset?  I am not reading that anyone is willing to give UP something, anything to educate, patiently wait for awareness to occur, educate again….Americans are notoriously egocentric….we think this problem will go away as instantaneously as a hamburger appears….STOP TALKING TO THE ESTABLISHMENT!  Spend legal dollars on advertising to the masses….take a case to court….by the way I have one…the EPA said when I come up dead, they would open an investigation.   For those of you who are upset, give up your cell phone, your TV, your free time and possibly your life…TALK to those who are young enough who can grasp the complexity of our technological toys and know the consequences of a mistake….I have personally encountered thousands of young people who are waiting for a cause to use their techno brains on….stop wasting effort on anger and useless actions.  mobilize the young technorats…they are immensely ready to go forward.


    • milt farrow says:

      We need a unified Boycott of the airlines, as well as the Military engaged in this process-Please remember that 9-11 created a shutdown of flights that made it imperative for Bush's advisor's to compel him to make the announcement of Do something spend money take a Trip- Since the airlines( Southwest) are complicit and have secret agreements with the Agency, it will put pressure on them where it counts in the pocket book

  5. ANONYMOUS says:


    • gina evans says:


    • Yellow Bee says:

      Maybe Gov Brown has been threatened and warned that unless he fully cooperates as Schwarzenegger did, California will suffer a worse fate than Japan.  Don't you think that Japan and Chile have been kept in line by earthquakes and worse?  Both in positions to blow the lid off space things, weather mod., Mars, and more, but they haven't.  Who isn't afraid of the big bad wolf who will huff and puff and blow your house down?  What earthquake, hurricane or hideous disease is next?  And which country will be chosen to be the little (guinea) pig?  Scary.  Worse than God but the same power.  But no compassion, no forgiveness, no understanding, no pity, and not really intelligent at all.

  6. Dane, readers, and legal staff: Please review the many pages and valid points regarding taking back our civil Freedoms from the corporate system. Personal freedom should not come at the expense of another, nor should the theft of our freedoms be allowed to continue. "Freedom Taking" is about expressing our legal right to live uncensored and un-harassed by Federal, State, and corporate enslavement.

    Jerry Day is dedicated to exposing government sanctioned human slaughter imposed by "smart" meter installations. Smart meters are killing machines, period. Please review the legal strategies presented within these pages. Our lives and futures are under massive illegal assault. >




    • milt farrow says:

      I have Fought FPL to a standstill, I do not have a smart meter as I ordered their contractor off my property under threat of personal assault to protect my property and person from larcenous and fraudulent misrepresentations  -I may be the only person in Titusville with and "Non- radioactive " analog meter, which has given me service, without infecting my cellular system. We really need competent and willing people- I am surrounded my People working for and dependent on the Military Industrial Complex that will stop at nothing to defend their criminal acts, not even killing their very own 59 accountants on 9-11 –I stand ready to move on these criminal bastards -Who will join me ?    

  7. kirk mannor says:

    The water, and  food is bad enough but the air is going to far, this needs needs to stop, I'm in a baddle for my familys life and future.All who have a hand in this should go to jail starting with David keith.this is biological warefare.I hope the military people wake up this is their familys two.Drop fliers from air planes in big events or where their is large populations.

  8. Dennie Mehocich says:

    We have research from a local laboratory, I think it was Berkeley National, maybe it was Berkeley Lawrence, I wish I could remember, thought I'd bookmarked it but couldn't find the link, but it proved that the spraying is disruptive to Earth's hydrological cycle.  If you can prove that the perpetrators know about this research then you can also say that our water is actually being STOLEN from us, making them THIEVES.  Water theft of a grand order.  I say PROSECUTE.  We need to uncover that research, amass a massive legal team not afraid of being killed and go after the mthrfckrz with a vengeance.  Also, spraying stuff in the air is a crime and a violation of California Civil Code. 

  9. Nancy Jones says:

    Last night here in Northern California, the small city of Lincoln. CA.,there were planes flying at sunset right above my house. There was a blatant crisscrossing of the plumes and I spoke of this on a Lincoln political website and seems not many people are aware of the spraying programs. It’s daily lately with jets flying out of Beale AFB, near Marysville, CA. I have a friend who is Editor of several small local city newspapers and we wrote on article in “gro-enginerring” and our plan is for more. Her research led her to our Congressional representative’s office for a meeting interview on this issue. His response was, “This topic is controversial”, would not talk further. We are not finished yet. Dane, would like to have her contact you for an interview as we plan a “series” of articles to get the people here to “wake up”! There is a large senior population in a Del Webb Retirement community here so wonder if they are being targeted. Woke this am with clouds, spraying goes on night and day. I am going to be an “activist” here, do want to hand out pictures at our weekly market to make people look up at what’s happening. Now we have to find out if the tixic “glue” substance is also bring speayed. It has an order so have to have a lab rest the air to see what’s coming down. Dane, get back to me regarding the newspaper interview. Our first article was happy to say, picked up by a larger paper but if course they didn’t do much research. There is so much more information out there that this time we plan to hold feet to thecfire, so to speak, and ask them to do the research….

  10. Skywatcher says:

    Couple of my friends and parents watch this going on practically daily here in Australia, and just know they’re doing harmful stuff and keeping it from us, but try talk to anyone else about it and they assure me it is “just the exhaust trail from planes taking off”! I have tried to point out that the sky is full of these trails that have spread out by now as they start here about 7-8am, but most people think you’re wrong, and some kind of conspiracy theorist, they are just clouds!!! I looked on this site and I see so many people are aware of it, so what is it that we as a huge and growing group can do? I mean it is our world too, not theirs alone. We should be living in a world where, as a large group of people that disagree with something that is being done to it, we are able to act on it and be listened to. My partner was aware of this some years back and was always trying to find out what was going on, but there were never any answers. I see today more and more people are aware, how is it that these agencies, which were developed in the first place to speak up and act for us, for our wishes as a people, and it has turned complete 360 where they do what ‘they’ want to us , our wants are never even considered, and then keep the truth from us. Billboards are great, petitions need to be signed, but will they listen? One would certainly hope before it is totally too late. Unfortunately most of the rest of the world are just caught up in living, and you cannot blame people for that, but if we all were to make too much noise, surely something would be done?? Way more of us than there are of them.

  11. Danita says:

    What is the fastest way we can get this out all across the world…I am from Texas and saw recently what they can and will do…I want to help in any way possible!  I will spread the word on FB and my blog and will sign any petition!  Thanks so so very much for all you do!

    • nyri says:

      print out pamphlets, put up posts, advertise in the local paper, set up groups and call meetings, start with friends and relatives, arm yourself with all the facts and research, tell them about all the birds dying and falling from the skies, tell them about the animals dying on masse everywhere… print out stuff and stick it on shop windows and lamp posts… tell people about the chemtrails and poisons being sprayed in the air! 

  12. kirk mannor says:

    all involved should go to prison,this must stop now the heath of the trees are getting worse by the day,here in Ohio, people are to focused on going about there daily life and not looking at nature telling us somethings badly rong.dont let them hide or get away with it.they have damaged all of our heath.killing life its self, the bees the fish,micro life, trees are streesed very badly.wake up what the hell is going on here?people think its fear mongering. bunch of sleepers.

  13. Pat says:


    About a week or two ago I began noticing orange/red/brown mucky spray trails overhead versus white silvery trails that they normally spray in Sacramento and Placer Countries in Northern California.  About the same time this started, my tongue and sinuses started burning, my eyes staring tearing for hours, and then I began having nose bleeds—which never ever happens to me.  A business associate asked me if I was sick because he said my voice didn't sound the same.  I then told my husband about the nose bleeds and he seemed surprised and told me he just starting having nose bleeds too…which also never happens to him.  This is just too strange!  I then spent a couple hours online yesterday searching for any supplements we can take to help with the symptoms we're experiencing from the spray bombardment however I couldn't really find information.  I also checked your website but couldn't find anything.  Do you have anything posted that you could recommend or know of other websites.  The only thing I found was a site that recommended using a wet cloth over a mask which is not possible.  Any suggestions?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pat, certainly the experiment in our skies is in a constant state of “flux”, who can say what they are spraying at any given moment. I am hearing from others who are not getting nose bleeds. Filtration of nano particulates is next to impossible, staying indoors on heavy spray days can be of some help. We must expose and halt the insanity, there is no other option.

    • BD says:

      Hi Pat.  I hope you're feeling a bit better; what a terrible thing to go through.  I would check out Dr Tent in Michigan. You can watch his videos on youtube (Diverse Health Services is the channel) and email or call the office to have a Skye appointment set up.  He is extremely knowledgeable with a 30+ yr background in healing people who have given up on/been a victim of the 'system'.  All the best.  

    • Glynda Sami says:

      To the Lady who was having sinus problems, nose bleeds, tearing eyes. If you will look for the Shasta Board Meeting video on geoengineering Dr. Davis tells that chlorella and magnesium bind with the metals that are sprayed and have accumulated in our bodies to purge them out of the body. Hope it helps. Let's stand up and Look Up To stop this assault on our lives and the planet. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Lo han guo tea is good for the dryness the chem sprays are causing.  Also, King To Nin Jiom Pei Pa syrup is helpful.  I put a very small amount of mentholatum just inside my nostrils to keep them hydrated.  That's been keeping me healthy, but I've been having to do this since 2010, when "they" ramped up the spraying.  It is disgusting.  The air now has a texture to it.  I always feel the nanoparticulates on my tongue, lips, in my nose, in my hair, making it limp and "greasy" feeling when the spraying's very heavy.  Sheesh.

    • Cassandra says:

      Pat, my husband's eyes begin tearing and his throat gets weird and constricts and nose bleeds very, very often when they are spraying. I don't get any of those symptoms except I begin sneezing off and on. The dogs begin to itch fiercely and I strongly suspect the hot spots they get are caused from the spraying. Two of the five dogs develop bad coughs and one goes into fits of reverse sneezing. I have low thyroid from it and also numb feet and lower legs. Also, hair falls out when the spraying is super heavy and I can smell it coming out of my hands. These evil control-freaks need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity but I have heard the TPP contains immunity for them. We definitely need to get that reversed!

  14. MoonFlake says:

    Medical class action lawsuit?

  15. Pat says:

    I am truly hopeful about the legal assistance helping to impact in a favorable way.  This is really awesome.

    We're being heavily sprayed daily in the Sacramento and Placer County areas in Northern California.  The trails use to be a white silvery haze.  Starting a few days ago, the trails are a burnt orange/red/brown mucky color.  Does anyone know what is in this color mix.  The coloring is very disturbing–even more so than the white goo mix.  Is there a new particulate they are spraying now?


    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Rosalind Peterson of's been at times able to find out who's been up to what.  The U.S. Navy did a huge weather experiment over the Eastern Pacific back in May/June of 2010.  I have an old house that had 1948 windows and doors.  The very weird weather and the chemical spraying caused me to experience headaches, sinus aches, nausea (lots of that), some really scary burning pain when I breathed in stuff that went down my nerves after that.  The poisons from the spraying getting into my leaky house forced me out of my house.  Environmental Resource Group of Mill Valley, CA came here and took swipes for barium on the windows in and outside the house, and soil tests, too.  They found it.  They did a nice wipe down and negative air treatment but it just kept coming back.  It took a while to figure out that I had to get all new doors and windows (get good-fitting casements, they close tightest), costing $25,000.00.  Still terrified and not able to stay here at night.  I'm in San Rafael CA and stay with a friend at night.  I will have to have extra weatherstripping put around my front door to further seal out the nano-particulates, which seem to have gotten much finer than five years ago when this all started.  When I went to the E.R. a few times the physician who saw me (never actually examined me and did not order any blood tests) said that I was "delusional along Axis 1," never mind that getting a definitive diagnosis like that takes 8 hours of testing.  My regular physician did a blood test for aluminum (negative) and barium (26 times higher than OSHA "safe" limits), at my request.  She hospitalized me because she found cardiac arrhythmia, caused by acute barium poisoning (barium displaces potassium, which throws off muscle, including heart muscle, functioning).  She called Poison Control and they called USAF, who said they did not do any spraying.  It WAS the Navy, which pisses me off, because they're supposed to be The Good Guys.  I love the U.S. Navy Band.  But NOT "The Navy."  C'mon, guys– WAKE THE HELL UP and STOP OBEYING THESE DEMONIC "ORDERS."  Or you risk your own lives– Do you CARE?  Sheesh.

  16. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Good to know.  I too have been doing this to no avail.  I have read some on the blogs who refer to this sort of effort and doing it, but so many others asking what to do.  Did not know so many are doing so much.  I am grateful because I am too sick to keep this up.  

  17. Justin says:

    Holy crap! I knew this Jade Helm stuff was a lot more than a training exercise. These people have to be stopped!

  18. I couldn't help making this sarcastic video about Geoengineering crimes in my hometown in Germany:

    English translation is provided. Enjoy!?



  19. JR says:

    Our beautiful rain clouds busted down to nothing but powdered whitish crap here in Southwest, New Mexico. With the HAARP & SAG mix as always then the winds are whipped up into ugliness which is really getting to be the norm for these jackasses. 

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, rain in the 20 % range is scheduled for Sunday and Monday here in Northern California.  True to form, the jets are spraying big time.  And much of it is being done off the Pacific coast.  I will be very surprised if it does anything more than mist.  I took iPhone photos all day yesterday and one would believe the radio frequency bombardments have been increased.  Never have I seen such a variety of bizarre morphed zapped clouds.  In the process of snapping the visual evidence I keep one in the natural setting.  Then I use the noir setting for black and white.  That removes the glare.  What you then have is a pic that shows the structure of the fake zapped clouds.  Believe me, show those black and white pics to those in denial.  …

  20. Rachel Robson says:

    Hi Dane, thank you for the clarification.  I'm not at all sure you've been this clear about your goal before.  I've read and watched nearly everything here, and while I've heard you say we need our military, that once they realize they are doing this to their own…and needing a critical number of them on our side.  Tall order that.  I get the need to shatter the denial and normalcy bias-especially normalcy-I think sometimes we underestimate that one.  We are all familiar with denial.  Clearly, with the weather this past winter and now with the massive flooding, I think inroads towards shattering normalcy bias have been made.  Yes the east was cooler, but at such a cost to lives and property.  As if that were not enough, this massive flooding is so over the top it actually lends us a platform.  People have been programmed to think this is all part of "climate change" and I think they are ready to believe anything in which that is not the answer!  Much more likely to consider geoengineering.  Because, in part, something could be done, as in stopping it.

    Given your goal of media reporting, potential legal acts strike me as nowhere near fast enough.  Billboards are great, but again, not fast enough.  I have but one suggestion which is to deluge media with letters.  As well as all our representatives, all of them.  Magazines too.  Again and again.  Flood them with questions about why they are not reporting these obvious assaults, known and proven to cause weather havoc, especially in such an imperfect, experimental science that by the way is killing us, making all of us sick and nature too.  No comments on other issues like vaccines, only geoengineering and the loud silence of the media, and our representatives-who, theoretically are there For us!  By us!  And not for long if they keep up this wall of silence.  I suggest preparing letters that refer to the details of geoengineering, and actually mail them as opposed to email.  If sent by email, it would attract attention of employers and others, hands might be tied.  If outside of that loop, one might get a written response.  People could construct in their own words such a letter, copy it, send to all again and again, and again.  People in the military, relatives of, could send such letters to their person(s).  I know one doctor who got to be a doctor via the army but was sprayed with agent orange as a grunt in Viet Nam, slogging through the mud.  He is now very sick from this.  Only now occurs to me to talk to him about this-he's not someone I see often.  When I say I hate our military, I do not mean every person, people like him, for whom it was the only way out of poverty toward an education.  I am sure he has contacts.  I have trouble believing enough would bail to join us, but it sure would be helpful.  I can't help but think that Jesse Ventura backed off owing to being a Navy Seal, which seems to stick for life.  I've heard that the really hard core guys do not give a care to what they are doing.  Will not.  But, they do depend on underlings to get the job done.  I know very few here who listen to the news or even own a TV.  But, I come from the heartland, and they do, and they have an enormous normalcy bias.  We have to make it clear to the news, the meteorologists, that they and theirs are being harmed 24/7, along with the rest of us.  It would of course be helpful to be as clear as possible, give accurate terms, and references as well as links to patents and what is known for fact.

    What do you think?  A united, constant blizzard of letters demanding disclosure, finding anything else as irrelevant and beneath their standing.  As well as asking why, from whom, the shut down of the media.

    In Rosalie Bertell's second book, she says that in 1996? the military deployed 1200 psyops personnel to infiltrate CNN at all levels.  Tough road to hoe.  Again, personal letters.  Make all aware of human consequences which includes them.  I am pretty sure Anderson Cooper doesn't want to die, and he would not lose much if he lost his job.  Ask whomever to pressure whoever is keeping them from speaking their mind.  It is becoming clear to me that the meteorologists are grasping for words, flustered, dying to say something, nearly giving up.  Perhaps they are target number one. 

    Dane and all, what do you think of this idea?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, many of us have long since been doing exactly what you describe with all the manpower we can organize, but we do need more help. All that you mentioned is already being pushed and we will continue to do so.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The CIA recruited top journalists to spread propaganda in the media and gather intelligence (#4 in the list of 5 "conspiracy theories" that turned out to be true).  Read it here in Business Insider:  It worked.  The ROW wasn't that tough to hoe.  And NBC news has recently reported that the U.S. Army hires meteorologists to go right alongside the regular fighting men ALL of the time now. 

    • milt farrow says:

      I had found out that the pilots that fly these missions, are told to "shut the **** up" as well they are rotated every 18 months, and most do not have children- as well it appears from my own studies that aircraft are high flying military Craft capable of the 55,000 foot ceiling,.The trails seem to verify 2 engines -We are opposing a huge machine, with tentacles right to our very own back yards-I would not doubt that they will turn to even foreign hired thug pilots to complete the task


  21. Jonathan Létourneau says:

    Dane, this is great news! And I though I would never live until such an event! Finally all our work to raise awareness is starting to work! It's a small step taken towards ending geoengineering. The fight is far from over but, it's a start! Keep up the good work everybody and thank you very much Dane for all you do!

  22. Where to start to help out?  I live on the east coast so have recently had the chance to "see" what is happening through a friend who has posted daily pictures from California.  It has certainly given me a reason to stay posted and see if anything is being done.  Help me help our skies that are emitting poison those who breath it and plants that live off the air!!!!

  23. Craig says:

    This is reaching critical mass now. No denying it, no doubting it. My biggest problem right now is, and I hope someone can alleviate or help me with my problem is, to not get angry at people when I am trying to explain how this is hurting the population. I get so frustrated when people say to me, you’re a conspiracy theorist. Please help

    • Larry Charles Larry says:

      Be content to plant the seeds.  Harvest time will come.

    • milt farrow says:

      We must remove the shroud of indolence around 9-11 , because this is where that nefarious theme was planted by none Other than George Bush

  24. Dog aka db says:

    Thanks over and over to Dane and those that believe! Raider Focus is the millitry movement in CO! The trees, forests, scrub oak and other stuff is offted by the beetles?! Are the beetles killing the oceans?! The trees in the parking lots are dying from something else! No signs of beetles! It is a matter of time! Whatever they are doing in our sky's has been going on for some time! Any and all exposure is a good thing! 

    Stop Geoengineering! Please! And Thanks!


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Doug, Raider Focus? is the military movement in CO?  I wanna know more about that.

      As a gardener/grower, I have often observed how a stressed plant will attract every single aphid there is.  You'd think the aphids would go for the healthy, juicy looking same plant near stressed one, but no, they prefer stressed.  So it is with the beetles.  And even humans.  Predatory bugs that go for the dying and sick.  So, first a tree or plant is stressed-could be many things, lack of or too much water, soil, abuse, whatever, then the predators move in and chow down.  We are told that despite the fact that we are getting less sun-a lot less, more than 20%-that itself would stress many plants, but in addition, we are getting off the charts UV readings-as in intense burning light, literally burning the bark off trees.  Add to that the chemicals from geoengineering and you have a death spiral.  There are other factors too that can do it, but these are the main ones, especially given the sheer scale of it.

      I am very interested in what the out of control military is doing.  What do you see them doing?  Thank you for your observations.  R

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Craig, I worry about this-the anger, the frustration-all righteous but takes a toll on people.  For one thing, know that you are on the right side and there are others who feel the same.  I don't get angry when faced with this, I cannot spare the energy for anger, heck I can barely stay awake! If someone I try to tell about this doesn't believe or even care or want to know, usually I just drop it.  Oddly, as it turns out, this has worked!  The person may first think I am crazy-and that is okay with me.  I mean, I know I am not.  But later, when that person notices this and that, they remember what I said.  And! they tell someone else!  So, as Dane often says: plant a seed (of knowledge), the seed was planted, then it grew.  Unknown to me and no one thanked me but I don't need recognition nor thanks.  Just to wake people up!  In one case and one case only, I had to end the friendship.  For MY mental health, and the person was a jerk, so not grieving that loss.  I think it is a good thing and normal for someone to doubt.  I mean, you wouldn't believe something someone said just because they said it, especially if as big a deal as this, would you?  So, know that doubt, denial, is normal-at first.  One magazine so good I subscribed for years, responded with conspiracy theory when I asked if they were investigating this.  So, I quit the subscription and told them why and that they had no claim to journalism if denying this, the biggest story of our times.  They want me back of course.  I made it clear that I would come back if they addressed this.  Only then.  I told a neighbor who didn't believe me.  Apparently she eventually did and does and told my landlord, so that while he and I were looking at his dying Norway Spruce tree, he actually said probably because of geoengineering!  I nearly fainted!  My advice would be to take your anger and do something constructive-maybe literally-like cleaning or splitting logs-something.  When I was younger and healthier, if I got way upset over something I could not control, I'd tackle some nasty job needing doing, and sure enough, it would calm me down and bonus! nasty job done.  Just trust that some of the seeds you planted, while initially rejected, will grow.  And move on to someone else! Don't make them feel forced on the spot to agree.  They need to process the info.  And hey, meditation is a good thing!  Helps.

  25. SD says:

    The Geoengineer's cure for the Texas drought was to create an unbelievable flood which killed many innocent people and caused billions of dollars in property damage. What kind of strategy is that?

    I think California is next on their list.  Better prepare yourselves.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yup.  "Their" Media Mouthpieces are already reporting that a strong El Nino is developing out in the ocean now– and I'll bet Our Lords and Masters are saying, "better get busy with those damned jets and nix that so those people will continue to have NO MORE water– WE own it, after all– bwah-hahahahaHAAAH!"


    • Thomas Griffin says:

      I think California has been dealt the blow..

  26. Lakotah says:

    With as many people (climbers, hikers, tourist,) into the 10s of thousands that visit Yosemite National Park each year and the great interest in preserving National Parks you would think at some point there would be an outcry from people about the so obvious chemtrails above Yosemite. I check this site daily sometimes more than once a day just to see how much spraying is taking place. It's quite heartbreaking to see what has been going on for years in the sky's above such a beautiful place. I'd be curious to find what all the Park Rangers are saying about what's going on over their heads.

  27. Lorri Cockrell says:

    Thanks to all that is trying effortless to try and get the world to wake up to what is taking place.  Isn't it amazing how many people don't have a clue what is happening right in front of them. When I confront people about what is causing their illnesses, they look at me like I'm nuts.  I have had some thank me for getting their awareness.  I miss Kevin Martins chemtrail reports, which we all would have stood up for him as I used his report each day like I have coffee.  He is a hero to me for caring to help us all.  I believe it would take all of us to show up at the White House steps to stop all the corruption going on.  Not even the most intelligent knows what is going on or they just don't care.  Thank you for all that does and do speak out even if it is one person at a time as then that person will share and help.

  28. PLT says:

    I just read an article on Global Research about the CIA closing the doors on its MEDEA program (Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis).  Even while Obama is upping the rhetoric about global warming possibly leading to terrorist attacks (not worried, he, about the fact that it's killing people by the thousands elsewhere in the world; to him it's another useful way of keeping Americans afraid).  On the same site, there is an article about US warmongering against China (because the warmongering against Russia, Iran, Syria and Yemen is going so well?)

    I hope I'm just being too cynical in thinking that: A) the CIA move means that the data is so bad even climate scientists would freak out (despite their usual cold, clinical approach to the world's sundry atrocities); B) the push for war is real this time, because a nuclear winter would handily obscure – even reverse – the warming; C) that Jade Helm is going to go nationwide; and D) that we are all in for it.

    Please, someone, tell me it's all going to be okay!  No, don't bother; I won't believe it anyway.

  29. PLT says:

    One thing I am finding is that it's easier to start a conversation about spraying if I introduce it as (partly) a NATO program to be able to control communications, by making the atmosphere more conductive.  People (maybe just the ones I am around) seem more open to that, because obviously such a program would be top secret.  From there, since Norwegians mostly accept that the globe is warming (it's pretty obvious here), it isn't too hard to get onto "and they are spraying because they are in a panic about the climate."

    Still, most young people don't seem to care at all.  NATO?  What's NATO?  Not sure how to reach the internet generation…

  30. Sally says:

    I have downloaded all the flyers from this site and printed about 100 color copies of each from the printer where I work. First, I compiled a packet and sent them out to friends/family members anonymously. The rest I have been going door to door and placing them on my neighbors doorsteps. Never stop trying to spread awareness no matter how small.

    " One person can make a difference, and everyone should try."

    -John F. Kennedy

    • Earth Angel says:

      Awesome work Sally! Thank you. It will be fun to see how your friends and family respond to the 'anonymous' packages they receive. Keep us posted to their reactions which they hopefully will share with you- perhaps you can act as if you also received one.

  31. David S. says:

    we hold our president and our esteemed representatives accountable and responsible for this ongoing genocide. This needs to end now, and the criminals that perpetrated this hideous crime against humanity to justice.

    David .

  32. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, can I not put a foot right?  I am quite aware of critical mass of awareness, I fight for it and against denial every single day.  Which is why in my post I mentioned Kylie's tweet to 9 and 1/2 million people all over the world.  Would that more in her position do just that!  Know that I have almost no faith in the legal system-you know I am Native.  However, to your point, last year Sen. Louise Slaughter started a petition regarding the TTP, asking why, why no media coverage on such an important issue.  Her petition ended apparently nearly as soon as she began it.  Telling, that.  The thing is, given those who are aware and trying to awaken others, it is a helpless feeling and obvious from input that many think a law should cover this.  Someway to move forward.  Or, just stew?  As if in a slow stewing pressure cooker?  Toward what end?  Madness?  Unadulterated rage?  Depression?  Running amok?  This is taking a huge toll on many people who cannot cope and a major reason why some refuse to learn as they feel too helpless against too much.  The odds of media covering this are remote, very remote.  But, I am hopeful.  And trying.  As I've tried to find out what stopped Louise.  Something did, that is for sure.  Yet all struck, awestruck by full circle rainbow over Niagara Falls.  If only you could explain something like that and stuff that goes with, owing to geoEngineering on Bill's show, and I am trying. Have you tried Erin?  Bill Maher has such a broad audience, not to mention the show he produces: Vice.  Of course people are going to have some happiness that this could hit the courts-no one likes to just stew in helplessness, while all become more and more sick, thus unable to do what they would like to do for the cause.  I'd like to know what you envision news coverage would do?  Few even watch the news anymore.  Would that be like  Raytheon admitting?  What is it you imagine being on standard news would accomplish?  A less sectarian audience?  Then what?  A revolution?-I am not opposed, just do not see how against our military.  Unless they all bail which is extremely unlikely. I can envision many saying no, but not the hard core.  What, to you, constitutes critical mass?  Is there a number?  How is one to know when it is reached and then what?  People with an issue are goal oriented.  What, besides media coverage is the goal then?  If there is a bill in RI, no one seems to be reporting it.  How do You envision this stopping?  I think these are valid questions.

    Speaking of which and RI–Ransom Thomas, what bill in RI?  Do tell!  Has it been covered by the media there?

    Again Dane, I am and have been on your side, the side of right action and mindfulness.  But, the end game eludes me.  I mean, of course stopping geoEngineering, but how?

    And Jim, I am totally with you as concerns tearing down the Rothschild's global power structure.  Hate to be so repetitive, but how? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, to be clear, we have one chance in this equation, we must force enough media coverage to shatter the denial and normalcy bias of the greater population. The climate engineering issue is like no other, it is killing ALL of us, there is no place to hide. Once the masses are forced to face that fact, there will be a paradigm shift one way or another. I have said countless times that only when we reach such levels of coverage will our military personel realize what they are doing to their own. Only then will we have a chance, we must have a critical number of them on our side, there is no other way. If you know another way forward, please tell me.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Research "the hundredth monkey syndrome".

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      This is an educational process.  If you know anything about education, it's a process that takes place over time (yes, I am a teacher).  We have many who need to become very educated on the topic of "climate change" caused by "geoengineering" and large-scale weather modification such as outlined in the 1996 unclassified document titled Air Force 2025.  Especially the chapter titled "Weather as Force Multiplier– Owning the Weather in 2025"  … OWNING the weather?  How ARROGANT do you GET??!!!!!

      If we all of us here agree stay on topic, do everything each can to get more educated and MOVE FORWARD in passing along the facts of the spraying programs, being uncovered more and more all the time, it WILL work.  Because we do have The WILL.  Tangential trolling to derail folks here isn't going to work.


  33. BaneB says:

    Regarding May 16, 2015 article on this board, titled TOXIC SPRAYING, RADIO FREQUENCY BOMBARDMENT, A LETHAL MIX:  the first image posted shows a satellite pic showing roiled corn row clouds over northern Mexico and southern Texas.  The appearance of these jet induced aerosol created clouds is that the entire mass has been artificially created and given their shape because of powerful radio frequency bombardments.  The date the image is May 12.  I cannot help but wonder if the horrific weather happening in Texas and the Midwest in general has been caused by this. There are lives lost and huge property losses.  The May 12 image is clearly massive tampering with the atmosphere.  The article did not state attribution for who or what or time taken for the image.  That would be of interest, too.

    • donna ford says:


      I'm from NM and we were being sprayed heavily for a week before Texas got flooded. As we all know the weather travels from west to east. Your observation is right on the money. That should give everyone in this country an idea as to what kind of people we are dealing with. I pray for the safety of Dane every day as I do for all of us that seek the truth. Funny thing is I am not religious but I believe in Mother Nature.


    • milt farrow says:

      Please take note of the "Banks" and their marquees "We have plenty of
      FEMA money" There is no money in the banks other than that created by the borrower signing the note*  The Huge storms Unleashed a RIP TIDE of reconstruction loans- in areas that were economically blighted!

  34. jim says:

    To stop ongoing global crisis, the people of the World MUST tear down the Rothschild’s global power structure.

    The Rothschild’s power started with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which gave them private and total ownership of America’s banking and money supply. Now, the entire money supply which they privately print out of nothing and loan to the U.S. government is all being paid back to the Rothschilds with compounding interest all the time. As a conservative estimate, the Rothschilds are now worth over 100 trillion dollars.  All countries worldwide have this same big problem, since almost all have a Rothschilds owned Central Bank. The Rothschilds are trying to reinforce their power by getting the the TPP signed into law. Further, the Rothschilds are attempting to rule globally using a World Currency. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is also associated with the Rothschilds.

    The Rothschilds are going to intentionally crash the dollar to try to trick Americans into accepting a World Currency that they control, therefore, they MUST be stopped.

    Since they own all of the Global Central Banking, they loot the money to pay for the gradual Purge they are deploying.

    Climate engineering(causes alzheimer’s, autism, cancer), vaccines(causes autism and cancer), GMO(causes autism and cancer), fluoride in the water(causes low IQ, and cancer), poison pharmaceuticals, economic crashes, wars, full control of the media and bribery of the government, and also nullification of the Constitution are how they are implementing this gradual Purge.

    Privately owned Central Banking is the principle mechanism which precipitates the Rothschilds endless looting and must be abolished, all countries must create SOVEREIGN currencies and public national banks to stop the Rothschilds from having total control over countries and funding this gradual Purge which they hope will enable them to achieve global control by using banks as a World Government.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Excellent information and summary of the situation we all face jim. Thank you. I think the more independent currencies we have the better for all nations and people. (that's the way it was for centuries and it worked just fine, remember folks?) We're just basically passing THEIR 'toilet paper' money as things are set up currently. I love using that term- I can not take credit for it; I heard it elsewhere. Things work when each party honors their commitment, or individual 'contract' ( whatever they agree on) with one another- be it a trade of goods or services performed, etc.)  As long as both parties are satisfied with the transaction results that is all that truly matters. The Native People traded 'wampum' beads or made exchange of goods and services. We also have precious metals. I totally agree we need to eject the current fraudulent monetary system we have all been placed under which causes us to become slaves. I look hopefully to the future for new solutions to come forth from the many great minds around the globe working on these problems. I love to read what the many followers on this site have to say. So many brilliant minds and caring hearts. Thanks Dane for uniting us all in this most important cause of 'putting the pedal to the metal' to save our beautiful Mother Earth and thanks to everyone for their individual efforts. I can't help but feel- It Matters! – whatever the outcome.

    • Hello Jim: Whilst I agree that the Rothschild group is implicated in the debt slavery of mankind, they do not act alone. There is the Swiss UBS group, massive capital "interests" controlled by the Vatican, Barkley's bank group of Great Brittan, and the list goes on and on. The World's economy is based on debt service and rationed asset distribution under threat of military retaliation.

      Putting all this aside, the problem comes down to plain human ignorance. Society has allowed itself to be enslaved by the pathetic illusion of rightful "authority". No one should have any authority over another person, period. When people cower before the illusion of daddy authority, the result is always the same.

      Here's an example of how the Pentagon protects us from biological warfare: >

      Pentagon admits 24 US labs, 2 foreign states received live anthrax shipments — RT USA


      When military employees are this slovenly and incompetent, does it mean should we continue to cower before the majesty of their intellects?

    • Jack says:

      Is this Jim from

      I can't help but think climate engineering is (if it reaches critical mass awareness) is just part of the playbook.

      It fits the "problem – reaction – solution strategy" all too well.

      This is warfare, and there is always new weapons technology that is used on or revealed to humanity, take the atom bomb for example, this technology was unthinkable up until its use.

      The power structure plays chess, the masses play checkers.

      Most of the technology the masses are given is obsolete, as are most of the ideas about society, the plans were put in place decades ago.

      Unfortunately, the planners must have thought through this scenario of mass awakening, where do they plan to drive the herd?

      It would appear that most of the world population will be reduced dramatically in the next 50 – 100 years.

      Just some food for thought, Jack.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jack, just for the record (mathmatically speaking) if we stay on the current trajectory human populations will plummet in the next few years, all life on Earth may be gone by 2050 or much sooner. We must wake the sleeping masses and completely change course or we have no chance. Lets make every day count in this fight.

  35. Rachel Robson says:

    Marc, hi and I'm with you in knowing how laborious the legal bit is bound to be, if it even happens.  As a Native, it's never worked before.  Not in our favor.  No favors from these people.

    Dane, guess you didn't fully read my post as I said "no time to rest on laurels".  In fact, I do doubt if any progress can be made, given who is in charge, ie: the military.  I am grateful for your appeals to them.  That might help.  Or not.  It's a bit like banging one's head on a brick wall, isn't it.  Even if someone listens and wakes.  Of course I know how much more needs doing and I Am doing.

    Dog aka db, Hello and welcome out of or into more confusion!  This is all a sticky wicket.  So many factors.  When I last checked, you can read about Jade Helm 15 at the military's own site.  First they said 5 states: in southern CA, Arizona, Texas, southern CO, and Nevada.  Then, they upped it to 7.  Louisiana and?  Freaky.  At least you've found a place to share what you've been seeing and I am very much looking forward to your observations!

    Marc again, It really is a big deal what Kylie Jenner has done.  We need young people in this and she just reached one heck of alot of them in one fell swoop.  How can that be bad?  And she's young yet and deserves not to be judged on the basis of her family.  But in defense of that show, one reason it is so popular is how very many touchy subjects they bring to light and make public.  Embarrassing, but…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, to be clear, the legal steps are for the primary purpose of forcing media to cover this issue. Whatever the outcome of any legal action, or not, it is about reaching critical mass of awareness.

  36. Marc says:

    As exciting as the prospect of "high visibility" litigation will be to our cause, I am traditionally a "glass half-empty" kind of guy. Look at how EXXON has tied up the courts for decades with their irresponsible legal bullshit. Look at BP and their endless efforts to wiggle out of paying up for their incompetence. The list is long. These guys have armies of lawyers at their beck and call. Comments here are spot on regarding the need to keep spreading awareness of this atrocity. Keeping up the "pressure". It's really all we CAN do, in the face of such monstrous and devastating power and control. 

      On my bike ride this morning, I became aware, as usual, of jets flying pretty damn high and spreading trails that "dissipated" maybe about 30-40 jet-lengths behind the jet. Clever bastards. But what struck me as I stopped and watched one jet in particular, as it flew directly overhead, was the sheer unadulterated inanity of it all. The absolute absurdity of this alleged attempt to " mitigate the effects of global warming". I am calling them out on their bullshit! Lies! Lies! Anyone with even half a brain can figure out that these operations imply an extremely sinister agenda, given the extreme toxicity of the aerosol content. Even the likes of Kylie Jenner can figure this one out. Which, by the way, on a socio-cultural level, I find her tweet a wee bit suspicious on the other hand, on account of the general "caliber " of her public personality as it relates to "legitimacy". In any event, that whole sideshow is still quite interesting and possibly…….helpful to our cause at the end of the day.

  37. Margriet O'Regan says:

    I'm literally sobbing with relief ………….

    Over here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia "they"  haven't been 'striping' our skies for many months now BUT FINALLY TODAY OUR SKIES WERE ALL STRIPEY AGAIN.

    Not that they haven't been controlling our weather – central Queensland is having the worst drought on record with 1 farmer a week on average suiciding & the banks foreclosing on 3 or 4 on average per week too………."They" have just been using less obvious ways to do it – or striping so high we can't see it.

    Thanx all – thanx Dane …………..

    • Michel B says:

      Hello Margriet, I also live in Brisbane. They did indeed blatantly stripe our skies yesterday, the most blatant I can remember. Parallel lines horizon to horizon, the sky resembling a zebra's hide and all day it was like this. The HAARPed clouds were still very prevalent last night.

      But as for the skies not being striped for many months that doesn't mean we weren't being sprayed. The sky has not been the colour it should be, deep blue, but has persistently been silvery, whitish blue with the horizons exhibiting that dirty look as we are looking through the thickest aspect of it from our standpoints.

      They have previously been very covert in the way they have been spraying us. Several weeks ago I happened to be up very early on a Sunday morning looking to the predawn east and I could see very plainly the whited sky with feinter lines filling it, especially more visible at the point where the sun was going to rise.

      The older people have forgotten what skies used to look like and the younger never knew. I am in the middle and because I learned about geoeongineering, I have been reminded that we did indeed have blue skies years ago. I had not noticed the change until I found out on the internet about this topic.

      Yes, Queensland's drought is missing largely from our media. Look at the usual front page news of our disgusting local newspaper, The Courier Mail. It's usually football, or IS or some really pathetic irrelevancy. The game is rigged from top to bottom. All we can do is do our best to alert others through as many various means as possible.

    • joy roggenkamp says:

      Here in the border ranges I have noticed a decrease in the trails flowing. But they are still coming not as urgent. The frequency may be adjusted according to the season. In summer more night time raids that pass by unnoticed. But they always coincide with rain coming up from the southern Pacific ocean and hitting the east coast. Its here that the rain is redirected to a major weather pattern or it disperses  before it can touch our interior. May 2015 

  38. Killer Dana says:

    Dane ,

    Thank You for your service .

    Today in Jackson , California , the spraying was pure Evil . Some of the worst I have seen in the last ten years . I can not help to think about all the poor sheep that are now being finished off .

    The Mokolomie Water Shed is now completely poisoned with morgellons fibers . I will have to boil the water to 3000 + Degrease  to kill the pathogen and try and clean up the water . The  EPA with their new clean water act will all will be held accountable. That is my duty to make sure they get what they have a comming .

    This poison being sprayed on us must stop ,,,, and it needs to stop now .

    Thank You Dane ,

    we need more in the fight .


  39. Diana Moss says:

    The laugh of the day:  The President went to Florida to confer with the weather people there who are knowledgeable about hurricanes so that he can explain to America how to prepare for and deal with hurricanes.  The talk is about climate change but climate change without any mention about WHY we are experiencing such greatly enhanced storms.  No mention of geoengineering.  This is like keeping the animals in the  barn when you already have advanced knowledge that lightening is going to strike. Sure. it is nice to know what to do in case of a hurricane but it would be better to stop the manipulation of weather.  Those who lost their lives in Texas due to unusual storms could have used some advance warnings but it would help in Texas if people woke up and stopped listening to FOX. 

    • Frank says:

      Good catch Diana Moss.For the fourth time since February, President Barack Obama is set to be in Florida. He goes to the National Hurricane Center in Miami to bring attention to the opening of hurricane season, which officially starts Monday.     

      He is also there to talk about the  need for action on climate change. How covenant as Obama could say I told you so about climate change.  What action could be taken this summer as Florida hasn't been hit by a Hurricane since 2005. I surely will be watching Florida this summer for any home brew storms to form. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Frank, for the record, cyclones in the Atlantic basin have been actively suppressed since the 05/06 season. Such suppression has a very negative impact on the planet overall.

    • Frank says:

      I agree totally Dane that cyclones can be suppressed, enhanced and steered. The weather warfare has been used on us all and the power structure can inflict great harm at will. Project stormfury is a prime example and started in the 60's. What the power structure has now with scalar weapons is beyond mosts reality.

  40. Dog aka db says:

    Thanks to the guys and gals! This has helped me realize with my own eyes! Siffting the baby from the bath water has helped me see the this and that!  CO is out of jade helm? 4000 moving south to the CO/NM border to practice! I just notice a lot of a lot going on and do not understand why I feel like I am a lone nut! I have so much that I want to say about a lot of what I see! I feel like it is going to get goofie and soon?! Heck, I think is already is! I went back to an area in CO, Spring Creek Pass, and beetles have done a massive amount of damage! With the help of them! To me it is so unbelievably obvious that it has me questioning my sanity! This and others sites has been a GOD send! It is easier to conform! Yet hard to deny! I see so many that do! Anyway? What to do? Yada, yada, waa, waa! Thanks to all!

  41. Rachel Robson says:

    Well Dane, you've all but done it!  Congratulations!  Such endless, tireless work finally paying off in hopes of ending this, in gaining the much desired critical mass, and a cadre of informed and able persons to take this further in law.  Well done!  I was also pleased to hear you talk about the Navy's tricks on our coasts, but nearly threw up when you mentioned they are using depleted uranium in their war practice on coast.  In fact I've been nauseous ever since, and feel my skin crawling.  I thought what I knew of what the Navy was doing along the coasts was horrible to begin with, kept being amazed that no one else seemed to know or care.  Oddly, never crossed my mind they'd be using depleted uranium.  What they've done with the stuff so far, our whole military and now the police force? is terrifying.  What lunatic thought this was okay to use on California's coast, or any coast?!  Goodbye seashore forever?  And just when I thought it could not get worse.  I mean I knew it could, but did not see this one coming.  I guess I am not cruel enough to grasp that possibility, to even imagine it.  Not saying the rest isn't horrible, just that this way ups the ante.

    So pleased to hear about Kylie Jenner's tweet to 9 and one half million people!  To hear how it resonates with young people.  That too is huge.

    Progress does not mean time to rest on laurels.  Good to hear things are about to take a much more positive turn but have trouble believing it.  We can't let up now.  I'm not clear from this talk where the legal people are going with this.  How we are going to stop this, despite critical mass?  Our whole system is sick.  The entire world choking on poisonous assaults from every direction.  Even if we stop this, how do we clean up the mess they have made?  I suggest that we only support leaders who have a plan for healing our poisoned, quite thoroughly poisoned planet.  First we stop the assaults.  That, though, is just the beginning.  Hopefully, we will be knowing each other and working together on this for a long long time–when geoengineering is stopped! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, thank you for your support, but it is important to remember that we have immense and unimaginable challenges ahead of us at best. We do have big wheels beginning to turn, but we have great obsticles still to overcome. Lets all keep our focus sharp and not back off a bit.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

       "I'm not clear from this talk where the legal people are going with this.  How we are going to stop this, despite critical mass?"

      That's what the rest of us here are trying to figure out. 

      Chop wood, carry water. 

      So help them

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, once the climate engineering issue is fully exposed, everyone on the planet will understand they are fighting for their lives. The families of military personel will realize they are also being poisoned by the spraying, everyone on the planet has already been irreparably harmed. If we can reach critical mass, you will see a shock wave around the globe like no other. Our challenges would not be over by any stretch, but we would be in a position to bring the spraying to a halt once those participating refuse to do so any longer.

  42. JR says:

    There is a new documentary about to come out. It's called "Offline" and talks about the EMP's. As if HAARP is already not compounding the problem which could happen at anytime. Our power grid is not protected here in U.S.A. No water, Fukushima ready to happen here at any given moment with all our Nuclear Power Plants. Rain clouds east of EL Paso, Texas being steered further East of this city.

  43. Gwen says:

    Dear Dane,

    I have just listened to a 6 hour interview on the Lost Arts Radio Show (#13, #15,  and #17) and just as I had suspected, there is mention of specific cell towers being connected to HAARP.   This one in particular (#17 part 3 of the interview with Mr. Barrie Trower), is on a University campus!  My guess is that cell towers are going to be (if not already) part of the weather control grid.  I would love to hear a radio show with you and Barrie Trower and I am sure the Lost Arts Radio Show would love to speak with you as well.

    All of you here are in our prayers.


    • cares4all says:

      Yes, some "cell towers" will be (or are now used with the new "Space Fence" interface (SSDS)—which includes the new and improved digital HAARP technologies. See: USAF Space Fence contract with Lockheed and Raytheon.

  44. Melody Meachum says:

    This may be the real dam buster that Dane & so many other activists have worked many, many TIRELESS years for.

    Until just recently, the law of exponential numbers have worked against all of us. Maybe now exponential numbers will be in our favor!

    I humbly submit that God detests the destruction of the earth & the heavens He created. Here I'm speaking specifically to Christians…a top priority should be speaking out in defense of honoring and supporting earth-care, not silence. I just don't get that! The Bible tells us that God gave our earth to us for care and nurturing! Please get on board like many have already done who post/read @ Dane's site and elsewhere!

  45. Diana Moss says:

    AWESOME!!!  To all involved, please share the appreciation of all of the viewers on this site. and to Dane for his unrelenting assault on the crimes being committed against humanity.   I to read about K.K. and what she wrote about wondering what it was she saw on her way to work.  I was appalled at the comments that were made at the end of the article, not only were they extremely distasteful they were barely intelligible   and it makes me wonder if the chemicals have already played a part in the 'numbing down' of brain cells.  I have never kept up the K's but at least this young lady has a curiosity and questions things.  She may inadvertently make a bigger name for herself by her curiosity than by her acting.

  46. Ransom Thomas says:

    Dane, great news that we are making headway.Here in W.V  i will be meeting with legislatures here to propose a bill like the state of R.I has done in regards to geoengineering.I will keep you updated  on my progress with this.I am with you.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ransom Thomas, hello and please tell me/us more about the bill in RI.  I want to know details such as who is responsible for bringing it up, and what exactly does it say?  Very interesting, as is your effort!  Thank you!  R

  47. Lee berry says:

    Thanks  again Dane,there's going to be a landslide of professional people wanting to help once they have been awaken from there very busy life's ,it's took a long time but I think you and the brave academic people who are the key to widespread awareness,I like many people am  uneducated grown up on incity council estate ,I am no scientist I had no interest  in world events and was just plodding along in the every struggling that that most people get caught up in ,with no time to worrie about the bigger picture,but I am extremely disappointed in the academic denial of this obvious attack on us the planet and it inhabitants,and PLS to all you will above average intelligence if I can see and understand the geoengineering and weather modification programs are as real as death  so we're are you ,it's time now for the academic community  to stand up and help people like Dane to validate his extensive knowledge of this omnicide,Remember this ,I am a dad and wanrt them who would poison my children and those who helped to cover it up to pay don't be left holding that smoking is the time for the geeks to stand up and b heros and heroines WE NEED YOU ✌️


  48. PLT says:

    Woo-hoo!  Dane, thank you for satisfying Mr. Scott's concerns without letting the focus get shattered.  Your ability to coordinate, clarify, and push forward is truly amazing.  Beyond amazing!  The world owes you immense gratitude, and congratulations.  We are with you 100%, to the end!

    • I agree with so many here and just wanted to stop and say THANK YOU DANE and to say I agree with everything PTL has said. God's speed to you and yours and I pray you stay well to the end. 


  49. Ralph Ely says:

    Even though some "big guns" are now involved we need to keep pushing everyday and every way, as we have been, to "kick this legal action into high gear" and end the GeoEngineering genocide.

    Time is not on our side. Remember, Legal practitioners and The Courts understand "critical mass"

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ralph Ely, can you tell me exactly what constitutes critical mass?  Does it mean more than 50%, or? what?  Thanks.  I always seem to learn something from you.  R

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, there is no set percentage for “critical mass”. But the premice is this, once there is a “break in the damn” of silence and disinformation that cannnot be stopped, we are there. That point is near.

  50. barbara larkin says:

    This brings joy to my heart, I can’t express enough my gratitude and sense of hope for the natural world and all life , thank you for all you are doing and continue to do, with deep respect for you I will play my humble role in trying to raise awareness. god bless you sir !

  51. Kristina says:

    Why are we not paying for billboards in every major city exposing geoengineering?  I imagine one that just says, "LOOK UP! Geoengineering!"  I wish this phrase was sprayed all over every blank space possible until it is not able to be ignored any longer.  Why are we all being so relaxed?  We need to act faster.  We need to do something drastic.  They won't/are not allowed to talk about it on the news.  People deserve to be made aware of what is being done to them.  I can't even breathe anymore.  I was a healthy person.  It's not right.  Let's get creative.  Let's be bold.  What can we do fast?

    • Kathy says:

      Kristina, I agree that Billboards should be put up in all major, and minor cities. Unfortunately, there is no "they" who are going to do it for us. Individuals need to take responsibility for educating their communities. I put up a billboard in my community, and I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. People say they can't afford it. Where there's a will  there is a way. We cannot afford not to.

    • Patricia Kimbrell says:

      With all due respect Christina, I can't imagine WHO exactly you are referring to when you say  "we are all being so relaxed". Those that I know and am involved with are anything BUT relaxed, in fact, they are working tirelessly and at great personal expense. 

  52. DAVID DARBY says:

    2 years Ive been acquainted with #chemtrails and ionization devices HAARP in #sandiego and I do get sick with flu like syptoms, the trees are dying and falling apart right before my eyes in my community and now Im very achy everyday from breathing in these particulates and I also know when its going on I can feel it at night and also the VLF HUM caused by the govts multiple purposes for its use at my expense as well as ionization heating of the atomosphere to direct the moisture. Maybe it will go away and I can feel better in time. This is really picking up momo though for sure. Civiliztion is a heat engine and automobiles internal combustion engine is well designed to produce the highest possible CO2% an the rest as H2O both green house gases. BTW you can catch the European Space Agency Climate Symposium again for the next 2 days live via this link CLIMATE CHANGE pacific time starts at 5:30am and also goes on into FRIDAY. Check your local time via google vrs CEST time.

  53. Abe says:

    What does chemtrails, vaccines, and GMO's have in common? Why not unite ALL 3 groups in a legal action?

    Autism Explained Synergistic Poisoning from Aluminum and Glyphosate, by Dr. Stephanie Seneff
    Factor GMO – Is Your Safety Trial Contaminated by Glyphosate?

  54. susan says:

    I'm in!  I am going to raise money to take out a billboard or two to bring up awareness about this.  I'll be in touch…

  55. Superb conference Dane!!! Thank you to all who are working on this effort. I've been researching legal angles related to involutary electromagnetic exposures and public health. Not to bore you…

    Here's something to consider:

    Excerpted from:Ultrahazardous activity – Wikipedia

    ["An ultra hazardous activity in the common law of torts is one that is so inherently dangerous that a person engaged in such an activity can be held strictly liable for injuries caused to another person, even if the person engaged in the activity took every reasonable precaution to prevent others from being injured. In the Restatement of the Law 2d, Torts 2d, the term has been abandoned in favor of the phrase "inherently dangerous activity." "]

  56. Earth Angel says:

    Amen- Its about time we score one for the good guys!  Blessings and thanks to all those helping to fight this critical battle for planet earth.  🙂

  57. Marc says:

    Palms together in Galaxy-wide NAMASTE for the sacred work of Dane Wigington, whose commitment and exhaustive efforts on behalf of not only us, but ALL living things in  this world, is a daily inspiration and one of the few things that keep me motivated in this fight. Please watch your backside at all times, Dane; I would be lying if I said I don't fear for your safety. Please be careful and stay well, because quite frankly, the whole world needs your voice and your leadership. Thank you, again, for all you are doing.

  58. eric pastorino says:

    hopefully we have time to stop these monsters that have no conscience

    when they continue to spray our skies.


    also of vital importance as far as timing is concerned is  the fast approaching

    jade helm 15 action soon to happen as soon as june 15th this year

    these monsters have confused some of our military ino thinking that the true us patriots are the enemy!!

    the acion that they are taking to  influence the cause of the heavy rains in texas and oklahoma gives them a wide open door to come in with martial law to clean up or corral the disaster. that coupled with the drought in california and the cold weather in the eastern us last winter has worked well in their favor to confuse us into thinking that

    this is a result of global warming.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Eric, there is no doubt that all weather is being impacted by the geoengineers, and the Texas weather is not an accident. It is important to also remember that the planet is rapidly warming at the same time, climate engineering is making the overall warming far worse. The equation is complex.

    • Darci Biason says:

      Well said Eric Pastorino. I've thought the same thing.

  59. Jan Sheets says:

    You are an amazing man and I have followed your website for 2 years …. and tonight was what I was waiting to hear….The spraying in Las Vegas today and last night was frightening …. people were standing outside their homes and  "looking up"…. and were awe struck!

  60. CM says:

    I am so hopeful that this has reached a critical point! I live in Reno and am so happy everytime I see the Geoenginering Watch billboard on I80. I just know that it is being viewed by massive amounts of people each day! There has not been as much spraying here lately which is awesome! The sky has returned to the dark blue color that I have always loved about Nevada. I get so utterly pissed off when I see them spraying the sky! It has been nice to have a break from it all!

  61. Angel_Jacksonville_Florida says:

    Thank you for everything you’ve done,
    I want Geo Engineering to be stopped and hold accountable who ever is responsible.

  62. Nicole and Family says:

    One for the good guys. Hold tight and stay strong! 

  63. anotherAnon says:

    This is great news. I will keep doing what I’m doing on this end, but congrats to all who are speaking out. Thanks Dane.

  64. Concerned in Cali says:

    And we have a wildcard that I think a lot of people didn't expect to hear from .. Kylie Jenner of Kardashian fame posted her concerns about Chemtrails on her Twitter acct. think of her what you will but she has thousands of followers many of them young .. I think she is brave for speaking out . She has already gotten a lot of heat from various news sources for posting .

    • Renee says:

      She sure did, when on May 25th, Kylie Jenner used her Twitter account to re-post an all out assault on geoengineering. The post is a picture of an aerosol crisscrossed sky with the following quote, "Lets ask ourselves….Why did I see 75 planes spraying white stuff into the sky on my 15 minute drive to work? Who pays for this and why is it happening? Is something being exterminated here? Is that something me? Does this have anything to do with why Honey Bee's are dying off really fast? Why are some days normal with no planes spraying and others look like this? Who is responsible? What effect will this have on our health and our children\'s future? WHO THE F#*% THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? Am I the only one who sees this?" Kylie's post can be seen here and
      she has 9,414,042 followers on her twitter feed. I pray her tweet spreads like a bush fire among her followers. Kylie Jenner's tweet is all the rage with my three young adult children, who are already awake, and now believe Kylie could help wake up their peers. Dane, from the bottom of my family's heart, thank you for being the front-line of this, the most important battle EVER, in I believe the entire history of the world.

    • CM says:

      great point, but i wanted to clarify that Kylie Jenner has over 9 million twitter followers! That is an amazing number of young people who were handed this message by someone they idolize so I am soooo hopeful many more people will be waking up, gettting angry, and demanding action!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Well, and that explains why the media is having a Heyday trying to get everyone to focus on the former BRUCE Jenner– most idiots with their sick "normalcy" bias will be too amused by that sideshow to notice the crap sprayed over their heads 24/7/365 to notice that Kylie's pointing it out.  Just villify the former Bruce. 


    Dane,  we've never expected anything less from a person so passionate & dedicated to our environment such as you. For anyone who denies the facts of these covert Gov./Military Aerosol operations currently in full force, it's time for you to all wake up to the reality that these programs are fully existent and our hope is to put an end to these GeoEngineering programs once and for all.  Many thanks to Dane Wigington for his tireless efforts, credible data and extremely informative knowledge in waking the public!  Now we need the Military to awaken to the reality as they too will soon come to realization that these programs are doing more harm and destroying all life on our planet.  

  66. Bija says:

    This is what I have been waiting to hear!

    Thanks to the army of Goodness and Truth that will stand up to these forces for evil that have driven humanity and all life on Planet Earth to the brink out of their malavolent greed and lust for power. 

    I have never been a joiner, but I am so pleased to be a small part of this movement to put an end to climate geoengineering. Remember…IF YOU ARE NOT SAYING NO, YOU ARE SAYING YES!

  67. Laura Sutton says:

    It's been a while since I've shed any tears of happiness….HUGE congratulations to all committed active people out there…Please let us know how/when we can help!!!  This makes my day…and more. 

  68. Pat says:


    This is such awesome news!  Please let us know if we need to sign petitions or contribute in any way to this cause.  Thank you for always continuing to fight this battle!!!


    • Dayid says:

      Thanks DW, this is something i did not know.Since last nov.2014,when i saw it for myself, in the sky above me,at work.I very mad about this outlaw action in the sky.I am American, that has no meaning. Chemgeoseeding, what ever its call. looks, dangerous and is very much so..65 years or 100 Years, Don t matter. W hat i see its bad, I am telling  people about this,some just say its jets. What ever they are; inhuman..are out to kill us here on  earth. GA. GROVETOWN,GA.  is about every day  the hell is coming out of jets planes, Heavy Metals is in the sky over my head everyday. i will be talking about this .   thank you for your drive to stop this.

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