The ‘T-Rex’ in the Room


The following is a comment which was posted on Zen Gardners’ site in response to an article titled; “Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering – The Invisible Elephant in the Room”. It was written by a reader named “Betty”.  Her comment so clearly addresses the seriousness of the geoengineering issue, that we felt it deserved center stage:


‘The Invisible Elephant in the Room’ If only I could express all that I know and have been through pertaining to this. I am and have been in academia for over 30 years, it is no longer what it once was. My saying in these times is: “See no truth, hear no truth, speak no truth”. Attempting to speak on this topic I was threatened.  I continued and was threatened again and “written” up. Sounds insane doesn’t it? Why? Simple, so much of the research going on in these “institutions” are things like GMO.  This is so related.  If their little drones (students) found out and began to wake up, they might actually start to question what they are doing and this little slave system would be rocked.

I refer to this geoengineering program as being the T-Rex in the living room. This is the principle technology these “entities”–whoever or whatever they may be, are using to take control of planet earth. In so doing, our “home” is being destroyed. It has/is eroding the health of our planet, all its flora, fauna as it unravels the web/balance of earth’s biological systems.

I keep wondering what the hell is wrong with everyone. I can/have seen this fallout on my car, in rain and in the air itself for over 2 years (having access to a microscope has helped though it can still be seen with the naked eye). My family and friends have had numerous unusual sinus, respiratory infections along with dizziness, headaches and fatigue. this is a multi-edged sword.

The taking away of the sun can not be over-stated—all life needs this to remain healthy and thrive, without it we get sick both physically and emotionally. Everything remains dank and damp and I have noticed a proliferation of molds and mildew which is also a health risk.

I began noticing and feeling a stillness in the spring of 2011 as did several others I know. The birds and animals are exhibiting unusual and sick behavior, insects have diminished in large numbers and species as have our birds. Lately I have noticed birds are staying on the ground or low to the ground–species such as hawks, crows and vultures. I believe it is due to all this charged energy and frequencies in the atmosphere as this behavior and the satellite images coincide—I know as I follow the satellite maps daily.

Then there is the inhalation of all this crap they are releasing in the air we breathe. As you know, it has now contaminated the entire planet–the soil, the waters and all living organisms. This is a toxic soup of both metallic oxides, nanoparticles, fibers, biologicals and electromagnetic energies we are now being exposed to daily. This deadly combination of factors is eroding our immune systems.

On the Visible satellite maps as well as many of the cloud formations viewed with the naked eye, one can see these wave patterns in the “clouds”, I see them every day now where I live and on many areas on the N. American continent and the oceans. From what I have observed, this is going 24/7 and has been for quite some time.

It is so bizarre to those in the matrix who are indoctrinated and plugged into the hive/media. They cannot believe it, will not believe it–a combination of cognitive dissonance, ignorance and apathy. Many, especially those under 40, when approached with this topic will outright laugh and walk away. This is not only ignorance but disrespect for others not to mention a closed mind and intolerance for any other viewpoint. Sadly most in this area I live in are sleep-walking.

Countless millions are aiding and abetting this evil by working for and promoting this research in academia and corporations. What we are up against is daunting to say the least.

In conclusion here are some things one can do:

  • Speak to people, at the supermarkets, stores wherever– Use your intuition–It will guide you as to who can be approached.
  • Be informed so as not to discredit the truth.
  • Give cards, handouts with the best links and sites.
  • Make bumper stickers, I have never seen one person do this yet.* Putting on one for example would be a prime example.
  • I have joined FBook, I hesitated knowing it is really (FBI) book, but have met and reached many folks this way.
  • One can join freedom force international. I did 2 years ago, they will put you in touch with other enlightened souls in your area. I have met and made some great friends this way.

Use your imagination and go out and be a warrior of truth and enlightenment — and never stop learning and questioning all you know and read. Use your heart and your gut as well as your head.


*We are working on getting some bumper stickers put together which we hope to have available for pre-order by the end of the week!




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