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Thunder Snow with Blizzard Nemo on Middle Island, NY


2 Responses to Thunder Snow with Blizzard Nemo on Middle Island, NY

  1. Karen Foote says:

    Nice catch.
    I have only seen this for myself in the last couple of years. I guess others have seen it before this, but some “weatherpeople” still get excited so it must not be that “common.”

    I know it surprised me. The color has been different than we would usually see also.

    Thanks for the pic!
    Take care

  2. I’ve been in Venice, FL since 01Jan2013 and have seen countless numbers of chemtrails going on. I try to point it out to people but most just think I’m a conspericey theorist. The week before Nemo hit the northeast it was daily and it looked like a tic-tac-toe sky.

    Why do our congress people allow this and why are they not telling us what they are spraying. I’m sure they will say it’s for Homeland security !! We need to stop this !!

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