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Geoengineering Jets

An Overview Of Chemtrails
(Aerospace Engineers Verify Geoengineering / Chemtrails)

History Channel

Discovery Channel




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  1. My started tbis battlw in the lat 50s an i took up thw cause in 1989 when i got on board when i found out that they were killing hour farm across theUSA by spraying Al my nefrw an i spent a year trying to stop it . I so glad that the movment in still on!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bryan says:

    If any one know’s how to write an indictment entered into the federal court with the clerk on the public law side and you put your owen imbosser you know what I am saying, your seal and make the list of every compeny and And capitalize every NAME and there TITTLE indicting all of them for destroying and causing an earreversable destuction and death and desrution to every living thing on this earth and devistate the entire univers.Toy make copy’s and send out under sertifide mail with a cover letter telling them that they have 20 day’s to resond but they won’t do it because they would show all of there fraudulent act’s and the another 20 day’s but this time telling them that there in default and then and then put arrest charges to the sheriff Dep. and put leins on every thing they have and there property’s and pull there bank account’s and pull ther funding. Look,they have been takeing life away from the whole earth so we have no choice but to stop what they are doing all for the greed of there little investment so insted of loosing some toy’s along the way, and takeing some cut’s and scrape’sthey insist to hang on to it even at the caust of life it self so if they can’t be fare with life it self then just take all of there toy’s away from themso they don’t hert anything any moreThis is our earth so Take it back. The bibile say’s God gave those evail one’s 1260 years well it comes out to figer in our time of year’s,but for them to rain over all the earth and after that they have no power so now they are scard of us that is why they are working on killing every thing for there servival but it’s not us they have to face but it is our creater but they don’t know that. Do you think some body aut to tell them ?It mite save some of them but just like us not all of them.The bible say’ the pit they build to put us in will be the pit they will be in, not us. any way there time ended 2011 so that is why now they keep getting caught at what they are doing.We do not ask there permission or in there privitear court’s to do or say any thing because we are the autority now walking in true love.Do not use an attorny or you loos your authority becase that is consent I DO NOT CONSENt to there rule’s, code’s or there
    regulation’sbecause that is all a privit corperation I go by public law because I am alive and they are the deadand don’t go to there court you can only sumon the dead don’t open it send it back and stop useing your LAST NAME that haw they inslaved us use first middle only because that’s our proper name.Capital First letter in your Name’s only I pray that you will all as I am one with you and all of you is one with me that you will take this and run this for the heaven’s and beond. They took our freedom Take it back!

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