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Aerospace Engineers Verify Global Geoengineering Operation with Chemtrails


“Case Orange” Document

6 Responses to Aerospace Engineers Verify Global Geoengineering Operation with Chemtrails

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  2. Pat McHenry says:

    What an interesting document. It lends very credible basis for complex spraying programs. Is there some responsible oversight committee? Have the scientists reached any conclusions about the effectiveness of their experiments? Is there concern about the high levels of Aluminum being reported and the damage it can cause to human health, animals and plants? Soil and water test results are proof that chemical experiments are going on. To me it doesn’t seem likely that such extremely high levels of Al could occur naturally by blowing dust or forest fires, in Shasta Co., as some say. Do trees contain high levels of Al? I really don’t know. In the rocks and soil Al is bound with other chemicals, as in oxides and silicates, not in a pure state. The Aluminum found and tested should be examined microscopically to see if its origin can be ascertained. The secrecy, the taboo status given to this covert, world-wide experiment, by a (itself vaporous) timid national media, is scary and unnerving, considering the lack of intelligent discussion by almost all world scientists, unlike Professor Dr. Coen Vermeeren in this talk.

  3. john miller. New Hampshire, U.S.A. says:

    yes methane is the point of the spraying to create global threat that the scumbags can “save us from”. We strong men must take action on private level of their lives.

  4. dennis says:

    this video was excelent the seeding should be stoped now but i fear it maybe to late as already the weather seems out of control I think the public should be told the full facts of what is going on i have noticed the chemtrails and pointed them out to friends and family so if you see them do the same I hope to be getting more involved in this by finding out more until then thanks for the report

  5. john orvets says:

    When the methane goes – we GO!! The spraying of nano chemicals into our air without any idea of the consequences is INSANE. When we reach the “TIPING PIONT” and the methane in our ocean floors and perma-frost is released we will be past the point of no return. We must STOP the spraying NOW before it is too late.

  6. JohnM says:

    excellent video thanks!

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