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Websites Reveal Shocking Truth about Chemtrails









Recently,  official-appearing notices were circulated in the City of Kelowna and City of Penticton alerting the population that jets are spraying chemicals which have been tested to be toxic to soil, water and humans.

Suzie Anderson

July 30, 2013

Sadly the use of city logos were forged but the information on these notices is true and well documented. Whoever circulated these notices was well informed.

There is a tremendous amount of  scientific data accessible via the internet at californiaskywatch.org, agriculture defense.org, thrive movement.com and environmentalvoices.org.

All are excellent sources of unfiltered information. Unfortunately there is a media blackout firmly in place and the scientists who are proponents of aerosol geoengineering are compartmentalized and do not appear to be overseen by anyone.

Throughout my life I’ve been aware, observant and appreciative of the environment near and far.

When I first heard about chemtrails (aerosol geoengineering) I was in denial, which is a normal human response to information that one doesn’t want to hear or believe.

When I saw these trails daily over my valley and observed beautiful clear blue mornings becoming murky, hazy, low overcast skies by mid day I began to search for information.

I learned that these persistent contrails, which is another name for aerosol geoengineering have been seen all over the world since the late 1990s.

In educating  myself I’ve learned some most alarming facts. California skywatch.org and agriculturedefence.org  scientists report that the snow of Mount Shasta is 60,000 parts per million of aluminum oxide. Indigenous trees and plants are dying, growing food is becoming difficult.

Soil samples have revealed high levels of aluminum, barium salts, strontium and soil pH is rapidly becoming alkaline.

Alzheimers has risen 260 per cent in Riverside, CA, over 10 years and respiratory mortality has moved from No. 8 to No. 3 in a period of six years.  Aerosol geoengineering of chemical particulates has been heavy over California for years.

The website geoengineeringwatch.org reports that the sun’s rays have decreased 22 per cent in 10 years.  Weather modification seems to be the motive by the compartmentalized aerosol geoengineers.  In an attempt to reflect the sun’s rays away from Earth by spraying tons of particulates the opposite effect is happening.

Published NASA studies show the reflective cocoon is holding the heat at night, not allowing Earth’s natural cooling and exacerbating  global warming.  Weather can and is being programed and modified with devastating results.

The  documentaries: What In the World Are They Spraying? and Why in the World Are They Spraying? by Truthmediaproductions.us are essential to learning the big picture.  Both are available online.

I urge everyone to inform themselves and ask who is responsible?

Who is profiting from the sales of chemicals?  Who is paying for this assault on our environment, our health and wellbeing of  generations to come?  Who is controlling the media blackout?  When one knows the answers, the whys become apparent.

The truth is unpleasant but only an informed population can act effectively.  A good place to start is by looking up at our sky and being curious about what you see.


27 Responses to Websites Reveal Shocking Truth about Chemtrails

  1. ANONYMOUS says:

    I have noticed chem trails often they are clearly distinctive in comparison to normal commercial planes. No one seems to give a damn. Everyone is so concerned about emissions but surprising enough no seems to be concerned about these flying factory chimneys..

    I was just outside with my girlfriend and the sky that was crystal clear blue 2 hours ago, is now hazed over with abnormal lined clouds and planes are crisscrossing streaks of white mist. Our future is going to be a whole lot different compared to our parents. There will be a mass depopulation I bet my left foot on it. AIDs and Ebola are also man engineered viruses lets be real they were both found in the second half of the century.(1950+) They were also first found in Africa coincidence? The nation most rattled with poverty.. if I were thinking in the mind of the elite I would consider them expendable I hate even to say that but I could see them thinking with this rationality. Now millions of people are dying from aids and we have the worst break out of Ebola in history. Sorry to say this folks but we are at the beginning of change. I hope I survive this genocide but who knows…

    Good luck to you all god bless

    Concerned human being and Canadian Citizen.

  2. Leo A says:

    I live in western New South Wales, Australia (Lithgow) where we have very little commercial air traffic overhead yet we are constantly getting a stream of checker boards in the local skies. I have thousands of photos of the resulting cloud cover and a few of the white, unmarked, silent jets spraying these toxic chemicals.
    After a heavy day of spraying recently, my old mulberry tree which was in it’s usual stage of spring flowering suddenly has all the exposed leaves turned back and crispy like they were burnt with some type of chemical. A naked flame doesn’t crisp the green leaves like they have. This took no more than 2 days to go from new leaves to black dead leaves and the branches have also started dying off. Strangely, the leaves underneath the tree which wouldn’t get as much exposure, are all still green and fresh.
    My cat is sick, my son and I are both sick with constant respiratory problems and personally I’d like to shoot everyone willingly involved.

    Last year when the spraying got heavy in spring, I sent emails to both the state and federal local members and mysteriously, the spraying disappeared for 3 months. When it resumed it was only small spurts between cloud cover but soon became the norm for these toxins.

    I’m taking it further within the next couple of days with numerous photographs and I’m going to email a few ministerial politicians and ask them why they are trying to kill us.

    As mentioned, “if I had a rocket launcher”. I also mentioned that to the 2 politicians I emailed last spring.

    The biggest problem are the deniers, people too stupid to want to know the truth and, while the government has thousands of citizens willing to call me an idiot and tell me they are just contrails, nothing will ever be done.

    I try to urge others in my small community to contact members of parliament but it seems to be too much trouble with exception of a friend who passed my exact email onto the same members after changing the name at the bottom. That would only serve to make me look like an idiot to the politicians….

  3. Chance says:

    Pls know this is all part of a grant scheme to depopulate. Practice makes perfect, and that scares the $%!? Out of me. Power corrupts, and these groups of elitists have had it for far to long. I understand how frustrating it can be, introducing what the majority of friends or coworkers would consider to be conspiracy theories. Seriously though!!! Are you seriously that naive?!?! Do you seriously not have a neck that rotates or eye balls!! Seriously! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in that so called benevolent blanket society provides for us that sometimes as a people we can forget the same ones that provide for you sometimes rape you! WWII

  4. Mike says:

    I believe it is time for the silent majority to speak up! If we do nothing, then we allow ourselves to get enslaved by the elite. We, the people, have a voice so let us use it!

    • admin says:

      I’m with you Mike!

    • Mike says:

      As a follow up: As we all know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so let’s all become squeaky wheels and make a lot of noise. Write your congressman, member of parliament, the president, prime minister, etc. ratchet up the pressure on these complicit people and let them know that they are not fooling anybody! People like them are scared rabbits and when pressured fold like the house of cards that they build. It is time for action, people. Let’s take back our lives, our planet, and our children’s future now!

  5. Rachel says:

    What I can’t wrap my head around is how the people responsible for this do not care that they are breathing the same air, their families are breathing the same air. How in the world is controlling the weather/climate more important than the human health concerns this creates?! This is not the way things were meant to be and playing God is not a good idea.

  6. Jason Halliwell says:

    This does not surprise me in the least. Another website that is drawing attention to the pernicious use of chemtrails is: http://akashictimes.co.uk/harvard-scientists-admit-using-chemtrails-to-block-the-sun/

    The fact that newspapers are starting to report on it is proof that this issue has been continuing for a long time

  7. Ben Sorelenson says:

    This is an invaluable tool in the hunt after chemtrail tankers. I have lived in a very small town in the interior of British Columbia for most of my life. I have watched and documented the chemtrails for about a decade now. Our town lies on the border in an East/ West valley which in the past witnessed possibly 5 to 10 planes a day during heavy air traffic. Now it is not at all uncommon to see 50 to 75 planes criss crossing our tiny valley! Where are all these planes going? Apparently no where because the site I have posted above gives both real time and 5 minute delays on all air traffic in any specific area one would like to investigate. The shocking part is that these chemtrail planes are not listed! So, they have no flight plans and no destination! How is it that our government has no concern about these ” ghost ” planes? Anyway people, the truth is staring us all in the face and the non-believers will soon be slapped in the face with their intentional IGNORANCE! Use this flight tracker site to prove the planes are flying without permission and REPORT them! Our children are sicker than ever before in the last four years our once thriving garden is harder and harder to grow, the trees arer sick and dying and my wife and children cough and sneeze constantly. Of course the doctors are at a loss. “It’s allergies” they say. All year through….yeah right! Strange how on heavy flight weeks the symptoms are so much worse! God how I hate them!!
    ” IF I HAD A ROCKET LAUNCHER…..” – Bruce Cockburn

    • MikeB says:

      Yes, I use it also.

      As an aside and not meant to distract attention from what is being talked about here, do you think the N.R.A. should be classified as a terrorist organization?

  8. Paula D says:

    Can anyone verify the truth of this information?
    It says not only aerosol chemicals are being sprayed, but Fibers that get into people’s bodies, HUMAN blood cells, bacterias, and mold.
    2 Links, one from the Carnicorn Institute:



    Their Biological components need to be discussed and acknowledged.

  9. B.L Williams says:

    Saturday,August 10th 1900hrs.Newark DE. I am outside walking my dog, and you can see these white planes,which I calldrones leaveing white trails, patterns in the sky. You know that is not normal,because it just lingers in the sky and then spreads out and that to me is very scary. And I am mad as hell. I am calling the EPA the news media which I do not trust. I am so conserned that someone is really trying to kill the population. And that is not fair.

    • Emmett G. says:

      I’ve read that they are starting to use drones for the chemtrails. For 2 days in a row, I’ve seen these large white drones, flying low overhead. We have an excellent view of most of the sky and have seen the chemtrails nearly everyday for the last 3 yrs. I think they killed my beloved horse and now my cat has asthma as well. It’s heartbreaking as I watch our woods die and every year we have less and less wildlife. I’m trying hard to keep our trees, plants and wildlife alive but we have 11 acres and I can’t protect everything.

  10. Angela Campbell says:

    I’ve read many sites on this issue and have since noticed many unmarked planes at extremely high altitudes producing chemtrails. Sadly, after going on holiday to Belgium, I saw exactly the same thing. It’s worldwide and needs to stop.

  11. Jack says:

    We are getting extensive aerosol spraying here in the UK. The largest string i have seen so far has been 7 planes staggered spraying paralell line close to each other, and within 4 days several young people had skin irratation. Yesterday it started raining as it was white, and i could smell the chemicals. Something is not right, and we are watching too

  12. Peter Gilmour says:

    I am Australian and live under the main Melbourne – Brisbane flight path and have become increasingly aware of these flight trails which last a hell of a lot longer and spread far wider than earlier trails

  13. The American people has trust their government, but do the U.S. Government trust the American people? For a short while after 911 they did, what happen to that trust? The ruthless elite of this world wants to reduce global population. They feel there are too many people on planet earth! “Some of you have to go”! How are they doing this? By the food we eat, by the water we drink, and by the air we breathe. Whatever means that gives results!
    On 07/02/ 2013 T.V. (FRONTLINE) documentary, it covers “America’s crumbling infrastructure”. A two hour program is a must see! “Deplorable” AND “Shocking” ! This nation doesn’t have funding or the commitment to address this dire need. Many are being affected by, “is our drinking water really safe”? Are the bridges really safe we drive over daily? Some of you have to cross your fingers just to make it to the other side safely. Think about that, emergency vehicles and school buses use those same daily bridges? Outdated, sewer drain pipes are emitting toxic gases we don’t need to transmit into our atmosphere. Please people, after seeing this documentary we need to reevaluate our nation’s proprieties!!!

  14. SMART says:

    Last week chemtrails over Aspen CO today over LA CA it’s amazing that I seem to be the only one noticing them

    • Emmett G. says:

      Please know that you aren’t alone; there are LOTS of people at this point who see the chemtrails and are affected by them. I think people are reluctant to talk about it because they fear people will think they’re crazy and will be ridiculed. But we have to educate those who don’t know; not all will listen, but some will and the more people know, the less this secret can be kept. Chemtrails are killing all life on this planet.

  15. Justin says:


    • Leah G says:

      It is really bad here in Cherokee County NC as well. Tick tack toe anyone? Never ending rain and dying crops.

  16. JerseyCynic says:


    Can someone please tell me if this is for real.

    If this is really legit — I urge you all to call your local BOE and speak to the science curriculum “specialist” about this…..REALLY, Mr. Smith…REALLY???

    • admin says:

      Hello Jersey,
      Yes, we think the NASA propaganda is for real. We are setting up a site called “disinfo directory ” to expose people like this. We will have something posted soon.

    • Emmett G. says:

      Yep, it’s real. Here’s the name of the guy who put it together apparently, but I’m sure he’s not alone.

      “Project ideas contributed by Forrest M. Mims III, Geronimo Creek Observatory, Texas”.

      Someone needs to talk to this guy and set him straight on the facts; he’s either incredibly stupid/naive or a paid shill.

  17. pam washburn Humboldt County says:

    I cant agree more. The very problem is nobody knows whats really going on. Im holding a sign reading please google. Hope somebody is listening. Dane you go dude. Im with ya…..,

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