Who is really running the world?


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  1. steve says:

    You may be referring to the Bohemian Grove summer camp, which is distinct from the Bilderberg annual weekend meetings which are held elsewhere. A old list of members appears in Wikipedia.

  2. Ian Greenwood says:

    Roundup Alpha: Global Arrest of the World Government



    Americans need to waken –up and stop listening to Obama and the mainstream media, there is not going to be any economic recovery.

    No matter how many times they lie and bend the numbers to cushion America’s fall from financial grace, we have no hope economically because there is nothing left to salvage.

    America only has to look at three economic indicators to know that we are in a lot of trouble,

    The debt is $17 trillion dollars, unfunded (partially or otherwise)

    Mandated social programs constitutes another $240 trillion dollars

    The credit swap derivatives total between $1 quadrillion dollars to $1.5 quadrillion dollars, which is six times the GDP of the planet.

    Do you get it now? There will be no recovery, only a complete UN takeover when the economic collapse does come.

    Many of us are now realizing both here in the United kingdom and America as well as in other nations around the globe, is that we have been purposely and methodically lied to and manipulated for a very long time.

    Over time this oversimplified, black and white rerun version of the world has been challenged and exposed as jingoistic bias and distortion of how our complicated world actually is.

    The education system is more about socializing, programming and brainwashing young people into becoming obedient, mindless, robotic adults than learning any real truth or learning to cultivate and use their critical faculties to seek the truth amidst the world of illusion.

  3. Russ says:

    Who has been behind every US President assassination and many attempted assassinations? Who developed the global system of private central banks? Hint: the Bank of England began as a branch of the Bank of Rome.

  4. A J G says:

    Chemtrails almost daily right now, too much rain and now Mouse River is flooding as well as over highway near Regina, Sask. Water everywhere is taking it’s toll on all economic development, entertainment, and water table high and running over roads. Awful!

  5. Annie N says:

    Who are all the members of Bilderberg? Is there anyone who can be trusted among today’s politicians?

  6. James says:

    This IS the club, let there be no doubt. Great Exposé RT. The power elite old boys club, the Bilderburger summer camp, by invitation only naturally. A cult of power where all manner of pleasure can be enjoyed; and probably silently filmed in secret to be used if required.

    The 9/11 commissioner, one of the club. Cozy.

    Yep, this video should piss everyone off, unless you’re invited of course. Yet somehow one expects that the fraternity of interests that are running at least 75% of the planet would get together to press the palm, and have cult-like ceremonies involving illicit sex, burning caskets, and cut deals while chanting in front of a giant wooden owl in the forest. Seems quite normal to me.


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