Who is “Suspicious Observer”?


After watching a number of the short youtube videos put out by this person, whoever he is, I have found myself wondering what his point was exactly.

In his most recent 9 minute release, I have come away with the impression that this individual may in fact be trying to covertly sell global geoengineering.

Geoengineering Watch

I have some questions for whoever produced this most recent video.

You mention a gap between Co2 and warming, why have you not mentioned CH4? This gas is over 100 times more potent than Co2 over a ten year time horizon and is at present spewing from seeps all over the globe, literally beginning to saturate the atmosphere. The methane “time bomb” appears to be already going off in the Laptev sea, this unfolding event is a global game changer all by itself. Anthropogenic activity, especially global geoengineering for the past 60 years, have likely been a major factor in this potentially life ending methane expulsion on our planet. Suspicious Observer does not even bother to mention or consider the inarguable “cause and effect” factors in regard to human activity and the accelerating changes on our planet. Aside from all other factors, the ongoing geoengineering programs alone are virtually “terraforming” planet earth.

The image below shows the result: Massive amounts of methane venting from the seabed, penetrating the sea ice, and entering the atmosphere over the Arctic Ocean.

Methane, Faults and Sea Ice

Next question,
Suspicious observer names numerous sources in the attempt to paint the picture that the IPCC said global warming had stopped over the last 15 years. I would like to see anything stated by the IPCC that is even close to this conclusion. It is interesting that the sources “Suspicious observer” sites for this information are all either military industrial complex main players like NASA and Lockheed Martin, or main stream media power structure controlled sources like the NY times, FOX news, and National Geographic.( National Geographic also parrots the official story on 911)

The most interesting and primary message of the video in question is the point it pushes about the earth losing its “shield”. Is Suspicious Observer trying to tell us something? Is he subtly suggesting that perhaps we need a new shield? Perhaps something like the sprayed atmospheric particles offered by geoengineering?

Other factors relating to geoengineering and our totally disrupted climate that are not brought up by “Suspicious Observer”, No mention of the massive reduction of sunlight,( now some 22% or more ) due to the relentless spraying of toxic metal particulates into our skies 24/7.


No mention of the 26 or more massively powerful ionosphere heater facilities around the globe that are literally tearing the atmosphere apart. (HAARP installations)


No mention of the coutless smaller RF transmitters around the globe which also appear to be a component of the totally out of control global geoengineering juggernaut of insanity.


Not a single word about the increasingly decimated ozone layer which appears to be primarily caused by geoengineering and the ionosphere heaters. (The CFCs which were blamed for ozone destruction are mathematically little more than a “red herring” in comparison to the massive global spraying from geoengineering..)


Dying boreal forests, changed ocean currents, altered hydrological cycles around the globe, all connected to geoengineering, again, not a single word.


He finishes with, “The truth is electromagnetic solar system shift” , Thats it? Nothing else is effecting the planet?

I think it is reasonable to say that there may indeed be things happening in the cosmos, though we primarily have only gov agencies to rely on for that data. That being said, there are very obvious and undeniable cause and effect issues which “suspicious observer” does not seem to consider in any way, shape, or form. Another prime example is below.

When the jets were grounded after 911, the temps immediately shot up


Of course the main stream media calls the spray trails “contrails” and not “particulate trails” in articles like the one linked above, but what else can we expect. The bottom line is that the two days after 911 revealed the profound effect the ongoing geoengineering programs are having on the climate, and even this event is only the tip of the ice burg.
Again, not a single word about geoengineering. No consideration whatsoever of the countless anthropogenic factors that have unquestionably effected our biosphere and climate systems, only the painting of a picture that appears to be a possible attempt to covertly sell geoengineering.

Am I the only one suspicious of “suspicious observer”? It seems not as the link below shows,


And another


All is at stake in our unfolding dillema, the most powerful and corrupt people on the planet wish to divide and deceive. The fossil fuel industry and the military industrial complex would seem to have ample motive to convince populations that our problems are coming from out there somewhere and not from all the horrific activities connected to them, starting with global geoengineering.

We must all make up our own mind in the end, but I for one am convinced that there is ample reason to be suspicious of “Suspicious Observer”.



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