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Who Is William Thomas?


I am an award-winning investigative reporter with over four decades’ experience. My feature writing and photography have appeared in more than 50 publications in eight countries, with translations into French, Dutch and Japanese.

Born and raised in the USA, where my father was a career navy pilot, I soloed a Cessna at age 16. At Marquette University, where I majored in philosophy and theology, I joined the U.S. Navy Reserve shortly after the Gulf of Tonkin story broke in headlines across the country.

Four years later, having won assignment to Pensacola NAS, I was about to achieve a lifelong dream of flying jets off carriers when the appalling civilian carnage and revelations of the Tonkin fabrication brought me to a personal crisis. Realizing that I could not napalm families whose aspirations and love for their children was no different from my own, I resigned my navy commission.

With help from the American Quakers I made my way to Canada in 1970. On the west coast I opened the first photographic gallery, and later won a position as staff photographer for the Vancouver Sun. I also completed construction of backyard-built 31-foot trimaran to sail the South Seas as a freelance photojournalist. Her dreamed named was Celerity. In 1985 I completed an eight-year Pacific circumnavigation under sail with the first nonstop Pacific crossing from Japan to North America by multihull.

Now what should I do? During a solo vision quest in the Coast Mountains I was instructed to defend my mother planet and speak for the voiceless ones. Soon after, I co-founded Green Islands and the Save Georgia Straight Alliance. While serving on clear-cut logging blockades on Salt Spring Island, the Tsitika, Walbran and Clayoquot Sound, I pioneered the use of aerial videos and 60-second “spot” TV ads to expose illegal logging practices.

After completing the first environmental survey of British Columbia’s Strait of Georgia with SGSA members onboard Celerity, I helped lead successful campaigns to clean up pulp mills dumping dioxins into the strait. As the only video reporter allowed inside the armed native blockade a Gustafson Lake, I later helped avert a military assault that would have shocked Canada and the world.

Hoping to make a difference during the oil fires of Desert Storm, while on a peace mission with artist Carl Chaplin in Jordan, I co-founded the Gulf Environmental Emergency Response team. During and immediately after the Gulf War, I served five months in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as a member of a three-man environmental emergency response team.

My video documentary Eco War won the 1991 US Environmental Festival award for “Best Documentary Short” and was excerpted by the CBC, CNN, NBC, as well as the movie, “The Corporation”. My book, Bringing The War Home was the first complete account of the origins of Gulf War Illness. Scorched Earth documented the military’s war against the Earth, in peacetimes as well as during conflicts.

In January 1998, soon after breaking the “mystery plumes” story for the Environment News wire service, I made the first of eight guest appearances with Art Bell on Coast To Coast describing a phenomenon I later popularized as “chemtrails”.

All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion was the first published book on 9/11. My more recently updated Days Of Deception: Ground Zero And Beyond remains the most thorough journalistic account of Black Tuesday and its aftermath. Though it reads like a novel, every event is documented.

The most recent book of my ongoing chemtrails investigation is Chemtrails Confirmed 2010. It has now been updated with a revised Chemtrails Timeline to 2013.

Recipient of four Canadian feature-writing awards, I have been writing about wireless hazards since the publication of Scorched Earth in 1991. My most recent ebooks include ABCs of Cell Phones And Other Hazards Of The Wireless Age and Smart Meters For Smarties. I am currently active in the local Smart Meter Resistance.

You can now find my ebooks on my website. They are available for direct download by donation here.

In service to truth and life, thank you all for your activism, research and support.

William Thomas

24 Responses to Who Is William Thomas?

  1. Diana says:

    I just wondered if you had heard about Shasta county in California. A large group presented facts and information to the administrators of Shasta County and they voted to look into it. http://youtu.be/O4WhYKP83zo & intohttp://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/shasta-county-citizens-continue-to-push-for-disclosure/ There is a lot of good information presented in this meeting.

  2. Dee says:

    April 26, 2014. Saturday

    Do you know of a laboratory who are capable of testing nano particulates in water and snow? Urgent reply is requested. Thanks

  3. Jennifer Ayres says:

    Do you have a link to that U.N. document you were reading about the ultimate goal of all of this?


  4. davidES says:

    ‘The question that I put to them is, “Why would you think that your government WOULDN’T do this to us?”’ The answer I’ll give in reply is “They WOULDN’T, because if they did they’d also be doing it to THEMSELVES” Spray garbage into the atmosphere at 30,000 feet and EVERYBODY gets it, obviously. If you want deliver a therapeutic dose of anything to a specific area you need to spray at very low altitudes. This is why crop sprayers work at an altitude of 5 feet and not 30,000. Spray any fine material into the air at 30,000 feet and it will dilute to almost imperceptible, and certainly ineffective levels before reaching the ground, which is likely to be hundreds to thousands of miles away from where it was sprayed, in some random direction – the terminal velocity of very fine powder or liquid droplets is real slow.

  5. WillofLa says:

    The U.S. Senate holds their “talk-a-thon” the other day just to berate “denier’s”, and attack the “only party in the world” that don’t try to do something about global warming that leftist Socialist Democrats claim is more of a “danger” to “man” than “nuclear war”, and “terrorism”. Gee, I thought Chemtrails would have taken care of the problem by now. I was reading from another report from the U.N. that the ultimate outcome of weather manipulation is to kill off 3 to 5 billion people. Well, we always knew that there was a faction within the man made global warming hoaxer’s that didn’t care about manipulating the weather more than eliminating the cause of global warming….MAN! They really do believe that if there wasn’t so many people who wanted SUV’s and incandesent light bulbs that we’d all be better off. They really do believe that they have the right to exterminate a large portion of mankind off the face of the Earth and the remainder would be easier to control. I’ll bet you they would be put back two hundred years in advancement and would be back on foot or some animal pulling a wagon, living in some kind of wooden cabin, and burning logs in the fireplace for warmth on those 50 below zero nights in Minnisota. That is if the burning of logs would be prohibited due to putting to much heat up into the atmosphere, and soot polluting the air. And you know what that means. That means people freeze to death while those enlightened ones still have the A/C we all used to enjoy.
    Sounds to me like a return to the Feudal Age. Isn’t that their attitude now? Like they own us, and can do whatever they want to us?

  6. WillofLa says:

    I have gone to one of these “debunk” sites to discuss with them the details of what they claim is debunking Chemtrails. Their reasoning is that it’s just “contrails” that I am confusing for something else. Well, they have to right to stupid and blind if they wish, but to declare that Chemtrails have been debunked is…ignorant at best. The question that I put to them is, “Why would you think that your government WOULDN’T do this to us?”. “Why would you think that all the tons of accurate facts on the matter, with conversations with the high ranking U.S. Air Force officers who are responsible for the spraying are lieing when the information they have given the interviewer is authenticated by U.S. government officials as TRUE!” “How can you just claim that Chemtrails don’t exist when there they are right above your head in the sky, and you can see the aircraft flying that are making them?” In other words how can they just ignore the same thing going on in most foreign countries, like “Sukie L” states above going on in B.C. Canada, and the article that I quote from is taking place in Switzerland as far back as 2003? And on top of that how can people just ignore the fact that most liberal governments believe in “man made global warming” and environmentalism is the religion of liberals, Socialist governments and is for a fact the very thing that Communist use to steal money from industrialized nations in their efforts to “redistribute” wealth from the hard work of individuals to those who don’t work and those countries suffer from starvation from a lack of farming techniques to feed their own people, are to lazy to take care of themselves. The left will try to make you believe that their plight is caused by someone in America driving a SUV?? Give me a break! There’s no excuse for being just plain DUMB!

  7. WillofLa says:

    I used to not believe in Chemtrails until that is I heard a man on Coast To Coast AM one night and it was like a light came on in my head. It is true. And from then on I have taken many photos of Chemtrails over my house here in my hometown. They seem to spray during the late morning and early afternoon to midafternoon. I do notice them into late afternoon but not as many as earlier.

    I was wondering if Chemtrails were only being sprayed as much as they are here over America, in Europe. So I went on the web and low and behold I came across an article by Gabriel Stetter, called “White Skys – the Global Warming Problem and Chemtrails”. This man is Swiss and he writes about Chemtrails over Switzerland. The article was on a website called “holmestead.ca”. The article originally appeared in a German newspaper called Raum+Zeit (Space and Times). It’s a rather long article but it is filled with so many facts, some I hadn’t seen before, and many I had seen before like the U.S. military’s “Weather 2025″. I have read some of that and it clearly talks about using the findings of the Welsbach Patent to put Aluminum powder and Barium salts, and polomer string into the atmosphere to cause clouds to form, and combinations of Alum. powder to stop it from raining from the clouds formed, etc.

    If you read this you will be surprised how our government is so caught up in the man made global warming hoax that they have employed our military to do the dirty deed of spraying over our country as the test grounds for any developements of reflecting the Sun’s rays to keep the Earth from over heating during this period of Sun – planitary cycle of warming/cooling that it goes through every so often. This has been proven by way of 500,000 years of ice core samples which clearly show we’re going through one of these cycles now. What can be done about it? Not much unless you have a alterior motive to steal the money from industrial production of “developed” countries and give the money to the U.N. for so called “redistribution” of wealth.

    If you want to know who started all of this look up this man and you will find out, Maurice Strong. He is the one who was behind the formation of the IPCC and the bogus computer models from East Anglea University in Great Britain. He is a Socialist, whose whole family are either Socialist or Communist and that’s what these people do to other countries, they steal from them until they collapse economically. No wonder every signee of the Kioto agreement have backed out of it due to the fact that if they employed all the requirements of the agreement it would wipe out their industrial base of their economies. The U.S. didn’t sign it and that’s the same reason why.

    Also, if you look back and find the report from our own Senate you will find that they knew it was a hoax then and rejected the findings of the IPCC and everything that went with it. I have a copy of that as well and used it to refute my son’s science classes paper they were supposed to write about “man made global warming”. I had my son use the info I had to show that Gore’s movie was a lie and the other info I had showing that it’s the Sun that is causing any climate changes that may be happening on Earth. My son’s science teacher didn’t like it and even though he had to give my son a “B” on the paper he wrote, with my help, he sent a note home with my son to explain where he had gotten that infomation. I buried him in footnotes and other facts about man’s carbon dioxide output not being the main problem with any warming that may be happening. I didn’t hear from him anymore.

    You would wonder then, why it took me so long to understand that man was trying to “modify the weather” with Chemtrails, and I have no excuse.


  8. Sara says:

    So a practical solution to stopping the ice melting and the methane escape.

    White Biomass rafts made in 8×4 sheets . ie wood pulp, chaff, pulp, stuff left over from food processing. plus a binder which unfortunately will probably be PVA.
    What kind of basic chemical to make them white? Zinc, lime. chalk

    Innoculated with suitable algae and seaweed.
    I suggest this to you, because I noticed you made your own boat and explored the world on her.

    Its too horrid a thing to think about unless your thinking is solution based.

    I have been talking to people about this and the simple fact is that no one wants to know because it makes them feel helpless.

    Having read through the Arctic Methane Emergency Groups info I would say they know about the problem, that is their job. Solving it is way beyond them, so nasties like Monsanto have stepped in to make money and gain power out of the disaster. So the need is to stop moaning about what the badies are up to and look for a solution. if possible a win win solution that can turn the situation around.

    My best idea is biomass rafts, What’s yours ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Sara. Yes, that’s true, it does make people feel helpless. It is great that your focus is on what we can be doing, rather than what is happening around us. I sent your idea on to Dane. Keep looking up!

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  12. Sukie L says:

    Will…..THANK YOU! I have written to you before but I just wanted to express my pure support for all that you do and have done. I have lived in the interior of B.C. for most of my life and have served as a witness for all the evil that poisons our once beautiful skies every ( almost ) day. My valley was known as the sunshine valley famous for borscht and you guessed it…sunshine! Not any longer. Now on what was once refered to as a “bluebird” day we witness a severe and constant fly over pattern until our ” blubird ” day is better referred to as……..GREY! The most frustrating part by far is the complete lack of shock from any of the long time residents of this valley. Some have lives here for 3 or 4 generations and even they do not bear witness. ” I never noticed ” or ” really, are you serious ” are the common responses when the planes and “clouds” are pointed out. Wake up I want to scream over and over….WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  13. Brent Satterthwaite says:

    Thank you

    I aspire to place at in the hands of the humble the defenses they need!

    My current project massive middle income financial education!

    Might divine providence smile upon our very serious efforts!

    Viligance shall be rewarded

    • joan says:

      I heard you talk many years in Toronto and have known about this ever since.
      I still cannot convince people on what is above their heads. I did feel encouraged when I saw flyers in my health food store advertising the website Geoengineeringwatch.org and am trying to promote it as the sky over my head has turned white again since this morning. It is now 2 p.m. and it is threatening (contaminated)rain.
      Thanks for your work and I will promote action from newspapers, MPs etc.

    • joan says:

      I heard you talk many years ago in Toronto and have known about this ever since.
      I still cannot convince people on what is above their heads. I did feel encouraged when I saw flyers in my health food store advertising the website Geoengineeringwatch.org and am trying to promote it as the sky over my head has turned white again since this morning. It is now 2 p.m. and it is threatening (contaminated)rain.
      Thanks for your work and I will promote action from newspapers, MPs etc.
      Anything else I can do? I have the time, since I am retired.

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