Compelling Video: PLANET EARTH IS YOU


This video was created to raise your awareness on the conservation of our planet. Don’t let your INDIFFERENCE take over you. SHARE THIS RIGHT NOW! There’s still time. Planet Earth is You. 4 Minutes That Will Change Your Life.

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  1. Andy Kruusi says:

    Thank you Gene Maynard, well said. This video was down when I tried to view it here, but I watched it on youtube. Thanks to the video creator.

  2. James says:

    Gene Maynard thank you a thousand times for your most eloquent personal communiqué. I’m re-posting this now in several places.

    May we all successfully bind together to defeat this beast with voices like yours leading the charge.


  3. Gene Maynard says:

    Have You Heard?
    Has anyone heard of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan? This has been ongoing since the 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami of March 2011 and by most accounts is not getting any better. In fact it is apparently growing worse by the day. If you haven’t heard about it at all you really need to investigate it yourself. Apparently the lack of political will and antiquated technology has all but assured this massive release of radioactivity will be ongoing for many, many years. At this point there seems to be no way to stop it as it has been releasing radioactive toxins into the air as well as the Pacific Ocean non-stop for three years now. Most believe the nation state of Japan will not survive; at all! You would think this would be the top news story on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, or FOX; not so much. At 11:57 am Feb. 18, Fox is covering the Amanda Hays murder trial; CNN is covering a story about a satanic ritual killer. This disaster in Japan has the real potential of extinguishing all human life on earth!
    How about the ongoing geoengineering project commonly known as “chem.-trails”? Thousands of jet planes in the skies worldwide spraying toxic brews made up of nano particles such as; aluminum, barium, strontium, mercury, cadmium, poly-fibers, and so much more. There is an across-the-board denial this is even going on but all one has to do is look up. Aluminum in free form (which doesn’t even exist in the natural environment, it could only come from these planes) is being found worldwide in the soil and water, in some cases many thousands of times exceeding safe levels. The stated purpose of this spraying, even though they deny its existence, is to combat global warming. In reality it seems by far the causal factor in global warming. Oceans temps are rising and even though the sun’s rays reaching the earth are diminished by 20+ percent because of the reflective metals (which creates a different set of problems); enhanced UV rays are melting the methane hydrates in the arctic. This release of stored methane is acting as a powerful greenhouse gas as well as killing ocean life. Oxygen producing plankton is being destroyed as well as the Boreal Forest. Photosynthesis is on life support because of its need for maximum sunlight. Human life cannot exist without these.
    GMO foods (Genetically Modified Organisms) abound now. I would suspect that in the U.S. most all of the foods now consumed are either fully GMO or contaminated beyond being called anything else. Genetically Modified Organisms are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses, or other plants and animals. There is a growing body of evidence that connects GMO foods with severe health problems in humans while exhibiting no benefit whatsoever to health or increased yield.
    Government sponsored experiments on unsuspecting populations have been going on for many decades. There are many documented case of horrible experiments on men, women, and children right here in the U.S., many admitted to by the government. All of the experiments were performed without the consent or knowledge of the subjects. Those who would deny this have no truth to stand on and simply do not want to face the truth. For the last sixty years we have been the subjects (rd. lab rats) of an ongoing experiment that seems to have morphed into the mother of all experiments. I call all of this an experiment simply because I don’t believe any of the perpetrators knew in the beginning what hell they would be unleashing. The truth is all of these or any one of them alone has the potential of destroying all human life. As I think of my grandchildren I was forced to come to some truth.
    One of the definitions of a psychopath that stands out in my mind is this; “a person who is egocentric to the point he is incapable of loving his fellowman”. I have always said we need God’s help to stop this and I still believe that. However I’m afraid I am guilty of unintentionally losing sight of love. I was on the verge of becoming what I now see as a religious psychopath. God tells us that if we don’t love our fellowman then we don’t love Him; 1 Jo.4:20. We must implore God to help us but we must also be the voice of God crying out in love to those who are sick and dying and have no understanding as to why. Everyone has a right to freedom of choice and to exercise that freedom in safety. All have a right to either choose God or not choose God, but no man has a right to murder his fellowman. If you have the right to choose then there must by definition be a choice. No man has the right to deny you that choice! God said there would be a time just as in the days of Noah when the entire world would be endangered and most would not suspect. This is love and I stand with those at GeoEngineering Go to this site for reliable information about this continuing experiment. This is also posted at

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