“1984” Has Truly Arrived – NASA Chemtrail Propoganda for Kids


I don’t think any glaring lie about the ongoing global geoengineering programs has enraged me so much as the criminal lies contained in the total propaganda site posted below put out by NASA. The attempt to completely brainwash our beautiful children has reached a new pinnacle of criminality.

What sort of spineless corrupt bastards does it take to organize a program with the sole purpose of making our innocent children believe that the chemical trails they see in the sky are just “water vapor”? What kind of demented morally depraved psychopaths does it take to tell our children what they see in the sky is harmless even though the spraying is the very reason so many of our beautiful little beings have ADD, autism, asthma, and so many other ailments?




NASA Chemtrail Propaganda for Kids

Contrail Watching Kids
Cirrus clouds with contrails

Purpose: Contrails are long clouds made by high-flying aircraft. Because kids are so good at watching clouds, they can be easily taught to identify contrails.
Age Range: 6 – 10
Time Required: Young children can observe and report on contrails in only a few minutes a day.
Background:Because kids are natural sky watchers, they are curious about both clouds and contrails. It is likely that when contrails are present that young children will notice and pay more attention to them than adults. Here are some basic facts that will interest them:

1. Contrails are long clouds of ice crystals caused by the exhaust from the engines of high-flying aircraft.

2. Contrails can spread into cirrus clouds that reduce sunlight during the day and warm the Earth at night.

3. Contrails are formed when the temperature of the air is around -40 degrees Celsius (which equals -40 degrees Fahrenheit).

4. Contrails do not form when the air is too dry. The length of contrails provides a clue about how dry the sky is where the plane that caused the contrail is flying.

5. Clouds that shade the sun during the day can cause cool weather.
Significance:Kids know that some clouds signal rain and other mean fair weather. They need to know that contrails are actually manmade clouds and that they can cause measurable changes in the temperature far below where they live and go to school.
Project Links:

Contrail Education
SCOOL: Observing Contrails
GLOBE Contrail Gallery

Real Time Data Source:

MODIS Rapid Response System. Use the highest resolution images to look for contrails.

A related parameter of interest in the LAS is Atmosphere, Clouds, Cloud Coverage, Monthly Cloud Coverage for Cirrus (ISCCP).
Project Ideas:

1. Contrail Identification. Young students should learn the differences between natural clouds and contrails. They should learn the three most basic kinds of contrails: (1) short and transient, (2) long and persistent or (3) spreading. They can find out more about contrail identification by visiting the S’COOL Cloud Chart: Contrails and GLOBE Contrail Resources.

2. Contrail Calendar. Young students can easily add contrail observations to a daily cloud calendar. They might even consider a separate Contrail Calendar. The calendar can be a pocket notebook or a calendar with plenty of white space for each day. If a notebook is used, the student should print the day, month and year at the top of each page. For more ideas, see Science Project 1: Clouds for Kids.

3. Contests. Kids love contests. You can motivate young students to observe contrails by organizing a contest for the highest number of contrails that are observed in a given week or month.

4. Science Fairs. Young students who make a detailed Contrail Calendar for a month or more have the ingredients for a good science fair project.
Analysis Ideas:

Observe the temperature cooling that occurs when a contrail passes in front of the sun and shades the ground.
Related Projects:

The GLOBE Program
The CERES S’COOL Project
Elementary GLOBE

1. What makes contrails?

2. Are contrails formed of water droplets or ice crystals?

3. Why are some contrails very short?

4. Why do you think some contrails spread across the sky?
Going Further:

For more information about contrail watching, see Science Project 4. Contrail Studies. Advanced younger students may be able to advance to that project.

Students who have a digital camera can be encouraged to make photographs of contrails and to even make a digital scrapbook of contrail photos. Such photos are ideal for science fair projects.
Project ideas contributed by Forrest M. Mims III, Geronimo Creek Observatory, Texas

Source: http://mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov/804-2/contrail-watching-for-kids/

19 Responses to “1984” Has Truly Arrived – NASA Chemtrail Propoganda for Kids

  1. Christine says:

    today, as of the 17th of Auf 2019, this mentioned NASA page does not exit any more…


  2. Debra Shuler says:

    It's March 29th 2017 and chemtrails are more evident now than ever! bad weather is happening all over the place and I believe there planning these attacks!  order out of chaos is there game and the only way you can keep people in line and under control!

     somewhere somewhere along the way we've got to draw a line and dare them to cross it we are just Patsy puppet guinea pigs.

  3. I hate this! I'm only 14 years old and this is inescapable. They put it in movies and act as if it is completely normal. Science channel has even explained this. Guess what? On a weather channel they said that people should not believe in the conspiracy theories as it is just a contrail. It isn't a contrail. Contrails dissipate and they only form at a certain height. It also doesn't make sense since there flight paths would not crisscross like that and there are too many "contrails" that the planes would be crashing into each other. They do this crap so they can use GWEN towers and brainwash us. Ever wonder why there are so many satanic and illuminati things on TV yet people make it seem as if life is normal and happy? Ever wonder why the presidents hate Patriots and Christians? Ever wonder why they are increasing military technology? Ever wonder why nasa is a lie? Ever wonder why the government can use low frequency waves or infrasound below 20 hertz? It's not a crazy conspiracy theory it's the dark truth and the secret the government keeps from unknowing stupid people who believe the world is fine. That's exactly what they want. They want to brainwash the youth that everything should be this way and it's good when it's really not. The nano particles help the radio waves manifest through our bodies. Oh and 9/11 wasn't real it was a freaking hologram/fallen angel they use from the particles in chemtrails like Barium, Titanium, Aluminum and Lithium. They bombed the World Trade Center on purpose. It was a "reason" to enforce military spyware. Did you ever wonder why they are convincing us that Hilary or Donald might win and then they're going to either let Hilary or Donald win but an Islam parting and war for no reason is going to happen or a terrorist excuse is going to happen and they are going to lock us up either way. Us people that know and aren't brainwashed. Us people who won't go to Hell. Us smart vigilant people; all locked up in a stinking FEMA camp. Patriots will be shot, Christians will be beheaded and all of the brainwashed people taking what is known to the patriots as the brainwash RFID chip and to the Christians the spiritual and physical mark of the beast. Why do we call it that it's because if you even rebel then you get shocked. That means if you love in Jesus then you get shocked and then you can't turn back because they will have already hacked into your mind and controlled you. This is their slow and nonchalant agenda. They will enforce this gradually over time so that it's not-so-obvious and seems super normal and finally when all seems happy and normal to the unknowing and then finally that's when the brainwashed unknowing people turn on us truthful holy patriot people and gang up with the government. This is when the antichrist happens. You know when all us good people are executed. If you don't know what an antichrist is its a very bad person in an authoritative role with tools and propaganda to persuade even the elite to do what he says and through this he will convince everyone that his evil ways are right and that anyone who opposes is in an occult. 


    This is our future. This crap! Uggh and its in every country every place.  

  4. G says:

    wow. Thank you for exposing this Dane. It was great to have you on my show as well. G on Planet X with my special guest Dane Wigington will be on this Thursday noon and 8PM PST on Planet X Live Radio. Let’s keep in touch my friend and thank you! As a licensed teacher in Oregon and Washington, this makes me ill. The mind programming is everywhere.

  5. Dan Cieri says:

    Dane….I wasn’t sure if the first site posted below in my email was part of the one you posted above, but I think this is a different one not related. Just wanted you to see this one as well. Thanks for all you’re doing. It’s always a pleasure to come to your site to read updated and relevant topics few other sites will post. We’ve been hit massively here near Rochester NY, just like everybody else. No doubt this is in response to either our increased awareness, and/or world events like Syria. Regardless, again, it’s awesome to come here to get real data and information. The second site I’m listing below is the NOAA site showing the west coast water vapor imagery map. The black and orangish area from the west coast US heading west past Hawaii is very dry air. This map shows real time data…you will note (as I have for about a year) that the dry black and orangish areas never leave that part of the Pacific. Any precipitation (colors like white, blue, purple etc…see the legend at the bottom to see what is dry and what is wet) that heads toward either the west coast or the dry area are always shunted away. The dry area never moves…it always rejects letting any precipitation into it. THAT is proof that the weather is being manipulated, not that we didn’t know that, but anyone now can watch this and see that there is absolutely no logic as to why no precipitation goes either into the dry area on this map, or into the west coast states of California, Oregon and Washington.



  6. berncron says:

    atleast they got one thing right!!! CON-trail. its a straight CON

  7. Erin says:

    We homeschool, and occassionally make a trip to the teacher supply store for things. During our last trip, I saw a poster for sale showing cloud formations and their names. Right in the middle was a very blatent and large chemtrail with the label of “Contrail”.

    Sinister indeed. Propaganda done well starts indoctrination young.


  8. Debbie H. says:

    One more note: my collegiate training was in education, in particular, marketing education, with a minor in psychology, and I know that most teachers, overworked as they are, will jump on an already prepared, “cool” lesson plan such as this. This stuff gets scarier and scarier.

  9. Debbie H. says:

    This actually turned my stomach, and the word “sinister” kept popping up in my head. How long has this been out and is it actually being used by teachers? If so, I thinj when school starts again, I might be able to get some info in. Teachers however, like many trained professionals, have been mostly “ptogrammed”, so to speak, to be mainstream and go with the flow. I am a substitute teacher, and a massage tgerapist.

  10. Rachael Webb says:

    Whats even more demented, is that there is an ever changing psychological assult. I have also seen on many programs, print adds, and commercials, the chemtrails streaking the sky. But I have also watched new movie releases and commercials where the sky is being depicted in a hyper real state. The sky is shown in a deep deep unatural blue and the clouds are beautifully shaped and brillant white with the landscape being a lush green. I think this is on purpose to further distort reality and rediine what real and normal is. Sort of making white blue and blue white, so that no matter what we really see in the sky, our mind will be convinced that we are looking at the hyper real depiction, becuase that is what the sky is “suppossed” to look like.

  11. skywatchergrandma says:

    HGTV shows them practically on anything you watch on that channel. I see them on 99% of commercials. Old movies have had their skies changed to white and include chemtrails and clouds. Have an old movie on tape or DVD? Watch it when you know some movie channel will be showing it. You’ll see the changes made. How stupid do they think we are?! They are changing history.I have also noticed now when you see a streak of light in a commercial or tv show, movie, it shows the colored nano particles I see on my windows and windshield, except they are huge, totally photo shopped. Speaking of windows and windshields, do a test, look at yours when the sun is hitting them directly and you will see the nano particles, like colored glitter.You can’t see them unless the sun hits directly. When you are driving into the sun in the afternoon look at that windshield. We are breathing this crap everytime we walk out the door, it’s in the air constantly now. This year I have noticed plants outside, even weeds sparkle with this glittery crap when the sun hits them directly. Check for yourself. I just don’t understand, do “they” want to breathe this everyday? We are all breathing it, it’s everywhere, no escaping it! I’m also amazed at how people have forgotten that deep dark beautiful sky we use to have. How can anyone think what we have now is normal. Nasa even has a chart with all the “new” clouds.I’m sure glad some of us are awake but we need everyone to be!

  12. Dan Cieri says:

    Freeme…spot on. You will note those lines behind O’Reilly too and many others. Almost all car commercials have trails and/or a chem sky, as to most commercials these days. I surmise the ‘czars’ under omama are responsible for getting to companies and either giving them money and/or tax breaks for these companies to put chemtrails in their commercials. That is the only explanation one can come to when looking at how ubiquitous trails in marketing and advertising initiatives. DIY, golf, and other channels show trails in some pretty obvious camera angles. And we wonder where at least PART of the $6 TRILLION in additional debt went under the first 4 years of the omama administration. Here is one place that money went. Then to the planes being used to spray, the chemicals, the plane upkeep, etc. This program is massively expensive and we’re paying the tab. So much for omama’s redistribution of wealth. Anyone else note how omama tells us he’s for redistribution, but then never tells us who he is taking from, nor who will get the money? When we hear omama is ‘for’ the redistribution of wealth, we instantly think it’s to take from the rich and given to the less fortunate. That couldn’t be further from the rtuth. They are taking, once again, from what is left of the middle class, and it’s being funneled into omama’s and omama’s friends’ pockets. The only way to stop this stuff is to prevent these people from getting their hands on OUR money. Easier said than done unfortunately.

    • Concerned_for_a_long_time_now says:

      The aberration that is our sky has been a consistent source of distress to me for a long time now. What is even more maddening is my belief that Obama never would have been reelected without hurricane Sandy’s influence. Super Storms and weather anomalies have increasingly been happening at times when the media needs a red herring to redirect the public’s attention from real stories, like Benghazi for example.

      Other things that irritate: 1) hearing about massive fish, bird and insect die-offs and seeing a story on the internet that is nowhere to be found the next day; 2) seeing a video of a meteorologist in Louisiana (I think) who had collected rainwater, and documented his forecasts and how they changed after the artificially-created “clouds” & never being able to find that video again because the link I copied is “broken” and 3) seeing stories on the local news’ website that talk about chemtrailing and the numerous commenters who discredit everybody who believe in chemtrails in a very condescending manner.

      I will get involved because we all need to fight the institution.

  13. Freeme says:

    WELL..could we expect anything but this from NASA, a active part in the Military industrial complex? Sick and sad, though they are just starting to admit to their own employees the truth regarding manipulating the weather and spraying. One is a neighbor.

  14. Andy Kruusi says:

    Yep. It’s turning into one big disgusting mind game. When I talk to people I always mention that the powers that be are trying to push this into mainstream as normal skies. The movie “Planes” is coming out on Aug 9th. I’ll be there handing out flyers and warning the parents. Heck, today I received a magazine from the sheet metal worker’s international association, for which I am a member of, and the front cover photo was a wonderful picture of the One World Trade Center in New York. The background of the sky wasn’t so wonderful. Whether or not it was intentional or not, it is sending the wrong message to my members. They will be getting a “heads up” email, both my local and the international association.

    Peace and love.

    Andy in Milton ON Canada.

    • Freeme says:

      Funny you should mention the ‘background’ of the magazine cover: It IS intentional. Look at the background boards behind the MSM reporting ON CABLE and some local channels along with PBS too…those little white lines everywhere, and on The Weather Channel too. A good source for seeing those white skies and white lines is searching for ‘houses for sale’ where photos are available in every State of the USA…they are there.

    • admin says:

      You’re absolutely right Freeme

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