This trailer is about pH levels that have changed due to aluminum aerosol geoengineering (chemtrails) over northern california. The forests are dying, the fish have no food and scientists STILL DENY the existence of this geoengineering program.

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  1. Helen H. says:

    The same date as this was posted, May 30th 2012 I had an unfortunate ‘close encounter’ with a plane spewing chem trails over my area in N. Ga. The toxic fallout from the mist fell on my property and damaged my trees and plants and made me sick with flu like symptoms and inflamation of the sinuses and throat. There is no denying this because I’ve now experienced it first hand. I fear for the health of my farm animals who must remain out in it and graze on the pasture which is no doubt contaminated and also for the health of ourselves. My trees have been declining and slowly dying for several years and I have not had an answer until now. They have really seemed to step up the spraying campaign over our beautiful farmland of the N. Ga. mountains recently and I am furious- I have lived here happily among nature for 20 years and the beautiful 80-100 yr. oaks on the property seem like old friends. I am devastated that they are deliberately and wantonly being destroyed by this sinister group of people. Thank you for your courageous effort in bringing this most horrific crime against humanity and our planet to light. I pray enlightening the public can make a difference for a positive outcome for humanity- I fear for many of the trees it may be too late. How can we make them STOP this madness??

    • admin says:

      What we can all do is help get the word out. Once enough people know they are being sprayed like rats, the rest will fall into place. We can all do this from the comfort of our own home and on our own computers. We can find groups and organizations that would care very much about this issue if they only knew. Send them a credible article or two and let them know where they can find more information like the “” site

  2. Helen says:

    This is outrageous! I had a most unpleasant ‘close encounter’ of this hideous practice which took place 3 weeks ago above my farm in N. Ga. I believe I received a toxic concentrated dose of fallout over me, my farm and my animals when I witnessed a military type jet spewing the classic white cocktail of unknown chemicals and within 24-36 hrs. of this exposure I became quite sick with acute inflammation of the throat and sinuses, flu like symptoms,body aches,tightness in the upper chest and back and headache, burning eyes and mental confusion. I have also been losing my very beautiful and valuable oak trees(which are approx.80-90 yrs.) and some poplar and hickory trees. They have been slowly declining and dying mysteriously over the past several years. Many other trees in the area are suffering the same fate. God Bless you for bringing this most sinister and deviant behavior to light. I have jumped into action and am making everyone I can talk to aware of this travesty.Keep doing what you are doing, we need to stop this poisioning of the beautiful earth God gave to ALL of us and stop these MAD SCIENTISTS before it is too late!! People of the world UNITE, and MAY the FORCE BE WITH US…

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