911, How Ludicrous Is The “Official” Story, Really?


The 4 minute video below was very well done, it’s well worth the time to view. It is truly astounding that the global shadow government can demo 3 steel structure high rise buildings in the middle of New York, in the middle of the day, with the whole world watching on TV, and get away with it (so far). Then they blame the whole thing on a diabetic Arab hiding somewhere in a cave in Afganistan without even cell phone communications. The video below takes a truly unique approach to this issue, is a great watch, and very educational even for those that think they are already truly aware of just how ridiculous the “official” 911 narrative is. Time to wake up.
Dane WIgington

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  1. rich winkel says:

    The level of social control in evidence around 9/11 and geoengineering is an impressive display of the power of psychological manipulation. But mind-dimming through propaganda, chemical assault and miseducation is only part of the story. The american population is subjugated and taught learned helplessness at a very early age. Our families are being ripped apart by standard american obstetrical medicine. This is a very deep rabbit hole and unfortunately few people are willing to consider the possibility that we are being subjected to mass child and mother abuse, but the science is there. Here’s a pointer to it: http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/02/the-war-on-empathy-love-and-family/

  2. Allan says:

    War is a business. To get business you have to get customers to support your business. If people don’t to want to support your business, you have to deceive them. 9 Eleven was an illusion, a magic show made for tv and most of us bought into it. Here is how they did the magic.

    Shock and Awe – Part 1 The Greatest Magic show on Earth

    Shock and Awe – Part 2 Where did the towers go.

    The terror factory. Manufactured wars. Part 3

    Who’s the real terrorist? Part 4

    This documentary series reveals the truth for all to see.

    The Great Deception – What Really Happened on Sept. 11, 2001

  3. Ramola D says:

    Maybe spreading this video around ourselves will help–mainstream media is not helping us with their silence. Also see – http://worldtruth.tv/russia-disseminates-snowden-validates-nsa-evidence-corroborates-new-911-data-dump/

  4. Wayne Jett says:

    Very significant reports have been published on the website VeteransToday.com based on intelligence leaked to them by foreign governments, including Russia and others, concerning the destruction of WTC twin towers. The evidence includes a 2003 report prepared by the U. S. Department of Energy detailing that WTC1 and WTC2 were brought down by specially designed nuclear instruments. Detailed specs of the nuclear instruments have also been described on that site. Two other news outlets were provided the intelligence but VT is the only one which has published. I think VT is doing the definitive work on this topic, and they are doing it with a substantial contingent of nuclear physicists and other technical people to supplement their own expertise. Dane, I know you are acquainted with the people at VT. I think they are doing the definitive work on this and other very significant topics. And, BTW, they fully agree with the truth about geoengineering, and say so. Thanks again for your very important work.

  5. James says:

    9/11, the day civilization began living a dystopian science-fiction, a dream state of denial and psychosis. The media on that day cast a spell over all western civilization. The lie, like all lies grew in the telling, becoming larger and more elaborate. Every lie was reinforced with other lies. Humanity was subjected to a great decoupling from the truth so fully and completely that the concept of truth became officially marginalised until meaningless. Now we are all living life in a fictional world controlled by pathological liars. Karl Rove’s people, the Ministry of Truth, write the script and the TV in every living room covers the spectacle and offers the rational thinking of well-paid talking heads who study it on our behalf. Meanwhile, a world war is in the making because it’s part of the plan. It’s in the script, written in by the insane psychopaths who control our reality. It’s a tragedy without comic relief.


  6. Terri says:

    And brilliantly produced video. A bit of comedy is required to get through this fun house.

  7. Terri says:

    Can anyone tell me what the FBI reference (the clip with “earlier” written on it) means & who is the man (circled in red) in the next clip?

  8. Michel B says:

    Love the ultra use of sarcasm. This is a good comedic view of a tragedy that is tragic on several levels. That it was done as an inside job, covered up badly and then the lack of questioning by the general public. Very tragic.

  9. Arapuni Wizard says:

    Good video which sums up most of the fairytale. Only a few facts missing. There is news footage of the 2nd tower exploding with no sign of a plane hitting it, some evidence that plane footage was later animated and inserted into existing footage, BBC had pre-knowledge of bldg 7’s imminent collapse-reported it before it happened, Osama was in hospital during the “attacks”- despite being accused of the crime- he was not on the FBI’s wanted list for it, the sudden “execution” of Bin Laden came just after Obama’s fake birth certificate was released and the public’s attention was diverted.

  10. Tony Browne says:

    The best bit was watching a BBC news programme where a lady was telling us how the last building number 7 had come down as well, the trouble was you could see it was still standing until 20 minutes later. So either the story was already concocted or the BBC are fucking psychic

  11. David Silva says:

    Regarding the Pentagon attack on 9/11, we are asked to believe that the head military base of the richest country in the world has less video surveillance than a 7/11 Quickimart.

  12. Judi Brisse says:

    Whoa, this surely lays out the nonsense BIG TIME. I will never, ever get over the fact that they kill Osama and then bury him at sea without any pics, anything whatsoever to verify that they did this. That was my absolute turning pt. in this madness. And I couldn’t believe it was our President that went on tv. and assumed we were all idiots not demanding anymore than his words that this was the case. I guess he was right, because hardly anyone seemed to question what did go on in regard to these actions by our government. We can’t be this ASLEEP. Appreciate every video and report possible to expose this kind of corruption. Humanity will prevail but wow, until then, we’ve got some serious WORK to do.

  13. Peter Lawlor says:

    How can these Liars be ‘Named and Shamed’ publicly all over the World? …

  14. Annemarie G Wouda says:

    have no more to say that it is surprising how politicians underestimate people’s intelligence. Pity just that many allowed themselves to be fooled and voted on the wrong politician but unfortunately some are better liars than others.

  15. DF says:

    Wow. This is great.

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