A Former Pilot Pushes Forward In The Battle To Stop Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

The programming of society is so total that the majority have long since abandoned their sense of reason in exchange for the official narration of reality. Even what their own eyes reveal to them no longer overrides the herd mentality and groupthink. The most glaring example of such total denial resides in the skies above us all. Jet aircraft are clearly and inarguably spraying the atmosphere all over the globe. Deductive reasoning should easily distinguish this as a reality when jets can be seen activating and deactivating spray dispersions. It should be obvious when one day the sky can by completely grid patterned and the next day there might be nothing even though atmospheric conditions are similar. A primary reason the public has disabled their own sense of reason is this, they have been well trained to accept the opinions of so called "experts in the field". But what if those experts have been paid and/or threatened into lying to the public on a scale that cannot be fully comprehended? Former commercial airline pilot and whistleblower Willem Felderhof had this to say in an article that was drafted for geoengineeringwatch.org

I was mostly shocked by the fact that there was no uprising under the pilots and meteorologists whose job it is to observe, analyze, study and anticipate on weather phenomena like cloud formation, structure and dynamics. 


Our once beautiful blue skies are now choked with toxic aerosols from the constant spraying

I am very grateful to Willem for his continuing steadfast efforts to sound the alarm on the climate engineering insanity. Willem's most recent statement given to geoengineeringwatch.org is below. Just under his testimony is an extremely compelling 6 minute time lapse video (assembled by Willem) of the ongoing atrocities in our once blue skies.

My name is Willem Felderhof. I am a former commercial airline pilot and whistleblower. This video is part of presentations I give on the subject of geoengineering & the war on humanity. Like many of us I dream of a simple life in harmony with Nature. Apparently to fulfill that dream we have to fight for it like never before. We all have to step out of our box and act, and do things we prefer not to do. It is easier to do that when we realize that it is about the future of our children and Mother Earth. In order to stop insanity at work we have to wake up our inner warrior, leave our fears behind and follow our hearts. The challenges we are facing are enormous but at the same time they present us huge opportunities, with the potential to heal humanity and Mother Earth forever. And just as with flying it starts getting interesting when you have to pass a line of thunderstorms while low on fuel. Because then you HAVE to act as well. It is really up to us, it's now or never. Warm regards, Willem

Willem serves as an example to other pilots that have not yet found the courage to come out of the shadows. If we all work together toward reaching a critical mass of awareness on the dire climate engineering issue, other pilots may soon enough step forward and make their voices heard.

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  1. Teri says:

    I ran into the article which shows the mentality of those in power and those who run the military. the joyful way of talking about how 5000 bombs have been dropped on people is amazing. now apply that same belief system to the pilots who are dropping chemicals on everyone around the globe and a person can start to understand just how crazy these people are. This Col.Boswell is excited to explain how they kill people and destroy stuff…it is what they do he says and he is excited to do so. that same mentality can be found with any mass murderer. or serial killer. they should not be excited to kill people and yet this is the same group who have no problem dropping chemicals on our heads. 


    with the same joy and same madness they will exterminate all life on the planet. cause their own extinction but will do so with a grin and a high five knowing they did their jobs well! this is what the planet is up against. this level of insanity is beyond belief. This man says they only kill the bad people. yet he won't look in the mirror and see the ''bad people'' looking back at him. the bad people drop thousands of bombs and then celebrate how many ''targets'' they hit and how many people they killed. (murdered).

    they believe blindly that they are doing good. won't look at the harm they do. those pilots dropping the toxic poison under the guise of ''fixing'' the bad planet are the same people. same mentality. same programmed drones. they will kill until there is nothing left to kill..no living thing left to drop a bomb on.  

  2. Gina says:

    Looks like they are amping it up at full speed ahead. I think its because we are waking up and time is running out for them. They don't want us to pull back the curtain. Its all about control.

  3. Marc Smith says:

    Ever since i came across your documentaries in 2014 Dane, I've been on an exceptional path for more knowledge and awareness day by day. I have nobody but you to thank for this. Keep up the good fight good sir we are all behind you. Every step of the way! Thankyou for being the voice for so many people and more and more each day who are waking up. Nothing but respect for you mate. /salute from Perth, Australia. Way down under!

  4. A D a M says:

    Thank you for all your efforts Dane. You are making a huge difference. Your love for humanity and our collective future is an inspiration to those that do not feel they can make a difference. You have renewed my strength. Thank you. Would it be possible to to have an update on the status of the preparation of the lawsuits at some point? If you could contact me at the email address provided I would like a name of a Canadian lawyer that is involved whom I could work with to get this over with. I am fed up with the ignorance level of the sheeple I am surrounded by. Thank you once again. Peace and Love to all.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello ADaM, thank you for your support in this battle.  I am not at liberty to release any of the three Canadian attorney contacts from our group. Once filing is completed, their names will be a matter of public record.

  5. stephan says:

     Marc – you're words affected me as much if not more than this video – I'm also getting weird things happening to me physically – the twilight zone we are in has another escalator that goes up – that's us – the ones doing this and their various stooges are on the down escalator – stay strong all.

  6. brent hall says:

    Forgot last time,thanks dane ur definatly 1 of the good 1s  Further to clouds like this }}}}} and arseholes a work,yesterday,snow about 4" here so far,still coming,I doubt they are aiming at me,probly be worse east  i was wondering how to collect snow and have it tested4heavy metals,also if there are labs in saskatchewan, that do tests, like that?

    • gingercake5 says:

      Brent Hall, collect a ball of snow and try to melt it with a lighter. Even on the stove (in a pan) would be fine. If it is not frozen water, then it will slowly evaporate or turn black. You won't see drops of water.

  7. Ken B says:

    There's much more going on overhead than "climate control". Those of us in tune with our bodies know this to be true. The population is purposefully being poisoned. Personally, I think "critical mass" of awareness bringing change is a pipe dream at this point. If our leaders cared what we thought, they wouldn't be so blatant about it in the first place.

    I ask again Dane and anybody else…what do we know about the material supply chain? Anything? I mean, it has to be substantial for what we see above. Just a substantial lead on anything would be better than repeated venting here and repeatedly appearing like an insane person to those we try to enlighten (including spouses and family).

    Sorry…very frustrated. Beautiful video – thanks.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ken, yes, we absolutely need all the help we can get in regard to uncovering more information relating to the supply chain, etc. This battle will requires each and every one of us to turn over every possible stone in the search for the truth. I hope all that are examining these posts and comments takes up the task of helping us to uncover more of the missing dots in this equation.

    • willem says:

      Dear Ken,  your are totally right. Now is the time to change our center of awareness to our hearts out of the left brain. We have to do this in order to create the true manifestation of the higher consciousness we intent to connect with. The powerstructure is fully aware of this shift and desperately tries to keep us in the lower frequencies and left brain dynamics. Our heart and body never lie and when we make the step to trust our hearts and act from it we provide ourselves strong protections against the vicious attacks we are experiencing. Our heart intention is the most powerful weapon we can use in our battles. keep centered and keep up the good work; we are all in this together. Love&Light  Willem

  8. Marc says:

    I will toss my observations into the proverbial ring: Today and yesterday were without doubt, here over St. Louis, Mo., two of the most repulsive days of bombardment I have ever seen. I see that a number of folks are posting similar observations. When I left my house for work this morning I paused to visit one of my cat's graves, at the far back of my back yard. Yes, I recently lost my close buddy of 11 years to cancer, and buried him with honor, gratitude and grief in a special place in my yard. As always, I scan the sky EVERY DAY to check out what the cyborgs are doing. I could scarcely believe my eyes. In every direction as far as the eye could see were trails in every stage of development, from still being laid, to spreading out sideways, to expanding white filth. Directly overhead was a gigantic trail that appeared to have been laid out remarkably low in the sky…..kind of like, here, you stupid fucks, put this in your pipe and smoke it. On my short drive to work I noted extensive trails going in all directions with a lot of criss-crossing. I would estimate that perhaps within an hour or two of my morning, the total number of jets overflying St. Louis and spraying had to be something on the order of 20-30. And that's just in the early morning. At lunchtime I observed again fresh trails being laid as well as many, many trails that had to have been laid since my earlier observations, because they were still too distinct. In mid-afternoon, maybe 3-4 hours later, I stepped outside again and the same thing still in progress. Just before closing time, I watched a jet through a window near my workbench leaving a bright short trail as it passed north. A minute later, in the same small patch of sky, I watched another jet going in the exact opposite direction also leaving a short, bright trail. And that's just from a very limited span of sky I can see from my workbench.
    I'm gonna take a wild guess and estimate that in the span of 8-10 hours over St. Louis, Mo., it would be reasonable to assume that approximately 100 jets overflew the city. Even if the number is closer to 50 (which it isn't) what's the effing difference? Really? And that doesn't include all the normal, commercial jet traffic that ordinarily flies into and out of Lambert International Airport. Ok, folks, I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask the following question: What the fuck are these assholes trying to accomplish???!!! This aerial assault is above and beyond anything I have seen in months or more. The quantity of deadly aerosols going into our AMERICAN atmosphere, when you include all the other similar, if not identical, observations from across the country, must beg the question: can weather modification alone be the agenda here? How can a spraying program of such incomprehensibly huge dimensions not be considered a deadly risk for the general population??? Obviously these shit-bums care ZERO about the health and well-being of the aforementioned general population, especially if you consider that one of their agendas might actually be to sicken us and/or murder us. Really?? Something seems to be changing in the general picture. Seems more and more reports are revealing a no-holds-barred assault on humanity and the planet. Is this really true? Why, for the love of God, would these tripesocks be cranking up their game at this particular time? More and more and more and even more aerosols to achieve some desired weather result? This is stupidity dancing a dosie-doe with Evil Incarnate. How much longer will any of us last who post comments here? With this level of spraying going on, and by the way, I'm absolutely convinced we are being sprayed with way more than just aluminum, barium and strontium, how much longer will any of us remain disease-free?? At ANY TIME  these f**kheads could pull the plug on every one of us, and if anybody here doesn't believe that, then you are living in a dreamworld. I am personally experiencing a variety of physical effects which, because of my age, I'm inclined to write off as just good old-fashioned aging. But I'm not so sure. In fact, it would be logical to deduce that we ALL MUST be experiencing real effects from this level of exposure to atmospheric particulates, not to mention all the "background" pollution we are forced to endure. I'm scared, folks. We should all be scared. We are all on a down escalator to hell. 

    • Marc — What a devastating post. Nightmare chemtrails for you in St Louis. You say "the following question: What the fuck are these assholes trying to accomplish???!!! This aerial assault is above and beyond anything I have seen in months or more." Dane knows everything better & more than me, but I'm guessing it has something to do with this report from Arctic News that an: “Immense thrust of fast moving sea ice is pushing through at the full width of the Fram Strait between Norway and Greenland. This amounts to huge transport of latent coldness out of the Arctic Ocean to North Atlantic, while the constantly forming new sea ice (as temperatures are below 0°C) is generating heat to keep the surface air temperatures higher across the Arctic Ocean. Thus, heat is constantly being added to the Arctic Ocean while heat is taken away from the North Atlantic Ocean."    http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2015/11/arctic-ocean-shows-new-record-low-sea-ice.html

  9. Roy says:

    Here in San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato, Mexico nobody can or wants to acknowledge the climate engineering going on above our heads.  The sky is being heavily plastered today and is now completely milky.  The local gringo yahoo group banned any further discussion of chemtrails last year.

    I wonder if COP21 will lead to authorization of worldwide geoengineering  in the near future ??

    • horsegirl says:

      Roy, hi,

      We lived for seven years in Mexico including spending many months in Guanajuato.  The vicinity is spook central.  If it turned out that 90% of the gringos in the Guanajuato/San Miguel area were on spook payroll I would not be one tiny bit surprised. Don't be surprised at all if truth is supressed.  Having said that, I'd like to visit with you about Mexico if you would.  Please get in touch with Dane for our email.  I'm going to write a post to you on the most current post as well.  Thanks very much if you will.

  10. Is it any wonder that we are being lied to about geoengineering & chemtrails when we live in a world of ego-driven psychopathic power-crazed liars on all sides. This 2014 RT video shows Putin telling a group of reporters who created ISIS. Watch his eyes & face carefully – they show no expression whatsoever. His beady little eyes are devoid of anything. A man age 63 (born 1952), Putin has obviously had plastic surgery – like all public figures. Yes, in this moment he is beating the west at their own game – but for him it is a game, as Zbigniew Brzezinski calls it in his classic 1998 book “The Grand Chessboard.” Zbigniew Brzezinski is BTW said to be the creator & ‘handler’ of Obama. In the video link below, Putin cleverly uses western terminology to humiliate the west: “We must support civilized, democratic opposition in Syria.” Democracy? If we lived in Russia, Dane and all of us here would be ‘disappeared’ in jail!  Remember Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Russian businessman and oligarch worth over $15 billion, who Putin sentenced to prison for 10 years. There are good reasons why 1.6 million Russians prefer to live in the New York City area. Watch Putin carefully here:

    Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS: Putin answering questions regarding ISIS from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014.

    Putin's Career Rooted in Russia's KGB
    Felix Svetov, a writer who spent time in Stalin's prison camps as a child and who lost his father in the purges, was present at the writers meeting. He said Putin's comment "does not correspond with reality." Putin is a typical KGB type, he added. "If the snow is falling, they will calmly tell you, the sun is shining."

    Meanwhile the 'Game' goes on as the west counters Putin’s strategy. Paul Craig Roberts: "Once Russia is in a coalition against ISIL, Russia will lose control. This is Washington’s strategy for counteracting the initiative that Russia seized in Syria. …Washington will take advantage of Russian desire for Western cooperation and will use this desire in order to bring Russia under Western influence, thus reestablishing Washington’s hegemony. Russia Can Be Included If Russia Does What The West Wants."

  11. Frank says:

    The spraying here in SE Tennessee today is the heaviest I have seen in a very long time. The air is saturated with very heavy sulfur smell. This weekend looks like tropical system Sandra will make landfall in Mexico. The remnants of Sandra will be enhanced when she reaches Texas. I see copious amounts of rain for the south for many days snd perpetual cloud cover also. With the Paris conference on Climate change starting in a few days, I am concerned about events of weather warfare in the US and worldwide in the following weeks to come. The spraying worldwide has taken a big change recently as reports of extreme aerosols that have been spotted daily. The saturation of our skies with many constant chemical components is a big red flag for many. The use of microwaves is constant as each trail is laid down as the pattern is obviously electrified beyond the norm. With the onslaught of chemically nucleated air they have to spray heavy for temps to remain below normal. The greenhouse effect just keep getting worst with any kind of spraying they do. We are lucky here in the south to have 1 or 2 clear days a month anymore. Many times we have weeks of overcast skies with constant sounds of jets flying overhead. They will not stop this spraying as each day it just gets worst. Keep up the fight as we all need to try harder each and everyday. Thank you all you do. 

    • Alida says:

      Hi Frank, I watched the TN trails come over the mountains into western NC today and they were double and triple teaming us all day too. I am enraged when I see the "X" and the parallelogram heading my way before 8am. I guess 24 hours of blue sky was too much for them Sunday.  The spraying went on until sunset and the entire sky was a milky blanket, blocking the moon tonight! I thought they wanted to block the sun.

    • Arby says:

      The skies are so bad here in Albuquerque today from the sprays that the jets coming into the airport are flying so low I literally gasped a few times today when I was outside.  Must've only been several hundred feet.  It was frightening.  I've read reports from pilots who say they are being instructed to descend at dangerously low altitudes, and boy did I see that today.  They've been flying in at lower and lower altitudes even when the skies are clear, but today was truly alarming.  I don't know if anyone else is noticing this, but although we've been having relatively clear skies for the last month (4 our of 7 days, I'd say), they're still spraying daily in great fleets.  Our western skies at dusk look like an army of sperm launching on the horizon.  It makes me wonder what they're spraying now…

  12. Rachel Robson says:

    @Dennie Mehocich, Hi.  So glad to hear you voice our Native thing of thinking seven generations ahead!  With everything you so, think of the effect seven generations ahead.  The numbers 4 and 7 are sacred to us for a reason.  Many plants, especially those that give us foods, are on a seven year cycle.  For bloodlines, Natives say the blood runs strong for seven generations.  Our fruit.  And a wise way of thinking, so wise that this land appeared untouched when the first intruders came.

    I can relate to your story about your mother.  My father-he who adopted me, said nuke them, during the Viet Nam war.  He was in WW2 on D day, against his will.  So, I was shocked.  How can you say that?!  was my reply.  I added: Think of the lasting problems from nuclear wars.  He answered: Not my problem.  I'll be dead.  Your problem.  I was gobsmacked!  I got back to Indians as quickly as I could!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh, by the way, I mailed this beautifully done video to all I could and will do more today.  Odd how beautiful, if gross, some of these photos are.  Stunning.  Should be sent to climate conference.  Can it be?  Somehow?

    • Rachael – I can't find your Raytheon info. Can you please either repost or tell me which topic it is in? I so enjoy your posts, heartfelt and smart. Thank you for your kind words to me.

  13. JR says:

    From Southwest, New Mexico good morning to all involved in fight against Geoengineering Our Weather (Climate) here in our own country of USA. Who are the terrorists and where are they? We don't have to go to far as they are on are front doorsteps. In this case with commercial size airliners, private companies, and military jets spraying SAG-SRM aka (Chemtrails) and who ever is calling the shots. On Sunday 11-22-15 over El Paso, Texas and the border of Cuidad (city-of) Juarez, Mexico these punks were spaying super heavy on these two cities. They were really going out of their way to spray in that localized area. For the unsuspecting person or the one in denial these must of looked like clouds later in day as they appeared purple like. Well, the real clouds came in on Monday but the greaseballs were spraying them heavy destroying them. Today 11-24-15 we got hammered early this morning with super wide trails which spread real quick-the globs which droop down as knots spray. They also like to fly from North to South spraying bigtime with some sort of agenda I'm sure. They are definetly wiping out our rain clouds here in the Southwest. Our water that we all depend on for survival down here is our most precious resource we all need! Many people are being blindsided, believers and non, and not all will wake up! God's 4 Seasons are being messed with, along with oppression of His people and I will not be on His Bad Side by approving and siding with the evildoers. Got to go folks, His Spirit be with you….. 

  14. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Dear Willem Felderhof, I'm sending love and thanks because your clear message made my day.  And your powerful video awoke a deep memorized lyric:

    "What have they done to the Earth, What have they done to our fair sister?"

    –Jim Morrison from When the Music's Over

  15. mara kern says:

    My neighbor is the head of air traffic control at the airport in Belgrade (Serbia).When I asked her, three years ago, whether she observed chemical traces in the sky, she denied. She still argues that it is a conTRAIL. And she has two children!!!Incredibly.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mara, your friends job (and perhaps much more) depends on her sticking to the lie she is told to repeat. Most are afraid to sacrifice their jobs to help save the world. This is a sad reflection of humanity.

  16. David says:

    Somehow we need to establish a world wide human chain of perpetual intention. To stop geoengineering and to stop war. Billions of humans focusing energy on the same intent at the same moment would be absolutely powerful.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Tuesday morning Eastern time 4:30 am. 2 Turkish fighters shoot down Russian warplane over Turkey. The economy is in a free fall, as Dane pointed out in his last News Week presentation on the Baltic Dry Index. Before we get into the Second Great Depression will there be war?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      David, I've been counting on the Collective Consciouness to prevail in this epic battle.  I feel its growing strength and take encouragement and inspiration from that feeling. I know its real.

  17. brent hall says:

    Storm coming Winnepeg , Chicago way. Clouds like this over my house tonight earlier, heading east south east  }}}}}}}  beware .A**sholes been busy again.

    • BaneB says:

      It is snowing here at my altitude here in Mendocino County, Ca.  Wild and wooly.  It is a mixture of "Tide Detergent" and "Frosted Flakes."  The spinning low is crawling down the Pacific Coast from Alaska.  The real moisture which should be coming in with this is being held way out in the Pacific.  The high pressure has a obvious 90 degree angle to it.  Looking over towards Reno, Nevada the example you present is much like the concentric rings imminating out from what is likely the Nexrad facility located there. And the main cloud is like a flat solid ray shape spreading out into the Midwest.  The weather makers are on a roll.

  18. Marc says:

    Powerful video by it's blending of heartwrenching piano track and profoundly disturbing still shots of murdered skies. Almost unbearable to watch……..

    I have noticed an almost complete lack of any discussion here about the upcoming Paris Conference on climate. This conference scares the shit out of me, not because of some potential for more terrorism (by ISIS) but because of the inherent and fundamental inadequacy of trying to assemble world leaders of nations to come together (again!) to sign an agreement on carbon reductions which will, by definition, fail to even begin to make a difference on a time scale that matters. I question strongly whether these world leaders will be able to follow through in any meaningful way anyway, given the massive international corporate resistance to the kinds of material changes that would actually need to be initiated on the ground. Or some might just call it systemic inertia. Like the inertia I feel when my cat is meowing for his Fancy Feast and I'm wiped out from working all day and and just wanna watch a video on You Tube with my feet up. (he always wins, though). 

    We all understand what they're up against. But it's gonna be too little, too late. Bumbling mankind has yet failed to reach any kind of genuinely binding and EFFECTIVE accord that would kick serious ass in the game of carbon emissions reductions, though it's not been for lack of trying. Prior summits have yielded very little given the direness of humankind's predicament, because uh, hello?, corporations and banks rule the f**king world, not so-called "world leaders". The Paris Summit will be attended by what is it, leaders of 196 different nations? But again, it's the CABAL of bankers and corporate meatsocks who will decide what is to be done or not. So why even have a climate Summit? Should we think that maybe, just maybe, the rulers of this world are finally realizing it's Game Over and that something substantive MUST BE DONE NOW??? Or…………..is the entire Climate Summit just another sideshow orchestrated to achieve some as yet unclear objective? I don't pretend to have a grasp on the whole Climate Summit picture but what disturbs the Fukushima out of me is that gobs of these same world leaders are all in on the geoengineering game, and massive spraying of deadly toxic aerosols will undoubtedly be occurring in the general vicinity of Paris during the goddamn Summit itself. Maybe not right OVER Paris, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts that the meatheads will be spraying all over Europe and going about their psychopathic business as usual even right as herds of Heads of States scribble down their conference notes and drink their aluminum and fluoride contaminated cappuccinos. And not a one of them will have the balls to stand up and scream out to conference attendees that GEOENGINEERING OF OUR SKIES MUST STOP NOW OR I AIN'T SIGNING NOTHIN'!!!  F**K THE CONFERENCE AGENDA, IT'S TIME WE ALL COME CLEAN AND TALK ABOUT PUTTING A STOP TO THIS GEOENGINEERING BULLSHIT. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, about Paris, yes, this meeting is a part of the overall power structure maneuvering in regard to the climate and geoengineering. This being said, many claims are being made by some about what will or won’t occur at the Paris conference. What evidence do we have to verify those claims? The bottom line is this, the decimation being caused by geoengineering must be exposed to populations around the globe, this means a critical mass of awarness on the wider picture. There is no other way forward. All are needed to raise awareness on every front. Paris is a passing part of the picture, but short of reaching critical mass, the power structure will continue to do as they please.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Keep in mind ISIS is a Pentagon, CIA backed resource for the US. I'm sure your aware but wanted to be clear whos behind them. ( It has been proven by document drops ).  

    • Michel B says:

      Marc, only more problems will come from the Paris Climate Conference. It was set up for the 'hidden' agenda to be progressed, not to solve the problems as we see them.

      It is up to us to keep working on solutions. Stopping the SRM is only a part of the solutions. There is so much rottenness top to bottom in this world that I think it will be a continuous battle. That is simply our mission: to keep addressing real issues of injustice wherever and whenever they occur.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I'm not sure what Dane would have to say about this, but from prior things said, seems as if geo-tinkering will come up, if only because the Arctic is begging for it.  I believe they will address this but not in a way we like.  The IPCC will be there, right?

      I wish or maybe there is, a way for the public to interact-via tweets, or emails or some sort of blog just for this event.  Anyway to set that up?  Because if there was, we could all respond.  Flood them.  Not that that would work, but would make our numbers known.  Even if it is not directly to the Talks, some sort of international sidebar looped to panel. Possible?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The attacks, coming just two weeks before the climate summit, are conveniently timed so as to:

      1. Lay down The Law in a martial way to keep protesters OUT, and threaten EVERYWHERE ELSE with martial law or otherwise scare the people with "terrorist" threats, never mind the REAL terrorists.

      2. Distract, distract, distract!

      3. Start a not-so-proxy war with Russia over who is going to control it's resources, and make money selling war machines in the process

  19. Mike Czysh says:

    Dennie brings substantial yet simple thought. As a kid, I can remember only the very high jets (barely seen) that would emit anything visible…there is no doubt in my mind how deceptive big government can be.
    Dennie says: “Do the chem-spray Deniers understand how high a jet has to be before it can form condensation, or even that the high bypass turbo fan engines produce nearly no condensation?  I think we should have flyers to hand these un-and-disinformed black holes of "thinking."

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dane, regarding this and other things I read, is a turbo prop airplane the same as a high bypass turbo fan?  Is turbo prop short for that or actually different?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, though a turboprop air plane is propeller driven, in essence, it is the same basic principal as a high bypass turbofan jet engine.

  20. John Walters says:

    I worked in the Security industry for thirteen years 1991 through 2004.  I am a trained observer. I first noticed the spraying of the sky in 1993.  I wondered if the government was doing some sort of weather conditions wind direction testing. But I could find nothing to back up that idea. I started to think something was wrong. Not even a cover story?  Zero, nothing, not one reason for these jets spraying these Chemical trails in our sky. It took the government ten years to break their silence. Now they want us to believe these lines are Contrails. If you do any research on what contrails are you can know that the government is lying. Why lie? I would have bought weather experiments. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      John Walters, Hello.  Just wanted to add that a Native relative began commenting on chemtrails exactly when you first noticed.  Gee, 22 years ago now?!  I so regret not listening to her then!

  21. Irene Parousis says:

    Where are all the other pilots who are exposed daily… Thank you Willem!

    Years ago I had a strong feeling (message) that Earth would be plagued with cancer and I would be part of the healing.  I believed that my awakening would somehow, energetically, awaken others.  I'm still holding on, to minute faith, that  a quantum leap will happen.   "If you had faith like a mustard seed…" although I'm not religious.

  22. frank reps says:

    Keep in mind the fact that our human existence and the time span of this planet we are living on is finite. If one believes that humans also have a real spiritual existence as well ; as part of their make up; then the evil being visited upon our world is simply a challenge for us to try and overcome…..or at the least; endure.  We must try as much as possible to alert others of this vicious attack on humanity and other life; but must also  realize that our time here is temporary, and other adventures await us.  How we respond to the current challenges will measure our future state of being.  The psychopaths who are the tools of evil principalities, can never really harm us because we are much more than flesh and bone.  They will come to an end when their  nasty work is finished.  We will inhabit a better place.  Hate to sound so dreamy; but One's core as  a living human being, is also the core of one's spirit.  Have faith , if you are trying to sound the alarm.  Send some help to the website too.

    • Rebecca P. says:

      Hello Dane,
      Please put this petition so all who visit this website can sign this most important issue.
      Dane you are an angel and praise GOD for you, love ya man.
      DEMAND STOP OF THIS INSANITY! Sign the petition on the GOV website. HURRY we need a 1000 signatures, make this go VIRAL. Find at http://www.petition2congress.com/12445/petition-against-geoengineeringsolar-radiation-managementchemtrai/

    • Larry says:

      Well said.
      The one thing we do have control over, and the one thing they cannot take away from us, is inner peace.  That should be our primary focus.  Then, from that place, we can battle the circumstances that surround us.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Frank and others, I'm not a hard core Christian though I respect those whom are. Please get this one. Book of (Hosea) 4 :3 YOUR LAND IS NOT PRODUCING.  IT IS FILLED WITH SADNESS, AND ALL THINGS ARE GETTING SICK AND DYING. EVEN THE ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND FISH HAVE BEGUN TO DISAPPEAR……………………. Strange, Hosea is a end time book and so telling.  I'll say nothing more except, It takes more faith not to believe than to beieve. I'm sorry, let me add this. In todays media world, TV, Hip Hop, even heads of State, many believe in occult worship. This is fact, no BS.

  23. For those of you who live outside the USA and are bewildered by Americans' complicit silence, here’s evidence that we Americans aren’t totally stupid and may be waking up! The cries of anger & anguish against the totalitarian globalist regime is getting louder. What more evidence did we need than the transference of wealth from the American people to the 1%, thereby destroying the middle classes, while allowing the criminal banksters to go free & unpunished? How is the Vampire Squid Goldman Sachs any different from the East India Company, which allowed 10 million people in the Great Bengal Famine 1770 India to starve to death so the East India Company could force the cultivation of opium? I don’t advocate a bloody revolution and feel we must seek a peaceful solution — but as Thomas Paine said in December 1776: “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

    * Just 19% of Americans trust the federal government all or most of the time
    The national survey by the Pew Research Center showed that just 19% of Americans trust the federal government all or most of the time…

    * Strangers in Our Own Nation – by Preston James/Veterans Today
    As the Globalist NWO Cabal simultaneously strikes at every single American Institution, mainstream Americans feel disconnected, alienated, and like strangers in their own country.  A recent survey suggests that a majority of Americans feel they have become strangers in their own nation. This is not surprising. The criminal regime running America has been instituting basic changes to our society at breakneck speed by attacking every single American institution, both private and governmental. …making many Americans feel overwhelmed, disconnected and alienated from their government and America itself the land they live in and call their own.

    …only serves the top 1% super rich and powerful. Actually the real number of rich and powerful deviants that the American Political and Financial Systems serve and protect is far less. It is a very small number of soulless, criminally insane, parasitical sociopaths who just happen to have been able to seize control of our private central banking, our political process, and their large crony corporations. These deviants are true creatures of the night and have no human conscience. These two-faced duplicitous creatures of the dark-side feel no guilt about starting wars which mass-murder millions of innocents and sacrifice many thousands of wonderful American Soldiers as their cannon fodder.

    …We now know for certain that the Globalist NWO Crime Cabal believes that they must hit us hard, fast and at every level of society all at once in as many ways as possible. They believe this will incapacitate Americans emotionally and will crush the American will and spirit. They believe this will keep folks off balance, confused, and unable to organize and fight back at all. But they have grossly underestimated the Internet, which is a real wildcard and has now become the World’s new Gutenberg Press. …

    • Earth Angel says:

      We can turn the tables on them by doing David Icke's 'NON-COMPLIANCE' dance. When several billion people around the world refuse to comply-THEY-(the evil vampires perpetrating all this mayhem) will be the ones confused, off balance and unable to organize!  Let's GO World- Let's Keep Waking People UP!!!

    • Marc says:

      Awesome post, Susan Ferguson!! If for no other reason, the systematic dismantling of the manufacturing sector of the American landscape, so companies could move to China or some other second or third world country to exploit ultra-cheap slave labor, has been a gigantic game-changer as far as I'm concerned. Many millions of formerly good jobs with benefits and a living wage have been yanked away from the American middle class. The reverberations throughout our society are ongoing and dismal. This fact alone has done unquantifiable damage to the "American spirit".

  24. ken wallace says:

    Always enjoy your site and every exposure about the insidious crime against humanity that makes its way into peoples minds.  
    I sincerely think "their program is working"! The poisons they spray are mostly known by now but (they are testing new and more potent poisons all the time). Aluminum and Coal Ash are known poisons that cause brain damage – the more they spray – the dumber people become! So we have proof. Add dumbing down in education, massive debt slavery, distractions like – sports, entertainment, TV and much more of course. It is a big fight, so thanks to all who are trying.
    One more very point for consideration is this.. is it really "geo" engineering or "people" engineering. We are all being poisoned and modified genetically and terminally. People can't see or understand what is really happening, because they are most likely already a victim.
    I personally like to ask "what is that long spray up in the sky?" They usually say something like, "I don't know." I then say something like " well maybe you should or ask why don't you?"
    People need to Look Up, Wake Up and Speak Up. While we still can.

    • 510mlc says:

      I so agree! I think that many people just cannot see it. They have been programmed and chemically altered to not question what they are seeing. There are some who will dismiss as contrails but most of the people I have talked to are so brainwashed that they have no interest in knowing what is going on. Period. Meanwhile, they suffer from allergies, lung problems, disease, cancer. And here in NorCal, there is no rain, and dead trees. Almost every time rain is in the forecast, it disappears from radar after heavy spraying. You would think that meteorologists would make the connection, but they are all bought. It's so sad. What will it take for the masses to take notice?

    • Larry says:

      Re. your question:  ">>>is it really "geo" engineering or "people" engineering…(?)<<<"
      They are the same thing; one and inseparable.

    • Mike Czysh says:

      Sports, "entertainment", people engineering. Ken, you say it as it is.

  25. Abigail says:

    So much thanks to Willem Felderhof and Dane Wigington. 'The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step.  And with all the people coming forward, whistle blowers, and Scientists, Movie Manufacturers, Medical Doctors. MY GOODNESS! If people are so ignorant, NO STUPID!, that they cannot see the difference in a regular contrail and a chemtrail, then they are simply STUPID! They are in total denial. They refuse to believe that our governing officials would do anything to hurt our planet. BOLOGNA! They could care less. There heads are stuck in the mud of politics. POWER CONTROL! Well, they will definitely LOSE IN THE END. And possibly soon.  Keep up the good work. I know this is very hard, distressing and time-consuming, Dane. God-Speed! You are VERY SPECIAL! ….Sharing with Russ Tanner's page.  "Your work and labor of love does not go unnoticed."  AGAPE LOVE~~

    • WakerBaker says:

      I hope a natural cleansing occurs before all is lost.  A natural reset button to take us back.

    • Larry says:

      Perhaps neither ignorant nor stupid.  In response to something sufficiently fearsome (and this situation is…), in an innate defense of their sanity some people may become psychologically and physically immobilized; unable to respond effectively.  Those still able to function, should, as Dane suggests.  Vigorously.

  26. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Geometric Modulation a More Effective Method of Steerable ELF VLF Wave Generation with Continuous HF Heating of the Lower Ionosphere:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/52168153/Geometric-Modulation-a-More-Effective-Method-of-Steerable-ELF-VLF-Wave-Generation-With-Continuous-HF-Heating-of-the-Lower-Ionosphere
    DOES ANYONE ELSE besides me hear "GLOBAL WARMING" in the phrase appearing immediately above this sentence?  I mean, YOU HAVE TO BE a COMPLETE IDIOT NOT to hear that. 
    You have to ask idiots who don't believe in chem spraying, WHY would anyone write such a paper if they didn't intend to use the technology, and WHY would anyone want to, in the first place?  Then steer them in the direction of Air Force 2025 and the chapter titled Weather as a Force Multiplier:  Owning the Weather in 2025.  NOW WHY THE HELL DO YOU SUPPOSE THE MILITARY WOULD WANT TO "OWN" THE WEATHER? 

    • BaneB says:

      Heh heh:-). Of course any "force multiplier" they can get their talons upon is fair game no matter the consequence and ensuing chaotic ramifications to the natural earth systems.  Actually, the extrapolated goal would have to be the control of the Universe.  These nutcases cannot be that which they envy until the ultimate is achieved.  For now they will have to be content with a lower-case 'g'od.

  27. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 87th email to my contact list, titled 'Strategic Division of Labour'
    1.  The intensive toxic atmospheric spraying is deliberately being kept from us by misdirection, misinformation, denial, lies and other techniques such as the strategic division of labour (packaging work and responsibilities in an effort to keep anyone from seeing the big picture – the Germans did this very effectively prior to and during WW2).
    2.  The Baltic Dry Index is down more than 60 percent over the past 12 months.  plummeted to a new all-time record low of 504 last Thursday, but read the editor's comment:
    "By all accounts, things are grinding to a halt and reaching the point of unavoidable crisis. Nothing short of all out world war may be able to hold it together at this point in the game".

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      My mother cheerily told me that the NAZI scientists were spared jail and brought to the U.S. to "work for us,"
      Does ANYBODY besides me have a little problem with the implied ethics aspect of that statement??
      Only a heartless MORON could actually believe anyone or entity or organization that made such a ridiculous statement. 
      "The check's in the mail.." etc. (you guys know the rest).
      My mother also said that after she was gone it would be my problem to figure out the rest.  Also meant was that after her generation put everything very firmly in place to fuck over the planet, the kids will be left to undo the damage.  "Well, it's YOUR problem now."
      That's why I would like to do more to work with the Native American philosophies of looking forward "seven generations."  Because if idiots in power do NOT adopt this philosophy right now, we're all doomed, and THAT'S NOT FAIR.  I won't accept this kind of death sentence without standing up for my life and the life of the planet around me.  WHAT IS WRONG with the Western religions that they WILL NOT ADDRESS how our planet is treated, and then put their asses on the table and get to work outwardly?  Must be the thingy about wanting to keep the 501-3C status.  And the pensions, too.

  28. Ranger says:

    There are just too many people who still refuse to believe that there is anything wrong, or that the lines in the sky are just from jets.
    I have a personal friend who argues that all those lines are just contrails, and are not chemicals. You can't even start to educate him for he immediately starts to argue instead of debate with facts and proof.
    The public are really gone as far as thinking for themselves. If it isn't on TV, it isn't real to them.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Do the chem-spray Deniers understand how high a jet has to be before it can form condensation, or even that the high bypass turbo fan engines produce nearly no condensation?  I think we should have flyers to hand these un-and-disinformed black holes of "thinking."

    • Pharmer says:

      "There are just too many people who still refuse to believe that there is anything wrong, or that the lines in the sky are just from jets."

      I agree there are too many people still programmed and ignorant about 'geoengineering-weather warfare-chemtrails', but that is what websites like this one (especially this one) are so valuable!  The best thing we can do for people with minds still in the matrix prison, is to lead them to websites like this one.  Some people just 'don't have eyes to see' yet, but many of them are having their minds awakened each day, and the tipping point is near.  Once enough people understand the truth of the matter, then everybody will see it as self evident.  Our minds resonate to each other like tuning forks, causing everybody to resonate at the same thought frequencies after enough minds vibrating to them.  The evil entity uses that property of our minds to program us with false information it wants everyone to believe.  That's why big lies repeated often enough begin to take over the mass minds vibration field eventually, and then almost everyone believes the disinformation.  Telescreens are especially dangerous mind control programming devices, because they put us into a hypnotic state, including videos on the computer. Reading all the negative true information available online can become overwhelmingly depressing though, especially if you are a sensitive person who has been reading online for many years (decades for some of us).  It became overwhelming for me, so I unplugged my computer almost two years ago, and now only use the library computers occasionally, although I'm almost ready to plug in at home again. I believe the evil entity wants us to give up and quit trying to save our planet, so it uses predictive programming to make us think its 'revelations' are inevitable, and that resistance is futile.  In reality WE have all the power IF we use it, as George Orwell tried to tell us in his "Animal Farm" book.  We can still save and heal our beautiful planet, and then go on to create a paradise of life in the future, but only if we TRY to make that happen.  Each of us sends out thought forms by what we think, and contributes to co-creating the future by how we live our lives.  WW-III seems inevitable at this point, but it can still be averted.  Humanity can still come to its senses, and working cooperatively together we can repair the damage that has been done.  We should remember that nuclear weapons on all sides have been deactivated several times in the past by an unknown Force, thereby averting a cataclysmic nuclear exchange.  I've had my life saved many times in the past when it seemed my human experience was about to end, and other people have also had that happen to them, the Force is on our side if we have faith in it and do our part.  I try to follow my heart instead of my brain, although that can be difficult at times with the matrix constantly pressing in from all directions.  Disconnecting from the matrix of control is difficult, but absolutely mandatory for freeing your mind.  Follow your heart, and you will never be lead astray.  At least that has been my experience so far.  Thanks to everyone who cares enough to be reading here, and especially those who proactively try to make a difference!!

    • Al C says:

      Thank You Willem for your courage and bravery, bringing this to light.
      I have made it my personal mission to point this out everyday, to friends and strangers…………Some are receptive, others not……I don't care. I've actually had people get angry with me to the point that I thought it would turn into a physical confrontation………Being an armchair psychologist, my take on why people refuse to accept it is cognitive dissonance.
      There is an old story and I heard a couple of versions of it and I'll tell this one:

      There was an island tribe that lived in peace for hundreds of years and then one day the shaman priest was gazing off shore and he noticed a ship anchored about a mile out. His intuition told him that the people on the ship were soldiers and if they did not prepare, these invaders were going to come ashore and slaughter their people and way of life. The shaman pointed out the ship to the chief and the other tribal elders and they asked the shaman what he was talking about? They couldn't see the ship………..totally blind to it. He warned them again and again day in day out and still nothing……. They now questioned the shaman's sanity. And as the story goes, a few more days later, a smaller boat came ashore and conquered the tribe.

      I believe, this type of "reality hijacking/dumbing down/social engineering" has been done to us for a very long time now and I hate to quote the Doobie Brothers but "What a Fool Believes, He Sees."

    • Earth Angel says:

      Beautifully stated Pharmer! Your words are inspirational and wise. Thank you!  : )

  29. wanderer says:

    Witnessed them spraying in remote Alaska last summer north of Fairbanks, the skies ended up looking like the picture in article. Was camped right below, what a nightmare, these evil people are everywhere.

  30. James says:

    The weather Here in Amador County is calling for  rain and snow above 3000 ft .   Maybe by Wednesday the 25 , Kirkwood might pick up a foot or more of new snow .  
    One  big problem is the poison  they keep spraying us with 24 – 7 . 
    How in the hell are we ever going to have a normal winter with all the poison being rained down on us  ???????????????

  31. Joe Sullivan says:

    Thank you for this, what all of us are witnessing is beyond belief in its scope and scale of operations.
    Quick thank you to Dane Wigington for this organization as well Cori Gunnels. 
    Capt Joe

  32. carol freiberg says:

    What could be more important than to expose and halt this insanity? Money? Trinkets? Power? If that is more important than our planet then you are ,clearly, a certifiable lunatic with some sort of control issues. Personally, I would give up EVERYTHING to preserve our wonderful planet for our future generations to enjoy and flourish. Thank you Dane, and all involved in this battle, for the encouragement and psychological support we all need to endure these maniacal programs. 

  33. Dane – What a devastating video. Surely a picture is worth a 1000 words. Who could convince themselves that any of that was natural? Some were absolutely repulsive and sickening. To my knowledge, there are now two lawsuits planned against the Navy's electronic warfare here on the Olympic Peninsula. The Navy is ignoring all opposition, some have even accused the Navy of going rogue! The sky around here appears more electrified than chemtrailed. Are they testing new technologies? Sometimes I see the chemtrails being dropped across the sky above and no visible plane — stealth? Really disheartening. On we go! Heroic Willem Felderhof, thank you! And thank you Dane, as always.

    • bija says:

      Susan, more often than not these days I also witness the gradual appearance of trails, yet no planes. I'm wondering Dane or anybody, if you know how they do this??
      Today I woke to a huge mass, almost like a fog bank, hanging over the mountains to the north. As the day has progressed,  this has spread across the sky in splotchy wisps. Others think these are naturally forming clouds! 
      Thanks Willem Felderhof for having courage and ethics to break the silence!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bija, as more of the public awakens to the spraying, the climate engineers are certainly making an effort to be more covert. There are always aircraft ahead of the trails, but if they are high enough, or with some conditions related to humidity, temperatures and method of spraying application, the sprayed particultes can take longer to show up.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan,  And yes, talk about pictures worth a thousand words and then some!  One looked like huge chemtrail feathers, really looked like gigantic feathers.  And yes, they are testing new technologies, that is the whole point and originally they said so.  Even though the navy admitted they had done no testing or investigations regarding how this would affect humans and wildlife, they did it anyway.  This time, they did leave a time frame for replying and voicing opposition and I posted all that at this site.  Even if no one here did it, tons of people did, but that didn't slow their roll but for a second or two.  And yes, I do think our navy has gone rogue, if that is the right word for it.  Our military, our whole military is out of control.  And the navy leads the pack.  It has become obvious they do not care one whit what any of us think.  I doubt the lawsuits will have an effect.  But, it is something at least.  And yes, your "air" is in fact more electrified.  I believe they are testing chemicals in the air and their ability to augment radar, drones, etc.  I admire your calm and tenacity.  I'd say this too shall pass, but not in the immediate future, maybe not for years.

      I don't know if you saw my response to you about Raytheon.  It took me a week to recover from studying about them!  Guess I'm ready now for part two.  For a second there, looked like Raytheon was played out, but no.  On to Cheyenne Mountain.

      I saw your remarks about horsetail weeds.  I always have to wonder if doing something like this will interact with my meds. and/or with my diseases: primarily Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, and Lupus.  Some plants that boost immune system would have a negative affect on me.  Learned that the hard way.  But as a life long grower of plants,  I do know many weeds that are edible, medicinal for us, but also for soils!  Many of the weeds that pop up in vacant lots, do so to improve the soil.  Weeds are our friends.  Except oxallis is no friend of mine!!

      Very cold here today, very.  Much more than weather guy said.  Thick fog, some of which looks dirty.  I'd say overcast, but I can just make out fat rows of trails.

  34. Pam says:

    Threats scared the life out of some people. Especially when you have something to lose. They don't always kill you 1st;maybe financial ruin, assisted suicide, head on highway accidents, abduction & the list goes on…what about all of those natural medicine doctors? Bankers? Whistleblower commonality. Keep up the great work it's invaluable to me.

  35. Cori Gunnells says:

    Willem Felderhof,
    Thank you for your valuable voice and concerted efforts to wake others to this travesty. I hope your courage, conviction, reasoned research, and occupational experience will push others in your field of aviation to stand up and help bring more legitimacy to this issue – showing others that yes, pilots do see this, and they do agree these programs are harming all life on earth.

  36. Rachel Robson says:

    Bravo Willem Felderhof!!  If only more were like you!  What do your fellow pilots have to say about this, what is being whispered?

  37. Important work Dane.  Thank you for all you do & we send you good energy from Cyprus for support in this vital issue.  We keep trying in this part of the world but sadly we are the only Green Party on board, so far.  It's pretty obvious to most of the population on this beautiful Mediterranean island what is happening.

    Linda, elected Town Councillor, Pegeia, Cyprus

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Linda Leblanc!  It is always fun-for me anyway-to hear from people in other countries much less Cyprus!  You live in the midst of an area of forever wars.  And such a beautiful place though I've not had the pleasure of seeing it for myself, depending on others, and various TV shows to glimpse your country, and newspapers to hear what is going on there.  You mention that this spraying is obvious to most of the population there.  Do people speak openly about this?  Can you see the actual planes doing this and if so, can you make out who?  As the elected Town Councillor, do you have town meetings on this issue?  Are people reporting having health issues from this?  Do you feel your own country is involved, or just inconveniently located?

      I wish we had a real green party with teeth!  The one we have doesn't seem to count, doesn't factor into any elections.  I wish we had one too!

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