A Letter To An Air Quality Manager From A Member Of The Anti-Geoengineering Legal Team


Air quality officials everywhere have failed to fulfill their legal obligation of informing the public about indisputable and verified health hazards relating directly to the toxic fallout from climate engineering. More and more facts are coming to light which further exposes what should be considered criminal complacency on the part of officials that have been entrusted with safeguarding public welfare. SInce at least 2008, volumes of test data proving the presence of toxic heavy metals in the environment has been presented to various California state and county officials who have to date done absolutely nothing to disclose the contamination let alone investigate it. The public is rapidly waking up to this situation and they are understandably extremely concerned  and upset.  A major event in Northern California on August 14th, 2015 will bring together numerous experts to give their testimonies on the climate engineering dangers. This event will bring much needed attention to this critical issue. Below is letter from a member of the anti-geoengineering legal team to air quality officials, it is an official invitation to the August 14th event.
Dane Wigington


August 11, 2015
Attn: Ross Bell, District Manager
1855 Placer Street, Suite 101
Redding,CA 96001
Telephone: (530) 225-5674
Fax (530) 225-5237

Re: Meeting on August 14th at David Marr Auditorium, Redding


Dear Mr. Bell: 

I first wrote to your office on May 6, 2011 to discuss and inquire what your office was doing to investigate and report on the Geo-Engineering program of the US government by spraying the above referenced materials into the sky to reduce the impact of global warming and to implement weather modification programs.  

We would like you to attend this meeting to discuss with the public the impacts of the Geo-engineering programs and the chemical residue left on the surface of our planet and which is frequently ingested by the public, with unknown long term physical effects.

Last year approximately 400 citizens met with the Shasta Board of Supervisors (BOS) to request the BOS investigate the chemical spraying in Shasta County.   The Shasta County Board of Supervisors after pressure from the public agreed to investigate the phenomenon known as Geo-engineering, sometimes called “chem-trails.”  To my understanding no report was done, and possibly, no investigation was ever implemented. 

We would like to know about your agency’s involvement in investigating and reporting on the chemical spraying of the Shasta County population in what we believe is the federal government’s efforts to control or modify the weather. This is the spray emanating from jets flying overhead where the white plumes expand and drip and cover the sky, rather than evaporate like what were formerly called “condensation” trails.  This is frequently called “Chemtrails”.

There is a plethora of evidence gather by citizens of alarming levels of aluminum barium and strontium in the blood level of its citizens, and these chemicals are being traced to the abundant spraying of these chemicals from jets into the atmosphere in a campaign to modify or control the weather by the federal government.  The Air Force wrote a book where they quote on the cover page, that they “will control the weather by 2025”. 

In 1991, a patent was issued to Hughes Aircraft, US Patent # 5,003,186, now held by Boeing called the “Welsbach patent”, where the exact chemicals patented for the program, (barium, strontium and aluminum) in this climate geo-engineering scheme are now being found on the ground in Shasta County in quantities vastly exceeding the allowable amounts by any regulatory standard, or by any naturally occurring levels.  This “Welsbach Patent” was designed to have these chemicals among others, to be placed into jet exhaust or merely sprayed from nozzles under the aircraft which is  separate from the exhaust trail, and which said chemicals would be sprayed into the atmosphere and then spread out widely to reflect back sunlight to reduce the impact of global warming.

We believe that your agency and other government officials in California have failed in meeting their obligations to ensure the safety and health of the public from toxic contaminants in the environment.  The California Legislature has indicated that the state environmental organizations have fallen behind in their obligations and their trustworthiness in fulfilling the environmental protections required of them.

HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE § 25570.  (a) The Legislature hereby finds and declares all of the following:

(1) The public has a low level of confidence in the ability of government or the private sector to ensure that manufacturers, users and disposers of hazardous substances comply fully with legal requirements for the management of these substances.

(2) Recent federal studies by Congress and executive agencies document that voluntary compliance with environmental regulations nationwide is at an all time low of 25 percent. Such factors as inadequate enforcement and inadequate understanding of complex requirements result in a level of compliance with environmental requirements which is lower than in the early 1970's.

Your agency is obligated to protect the public under several California statutes, among them, the following:

HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE § 39656.  “It is the intent of the Legislature that the state board and the districts implement a program to regulate toxic air contaminants that will enable the state to receive approval to implement and enforce emission standards and other requirements for air pollutants subject to Section 112 of the federal act (42 U.S.C. Sec. 7412).”

And under HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE § 39657, you are obligated to identify toxic air contaminants.  (a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), the state board shall identify toxic air contaminants which are emitted into the ambient air of the state.


Under H&S § 39660, your agency is obligated to investigate and protect the safety of California citizens.   Section a states as follows: “(a) Upon the request of the state board, the office, in consultation with and with the participation of the state board, shall evaluate the health effects of and prepare recommendations regarding substances, other than pesticides in their pesticidal use, which may be or are emitted into the ambient air of California and that may be determined to be toxic air contaminants.

Subsection C goes on as follows: (c) (1) The evaluation shall assess the availability and quality of data on health effects, including potency, mode of action, and other relevant biological factors, of the substance, and shall, to the extent that information is available, assess all of the following:

(A) Exposure patterns among infants and children that are likely to result in disproportionately high exposure to ambient air pollutants in comparison to the general population.

(B) Special susceptibility of infants and children to ambient air pollutants in comparison to the general population.

(C) The effects on infants and children of exposure to toxic air contaminants and other substances that have a common mechanism of toxicity.

(D) The interaction of multiple air pollutants on infants and children, including the interaction between criteria air pollutants and toxic air contaminants.

(2) The evaluation shall also contain an estimate of the levels of exposure that may cause or contribute to adverse health effects. If it can be established that a threshold of adverse health effects exists, the estimate shall include both of the following factors:

(A) The exposure level below which no adverse health effects are anticipated.

(B) An ample margin of safety that accounts for the variable effects that heterogeneous human populations exposed to the substance under evaluation may experience, the uncertainties associated with the applicability of the data to human beings, and the completeness and quality of the information available on potential human exposure to the substance.

Subsection (e) gives you the power to demand information from outside sources. “(e) (1) The state board or a district may request, and any person shall provide, information on any substance that is or may be under evaluation and that is manufactured, distributed, emitted, or used by the person of whom the request is made, in order to carry out its responsibilities pursuant to this chapter.  Subsection (e))3) provides that this should be public information, “(3) Any information not identified as a trade secret shall be available to the public unless exempted from disclosure by other provisions of law.

Subsection (f) requires that you prioritize your investigation on factors related to the risk of harm to public health.    (f) The office and the state board shall give priority to the evaluation and regulation of substances based on factors related to the risk of harm to public health, amount or potential amount of emissions, manner of, and exposure to, usage of the substance in California, persistence in the atmosphere, and ambient concentrations in the community.

You are also obligated under HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE § 39602.5, to adopt rules to achieve ambient air quality standards as set for the by the Federal EPA. 

See HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE § (a) The state board shall adopt rules and regulations pursuant to Section 43013 that, in conjunction with other measures adopted by the state board, the districts, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, will achieve ambient air quality standards required by the federal Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. Sec. 7401 et seq.)

In light of your obligations under HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE § 39604.  (a) The state board shall post on its Web site, at a minimum by January 1 of each odd-numbered year, information on air quality conditions and trends statewide and on the status and effectiveness of state and local air quality programs.

(b) The data shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following:

(1) A review of air quality trends in each air basin over the most recent five-calendar-year period for which a complete data record is available.

Has your agency investigated or reported on any of the Chem Trials emanating from jets?  Has your agency done any investigating or reporting on the levels of strontium, barium and aluminum coming from these jet trails?  Why not? 

Continuing with this Code section, it states that you are also obligated to prepare the following:

(3) A listing of any changes in state ambient air quality standards adopted by the board over the previous two calendar years.

(4) A summary of the results of research projects concluded during the previous two years, the status of current research projects, and the conduct of the research program pursuant to Section 39703.

Please advise me if you will attend this meeting on August 14th, or whether you send a representative from you office.   I can give you more information to contact Dane Wigington for more information on what you may expect to speak about at this meeting.

Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Very truly yours,

Joseph H. Marman


45 Responses to A Letter To An Air Quality Manager From A Member Of The Anti-Geoengineering Legal Team

  1. April M. says:

     On 9/14/01 National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD) 51 went into effect as the US was placed into a state of emergency. 400 dormant laws came to life & have made this country unrecognizable to it's own people. It was quickly classified & hidden from national security committees & congress is prevented from bringing a joint resolution to bring us out of the SOE. Here's a thought: There is a company that converts commercial aircraft into refueling planes which would require the addition of storage tanks for fuel. This same company also makes aircraft flight systems that allow 767's to be remotely flown in the event of a hijacking. These same flight  systems are also found on drones.Watch Cristopher Bollyn on YouTube to learn the name of that individual & the company.

    • Hello April M.: Yes, yes, yes!!! Thank you for bringing these important considerations to the attention of readers. Christopher Bollyn is one of the great heroes that has braved the blowback and presented many factors related to 9/11/2001 and beyond. Heres the link for readers to check this person out. > http://www.bollyn.com/home

      The World Trade Center demolitions were an intentional disaster, and a crime against humanity. FAKE investigation and ZERO arrests within 14 years of of public knowledge. 9/11 was a demo job, and the Department of Defense was in on the deal…

  2. jilly says:

    This is such a good letter! Well done, I’m sure this is a really good and positive way forward. I would like to see lawyers from all around the world writing letters like this to all governments, and councils, and medical centers (for their information)… this does not just happen in the US, though from what I have seen, you seem to be getting the rear end of the whole thing, but we can all put up photos to show that the same thing happens everywhere. Thank you Dane, again, for this work.

  3. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Rachel…Here's the latest I see for Rhode Island's efforts to prohibit Geoengineering. Appreciate your great comments.
    The Rhode Island legislature submitted HB 7655 in April 2014. The Bill was held for review and apparently died in committee. (Source)
    The 2015 legislature submitted a new Bill – HB 5480 – currently being held for review.
    HB 5480 is sponsored by Rep. Karen L. MacBeth and Rep. James N Mclaughlin

    • Hello Melody Meachum: Thanks for posting this notice. The H 5480 version of this Act is well presented. Here's an introduction link for interested readers. >
      (This Act was referred to the "House Environment and Natural Resources")
      Closure statement:
      [This act would define and limit the use of geoengineering in the state. The act would 1 define geoengineering as activities specifically and deliberately designed to effect a change in the area climate. The act would further provide that no person would implement geoengineering in any area of the state without first obtaining the permission of the director of the department of environmental management to do so. The process to obtain such permission would require a minimum of two (2) public hearings prior to any decision being issued. This act would take effect upon passage.]
      Complete text:

    • Dennis says:

      Hello Melody,

      I find it interesting that while Rhode Island is passing anti-geoengineering legislation they are also instigating a forced HPV vaccine on all your children.

      The deception and control just keeps getting worse; I believe that means we have already reached critical mass and they are SCARED.

      Best to you,


  4. Larry Holm says:

    Haven't some samples also shown lithium dispersals? NASA sends rockets dispersing lithium in our breathable atmosphere. I believe there's a scientific case to be made that since so many of the aerosol chemicals have a biological impact they'd fall into the category of being under the same controls as regulated medicines requiring prescriptions and consent. Certainly the manufacturing process that makes them nano is a pharmaceutical grade process and a biowarfare process as well. So we have laws against distributing prescription medicines without a prescription and without the consent of the person ingesting the chemical. Any lawyers out there know how the laws controlling unlawful prescriptions apply here?

  5. Rachel Robson says:

    Occurs to me that whether or not they respond, and if so how, is somewhat besides the point as this is more like serving notice.  Legally declaring notice which will become a matter of record.  Did not one state back east, New Hampshire or? succeed in getting sprayed stopped?  It can be done it seems.  Do not know why this was not done sooner but for the cost and the right lawyers.  May be too late, but better late than never! 

  6. Frank says:

    We all are subjected to the onslaught of many airborne chemicals daily. The purpose of all governmental agencies are put in place to so called protect us all. The biggest evil agency has been the EPA. Since the start of the EPA many years ago they have always sided on the behalf of the money train which all forms of government do also. I have contacted many of these agencies in the past and have gotten nothing but denial or form letters at best. 

    The whole denial of these officials about the spraying is ludicrous and totally insane. I never mention the word chemtrail but they always include chemtrails in there response to discredit me and many others. We all are at a time in our lives that exposing weather warfare is growing short. There are so many people that are awakening to this big lie of the power structure. We must daily pursue the exposure of the crimes committed from officials for many decades of blatant lies. 

    The one person I have to commend always is Dane Wigington. As he always states there are many pieces to this puzzle and those words are exact. We all have been lied to all our lives by the power structure. The parasitical elites are experts at PysOps and there power is waning as there insanity grows. Many have gotten a new sense of hope by the Trump circus. All presidential elections are bought and paid for before they begin. Why is there computer voting, how convenient to manipulate the outcome. 

    We all need to stand daily, hourly and by the minute to expose weather warfare because if not our chances of life for ourselves and the future of all is over. 

    I pledge to this day to start a movement that I hope catches on and goes viral. We al should symbolize our one action when we see any geoengineering in our skies. That symbol is the peace sign of 2 fingers pointed to the sky. 

    • Hello Frank: Great post! You're right. Dane is the most straight-up person I've ever encountered. He puts the data out there, and doesn't get caught up in the politics. This takes great courage and focus on the dire issues before us…

      Let the sheriffs, the courts, the individual States, and the people's militias determine the outcome. This can and will be stopped…

  7. Melody Meachum says:

    Fires continue to get stoked around this country and more are waking up to massive geoengineering crimes as well as all other types of crimes committed against humanity world-wide.

    One could only hope and pray a March on Washington or National Job Walk-out would take place in the short future.

    Are there 10 million people in this nation that really understand the travesty committed globally against the atmosphere/biosphere via decades of all out weather warfare (and recently more covert to point out to the unaware) and then THEY LITERALLY SHOW UP to the event?

    For that event to force MSM to take notice and publish on nightly news (of course the report would be utter spin & lies) it would take an undeniably massive amount of human beings infiltrating DC.

    I went to the Global March against Chemtrails in my state's capital and we had 20 people, AT BEST, that attended and marched.

    We all realize how difficult is to get everyday people alarmed enough to even learn/read on their own let alone alarmed enough to speak out. Again, all who are very informed regarding geoengineering and related crimes long for that day to take shape, but it all seems to point back to making it happen at grass roots levels feeding up to County & State levels via aggressive law suits.

    With the ladder effect, each rung contains an attached official (elected or unelected) up or down the ladder making it easy to pass for officials to pass the buck up or down the ladder and difficult for the general public to pin blame up or down the ladder.

    • Hello Melody Meachum: Here's how to rope a dope into a corner that IS prosecutable in the courts. > Excerpted from: Strict liability – Wikipedia ["In law, strict liability is a standard for liability which may exist in either a criminal or civil context. A rule specifying strict liability makes a person legally responsible for the damage and loss caused by his/her acts and omissions regardless of culpability (including fault in criminal law terms, typically the presence of mens rea). Under strict liability, there is no requirement to prove fault, negligence or intention. Strict liability is prominent in tort law (especially product liability), corporations law, and criminal law. For analysis of the pros and cons of strict liability as applied to product liability, the most important strict liability regime, see product liability."] Complete text: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strictly_liable Also this: Excerpted from: Command responsibility – Wikipedia ["Command responsibility, sometimes referred to as the Yamashita standard or the Medina standard, and also known as superior responsibility, is the doctrine of hierarchical accountability in cases of war crimes committed during wartime.[1][2][3][4]   The term may also be used more broadly to refer to the duty to supervise subordinates, and liability for the failure to do so, both in government, military law, and with regard to corporations and trusts.   The doctrine of "command responsibility" was established by the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 and was applied for the first time by the German Supreme Court at the Leipzig War Crimes Trials after World War I, in the 1921 trial of Emil Müller.[5][6][7] "]   Definitions In the discussion regarding "command responsibility" the term "command" can be defined as A. De jure (legal) command, which can be both military and civilian. The determining factor here is not rank but subordination. Four structures are identified:[5][6] Policy command: heads of state, high-ranking government officials, monarchs Strategic command: War Cabinet, Joint Chiefs of Staff Operational command: military leadership. In Yamashita it was established that operational command responsibility cannot be ceded for the purpose of the doctrine of command responsibility; operational commanders must exercise the full potential of their authority to prevent war crimes – failure to supervise subordinates or non-assertive orders does not exonerate the commander. Tactical command: direct command over troops on the ground"] Complete text: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_responsibility

  8. Vara Sue Tamminga says:

    Thank you for bringing legal action.  After Hurricane Sandy, I wrote a letter to 20 major news outlets begging them to investigate our ability to influence weather based on Secretary William Cohen's discussion of ecoterrorism.  I received no reply.  I also sent letters to 20 university Presidents voicing my concern that students and the professor in Phillip Zeilkow's MOOC University of Virginia history class refused to discuss William Cohen's concerns about weather. Professor Zeilkow is a member of several government councils and advisor to several presidents. Again I received no response.  Since then I have raised questions as best I can on articles related to Climate Change and on my facebook page.  I hope your legal action can raise awareness.  However, we must not get distracted from making the changes necessary to transition to a clean energy system to protect our children's survival and the survival of their food, water, and energy sources.  We could fight endlessly for truth and accountability.  But our major fight must be to ensure the survival of our species and for equal concern for all instead of a promotion of an elite minority.

    Thank you for your work.


    Dr. Vara Sue Tamminga

    • Hello to Vara Sue Tamminga: Thank you for at least attempting to connect with "our" leaders… I know the feeling…

      You're right. Every world citizen must reduce resource waste and energy usage in MAJOR ways. Unfortunately, military operations account for the largest elemental pollutions released into in the environment. These military dumb shits need to be put into rubber rooms for the rest of eternity… Jus' sayin'

  9. Marc says:

    Ok, folks. Yesterday, another one of those days where I could not detect any spraying at all, and we had erstwhile beautiful skies with puffy white clouds and "clear sky" in between. A sky totally unlike what's become "usual" for this area. And today, absolutely clear blue sky this morning, not a cloud in the sky, and no visual evidence of spraying. Humidity is still up but temps are down, dropping well into the 60's at night. Unusual for this time of year, I reckon. 

      When this kind of thing happens it makes me wonder what the hell these worthless guttersnipes are up to. It undoubtedly dovetails into a "bigger picture" of weather modification but goddamn, I wish these skies could return to being the norm. False hope, I suppose, at this late stage of the game. And that is a sad state of affairs. 

  10. Zach says:

    I hope you all have already done this:
    1. Introduction In California, before you may sue a public entity (a state, county or local governmental entity) or a government employee for money damages, you must first file a claim meeting the requirements of the California Tort Claims Act. California Government (Gov’t) Code sections 810-996.6. With very limited exceptions, no lawsuit for money damages may be brought against a governmental entity unless a written claim has been properly filed within the six-month time limit. So, even if you are injured by the government and do not currently intend to sue, you should still consider filing a claim in order to protect your rights and to keep your options open. The California Tort Claims Act sets out the procedures you must follow when filing a claim against the government for money damages. This memo describes the most significant parts of the Act. This memo is based on the laws in effect at the date of its writing, which are, of course, subject to change. Also, depending on the type of action you are bringing, other procedures and time lines may apply.  

  11. Katherine L. says:

    Sharing this far and wide. Thanks for all involved. This is about to explode wider. IMO, this is just one piece of their Eugenics program even though they say it's for something else.

  12. Suzy T. Kane says:

    A legal team working on behalf of Geoengineer Watch is the way to go! Dane Wigington, you are a true hero.

  13. Arnie Rosner says:

    So why hasn't suit been filed against the private corporations unlawfully impersonating the lawful government agencies and public officers?  This is fraud and treason.
    arnie, just one of the people.
    714-964-4056  With rare exception available 24/7

  14. 2 sets of rules says:

    I think it's great that more people are waking up an taking action. Yet I am concerned by research I've done in many areas. Those in Power have been putting systems in place for a long, long time to create what comes down to totalitarian rule across the globe. Their agendas and rules for THEIR games are not same as those we perceive and live by.

    We keep thinking that we can affect things by applying the rules we've been taught to use. However, there is an inherent impasse in this scenario. Those who fight dirty usually win the battle. We must have both Integrity and Divine Intervention to win this war against such evil that is intentionally creating havoc on so many fronts.

    If you believe in the Power of Prayer, then please pray for Divine Intervention.

    • SuperLuminal Man says:

      Two Sets: I agree with most of what you said; the spirit of where you are coming from. I would add the Prayer Is Answered Through ACTION.

  15. DAVID DARBY says:

    a national walk out on all jobs will halt the economy and show the govt and corporates fascist that the people mean business otherwise nothing less than force will be needed. I doubt both will ever happen before climate changes to the environment worldwide just destroy so much and change so much that the economies of the world will be destroyed. Its all way too little way way too late too. 

    good luck with the efforts though. 

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Great Idea David! I will shutter by business for as long as it takes to stop the spraying. 

    • Dean says:

      A 10% march on Washington, i.e., 40 million people, like the farmers did one time to protest their issues, could work. Any march on Washington, from the Blacks to everyone else, has produced results. I think you're right on target. 

  16. 18 U.S. Code § 3 – Accessory after the fact
    ["Whoever, knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact.
    Except as otherwise expressly provided by any Act of Congress, an accessory after the fact shall be imprisoned not more than one-half the maximum term of imprisonment or (notwithstanding section 3571) fined not more than one-half the maximum fine prescribed for the punishment of the principal, or both; or if the principal is punishable by life imprisonment or death, the accessory shall be imprisoned not more than 15 years."]
    Complete text:

  17. 18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

    ["Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."] 


  18. Dennie Mehocich says:

    A letter exactly like this should go to all officials who are in charge of our so-called health and safety, throughout the entire country, demanding answers.  The perpetrators keeping any part of this hidden from public site should properly be swinging by the neck from lamp posts in every town where they dare to hide. 

    We should not have to beg for our rights from CRIMINALS–!!!!

  19. kathleen gabel says:

    Non-response from government officials would suggest negligence and would be a crime against the population

  20. Jenny says:

    I was surprised to see Hughes Aircraft mentioned as having been issued that patent in 1991.  A very close member of my family used to work at Hughes Aircraft.

  21. It is absurd that a private person such as myself is compelled by moral duty to post items which should be known to OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS. The Federal and States courts are corrupt to the bone, and it's time to let these "actors" know where they stand…

    Excerpted from: Incorporation of the Bill of Rights – Wikipedia

    ["The incorporation of the Bill of Rights (or incorporation for short) is the process by which American courts have applied portions of the U.S. Bill of Rights to the states. Prior to 1925, the Bill of Rights was held only to apply to the federal government. Under the incorporation doctrine, most provisions of the Bill of Rights now also apply to the state and local governments.

    Prior to the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment and the development of the incorporation doctrine, the Supreme Court in 1833 held in Barron v. Baltimore that the Bill of Rights applied only to the federal, but not any state governments. Even years after the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Supreme Court in United States v. Cruikshank (1876) still held that the First and Second Amendment did not apply to state governments. However, beginning in the 1920s, a series of United States Supreme Court decisions interpreted the Fourteenth Amendment to "incorporate" most portions of the Bill of Rights, making these portions, for the first time, enforceable against the state governments."]

    Reverse incorporation

    ["A similar legal doctrine to incorporation is that of reverse incorporation. Whereas incorporation applies the Bill of Rights to the states though the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, in reverse incorporation, the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment has been held to apply to the federal government through the Due Process Clause located in the Fifth Amendment.[24] For example, in Bolling v. Sharpe, 347 U.S. 497 (1954), which was a companion case to Brown v. Board of Education, the schools of the District of Columbia were desegregated even though Washington is federal. Likewise, in Adarand Constructors, Inc. v. Peña 515 U.S. 200 (1995), an affirmative action program by the federal government was subjected to strict scrutiny based on equal protection."]

    Complete text:


  22. Excerpted from: 18 U.S. Code § 229 – Prohibited activities
    (a) Unlawful Conduct.— Except as provided in subsection (b), it shall be unlawful for any person knowingly—
    (1) to develop, produce, otherwise acquire, transfer directly or indirectly, receive, stockpile, retain, own, possess, or use, or threaten to use, any chemical weapon; or
    (2) to assist or induce, in any way, any person to violate paragraph (1), or to attempt or conspire to violate paragraph (1).

    (b) Exempted Agencies and Persons.—

    (1) In general.— Subsection (a) does not apply to the retention, ownership, possession, transfer, or receipt of a chemical weapon by a department, agency, or other entity of the United States, or by a person described in paragraph (2), pending destruction of the weapon.

    (2) Exempted persons.— A person referred to in paragraph (1) is—

    (A) any person, including a member of the Armed Forces of the United States, who is authorized by law or by an appropriate officer of the United States to retain, own, possess, transfer, or receive the chemical weapon; or

    (B) in an emergency situation, any otherwise nonculpable person if the person is attempting to destroy or seize the weapon.

    (c) Jurisdiction.— Conduct prohibited by subsection (a) is within the jurisdiction of the United States if the prohibited conduct—

    (1) takes place in the United States;

    (2) takes place outside of the United States and is committed by a national of the United States;

    (3) is committed against a national of the United States while the national is outside the United States; or

    (4) is committed against any property that is owned, leased, or used by the United States or by any department or agency of the United States, whether the property is within or outside the United States.
    Complete text: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/229
    "Chemtrailing" operations are an act of war against the people of the United States. It couldn't be more obvious…

    • Craig Smith says:

      I agree, the chemtrailing program, is an act of war against the people of the United States…therefore the CIC..IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE..therefore..the letters need to be directed to Obama.

  23. The United States has been operating under the guise of the War Powers Act since at least 1933. Thus (legally) we have been in a state of perpetual war for over 70 years. Thus the following legal restrictions apply: > 

    18 U.S. Code § 2441 – War crimes


    18 U.S. Code Chapter 11B – CHEMICAL WEAPONS

    § 229. Prohibited activities

    § 229A. Penalties

    § 229B. Criminal forfeitures; destruction of weapons

    § 229C. Individual self-defense devices

    § 229D. Injunctions

    § 229E. Requests for military assistance to enforce prohibition in certain emergencies

    § 229F. Definitions
    Complete texts: 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Waging war is a pretty reliable way for a certain class of "people," to continue their unwelcome stay "on top," whereby they get to make gobs and gobs and gobs of money.  It is the lamest excuse for stimulating an economy that's so far beyond bankruptcy that you almost can't talk about it– a whole lot like beating the proverbial dead horse.  Hell, Gyorgi Schwartz (George Soros to US) even said in October of 2013 that the "patient is on life support," in reference to the economy, and not much has changed since then.  When we heard our high school history teacher say that "war's good for the economy," you could have heard a pin drop in that classroom, it was so quiet.  NO ONE believed her. EVERYONE was right.

  24. Ralph Ely says:

    As more and more Public Officials realize they are accountable by their oaths and the laws they operate under to protect the citizens health and welfare, the quicker we will be able to stop the GenEngineering programs that are spewing out the toxins in our skies.

    The more pressure we apply the quicker this realization will occur and those officials will have the choice to do their jobs or be prosecuted for crimes against humanity in a court of law.  

    • Hello Ralph Ely: All these "actors" are guilty of crimes against humanity, including the bastards who work for Evergreen Aviation and other such black-ops. I guess they forgot to read this: >

      Excerpted from: Environmental Modification Convention – Wikipedia

      ["The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques is an international treaty prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects. It opened for signature on 18 May 1977 in Geneva and entered into force on 5 October 1978.

      The Convention bans weather warfare, which is the use of weather modification techniques for the purposes of inducing damage or destruction. The Convention on Biological Diversity of 2010 would also ban some forms of weather modification or geoengineering.[2]

      Many states do not regard this as a complete ban on the use of herbicides in warfare, such as Agent Orange, but it does require case-by-case consideration.[3]"]

      Environmental Modification Technique

      ["Environmental Modification Technique includes any technique for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space."]

      Complete text:


      Company officials at Evergreen "aviation" need to be charged under multiple US criminal codes and imprisoned or hung by the neck until dead. If these pompous assholes want to play at games of terror, they should be made to feel real terror. Tens of millions of people want these jerks dead and gone…

  25. Marc says:

    I recently had a blood work panel of tests performed which included aluminum, barium and strontium. I have been chelating (not with any pharmaceuticals) for about 6 months. I received copies of the report but only after considerable haranguing of staff at my doctors office. A couple of phone calls to actual humans finally resulted in 2 pages of the report, but mysteriously, barium and strontium were missing. Another 3 detailed voicemails went nowhere. Yet another phone call to an actual staff member finally resulted in some promised action. A return call informed me that they had received no such reports from the Quest Diagnostics Lab for barium and strontium. I made them aware that a separate test tube was prepared for the barium and blood was drawn into it.  The strontium required a urine test which, needless to say, I provided. The Quest lab where the tests were performed is located in Valencia, Ca. My St. Louis doctor's staff contacted them and were informed that the missing test results somehow had never been forwarded to my doctor, whereupon they emailed the data to St. Louis. I am still awaiting those results, though the staff nurses indicate my tests were "normal".

    Clerical error? Maybe. But why did I encounter such inaction from my own doctor's office at first? Incidentally, none of the staff, nor my doctor, had a clue as to why I would want such tests performed, such is the apparent rarity of such testing in this area. 

    I find this whole experience puzzling. I am just one lone fellow trying to find out some facts about my own health. Imagine if thousands or perhaps millions of people begin to demand such tests for themselves and for their children. And I am under no delusions as to the efficacy of these test results. Dane indicated that a chelation program must be pursued in advance of such testing for there to be a viable representation of heavy metals in the system. There even exist pharmaceuticals for chelation of specific metals but I was disinclined to go that route. My own self-administered chelation program is admittedly perhaps not focused or powerful enough to get the job done, I don't know. But considering that Dane and his team are encountering falsified or doctored results at certain labs to whom have been sent air, soil and water samples, might there be anyone out there for whom labs like Quest have furnished questionable test results on blood or urine? Is it possible that Quest's integrity has been compromised, either by covert activity, or just by ordinary incompetence? Again, just speculation. But paranoia is running far and wide these days in the face of a whole spectrum of atrocities being carried out by a power structure gone horrifically wrong.

    • Hi Marc: Quest labs is "owned" by the National Institutes of Health. Need I say more? Many of these labs are not supplied with equipment to scan for nano-sized particulates or biological materials within cells. Quest labs can't even use valid lyme test panels, because the supplied panels are patented… You get my drift…

    • Dr. Amato says:


      There certainly is a possibility the leading labs have been contacted by government officials regarding the airborne chemicals. Whether it's a stalling tactic, wanton neglect, willful neglect or inefficiencies in the management chain, it is inexcusable. We're talking about a patient's life and health.

      You MUST have the blood drawn IMMEDIATELY during, or following spraying of a non-stop nature. If you allow time to pass, your blood will pass the toxins to your tissues where they'll carry on their havoc undetected. The human body identifies the foreign heavy metals and wants to clear them from your blood. Some will pass to the kidney's to be filtered, thereby congesting them and possibly resulting in flank pain in advanced cases. 

      Find a lab that will test barium and aluminum. It is my opinion these two represent the greatest threat to your body's systems. The clinic should retest at their expense.

      Dr. Amato

    • Marc says:

      Dr. Amato,
      But are we not perpetually breathing in nanos from the constant mixing in the air column, regardless of where exactly the trails are being laid?  And so therefore, is not our bloodstream under perpetual assault, as in perpetual introduction of nanos, maybe some days worse than others? Therefore, it seems no particular time is better or worse than any other to be tested.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Marc, I live in Berkeley, CA and Quest is the most frequently used lab by my docs.  I remember back in the day when a patient could Not get his/her labs!  So, I had them sent to my shrink who is an MD and brilliant and guessed correctly my health issues long before science could prove it.  Then, he would get them and tell me.  They do seem to try to leave him out of the loop which pisses him off as he Is the keeper of all my medical stuff-even wrote away for stuff in the nick of time from when I was young.  These days records are destroyed rather quickly.

      Early this year one of my urine tests came back positive for Barbital.  I didn't even know what that was.  My doc there-and she is very good-got mad at me as if I'd done wrong.  At first I actually felt guilty!  Then I got pissed as they kept repeating this test again and again-each time negative.  Then, it dawned on me-lab error!  I mean it must happen, does happen and finally they agree.  I have to have a surgery this Friday and at the pre-op appointment, I was told that all year long I tested positive for Barbital!  I blew!  So pissed, saying not true!  Had to spend most of yesterday trying to clean up my records and at regular doc place they told me no, no more positive tests, lab error.  When you figure all the testing, all the people, the number of hands and places and records, something is bound to go wrong sometime.  And a person's records can get mixed up or be full of errors.  Long ago when I had some very rare disease, the test for it was only run by the state once a month.  They dropped the first one.  I got more sick, plus what I had was contagious and they told me no it was not-I had a small child and was waitressing at the time.  Idiots.  Test number two for this was also botched.  By that point I had a high fever and pneumonia from "parrot fever".  Finally, test, expensive test number 3 came back positive!  Finally!  Cripes, that was an ordeal.  Given my complex medical back ground as well as poverty, I am afraid to ask for the tests you got.

      Paul makes an excellent point about who owns Quest.  And Dr. Amato makes a good point about during heavy spraying or immediately afterwards as what they are looking for is not routine and more like to show up when most doused.  Timing counts.  Perhaps you could find a lab other than Quest, there are others, but seemingly fewer all the time.

      Patients now have the rights to their own tests and your doc's office had no right to give you a hard time about it.  I have found it useful to trick them sometimes into tests.  Make them think they thought of it.  Find a way, a story to tell that does not involve geoengineering, forinstance.  The flank pain Dr. Amato mentions is interesting to me as I do have flank pain, but then it could be for other reasons.  Which is an example of why they tried to keep people from their records because some people will trip out, try to diagnose themselves, thinking they know better than docs  and docs don't like that.  And patients are often wrong, but sometimes right.  It could be that these tests were too expensive, or that they don't want to disclose the results.  Find another lab if you can.  Heck, I couldn't find a lab for rainwater-here in Berkeley of all places-I mean medical stuff everywhere.  And again, Dr. Amato is right in that strontium 90 is ubiquitous and has been found ever since we blew the first atom bomb-did not exist before that.  So, concentrate on Barium and Aluminum.  Be persistent.   Perseverance furthers!

      I do agree that if we all asked for these tests, well, either we'd get some response or they would shut it down.  TPTB do not want this proven times many thousands for obvious reasons.  Good luck though!  

  26. chad casarin says:

    My mayor and a few others in cambridge ontario repeatedly arrests me and send me trespassing arrest threat letters on the issue of geongineering or weather modification. Why would that be instead of talk and have any sort of dialogue? Well, it's obvious, great article.

  27. Christopher Lucas says:

    Very impressive letter, I truly hope we are not too late..

  28. Petra says:

    Wonderful!  The legal field is exactly what is needed to bring this crime to light!  

  29. truthchase says:

    WOW  , Thank You , a very impressive letter , I hope you let us know if they respond 

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