A New Song Protesting Geoengineering


Bluer Than Blue

By Kate Magdalena Willens

​Kate Magdalena Willens, environmental activist and singer-songwriter, releases her second song about geoengineering. "Bluer Than Blue" looks with longing and nostalgia to the deep blue skies of yesteryear, comparing them to the ‘gummy, crummy’ skies that we see today.  ‘Bluer Than Blue’ sings out the sky as the fragile shell of our earth, not a military zone, but rather "the amniotic sac of our earthly home", which we breathe "with every breath we take".  This new song joins Kate’s first song about geoengineering, "Up Up in the Sky", both of which are songs of awakening, and calls to save the earth.  Kate hopes that you will embed the song on your web site, and share it widely through your blogs and social networks. 

Kate Willens

The song features Kate Magdalena on vocals and guitar, Jeff Martin on 12 string guitar and moog bass, and Kim Atkinson on rebolo tan tan drums, triangle, and shaker.  It was recorded at "Studio E", Sebastopol, CA. 

One Response to A New Song Protesting Geoengineering

  1. Kate Willens says:

    Thank you so much Dane for posting this.  May it help in some way to spread the awareness so desperately needed.  Thank you for leading us in this effort Dane.  With sincere appreciation, Kate 

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