Ahmadinejad says enemies destroy Iran’s rain clouds -reports


In its usual fashion, Reuters, a branch of the completely controlled western media  (propaganda), finds it necessary to claim that the leader of Iran denied the holocaust.  A complete lie.  Ahmadenajad simply stated he doubted that there were actually 6 million killed.  Western media also blatantly lied about Ahmadenajad’s statements on Israel.  He was quoted as saying Israel should be wiped off the map.  What he said was Israel should not be “on the map”.  Clearly meaning that the formation of the country was not done legally or morally.

All available data and satellite imagery would appear to completely back up the claim of weather modification (geoengineering) being used as a weapon against Iran.  (And many other nations).

(Reuters) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accused his country’s enemies of enacting a sinister plan to create a drought by somehow destroying the rain clouds before they reach Iran, several Iranian websites reported on Tuesday.

Well-known for his anti-American and anti-Israeli rhetoric, Ahmadinejad has made similar remarks before and last year accused the West of devising a plot to cause drought in the Islamic republic.

“The enemy destroys the clouds that are headed towards our country and this is a war Iran will win,” Ahmadinejad said on Monday, according to several websites including the BBC’s Persian-language site and www.snn.ir.

Iran has one of the world’s driest climates and officials have warned that a severe lack of rainfall in parts of the country has created drought-like conditions.

Ahmadinejad has courted controversy in the past, not least by denying that the Nazi Holocaust – in which six million Jews were killed – ever happened, a stance that drew furious criticism from politicians across the globe.

The Iranian authorities have repeatedly accused the West of hatching plots to undermine Islamic leadership.

Iran is also at odds with the United States and its allies over its disputed nuclear programme which the West fears is aimed at developing nuclear weapons. Tehran denies its programme has any military dimension.

2 Responses to Ahmadinejad says enemies destroy Iran’s rain clouds -reports

  1. anonymus says:

    Ahmadinejad was right!

    USA and Britain have a plan to stop raining and snowing in the sky of Iran!

    They are our enemies!

    I shit on Ahmadinejad but I am sure he is right about Iran weather!

    I am a natural Iranian citizen!

    American satellites sends electromagnetic waves to cloud above Iran sky and cause them to warm and they don’t allow to rain and snow!!

    Doing these crimes make Iranian people hate from America and Britain and we stick more to our government

    please say to Obama to stop enmity with Iranian people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

  2. […] non bastasse, il presidente iraniano Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ha recentemente dichiarato che le superpotenze occidentali hanno provocato l’eccezionale stato di siccità in cui sta versando il…, parlando esplicitamente di operazioni di geoingegneria clandestina che bloccano sistematicamente […]

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