Alzheimer’s Association Denies Aluminum Connection

In late 2014, the Alzheimer’s Association held a large fundraising event in Northern California. tried to sponsor this event with a $500 dollar donation which should have allowed us to have an informational booth at the event. The Alzheimer’s Association flatly refused to accept our offer to contribute. They made it clear that their organization does not recognize any connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease and they did not want anyone distributing credible science data pointing out this connection to those attending their event. GeoengineeringWatch attended anyway with numerous activists in order to distribute informational videos and flyers, the attached 3 minute video documents this. For those that want to read the full article on this event (which includes the letter of denial from the Alzheimer’s Association), please click the following link: Alzheimer’s Association Refuses To Allow To Sponsor Their Event.
Dane Wigington


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  1. google says:

    Genuinely when someone doesn’t understand after that its up to other visitors that they will assist, so here it takes place.

  2. Alcoa funds the Alzheimer's association, Alzheimer's is a racket (psychopathy) , they  know the cause, metals and fluoride in medicine, teeth and cooking utensils) and that chelation will reverse it, also Nautritional medicine, Naturopathic medicine

    the truth would destroy Allopathy and the Dentists


  3. I have had the same problem as Ana. says:

    When the donations to the Aszheimers Associtaion stop altogher maybe they will change their tune

  4. Rob Woodward says:

    I absolutely agree.   Wearing the ribbons doesn't save any lives.  It only increases the money these companies are getting to create more "toxic Cures" 

  5. Derek Bishop says:

    Like how the American Cancer Society or American Breast Cancer Foundation (getting millions in TARP bailout money) care not about causes and look only at treatments. Wearing those pink ribbons, or yellow ones, or whatever, is a nice feel good emotional statement – but it does nothing to advance an intelligent response to the epidemic of fraud that besets us.

  6. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Damn Steve that makes a lot of sense I think your on to something here.  

  7. Steve says:

    Hi Dane – In 1981 the air traffic controllers went on strike. Reagan fired them all with no chance of them returning. Think there’s a deeper connection here? (new rules and protocols). Please reply. Thanks for all you do.

  8. Show them this – – NIH, Pub-Med database – – reference:
    “Link between Aluminum and the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease:”

    Acknowledge that the world is full of ignoramuses!

  9. Katherine L. says:

    We already know it behooves them to speak as they do. What is the next course of action here people? Spreading the word?- of course, leafleting everywhere you go?- sure, sharing the emails- u-huh. I guess when the masses start connecting the dots. I guess we are the way – showers then. That feels kind of awesome. Onward and upward!

  10. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…excellent video. There are so many critical fronts that you’re having to cover which affect us here and now, but especially all future generation’s very existence. The law of exponentials will soon spiral everything out of control. What a sick and twisted mess!
    Regarding the national health organizations, we the informed understand it’s about the continual gravy train of research grant money, lobby money, etc, and not about finding a real cure and making us well. Solving our health crisis or bringing attention to the root causes…the power block won’t allow it!
    Deviant thinking considers this missed or wasted “oppportunity”. Create the problem and give a false solution.
    Dane, you and so many others are sounding the alarm with irrefutable facts and documentation surrounding weather warfare and still there is massive apathy due to blind belief/trust in our lying, noxious govmt and media. I don’t think that will be the case when 1 out every 2 persons suffers with or dies from cancer, alzheimers, immune disorders, mold infections, or a child with autism or any/all of the above.
    This, not too far from my little corner of the world.
    Mlive Feb 04, 2015 at 5:30 AM
    Lowell, MI – A couple hit by two cancer diagnoses in one year is inspiring an outpouring of support from the Lowell community. Friends are coming together to help Shelby Offrink, who has stage 4 gliobalstoma of the spine, and her husband, Ben, who has suffered a relapse of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The couple has two young children, 3 year old Maeve and 1-year-old Hazel.
    “They are just great, awesome people,” said Sheila Bunker, a friend of the family.”

    What’s it going to take people!!

  11. Ono says:

    I suspect that somewhere along the line the good intentioned Alzheimer’s Association received a sizable donation that went into the hands of an administrator who decided that Aluminum is a topic that they will not think about. Of coarse this is appalling that an organization that seeks money and support through donations, to stop a disease that brings horrible pain and suffering to the families of the victims, in reality does not care in the least.

    Good job Dane for putting another actors guild on the list. Exposing these organizations and their spoke persons is a powerful tool. Keep it up.

  12. bija says:

    How dark and deranged have things become, where we once said “children are our future” and forces of evil can’t find horibble and expedient enough ways to incapacitate and kill them! Autism rates skyrocketing, Alzheimer’s no longer a disease of the old, insidious vaccines. How can we look at our children and tolerate this for another minute???
    Check out what Arizona Cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson has to say in response to all the measles outbreak brouhaha. It’s entitled “Why All The Anger”.
    Scientists and medical professionals need to step up and speak the truth. Kudos to those who are!!

  13. Marc says:

    But I must also add that it’s not ONLY a get-rich-quick scheme. I honestly and openly state to my friends that we are being actively sickened and/or exterminated with conscious intent. It has never been more clear to me than it is now that this is, in fact, the truth of it. It is naive to think otherwise. Adding in the use of the diabolical HAARP capabilities to steer Fukushima radiation via weather systems over entire densely populated regions, we have a deadly cocktail none of us would drink if we had a choice in the matter. But hello? Down the hatch…..

  14. Marc says:

    We live in dark times and getting darker, figuratively and literally. This blatant attempt to cover up the aluminum connection reeks of Illuminati complicity. Of course the Cabal/geoengineers don’t want this association made because it points a finger back to them, which then potentially threatens their gravy train of covert and obscene funding. And of course, threatens to expose the whole goddamn thing for what it is, a get-rich-quick scheme.
    Heartening to see Dane and gang out there doing the dirty work. Bravo!!!

  15. Jeff says:

    Thank you for standing up to the tyrants,and sharing your knowledge.
    Now I am going to share it with the people know,and post it right now.
    Your an inspiration,I have much respect for you Dane.

  16. Lrrpman 67 says:

    Not in the least bit a shock. The Monsantos of the world have been putting out political science for decades. Pay for the results you would like to see.

  17. Michel B says:

    After watching Guy Machperson talk about the Arctic Methane Emergency, the picture possibly becomes clearer.

    Undisclosed military and scientific deployment of SRM and SAG over the last several decades has helped to propel the oncoming tsunami of climate change, on top of our carbon economic activity.

    Now the Powers That be are in an all out assault. It seems they are going for broke and perhaps still think there is a chance for them to get everything they want; power over Nature and over Mankind. Just because they have set off the Arctic (and now Antarctic) methane emergency, doesn’t mean they stop wanting to go for their goals. As Dane has said, it appears they are ramping up SRM/SAG to try to cover up what those programs helped to cause in the first place. That won’t work of course.

    Poisoning the earth and all of its inhabitants is collateral damage they are willing to incur. It’s actually seen as beneficial to some of the power groups. Poisoned soils? In steps Monsanto. Poisoned and demented brains? In steps big Pharma. Controlled weather patterns wreaking havoc across the globe? In steps the US Military. On and on it goes.

    Isn’t it shameful how the Alzheimers’ Association has been silenced? It’s the equivalent of AA denying the role of alcohol or (as we have seen) the tobacco industry denying the role of smoking in lung cancer rates.

    Perhaps they are willing to bring the curtain down on the whole show? Perhaps poisoning the whole place and instigating a Methane led global extinction is somehow seen as an advantage to them. They could very well be that insane and psychopathic. Nothing is beyond them. Gagging ‘small’ groups formerly concerned with health issues is small fry to them. They just don’t want any debate until its too late for a debate.

  18. Cori Gunnells says:

    Well done you guys. Well done. Thank you for going to the event, telling the truth to the people there (despite being turned away – a booth), for making this post, and filming and uploading it. Much appreciated.

  19. Frank says:

    The entire medical field in the U.S. is a total travesty. It has been bought and paid for by corporations that profit from people’s misery. We all should have free medical care with all the latest unhindered advancements. The monies spent in this country for medical exploration is in the trillions of dollars with what to show for it a prescription pill that causes more side effects than the problem. All the fields of academia are supported by big corporate money so how do we ever progress. I have fought these battles for 40 years and one thing is for sure money always wins over integrity. The high levels of metals and chemicals being introduced in our bodies daily it is no wonder some of us can still function. What we all are fighting is the total surrounding of microwaves that invade everyone of us. The cell phone held to your head is like playing Russian roulette. It is very hard to keep up the fight especially when you know we all are fighting a loosing battle. The last fight I have is Climate engineering and what little time we all have before were all history. Keep up the fight as this is our future?

  20. Michel Pelletier says:

    Hi Dane,
    A person that might help our cause is Rebekah Roth.
    She is the author of the book methodical illusion,that
    helps solve what happened to the planes and passengers
    on 911.She was on truth jihad radio where she voiced
    her concerns of chemtrails.If you could contact her,
    please.Leave a small reply.

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