An Appeal For California Governor Jerry Brown, Stop The Spraying

The letter below sends a very clear and urgent message to Governor Jerry Brown. This particular correspondence carries much weight for reasons that I am not yet at liberty to disclose. All of us have a responsibility to engage in the critical fight to expose and halt the toxic spraying of our skies. This letter should serve as an excellent example to us all, hopefully it will motivate others to put pen to paper and make their voices heard.

By Carre Brennan Otis Sutton

January 12, 2015

Dear Governor Brown,

As a lifetime citizen of the State of California, I was excited to hear your 4th term inaugural speech. The vows you took, the pledges you made and the promises you dictated to us made me hopeful that this State will continue to move in the right direction. Thank you.

When I heard you state that your duty is to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic it spurred the motivation to send you this letter. There is a war going on in California and nation-wide and it is unhinging the very ecosystem that supports, feeds and protects us. This brings me to the subject of 'Geoengineering'.

I write to you from the place of a concerned California citizen, mother of two and organic farmer. I was born in San Francisco 46 years ago and raised in Marin County. I have a long-standing relationship to this area, the community and all of the unique aspects it offers us. I am not the only citizen here that is watching in horror as our very ecosystem collapses. Our weather is manipulated, and the drought continues. We talk about 'spare the air days' and what we can do to make differences in our households as well as the automobiles we purchase and drive. But the science is out; the data is in and irrefutable. It is there for all to see. Yet it remains the elephant in the room; 'geoengineering'.

I am certain that my mention of Geoengineering comes as no new news to you. Yet as I continue to introduce this concept into our community of farmers, and mothers and fathers and every other concerned citizen, it is met with appalling disbelief. Who would allow such an unregulated thing to occur? One that has such potential to devastate so much?

Our communities are beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together. There is a direct cause and effect. Crops are withering from drought as well as lack of sunshine. Children are becoming ill and asthmatic, and respiratory illnesses are on a rise as they never have been before. As a mother I observe my children coming down with high fevers and chronic coughs days after a big aerosol spray. The fact of the matter is that this war is going on overhead and affecting everything that exists here in California.

We now know that this unregulated spraying of toxic heavy metals in our blue skies has a direct impact on our lands and the health of all living beings. As well, we can watch like clockwork any weather system of potential precipitation in the forecast being directly affected by the onslaught of heavy Geoengineering resulting in the lack of rainfall and drought in California.

These toxic chemicals cannot be legal. How can they be regulated? They have not even been studied and tested as to the human health and ecological impacts.

Clearly you care. You care about the people of California, you care about our environment, and you care about the air and certainly our water supply. How can this enormous and obvious issue be overlooked?

How can we create a 'no fly zone' over our children and farmlands before it is too late to salvage any of this?

I am not one to beg but I am really asking you to take note, to step into an arena no one seems to want to touch. As a mother of two young girls and as a woman who has been born and raised in this community, I am asking you take this seriously and incorporate this issue into your vows of protecting us from the enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Thank you for your time Governor Brown.

In gratitude,

Carre Brennan Otis Sutton

60 Responses to An Appeal For California Governor Jerry Brown, Stop The Spraying

  1. Nancy Tyler says:

    I moved from L.A. area in 1976 to get away from the dirty air and was so happy to come to Sacramento and enjoy the clear blue skies it was heavenly but now they are worse than L.A. I figured it was because over the last 40 years more people and cars have come to this area. I have been working outside much more the last year and see the trails more and more I work by the base. It's not cloud cover its spray and it's making me sick. I quit smoking over 6 years ago and was looking forward to less colds and breathing problems but that is not the case in fact I since Dec. 2015 & Jan.2016  and it's now June 4ht 2016 have been sick with some kind of nasal and chest cough. I've been to the doctor 3 times and spent too much money and time off work to still be spitting up green thick gunk sneezing and blowing my nose it's not allergies it's poisoning. I even had pneumonia. So I get up in the morning cough up a lung and off to work I go. I see by the dates on some of the comments I am far behind in realizing this is really happening and not just me being crazy. Can wearing a mask help and how can I join in & stand up and fight for clean air not to mention the water. Their more of us than the government and the law enforcement and military. People need to wake up and stand together in love for one another and unite in our fight to live in a clean healthy environment. United we stand divided we fall and that's why T.V. puts all the fighting between one another on the air they want to have us fighting among ourselves so they can keep F—ing with us. it is slowly killing us. They have to breath the same air as well, do they take pills to keep them from being sick? I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. HELP! Is there something I can do naturally to detox my body and the buzzing in my ears is getting worse are they doing something with radio waves as well. I'm mentally challenged but i'm not a moron and need help. I want to go out today because it's my day off and woke at 6am looked out the window and noticed a little cloudiness but enjoyed staying in bed till 10am when I looked out the window this time is really scared me the sky is totally dirty with haze i'm staying in. This is so messed up what can we do not say but really take action to stop this. Sorry for the  long post but I just woke up to the truth.

  2. chipper says:

    Unfortunately, it will most likely come to an end by hands of The People quiting their jobs, pouring all of their own resources into informing EVERYONE, then storming the factories that create the aerosols and all of their other means. Begging the people who claim to represent us to stop making money by poisoning us won't do a damn thing.

    The psychopathic mass-murdering pedophiles that run this world are bought and paid for. They are dark occultists ("occult" meaning "hidden from sight" in Latin) that have done a superb job in convincing the masses to not trust their own senses and observations regarding the issue.

    This is cognitive slavery (aka mind control, also translated from "government" in Latin. "Govern" = to control "Ment" = mental , or 'to control the mind')

    Do anything and everything you can. Start a website. Talk to everybody you meet about it. Graffiti the truth. Make flyers. Surface to air missles haha, whatever it takes.

    The spraying is a violation of Natural Law, so give all because all is at stake.

  3. David Alcantara says:

    See what Leuren Moret has to say about gov. gerry brown

  4. Rudy says:

    Jerry brown doesn’t care about citizens. Its hard to believe that some of the public honestly believe everything media or celebrities tell them. People need to learn how to think for themselves. We need to start making everyone aware of the situation, its our generation that carries a big responsibility. Brown is a bastard. Everyday I watch as my family is poisoned by chemtrails etc…. Now is a time to be brave, and find the courage to confront the organizations responsible for creating an unhealthy environment..

  5. E. Mo says:

    Here’s the bottom line. Wear a mask @ all times when out in public. Prepare literature to give to all who look at you funny. Try wearing a medical mask for a great nights sleep. It truly helps. Now, if you need empirical data, have your blood tested for aluminum. These assholes are killing us softly.

    Finally, all of us must get a class action lawsuit brought against the U.S. We have enough evidence. We just need proper legal assistance. Oh, might we bombard Erin Brockavich’s email? She is still a great voice for people who have been damaged by environmental mishaps.

  6. Lisa, if you are on Facebook, please join the local discussion by going to:

    Here you can collaborate with other SLOcals who share your concerns.

  7. Nanette says:

    River, Regarding the web type stuff….This has not happened to me but I have read of this happening elsewhere. It sounds like an early experimental form of the stuff they are spraying now. In one testimonial I read the person had become very sick immediately after encountering that stuff. It made me wonder if the purpose was population control. I think now, it was an early attempt at Geoengineering. Do you remember getting sick from it?

    I just wanted to let you know you were not alone in that experience, In support of truth. — N

  8. Judi Brisse says:


  9. Dana Feldman says:

    We need to get all our California, and other citizens to Organize!
    I’m In Chico and want to network with any like minds to get it stopped.
    Please contact
    Dana Feldman

  10. Tanya Bennett says:

    Your not from northern Calif moved to NW Montana 20 yrs. ago…they spray here almost daily. I was just in Texas for a week saw them almost everyday…I have seen them in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona and its not just in the US….I’m so glad others have become aware of this poisoning!! 20 years ago when you mentioned it people thought you were crazy!! I hope California and Gov. Brown step up and make this madness stop!!!

  11. Elle says:

    P.S. I am a 59 year young teensy little lady, but I’ve managed to keep HUD and the evil terrorists at bay with the Constitution which trumps any other law or rule. Just little ole’ me! I’m suing the pants off them, and adding everyone in the City, County, FD, PD, and private security thugs who have ignored the terror going on here. I’m in Vallejo, will someone join me? (Or will someone help me get the hell out before they kill me?) I’m fighting as hard as I can, and I did manage to get them to remove some of the new twisty bulbs with mercury. The smart-meters are making us all sick and woozy, just the way they like us. Take note here; Plan Bay Area thinks this “model” is their “Legacy” and I’ve managed to at least make them stop and take pause at the crimes against humanity they are committing. Spraying the skies is not noticed by all because of the terror they are experiencing in their lives (the sick, poor, old) with no remedy in sight. If I die, they did it – go get ’em!

  12. Elle says:

    Agenda 21 and Plan Bay Area are much more nefarious than most of us believe. The militarization of our cities has begun. Senior citizens in HUD housing are being denied basic human services like food and heat now, and their homes are like Gulags- entrance doors locked down, rent-a-cops monitoring and gathering intelligence on behavior then reporting it to management. I realized the scope of this plan myself when my bill for an ambulance ride from the public street to hospital had my property management’s phone number as a contact! These are violations of privacy and the Constitution, and the very human rights our founders protected for us. They are being ignored. We are now “institutionalized” by the federal government, we are controlled and policed, and none of had any knowledge or gave consent. Being alone, you can imagine my fear. I am being threatened with eviction by high=powered lawyers to shut up and get in line or else. Thing is, they’ve stolen my revenue, so I can’t go anywhere. There is conspiracy here folks, 18 US Code 241, and I have evidence. God help us all.

  13. Marc says:

    Rage. Impotent rage. That’s what I feel right now. The kind of rage that boils quietly in the center of my being. I am just one man. We are all just individuals who are struggling to survive, to provide for ourselves and our children on a day to day basis. These asswipes know this! They know they are in the superior position relative to humanity at large. They are so incredibly well-funded, and surely fancy themselves part of some glorious and cosmically important design. Kind of like jihadists.
    I take a few molecules of comfort in knowing that these horrific crimes against GAIA cannot remain “covert” much longer. Yes, humanity IS awakening but can even the best case scenario (worldwide mass protest) have any effect on the frothing, drooling psychopathic lust for world dominance, population control, resource control and vast, unspendable wealth?
    For the billions of us who experience a profound and visceral love for our home, our planet, our mother……how is it possible that this very same mother has spawned such unspeakable evil which is turning on her?
    Does planet earth have cancer?

  14. amalia c. says:

    It would be great if you could string your videos together…maybe speed them up, time lapse, to show the constant onslaught over a period of time from one location.

  15. Ana says:

    Freedom Ranger thank you a lot for your kind words and advices. thanks a lot for the link( saw the article and the comments bellow also).I have some of the symptoms and just now i connected the dots afther reading your comment cause i was not thinking about barium and i also read in a link of this link you posted in your comment that it could look like an auto-imune disease (wich means it can affect some blood tests results )…The only thing they prescribed me was anti-depressants …
    In fact i´ve been eating more fish for a year .thanks for warning me about everything!I will follow your advices.I apreciate your good atitude of helping me and other people in trouble/sick!
    Godbless you!

    Ana Santos

  16. Reggie says:

    I live in the Northern California close to the border with Oregon, I never knew it was happening all across the state but we see this all the time” I hear of people getting sick and nobody really knows what’s up, always seems to be on a Beautiful blue sky day” and then they come, hundreds of them and before you know it it’s cloudy!Please Stop Now!!

  17. Rev. Cynthia says:

    It sounds like a lot of folks posting here missed the global marches held in both the spring & fall of 2014. Many of us have been beating the drum about his issue for quite awhile. If you are located in San Luis Obispo County, please join this advocacy group:

  18. Glenda Jasper says:

    My husband has long Hair to his waist use to be full & thick as he is known as the Walker in Colfax he walk 24/7
    365 a yr Rain ~ Sleet ~ or Snow he’s prepared to walk with Mother nature but lately we both have experienced as
    braiding his hair that he it’s thinning and being a healthy person the residue in his hair is ultimately disgusting in one day his hair is limp and lost of shine as it was just two years ago
    His sinusitis is also on the drip as never before he experienced these elements
    We know it’s target is in the fallout of multiple spraying.

  19. Craig T says:

    I sent the following (handwritten) note to the Governor today. Even though he has been part of the Cabal to date and has done nothing…something is telling me that he could yet have his JFK moment. Many of you ask “what can we do”? May I suggest that you put your most heartfelt feelings onto pen and paper and mail it to the Governor at “Gov Jerry Brown, c/o State Capitol, Ste 1173, Sacramento CA 95814”. Here’s my letter, mailed today:

    Dear Governor Brown,

    I submitted the attached letter (“Ongoing Geoengineering Efforts are Hurting California and Must Be Halted”) to you electronically in Nov 2014, and to date I have not received and adequate response. I am sending a paper copy (attached) for your review.

    Governor, I believe that you are most likely already aware of existing and ongoing geoengineering programs and the harm they are causing, but are afraid to take a stand against them. I would like to share something with you, please:

    Recently, I have visited two of California’s most precious wilderness parks – Yosemeite Valley and Joshua Tree. In short, everything that‘s Dane Wiggington has been trying to warn us about for the last ten years is alarmingly obvious for anyone with eyes to see, in these parks – and all over our state for that matter. Trees are dying and dead in vast numbers. The birds have all but disappeared – in Yosemite last week, virtually the only birds to be seen were Ravens. As recently as a couple of years ago, birds chirping between 5 and 6 am outside my window at home were so loud and numerous that you could hardly sleep through it. Now, mornings are largely silent in Yosemite Valley, Joshua Tree, and where I live in Hermosa Beach. What about where you live, Governor?

    Our state desperately needs a person of your stature to stand up and be a hero – against geoengineering. To publicly call out the military for operating this program from the shadows – a science experiment performed without our consent. You must provide amnesty for the many patriotic military personnel involved in this operation who would like to speak out but who are unable to do so without punishment.

    This will take true courage on your part. I know how the power structure works (media, etc.) and that you will be viciously attacked from many sides for speaking out. But as the Governor of the most powerful state in the Union, I believe you can be the difference maker. So many of us, future generations, and perhaps the planet itself, are begging for one powerful public figure with the courage to turn this awful tide.

    Thank you for considering this letter, Governor Brown. I believe that my faith in you is not misplaced and you are a hope for us all.

    Craig Trotter
    Hermosa Beach, CA

  20. Glenda Jasper says:

    Seeing this spraying driving up from Auburn Ca. just last week all over the Placer County Basin on into Nevada
    Truckee area as into Lake Tahoe that is the white streaks of this nasty film related poisons as if melting a cloud dispersing as an atomic bomb explosion
    Absolutely devastated I truly wanted to shoot this plane out of the skies as tears filled my eyes with disbelief

  21. Glenda Jasper says:

    Standing ovation for the fight against spraying poison in our beautiful California Skies~ and from children being held back due to illnesses of the poisons being sprayed on a every other week display in our skies
    What the hell are they thinking let alone my Pitty has come down with a cough never before has she had signs of
    this is just one compared to the thousands of children and our precious wildlife and last but least our oxygen related TREES that without them we do die…

  22. Andrew says:

    My name is Andrew, I live in Paso Robles California and witness the chemical spraying of our sky’s on almost an everyday basis. I am clearly stating here and now that not only do I not concent, but I am an advocate of the most severe of penalties possible for both the organizers and those in positions to work against these crimes, who instead do nothing… those who are complicit in this crime are accomplices and equally guilty in the eyes of the people!

  23. Lisa Pittelli says:

    Let’s do this everyone. It’s up to us to organize a protest in Sacramento. You see, if we make some noise, it may stop the spraying and allows some of these low pressure systems to make it in to CA. I live in SLO. According to Accuweather, there is rain in the forecast for our area in mid FEb. Not until Mid-Feb! HAARP has cleared the low pressure that was due this week and next already. Okay, so my email is or Let’s set a date ASAP and organize this. WE can do it. WE are smart and we are aware. It is only (what is left of) the middle class who can change things in our country at this point. Too many people have been made poor and stupid in the past 30 years by the Wall Street world! Let’s get on it!!!!

  24. Freedom Ranger says:

    Ana it saddens me to no end that you are having such difficulties. I so look forward to reading your posts and see you as such the kindred spirit. i have had similar problems, I did research and i believe your symptoms are those of someone who is experiencing barium toxicity…the following was taken from a medical journal website

    “When barium accumulates in the body, it usually affects the functions of the nervous system. Barium poisoning displays symptoms that are similar to flu, which is why it is not strange to find the condition misdiagnosed as flu. Common symptoms of barium poisoning include:

    1. Muscle weakness and tremors
    2. Difficulty in breathing
    3. Stomach irritations accompanied by diarrhea
    4. Anxiety
    5. Cardiac irregularities such as abnormally high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat
    6. Paralysis

    What to Do in Case of Barium Poisoning

    In case someone in your household has just ingested something that contains barium, the first thing you need to do is to induce him or her to vomit. This will get some of the barium out of the victim’s system. You can also mix a tablespoon of Epsom salts (sodium sulfate or magnesium sulfate) with a glass of water and get the victim to drink it. Afterwards, you should bring the victim to the emergency room of the nearest hospital to make sure that he or she does not succumb to barium poisoning.

    You can also prevent barium poisoning from happening in your home. For one, you should keep your rat poison or any other chemical substances in your house that contains barium out of reach of children. Make sure that you have labeled their containers properly.

    You should also avoid eating fish that was caught near industrial sites and ascertain that the fish and seafood you eat does not contain barium or any other heavy metal. This will prevent you from accumulating barium in your system and suffer from barium poisoning later on.”

    Please try this Ana I believe it will change your life for the better. Please everyone take note of this.

  25. River says:

    Back in 1998 in northen calif
    There was a fall out from the atmospher
    In our area that u couldnt c.. But when u
    Brushed your hair it was in your brush
    Like a spider web white stuff??
    Have u experinced any thing like this from
    Chem sprayinf

  26. Neise Turchin says:

    When Carre sent the link to me I think there was only ONE comment/reply here – 2 days later and there are many!! What will it take? Hundreds? Thousands?
    Does this work as a public petition or do we have to formalize that?
    We have an adult child at home who is sick – besides her original sickness she was diagnosed with a high amount of heavy metals in her body, which can seriously interfere with her recovery.

    The points were all made in the letter and these replies. Let’s join hands and keep writing. Is the next action item a march across the state as Ken suggested?

    Neise T – Sebastopol

  27. Twolf1 says:

    Awesome post Carrie, you’ve def been doing your homework! That is EXACTLY how it is- And yes, Dane is def the Captain! God Speed Straight Ahead!

  28. Ana says:

    Hope Mr Brown will listen to Care Sutton letter!Everything is very wrong with our world and with our people in the world ,they are totally blind or simply don´t care about anything anymore.I wish they did care at least to search for the truth in their skies(this should be enough to them -to know what´s really going on !instead of calling it a conspiracy theory).
    I feel that something is very wrong with me from some time now. went to the doctors and they didn´t found anything in the medical exams i´ve made !I can´t stay without anti-histaminics since the last august cause if not cortisone is my only “salvation”.I was always a healthy person and now sometimes i feel dizzy and my vision starts getting darker like a tv set not well sinthonized.Now i have an appointment with the neurologist to next month .It started with an allergy and i´m already here at this point !I see more and more people with cancer-my neighbours ,my friends ,at the hospitals . Today is someone else or me getting sick and maybe tomorrow will be you the people that refuses to look up…people refuse to see what they are really seeing :something strange going on in our skies and that we all are seeing and that is geoengeneering.Today is me getting sick ,maybe tomorrow is you or your family! this is no play and people (specially our governors or leaders) should take this seriously!…My country is being constantly sprayed and i´m getting afraid that sickness will catch all of us sooner or later :our parents or our brothers or our sons …
    the good people in Power to do something (politicians, scientists ,teachers ,priests ,reporters etc) should study this subject ,should expose it and should try to do something about it before it´s too late for all of us and to our planet ability of renewal!…those in power can´t even tell that they were not warned about it cause we were here to warn them all!i know that some of us had problems in their daily lifes because of trying to inform others and those are heroes to me just like Dane .
    This is not natural what this planes are doing and that we see sistematicly in our skies (not natural clouds as NASA tries to makes us believe no matter how many books of clouds Nasa could make to teach the children how “natural” this is)and no matter what the reasons are (as so called “solutions for global warming or clima change as SRM OR SAG etc.)we are being exposed to something more lethal to us and to the planet than the global warming itself …in fact geoengeneering is changing our clima and our world and incrising the warming and drought in many regions of the Globe including the artic and in california also.Another lie that has been told to us is that our life expectancy is longer while the age to retirement is being delayed to older ages in every so called “civilzed” countries …what of “civilized” it is to world leaders to hide geoengeneering from public and how they did it with no consente?for that they didn´t needed our vote or our consent ? whhat is democracy aftherall?…so,in my opinion people will be working til they die cause nobody that is young today hardly will get older and the older ones are dieing sooner than our grandparents or grand-grand parents …I can´t “buy” this kind of political/economical and social policies when i´m being poisoned everyday by geoengeneering ,gmos,radiation,contaminated waters by antibiotics,fracking,fluoride etc…we are being bombarded from every site… And i would like to leave some of my photos that are not of those white trails that we all see in our skies but that are how they leave our skies later .Am i wrong to find this abnormal?…hope the links are visible:

  29. Susan says:

    We demand the spraying stop now! Slowly making us all sick with nasal and breathing problems. We only have one life and they are slowly killing us. We the people deserve to live our lives without being sprayed like a bug.

  30. cares4all says:


  31. Rosie says:

    I live 45 miles from Sacramento and I will help organize a march with you. I just became aware of this problem two months ago; I am appalled with the thought this was a man-made drought; how very wrong! Driving back from Southern CA last week I saw two huge orchards ripped out for lack of water. Twice I told people about geoengineering, and they got upset. One said tell me what I can do to fix it, otherwise don’t tell me because it will just worry me.

  32. Lynetta says:

    I agree excellent letter. And yes why aren’t the Hollywood stars up and arm about this? You can’t tell me they don’t see them in their skies and wonder?

  33. Carrie says:

    Hi Deb, I believe what is going on is the sixth mass extinction. See Carolyn Baker’s FB page, and also her website articles at, Speaking Truth to Power. California Bay Area is home to a high level of educated people, and activists; this makes us in particular a huge problem. Decimating California crops which is putting generations of farmers out of business allows Monsanto to come in and plant their genetically modified aluminum resistant, DNA ALTERING crops which cause, among tumors, permanent infertility by the third generation of lab tested rats. If you Google, “Global Depopulation Policy Goals by any means necessary,” you will find a wealth of information to better understand the Elites objectives which are to cull the population, and bring up the current and future generations under the NWO. You rightly describe people’s response to these facts as being met with appalling disbelief, and I would point out this reaction is the first stage of the “Five Stages of Grief” process. Shock and Denial, to Anger, Bartering, Depression, and Acceptance. Since taking action in some capacity is the antidote to feeling vulnerable and powerless, it is critical that we continue our efforts to educate people, one by one, with this factual knowledge and truths; knowledge is a powerful force that leads to a powerful country, and world, and without empowered people we surely will continue on our current planetary death spiral. It’s a tangled web we weave, but Dane does a brilliant job of untangling this web of covert lies, deception, and the true purpose behind these hideous programs. Gods speed.

  34. The Mayhem says:

    I see lots of chemtrails today outside. It needs to end before it gets even worse than it alredy is. The more the terrorists have been spraying metals into our skies, the less storms we’re getting. Isn’t it obvious during this statewide manmade megadrought? Time to spread the message to the president as well. Send those HAARPies to Guantanamo!


    Every Brother & Sister…
    Every Creed & Color…
    Is EACH OTHER Now…

  36. carol freiberg says:

    Good to see so many responses to this letter.Hope it does more good than the letters I have sent to my reps.From what I gathered all of the elected reps here in Idaho don’t know anything about anything and are unwilling to say anything about any issue.The Shultz syndrome.”I know nothing”. Someone either told them to shut the hell up or they are complicit and bullet proof to heavy metals,molds and bacterial agents.Good luck with ol’ Moonbeam.

  37. DebW says:

    All I keep thinking about is all the illegals that have been allowed into the US, and during that time, the spraying has gotten heavier and more frequent. Many people are dying young, of many illnesses they shouldn’t have. What the hell is going on?

  38. Lisa Pittelli says:

    I feel that this is even bigger than we realize. Geoengineering is the result of the highest power structures. I am afraid Jerry Brown is powerless. Our country is in the hands of predatory capitalists. What else can we do? We need to rise up. Please email me with any ideas. Let’s march in Sacramento. Please let’s organize something. I live in San Luis Obispo. Let us regain the reputation of this State as radical and vanguard. It’s the reason I moved here 25 years ago. We need to reclaim our lives!

  39. Gloria says:

    I have posted this on all the Local TV FaceBook Pages. You all should do the same

  40. Mari Miller says:

    Please stop spraying chemicals in our beautiful California skies.. that used to be so blue!
    And yes.. Hollywood Stars.. Lets come together and start speaking out!

  41. Diane Utley says:

    In the Sierras …This Morning I played pickleball at 10:00 the sky was blue. The lines from the chemtrail started and by 12:00 all the spraying was so evident but none of the players even looked up. I mentioned it but I see no one want’s to know. Why?
    Please people look up.

  42. Richard Rhodes says:

    I have filmed everyday of Los Angeles spraying of Geoengineering for almost two years! This has to be controlled and monitored by independent research firms. This is an experiment on Earth without our consent.

  43. Tommy Teeple says:

    Sniffling here with some kind of sinunitus. Been in LA for 11 yrs. Being an outdoorsman, I dread chemtrail days & nights. This is beyond pathetic!!! I will do what ever it takes to be part of seeing this put to an immediate end. Email me the next step to take! Please! We are dealing with megalomaniacs. Who what would start this? Do it even once? No No No! Crimes against humanity….

  44. Shahrazad says:

    Please stop the spraying !!!

  45. Trashton says:

    In Tampa we are being inundated with 24/7 spraying. Yesterday morning there were 11 jets in the air at one time! They were spraying a different brew than normal. Clouds of yellow and green were barrel-rolling at what appeared to be a few thousand feet.

    I am suffering from a constant “brain fog”.. I am having problems breathing…When I bring up aerosol spraying on Facebook, or person to person, Everyone goes dead quiet.

    Just look at the posts by Dane. Less than 500 likes at times? Do you think ONLY 500 people notice the spraying?Does this perfectly crafted letter deserve under 20 replies?

    I am sure that millions of people are aware of the spraying. I guess the people with guts are in the military?
    If they speak up, a court martial would be in order.

    What about you people with small, innocent children? Be responsible parents! Would you defend your children against being molested by a known pedophile? Allowing them to be sprayed 24/7 is much worse.

    The fact that the people spraying us won’t admit that it is even taking place should scare the hell out of anyone with a modicum of sense.

    Fight or flight? GROW A PAIR before it is too late…

  46. Cori Gunnells says:

    Carre Brennan Otis Sutton wrote a good letter, and deserves a prompt answer, followed by serious action from Governor Brown, not a boilerplate reply, or a promise to “look into it.”
    Regarding, “How can we create a ‘no fly zone’ over our children and farmlands before it is too late to salvage any of this?”- while I understand the request, that is far from sufficient. California’s air becomes the air that moves to the remainder of the country, and then moves beyond even that. I live in Arizona. We have an incredible burden of spraying here also, but I will also note that California’s residuals often come our way. I think ALL the governors elected to serve the people of their states, need to band together to expose and stop this. What if… what if we could begin to find a few who are brave enough to take a public stand, and then they could pressure the others to stand with them? It’s time for the people to be heard – way past time. In fact, we are out of time as is. The mention of the health concerns is one of the most paramount issues – if you ask, everyone knows someone (more often many) who are suffering from “unexplained” respiratory illnesses, fatigue, headaches, immune fallouts, etc… The methane emergency (Arctic and elsewhere) is another crisis that is directly related to geoengineering. I hope Gov. Brown answers expediently. Thank your for sticking your neck out Carre. ~ Cori/Prescott, AZ

  47. marco says:

    This is a good time to have a mass protest at the Capitol of Calif., Sacramento. Take this letter and let’s see how many will come to Sacramento to ask our State reps and Senators as well as the Gov, when is this going to stop? The spraying is not helping, but hurting us, the environment, crops, animals, etc.
    Take this letter as an open letter to all Government officials, state and Federal. Distribute it to everyone who is interested.
    Is there someone willing to organize and do this, which will bring attention to this unacknowledged issue, and bring it into the public light of media exposure?
    If, say (an example) feb 1, was selected, post on all social media, feb 1, peaceful protest about geoengineering state capitol building, 9:00, be there (as an example), asking them,( senators, reps) when is this going to stop?
    It is an idea, anyway.

  48. Twolf1 says:

    Great letter Carre Brennan! Very well thought out and very well written! This should give all of us a great springboard and template to write our own….. Lots of them! Thank you so much, and please let us know if and when you get any kind of correspondence in regards to your Awesome Letter from the office of the Gov.
    Tim in Riverside, CA

  49. Tricia says:

    I too feel very forgetful,as of the last few years.I too would like this too stop,i cannot grow my garden,as it will not produce!This has got to STOP!STOP the spraying!!

  50. Kathy Jungwirth says:

    An excellent letter that deserves a reply and action. They are saturating us here near Red Bluff and Corning in Northern California. When I tell people about chem- trails, I don’t always get a reply. Maybe they feel helpless. Occasionally, I will run across a few people who haven’t paid attention to the skies, and are shocked by the info that is out there. Meanwhile, I have an appointment to a neurologist for tests due to symptoms I believe is related to chem-trail poison. I won’t quit, let’s keep putting the info out there and band together.

  51. I watch us being sprayed almost daily and this needs to stop NOW!!! I’ve lost 2 family members and my children and i have undiagnosed medical problems that i know are from what they spray not to mention all the mental/mood disorders especially in children. I have pics of so many chemtrails including neon lime green. I’m done with the lying,denying, and more importantly the corrupt system of doing whatever to us without consent and it has to stop NOW.

  52. Twolf1 says:

    Good point Jewel, however I will tell you why the big names in Hollywood, as well as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) huh, what a joke, are not ever going to stand up for this cause. Its because their salaries are basically funded by the very “Elite” that are doing the spraying in the first place! The Evil Empire goes up as high as you can imagine! It is going to take the grassroots, real people like you and I and outspoken musicians like Dustin Burley in the post above yours to actually make this known on a Grander Scale- May we continue as one to bring this into the light!!!

  53. Ana Easter says:

    Thank you, Carre Sutton, for your excellent letter to Governor Brown. I am going to post it on our local Facebook page here in Taos, NM, called Take Back Our Sky! for all to see. Your letter is a good template for clean sky activists across the USA, and world at large, to use in grassroots campaigns to stop the toxic spraying.


  54. We in colorado get bonbarded everyday as well with the spraying. Im a musician/artist and try to expose this thru music. Think woodstock. The generation that stood up to what they believed billy corgan also said wheres all the musicians w music about important issues not glam and money. Youtube my video “dustin burley – leaving on a jetplane stop geoengineering”. I made a video w a song pics and zoomed videos of the spraying over telluride and durango colorado Put a half million ppl in a field in peaceful protest with the biggest names in music and the message will be heard

  55. Jewel Gauger says:

    And I wonder why all the Hollywood “stars” are not up in arms about this crime against humanity. They have much money and influence and could bring this out to the entire nation or world. Also, I do not understand why environmental groups are not speaking out about this ecological nightmare!! Why, why,why??

  56. Deborah says:

    I look in the sky and now see gray where it used to be clear, my plants have withered, the vitamin d from the Sun no longer is there, I am getting forgetful, it’s hard to breathe. If this is happening to me what is it doing to your family? Whomever is authorizing this is not caring about their own life or their families. The ones flying the planes are just the same as the ones authorizing this. We need some answers to know why we are being sprayed like bugs.

  57. Ken Trichak says:

    If this letter does not do anything, then it’s time to gather as one and march across this state and demand action. We live in a society that has always been reactive. It’s time to be proactive and put a STOP to this madness. I’m sure glad Dane Wigington has brought this issue to our attention now it’s time to make this right. I took pictures last week of aerosols in the skies above Sacramento. This is happening. Also noted last week rain was forecasted for sacramento and guess what? No rain in current forecast. They do say light rain for 1-18 but that’s it. From 3 days of rain to 1 light day of rain. This is a game to these people. Let’s put a complete stop to it and let this beautiful planet and our lives be closer to normal.

    Ken Trichak sacramento ca.

  58. Kelly Ragan says:

    Please stop the spraying over California !!!

  59. Jenna Smith says:

    I am a native to Sonoma County for four generations. My connection to Northern California runs deeply in my heart and soul. I am saddened and appalled at the constant aerosol spray that fills our beautiful sky day after day. This constant onslaught leaves me feeling hopeless that my children will grow up to live in a area that thrives with its incredible natural resources. I do not understand how citizens if California do not see what is happening right in front of their eyes. Please help!!!

  60. James says:

    That letter deserves an answer.

    Where are the great artists of our time? Where are their voices. What’s wrong with this picture…


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