Anti-Geoengineering Legal Alliance Files US 60 Day Notice Of Legal Action


Dane Wigington

For over a year and a group of very dedicated attorneys has diligently and consistently worked on formulating a plan of legal action to effectively expose and halt the ongoing global climate engineering assault against our planet. Our team, the Legal Alliance To Stop Geoengineering, is comprised of attorneys and experts that are completely committed to the most critical cause of stopping global geoengineering. The increase in public awareness that will result from this legal effort is crucial. Public support of this effort is essential in order for the legal team to continue moving forward in this this critical battle.

The commencement of this plan is now underway with the notices of pending legal action already being sent out by certified mail to ALL the potential defendants named on the "60 day notice". This very carefully crafted and very extensive document should be thoroughly examined by all, it is the core point of this entire post. This document/legal notice (including plaintiffs) can be reviewed by clicking the PDF icon image below.


The global climate engineering assault against planet Earth, it's climate systems, and all life forms, is the most urgent untold story in human history. How can such blatantly obvious atrocities continue to be hidden in plain sight? 12

El Portal (Yosemite National Park), California. Photo credit: Ron Kauk

These unimaginably massive and destructive geoengineering/solar radiation management experiments have been fully deployed and perpetually expanding for over 70 years. The atmospheric spraying of toxic heavy metals and chemical elements (that are related to climate engineering programs) have been carried out by our government (and other nations around the globe) without the knowledge or consent of their populations. Those who control the weather, control the people, and in the process, the life support systems of our planet are being systematically torn apart.  Below is a statement about the "60 day legal notice" from LASG attorney, James Grant:

In coordination with GeoengineeringWatch.Org, the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering, a cross-borders group of like-minded attorneys and their litigation team, are in the process of serving the attached “60-Day Notice” on the US government, including the Department of Defense and Environmental Protection Agency, as well as certain state, county and local regulatory agencies and entities in California, that LASG will soon file a citizens lawsuit in California federal court for declaratory and injunctive relief to expose and enjoin the toxic aerosol discharge programs being conducted by certain “Violators” without scrutiny by certain “Delinquent Regulators” (both prospective defendant groups are identified in the Notice) at high elevation over California and beyond in the dubious and unlawful effort to address/combat climate change and otherwise modify/engineer the weather.

In this time of disclosure, the citizens of this nation – indeed, of this planet – deserve to know the nature and extent of the aerosol discharge programs (“Programs”) occurring in the skies over California and its waters (both coastal and inland), as well as across the country and beyond our borders. These Programs are now sometimes referred to as "solar radiation management”, “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering", and/or “stratospheric aerosol injection” programs. Such Programs are being conducted by various entities, including the US military, its contractors and affiliates, without regulatory agency scrutiny or public debate. Beyond the fictional defense that “it’s not happening” and the artificial clouds that are “just persistent contrails” from commercial aircraft (often in crisscross patterns that defy any notion of rational air traffic control and that feather out into a milky haze), the actual Programs are releasing nano-particulates of toxic materials, including but not limited to aluminum oxide, barium and strontium, into the atmosphere at high levels in the dubious and unlawful effort to impact the climate or for other reasons unknown. Based on the law of gravity, such toxic and tortious dispersions are coming down to ground-level waters, and contaminating our air, soil and water. The resulting devastation and damage to our environment and human health are widespread.

There is no “pharmaceutical fix” to climate change and global warming. As Albert Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” We deserve answers from the groups releasing toxic chemicals over our heads through the Programs, as well as from those who have turned a blind eye to them, in violation of our environmental and human rights laws. President Abraham Lincoln said: “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

The Programs are occurring without legal permits, scientific justification (sound or otherwise) or public comment or debate. While such programs violate a broad spectrum of state and federal environmental and other laws, rules and regulations, LASG’s 60-Day Notice to the “Violators” and “Delinquent Regulators” and prospective federal lawsuit focus on violations of the federal Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act arising out of the contamination of the California water supply in Shasta, Placer, Siskiyou and Santa Cruz Counties, including the Sacramento Delta, which impacts the majority of California’s drinking water supply. Such violations impose strict liability on the parties involved in the non-permitted Programs, as well as mandatory obligations on the municipalities and regulatory agencies authorized to prevent such Programs.

We will post periodic updates on any response by the prospective defendants to the 60-Day Notice, as well as LASG’s filing of a citizens’ lawsuit to expose and enjoin the unlawful Programs. We anticipate the upcoming action will be heavily litigated because the stakes are high. If you wish to support our effort, please visit our website and contribute what you can. We are doing this for all of us who inhabit this beautiful planet and have a responsibility to protect it now and for the future. 10

Tioga Pass (Sierra Nevada mountains), California. Photo credit: Vince Hughes

The threat posed by our now imploding climate system and environment is unimaginably grave and immediate. All available data makes clear that global climate engineering programs are making an already catastrophic climate collapse far worse overall. What we collectively face is nothing short of an immediate existential threat. SRM programs are fueling ozone layer destruction and a complete disruption of the Earth's hydrological cycle. Chemically ice nucleated large scale surface cool-downs are also a major component of the climate engineering onslaught. From massive government documents, to extensive lists of climate engineering patents, to up-close irrefutable film footage of jet aircraft spraying, to satellite images of cloud formations that are inarguably engineered, the ongoing weather warfare cannot be rationally denied. 11

Anderson, California. Photo credit: Krystal Fourzon Lane

Governments around the globe are involved with the covert climate engineering insanity, we are at an unimaginably dire time in human history. The effort to stop climate engineering should be, must be, the most catalyzing and urgent issue for the whole of the human race. The Legal Alliance To Stop Geoengineering team has worked tirelessly on this most critical issue in order to credibly move the ball forward in this must win battle.

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226 Responses to Anti-Geoengineering Legal Alliance Files US 60 Day Notice Of Legal Action

  1. lasso a train says:

    For Gods sake ! Check the Extreme U/V Solar Radiation reaching the surface of the planet on a day of obvious releases in to the Atmosphere by Jet Aircraft. Using the subtractive method, with 2 Barium Carbon Glass Plates for Filters. First with 1 plate then with 2. any U/V detected after the total spectrum and the U/V with 1 plate has been subtracted will be the Extreme U/V . Bee's see U/V and no wonder they dont make it back to the hive , they are blind. Morgans Disease ? U/V DNA damage. 

    • Paul Willette says:

      **I just don't understand why there are not more people waking up to this "Chemical Spraying" on us!…I have a brother that was in the Air Force….Total in denial as well as a Brother-in-law that was in the Navy. They both believe they are just contrails/ice vapor. They are doing this worldwide…Just got more pictures from U.K…Its all the same…Look for the money trail as well as, Military Gore, Soros, Rothchilds, U.N… Supporting this end game for controlling the weather (Global Warming) and our health. And who knows maybe population control…I live in the Mountains of Prescott, Az…& used to be beautiful cloud formations here. Now they are spraying over head almost everyday now. I have three years of pictures. Left Palm Desert, Ca…& moved here five years ago to get away from this, however its just as bad here now. I am hoping Trump, Judge Jeanie, on Fox who both know about this…Maybe he will write an Special order to stop this…But I think Nasa and Military are in charge along with there supporters. They are not just making us all sick, but there own families as well….Paul W…-Prescott, Az. *For more info Go To: You-tube…Type in Chemtrails 100% True…Look at Doctors, Lawyers, Former Pilots, as well as people who know whats going on and are trying to Stop This Now!

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hi Paul.  I had to go up to Cold Lake Alberta a few weeks ago.  Ran into a friendly young man who had his daughter with him in a parking lot.  He worked at the air force base and had no mind to entertain anything more than the contrail myth.  The brainwashing has worked amazingly well.  One thing I always consider when talking with a younger person is that they more then likely don't have the memory of what a real sky looks like.  I do.  I would really like to see it again.  

  2. Patti Minter says:

    This is awesome! Thank you all so much!

    • Yoninah Yisrael says:

      How do I post chemtrail photos?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Yoninah, the GeoEngineeringWatch photo gallery page is the best place to post shocking photos of our skies, FYI

  3. caroline m. says:

    thank you to everyone involved in this great effort!

    • Mary Griggs says:

      Hello all concerned citizens!..Minnesota is seeing an insane amount of spraying Wright county, McCloud county…Superbowl Sunday my husband and I watched as many as 6 planes cover the sky over these two counties…they are definitely increasing…never a clear day in minnesota…no cobalt blue skies any more….

  4. Kathleen Wilson says:

    Hi Dane, I was just looking for an update on your lawsuit. Any news you can share with us? 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kathleen, check the October 8th addition of Global Alert News for a quick update on our anti-geoengineering legal efforts.

    • otterwalks says:

      Well, Okay then… You must be exasperated. It's David vs. Goliath cubed. I will add my focus to your efforts. Each mind linked behind your task will aid the positive outcome. And you are right, the system is rigged. Hang in there. No one ever fought for life in an easy battle.

  5. melville pouwels says:

    There are times you feel so completely & utterly defenseless.          no way to make waves or get your words heard,due to { in my case } murdoch, & his mass media.     its all encompassing & life sucking.
    Then along comes someone who refuses to lie down & be quiet while they are being kicked!
    I have no other pertinent words. thank you Dane Wigington & co for doing what we mere mortals feel incapable of doing.

  6. Cheryl Meril says:

    Do I need permission from your organization to put the 60 day notice up on a Scribed account so I can provide a viewer for my blog visitors to read? Let me know if you don't want me putting it up on Scribd.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cheryl, no proplem sharing the 60 day notice, thank you for helping us to sound the alarm on the climate engineering issue.

    • Weather watcher 2 says:

      It looks like the CIA (Air America) and the US (Air) Calf. National Guard are missing from the list of  possible defendants in the PDF doc.  Does the US DoD cover the CIA?  I always thought CIA was separate from DoD.

      Should any US based NGOs be added to the defender list  (if they might be involved in the geo-engineering programs)?  Look at the Mars imaging program run by a 3rd party company (not NASA).  Any one that wants a US taxpayer paid image has to get it six months after it was taken on Mars and only if the 3rd party company wants to release it (I'm not making this up folks).

      I figure the same sort of logic would apply to geo-engineering – some 3rd party NGO is running the show and is not accountable by anyone. It would give plausible deniability to the US govt.




  7. Nataljia says:   Your legal team is probably aware of the recent EO 13737 wording change recently . This article at Activist Post explains more and  that it may very well be in regards to the legal action….Sure seams like they are doing things to hide the truth.

  8. Laraine Abbey RN (emeritus), MS Biology/Clinical Nutrtion, CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) says:

    Anonymous, please remember the words of Margaret Mead: "A small group of committed citizens can change the world–indeed it's the only thing that ever has." 

    Focus on the positive…there is an awakening going on in all the aspects and places we are seeing evil controllers.

    We do not have to singularly finish the job, but we must start. We don't each have to do everything, but we each must do something.  Take whatever action you can for the good and don't attach to the result.


    • simone says:

      Great comment,  and thinking! I'm with you! Not crazy about  Margaret Mead as a person but trust  "A small group of committed citizens can change the world–indeed it's the only thing that ever has."  THE WRETCHED GEO-PSYCHOS ARE SO…  HIDING …FROM  GETTING GLOBALLY EXPOSED   FOR THEIR GLOBAL CRIMES !!  YOU CAN SEE OUR VICTORY ALREADY  – IT IS  GROWING FROM THEIR OWN, HYSTERICAL,   UNCONTROLLABLE  FEAR.   



  9. DL Mullan says:

    since this lawsuit has moved forward, i have seen a mild reduction in geoengineering conduct in Phoenix, Arizona. I don't know if the reduction is perceived and the aerosol onslaught continues around in unpopulated areas but right now we have been mostly quiet. there was one day where the planes destroyed the monsoon storms (before TS Javier) b/c of too much flooding north of Phoenix. anyone else?

    • STEVE says:

      MAJOR REDUCTION IN SPRAYING here in Las Vegas, Nevada, also for the past 9 days, interesting coincidence, isn't it?

      Have only seen one (1) plane physically spraying, during our drive up to Reno last weekend off to the ENE over Creech AFB area

      Our Joshua Tree forest here in Nevada has all but been obliterated fro this geo-engineering aerosol spraying overhead.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, spraying has still continued at some level in almost all locations, but in many cases it can be much more covert depending on atmospheric conditions and the level of the operation. Any bright trail you see behind a jet is in all likelyhood a sprayed dispersion, the short bright trails that appear to dissapate are especially prevelant  with the heat of summer. We have film footage of the shorter trails being turned on and off, this is not condensation. If your skies appear silvery white, especially looking toward sunrise or sunset, then the air is full of particulates. The horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the climate engineering insanity. Changing seasons and geoengineer objectives will again reveal the more blatant sparying patterns.

    • Dennis says:

      Haven't seen much going on in the Prescott AZ area in several weeks.  Thought I actually saw one or two trails, a couple of days ago.  Didn't make much sense!

  10. James Shemanski says:

    Can't believe that this has taken as long as it has, but kudos to you for having the wisdom foresight to tackle this legally, Dane. The sleeping masses will never wake up to this, legal action seems like the best shot to finally put chemtrailing the planet to it's rightful end.



  11. Dennee Slife says:

    I also see the killing off of the plants,trees and grass in my own yard. On top of that when I water. The ground sucks the water up so fast that within an hour, the ground or dirt has a powder like residew look to it and looks like I hadn't watered at all. My grass used to be beautiful now I'm thinking of letting it die off. My trees are showing extreme stress factors and slowly dying. I fear that they want to kill everything in this beautiful world Of are's .  And then what, you idiots ???

  12. Joyce says:

     Thank you Dane and everyone involved who are helping to save our precious planet.

  13. a simple horseman says:

    Anonymous, I empathize with your sightings of all the tankers spewing over your area. Listen to Dane. I ask you to "Emulate the Master". I read all your comments. You've got gusto for sure. Focus that energy and intensify it with confidence and always seeking more truth. I get Navy and Airfarce(spelling intended) fighter jets flying over my place only 300 feet up. (I live in the "other" electromagnetic warfare "practice" zone). We know their capabilities. I always make it a point to go outside and give them the two bird solute. I'm positive they have cameras on board taking pictures at all angles. That's as big a stench as I can muster. Beyond that, I am always speaking clearly and knowledgeably. "Emulate the master", always in all ways. All of us need to be intelligent warriors.

    Chin up my friends I haven't met yet. We will prevail, it's coming!!

  14. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Anonymous, yes, the horizon is dark indeed, but know this, one way or another, the insanity will be stopped. Will any be left to witness this? We will see. But whatever the case, our task is to remain at our posts, unyielding and forever determined to do our part. Glad to march with you in this battle, and with all individuals who are fully committed to the fight for the greater good.

  15. Veritas says:

    Great news on the legal battle Mr.Wigington, your relentless work to help fix what these wretched, evil control freak's have done to humanity and our beautiful world is inspirational. I believe we could all learn much from you, our world is lucky to have you. God Bless, and may we win this Fight, for a better future for all, and to save our Earth, our beautiful home.

  16. SD says:

    Various criminal charges filed today against Michigan state employees in connection with the Flint drinking water crisis. A lot of CA state employees had better take heed.

    And to make things worse, the CALPERS retirement fund returned a measly 0.6% last fiscal year.  So let me see if I have this straight – first they are derelict in duty, negligent and incompetent, then they retire with cushy pensions, then the pension fund needs bailout?

    • JR says:

      Some of these water utilities in the U.S. are now owned by corporations from other countries like France and they cut expenses for operation & maintenance. I hope that's not your case. Our rain clouds obliterated day after day here in Southwest, New Mexico.

    • BaneB says:

      There are honest decent hardworking civil servants.  They earn their salaries, they earn and contribute to their pensions.  The pensions are not entitlement programs.  Rather they are trust funds with guaranteed cost of living increases and medical.  Social Securith is a good example of a trust fund.  And retired persons pay a monthly fee into Medicare.  Several problems:  Congress has turned SS into a welfare dumping ground.  There are many getting checks who never contributed one dime into it.  Immigrants can tap in.  Welfare, too.  Indeed almost anyone can get a minimum $500.00 check.  Disabled?  You are in.  Retired but never worked?  You are in.  Meanwhile those who have worked and contributed for 30, 40+ years can't get the lying cost of living commission to provide a cost of living increase.  The official rate of annual inflation is a fraud.  The 2008 Wall Street swindle hurt the pension funds.  And with damned near-negative interest rates, the pension funds are going to have to cut back on payouts to pensioners.or go broke.  The blame for the debacle falls squarely on Congress.  Corrupt!  Making decisions based on what and who bribes the best with the most to offer. And the morons are still hoping to turn SS over to the wolves on Wall Street.

  17. Rebecca says:

    The Hillary for Prison campaign used a small aircraft to display their banner for all to see.  Why not do the same thing during a high spray day to draw attention to the geoengineering issue?  The banner could inform the public of this recent filing and force them to notice what is being done over their heads using creative phrases.  I, for one, would donate funds to accomplish this.  What say you?

  18. HB says:

    I really HOPE with all my heart that this legal action would be successful.  Humans are dying and the planet is dying.  I have never seen anything like this-spraying-in your face poison.  May the Lord Jesus answers this prayer.

    Thank you so much Dane.  This issue is so critical, and so serious that people need to take notice and voice concern or else, nothing will be left .

  19. BaneB says:

    Unprecidented heat wave:  Northern California continues to bake and dry out due to a deliberate artificial microwave-weather warfare induced high pressure system.  Temperatures in the inland areas of heavily forested Mendocino are well over 100 degrees Farenheit.  Some reports show temps over 112F.  We have had sauna heating for over a week and the five day forecast shows no relief.  It is all I can do to keep up with bucket watering young trees.  Never in 25 years up here at 4,000 feet where usually the temp is cooler than lower elevations have I seen so many birds and insect landing on water provided.  And my water buckets are nearly drained by the night animals.  Everything is under duress, including me.  If the daily rounds to do my chores are not completed by 10:00 a.m., too bad, because it is just too oppressive to be baked like this.  Usually, with higher summer temperatures, this area priduces enormous cumulus clouds over the Yolla Bollies producing thunder, lightning, and rain.  This is natures way for cooling off the excess heat.  However, the weather terrorists and their microwave madness are blocking the tropical moisture coming up from Mexico.  These insane lunatics are literally destroying the storm cells that "dare" to approach the California border.  The terrorists are purposely drying up the agricultural regions and deliberately droughting out the Colorado River watersheds.  The microwave targeting of storm cells is in conjunction with the aerosol spraying in front of the forward movement.  One is a desiccant, while the other rapidly heats the storm cores and implodes them.  "Woe be unto man when the Devil comes down to earth."

    • Dennie says:

      Thank you for this report.  Having spent late summer and autumn time in Ukiah, your description is perfect. 

      People, we're dealing with demented HUMANS that our collective denials continue to fuel. 

      "They" are NOT "super-human" and that's the first thing we need to remember.  The "learned helplessness" act we like to play along with has got to go first.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  I am slowly coming to the realization that the planet is heating up not only from greenhouse gasses and aerosol particulates holding in heat, but that the major cause of the increased atmospheric heat is due to microwave technology and the exponential increase in its saturation of the entire global atmosphere.  The reality is our planet has been turned into a slow-cook microwave oven.  When one understands the huge number of cell towers, NEXRAD, and such devices as SBX1 and the use of microwave energy to manipulate entire weather systems, satellites, and others nations doing same, it stands to reason the atmosphere and all life on earth is run through and through with a technology that is slowly killing life.  The very clouds are looking microwaved.  Having keenly observed the L.A. meteorologist's satellite images revealing the manipulation and destruction of low pressure systems, it is clear enormous amounts of focused microwave heat is being utilized.  While these storms are natures way to cool the earth, the psychopaths are heating the earth. has addressed this very topic in the June 19, 2014 article.  I urge everyone to read this.  

    • Donna-AZ says:

      BaneB, I too, have been watching the storms being destroyed coming from Mexico. Do you think they are being blown apart by the US or Mexico? They appear to receive the blast before they reach CA or AZ. Theft of Water, these criminals need to pay.

    • izzy says:

      I’ve been in the county a little over 40 years myself, and have never been through a summer like this one. In addition to the extreme heat, draining as it is, the UV level seems to be way up there too. The sense of being damaged by exposure is palpable, especially around mid-day, and is worse than just the heat itself. It’s dangerous to be out there. I don’t understand how agriculture is going to work if this where we’re headed. Venezuela, here we come. And then we’ll blow right by that marker.

    • LS says:

      Bane- Same here at 6500ft. Our greenhouse and a few outside garden areas have become a haven for everything that needs water…which is everything. It is both heartbreaking and encouraging to see life fight for Life. I am following that lead. 

    • BaneB says:

      Donna-AZ:  Are the Mexicans in on this madness?  Doubtful.  Though they surely realize something is going. The technology to reach into any region is in place.  Some of this is sea based (SBX1, etc.).  Satellites are involved.  And powerful land based microwave facilities are dotted across this nation and are involved.  ;These meteorological evidences of weather terrorism cannot be denied.  It's all there to see and understand.

    • Dennie says:

      We're exposing the spraying of the chemicals but it's going to be important to let people know that the chem sprays are worked by the use of the H.A.A.R.P and microwave technology.  This now explains what the giant microwave relay tower that went up on San Pedro Mtn. some time in the 80s is used for.

    • Susan Parotti says:

      In the Northern Bahamas today we watched a beautiful bank of fluffy rain clouds coming from the southwest.. A jet flew across and above the cloud bank emitting pulses of white round mini-clouds. OK, we've seen that type of chemtrail before and often. Lo and behold another jet goes right into the cloud bank spewing black stuff in a long trail that made an X  with the other trail. We waited to see what would happen next. POOF! Rain clouds gone!

  20. paul fowler says:

    Legal action is underway . This could take another decade . I sure hope we all have enough time to wait for this lengthy process to be finalized . The Clinton and the Bush family , to name just a few , have evaded the justice system before , and they are only the puppets . I had a look at the list of culprits on the PDF provided by "GEO Engineering Watch", but I did not see very many  of the true puppet masters . You know , the guys behind the scenes that are calling all the shots . Here is a  quote from Theodor Roosevelt . 

      "Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government ; owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. "  

         These are the people that need to be indited . People appointed by both parties in key positions of society and governments that are never voted for and never held accountable for their actions . Here are two people of interest from the " Aspen Institute" ,

          Walter Isaucson , he was appointed by the Governor of Lousiana ( Kathleen Blanco) to over see the recovery efforts after hurricane Katrina . Goerge W Bush appointed him to the "US Palestinian Partnership" , which apparently created economic and educational opportunities for the Palestinian people . Secretary of state ( Hillary Clinton) appointed him as vice chairman of "Partners for a new beginning". This group was set up to promote private investment from the Muslim world. He also served as co chair to the "US – Vietnamese  Dialogue on AGENT ORANGE " . Last but not least Obama appointed him as chairman of the "Broadcasting Board of Governors" They help control the flow of info . 

        Then there is Marc Nathanson . He also was appointed by numerous political puppets  to numerous unheard of positions of power. Bill Clinton appointed him to the board of governors of the "US information agency" He served as chairman to the "Broadcasting board of governors" during the Clinton and Bush administrations . They helped control the message to the world after 911. Hillary Clinton appointed him as her representative to the board of the "East West Centre" in Hawaii . He is also vice chair man for the "National democratic institute for international affairs" and is founding chairman for the "Homeland Security Advisory Counsel " for L.A.. He was also a supporter of the Obama campaign of 2008. 

    These are very ambitious people.
    ;Let's dig a little deeper into political societies cesspools of successors and put a stop to their madness once and for all.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      paul fowler, You have my full attention!  The quote from Theodor Roosevelt didn't do it, I know way too much about them.  But these two men you mention, I've Never heard of them, and have not heard most, just some of of what you said about their affiliations.  There was a U.S.-Vietnamese Dialogue???!!!!!!How the H did that go?!!!!  How did you find these two men?  What a lot of back doors and power!  I want to know more and of course will now have to vet all this.  But, so interesting.  My guess is that Legal is taking the most actionable front.  I'd also guess that these two men and their ilk are extremely protected, such networks, alleyways of evil.  And of course we don't have ten years but that is more of a sub point.  In fact we have so little time that to me anyway, retribution is a waste of precious time and energy.  The very fact that GW has such an august team of lawyers who are in process of filing suit, a very serious and damning suit, means that many will become aware.  Which itself highlights the word I prefer to awake, as when one awakes, literally, understanding is not implied.  Whereas awareness does imply understanding and that is key.  Once people get what is in fact being done to them and our only planet, way before the lawsuit heads will start to roll.  Put that together with understanding the back story, a chunk of which you just provided, and we have a real revolution much faster than the law procedures. A new government, a new paradigm, a new everything but for Earth, Herself. 

  21. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    I hope this suit terrifies all the ones participating in these evil acts. I think this is great, all the details and evidence listed in the documentation. Let's all wait to see what the final result is, I'm quite sure that it will be positive!

  22. Marc says:

    The following link continues to buffalo the American public into believing "neonicotinoids" are the primary culprit in bee colony collapse disorder. Disinformation at it's best.                   

  23. Pia Jensen says:

    So very Thankful to Everyone keeping up the vigilance but especially to the hard working crew and lawyers surrounding Dane and, of course, Dane for your commitment and persistence. You are a hero.

  24. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Vaxxed is being screened starting today July 29, 2016 at the Kingsway Theatre in Toronto.  The review (Toronto Star) was scathing.  "Alleged cover up between vaccinations and autism; Wakefield lost his license and that the 1998 study used has long been discredited by scientific authorities, cover up, indeed." One and half out of four. 

    • paul fowler says:

           Glad to hear that "Vaxxed " the movie has made to Ontario . I can't wait to go see it. 

           Not surprised about the "Toronto Star"s review . They have a history of telling the half truth and nothing but the half truth . These vaccination programs are a  crime against humanity and  will be uncovered with or without the  "Toronto Star" .

          Shame on the "Toronto Star" . Shame on Michael Cooke and Irene Gentle.  We will never forget , we will never forgive and we will never read their propaganda again . 

    • BaneB says:

      At my age, and given the amount of disappointments observed and experienced during my lifetime to date, at least Soylent Green is green.  Give me some.  I have overstayed my welcome.

  25. Lori B says:

    Wonderful news!  brave people – so proud !  For the past 3 weeks in Oregon we've had a respite from the usual horrible spraying pattern of being pummeled  like bugs via  criss-cross smoke lines  in the sky almost every day . 3 weeks of clear skies !!!!! Thank God and thanks to anyone who made this happen …. (hope this will last it it wasn't just a temporary heavy spray relocation to OH and PA for the farce conventions).

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lori, spraying is still going on at some level in almost all locations, but in many cases it can be much more covert depending on atmospheric conditions and the level of the operation. Any bright trail you see behind a jet is in all likelyhood a sprayed dispersion, this is especially truy with the heat of summer. We have film footage of the shorter trails being turned on and off, this is not condensation. If your skies appear silvery white, especially looking toward sunrise or sunset, then the air is full of particulates. The horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the climate engineering insanity.

  26. sea says:

    We in Santa Cruz county have watched for the last few weeks extreme intense spraying that must be covert- we watch white- VERY thick mass come in end of day after a day of thick white skies this is the "pretend" of what used to be "rolling fog" 30-40 years ago.This whiteness is creepy, no moisture like fog used to be. We find weird webs that I am guessing should be a look alike spider web but are configured to look like a web – "this web" like, very sticky -fibers that have been mentioned, ugh.We feel targeted because we are close to the growing/agra fields  for major crops in CA as it seems to much whiteness, it is surreal, almost cannot describe.

    • BaneB says:

      Interesting that your area is being intensely sprayed.  There has been no obvious jets spraying anything obvious that could be a aerosol trail here in Mendocino. "Blue" skies and intense triple digit temps prevail here. Nothing drifting in from the Pacific going east.  But your area is a major producer of vegetables.  Maybe the criminals are trying to suck out the air any humidity and morning dew?  I did see a small Cessna type aircraft fly over my ridge located west of the around Valley Indian Reservation, spraying a long thick trail.  Had I not had binoculars the aircraft would have appeared to me as yet another jet because it was way up there.

  27. Marc says:

    On a sort of unrelated topic, what's with this "ISIS HIT LIST" bullsh*t? Is it just me or does anyone here view this with extreme suspicion? The reason I mention it is because I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who just a few days ago received a call to his place of employment in a large Midwestern city, from an agent of the FBI who was looking for him. This friend finally did talk to the alleged agent who informed him that he (my friend) had appeared on an ISIS hit list and may be in danger. He (the agent) downplayed the threat but said that as a matter of National Security he was obligated to inform my friend of this development and to exercise caution. WHAT…..THE…..FU…..????? Are you motherf**kers kidding me?? From the same ja**offs who did a lot of the grunt work for 9/11, you expect us to believe the legitimacy of this horsesh*t?? In today's mixed up, effed up world it seems nobody has a clue who's doing what to who anymore. Of the mile-high tsunami of cybernet bullsh*t vying so desperately for what few crumbs of our attention remain when all else is said and done, you derelicts in suits at the FBI expect us to actually believe these "hit lists" are originated by the OTHER derelicts in suits (ISIS black suits) and disseminated around the world to further undermine our hope for a normal existence, free of fear?? Well, guess what?? I don't believe any of it. They've told us the priest murdered in France was on such a list, along with Jews in several countries. Alright………I confess, I'm so nervous about this my dentures are rattling my glasses right off my face. BULLSHIT!!!!! 

       Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did ISIS think up this clever ploy FIRST?? And then the FBI thought it such a cool idea that they co-opted it thinking how great it was, and that it could be used for their own "terror-alerting" of the American people? Or….is it ALL bullshit concocted in cyberspace by covert agents of the United States of America working in concert with ISIS "operatives"? Of this I have no doubt: many, many agents working for the FBI were complicit in the 9/11 debacle. It goes without saying that this was also the case with the CIA, the NSA and all the other "A" holes. There is absolutely NO question that this is true. So….should I accept the FBI call to my friend as legitimate, or just shrug it off and go back to my mint julep? You know, allegedly 3,600 New Yorkers were all individually called by agents and informed of their inclusion on an ISIS hit list. What? Can this possibly sound more phony?? What's next? Is the FBI (or some other covert government thug) gonna exterminate just one name on the list, causing the other 3,599 people to tremble incessantly with fear? And of course, MSM will be sure to emblazon this across the country, leaving everyone wondering if they're next. Bullshit!!!

    • Dennie says:

      .. as Mike Ruppert would say, the whole mess in the middle east regarding Al-CIA-duh and the new bogeyman, IS/ISI/ISL/ISIS, (whatever you like, it's the same as the old bogeyman), it's all bullsh!t.  "Noise, noise."

    • Dennie says:

      Shades of the Cold War:  How the DNC Fabricated a Russian Hacker Conspiracy to deflect blame for its e-mail scandal  MORE bullsh!t, sussed out at

    • Steve Parsons says:

      Exactly Marc … spot on brother!  … And the sooner the 'public' WAKES UP … and acknowledges that 'WE' MUST HANDLE THESE 'PSYCHOPATHIC-SOCIOPATHIC' ELITES … the better, … for the rest of us.

    • Jenny says:

      No, Marc, this is real.  The FBI has also made in-person visits to some people (yes, I know one of them).  They actually weren't even notifying most of the people until they were embarrassed into it by recent articles on alternative media sites (and the Daily Mail) that showed that most people on the lists who were called by journalists, had not been notified by our government.  The people notified by the journalists were stunned.  There is more than one list and I've read there's a total of 15,000 Americans on them.  What appears to have happened is that ISIS people in other countries searched online for   names of Americans who for example work at public universities, or perhaps are listed online somewhere belonging to a Jewish organization.  Stuff like that.  Then they put them on the list and expect sympathizers already in the US to actually do the work…though reportedly none have, so far.  I'm guessing those who make the lists view it as a way to contribute to their "cause" without having to leave the comforts of home.  You can google the Daily Mail article.

    • Marc says:

      I feel I must reply to my own posting. I apologize for my repeated use of profanity but I had just minutes before found out about the FBI calling my friend and was pretty pissed off about it. In my gut I truly don't believe these American lists are legitimate. Yes, it is true that these names can be collected off social media by any moron with a laptop, and put out there with an ISIS "brand" stamped on it. Any shit-bum working for our covert agencies could have assembled such lists and disseminated them for manipulation of the collective American mind. Furthermore, given the extent to which it has been proven for quite some time that certain tentacles of the US government are in collusion with and supplying arms and other materials to ISIS, to expect me to believe in the legitimacy of an FBI agent calling a friend of mine, seemingly at random, to warn him of his inclusion on a "hit list" is beyond my capacity for bullshit. Have a nice day.

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  I appreciate your righteous frustration.  My distrust of the FBI has been a slow progression of dismay about that agency going back to President Kennedy's murder.  After the deliberate destruction by incineration at Waco, Texas, of 55 adults and 35 children under the age of 12, I could no longer ignore my inculcated trust of that agency. The Waco story is one that is so disgusting that few are willing to concede the reality of the facts.  9-11 is another, ever more vicious and Luciferian.  The author and his two children, and the little yapping dog,were murdered to keep the lid on the 9-11.  The book:  The Big Bamboozle, by Philip Marshall (suicided).  Hard to find but worth the effort to understand how these various morphed compartments within various security agencies worked in tandem to plan, execute, and coverup the 9-11 AngloZionist Nazi-style subsummation of this nation's national security apparati.  This IS the deep state!  And 9-11 was their coup.  And, one would have to wonder, now that it is known ISIS is a Israeli/US creation, whether these individuals on the list are not sufficiently on-board and need a dose of induced paranoia.  The surveillance state monstrosity has become more powerful than the Potemkin Village referred to as the legitimate Constitutional three branches.  And Silicon Valley works with the Beast hand in glove.  

    • ron hall says:

      Marc:   GREAT F###ING RANT!!  KUDOS TO YOU,MAN!!  REMINDS ME OF THE 60S.  I don't seem to have the intensity any more(humanity's got me damn near burned out, man) for your terrific riff.  Good on you, brother!! 

    • Dennie says:

      50,000 in Turkey removed from their jobs?  Who are these people and why removed???  Between the DNC and the noise these Corporate-ruled American "progressives" stupidly continue to make about "Russian hackers" in a beyond-lame attempt at cooking up some kind of warmed-over, past-it's-prime Cold War stew, I am beginning to think I'm having one of those recurring nightmares where I find myself back on the playground in, oh, say, second grade, or maybe I've just taken a wrong turn in the children's section of the public library during some heretofore unknown episode of the X-Files.

    • Dennie says:

      .. speaking of, here's the clip from the episode of the X-Files from March 2001 that "predicted" the insanity unleashed on the world on That Most Infamous Date, six months later:  ps://  Like a mass murderer leaving a note to law enforcement bragging about his last kill and predicting the next, Hollywood plays it's part in the Anglo-American-Zionist cabal participating in the literal murder of lands once free, while the kind of "bravery" sung about, unmasked, is mostly just bravado.

  28. Catherine D says:

    My heartfelt thanks to you Dane, your legal team & to all contributors to this fight for the common good of all life. In these times of declining honor in so much of society, you are all a splendid example that all is NOT lost!! My continuing appreciation & support to you always as we stand strong together against these atrocities.

  29. Drew NY says:

    Reading this has given me a second wind.

  30. Free Energy Technologies says:

    You might think this is a joke but those still in power do desire this type of attitude and behavior (

  31. Inez Maria Pandit,MD says:

    Dear Dane and Legal Team, dear Friends and Co-Activists!

    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your great work and courage exposing the atrocities of geoengineering by taking legal action! This is a historical landmark much needed and just right in the ongoing battle to fight the destruction of planet earth. I forwarded this information to many people worldwide asking everyone to examine it thoroughly.

    With all my best wishes from Germany,

    Inez Maria Pandit

  32. L says:

    Brilliant work! Many many congratulations to you Dane and all the legal team. This is a massive and welcome milestone. Very uplifting! 

  33. Dennie says:

    Of course "the media" will suppress this story– just wondering, for example, how much Canadians have heard about the lawsuit filed in Canada?  Anon, what say?

    We are hearing a bit of comment said regarding the talk, or lack of, at DNC about how each of the candidates will address climate change and how prominently their policies on the subject are going to figure in each's future plans to address it– if Florida's gone, who's gonna be left to vote there?  With Florida quite literally out of the picture, there will be NO WAY you can spin any kind of story regarding outcome of voting when everything's underwater.

    Today there's a wonderful hour of KQED FM's Forum program that discusses exposure, attitudes, morals, language and political values that ultimately are all based on how autocratic/authoratitive or nurturing/empathetic one's upbringing in childhood programs people, actually, because a very large part if not all of that programming is neurological.   George Lakoff, professor of linguistics at U.C. Berkeley, is the guest who is interviewed by host Michael Krasny:  Lakoff tells us that journalists, therefore, media, are trained, erroneously, to believe that language is neutral, and they think they are presenting issues as "neutral" when they simply pass along quotes– far from it.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Dennie, How many Canadians have heard about the March litigation filing? Very few.  I sent that to the public editor of the Toronto Star in March who I have repeatedly questioned their so called environmental "stories." Then I sent the U.S. filing to same and expect the same response..Sweet F–k All.  A poster recently asked if the spraying has stopped due to the suit; I can assure everyone that it will not stop regardless of what the court says..appeals lasting years. The only way to make it STOP is by the population reaching critical mass and using whatever is left of their democratic rights to DEMAND IT. If we can change public attitude like we have with drunk driving and smoking then by the blue blazes we can change then public's perception of the media and the government liars who we were stupid enough to put there in the first place. Why can't we use tactics like the 1% and BLM demonstrations? Like, why not??

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, yes, a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward. Credible legal action is the perhaps the best tool at our disposal to help in with the effort to reach critical mass, something to remember and consider. 

  34. sea says:

    Hello Dane- I am guessing that you were fully aware of James Camerons short at the DNC- "Not Reality TV", well before the American public viewed it .Was there any contact made with Cameron to include geoengineering? Again I know that you leave no stone unturned in this pursuit but wonder if you did and what their response was.

    I hope to have the pleasure of shaking your hand on August 5th! You represent truth, integrity and a sincere belief in what is right- thank you and your team (legal and other)!

  35. Henr says:

    Go California GO! Europe is watching and supporting you. At least I am. I dreamed about this some days ago and here it is. Wonderful news. The best of luck to you'll.

    Greetings, Henri

  36. gail says:

    I am so excited; do you think the media will pick up this story?   How can we assure that it will be brought to the attention of the people of California, and then nationally…..

    • Kat L. says:

      I know the alternative media will for sure and there it will go viral. I used to work for Main Stream media, it is controlled, bought and paid for.

    • MS P says:

      Internet resistance????

      This was FWD & then posted this  info; on a few Yahoo groups. It seems that this site link  does not go through.? The PDF link worked. 

      The only yahoo group that posted this site- story link was one from Australia. A farming group. 

      Perhaps a Yahoo group should be created for Geo engineering? Then everyone  in the group; can post cloud photos. Even create albums of photos.

      See how it goes? The  yahoo groups are pretty easy to create. Dane, this is your chance to give it a try? If you want to?. The groups are free.  I hope it works! If you need any help? Just ask. I have set a few up already. About farming, gardening, & livestock.

  37. SD says:

    Unusual seismic activity/ weather change correlations continue across North America.

    Past 24 hrs a M3.0 EQ reported near Pt Hope, AK.  Heavy rain and flash floods forecast for Noatak/ Pt Hope next 24 hrs.

    A shallow M2.6 EQ reported near Big Bear city, CA today, Light rainfall noted.  Arrival of MONSOON RAIN in the area later this week.

    Last week we saw another small quake reported near Lordsburg, NM. Heavy MONSOON RAIN reported next day. Lordsburg area seismicity drew national attention June, 2014, when a moderate M5.2 EQ hit the area.  EQ also reported there Aug, 2015.  All possibly related to arrival of summer rainstorms.

    • MS P says:

      Thank you Dane. You are the best of the best. To help save planet earth.

      I agree more people need to speak up about this. Sadly the talk, is about  politics. Or celebrities. The celebrities who do speak up. Like Prince. Are gone!

      Last night I noticed spraying where I live. The skies above Ventura county, have been (unusually) clear. Since July 1. So I go outside last night, around midnight. A big massive cloud was being formed. Gray & with rainbow colors. In the west. Maybe it came from the ocean, or Vandenburg AFB?  The thin lines were the  last of the sky. Most of the stars were blocked out. With the exception of the brightest ones. The night sky was gray. The air was so stuffy too. 

      Now at sunrise. That big (slow moving) cloud is to the east. Below it is gray. Above it, is blue sky. It's one of those popcorn pattern type clouds. I have seen photos here of the big  weird patterned, mass clouds. Not normal at all! It will block the sun for a while this morning. 

      My eyes were burning. Last night. Still burning. This is really bad for the eyes. Looking at these clouds is worse than staring into the sun! Nano particles, highly reflective, & too small for the brain to register. Lots of people are loosing their eyesight.


      . We have had AM  fog a lot here. Not normal for July. I am happy for any cool weather. 

      Someone else mentioned something here. From San Diego. About how the hot part of the day, is at sunset, instead of at 2-3 PM. I feel it too. I am just south of Santa Barbara. I want to go to sleep, before the sun goes down. All the coffee beans in Columbia, can not keep me awake. 

    • Steven says:

      Just had a 4.8 m eq the other day along the southfork fault. One small jolt followed by one big, big, jolt. It almost knocked my flatscreen down but I saved it. Seemed more like an underground bomb went off than the previous earthquakes I have felt, which all shook and rolled. I was happy when it happened because it let me know that the earth is still alive, even if just barely. Very cool, haven't felt one in many years.

    • BabeB says:

      MS P:  because you are in his general Southern California area, and you are hugely being screwed by the weather warfare terrorists, I highly recommend you search out and rely on the righteous meteorologist at 1PacificRedwood for a clear reasoning as to how your region is being starved for rain.  This is a wicked agenda being visted upon you.  The drought is a deliberate connivance and is in full operation by some very psychotic individuals who have assumed by way of the sorceries of science that they are gods.  The UTube site 1PacificRedwood does a daily weather satellite analysis.  He tells it like it is and points fingers at the culprits.  Good luck with living in an artificially induced slow kill zone. I live in Northern California and our slow kill here is a bit slower I think.  But, unless these terrorists are stopped the end result will be the same.

  38. "BASE NATION, How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World" / by David Vine / 2015 / Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt & Co. LLC.  [excerpts from this recent book selected by me]:
    There are over 800 U.S. military bases in foreign countries around the globe: Germany 174; Japan 113; S. Korea 83; Italy 50; Guam 47; Puerto Rico 37; UK 27; Portugal 21; Turkey 17; Marshall Islands 11; Bahamas 10; Belgium 10; Kuwait 10; Bahrain 10; Afghanistan 9; Greece 8; US Virgin Islands 7; Philippines 7; Qatar 7; Oman 7; Romania 5; Bulgaria 4; Australia 4; Spain 4. Other locations include Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Diego Garcia, Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, multiple countries in South America and Africa. These bases are responsible for over half a million Americans, including civilian base employees and their family members abroad. A "small installation" is defined by the military as having a reported value of up to $915 million. "Commercial sex zones have developed around U.S. bases world wide….sex trafficking involving U.S. troops and contractors." Examples of sex zones: Germany, Okinawa, South Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Fort Bragg North Carolina. Environmental risk: "By definition most bases store large quantities of weapons, explosives… nearly all contain toxic chemicals and other hazardous waste….Bases storing nuclear weapons are especially dangerous." 

    • From the pile of books I am reading these days, I must conclude that what was once the Land of the Free “for the people and by the people” has become the property and province of a malignant military, which using the now thoroughly corrupt banking system, has endless money to expend to the corporations that service it – a greedy evil alliance. Our beloved country has become a filthy cruel Empire, as Chalmers Johnson tried to warn in his 'Sorrows of Empire' 2004, and that empire has spread around the world with these 800+ bases. We the people no longer matter, in fact we are viewed as collateral damage, lab rats. Certainly the experience with the US Navy out here on the Olympic Peninsula testifies to this cold frightening fact. As Paul Craig Roberts reported, JFK was assassinated because he intended to go against the military and follow a path towards peace with Russia ["JFK And The Unspeakable" by James W. Douglass]. JFK did not want to nuke the world! This is like finding ourselves in a perpetual loop of the Dr. Strangelove film with clones of the mad character General Ripper in control, strewed across the planet.
      Again we are approaching a moment where these mad military types want to use the bomb and their new space-based plasma weapons. According to multiple reports they want a preemptive strike – just as they did in 1963. JFK was against this and thus he was assassinated. Nothing will stop either Wall Street/Israel's Hilary or the Pentagon’s Trump. There truly is something very defective about a race of beings who would destroy their own planet, their own species.

  39. LS says:

    I believe Gov. Brown just gave us a hint at the response that this filing will get. From the convention, he said that acting on climate change was a moral imperative.   Whose moral imperative and what actions, Governor? We are waiting for the response.  

    Let the P/R bulls**t and rhetoric begin.  News of the filing has to be the talk of the convention. The climate change groups and activists know about it.  I made sure. Great timing Dane and legal team.

    • MS P says:

      Look up CA state legislation. It's more about water & land (rights)  grabs.

      Read the text of these bills. CA GOV is not going to help us. He talks about every thing drought;  except what is up in the sky. My best guess??? His goals are for more federal funding.

    • MS P says:

      On a side note to my comment. I get emails from Audubon CA. I keep sending them  replies about Geo engineering. The major environmental groups, need to speak up. 

      This is what was sent today. Just to show what our State lawmakers are about. RE SB 32►

      – I  have replied Audubon CA; with your website link & the PDF link. 

      Thank you Dane, for providing the info. 

      Quote from Audubon. CA►

      Protect people and birds from air pollution

      We need your help to protect California’s bedrock law protecting people and birds from air pollution and the emissions that cause climate change. Please send an email to your member of the Assembly right now.

      As you read this, lawmakers are considering votes on Senate Bill 32, which will extend California’s groundbreaking climate law to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. This is vitally important to birds, because we know that global warming will threaten 170 California species with extinction in the coming decades if we fail to act. But perhaps more immediate is the impact of carbon pollution on public health, needless to say birds and habitat.

      32 million Californians (84% of the population) live in counties that have unhealthy air during the year. Of the ten worst metropolitan areas for air pollution in the United States, seven are in California. It’s hard for children and families to connect with nature when it’s unhealthy to go outside. Air pollution harms people as well as birds – cleaner air is good for everyone.

      Senate Bill 32 is our strongest tool to protect people and birds from air pollution and climate change. Please send your email right now.

    • Michael says:

      Governor Brown is a Jesuit trained Illuminist that just signed a bill into law to force mandatory vaccinations on California children whether their parents like it or not.

  40. Ed Bee says:

    A million thanks, Dane, for your unwavering striving to move forward with exposing the crimes being committed against us all. If it were even possible, it seems the geoengineering program has been ramped up even more since your announcement. I feel tired and sick, and lots of people don't feel well. It really angers me that I've lost such a big portion of my life to this.

  41. LS says:

    This is our new declaration of independence. What a feat! Thank you to all involved. 

  42. Rob says:

    These criminals are pretty dumb people to think they could have gotten away with their agenda. The entire galaxy is watching them. They have no right to do what they are doing just because asleep people aren't saying 'no'. They will all face full justice, down to the last pilot regardless of what happens on this planet.

    • Marc says:

      Rob said: "The entire galaxy is watching them." (the geoengineers and everyone involved with perpetuating the agenda) I happen to believe exactly the same, Rob. A day of reckoning is not far off. I honestly don't believe that life on Earth will be allowed to go completely extinct……. but……..I could be wrong……….

  43. Life on an Increasingly Improbable Planet
    by Tom Engelhardt / July 7, 2016
    …in the stunted imagination of present-day Washington, the only policies imaginable in response to all this are highly militarized and call for more of the same: more air power in the skies over distant battlefields, more boots on the ground, more private contractors and hired guns, more munitions and weaponry (surprising amounts of which have, in these years, ended up in the hands not of allied forces, but of Washington’s enemies), more special operations raids, more drone assassination campaigns, and at home, more surveillance, more powers for the national security state, more… well, you know the story. For such a world, a new term is needed. Perhaps something like failed region. … perhaps lurking in the undergrowth as well is another phrase, one not quite yet imaginable but thoroughly chilling: failed world. …the Roman historian Tacitus put in the mouth of Calgacus, a chieftain in what is now Scotland, speaking of the Roman conquests of his time: “They make a desert and call it peace.”
    Perhaps this is no longer really the American century at all, despite the continuing status of the U.S. as the planet’s sole superpower.  A recent U.N. report estimates that, in 2015, a record 65 million people were uprooted, mainly in the Greater Middle East.  Tens of millions of them crossed borders and became refugees, including staggering numbers of children, many separated from their parents.  So perhaps this really is the century of the lost child.
    What could be sadder?

  44. Anonymous says:

    As my Day's grow Near to my Death Bed. I await the Arrival. I remember what my Ma told me. You don't know what it is like until you arrive at that Final Destination. She also told me that your health is the most important thing in Life. She was right. I will never forget what she told me. She told me Lots.

    • Steven says:

      Hang in there. I really feel for you and have sent a prayer your way. Have faith that your next destination is better than this, as it is promised. And 'She' will tell you lots more. Don't be afraid.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      I agree about our health being the most important thing as we grow up however sadly we don't always have the health we should be having and sadly we have these people trying to lead us into acceptance because its normal now to have bad health and medical disorders ,it's called disorder for a reason when your health is a disorder it's obviously not a good thing.

    • Anonymous — Death is the one event we all have in common, the great equalizer. I'm 70 and some days I look forward to that, like going Home at last, free from all the jarring cacophonies. I hope you are not suffering. All any of us possess is our Faith and the Wisdom we have acquired. We take nothing else with us. God Bless.

    • Dennie says:

      Why in Hell do so many think Earth is some kind of niggling little insignificant "stop over" to Someplace Else Much More "Important?"  Because I think that kind of "thinking" is a reeeaally YUUUUGE problemo and if THAT is what's at the bottom of your consciousness, THAT needs to change first before we see any outward manifestation of real healing-Little wonder we are REALLY in trouble!!!!!!

  45. Marc says:

    After reading the attached legal document, I experienced a feeling not unlike that which I feel upon listening to a sublime Bach organ work, or perhaps Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. So beautiful. So very beautiful. It would appear that nothing has been overlooked in the preparation of this filing and I can appreciate why it has taken longer than anticipated to release. I was ecstatic to see various California agencies named as defendants here, which I am sure will ruffle the feathers of the buffoons who infest the offices of these agencies. Their complicity MUST NOT GO UNPUNISHED. For their complicity is a hologram of identical behaviors that stretch across the entire planet. But, vindication aside, (for all my friends who have for so long thought I was full of shit) I have been personally involved in long term lawsuits and know only too well the ponderous pace at which such proceedings move. Months easily morph into years. My expectation is that this scenario will suffer from endless legal obstructionism, such as occurred in the Exxon Valdez case, wherein ExxonMobil's legal maneuverings have saved it from paying further damages a full 26 years after the incident. Yes, Exxon allegedly spent billions to "clean up" the spill but it has been amply demonstrated that the local environment is still quite contaminated and local fisheries still virtually non-existent. 

      The magnitude and scope of this legal filing, the numerous agencies named herein as "Violators" and the convolutions of the legal system, all point to a protracted battle that it is certain will continue for years. Meanwhile, the worthless motherf**kers who are feverishly carrying out these programs will continue to do so unmolested and unfettered by legal constraints. Nothing short of a military coup, a nuclear war or a cosmic act of God will deter these shit-sticks from carrying out their assigned duties. Having said that, at this very late stage of the game, I personally am suffering from feelings of impotence as I (and all of us) sit in the cross-hairs of the Monstrosity that seeks to destroy this world. Thank God Dane and the legal team do not feel such as I.

    • Sol says:

      Marc your description is perfect. Thank you  to you, too 🙂

    • John Doe says:

      You’ve summed it up. I had my own suits buried and swept under the rug by the United States California District Court in Orange and the 9th Circuit Appeals. I went after a state judge, commissioner, some police, and the municipalities on systemic corruption charges, which can not be denied and the judges involved pretended that I made arguments that I did not and at the appeals level they violated the Federal Rules of Evidence by REFUSING to review State certified Acts and cases that I submitted into evidence. This was some thing they had ZERO discretion to deny reviewing. But I had no media coverage so they could bury it and even now the internet search engines don’t show any of the things I’ve published, but they have the court dismissals and 2 orange county yellow journalist hit pieces on me that pop up if you search my name.

      This Geo-engineering is getting more attention and exposure than the issues I raised, but Marc is right, this will be obstructed the entire way by the courts and the lawyers will make their killing on both sides. The only way I see any of these things changing is for massive voter initiatives to BAN THE criminal enterprise known as the BAR association from ALL countries and the US 50 states. Instate the original 13th amendment of the United States at the State level prohibiting titles of nobility and lawyers from holding any office in government. Once that’s done I believe we might be able to get a grip on this corruption and assault on the planet via legal channels. That’s IF such initiatives are not unlawfully blocked. Other than that, only a military coup could stop what’s going on as the citizens are too docile to organize and put a halt to this stuff.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John Doe, yes, we are all too aware of the criminal legal system. This being said, to be clear, the overall objective with our legal action is to force this issue to the full light of day. Once we reach a critical mass of awarness, the paradigm shift will ensue, wait and see. This by no means our troubles are over, hardly, they are just begining. But we can yet alter the composition of what we face, if we all pull together.

    • BaneB says:

      You can be sure there will be, if not already, a rush by these various colluding agencies and entities to stampede over here to this Board. They are arrogant and like the evil bitch in Alice and Wonderland, we are under the looking glass.  Good!  Like, uh, just who are these shite disturbers.  It would be interesting to know which entities will pop up within the time period as aforementioned in the suit.  What and who?  It seems proper to refer to these "sticks" as a rogues gallery.  Indeed!  You have painted a pleasant image, a feeling tone relating to the greatest classical music of all time.  I also hear the mighty celestial Wurlitzer, blaring out the trumpets.  We are on the cusp of a crescendo and I can barely contain my angst and my myrth.  YAY:-))))

    • Al C says:

                   Yes Marc, I too enjoy your posts……..You have way of slicing and dicing the bad guys, all with a keen sense of wit and humor.

      .Love it and thank you too.

    • Michael says:

      The similarities between the Exxon Valdiz and the Gulf Of Mexico cannot be discounted. Correxit that was dumped into the Gulf Of Mexico created a mess 60 times more toxic than the original crude spill. The addition of the Corrrexit also sank the goo to the bottom where it does not break down as easily. Out of sight, out of mind. This is deliberate destruction as was Chernobyl and Fukushima, part of an anti-human agenda.

  46. Anonymous says:


    Google just that and find out EXACTLY what these People that are involved in this Operation are Spraying on Everything including YOU!

    If this doesn't make your Jaw Drop, then go back to your TV set and enjoy the Lies that are being fed to you with a Silver Spoon.

    Once again Dane. Thank you very much for EXPOSING THIS.

  47. Rob R says:

    I have an idea to help raise funds for this & all other GeoEngineering Watch associated legal actions as such. How about soliciting environmentally conscious music artists (Jackson Browne at top of my wish list) to donate a song to a Legal Fund Music Benefit Compilation. It could be called "Songs For a Dying Planet" but another one of my all time favs (Joe Walsh) already took that album title many yrs ago. Perhaps I'm not the 1st to make such a suggestion as I haven't yet had time to read all the wonderful replies of support. Very much looking forward to meeting Dane in Redding at the Vaxxed Screening on 8/5. & if anyone plans to be up in Bend on 8/9, why not join me at the Jackson Browne Concert✌ 

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Rob R, I would add Phil Manzanera to the list. Specifically, Listen Now. Check it out.

  48. JOANN FERGUSON says:

    Dane, Thank you!  

  49. Arlyne Ball says:

    Thanks for not giving up & having the focus and drive to get this legal work done.
    So much talking & emails & photos this is the only way and hopefully the legal documents and suit won’t be lost or burned and our judicial system will see that humankind stands behind it. Some talk about “spiritual warfare” going on today with those who have sold out and/or been threatened with their lives or have been told lies.
    Hopefully, this suit will bring those in power to wake up and stop this insanity. We believe in life not death to humankind and our planet. We are awake here in Humboldt Cty,CA.

  50. Anonymous says:

    The post's from Canada. Mainly Toronto. Let me assure you that they are still Spraying. The farther North that you drive it is plainly visible. That is usually the way the wind currents come from. From the Northwest. They will not stop spraying, while they have the patents and  it is legally endorsed by the government. Win or Lose these cases. At the very least it will hopefully will EXPOSE THIS DIRTY FILTHY AGENDA.

    Good work Dane.

  51. Free Energy Technologies says:

    These heat waves and cool downs damage the environment not just the droughts like around 20% of all the trees in Sonoma county are just about gone and like 5% are officially/ formally dead think about the world you are leaving for your kids before you act.

  52. BaneB says:

    The other "shoe":  one step at a time….and I am hoping something can be done to enjoin greater public awareness of the dual nature of the weather control terrorism program.  The nano-particulate aerosol spraying is visual and easily observable.  The very powerful microwave installation of high pressure blockades of incoming low pressure moisture fields into California and elsewhere, the destruction of low pressure systems via super heating the storm cores, blockading the jet stream by setting up high pressure walling that redirects the natural flow elsewhere, the destruction of heat-releasing hurricanes and the steering of these storms to experiment and for nefarious purposes, these are  operations the weather jockys conduct in our atmosphere which the public cannot visually contemplate.  Therefore it remains In the mind' eye as science fiction, especially so regarding the gargantuan nature of the in place "machine" and its weather control and warfare capabilities.  Therefore, I am hoping and praying this lawsuit deliberately or inadvertently will expose through "natural" linkage in deliberation-documentation this covert Luciferian "Manhattan Project" as part of the effort to issue forth greater public awareness.  I also have to give credit where it is certainly due to the meteorologist at 1pacificredwood for his expertise and videos exposing this in situ monstrosity.  Dane, your tireless unselfish sacrifices of personal life, and probably fortune as well, is all about "the right stuff."  The person, a moment in time, and the righteous cause into which you found you had no choice but to sound the alarm, is what defines greatness.  Hats off!

  53. Justin says:

    Thank you. You are doing great. I support you and will get this info out.

  54. generation 80*s resistancer says:

    Well done Dane’s team and LASG: we are all looking forward the results here in West Europe and East Europe, you have done so much, kind of scared for you guys, keep the fight, be careful. Resist persist, exist!

  55. Dennie says:


  56. renate says:

    If everyone just gave some $’s, even a dollar, doesn’t matter how small or how large, now is the time.

  57. Andrew from scotland says:

    A quick 'heads up' draft from my next email:
    To quote from the above:
    "The peak carbon dioxide measurement was 7750 ppm, while the methane reading was 375 ppm".
    375 ppm of methane equals 375,000 ppb of methane. If the 375 ppm number for observed methane content is correct, the giant methane burp theory is possibly happening right now, and quite likely over the next two years global temperatures will rapidly increase.
    Then we have:
    "No complex life-form can survive further +8.5 C in 10 years on our planet"
    But, but, but, I'm not ready!

    • Marc says:

      Andrew, I think Sam Carana underestimates the heating (and associated loops) from a "methane burp" (50 gigatons give or take?) which you speculate may be actually underway. Considering that the total methane in our atmosphere is calculated to be around 5 gigatons, a 50 gig burp would circumvent the Northern Hemisphere in a relatively short time frame…..meaning…….seeyalaterbye.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Yes, I know Marc. It is generally accepted that once the first 50GT has happened, the northern hemisphere will be uninhabitable within 2 years, and the southern hemisphere being uninhabitable within a further 4 years.

      I guess that once we see mean methane readings @ 2500ppb we will know that the first of a series of mega methane "50GT burps" has happened – further eruptions as the heat reaches deeper /less accessible layers of methane. 

  58. Blue Sue says:

    Just finished reading your entire 33-page legal notice — wow — very impressive, excellent work in this thorough comprehensive legal document. The gravity of the destruction on our ecosystems, our waterways, the birds, bees, fish and the trees — it's so sad and so disturbing — God help us!  I pray it leads to truthful answers and the end of criminal and lethal geoengineering programs.  God bless Dane and all involved in this fight to save our planet and each other. My sincere thanks and deep gratitude for your tireless efforts. 

  59. Melanie Moran says:

    Sincere gratitude to Dane, the legal team, and all other activists involved in making this legal effort come to fruition. My heart goes out to all of you. Let's all continue to be strong and do what we can everyday to support this cause and spread awareness. Looking forward to attending the August 5th event in Redding, hope to meet some of you there.  

  60. Greg O says:

    So much has been said so I will just say thank-you Dane and the legal team from a very deep and grateful place!  Greg O.

  61. Climate Change, Drought Fan Massive Sand Fire, Forcing 20,000 Californians to Flee / robertscribbler
    On Friday, amidst temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and at a time when California is now entering its fifth year of drought in a decade when seven out of the last ten years have been drought years, a rapidly growing and dangerous wildfire erupted in the hills north of Los Angeles. The Sand Fire, which some firefighters are calling practically unprecedented, sparked before typical wildfire season peak and began a rapid spread… Nearly 3,000 firefighters scrambled to gain a foothold against the blaze… By Monday, the fire had exploded to 33,000 acres (51 square miles).
    Conditions in Context — Living in a Fire Age: There is widespread geological evidence of voracious fires burning through large regions of the globe during past hothouse warming events. At the Paleocene-Eocene boundary 56 million years ago, a warming rate that was about ten times slower than what we are experiencing now set off immense blazes that ripped through the world’s peatlands and forests. In other words, evidence points to past instances of Earth warming into hothouse conditions generating periods of intense fires that may well be called fire ages.

    • Dennie says:

      .. as usual, informative news… see you when I'm done helping my students :-).

      Have a nice day!

  62. Marc says:

    Dane, I recall that Kaplan was gonna handle the PR aspects of this case. I strongly suspect there is a real possibility that MSM, just like the dumb-asses at the Searchlight in Redding, will do everything they can to blackout this news or spin it in such a way so as to diminish it's importance or relevance, not to mention it's legitimacy. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, yes, you are correct, we are now handling all the PR efforts with our own team for exactly the reasons you described. 

  63. Dana MacCuish says:

    Godspeed Dane.  Godspeed.

    • JR says:

      Amen. Here in Southwest, N.M. our sky filled with real rain clouds as you all know being obliterated by SRM/SRM. Thanks To Everyone, & God Bless

  64. Rosalie says:

    Fantastic! Thank you Dane and the Legal Team.  This gives everyone hope.  God bless you for having the courage to go up against a mammoth web of deceitful organizations. 

  65. Joseph L. says:

    Great job Dane and to all the lawyers and plaintiffs that put the beginning stages of this lawsuit together. I know we have a long road ahead  to end climate engineering and this is a great start.  We will need everyone on board to expose this to as many people as possible.

  66. David Strickler says:

    First off I want to thank Dane and all those involved in this fight. Public awareness will continue to grow until this ends.

  67. TNGeowatch says:

    Trees and my tomatoes are dying. Hopefully this filing will make a difference. Under reporting temps 8-10 degrees Easy the past 10 days. It's killing plants the temps and the radiation. God we got to stop this!

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

       I have recently unintentionally noticed that the UV radiation is killing the leafs of trees and plants the most exposed leaves to the sun are dying on many types of vegetation plus we have fires hazing the sky up which means more CO2 thanks to grindall61 (A YouTube channel) I hope I am spelling it correctly he goes to meetings in Southern California and records them we know that the state of California is because increasingly aggressive in reducing greenhouse gases even to the extremes of renting bikes and of course climate change is going to be used as an excuse to take away our rights don't fall for there wickedness but how can a serious state like California at least that's what I'm calling it here claim to want to fight climate change yet being ignorant on climate engineering this is a joke citizens stand up for your country.

    • BaneB says:

      You should see the weird fungus coming out of the branches of my scrub oaks!  I am grateful this thing from another planet does not like animal/human flesh.  I sent a pic to the Department of Agriculture.  There has got to be a known and a formal name.  My garden looks terrible, too.  The heat dome now installed over the west, and over Northern California, deliberately contrived by our weather jockeys, is drying up everything green.  The past four days have been miserable.  Today at least 102F.  Tomorrow the same.  Thursday 104 or 106.  A nearby small Eel River town yesterday registered 112F!  And this is Northern California, and forested.  

  68. Chuck Clen says:

    Thank you so much, finally a voice for the little people.

  69. Al C says:

    Thank You!     Thank You!    Thank You!

    I've read each and every post so far, (68) and can't think of anything to say that hasn't been said. United we all stand!

  70. damon says:

    Thanks Dane, I will be standing at your side for these crimes against our 1 and only planet. Lets get these S.O.B. NOW

  71. Donna-AZ says:

    Thank you Dane and Legal Team. Best news ever, "Let there be sunlight". I sent this to David Keith, I hope he chokes on his dinner. 

  72. Christine Beh says:

    Saying thank you seems totally inadequate but I will say it anyway. Dane and team, your tireless efforts are appreciated more than words can express.  

  73. Steven says:

    I just imagined waking up on a cold January morning to natural snow on the trees. A full river with fish running up it and water so clean you can drink it. Refreshing News Dane. Thank You. Seriously Brother Man, Thank You.

  74. Michael says:

    Great news Dane… They need to address this as a global problem and include all countries to join the fight.. I'll do my best to post this on mainstream media and social as I've done on the past. I'll never give up till this toxic crap gets stopped. Thanks for your Emails and updates Dane. 

  75. JillR says:

    Read through the full legal notice and it's excellent. I personally feel that with this happening I'll be able to really start to openly talk about it. I've mentioned to a number of people where I'm heading next week and why. I've already been talking against vaccination for many years, but this gives the geoengineering programs topic teeth and credibility. I've been convinced beyond doubt for a long time, but the "contrails" argument is just too pervasive. With a lawsuit in the works it's pretty hard to ignore that something is really going on. This is such great news Dane and thanks from all of us for everything you're doing. BTW, no spraying for at least 2 weeks over the Oregon Coast. That's a first. We're usually coated. Curious that there are no huge, white planes flying overhead either. Did all those "legitimate" flights suddenly change their routes? Sarcasm intended. 

  76. drew says:

    Dane has done the hard work for many years now. Now it is time for you to do your part, and your part is easy. Lets build up these lawyers a war chest so they have some gas in the tank to fight this battle through the long haul. DONATE! If we don’t win this fight your money will be worthless anyway

  77. Dave says:

    Dane,  on behalf of all the people that have been informed, educated, and convicted by your relentless passion to stop this evil ,please be blessed by the knowledge that your continuing communication of the dire state of the planet, has elevated the reverence we have for this beautiful creation, one of those intangibles that can't be measured but is felt by all, thank you! To the legal team, prayers for wisdom, strength, and insight, will attend your efforts by so many of us who will follow the progress being made, Godspeed!             

  78. Marc says:

    My mind harkens back to a time long before the "white man" butchered his way across this great North American continent. Back during the time when the "tall ones" inhabited our land. Back before something so insanely complex and structured as jet-powered aerosol-belching aircraft and HAARP arrays were deemed necessary tools to fight a phony war against an imaginary enemy for a long list of indefensible reasons. I mean, how incredible is it that we find ourselves at this place: Requiring a legal team to litigate against those who would inflict unquantifiably monstrous harm against the very same biosphere that gave life and intelligence to those who inflict the harm? I am left with only one question: What the f**k do you motherf**kers think gives you the right to forcibly rape our beloved Mother Earth with your totalitarian programs of so-called SRM, SAG, SAI, and HAARP????!!! And furthermore, YOU are the same motherf**kers who have withheld, and actively suppressed, for decades, the free energy technologies THAT WOULD HAVE RENDERED ALL OF THESE AFOREMENTIONED PROGRAMS IRRELEVANT. There WILL be a reckoning here. Those behind these murderous programs will sooner or later stumble and fall and have to face the firing squad. Unfortunately for us, our precious world is now prostrate with contamination and spoilage. Yes, I am ecstatic that this legal filing is moving forward!!! ……But………. retribution is bittersweet in a world already torn apart and getting worse by the day. But something has to be done at this level. It may be one of the only strategies these weevils fear, by virtue of it's potential to expose their duplicity and their reckless disregard for life.  We can only hope.

    Standing Ovation for Dane Wigington and the legal team!!!

  79. Laura says:

    Huge gratitude, a lump in my throat. and a check in the mail this week to help.   And love to all of you (and us) doing this!!!   Really.

  80. Gabriele Miller says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. I noticed extensive spraying over San Bernardino over the past months. Recently I have come down with a lot of body aches (I am 49 years old) and wonder if the substances that are being sprayed have something to do with my declining health. I am actually considering moving because often they spray right above where I live. I started to take pictures whenever I can and would be willing to share them. Thanks again for all your efforts. God Bless, with Kind Regards, Gabriele Miller

    • John Doe says:

      Look into the Cutler Protocol. I don’t agree with all of it, especially using the ALA chelating agent until you have max’d out using the DMPS and/or DMSA chelating agents to create the proper gradient for directing heavy metals out of body cells into the extracellular space.

      There are many recommended minerals and vitamins that people can take or increase to meet the new demands on our bodies. If you look into the Cutler protocol, I can not emphasize enough the seriousness of maxing out the DMSA and DMPS doses over many many rounds BEFORE taking ALA. ALA can seriously destroy your health if taken incorrectly or too soon before using the DMSA/DMPS to thoroughly cleanse as much of your body as possible from heavy metals. And Cutler is wrong about the DMSA and DMPS not crossing the blood brain barrier, or into the bodies cells. There are numerous studies showing that DMSA and DMPS will pull heavy metals out of the brain and out of certain specific types of body cells. DMSA/DMPS just happen to not cross as readily as ALA into the brain or past cell membranes, which means they are much less likely to mess you up and are more gentle if dosages and half lives are accounted for.

      Most people have very high levels of aluminum and mercury. The aluminum is coming from all sorts of sources including deoderant, vaccines, cookware, soda bottles, and geoengineering. The mercury is primarily coming from “silver” (50% by weight mercury) dental amalgams. The body burden is passed from one generation to the next as the metals cross the placenta into the fetus. So after several generations of this the population is getting more and more damaged (and dumber), and children are far more likely to get pushed over the edge into acute metal poisoning when they get vaccines (who knows what else is in those vials that goes undeclared). The whole autism issue is clearly tied in with metal poisoning. It’s not well publicized but there are polls conducted by doctors showing significant improvement and elimination of symptoms with PROPER low dose high frequency chelation of metals.

      This geo-engineering is exposing all of us to even more metals even if we avoid the dental amalgams and vaccines. And who knows what nano-bot technology may be incorporated into these sprays.

      Take a very serious look at the Cutler protocol for chelation. We can’t fight this if we lose our health and minds to heavy metal poisoning.

  81. Thanks for the monumental efforts! And we will keep going!

  82. R says:

    Well said to everyone here at GW, The greatness of truth will be exposed after all these years. So sweet to my heart, finally after so many tears of sorrow for the planet, may justice prevail. From my heart to you Dane W. my deepest thanks. R.

  83. ((((((((((STANDING OVATION))))))))))))

    • Joe Strauss says:

      Dane, and the legal team…
      Hurray to you all.  No one in the sane mind can/will ignore
      the exposure of those negative beings.
      San Francisco, CA

    • Free Energy Technologies says:


  84. Michel B says:

    The SRM has been stepped up here in Brisbane, Australia. We just had two days of near 30 deg C and its supposed to be winter. It is the sub tropics, but it should not be fluctuating that high.

    • Michael says:

      I see what you're saying Michael B Y're right on the money mate. I've been recording your weather and the rest of other states for over 2 years now and sure have some weird weather reports.  I'm noticing the same  problems in SA. Last spring we had humid heat and we never used to get that here unless it rained, I asked @BOM_SA on twitter "What's going on with our weather and is it this Geoengineering++some chem pictures and lol they blocked me! typical!. These official crooks here in Aus are giving me a hard time each time I meet up with them, they try to spin the truth with lies.. But sooner or later we should get our way. Lets hope any how. We can only try our hardest.

  85. Barb E says:

    Thank you Dane and LASG team!  We have been experiencing horrible thunderstorms here in NH and Maine unlike any we've ever seen!  We watch them spraying 24/7 and watch how they use the HAARP to move the chemical clouds around, build them up to stack on each other, the silver turns to gray then to black and out of nowhere the lightning starts. This must be stopped and hopefully the LASG team can do it.  Everyone here must donate what they can to help.  Our future depends on it!

  86. Nick says:

    Seriously good news. March on all the way. Full wake up ahead that will end this toxic nightmare and bring those responsible to full justice.

  87. Peter says:

    Great news Dane, well done very grateful to all involved.

    • Daniel says:

      In Portland Or. it seems we have not hardly a single chemtrail in two months. I look in the sky all the time. I've seen a couple in this whole time. I wonder if it's changed? Are they dispersing it differently so that it is unseen? I saw a jet (Although I couldn't see it) just the contrail which was huge but it dissipated.

  88. Cori Gunnells says:

     I hope everyone will post this, share it to other groups and individuals… and donate to the legal fund if at all possible. This endeavor will not be able to go forward without that degree of support. It's a simple reality. People in this movement often moan and complain… but want others to do the work. At this point, unless massive support gets behind this to make sure what is needed is provided… it's over, and it'll be no individuals fault, but rather the collective. Every penny goes to the legal fund. Every penny is tax deductible. It can't be cleaner than that.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Just spoke with my state rep. Kevin Tanner's admin. assistant today and e-mailed this post with the legal document filed for their inspection; asking him to lead with sponsoring some anti-geoengineering legislation in the state of Georgia, as was done in Rhode Island. Hope he responds in the right way. Then donated what I could to the legal fund at Oh Happy Day!!

  89. Beverly Foster says:

    Thank you all more than you know, for the immense amount of hard work putting this all together and for the great courage it takes to tell the truth to power.  There are millions of us behind you 1,000% and I believe that we will win.  We must.  But we wouldn't be anywhere without all of you.  Donating.  Again.

  90. Pablo says:

    I have donated and ready to donate more.

    In my own city in the high desert of So. Cal I took 3 direct rain water samples (no runoff) and all were found very high levels of Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium.  I used Basic Labs (you can search online) 

    If you can, take rain water samples and let others know and spread the word. Peace out and God bless you. Thank you very much Dane.

  91. G.W. says:

    Thank you Dane, thank you to all lawyers. Here in Slovakia we are sprayed non-stop.

    • JR says:

      As here in Southwest, New Mexico-USA. Our multitude of rain clouds are obliterated to 0 precipitation. They (all) involved are just plain evil.

  92. Rachel Robson says:

    Thank you Dane and Legal Team-all stars all!  Fantastic work, brave work!  Tipping point arriving!  My most sincere and heartfelt gratitude.  Must also say, that photo of El Portal by Ron Kauk really does say it all! But for breaking it down, as Dane has done, and legal now too!  Dreams do come true!  

  93. florilène says:

    Dane, God bless you ! For our children in the world, for our wonderfull planet, plants, animals, God bless you for all of us !!! I am french (north ouest) in France we have the same problem. Sad sad very sad how people like devil are doing that !  God is in my hart forever, and with Him, I bless you.

  94. Roger Gibbons says:

    From Canada to our great Friends south of the border  ….Go get them …..Cant wait to here more of their reaction in months to come.

    Great job to all of you ….we’re in together ….lets not stop now we got them on the run …..yell it out,  put your signs up, send out this great news to all you know …..just do it.

  95. Erin Pearl says:

    So grateful for all of you who are so dedicated and courageous…you who have such tenacity and are willing to sacrifice so much. You all inspire me to do more to help fight this battle, you restore my faith in humanity. May God's grace strengthen you.

  96. Debby Ward says:

    Behind you 100% Dane. Every time I go outside and the spray is going on, I get hives all over my exposed skin. Tired of not being able to breathe, and watching every growing plant on this earth die because of this. My whole backyard that was full of trees 2 1/2 years ago is now bare or has dead trees I haven't gotten to yet. Even the young ones are dead. I had over one hundred trees and now only have MAYBE less than a quarter of them left. Make them stop…

  97. Barbara says:

    May God's protection, love and favor be with Dane, his team and all of us who so diligently help to expose these dangers to our planet and it's inhabitants. Blessings to all.

  98. Abigail says:

    A HUGE THANK YOU, DANE! Your work and labor of love are not in vain. You are helping hundreds of thousands of people. I know this costs money. It is a terrible time with most people's finances. I will try to contribute again next month. Those reading this, if you can possibly contribute to this worthy cause, I know it is greatly appreciated and NEEDED!  May God Bless America! And all Countries!  Sharing with Russ Tanner's Orbis Vitae. Sincere blessings to you and your family. In Him. +  Press on! Thank you for staying at your post.  You have a huge calling upon your shoulders. We are all so proud of you, Dane! 

  99. Kat L. says:

    THANK YOU ALL INVOLVED for trying to save this planet and all of us.

    We support all your efforts for they are ours too. And the children. Above all, this is for the children!  godspeed! Slam the bastards for violating our rights and that of this planet Earth

  100. Mirjana says:

    Yep, here we go!

    So proud of you all!!

    Thank You from all of Humanity, all that Lives and Planet Earth.

    Super News!!

    This has to be stopped all over the world…..

    Great Job!!! @—–)——)———

  101. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Thank you, Those jet trails are definitely unwanted regardless of why they are there thank you for maintaining credibility keep up the good investigations.

  102. I am wondering if the lawsuit in Canada has stopped spraying for now. I live in Idaho about 50 miles from the Canadian border. We have not seen any spraying for about 2 weeks. 

    Thanks for fighting the good fight Dane.

    • Sonja says:

      I am wondering the same Bradley. The sky is beautiful, blue with natural white clouds in Toronto today.

    • Von Droid says:

      The spraying has not stopped.  I'm fairly certain the spraying is partially dictated by weather patterns, hence the non-spray periods.  The aerosols travel mile upon hundred of miles.  Take a look at NASA worldview and when zoomed in, it's obvious where the spraying is taking place.  It's a false assumption to believe the geoengineering has stopped.  Legal action is required because it's blatantly clear nothing but that will alter the course we are presently on.  

    • renate says:

      Hi Bradley James. From BC Canada. Had a jet spray yesterday, spraying was a dark grey colour. Not pretty.

    • Tracey says:

      I live in BC and the spraying on Monday was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Had criss-cross trails (like in the above pictures) and many planes – one after another flying between 10am and 2pm. 

    • Continuing the Canadian situation update, the skies over Prince Edward Island, out in Eastern Canada… lately have been what can only be described as schizoid…beautiful old-time blue sky and cumulus for a day or 2, then, POW! Bigtime trails and heavy-duty wall-to-wall chem-smear…Then back to lovely again! I think the PTB are getter totally unhinged and unpredictable…the Devil is having a field day kicking them around like a soccer ball. Revelation 11:18 indeed…Bring It On! Giving out lots of Geoengineeringwatch flyers, people here seem quite open to considering the truth, thank God. Bless this valiant legal battle against the evil! Thank you, Dane and all involved!

    • BaneB says:

      Bradley:  same here in Mendocino County.  "Clear blue skies and no jets, no trails, no nothing except very high temperatures in the triple digits.  One can be sure if a threat of moisture should approach our area the weather warfare terrorists will send in the jets and aerosol it into oblivion.  The blue is only blue outside of sunrise and sunset.  The rise and setting exposes just how saturated is the atmosphere.  Its a cesspool of nano-particulates.

  103. francis says:

    This" Herculean" effort by Geo Engineering watch's Legal Team to hold accountable ; the many government agencies for their neglect and or complicity to the very obvious poisoning of us as well as our environment, is nothing short of amazing.   Legal actions are quite costly; even if the attorneys are working  " Pro Bono ".    It is incumbent on all of us who love our children as well as our fellow men { no matter where they live } to assist them in this effort.  I urge all readers to make a contribution to this cause.  A true manifestation of one's commitment to a better environment is when a person makes the actual " tangible support " to the legal team so they may pursue this cause.  I used my credit card in the donate section ; it would be great if you did too.

  104. Debbie says:

    Thank you for the hope that this brings! It is so out of control and must be stopped.

  105. Lea says:

    May all the blessings from our heavenly Hosts be with all of you. This is a journey for millions to follow.  Thanks to ALL of you, for your courage and loyalty, to the Planet and mankind.  May you be well guided. <3

  106. Diane Friday says:

    The first shot fired across their bow. Only those of us who know, who have been awake and aware, whether for years or months, fully comprehend the significance of this action. Soon, our numbers will grow even faster than they have been. 

    There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation. I was going to take photos of the toxic assault going on in our skies today here in southeastern PA, just like every other day except that each day it gets worse. I was going to, but I've been feeling physically ill and weak, and psychologically exhausted. This news will give me enough renewed energy to continue doing whatever I can do, in addition to waking people up to this ugly reality, and documenting the daily aerosol assaults whenever possible. 

    Thank you, and blessings to each and every one of you. 

  107. Vivian says:

    Bless you, and all the attorneys working with you, in this Great and Noble Cause!

  108. glendon says:


    and deep gratitude to you Dane and your fine team!

    just AWESOME!!!!!

  109. Ron Hall says:

    Congratulations on reaching this important milestone.  I fully support your efforts.  I pray that you will be successful, and that you will be protected from the (potential) retribution from the "powers-that-be".

  110. Carol says:

    Amazing, Dane. I'm am fighting the corner in England as much as can flyers poster talking to people about  this!! and giving  out your website  , I have rang the soil association on this subject  they have not got back to me yet  but  I  will keep trying !!! (((  You r my hero ))) ..

  111. Dan says:

    Congratulations Dane.  I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and so proud of all the people involved including those following the efforts. 

  112. kathleen says:

    Love it! Good news about anything is rare these days, so this is particularly encouraging. Thanks to Dane, and all who have been working to rectify the wrongs, inform the public, and take care of our environment via healthy practices.

  113. Liz Falconer says:

    So grateful to you Dane and to those working hard to stop geoengineering!  People like me can feel so helpless  🙁

  114. Maria Lov says:

    Hi Dane, 

    Thank God !   Maybe something legal will get the attention of the many who don't notice and who are clueless about the sky painting that is happening every day here on the Jersey Shore.  When I ask people to how come their are lines in the skies, the have a blank stare and say they've not noticed them!  And then they will look at me with an incredulous expression and half smile !!!   

    • Tag says:

      Maria, I know what you mean.  I just can't understand why people just don't look up and question!  Lines and grids all over the sky are not natural clouds.  All they have to do is google "cloud formations" to realize clouds are not lines in the sky.  And persistant con-trails?  PLEEZE!  What a feeble, no fact excuse!

      I have been documenting with pictures, the sky above my property in NW Ohio since Oct. 2015 and have almost 300 photos,  I figure that is less than 1/2 of what has really went on since then.  I have several of trails in the moon shine as well as black trails. 

      I have had an upper respiratory thing since Jan 2016 that doesn't respond to anti-biotics.  My garden has suffered greatly this summer.  Many plants were just fried before reaching maturity.  This world is just insane.

  115. Michael "DOC" E. Davis says:

    Dane and the Legal Team, good work thus far.  I know that the government will start circling the wagons, if they have not done so already. Now the "real" fight begins.  There will be a total BLACKOUT of this issue, except for alternative media.  It is doubtful that the Weather Channel will make reference to this action.  This goes without saying, Dane, you and the Legal Team have 110% percent of my support.
    Best regards,

  116. Earth Angel says:

    Excellent news! A huge THANK YOU to Dane, the courageous legal team who have undertaken this most important mission, and to ALL who continue to work tirelessly to bring an end to the madness being unleashed upon the earth and all of God's magnificent creation. Keep going everybody- we will prevail. Namaste!

  117. Steve Krause says:

    Dane and all others involved …. your persistence is deeply admired no matter the outcome. I listen to your radio show every week for words of inspiration and the warrior inside comes out swinging. Thank-you !

  118. dawnski says:

    Revelation 11:18

  119. Robert West says:

    Thank you Dane and all people working with Dane to help put this Great Effort forward!  I sent this issue to everyone I know.

  120. Barbara says:

    THANK YOU ALL and bless you all sooooo much.  We are indebted to your constant hard work.  Prayers are with you and the world for a quick and final resolution to all this insanity.  Thanks!

  121. Eva says:

    This is the most HOPEFUL news!  THANK YOU!!!

  122. Thank you, Dane and everyone involved. This is indeed a crucial landmark in the battle. While I am aware that so many good people have contributed to the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering (LASG), I also know that it is Dane who has inspired and relentlessly instigated this arduous ‘real world’ David & Goliath effort. Proximity to Dane’s innate nature and presence makes us all want to live up to the highest in us. He is incapable of false notes, of arrogance – and so adept at deflecting any compliment that it is often difficult, if not impossible to express sincere admiration for him. Yet, I am certain that those of us here at GW comments, and the countless who read in silence, are strengthened by his courage, imbued infused in his purity and innocent heart. For surely goodness is the most magnetic and powerful force in this world. I have never in my life of 70 years been a group person, but I am grateful and 'made better' by being a part of Dane's GW.  “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness: for they will be filled."

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Sat Nam!  Truth manifested!

    • Earth Angel says:

      And may I add.."blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." 'Meek' as in 'humble'. (not weak or shy!)  If we all act bravely in harmony there may be forces of good just waiting to come to our aid. Keep the faith everyone! The evil house of cards are coming unraveled from every direction. They are in panic mode.. as well they should be. Keep going!  Love and strength to all good beings of earth.

  123. Anita Harris says:

    Dane, all the lawyers and other people involved – THANK YOU!

    This is going on in all the countries in Europe and Scandinavia. In the middle East…well actually all over our globe.

    If you have a petition I, and many with me, would sign it. Maybe it would help. I will post this on Facebook now.

  124. Christine says:

    It would be good to include some diagrams of continuously increasing levels of the toxic chemicals over a period of time, in some areas, maybe… Also certain effects like the regular ripple effects in 'clouds' linking chemtrails to HAARP activities, could be included. There are many pictures of skies which 100% EXCLUDE a natural cause of the chemtrailed clouds. In many subsections of ONE cloud there are subareas of parallel streaks in all possible directions, which NO WIND CAN EVER GENERATE! The connections to HAARP and the EMF control, could be also included. BioInitiative report 2012, summarizes over >1500 pages many effects of low frequency EMF field over our health. That in addition to Aluminum, which according to Wagners thesis, kills our lungs, slowly maybe, but steadily.

  125. Kate Willens says:

    How can I possibly thank you enough for all that you are doing Dane?  This is the result of tremendous work, commitment, dedication.  Kudos big time.  I'm so happy that this proceeded!!  May it be divinely blessed!!!

  126. Barry Faires says:

    I back this initiative entirely.  I stand with Anti-Geoengineering with everything that I am.  

  127. greg rollyson says:

    I have seen many of these CHEMTRAILS here in tucson.We also seen them on vacation in Las Vegas.The air is hard to breath when the trails are present.I have pictures,but we are beyond that.The chems are a fact now.

  128. carol says:

    This insanity must stop at once. Heads must roll!

  129. Gena Norris says:


    Gena and Chuck Norris

    • Mike looking up says:

      AND THANK YOU TWO ALSO……. Youself, Chuck Norris, and everyone on this site are so wonderful,  I'm so glad to be associated with everyone on this site, if even at a distance. Detroit is with you Dane, God speed.

    • Tag says:

      Thank You both!  (And everyone else on this site!)

    • Cynthia Muckelroy says:

      Thank you for standing up with Dane. There are a whole bunch of us connected that share our chemtrail documentation worldwide through photos and videos. We need someone like you to find a lawyer big enough to take on the government in a class action lawsuit suit. Our part would be providing clear documentation and our individual stories about what this has done and is doing to our health and wellbeing. Also things like documentation of healthy been hives we had that were destroyed after a heavy spray day. My health has been terribly affected. Even with a heavy duty mask on if I go outside I get really sick. I pretty much stay sick. My cat got blazer flash burned as did most of the native healthy bushes and trees in this area of Texas. This is diabolical and intended to destroy all living species on Planet Earth including Humans. If you can start a class action I can hook you up with enough videos and photographs to back it up. We did not consent to having human pesticides sprayed on us. I have to pretty much not have a life and stay house bound because every single time I step out even with a powerful mask on I get deathly ill and almost

      drown in fluids. With the massive bee die off and World War3 looming on the horizon we have no time to waste. Trump is going to start the war to get the attention on his family diverted to throw everyone off. I beg you to do this and I will help bring everyone with clear documentation to the table . It is not about compensation It is too late for that. The damage can not be undone. It is about saving the human and animal species from annialation. Thank you. Cynthia

  130. Nick says:

    This is most welcome news, I have been waiting for this! Thank you Dane, for without your constant diligence, this would not be happening without you.

    This is the most critical issue facing humanity today: Stopping the out of control military industrial complex, that thinks it can use our planet as their play thing, regardless of the damage they cause, is the highest priority we face. They have no concern for damage to the planet, and all life.

  131. izzy says:

    Sharing our stories helps build awareness, but that’s just the starting point. In a society defined by it’s legal system, this is a real, concrete step forward in the fight. Everyone who can manage it ought to kick in a bit to the fund. 

  132. Sean Slavin says:

    One word. Wow!

  133. Alan says:

    Congratulations and thank you to everybody involved!

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