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Are geoengineering deniers acting immorally?


I’ve just come across a video in another thread, what got closed because the poster did not have 20 posts.. Mr Teslaandlyne put a video up which I find intriguing..Here is a grab from the video..

Excluding the orb, what is wrong in the picture ?? Umm.. Since when have engines been placed under the tail wings of a jet plane..That is where the trails are coming from, in my, dont know anything about airplains or atmospheric properties opinion..

no they aren’t – even in that picture they are clearly starting “in front” of the tailplane by a short distance.

But in any case that is just an artifact of perspective – if you take a photo from a different position the contrails will appear to be coming from somewhere else on the aircraft – eg is from dead ahead you won’t see the characteristic gap between engine and contrail at all.

For a large number of high resolution contrail pictures from various aspects of the aircraft this site is pretty good

click image to access link 

Even the geoengineers themselves say that it is dangerous, and may possibly result in catastrophic consequences.

There are many geoengineers describing the dangers in this video:


While those speaking against geoengineering are quoting papers from the CFR, US, UK and other governments, nation science agencies like NASA and NOAA, and major universities, high profile science magazines; the deniers most often resort to straw-man arguments like chemtrails, paranoia, and many other types of name calling

We are bringing verifiable evidence that geoengineering is dangerous, and that if it hasn’t already begun many governments are taking steps towards beginning it. And history is replete with governments doing things like this and only later admitting to it years after people have died.


What’s worse, the money to start could be in the millions so it wouldn’t even take a “rogue” nation… a billionaire like Gates could do this on his own… oh and guess what… he’s talking about it!!!

So should they admit they’ve been conned, or that they are con artists themselves?

How can they sit back and not speak out while this is taking place?

And isn’t the bigger issue here this is dangerous and should be stopped at all costs???


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