Are Online “Contrails” Creeps An Organized Movement?


March 7, 2014
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

We’ve all seen them. They lurk in various blog sites and social media sites. It’s the freaky comment thrown in right in the middle of an online conversation to expose geoengineering and chemical spraying. Often on a site, various bloggers, activists, researchers, or journalists may post current images of the aerosolized chemicals being sprayed throughout the world. Sometimes it’s a link someone posts for taking action against geoengineering. While everyone is seemingly brainstorming about what we can do about this, suddenly the odd comment pops in. It’s a sudden post from another human being actually defending government, supporting the system’s denials and secrecy. These individuals claim that no one is being sprayed and that the images are all “contrails”. They claim dodgy knowledge of the atmosphere and nonchalantly gloss over important details of our atmospheric behavior with regard to temperature and humidity.

While attempting to keep their audience in a vague enough fog regarding the scientific principles of temperature, humidity and condensation, they sneak off a plethora of lies on their audience that often goes unaddressed. For example: While the online contrails creeps are selling their ‘contrails’ myth, hoping to create confusion using back-and-forth scientific false claims on an audience they hope knows nothing about science, they simultaneously are selling that when the Wright Brothers invented the first plane they had just created an flying machine that when used under ordinary conditions would wipe out the entire planet’s equilibrium, change its entire climate, block a substantial amount of its own needed sunlight, and alter the weather at every point in the planet where planes were to be used.

This new weather, climate and planet equilibrium altering flying machine, was one that we humans naively called a plane, thinking its primary purpose would be to carry humans and things from one place to another. We naively didn’t realize (according to online contrails creeps), the global and universal power of the plane. No one had even investigated this planet-equilibrium altering ‘side effect’ planes had until an astute U.S. government decided to take a look into this around 1999-2000. Thank god (the contrails creeps assure us without actually saying it) for the U.S. government funded study that finally proved that indeed a normal plane can actually do all these things. Alas, (according to these contrails creeps) a responsible government proved how these chemical “contrails” are created. They assured us in their studies (whose actual experiments are secret from the public), that one plane may create a short contrail, while at the same time another plane may create none at all; and even that at the same time yet another plane may cause a 5, 10 or 20 mile long “contrail” that might wipe out all blue skies for the rest of the day because it simply won’t go away; a phenomenon they would later coin “persistent contrails”. It turned out this “persistent condensation” phenomenon could happen randomly and even equally as much in New York City and Los Angeles at the same exact moment regardless of the fact that in New York that day it may be say 25 degrees Fahrenheit while the same day it may be 80 or 85 degrees in Los Angeles. The contrails creeps would assure us without saying it, that the plane is the most powerful weather altering tool known to all of humanity. This myth is alive in well deep in the mind of the ‘creepy’ contrails creep.

This is the myth they must sell, as crazy as it sounds. Meanwhile at headquarters the phone rings and it’s someone wondering how things are going. Okay, I’m just imagining this, but am I really off here? Is the phone ringing at a headquarters? … Or is a phone call being made from a headquarters to get an update report on how the agenda is going? This is the question I’m posing. Is this notion I’m coining the ‘contrails creeps’ phenomenon an organized movement? Let’s take a closer look.

Those pushing the contrails myth often claim to be scientist or experts at this topic but never identify who they actually work for and/or where are the actual reproducible scientific experiments that can prove these claims. One could never get them to confront their own wild airplane conspiracies outlined above. Someone should recreate a confrontation between the Wright Brothers and a contrails myth creeps who accuse the Wright Brothers of creating a machine that would destroy the planet. To this day I’m not aware of anyone pursuing legal action against the Wright family line. Contrails creeps are completely unaffected by the images we all see of the incredible spraying and how the chemicals combine with HAARP to create the frightening atmospheric distortions we see every day now. Contrails myth pushers ignore the patents that have been taken out for weather modification. They ignore that metals included in these patents match exactly the metals detected in lab results from sample tests found throughout various regions in the U.S. They ignore whistleblowers, and they ignore their own government’s admissions on desires for weather control.

So, would someone who is otherwise carrying on with their private life have the time and energy to sell the contrails myth? No one knows for sure, but I would argue this is less likely. That is, it is more likely that someone would put energy into the airplanes conspiracy/contrails myth, if being paid or if under mind-control. Okay yes, I admit it, in all movements and purposes there exists the residual so called ‘useful idiots’ phenomenon and that would be the last option to consider and this is indeed possible.

I choose to go with the percentages here. I assert that it is more likely that this organized effort is not a coincident and is moved forward by individuals who need this effort to move forward. This suggestion is consistent with Occam’s razor which reminds us that the simplest explanation is usually the right one. I assert that it is a much simpler explanation to say that those who have stated in the past that they had planned on controlling the weather by 2025 if not much sooner, and those same individuals who have funded and secured the patents to accomplish this would not let it all go to waste. This simple consideration far out-simplifies the counter argument that the Wright Brothers were ignorant of the planet altering side effect of their invention. The simplicity of knowing that focused governments with actual outlined weather control plans, funding, and Air Force ‘Chemtrails’ Chemistry manuals do as they plan and put their money where their mouths are, is much more simple and easy to understand than wild theories about planes that undesirably destroy the atmosphere but no one cares.

I enjoy living in reality and seeing the simple patterns that occur when I quietly observe. And when I see a contrails creep crawling around online I quietly admire their predictable tactics and logic. Unfortunately, time is something none of us have, and with every day that we are being sprayed by these environmental terrorists who operate in secret, the closer we are to irreversible damage if we are not already there. Either way, I urge everyone to recognize these individuals I call contrails creeps.

Let us take note of these individuals as more and more people suffer from Alzheimer disease, neurological disorders, metal poisoning, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, sunlight and vitamin D deficiency and whatever others diseases and pathology are possibly connected to the spraying and geoengineering. They are equally aware that the bees are dying and the entire equilibrium of the planet is being possibly permanently contaminated, and they certainly don’t care about you. Contrails creeps, as far as I’m concerned, take their place in history right next to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Obama, McCain, Feinstein and the other known criminals who hate humanity and freedom.

28 Responses to Are Online “Contrails” Creeps An Organized Movement?

  1. öyvind says:

    Governments around the world have a lot of people who’s full time job it is to spread disinformation on the internet. This is why Wikipedia and sites like that are completely controlled, normal people with lives and jobs and kids just don’t have the time to compete with a staff of people paid to lie all day.

    One should also be aware that these criminals have a lot of fake profiles on social media sites. I tend to give random strangers who contact me and want to talk about “sensitive” subjects random links just for them and it’s always interesting to see military IPs show up when their social media profile claims it’s a 17 year old schoolkid or a 40 year old housewife.

  2. Shari Peterson says:

    The same faces you see in that group, you’ll see in this one.

  3. Iain says:

    Metabunk are one of the main turds in the punch bowl. I challenged mick west to take a lie detector test at my expense, and at any place of his choosing. He declined.

    His site supports fluoride, claims all aerial spraying is ordinary vapor, claims a plane hit the pentagon on 911 and vanished into a rabbit hole, claims that sandy hook wasn’t the hoax everyone thinks it was, claims the Boston smoke bomb really didn’t have a fleet of amateur dramatics actors after all.

    These have to be imprisonable offences, since by the Nuremberg rules, those who cover up crimes are equally guilty.

  4. Tony says:

    Agreed. The worst thing is YouTube itself. It consistently censors relevant “similar” videos, has managed to completely destroy the integrity of its comments section, and is basically another NWO tool to control the masses. Now you have to know exactly what you are looking for to find it.

  5. Pearl Lotus says:

    Thanks for this post. Tangled with a couple of CCs on FB very recently, and followed their trail to this.. “.. Members of this group either once believed these concepts, or at least thought it worthy of our time to gather and discuss. But after careful in depth research spanning thousands of hours using proper proven methods of investigative and logical deduction processes we came to the very real conclusion that these widely spread stories were actually nothing more than myth. …

  6. Vanessa says:

    I think one of the most insidious tactics can be found on you tube; informative videos posted by those truly concerned about the issue are followed by something about ‘aliens’ or some person ranting incoherently on some incomprehensible subject. Often there are comments that may not be necessarily hostile but who’s author sounds like an idiot, can’t use spell check, etc. Or they start going off on biblical scripture. I’ve figured out this is just another tactic along with the so-called ‘debunkers.’ They are attempting to muddy the waters and should be politely called out, and then ignored.

  7. squodgy says:

    After years of watching and noticing delayed seasons, increased pulmonary issues,home grown crop yield reductions, and increased skin ailments, logic points one way.
    Logic prevails, you know when something isn’t right, and no level of bullshit can convince after so many years, that it’s all normal, and the US/UK Government are looking after us.

  8. Truth Seeker says:

    Hi Johnathan Campana! Just a matter of time and all your fun will come to an end and then its prison time for you Dear!

  9. Truth Seeker says:

    Want to know the REAL name of the contrail creep and all the naysayers online? It is a computer programmer who creates many profiles and sites to mess with those who seek the truth. He plays both sides against each other! He pretends to support the cause and also to debunk it. His name is Johnathan Campana and he lives in Kenner. LA and he must be sent to prison! He has major scams going on everywhere online and he pretends to be Russ Tanner and he has hacked into Russ’s fb page! He is 31 years old and a true nut job! I am not afraid to post his real name as I have lots of proof to back this up! There is not a paid group of contrails creeps – THERE IS ONLY ONE and thats Johnathan Campana and when he is finally arrested watch how all of the trolls just disappear from everywhere! He is on facebook and has many pages of scams ranging from political to FAKE charities! He duplicates and steals profiles and he also creates profiles! He can make videos and memes and photos that all look real! Justice will be served on him and soon too! Just thought you needed to know – its ONE loony tune causing all of the ruckus! I know his tells and all of the replies on this article are him!

  10. horsegirl says:

    Here is an article on GlobalSkyWatch which speaks to the issue:

    If you google public relations positions in various government and private sectors, job descriptions detail holding down talking points on social media sites, etc. There are scores of such paid positions if you dig for these ads.

    Why do people do this? Probably for money. The guy in the example explored by the above link claims to be a paid shill. Probably is. Much too dedicated and time-consuming for mere hobby/unpaid passion work. Even liars can make statements that are true.

  11. Mark says:

    This article is directly related: Yes, There Are Paid Government Trolls On Social Media, Blogs, Forums And Websites (

  12. Mark Stockman says:

    The US Government, with their partners/cronies around the world, has been using the water injection system on commercial aircraft engines (originally designed for increased takeoff power) to produce larger contrails. These block out the sunlight, covering up AGW by reducing solar heating and reducing the temperature. This was first done in the 1940s, when US bomber formations used their huge contrails to cause the brutal winters of 1943-45. That’s why it’s so damn cold this winter. Oh, and the increased cloud cover not only lowers the temperature (more money for the oil companies) but also reduces the effectiveness of solar power systems. Add some sulfuric acid to the mix, you get atmospheric sulfates, which at 35,000 feet (airliner altitude) persist for long periods, and POOF! You’ve got Chemtrails. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up. Oh, wait I just did. 🙂 Gotcha!

    • Russ Tanner says:

      Water injection is inefficient and exists today mainly on a couple Spey 500-series engines, which are rare today. Most of these are in use on the BAC One-Eleven and only about 50 of these remain in service today, almost all in Europe.

  13. Bill says:

    I have been banned from commenting on Pilots for 911 truth where I have been a ‘valued member’ for years.
    The forum has over 3000 members I was one of the first 150

    Why was I banned ? see for yourself

    Otherwise intelligent people have been brainwashed on the subject of “chemtrails” a word made up to marginalize the discussion of this topic
    similar to:
    Chemtrails, truthers, birthers, conspiracy theorists,

  14. Brigitte says:

    and, if I may quote Neil Young …

    I had NO idea, way back when I bought this CD, and went to his concert, how DEEP those lyrics mean today …

  15. Brigitte says:

    Here is my question … don’t these stupid “trolls” have families? conscience? Are they that stupid? This is THEIR air, THEIR atmosphere, THEIR environment, that is being destroyed? Seriously .. how “stupid” are these people ? trolls? whatever …

  16. JR says:

    Hello; I’m in Southwest, USA and another day with promised rain clouds being dissipated, broken down to nothing with the low-life Chemtrails. In a distance last night the sky was illuminated with green flashing sky all night over Las Cruces, New Mexico into this morning before sun came up? Of course there were no rain clouds as this happened and it was not lightning as we know what that looks like! Some years back I saw same bright green over same city but not pulsating flash as last night, HAARP undoubtedly…

  17. Eelia says:

    I have memory loss/dementia from?? @ age 44! also Fibromyalgia I believe this is from chemtrails! thanks for all your work!

  18. Colt says:

    Amazing how much time someone would spend debunking chemtrails. For what reason? It is always the same group of so-called contrail experts. Please steer clear of contrailscience and metabunk. Both are full of disinfo OR they refuse to listen or answer questions.

  19. Tiffany O'Neall says:

    I have run into a couple of these creeps just commenting on a chemtrail photo. As soon as you mention SAG or HAARP it pushes a button then the idiot “creep” comes out to insult you. It just goes to show how much money and brainwashing can dramatically change a person so they don’t even want to think for themselves, its easier to have someone else do it. Our society is “Pay me, I’ll do whatever you want.” No one questions: is it right or wrong? or unethical or could it hurt someone? Ignorance is bliss. .Creeps

  20. James says:

    Hi Bella, seems we missed each other on the earlier thread.
    The new discussion forum is
    We don’t have many members yet!

  21. Contrails creeps and their acceptance by the public at large is an indictment of our public education system that has dumbed down the american public , going all the way back to the so called educator ” Dewey “.Schools do not teach logic or deductive reasoning. Don.t despair……A few of your neighbors and friends will agree with you about this issue, and you will save time and money by avoiding the dummies that don’t. Stream line your circle of friends by culling out the misfits.

  22. Martin Boyd says:

    There are and always be the total skeptics who will question if they are alive each day the awake! You cannot place enough evidence; because how obvious the facts are ; they will refute for the exercise to prove to you though more to themselves that they are more intelligent than you! This is a pitiful existence, not life because they really are not living being so mentally blind. Keep telling all for only through personal testimony will we expose these criminals! God will sort them out! Have a blessed day!

  23. Bella_Fantasia says:

    I have run into these people in comment sections. They are demanding and aggressive. They will insult you, but not really offer any information to refute the evidence you give. They say they want proof, but they really want to insult you. I’ve kept my cool, offered links, photos, documents of all sorts, none of which is “proof” according to him. They want peer reviewed studies. I say it’s military top secret black budget, so speculation is needed. They want peer reviewed studies. I said just look at the pictures (of the loopy paisley-like trails) and see if that’s normal jet traffic. They say I do not bother to look what idiots post, etc. etc. The only reason I kept up my end was to put the information out there for others to observe this conversation, and perhaps pursue their skepticism or curiosity. The contrail creeps are out there. I kept posting information, and he finally did not reply. I think by that time, people could see him for what he was–a shilling fool.
    My advice would be to put the credible information out, don’t get mad or loose your cool (only privately is okay because this is frustrating) and the fool will blow his cover. His smug composure frays, and his anger and hostility completely give him away.

  24. James says:

    Have no doubts whatsoever, there is indeed an organized resistance to discussing geoengineering and chemtrails. Within the last week i was in a discussion on a well-known pilots forum, when out of the blue appeared a troop of trolls. Over a period of a few days 6 to 8 new members joined and began working the conversation. Their strategy was to marginalise me by saying only an idiot would believe in such things, and also to deny all evidence whatsoever. In another strategy, the sock puppet will taint the discussion, pretending to see evidence of chemtrails, and then lead the conversation down the garden path toward some form of contradiction in terms, or just appear to be lunatic, leading to discredit and dismissal of the topic by the casual reader.

  25. Brandon says:

    The sad reality is this…

    When it comes to the mass poisoning of the planet through geo-engineering, if you aren’t part of solution, you’re part of the problem. Anyone we try to bring awareness to who decides this issue isn’t important enough to become active about is just as bad as the contrail creepers. Active sabotage and selfish cognitive dissonance are equally as damaging of any attempt to bring an end the destruction of planet Earth.

    I don’t know about you guys but most the people I talk to about this issue acknowledge it’s happening to a certain extent. It’s impossible to deny after I make a case. However, it becomes a bad dream when they decide it’s just not as important as their continued pursuit of their personal life goals and lifelong capitalistic agenda. At the most they go into ‘prepper’ mode and think they can just buy the resources to save themselves and their families. So selfish and ignorant of what’s actually happening. I don’t see how any of these people can claim to love anyone or anything but themselves when they refuse to fight for what’s right for all life on this planet. I guess it was all part of the plan to replace everyone’s morals with plastic and technological distraction.

  26. Philip Dec says:

    The “contrails creeps” are probably the same bloggers that defend water fluoridation, claim mercury amalgam fillings are harmless, promote aspartame “safety,” and attempt to cover for the criminals responsible for September 11th.

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