Arkansans Against Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering to Host Dec. 7 March

Arkansans Against Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering (AASAGE) is hosting a march on Saturday, Dec. 7, starting at noon.
Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering (better known as chemtrails), is an issue of growing concern for groups like AASAGE all across the country. While groups like AASAGE continue to form around the world, there are others that take the opposite approach and work to debunk the chemtrails issue.
AASAGE is serious about its stance on chemtrails and is raising money to take its message to billboards in Hot Springs. It hopes to raise $2,200 to cover the cost of one billboard rental for a one month period. The billboard will display photos taken in the skies above the Hot Springs area. Click here for the AASAGE crowd funding page on GoFundMe to make a donation.
The billboard (click here to see the location) will also state claims about the dangers of chemtrails and their ties to illnesses related to heavy metal toxins routinely found in air, water, and hair samples all around the world. AASAGE’s goal is part of a worldwide mission to display as many anti geo engineering billboards as possible.
On the group’s Facebook page, founder Charles Thornton says that “Of all the subjects I have researched, the Chemtrail issue has always been met with the most skepticism: I’ve been scoffed at more times than I care to remember. What frustrates me the most is how blatantly obvious the program’s existence is.”
“Despite the fact that the proof is right in front of their eyes, most people dismiss the suggestion as unsubstantial. In order to get them to even consider the existence of Chemtrails, it usually takes a hefty volume of documented proof. This is not a particularly difficult task, as there is such a large body of evidence that not only proves Chemtrails exist, but also that the practice has had devastating effects on the environment and public health,” says Thornton.

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  1. People need to realize,aerosol geoengineering is BASED upon mimic of the stratospheric mist acid rain droplets super volcanoes get to stratosphere,,,they spread around entirely encompassing earth with the winds + rotation…that volcanic mirror STAYS up in stratosphere years,,,nowhere else does it stay up..goengineering in lower atmosphere with planes + chemtrails next to strato engineering mimic would be like trying to empty ocean with a spoon…Super volcanoes cause this “VOLCANIC MIRROR” phenomena naturally because they inject the STRATOSPHERE.+ they cause ice age every time..if it worked in lower atmospheres with regular volcanoes OR CHEMTRAILS which it doesnt…we would be in a never ending ice age 4ever…ONLY idea I can think of 4 chemtrails is so while they ARE geoengineering strato sulfates you will be busy following the chemtrails + not check the stratosphere…which would be simple enough …its working well to panic people chemtrails is,,,much like the Orson Wells war of world radio broadcast..IF YOU fully understood the volcanic mirror droplets aerosols stratospheric phenomena*acid rain technically, highly solar reflective, surrounds earth heat is reflected away, no heat comes thrugh temps drop* A stratospheric mimic of that phenomena would not even be noticed like in 1991 when pinatubo did it in tiny form, no chemtrails etc not even a blink….but if you did it just a little much more than pinatubo things would happen,,,like Cairo freezing+Australia in its summer…..hmmmmm…IF theres a volcanic mirror up there right now in strato but everyone chases chemtrails, when it eventually clears there will be no proof,,,,you only need about 2 years of distraction…..peace…..juith woolworth donahue

    PSS the pyramid of egypt was created mirrored, IF you restore the mirror casing*note my avatar on fb or here if it shows* you SEE that super volcanic mirror science in pictogram….i believe its geoengineering instruction to mimic super volcanic mirror to cool earth…+ no matter where u r or what language you speak, if restored it looks like a super volcanic mirror in middle of desert from the time of Moses from anywhere on earth! see my fb….oh + id quit chasing those chemtrails + start checking the stratosphere FAST… OR PRIVATE FACTIONS WILL CONTROL YOUR PLANET 4EVER

  2. beau-garrett:. of the million family says:

    to: Ty,
    Re: i, in part, am a native of this land (okie from Muscogee) ~saying that to clarify that I do not recognize myself as a 14th amendment “citizen” or in any way connected to this present defacto corporate banksters~ or their M industrial C. ~ but I have wondered for many years now when the men who have sworn to protect this Our Nations eternal foundations of the people’s equal protection of Life, Liberty, the purusuite of happiness, travel, would step up, and put evil treasonous men in their just place, aiding in the restoration of the republic, by removing all who are participating in the CRIME of the CORPORATE “G”s constructive fraud ponzi scheams & condemning Guilty all who have been found to be connected throughout the years.. ..anyway.. thank-you and any who may join you in your service to the people & our beloved principles this once great nation was built upon! ~”death to all pirates & tr aitors!”

  3. My Geoengineering/Chemtrails Awareness Billboards project has currently received $570 in donations! This is incredibly exciting to see so much support for our project! However, we are still only 1/4 the way to our goal and we still need your help! Please consider donating to either the GoFundMe or Booster pages and help us keep this project moving forward! Even if you can’t make a donation, sharing our links can be just as helpful!

  4. Ty says:

    I am ready to go and arrest spray plane pilots , then their leaders then their leaders etc. We can do this by stripping each person of their rank and taking their rank and job position. This is a military practice. A private can take his seargents’ stripes and assume his position by physically if necessary taking them if he is not doing his job right. The seargent has the right to give them over without violence, but if you have to subdue him then that is also ok. I am ready. Let’s go to the airport or military base where they land these spray planes and take this country back. as This will lead all the way to the top very quickly. We should probably find a sympathetic to the cause sheriff to help lend authority, but really, we have the authority already. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done already. The mind control must be 99.999% affective. I think the people we would apprehend would gladly join us until we got to the most upper ranking individuals, and they should be quickly dispatched.

  5. Pat says:

    Thank you for what you are doing.

  6. Linda N. says:

    It is interesting and sad at how willingly blind most people are, the evidence can be right in front of their eyes and they still refuse to believe it!

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